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The FULL Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With Piers Morgan | Parts 1 and 2

  • Published on Nov 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The multi award-winning 90-minute tell-all interview with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan. Watch as the Manchester United star gives us his unfiltered insight into everything, including disrespect from Erik ten Hag, to the Glazers, to his belief that his Manchester United bosses doubted him when his baby daughter was ill. Ronaldo also criticises younger players’ work ethic whilst also firing back at his ex-teammates Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville, who have criticised the Portuguese footballer’s actions and footballing ability during his time at at the Manchester United.
    Ronaldo also goes on to tell the story of how he almost joined Manchester City but a conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him not to. Piers finally asks him about being constantly compared to Lionel Messi and where and when he thinks he will retire from football.
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  • Nameless Nemo
    Nameless Nemo 9 months ago +2010

    He is pretty straightforward and doesn’t fail to apologise when he feels that he is wrong. Huge respect

    • I'm Awesome
      I'm Awesome 8 months ago +13

      Look what did it brought to him after 50 years less ppls know him but messi gonna rock history books 😂

    • 𝘼
      𝘼 8 months ago +41

      @I'm Awesome nope not really, messi may have the world cup but he will never be as popular as Ronaldo

    • CG19
      CG19 8 months ago +17

      @𝘼 Yeah fr, history gonna gloat and gloat over messi and glorify him, and even tho I respect messi, as a ronaldo fan i know that history is gonna hate him despite all he's done for the game

    • Tyrone Lorenzo Valentio
      Tyrone Lorenzo Valentio 8 months ago +2

      @CG19 he’s fault 😂😂

    • Shahin Fard
      Shahin Fard 8 months ago +4

      This whole interview was wrong. HIs take on his significance on the United team was also wrong. Wheres the apology for that? Congrats on the transfer to the league no one knows the name of ROFL

  • amMatt
    amMatt Month ago +588

    🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:
    00:00 🎙️ Ronaldo's motivation for the interview is to set the record straight and because he likes Piers Morgan.
    00:42 🙌 Fans are paramount to Ronaldo, and he values their unwavering support.
    01:24 ⚽ Ronaldo was close to signing with Manchester City but chose Manchester United due to his history with the club.
    02:30 ❤️ His bond with Sir Alex Ferguson played a pivotal role in his decision to return to Manchester United.
    03:54 🎉 Ronaldo's comeback at Old Trafford was emotional and monumental, with two goals against Newcastle.
    04:46 🎽 Ronaldo broke the 24-hour shirt sales record after re-signing for United, surpassing Messi's PSG sales.
    05:56 🔄 Ronaldo experienced surprises at Manchester United; the club's state was very different from his last tenure.
    06:37 🕰️ Manchester United felt stagnant, with many facilities remaining unchanged since Ronaldo's previous time there.
    09:10 🔧 In comparison to Real Madrid and Juventus, Manchester United lagged in adopting new technology and infrastructure advancements.
    10:57 🤔 Post Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United's progress has been stagnant, with decisions like appointing Ralph Rangnick as a surprise to many.
    12:28 🤔 He expresses surprise and disagreement about certain staffing choices made at Manchester United.
    14:04 😤 Expresses frustration with new coaches thinking they can drastically change the football world.
    14:47 🙏 Appreciates having learned from top coaches like Zidane, Mourinho, and others in his career.
    15:18 📜 Highlights the importance of understanding the history and significance of Manchester United.
    16:55 🌍 Discusses generational differences, feeling younger players don't show the same respect or hunger.
    18:02 🧐 Believes younger players should learn more from established professionals like himself.
    18:56 🚶‍♂️ Emphasizes that he leads by example, but not all young players are inclined to follow.
    20:16 🌟 Points out few players like Dalot and Casemiro who he believes have the professional attitude to last in football.
    21:25 💔 Discusses the tragic loss of his baby son during birth, calling it the hardest moment of his life since his father's death.
    22:22 🌪️ Ronaldo describes a particularly difficult period in his life and how it deeply affected him and his family.
    23:44 😢 Ronaldo grapples with feeling happy and sad simultaneously, highlighting the complex emotions after losing a child but also celebrating the birth of another.
    24:25 👼 They had twins, one survived and they named the other Angel. They explained the loss to their other children as Angel going to heaven.
    26:27 ❤️ The tragedy brought Ronaldo closer to his partner Geo, deepening their bond.
    27:10 🌌 Ronaldo feels that his son's spirit is with him, and he has a special place for the ashes next to his father's in a small chapel.
    28:17 ⚽ Football fans, even from rival teams like Liverpool, showed immense support to Ronaldo during his tough times. He also received condolences from the British Royal family.
    29:56 🌼 Amidst the sadness, the family finds joy in Bella, their youngest member, calling her the "shine of the house."
    31:00 ⛹️ Playing football during this time was challenging, but it was a way for Ronaldo to cope, and he received tremendous support from his family.
    33:06 💍 Ronaldo hints at a future wedding but has no immediate plans.
    33:32 ⚽ Discusses Manchester United's new manager, Eric tenharg, and Ronaldo's impressive goal statistics.
    34:02 🎯 Ronaldo addresses criticism directed at him despite his performances.
    35:12 📰 Talks about facing increased criticism from the press globally and believes jealousy is a driving factor.
    36:49 📈 Discusses his enormous social media following, surpassing the Kardashians.
    37:32 🔥 Believes his success is not just due to his football skills but also his charisma and looks.
    38:27 😄 They share a light-hearted moment about "appetite fruit" and Ronaldo's global appeal.
    39:51 🤝 Addresses the surprise criticism from ex-teammate Wayne Rooney.
    41:14 ⚔️ Mentions other ex-colleagues, like Gary Neville, who have criticized him.
    42:08 🙏 Appreciates the support from other ex-colleagues like Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane.
    42:59 📺 Speculates some colleagues might criticize him for fame or television jobs.
    43:55 📊 He hints at having a similar number of pounds and Instagram followers.
    44:25 🏆 Ronaldo's primary motivation is to be the best, not just the money.
    44:52 ⚽ Ronaldo views football as more business-like in recent years, with players being treated like commodities.
    45:48 👕 He feels he's scapegoated at Manchester United when things go wrong.
    46:32 🗣️ Ronaldo is upset by recent criticisms about his personal and professional life, which he deems mostly false.
    51:41 🚶‍♂️ Ronaldo regrets leaving a pre-season friendly early, feeling singled out when other players did the same.
    52:51 🤝 Ronaldo apologized to the coach for his actions, hoping to close that chapter.
    53:19 🧐 He sensed a power dynamic with coach Ten Hag from the beginning.
    54:15 ❄️ Ronaldo admits to not having a good relationship with the coach.
    54:29 🥅 Ronaldo feels he doesn't receive the respect he deserves from his coach.
    54:56 🏟️ Piers Morgan expresses surprise that Ronaldo wasn't played against Manchester City.
    55:10 😒 Ronaldo dismisses the coach's reasons for not playing him as "excuses."
    56:11 🤝 Ronaldo suggests the coach was deliberately provoking him and disrespected him.
    56:35 📰 Ronaldo accuses the press of protecting the coach and Manchester United.
    57:30 🎥 Ronaldo acknowledges his regret for leaving the stadium early against Tottenham.
    58:57 🚫 Recalls being suspended for three days, which he felt was a humiliating punishment.
    01:00:06 🤔 Ronaldo believes there's a broader strategy by the club to force him out.
    01:01:14 💰 Ronaldo criticizes the club's owners, the Glazers, suggesting they care more about marketing than sports.
    01:02:43 🔄 States that for Manchester United to reach top levels, a major structural overhaul is needed.
    01:03:12 ⚽ Gary Neville criticized Ronaldo's behavior at Spurs, which Ronaldo defends by sharing his side of the story.
    01:04:22 🤷‍♂️ Ronaldo admits his regret but insists on mutual respect between player and coach.
    01:04:46 🎤 Claims the coach's public appreciation of him is only for the media's sake.
    01:05:02 ⚽ Cristiano is uncertain about staying with Manchester United after the World Cup.
    01:05:29 ❤️ Regardless of his future with the club, the fans will always hold a special place in his heart.
    01:06:38 🤔 His decision to join Manchester United was more emotional than rational, but he has no regrets.
    01:07:16 🥅 Cristiano was always ready to help Manchester United compete at the highest level, but sometimes felt undermined.
    01:08:13 📉 His motivation levels have changed over time, but he still feels a passion for the game.
    01:09:23 💰 Cristiano refutes claims that he had no club offers, revealing a massive offer from Saudi Arabia which he declined.
    01:10:55 🥇 Despite age criticisms, Cristiano believes he is still one of the top players and wants to continue to prove himself.
    01:12:39 🤐 He emphasizes that many recent media claims about him are false.
    01:13:06 🏆 Money isn't his primary motivation; he wants to play at the highest level and keep breaking records.
    01:14:00 💪 He believes he's currently as fit as ever and is looking forward to the upcoming World Cup.
    01:14:41 🗣️ Ronaldo discusses criticism and how he handles it, emphasizing that life is full of challenges.
    01:15:20 ⚽ Ronaldo hints at the uncertainty of staying with Manchester United but assures fans will always have a place in his heart.
    01:16:58 🧠 Ronaldo touches on the state of Manchester United, mentioning Sir Alex Ferguson and suggesting improvements are needed for the club's infrastructure.
    01:18:09 🌍 Ronaldo shares his thoughts on the upcoming World Cup, expressing optimism for Portugal and naming other strong competing teams.
    01:20:25 🤔 He talks about the challenges and debates surrounding the World Cup being held in winter and in Qatar, emphasizing the focus should be on football.
    01:21:33 🏆 Ronaldo muses on a dream scenario of scoring against Messi in a World Cup final, emphasizing his happiness if Portugal wins regardless of the scorer.
    01:22:47 🤝 He discusses his relationship with Messi, highlighting mutual respect and acknowledging Messi's tremendous talent in football.
    01:23:54 🍽️ Ronaldo expresses interest in having dinner with Messi one day, emphasizing his love for meeting people and sharing ideas.
    01:24:33 🔄 He considers the idea of playing with Messi, implying that anything is possible in football.
    01:24:48 👕 Ronaldo acknowledges that his presence boosts shirt sales, but his main focus is performance.
    01:25:02 ⚽ He hopes Manchester United wins the Premier League, but appreciates Arsenal too.
    01:25:16 📅 Ronaldo intends to play football until around the age of 40.
    01:25:58 🏈 Tom Brady's decision to unretire from NFL was discussed at Old Trafford. Ronaldo hints at having influenced Brady's mindset.
    01:26:26 🔋 Presence of other "goat" figures like Brady in the stadium boosts Ronaldo's energy and performance.
    01:26:54 📖 Ronaldo speaks highly of Jordan Peterson, mentions reading his book "12 Rules" and values the insights he got from their private meeting.
    01:27:35 🧠 Ronaldo praises the strategic advice he received from Peterson, emphasizing its value to him.

  • Kathleen Mitchell
    Kathleen Mitchell Month ago +143

    A MAN WHO SAYS WHAT HE THINKS… NOTHING BUT RESPECT. RESPECT Great athlete, great mindset, great person.LEGEND.

  • IamWizards5070
    IamWizards5070 4 months ago +218

    what a unbelievable human.....I would love this guy for everything he brought to us....God bless him

  • Tanveer ahmed
    Tanveer ahmed 9 months ago +838

    Legend - came from nothing - knows struggle of a common man and speaks truth and very clear in his thoughts - WHAT A MAN !! 😭

    • lee annie
      lee annie 8 months ago +5

      I read some news reporting at least 2 ex players of Man United criticizing the management. CR 7 is not alone.

    • mrman_69
      mrman_69 8 months ago +9

      correction not man a GOAT

    • Kim tesfaye
      Kim tesfaye Month ago

      exactly the fact that he knows how it feels and relates to the struggles of a common man is just amazing and gives an extra respect and credibility to him

    • Chrysalis
      Chrysalis Month ago

      Agreed. However it's important know that he uses steroids

  • JacketsTLives
    JacketsTLives 2 months ago +51

    Even from a Messi fan, this podcast shows the heart of a legend

  • Piede a martello
    Piede a martello 10 months ago +4042


    • pol pol
      pol pol 10 months ago +60

      nothing but a big ego

    • Piede a martello
      Piede a martello 10 months ago +78

      @pol pol irrelevant. Anyway most people who says that are only jelaous of what he became with hard-work and passion. He’s been on top of the word for years… and now he’s a living legend

    • pol pol
      pol pol 10 months ago +34

      @Piede a martello he's a narcissist who does not like any criticism. And that's not good. This year he's been playing badly and he refuses to see it

    • Landon Scott
      Landon Scott 10 months ago +48

      @polpol1005 bro this guy lost his newborn son and was in a terrible hole for his life and still he preformed for the fans

    • Daniel Flores
      Daniel Flores 10 months ago +6

      What about Andrew tate

  • sj appiyah
    sj appiyah 9 months ago +759

    As a Messi fan, ronaldo is so well spoken, humble, and honest. It's an honour listening to him speak. Piers also does an excellent job allowing him to speak and you can tell ronaldo trusted piers and used this opportunity to air his grievances. Great interview !

    • Lettuce
      Lettuce 8 months ago +38

      Not sure bout the humble part if you watch the whole interview.

    • sj appiyah
      sj appiyah 8 months ago +12

      @Lettuce I watched the whole thing, I don’t see the lack of humility?

    • Lettuce
      Lettuce 8 months ago +28

      @sj appiyah just pointing out a couple of things:
      - When responding about Rooney he brought up his looks, how unnecessary and rude was that
      - Claimed Ten Haag disrespected him, where is the proof of that? He felt insulted he's benched just because he's Ronaldo?

    • Elma F
      Elma F 8 months ago +14

      @Lettuce if someone is humble that does not mean they don’t know their worth ☺️ ronaldo is a great player and his team treated him like he wasn’t. such lack of respect from their side. ronaldo is a footballer who was committed to football game truly, thinking young players should respect old ones like he did and i guess he respected the same for him, but let alone that, they didn’t even respect him as a human i mean you can relate in that part, if you were mourning over your child + another sick child and someone didn’t believe you… well i mean you wouldn’t respect them either lol, you can write here all you want but when it’s real life i’m sure you’d do them much worse than ronaldo if it happened to you. the guy is world wide famous, no. 1 followed person in the world, do you expect him to let anyone treat him like he’s nothing? bffr, ronaldo’s influence is waaay beyond football and his part in football is also one of the best, person and player like that needs to be treated well

    • Lettuce
      Lettuce 8 months ago +17

      @Elma F still doesn't negate the fact that he said dumb things that a true professional shouldn't have said. Bringing up Rooney's looks? Also, Ten Haag did not disrespect Ronaldo, watch Ten Haag's interviews, you'd see he was defending Ronaldo until he just ran off after being subbed during the Tottenham game.

  • Ali
    Ali 9 months ago +251

    I grew up watching him perform on the biggest stages in football. Football is nothing without CR7❤️

  • Gina Sigillito
    Gina Sigillito 4 months ago +44

    I understand more and more why he did this interview. Seeing what’s happening over at PSG with how some of the players are being treated is a disgrace. I get his need to set the record straight. It’s hard to see great players being treated badly. I’m a Messi fan btw, but these guys deserve to be treated with respect.
    The parts about the press were especially timely.

  • Roland Gonsalves
    Roland Gonsalves 9 months ago +110

    Glad I watched the entire interview, watch him speak his mind, great thoughts and he can give so much to the younger generation. Only if they let him do so.

  • vesna2410
    vesna2410 8 months ago +70

    Great athlete, great mindset, great person.

    SEYI AJIBOYE 10 months ago +10050

    I see nothing wrong with this interview, a grown man airing his thoughts out with remorse and respect. He is a great guy with a great huge heart 👑

    • marks marsh
      marks marsh 10 months ago +189

      nobody is saying he not a nice guy but it was not right of him to do the interview. He plays for Manchester United and to be fair it was them who gave him his stage in the first place. He should have much more respect for the club even if he does not like the manager. And all he is really moaning about is not being named in the starting eleven. So many great players at Manchester United it should not be a guarantee that Ronaldo starts. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever but he is a bit older now so if the manager wants to start with younger players like Marcus Rashford it should not be seen as disrespectful to Ronaldo. It has always been the way that older players no matter their greatness eventually become used less and less

    • marks marsh
      marks marsh 10 months ago +8

      @Jo Wade true - no questions on that episode from mr morgan

    • L.O.F 10
      L.O.F 10 10 months ago +8


  • Arnulfo Moreno
    Arnulfo Moreno 9 months ago +110

    Messi fan here. I never ever disrespected who this man is and this interview demonstrates why. Very respectful and professional.

  • Sahil YT
    Sahil YT 8 months ago +76

    What people just assume about Ronaldo is actually crap. This man's a legend. The glorius career he's had. The achievements he has to his name. Absolutely astonishing. My favorite player is Messi but needless to say I love this man too. The life , the struggle , the mindset. MINDBLOWING

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion Month ago +41

    “I don’t follow the records, the records follow me”
    - Cristiano Ronaldo

    • Chou
      Chou 28 days ago +6


  • SN9
    SN9 9 months ago +81

    I don't know how anyone can hate this man. CR7, your wins and performance already attest you're a legend and beyond coz you still have it (golden touch) when you play. CR7 fighting!!! ❤❤❤

    • Agustin Soda
      Agustin Soda Month ago

      You cr7 fans confuse hate with believing lio messi is a superior footballer. No hate on cr7

  • SJ
    SJ 7 months ago +34

    This guy is straightforward.The truth is people won't like or appreciate those who speak the truth.Huge respect❤

  • Aadam Saleem
    Aadam Saleem 10 months ago +4958

    The fact that he felt more support and respect from rival fans than his own club is really telling

  • Sloune Jemutai
    Sloune Jemutai 9 months ago +195

    Watched this after the world cup and all I can say is this man here deserves respect. Viva CR7 🐐❤️

    • Rajani Bharatiya
      Rajani Bharatiya 8 months ago +5

      ronaldo will return to europe this year hopefully. he will be in wc 2026 (if he is in good form and good shape)

    • Pintkonan
      Pintkonan 5 months ago +2

      ​@Rajani Bharatiya take me to your dealer.

    • John Giovanni
      John Giovanni 2 months ago +1

      @rajanibharatiya5453 you still hoping he will win the WC?

  • Gilbert Makokha
    Gilbert Makokha 9 months ago +47

    Honestly He is a football icon. Despite the fact that I rank Messi above him, no one else is able to easily attain his level of the game. He is brilliant, he is respectful and reflective independence of mind. He is among the greatest. This interview had nothing wrong.

  • denaneshjambo
    denaneshjambo 9 months ago +50

    Thank God I took the time to watch this Interview
    What a honest, straight forward man. Speaking his heart out.

  • Bert Morini
    Bert Morini 4 months ago +16

    I have watched this entire interview over 10 times now. Cristiano appeared more human than usual, was very honest. The authenticity he displays is palpable. He references members of his family, his oldest son in particular, multiple times. It also helps that Piers was finally not a totally dick for once.

  • orion9k
    orion9k 2 months ago +4

    He is a legend and I am glad that we have people like this that we can use as rolemodel for life blueprint.

  • First Flight
    First Flight 10 months ago +1382

    He's a confident golden icon for boys who want something. Always inspires people the right way, sacrificed so much. Tells the younger generation to stay healthy and work hard, doesn't advertise for unhealthy profitable brands. And no wonder people and media target him, of course they get a lot of attention as soon as they use his name.
    I love Cristiano Ronaldo, a self made man from Madeira who lives by what he preaches.
    Respect. Always

    • marks marsh
      marks marsh 10 months ago +9

      The clubs he has been with have treated him very well by what i can tell. That includes Man U. He is basically unable to accept that at the age of 37 he is not guaranteed a place in the starting 11 and that he might be called upon as a substitute in the last 5 minutes. What an utter rich blessed arse. From Madeira

    • Cristiano T
      Cristiano T 10 months ago +13

      @marks marsh then why man utd sign him? You think the whole world still want to talk about before he rejoined? Thank you Ronaldo man utd is at top level

    • Howard Lam
      Howard Lam 10 months ago

      @marks marsh ManU let rumors run amok.

    • Abdirisak Awes
      Abdirisak Awes 10 months ago

      Respect ✊ always.

  • Khairulizwan Damanhuri
    Khairulizwan Damanhuri 9 months ago +26

    The most calm, honest, and down to earth I've ever seen. Talks all about respect! The story about him n MU are mind blowing to believe. What a great sportsman CR7!

  • Emilia Rodriguez-lazo
    Emilia Rodriguez-lazo 9 months ago +30

    What a beautiful interview and beautiful example of a father and family this man is. Have never been a huge fan but perhaps I owe it to the media who always portrayed him as an arrogant snobby guy, sadly. Thanks for posting and sharing it here.

    • Red Runner 3
      Red Runner 3 3 months ago

      He's an alienator. He stole his oldest son from his mother. She can't see him, talked him, etc. all because he didn't want to pay her child support.

  • Love Babe
    Love Babe 8 months ago +24

    This interview is legendary I love this man so much ❤❤❤❤❤ I feel so emotional right now 😢

  • Artista A
    Artista A Month ago +4

    No wonder why he's number one 👑❤️ he deserves all love abd respect!

  • Wetsho lasushe
    Wetsho lasushe 2 months ago +2

    Sometimes when you're utterly down, this interview and the person CR7 is, is a motivation. A human being just wanting to be a better person if not best?
    Without hardwork, talent is nothing.

  • Kiran
    Kiran 9 months ago +1362

    "Football has changed over the last 2 years and it's full of business now. The passion for the game is still there, but..!"- Ronaldo 😌 You are a legend and always will be. The hardwork you put in and the moments on the world stage is phenomenal.

    • julio aldo
      julio aldo 9 months ago +4

      Football is a business, if football not business man united cant get ronaldo

    • Asif Muhammed
      Asif Muhammed 9 months ago +58

      This aged well

    • bruh
      bruh 9 months ago +4

      @Asif Muhammed lmao

  • Moustafa Tamer
    Moustafa Tamer 8 months ago +8

    I very much appreciate this man's journey, especially in the way he deals with his life and work. I think I benefited from his dialogue.

  • Tushar Agarwal
    Tushar Agarwal 9 months ago +11

    I didn’t saw this interview before but when I saw his full interview I now really respect him. I really appreciated that he spoke his heart and as a football fan I really connected with his words, emotions!
    I can now say that I respect him equally as Messi!
    - A lionel Messi Fan

  • Zain Hoosen
    Zain Hoosen 8 months ago +15

    " You don't know if you cry or if you smile
    .. "
    A very tough moment in time indeed.
    Good to see him in a better space nowadays with his new club, a fresh start

  • Eyes
    Eyes 9 months ago +8

    As a messi fan i have always, literally always had respect for Cristiano Ronaldo because of how far he has gotten and how he became one of the best of all time. Really respect this man and I agree with him, it is a waste of time paying attention to the hate comments. Really hope this man gets to have peace really really soon.

  • Krisser
    Krisser 8 months ago +17

    Absolutely love and adore Ronaldo! Terrible loss he went through losing their baby son💔🙏🏼

  • breakpoint69
    breakpoint69 9 months ago +2515

    As a Messi fan, always had respect for this guy. Amazing insights on his life. 🙌🏻

    • Sasuke
      Sasuke 9 months ago +51

      @As Ym just cuz he has respect for Ronaldo doesn’t mean he can’t be a messi fan , that’s pretty dumb

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan 9 months ago +37

      Honestly as a Messi fan Ronaldo deserves as much respect it’s not easy being great.

    • Darth Revan
      Darth Revan 9 months ago +9

      Especially as it seems that he was willing to point out the problems of the club knowing he was going to get kicked out.

    • Henry JumboHead
      Henry JumboHead 9 months ago +23

      Yup. I have two sons: one loves Messi, the other loves CR7. They’re always arguing about who is best. I tell them to sit back and realize how lucky they are to be alive to watch Messi and Ronaldo play football.

    • Vincent
      Vincent 9 months ago +13

      Messi is the GOAT, but Ronaldo will always be a king of football. He is a legend and one of the best

  • Zdenka Kučerová
    Zdenka Kučerová 9 months ago +17

    Ja mu gratulujem je to na pohľad veľmi milý a príjemný chlapec aj celá rodinka držím im palce nech im to pokračuje aj na ďalej tak krásne 👍💯💕🍀♥️

  • Birendra Lamichhane
    Birendra Lamichhane 9 months ago +16

    Congratulations on your successful career so far, Cristiano Ronaldo! Your talent, hard work, and dedication have brought you many achievements and made you one of the most iconic and respected figures in the world of soccer. I wish you all the best as you continue your journey in the game and beyond. May your future be filled with more success, happiness, and fulfillment. Keep striving for greatness and inspiring others to do the same. Best wishes for a bright and rewarding future!

  • Vitaliy Litvak
    Vitaliy Litvak 7 months ago +6

    Love him. Best sportsman in the world 🌎
    Great personality ❤️

  • Jan
    Jan 4 months ago +127

    ⏱Timestamps for this video!
    1:10 - Going back to last year
    9:33 - United's lack of progress
    13:20 - Ralph Rangnick
    15:20 - Coaching changes
    17:45 - Leading by Example
    21:33 - Tragic Family Loss
    26:00 - Coping with Grief
    28:34 - Outpouring of Support
    31:59 - Support from Georgina
    33:38 - Criticism despite great performance
    34:22 - Dealing with criticism
    36:06 - The Price of Fame
    46:36 - Speaking Out
    49:05 - Doubt
    53:25 - Lack of Empathy
    1:00:35 - Betrayal
    1:02:11 - Manchester's Struggle to Reach Top Level
    1:05:13 - Uncertainty of Ronaldo's Future at Manchester United
    1:09:38 - Clarifying Misconceptions and Lies
    1:15:30 - Ronaldo's Message to Manchester United Fans
    1:16:43 - Reflections on Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson
    1:17:57 - Portugal's chances in the World Cup
    1:23:59 - Legacy and retirement plans
    1:29:28 - Plans for future public speaking and advice for young people
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      So nowdays Ai are generating timestamps too 🤔

      PWARAJ PINGH 3 months ago +1

      Thanks bro

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago

      you are amazing

      PWARAJ PINGH 3 months ago

      Where is the part where he talks about messi

    • Raging Tomato
      Raging Tomato 3 months ago

      ​@PWARAJ PINGH1:17:57

  • Odene
    Odene 3 months ago +9

    I didn't want this interview to end. When I started watching it earlier today I was wondering what could they really talk about for 90 mins! But it was sooooo interesting.
    ❤❤❤ from a dedicated Man U fan from Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • Adut Chol
    Adut Chol 10 months ago +1301

    When he spoke about the death about his child you could see it was hard for him to gather words, Ronaldo is such a strong man god bless him and his family

    • SummerSpice
      SummerSpice 9 months ago +11

      Yes he even started with drinking water too 😊

    • Kiara
      Kiara 9 months ago +12

      @SummerSpice why a smiling emoji tho
      (No offence)

    • William Tam
      William Tam 9 months ago +6

      CR7 should be stay at realmardid

    • David Sam
      David Sam 9 months ago +8

      To be asked the question 'how did it feel to lose a child' that's such a shit question! We know how he feels, he feels the same as anyone else would feel.......ask questions that I can't easily relate to!

  • Kevin Masters
    Kevin Masters 9 months ago +51


    • pol pol
      pol pol 9 months ago +1

      that was the reason he has done it, everything was planned

    • Kevin Masters
      Kevin Masters 9 months ago

      @Mr To a certain agree yes, but he's got the guts to speak his mind whilst knowing this will get him into deep trouble. This is worth respecting in my opinion.

    • Mr
      Mr 9 months ago +1

      @Kevin Masters He could’ve gone about this a different way like he always has in the past.
      Crazy what can happen in 30days and see him completely swallow his words.

    • Kevin Masters
      Kevin Masters 8 months ago

      @Mr I wonder if this was all part of his plan as I do agree it was rather abrupt.

  • Victor Morales
    Victor Morales 9 months ago +12

    I already respected Ronaldo for his character but this interview made me solidify that respect, a real man. Respect!

    • pol pol
      pol pol 9 months ago

      for me was the opposite, I lost some of the respect for him now

  • H اعوان
    H اعوان 4 months ago +11

    I don’t like football, I don’t understand football and I don’t really care what’s going on in the football world BUT I have a lot of respect for this dude. The fact that he’s 37 (I think) and STILL playing football…. Speaks volumes. We should let our kids listen to this interview it’s very inspiring and real-life interview.
    Stay blessed beautiful ppl.

  • CR7 forever ❤️🔥
    CR7 forever ❤️🔥 4 months ago +5

    What a kind hearted man and open minded person. He is the football legend and the 🐐

  • sweet6773
    sweet6773 9 months ago +3

    Respect! Those words he said hit me hard! Young generation is living in a different Era. He is right, it is like we lost connection with them! We grew up with some values and they have totally different values from ours! This is if they actually have any to begin with! I hope the new generations can really stay humble, and preserve what humanity is here for! Which is respect and love, for elders, for those who have more experience, for those who don't have any, for everyone! Work for things! Don't take them for granted! Appreciate what you have...It was a strong message from this legend!

  • Yasmina
    Yasmina 9 months ago +477

    He knows what life is all about. A true realist and legend

    • Mihir Joshi
      Mihir Joshi 9 months ago +8

      He’s made a joke out of himself by saying one thing and doing exactly opposite. He said it wasn’t about money but passion and so he didn’t join Saudi Arabian club.
      1 month later: Ronaldo joins Al-Nassr.
      What a hypocrite

    • Ambrish
      Ambrish 8 months ago +3

      @Mihir Joshi his passion hasn't died.

    • MadHatter6661
      MadHatter6661 8 months ago +14

      @Mihir Joshi it's not hyposcrisy, it's what you do when no other european club wants to sign or has the money to pay you. Idk about u but most people making fun of him are toxic messi fans and what they fail to realize is that personally these two guys never had any rivalry, two great players different with different style playing in the same decade = all the attention from the international press and it's the stupid debate among fans that fired up this debate in the first place. Their playing styles are incomparable to each other.

    • Dhruv dd
      Dhruv dd 6 months ago +1

      Except doesn’t know how to win world cup, my idolo

    • Ehan
      Ehan 4 months ago +1

      ​@Mihir Joshi Exactly. His passion for game is so high that even at this age instead of retiring he is playing for low tier league just beacause he loves the game

  • Derek Rome
    Derek Rome 9 months ago +2

    I have a TON of respect for Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a living example and motivation just like almost every other Athlete doing well for themselves. An interview like this can't be "wrong" I say this because this isn't the Quetionaire or investigative type of interview. This is more of A man coming out to air his experiences, recent tribulations and feeling. The questions here are just a mere guide on what points to speak on Next.

    • pol pol
      pol pol 9 months ago

      nah, it's him blaming others and defending his hurt ego

  • JeLece Khan 777
    JeLece Khan 777 9 months ago +10

    You, Cristiano, are ONE OF A KIND. There is none like you. You are a Legend. Your character says everything about you and you are a rare gem. You have been my role model ever since Manchester united and watching this interview reminded me of why I admire and respect you so much. You are AUTHENTIC in this world of fakes and carry yourself in an Outstanding way. That is why they are so filled with jealousy and envy. But that is also why the fans love you. Thank you for most of all Keeping your morals intact because it is because of that that you are who you are - 👑🐐. God Bless you, protect you and keep you and your family, always.

    • JeLece Khan 777
      JeLece Khan 777 9 months ago

      When he said "I don't follow records, they follow me" 😏👑

    • what
      what 9 months ago +1

      @JeLece Khan 777 lol look at Messi he has more records than Ronaldo

    • what
      what 9 months ago

      @JeLece Khan 777 can you tell the records that Ronaldo has except the UCL

    • Ayman's Edits 🎥
      Ayman's Edits 🎥 9 months ago +2

      @what Fatherless pessi fan riding pessi crazy!!!

    • pol pol
      pol pol 9 months ago

      what morals? did you even listen to his words?

  • Biiny Gieta
    Biiny Gieta 17 days ago +11

    Wow I can’t believe I’ve watched this interview before and now am watching it again I can clearly get some points I missed in this video… he literally said new coaches that came in thought they’ve found the last Coca Cola in the desert… How deep damn this guy 🥶

  • minhthy pham
    minhthy pham 9 months ago +1

    I am not a football fan. But I love the way you act towards your goals, the way you take care of your family. No matter what position you are in, for me you are still the player I admire the most.

  • Yanding Allan
    Yanding Allan 8 months ago +5

    A really great insight into the life and experience of an elite professional footballer. We are privileged to have watched a blessed footballer, in our lifetime 🙏

    KULDEEP GAUTAM 10 months ago +2129

    He really speaks everything up straight and perfectly. pity those who just watched the clips of interviews. the full interview tells the whole story.

    • tommy castro cinematics
      tommy castro cinematics 10 months ago +39

      You are 100 percent spot on... I left all I was doing for 1hr 31 minutes to watch this wonderful interview.

    • Yasser Ansari
      Yasser Ansari 10 months ago +19

      People always judge based on sound bites these days… it’s a messed up world

    • Kambulata mwamba Blaise news
      Kambulata mwamba Blaise news 10 months ago +28

      This guy is realist and he prove once again his higher level

  • Arlene Patrascu
    Arlene Patrascu Month ago +1

    Man w/ few words but so down to earth kind of a person ... love him 😘

  • Winniesconcept
    Winniesconcept 5 months ago +2

    I love and respect his sincerity and the fact that he is being straightforward

  • shareefa shifa
    shareefa shifa 5 months ago +52

    I littiarly cried after watching this interview his words that we are in his heart ♥ love you Cristiano and your game play

    • Hammad Khan
      Hammad Khan 4 months ago +8

      Aaah women are so emotional.

    • Sifiso Mabaso
      Sifiso Mabaso 2 months ago

      @Hammad Khan 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      COCONUT JUICE Month ago

      En Nesyriiii.. poof dream gone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Harsh sharma
    Harsh sharma 7 months ago +2

    Cristiano is such a true legend and he handle so many problem at this moment that people spread hate to him for attention and he do everything in football ❣️

    • Rambo
      Rambo 7 months ago +1


  • Abhay Ff
    Abhay Ff Month ago +6

    I'm a Messi fan but huge huge respect for sir Cristiano Ronaldo, messi and Ronaldo both are goats of the game . Lot's of love from India ❣️

  • DonkeyDieHard
    DonkeyDieHard 10 months ago +209

    I've always been on the Messi side of the "G.O.A.T." debate. That being said, this interview gave me a TON of respect for Ronaldo. He is simply saying what he experienced and how he feels. A person can never be "wrong" for what they feel. Just because you may not feel the same, doesn't mean it's "wrong."

  • Joejo511
    Joejo511 7 months ago +4

    He's just speaking facts, if Man United fans are angry about this interview they don't want to see their club exceed. Put some respect on one of the greatest ever !

  • A G
    A G 6 months ago +2

    He is the G.O.A.T. and football is not always bigger than the players that allow it, in part, to exist. In English football there is great weight on players to never speak badly about obvious problems with the individuals that make up the corporate league, team owners and the media. We are now in a time with fan channels having a larger number of viewers than main stream sports channels. And us fans want to hear all of it. The good and the dirt. And that is a bug up their arses as well as for their sponsors. The large and well funded main stream narrative creators hate the small content creators.

  • Sophie Amirian
    Sophie Amirian 5 months ago +1


  • Ethan Xuan
    Ethan Xuan 10 months ago +561

    The passion this guy has for football is remarkable and makes your question what you invest your life into. He keeps talking about diet, mentality, health, good relationships, investment of time, adaptability and so much more... All this for him to keep up with his passion for football.
    Inspirational indeed.

    • Highly Favored
      Highly Favored 10 months ago +15

      He has also surrounded himself with an incredible support system throughout and always puts family first

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W 10 months ago

      All out for himself the interview is litterally proof

    • Fifer McGee
      Fifer McGee 10 months ago +7

      and what a role model for the youngsters. He is polite, has lovely manners and acknowledges his young fans. Wonderful human being.

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W 10 months ago

      @Fifer McGee role model kicking off anytime anything doesn't go his way. Example stomping off spittinh dummy out when he's being subbed 🙄

    • Messiuuuuu
      Messiuuuuu 10 months ago +3

      @Fifer McGee walking off the tunnel because you are a bench warmer, throwing your captain armband everytime your goal is offside. All this sounds rather childish. So, he will surely inspire children lmfao

  • Khoa Tạ
    Khoa Tạ 4 months ago +3

    I love you Cristiano Ronaldo. You're a big inspired to me, brave, never look back and never give up

  • Akinfenwa Segun
    Akinfenwa Segun 9 months ago +20

    Personally, this is arguably one of the best interview I've seen in years of existence. GOAT debate aside, he has shown over the years why he is a worthy example of a true professional.
    I love CR7

  • BurstLaugh
    BurstLaugh 6 months ago +2

    God bless Pierce Morgan, I sincerely love his interviews, clear, outright, focused, uncensored…God bless him.
    Right now, It’s hard for me not to believe the English press weren’t involved as stated by Cristiano. I’ve always been in doubt when people say there’s a conspiracy on them propagated by the media. It’s now clear. God bless CR7.

  • Riz Khokhar
    Riz Khokhar 3 months ago

    I've finally got around to watching the interview and all I can say is Thank You for this interview.
    Exposing the club at the top on how its been run has ultimately caused the owners to what it looks like finally sell the club.
    Hopefully with the right owners, the infrastructure of the club can be massively improved and the general running of hlthe club will hopefully improve too 👏🏽

  • muluneh moges
    muluneh moges 10 months ago +523

    Dignity, composure, confidence, honesty, and a kind heart
    Great interview

    • pol pol
      pol pol 9 months ago +8

      kinda full of himself

    • Sasuke
      Sasuke 9 months ago +2

      @pol pol just like yourself

    • N1c0T1n3
      N1c0T1n3 9 months ago +1

      @Sasuke There's nothing wrong with being "full of oneself", the thing is that the second you don't "perform", people treat you the same way as you treat them. It's an eventuality.
      Secondly, how in the world do you not physically go and see what state the club is in before signing a contract? All the money in the world and you cannot spend 3 days?

    • pol pol
      pol pol 9 months ago

      @Sasuke not really

    PETRO SANNA 10 days ago +3

    This guy is intelligent, humble and so respective

  • The Aro Vibe
    The Aro Vibe 16 days ago +2

    Just seeing this interview and it’s one for the books ❤ Love CR7

  • JaMoinsen
    JaMoinsen Month ago +3

    He had every right to say the world his side of the story, when Ten Hag had been lowering him to a bench warmer, and the whole media was scrutinising and speculating every breath of CR7. The man's greatest armor was his mind. And once in 20 years, his mental space was shattered with a tragedy, the intensity of which none of us could imagine. And one after the other everyone wanted to see this man fall.

  • NAWS
    NAWS 8 months ago +4

    Time never stop, Ronaldo's passion for football never stop, my love for him will never stop. I'm 35 and he is 37 , he will be playing untill the mother nature stop him and i will be his fan till my last breath 😍😍😍

  • Visnja Vendeta
    Visnja Vendeta 9 months ago +5

    Ah man, Piers is such a master at his job. Great interview!

  • Floyd Smith
    Floyd Smith 9 months ago +610

    Much respect to this man. Signed by a Barcelona and Messi fan. Your legacy and impact on the game cannot be argued.

    • Gedgj Oumk
      Gedgj Oumk 9 months ago +1

      Traitor. U pick either messi or ronaldo.which one??

    • Floyd Smith
      Floyd Smith 9 months ago +37

      @Gedgj Oumk Messi is the GOAT in my opinion - has always been. Doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge Ronaldo’s legacy. Also, tone it down with the “traitor” talk buddy.

    • Gedgj Oumk
      Gedgj Oumk 9 months ago +4

      @Floyd Smith damn right messi is the one and only. Ronaldo don't come close to messis skill. Messi has world cup!!! This guy doesn't!!

  • Leo
    Leo 9 months ago +10

    As a messi fan i respect this man a lot....LEGEND 💯

  • Zee Khan
    Zee Khan 7 months ago +1

    We all make mistakes and he's redeemed himself very well indeed

  • Kruthin Seelavanthar
    Kruthin Seelavanthar 8 months ago

    This man is really an inspiration.♥️

  • DJ Kuhlman
    DJ Kuhlman 9 months ago +10

    After watching this interview, I would really like Ronaldo to come back and perhaps give the last shot to winning the world cup. What a gentleman he is.

  • Thor Strongest Avenger
    Thor Strongest Avenger 2 months ago +6

    'I don't follow records. Records follow me.'

    LM ILLUSTRATIONS 10 months ago +822

    The media is full of shit for putting this guy on blast! When all he did was just speak the truth of his experience ! Much respect to him

    • Carsten Makuku
      Carsten Makuku 10 months ago +2

      Its not guaranteed that he has to start ...It was a toxic relationship man city had plans for him he can play 20 minutes and make a mark but he wants to start🤣🤣🤣

  • Argha Banerjee
    Argha Banerjee 9 months ago +6

    Simple yet Sublime! Legend. G.O.A.T. ❤️

  • Josh Nunn
    Josh Nunn 9 months ago +6

    Remember if the Glazers sell we have this man to thank. He did more for the fans with this interview then they've done in their entire tenure

  • Harry
    Harry 21 day ago +4

    I liked to being fan of such a Hardworking man ❤❤❤

  • Eshwar Goolcharan
    Eshwar Goolcharan 9 months ago +1

    I forever love ronaldo, i relate to his story and i like the fact that he isnt scared to say what he has to say.

  • Mar
    Mar Month ago +1

    Huge respect and admiration, for both

  • Mystomi
    Mystomi 10 months ago +483

    What a stellar guy!!
    He carries himself with so much dignity and integrity.
    I’m very impressed

    • pol pol
      pol pol 10 months ago +3

      too big ego tho

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W 10 months ago +1

      So much dignity spat his dummy out, for being a sub, sounds more embarrassing. Integrity 🤣 imagine if everyone behaved in that fasion football wouldnt be a sport. Fact hes score 1 goal with 0 assists whole season and where almost half way through. When younger hungrier players have more then 10x more 😅🤣

    • Mythic
      Mythic 10 months ago

      @pol pol ego? What part lol

    • pol pol
      pol pol 10 months ago +3

      @Mythic every part, lmaoo can't u see it??

    • Do You Know the Way to San Jose
      Do You Know the Way to San Jose 10 months ago +2

      @pol pol They're ALL like that, that's exactly why he made it that far. It's in ALL sports, man.

  • Stews Aquarium
    Stews Aquarium 9 months ago

    I think regardless of whos at fault in these situations its a pity that the team suffers because of personal issues. Nobody is more important then the team!!

  • Shannon Keys
    Shannon Keys 6 months ago

    I am a cr7 fan none of the clubs he has played for but the man himself. He is human like all the rest of us. He just happens to be the greatest player in the world. All respect to him

    SHREYAS RAUT 4 months ago

    The smile on his face when he said that imagine you are in the World Cup Final 😭❤️

  • oswaldo chavez
    oswaldo chavez 9 months ago +2

    As a Messi fan I respect him so much for this interview

  • Tegemea Sylva
    Tegemea Sylva 6 days ago +1

    He appreciated thevtime when he had problems as it opened his eyes to see who is by his side and who isnt❤

  • tatenda gudyanga
    tatenda gudyanga 10 months ago +402

    A great professional who aired his honest opinion. He didn’t deserve the treatment that the coach and the club gave him. As a Man Utd fan, disappointed in how they treated him. Thank you for your service CR7

    • Diran Missak
      Diran Missak 10 months ago +8

      Yes he is, He is a Great Person/Sport, i do like him very much
      i am a Liverpool Fan, Walk on with hope in your heart Cristiano, YNWA, God Bless You Richly

    • D S
      D S 10 months ago +6

      Last season he had 137mins per goal, 16% conversion rate. This season it is 520 mins per goal, 4% conversion rate.
      his performance is 1/4th from last season!
      Team won't be built around a soon to be 38 yr old!

    • bardo
      bardo 10 months ago +1

      I'd forgotten about CR7. I remember my son who's surname was Crouchman having CR7 on his mercurial and feeling so prime 😌

    • ‍‍‍My chicken is a world renowned chef
      ‍‍‍My chicken is a world renowned chef 10 months ago +6

      Try talking shit to your boss, tell me what happens next

  • CSE 565 Harshith.G
    CSE 565 Harshith.G 9 months ago +3

    Respect for CR7, hope everyone gets to know him better..., The true GOAT forever..🙌

  • Ridwan Hasyim Ridwan
    Ridwan Hasyim Ridwan 9 months ago

    great person and professional person is an example for everyone on this planet, that family is number one, he values ​​his family which has been the foundation of his success, on the other hand people only criticize him even his former colleagues, their words are just rubbish, InsyaAllah people who understands the importance of a family Will loves you King Ronaldo, siuu 7 ❤️❤️

  • IRod
    IRod 9 months ago +3

    I love this guy. He’s so handsome, smart. Love the way he plays, dress a family guy. God bless him and his family

  • Sanuki Melisha
    Sanuki Melisha 9 months ago +12

    I am not gonna lie, I became a fan of him after FIFA. Ans now I have watched so many things of him. Not only Football but his personality is a top tier 🙌🏻
    RESPECT!! 💫

    ENVY DA BALL 6 months ago +1

    I love both messi and ronaldo both are GOAT for me. People use to debate saying Messi is better than Ronaldo or Ronaldo is better than Messi but they both have a great career. This type of personality can't be compared to anyone. They are so humble, they are so down to earth, their positive attitude and positive thinking and their mentality is on another level. They are the top level footballers but they are also top level at everything. Just I like them both and I will like them because for me there is no other footballer that can be compared to them. This much respect is very less for both of them. And I just have a dream to meet Ronaldo and Messi once. May my dream be fulfilled one day. Love you both♥️♥️💗💗💓💓 Cristiano and Messi are real life Super heroes in football...😊😊

  • Jen Genzale
    Jen Genzale 10 months ago +1706

    I've spent 1 hour and 30 minutes waiting for some giant bombshell. Never came. What I saw was class and dignity from a true champion. He was truthful and sincere. He clearly deserves respect, on and off the field. Now I see why my sons have been HUGE Ronaldo fans since they were teens. Their dream has always been to meet him and see him play. Now I understand why. Doesn't matter where he plays, he'll always have super fans in our family.

    • hmu05366
      hmu05366 10 months ago +11

      What about when he said it was an insult to come on for 3 minutes against spurs? Who does he think he is? Big diddy, needs to get over himself and man up

    • Samuel Bigs
      Samuel Bigs 10 months ago +10

      Ur sons love Ronaldo because of his status in the game not how he is as a person

    • Michael Stephen
      Michael Stephen 10 months ago +22

      Ronaldo is bigger than man utd,man utd doesn’t deserve him how can you criticize a man he help the club throughout last season,the players weren’t in form he was the only player who carry the club along throughout last season and if not for his goals man utd won’t be playing Europa cup,he’s bigger than the club and the coach in terms of everything

    • CYLop
      CYLop 10 months ago +10

      ​@Michael Stephen No he's not. No player is bigger than the club, ever. Ronaldo became a great at Manchester United, through his own hard work and tenacity, but also through the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson. Ronaldo has spat on the legacy of SAF by purposefully undermining United's current manager.
      He is a legend of football, but if you can't see he's acting like a spoilt brat who can't accept he no longer has the pace to play at the top level, you're incredibly deluded.
      This is from someone who's watched every match he's played since rejoining Man U. Something I doubt most of his deluded fanboys have done.

    • Vet Rutenga
      Vet Rutenga 10 months ago +4

      @Michael Stephen The problem is the coach himself he is rigorous for nothing it is like he have executive powers