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100,000 Lumens vs Crookes Radiometer

  • Published on Sep 15, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I show you the real reason why a Crookes radiometer spins
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  • Del S
    Del S 2 months ago +168

    "Why does it spin"
    Because spinning is so much cooler than not spinning.

  • Weston Ding
    Weston Ding 2 months ago +87

    Genius explanation! I wonder if anyone had tried it with different colors to see if this can work!

    • Peter Hunt
      Peter Hunt 2 months ago +1

      @Mass Creation Broadcasts from what he said and demonstrated I am guessing that an infrared source would make a spin faster than say a blue light.

    • Mass Creation Broadcasts
      Mass Creation Broadcasts 2 months ago +13

      When you said different colours I thought of the light, which I wonder if it'll spin faster at higher frequencies or in reverse if meeting radio. Probably not the later.

  • Subhranil Dey
    Subhranil Dey 2 months ago +189

    When Einstein visits Action lab

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 2 months ago +38

    How does your 100,000 lumen flashlight compare to full sunlight?

    • David Anderson
      David Anderson 2 months ago +1

      The brightness of the sun is about 127,000 lumens *per square meter*. About 98,000 lumens / m^2 after passing through the atmosphere. You can't compare that directly to the flashlight. We could estimate if we knew how wide the flashlight was, what angle the light emerges with, and how far away it was... or James could just tell us.

    • AbrahamGamer
      AbrahamGamer 2 months ago

      27,000 lumens difference according to google

    • tridos
      tridos 2 months ago


    APS۔CAFE 2 months ago +3

    I respect your work and passion and dedication ✅

  • Peter Hunt
    Peter Hunt 2 months ago +1

    That’s a brilliant explanation. Really good. Thank you.

  • David M
    David M 2 months ago +8

    I had one of those when I was a kid. The light explanation was the one I was given then, since it was supposed to be in a vacuum.

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley 2 months ago +16

    excellent explanatory demonstration...thanks!

  • Tom Fisher
    Tom Fisher 2 months ago +8

    I have use a magnifying glass and focused the sunlight on the white side making it spin in that direction then on the black side making it spin in that direction.

  • asddsaads
    asddsaads 2 months ago +15

    My science teacher told me that it was the photons pushing... 15 years later i discover that she lied 😢

    • Spirit Orange
      Spirit Orange 2 months ago

      @PhantomPanic How do you know she didn’t lie?

    • PhantomPanic
      PhantomPanic 2 months ago +14

      There is a difference in lying and just being wrong...

  • Останин Вадим
    Останин Вадим 2 months ago +1

    Mind blowing. Thanks for the content

  • Android Phone
    Android Phone 2 months ago +1

    Action Lab could you explain why Turbo Charger Intercoolers are much more efficient when painted black?

  • Martin Beaudry
    Martin Beaudry 2 months ago +1

    I always thought these were vacuum inside. Really?
    That would be interesting

  • Heaven 42#
    Heaven 42# 2 months ago +14

    This is why I say all we need is acoustic Heat or magnetic heat. Electricity same principle but you can use super fluid to cool it down

  • Albuquerque Hotspot
    Albuquerque Hotspot 2 months ago +3

    Man I love this guy's explanations

  • Mark P
    Mark P 2 months ago +9

    Did not know you could demonstrate it with ice. Thank you

  • Percy Pei
    Percy Pei 2 months ago +1

    Very disappointing. I was hoping this to be the real photon blast or electrons energized leaving the plate resulting in change of mass and then acceleration.

    BILL'S MOPARS 2 months ago +1

    What would happen if the vanes were in a vacuum?

  • royksk
    royksk 2 months ago

    Bugger me! after 60+ years now I know. How many science classrooms have one of these, and teachers who don’t know how they really work.

  • BØB
    BØB 2 months ago

    I remember somewhere that light from your phone from something else that's that's bright can cause damage .

  • Bonkers
    Bonkers 2 months ago +17

    So the color helps… what about using Black 3.0 or whatever it’s called, and also using the white version of it?

    • EGRJ
      EGRJ 2 months ago +2

      Anish Kapoor wanted to do that experiment, but he's not allowed.

  • Maximilian Bonengl
    Maximilian Bonengl 27 days ago

    I think ive got an interesting Topic Suggestion. "What happens with light or flash inside a mirrored sphere?" Maybe you can figure that out.

  • M.K.
    M.K. 2 months ago +1

    How can we use this information to create a "reverse microwave oven"-like device for freezing things quickly?

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 2 months ago +1

    Wonder what would happen if we used a laser

  • John Watrous
    John Watrous 2 months ago

    Would it spin in a vacuum?

  • Stevie B
    Stevie B 2 months ago

    I was gonna say heat was the cause before you even got into the video. I bet it wouldn’t spin anywhere near as good if the torch was a long way away

  • K4 WBT
    K4 WBT 2 months ago

    Would it still spin clockwise below the equator

  • samus aran
    samus aran 2 months ago

    have you done this in vacuum?

  • Doctor Hongo
    Doctor Hongo 2 months ago

    it works faster with hot light like an incandescent bulb because of this

  • Lincoln A
    Lincoln A 2 months ago

    So the room temperature is just the sweet spot where the fan doesn't move at all

  • Kanishk Sharma
    Kanishk Sharma 2 months ago

    Imagine being an inventor who can't explain their own inventions. The dude must be turning in their grave whenever they get clowned upon never attaining peace

  • Allen Huang
    Allen Huang 2 months ago

    So what you're saying is H2O is made out of light! 🤯🤯🤯

  • Sajit Awal
    Sajit Awal 2 months ago

    Holy cow
    Its gonna take off there🤣

  • abi
    abi 2 months ago +2

    Dumb me thinking it moves because photos have momentum "

  • YouTube ok
    YouTube ok 2 months ago

    Excellent theory...👌👌☀️🔥

  • Imanuel C
    Imanuel C 2 months ago

    Discord light mode : *infinite spin rotation!"

  • duggydo
    duggydo 2 months ago +1

    I learn a lot of things here. Something that seems intuitive is not really at all.

  • takanara7
    takanara7 2 months ago +1

    That's interesting. I'd always heard the 'pressure' explanation before. Apparently if you actually get a 100% vacuum the white side does spin more quickly.

    • chris
      chris 2 months ago

      @clawer Yes solar sails are a thing but Crookes Radiometer's are not solar sails and don't spin in a vacuum.

    • clawer
      clawer 2 months ago

      @chris they can, solar sailing.

    • chris
      chris 2 months ago +2

      in a complete vacuum they don't spin at all

  • Bob's Tank
    Bob's Tank 2 months ago

    What happens if you use LASERs instead of white light?

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer 2 months ago

    so can we make sun windmills?

  • Richarizard
    Richarizard 2 months ago

    Man it would be cool to understand this

  • FX_Gamer
    FX_Gamer 2 months ago

    the hacksmith made the worlds most powerful flashlight an it exploded the crooks radiometer

  • Kylimora
    Kylimora 2 months ago

    All I’m hearing😭 “White side black side because black white radiation heat light bright side…”
    Time I’m nodding and gaslighting myself into thinking that I understand the explanation😂💗

  • KayJay Crazy
    KayJay Crazy 2 months ago +2

    "No matter if you're black oooooooor white"
    _Michael Jackson_ 🕴️

  • VRthebest
    VRthebest 2 months ago +2

    Flashlight: has a fan
    My computer: doesn’t have one

    • War Hunter
      War Hunter 2 months ago

      Prolly junk macbook air

    • THE IRON X
      THE IRON X 2 months ago +1

      Sed for u 💀...
      Yes it's sed

    ASAP JANUSZ 2 months ago

    Great video

  • Pat Wells
    Pat Wells 10 days ago

    can u check the radiation from 6 g- that they are using now...

  • First N Lastname, the 3rd
    First N Lastname, the 3rd 2 months ago +1

    I wouldn't use that flashlight when you're telling spooky stories around the campfire if I was you.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 2 months ago

      Storyteller: And this is how i lost my eyesight.
      Others: But you just turned on the light to tell us a story.

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person 2 months ago

    Sure it's not magnetic? Sensored and it's not?

  • kturst s
    kturst s 2 months ago

    so it wouldn't not spin if it was in vaccum ??

  • Chris Kapp
    Chris Kapp 2 months ago

    So if its in a vacuum?

  • Fuzunga
    Fuzunga 2 months ago

    So how on earth was this thing created if nobody knew how it works?

  • Tara Fojtasek
    Tara Fojtasek 29 days ago

    Okayyy. Like I understood Everything you just said 🤣

  • A L
    A L 2 months ago

    The end (cooling scenario) of this video sounds wrong. The white side emits infrared radiation 'better', all things being equal, than the black side, not vice versa. There are simply no (or, more specifically, fewer) photons for the black side to absorb, convert to 'heat', and re-emit as infrared photons. The black side is not "getting colder" than the white side, the white side is instead demonstrating its superior ability to reflect/scatter/emit infrared in the case where the glass envelope is cooled, whereas the black side is holding on to those photons/phonons without (as much) emission.
    Depending on the thickness of the vanes and the purity (black/white) of the coatings, there should be a demonstrable difference in surface temperature that shows the white side is cooler in *all* cases.

    • Action Lab Shorts
      Action Lab Shorts  2 months ago +1

      Well this isn’t a guess, it’s a fact called Kirchhoffs law “For an arbitrary body emitting and absorbing thermal radiation in thermodynamic equilibrium, the emissivity is equal to the absorptivity.”
      Emissivity and absorption coefficient have to be equal. So whatever is a good absorber is also a good emitter. You can learn more about this here en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirchhoff%27s_law_of_thermal_radiation#Theory

    • A L
      A L 2 months ago

      @Action Lab Shorts I don't think that is true. The white should be the better emitter in all cases, whereas the black should be the better absorber in all cases (assuming near-perfect black and near-perfect white). There should be no scenario above absolute zero where black has surface temperature cooler than white.

    • Action Lab Shorts
      Action Lab Shorts  2 months ago

      The black will cool off faster than the white in the scenario with the ice because it emits better than the white. Black absorbs and emits better than white.

  • Marty Bretzin
    Marty Bretzin Month ago

    omg this guy is the best

  • Chris Sche
    Chris Sche 2 months ago

    Sweet! My guess was correct

  • முத்து கிருஷ்ணன் க

    A 3 minutes video in action lab 'shorts'

  • Floppa Platinum
    Floppa Platinum 2 months ago

    How to generate infinite power!

  • Kharth
    Kharth 26 days ago

    the light hits it and moves it

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 2 months ago

    Can't we use this concept to generate electricity using sun's radiation/light?

    • RandomGuy
      RandomGuy 2 months ago

      @clawer do they already use this inside solar panels? Where? I thought it uses diodes, Has less efficiency and acquires large area.

    • clawer
      clawer 2 months ago

      Solar panels.

    SUBHAM SAHA 2 months ago

    Finally, a short(s)

  • this is a comment by a person

    a wind turbine, but for solar wind

  • Fix The PIX
    Fix The PIX 2 months ago

    Yoo we can do solar heat hybrid with heat turbine to make electricity then!?

  • Mailman
    Mailman Month ago

    Yo put the light bulb on the sun see what happens

  • Bunny Killer
    Bunny Killer 2 months ago

    and the total BS story is the black side adsorbs all of the photons and the white side reflects the photons after they originally hit it but as the reflected photons are flying away from the white side they hit incoming photons which are bounced towards the black side so in actuality the white side gets hit with 100% of what it recieves and the black side gets hit with 100% PLUS the white reflected and collisioned reflected photons from the white side so the net value of photons hitting the black side will always be more than the white side..... kinda like you and your sister both get 5$ a week for allowance, she gets mad and throws her money at you so you end up with 7.50$... An interesting experiment with it would see what happens if the white side is replaced by a first surfaced mirror, would it be more efficient or would it work at all?????

  • Broom
    Broom 2 months ago

    Awesome nfrared example

    HVS GAMEX 2 months ago

    Action lab plz try this in vacuum

  • Rahul Gowda
    Rahul Gowda 2 months ago +2

    You got your vector wrong

  • Iamaditya
    Iamaditya 2 months ago


  • silver bee
    silver bee 28 days ago

    the reason why there's wind

  • Simply Virus
    Simply Virus 16 days ago

    Ok i think it's used dynamo process and have few votes

  • M. A. Khalilpour
    M. A. Khalilpour 2 months ago


  • Flamer997
    Flamer997 2 months ago

    So one side gets hotter

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden 2 months ago

    You gotta take a shot every time he says White side/Black side.

  • Benjamin Márkus
    Benjamin Márkus 2 months ago

    nobody uses holy cow besides him

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    If you bring this to chernobyl its gonna spin like a fucking helicopter

  • door-T🐐
    door-T🐐 2 months ago +7

    Bro where tf did u get all this damn information

  • Omeletboi
    Omeletboi 2 months ago

    Put that thing in a freezer

  • Kono Veldora Da!
    Kono Veldora Da! 2 months ago +2

    This is the perfect plot to earlier video
    *Beyblade spinning in air to beyblade spinning automatically.*

  • YouTube ok
    YouTube ok 2 months ago

    Photo electric affect??????

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens 2 months ago

    So what flashlight is that?

  • TheBlueKnight
    TheBlueKnight 2 months ago


  • Gamer God
    Gamer God 2 months ago +1


  • Paul McMaster
    Paul McMaster 2 months ago

    Now make one with black side being World's Blackest Black and white side being World's Whitest White!

  • Kfir Lavi
    Kfir Lavi 2 months ago


  • it'sMe TheHerpes
    it'sMe TheHerpes 2 months ago

    i am BEGGING YOU ! stop posting short video format. it's pure cancer

  • Samuel Price
    Samuel Price 2 months ago

    im still none the wiser

  • NastyHudson77
    NastyHudson77 2 months ago +5

    Warning! Don’t look directly at your screen when watching this. 100,000 lumens through a phone is dangerous 😅

  • mistery00T
    mistery00T 2 months ago

    I dont get it

  • Doge9043
    Doge9043 2 months ago


  • marivic veloso
    marivic veloso 2 months ago


  • _FroggyMan_
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  • ImmaMeme420
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