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How hot does the Tunnel get.

  • Published on Dec 7, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Secret Underground Tunnel Part 6 out Tomorrow 9th 4pm. See you there.
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  • Sparky Projects
    Sparky Projects Year ago +2085

    The secret is out, Colin is digging towards the core.

    • SnowTheShyKitsune
      SnowTheShyKitsune 8 months ago

      Soviets tried. Stopped because got to hot

      BADBHOYS 9 months ago +1

      @hooman bc its underground and all the concrete and stuff

    • hooman
      hooman 9 months ago

      Why does that tunnel get hot?

    • RedRaider
      RedRaider 9 months ago

      im in arizona, thats our end of winters or nights in the summer

    • Ed-Varner
      Ed-Varner 11 months ago

      Wouldn’t surprise me 😂😂😂

  • BassManBobBassCovers
    BassManBobBassCovers Year ago +55

    The exothermic reaction from concrete is quite impressive.

    • End The limes
      End The limes 11 months ago +7

      Concrete worker here. Pouring concrete pads in the summer and then working on them is a dangerous combination and I have personally seen fellow coworkers experience heat stroke from it. Temps can get into the 120s easily on a 80° day as the concrete also reflects a lot of light.

  • Pål Lien
    Pål Lien Year ago +223

    This would look awesome clad in tiles and with some small railroad tracks installed. Imagine having your very own mini subway.

    • D twist Rewind
      D twist Rewind 9 months ago +1

      @Aluani Netshituni the two most damaging things in the world are manmade, war and religion and neither have a place here, please don't tell people what to do, according to you we were given free will so stop trying to order us what to believe in, that's the devil's work you've done there.

    • Jude Bachelet
      Jude Bachelet 11 months ago

      doesnt matter still predicted there would be rails at some point, he didnt specifically say at the end of the project.

    • The Project Project
      The Project Project Year ago +3

      @Will Row it's not an aged well, it's a tunnel still under construction.

    • Brandon Foley
      Brandon Foley Year ago

      Do it

    • Will Row
      Will Row Year ago +7

      This aged well

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master Year ago +332

    I guess you can say that... we got *concrete evidence* about when to expect the next tunnel video! ;)

    • Jerome Jasper
      Jerome Jasper 11 months ago

      @Aluani Netshituni what does your comment have to do with this?

    • Darrion J
      Darrion J Year ago

      The door is to your left sir. Good day.

    • Brandon Foley
      Brandon Foley Year ago +2

      @Buddies sin , otherwise Jesus died for nothing

    • Throku
      Throku Year ago +3

      @Aluani Netshituni So he's busy sinning, so Jesus didn't die in vain.

    • Aluani Netshituni
      Aluani Netshituni Year ago +2

      @Matt Believe in JESUS today, confess and repent of your sins. No one goes to heaven for doing good but by believing in JESUS who died for our sins. GOD loves you soo much unconditionally ❤

  • hotelmario510
    hotelmario510 Year ago +96

    I would love to know how much paperwork you had to fill out for this.

    • Emily
      Emily 8 months ago

      In Belgium you need none, we love underground basements

    • Emyr Derfel
      Emyr Derfel Year ago +4

      @MrMajorduck Party Wall Act applies if your underground structure is within 3m of your neighbour's building, or within 6m and goes deeper than a 45 degree drawn down from the line of their foundations.

    • MrMajorduck
      MrMajorduck Year ago +6

      @j.a.cole Thats not true. In the UK you can legally build a bunker without planning or building control as long as it lies within the regs.
      Planning: Depth is no greater than the distance to the nearest building.
      building regs: normall outbuilding regs

    • j.a.cole
      j.a.cole Year ago +14

      @Ian TheHunter any significant construction project requires planning permission, and it the cases of large things such as tunnels, engineering approval.
      survey needs to be done ensuring your construction isnt going to impact on any utilities ect or the neighbours

    • Kevin McEnhill
      Kevin McEnhill Year ago +34

      Seeing as it is "SECRET", no body knows.

  • Shoyo
    Shoyo Year ago +111

    "27°! That's like tropical!"
    In a 40° blistering heat, drinking my coffee: that's not so bad

    • dogegaming
      dogegaming 11 months ago

      @Rondo Anderson im in oklahoma and the weather is weird af. it was 70°F last week and then the next day it was like 40°F

    • aparanoidbw
      aparanoidbw 11 months ago

      Yea 27C (80 f) isn't that bad, east coast USA has humid heat making it feel worse, but we hit 90 (32 c) frequently in summer.

    • Ceilia Mclachlan
      Ceilia Mclachlan 11 months ago +3

      @Rondo Anderson woah that'd suck, it was 38°C yesterday in Australia. Anything around 40°C means it's pretty much useless doing work outside

    • Rondo Anderson
      Rondo Anderson Year ago +2

      @Laura Brosens Barros North America too in the last few years, got to 48C this summer in northern Utah. At least its dry though, humid heat is worse

    • Alfrog
      Alfrog Year ago +1

      No no no, you don't understand rn. we're averaging like 2 degrees C for this winter

  • Millio Smiles
    Millio Smiles Year ago +2

    Excellent! I love the 'heads-up', means the family can all get drinks and snacks and sat down comfy in time for the show. It's like Christmas early!

  • kurokawa amon
    kurokawa amon Year ago +805

    If you keep tunneling and pouring concrete , you would have heat all through winter.

    • LordDragox412
      LordDragox412 9 months ago

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    • MagicDoesntMiss
      MagicDoesntMiss 9 months ago

      @LordDragox412 he gave you life lol how on esrth is he worse than satan?

    • Nolan's Projects
      Nolan's Projects 11 months ago

      @Matityahu Yea, it will bring a strange new dynamic and danger to the game, I guess. Lol, and I agree, I wish copper had more uses. I'm sure it will in the near future, but right now it is very abundant with little to no value. I wish it could be used in beacons, but that would be too easy. haha

    • Matityahu
      Matityahu 11 months ago

      @Nolan's Projects it's really changed the whole game, and definitely for the better. I just hope that copper gets a better role in the game, maybe have it replace iron in some crafting recipes. I'm super pissed that the Allay (idk how to spell that name) was voted in, copper golems would have been better imo. I feel like everyone heard "finds items for you" and didn't think much further about the details. That light sensing mob was stupid af though, way worse than the other options.

    • Nolan's Projects
      Nolan's Projects 11 months ago

      @Matityahu right? Picked it up again today after a while and now you need to really plan deep mining trips. HUGE dark areas, little to no coal, monsters all over. It’s interesting! Lol

  • john schell
    john schell Year ago

    I was going to ask that question. I worked with the filling of the Maine Yankee nuclear reactor core. It got so hot that you couldn't touch any of the metal. Love your project. Got me thinking about crazy projects for my back garden. 🤔🤪

  • J. V.
    J. V. Year ago +1

    make those videos longer! i mean all of them. especially the ones with the digging. i love your stuff. you are great!

  • Bill
    Bill Year ago

    I love that you made this video. I saw the concrete going in around the tunnel and my immediate thought was wow it's going to be an oven in there for a little while

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire Year ago

    I can hardly wait. I hope you enjoy your heated underground lair, Colin.

  • Katie Ann Nickel
    Katie Ann Nickel Year ago +8

    Love what you do collin so stoked for part 6 tomorrow i literally screamed in my house and made my kids jump haha setting a alarm 5 min be for 4 right meow

  • Finn Austin
    Finn Austin Year ago +1

    Make sure you keep it well ventilated, concrete curing releases lots of CO2

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 11 months ago +217

    For reference: 25°C = 77°F
    As a Floridian myself, that doesn't seem too terrible lol

    • On this day...
      On this day...  7 months ago

      That's a nice cool day here in Florida. 🤣

    • Melvin Jansen
      Melvin Jansen 8 months ago

      @Terry A Davis i s l a n d

    • Ashton GTV
      Ashton GTV 8 months ago

      Anything above 11c/35f makes people in uk melt

    • yoshi32
      yoshi32 8 months ago

      Well it's not terrible for europeans either but the outside is probably like 5 °C in december so it's a huge difference.

    • Philip Sheehan
      Philip Sheehan 8 months ago

      Thank you

  • Jeditilifall
    Jeditilifall Year ago

    Love the tunnel project can't wait to see the next part!

    GHOST MALONE 5 months ago

    You're probably doing one of the coolest things on Clip-Share right now. You deserve all of the subscribers and views.

  • Little Dog Drones
    Little Dog Drones 10 months ago

    @colinfurze My rat terriers name is Fiest and she absolutely loves to watch you on the TV. In fact she even gets upset when I turn it to something else. Fiest loves Furze! ❤ I'm happy to leave your channel on all day for her. Your the best Colin!

  • Siggy in CR
    Siggy in CR Year ago +1

    It's like you read my mind. I was just wondering when watching your last video, " I wonder how warm those steel walls get as the concrete is setting up."

  • WattleHillForge
    WattleHillForge Year ago +17

    love it, also currently 38 degrees Celsius here and 50 degrees in the Pilbara, wouldn’t call it tropical…. can we have some of your cold weather?

    • The Drunk Koala
      The Drunk Koala 11 months ago

      Here and the Pilbara can be on the opposite sides of the globe. U basically have just compared apples with oranges.

  • STAG162
    STAG162 Year ago +8

    poor Colin, how do you survive. 25°C and it's a heatwave.
    for those who didn't know, concrete has an exothermic reaction.

  • Daniel Bickford
    Daniel Bickford Year ago

    Kind of curious on how level that tunnel is. Is it wavy? Is it on a slope?

  • Thomas O'Hanlon
    Thomas O'Hanlon Year ago +21

    Can't wait. Yep isn't it amazing how a cold wet mix heats up as it sets up, science gotta love it.

    • Dan -
      Dan - 11 months ago

      @Aluani Netshituni but he sure as hell doesn't love you

    • Dmitry
      Dmitry Year ago

      @Aluani Netshituni Keep it In Your Pants AND stop dindling it around!

    • Lee Ljubic
      Lee Ljubic Year ago +3

      @Michael Derry

    • Michael Derry
      Michael Derry Year ago +9

      @Aluani Netshituni Would a copy/paste Clip-Share comment convince you to convert to Islam?
      Go create personal relationships with real people and live as an example to others. If you truly want to save souls, spend your time more wisely. You're actually making people take your message less seriously.
      Don't bury your 'bag of gold' here, go invest it with bankers, based on the parable in Mathew 25:24.

    • Voyajer
      Voyajer Year ago +17

      @Aluani Netshituni JESUS ain't gonna pour concrete though now is he?

  • carl bowyer
    carl bowyer Year ago

    Loving the tunnel vids, can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished

    • carl bowyer
      carl bowyer Year ago

      @CharleyL and I would gladly keep watching the videos

    • CharleyL
      CharleyL Year ago +1

      Finished? He seems to be having so much fun that he'll likely keep going and connect tunnels to all of the neighbor's houses.

  • Penners
    Penners Year ago

    Random question that just popped into my head. How long does it take for the heat of the concrete curing to finally dissipate with all the earth insulating it?

    • Bear Schmidt
      Bear Schmidt Year ago

      4 inch depth of concrete will have fully set up in 28 days.

    • CharleyL
      CharleyL Year ago

      Parts of the Boulder Dam are still curing.

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff Year ago +4

    With that heat and the right lighting Colin has a new way to fund his projects.

    • keefsmiff
      keefsmiff Year ago +1

      When does he start planting? Lol

  • Trathaal
    Trathaal 11 months ago

    Colin: “27 degrees! That’s, like, tropical!”
    Me yesterday, sitting outside while it’s 34 degrees: *_laughs menacingly_*

    • pHs
      pHs 11 months ago +1

      It fell down to 27°C last night.
      I had to search for my sweater...

  • John Beauvais
    John Beauvais Year ago +2

    Ambient temperature is a major design consideration in concrete, for cold areas you need an accelerator or a concrete that kicks quicker so that the heat generates even curing. However the opposite is true in places like Florida where they have to do pours at 2am when it is coolest and use a slower setting concrete so it doesn’t overheat and crack

    • Reino Göransson
      Reino Göransson Year ago

      And use ice instead of water.

    • Bear Schmidt
      Bear Schmidt Year ago

      Correct ! I am pouring 18 yards tomorrow in Alabama . I had to pay for the additive to set the concrete up faster , inorder to keep from having to wait 2 days to finish it.

    • sktmd rmn
      sktmd rmn Year ago


  • SpideyAw
    SpideyAw Year ago +1

    I love that he has a flir just to show the temp on his tunnel! 🤣

  • Scott Braxton
    Scott Braxton 3 months ago

    You sir are my hero ! Thanks for all you do from Detroit - I wish I was your neighbor!

  • Travis k
    Travis k Year ago

    Thanks for the temp update. I was wondering about the temp when I was watching the video the other day.

  • Cadence Gant
    Cadence Gant Year ago +19

    "27! That's like tropical!"
    meanwhile it's been getting over 40 some days down here in australia

    • retsaM innavoiG
      retsaM innavoiG 8 months ago

      @TheName'sArif I don’t think it was much misinformation as you not being fast enough.

    • TheName'sArif
      TheName'sArif Year ago

      or did I got misinformation here?

    • TheName'sArif
      TheName'sArif Year ago +1

      @John L. no, it's because concrete gets warm when curing

    • Bosun Hawk
      Bosun Hawk Year ago +1

      I live in NQ. As tropical as an Aussie gets. Had some rain last night. Very humid today. Phew!

    • John L.
      John L. Year ago +1

      That's because it gets hotter the deeper you dig.

  • Charlie Symons
    Charlie Symons Year ago +31

    Was that a bulkhead door? Or just a corner that looks the right shape. Sneaky flir camera usage there Colin

    • Ian Pearson
      Ian Pearson Year ago +3

      @SonsOfLorgar ....also the most prolific pedophiles in existence.

    • SonsOfLorgar
      SonsOfLorgar Year ago +5

      @Justin Cameron organized religion has always been about money and power through extortion and deliberately inducing Stockholms syndrome in it's victims.
      And the abrahamic religions are nothing less than the largest crime syndicates in the history of mankind.

    • Justin Cameron
      Justin Cameron Year ago +9

      @Aluani Netshituni I thought the case for Christianity used to be that it was moral and correct but now its become "believing it is more important than being a good person" and I'm sorry but threatening me with a suboptimal afterlife is no way to convince me to believe in something, especially when such an afterlife is the very thing you're trying to convince me of the existence of

    • Justin Cameron
      Justin Cameron Year ago +19

      @Aluani Netshituni "god loves you unconditionally" you say immediately after declaring that you wont get into heaven by being a good person but rather under the condition that you believe in Jesus

    • Aluani Netshituni
      Aluani Netshituni Year ago +1

      Believe in JESUS today, confess and repent of your sins. No one goes to heaven for doing good but by believing in JESUS who died for our sins. GOD loves you soo much unconditionally ❤🙌

  • Roland Knall
    Roland Knall Year ago +4

    Sitting here, past 4pm and no video. Then realizing, Colin is British. *Hmpf* ;-)

  • Oskar Bech-Trueman
    Oskar Bech-Trueman 11 months ago

    The one thing I’m worried about in all your tunnel videos is air

  • Mr. A. Magri
    Mr. A. Magri Year ago +5

    Finally some good news! Looking forward to it.

  • tensazero
    tensazero Year ago

    27'? In Celsius? Wouldn't that be considered "room temperature"? The problem isn't heat. The problem is too much humidity from the clay. Need some ducting to cycle the air. 27'C is cool where I am.

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 8 months ago

    Thats because the concreet creates heat when hardening.(big problem in hot weather).
    Also all those ground layers are very isolating. So the hot can only go into the tunnel

  • Matt Spors
    Matt Spors 11 months ago

    Love all these crazy videos. Can wait for the next one.

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B 11 months ago

    Concrete above is transferring the heat through the concrete you poured it would seem. Does not appear to be coming from below or the sides.

  • Eeghaure Auwdeane

    It's already four o'clock in my town, "Where is the money, Lebovsky?!" (Love what you're doing, Colin! Keep it up!;)

  • Nicky Mitchell
    Nicky Mitchell Year ago

    I’m dead 😵 excited 😆 for Part VI, colinfurze.

  • Benjamin van Houts
    Benjamin van Houts 11 months ago

    As someone who lives in the tropics, that's a nice winter day.

  • stuart mcmahon
    stuart mcmahon Year ago

    Once your'e finished, i'd be happy to come and complete a fire risk assessment for you...Have you considered compartmentation and fire alarm/suppression systems???

  • LA24Dogg
    LA24Dogg Year ago

    Hope your day and nights good Collen thanks for the vid.

  • Shawn Derrick
    Shawn Derrick Year ago

    Awesome! Thank you for the update! I will be watching.

  • Денис Плюснин

    during polymyrization of concrete, self-heating occurs, the more concrete, the longer and stronger the concrete heats up ...

    • thomasbudi2000
      thomasbudi2000 Year ago

      Ah, thank you. I was confused on why the tunnel heating up.🙏

    • Денис Плюснин
      Денис Плюснин Year ago +3

      @ChromaFox as a rule, for large pouring volumes, an inhibitor is added for a smoother polymerization process.

    • ChromaFox
      ChromaFox Year ago +4

      I think they had issues when building the largest dams in the world where they needed to install cooling systems while the concrete cured, since there was just so much heat.

  • Justin Doherty
    Justin Doherty Year ago

    "27 degrees that's like tropical" the past 3 days for me have been 30+ it's hot as hell

  • Lewis
    Lewis Year ago

    27°? Tropical? Sweating? Man, that's my room temperature

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith Year ago

    This is a excellent video to highlight why we have to stop using concrete to build with. Unless of course there for underground tunnels👊😍🤣

  • Tix
    Tix 11 months ago

    Everyone outside of Europe is laughing at 27 being hot haha. For some reason I was expecting 35-45°

  • BEbros Bruh
    BEbros Bruh Year ago

    I have my aircon set to 25. That would still be a relief compared to Aussie weather.

  • Kevin Lyda
    Kevin Lyda Year ago

    This is just so amazingly awesome!

  • matt32_exe
    matt32_exe 11 months ago

    Colin: 27 degrees. 27 degrees! thats almost tropical.
    Meanwhile in Australia: 30 - 40 deg = classic aus summer.

  • Sylvia Arbie
    Sylvia Arbie 8 months ago

    As a Dutch person, I can agree, 27°c would kill me dead X.X

  • PyroMotteFullHD
    PyroMotteFullHD Year ago

    Nice view. Unbelievable tunnel. Best regards from Germany :-)

  • bdbgh
    bdbgh Year ago

    I live in near the equator, 27 degrees celcius is like a cool overcast day usually, perfect for sleeping

  • rrrohan2288
    rrrohan2288 Year ago

    how on earth did he get planning approval to do all this

  • Angry potyeto
    Angry potyeto Year ago

    Damn 27 degrees is like a good temperature in Australia

  • SteampunkNord
    SteampunkNord 11 months ago

    Me sitting in 30 degree weather with 60% humidity: That's winter temperatures right there.

  • Charles Urrea
    Charles Urrea Year ago

    The real beauty of it all is that it will stay at a constant temperature all year long.

  • LukeCurtis
    LukeCurtis Year ago

    27 degrees? Haha, that's like the middle of winter here in Australia.

  • Cosmic Sniper
    Cosmic Sniper 9 months ago

    As a Florida Man, 77° is nice weather.

  • Raven Fraust
    Raven Fraust  Year ago

    Im guessing that's Celsius
    Colin: Its freaking 27 degrees! Its tropical!
    Me, who lives in the philippines: Oh dang, 37degrees again? Welp

  • かたわれ時
    かたわれ時 Year ago +2

    When you live in the tropics, and 27 degrees is still chilly for you:

    • FJ80Coop
      FJ80Coop Year ago +1

      I live in north Florida sub tropics and 26c sounds frigid to moi as I don't even begin to thaw out below 80f and 95% humidity...

  • Francis Schweitzer

    I wonder how long it will keep that heat

  • N!cky
    N!cky 8 months ago

    If you got free time, dig deep, as deep as you can and make small rooms (maybe 2x2m) every X meters deep. 😂
    This is slowly turning into minecraft IRL series

  • LHS Shadow
    LHS Shadow Year ago +1

    For those wondering it’s about 81 degrees F

  • TheATFShotMyDog
    TheATFShotMyDog 9 months ago

    27 Celsius is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s actually a nice cool day here in Texas 😂. Then again our entire state shuts down when it gets below freezing.

  • Jackson
    Jackson 11 months ago

    I'm not saying it's cold down there but 30°c is cold in Australia. Love the furze vids been watching science I was 2

  • noname
    noname Year ago +1

    he just prepares for the great reset when shit goes down he is fine

  • Salimufari
    Salimufari 11 months ago

    Funny how much heat an exothermal reaction like curing concrete puts out. Sadly it won't stay that warm...

  • Stubie doo
    Stubie doo Year ago

    Been waiting for part 6! Woohoo

  • tom the5
    tom the5 9 months ago

    hi colin, are you using cat smatphones for thermal camera footage? BC i got an cats60 and was not happy, today i got a blackview 9900 pro, wich also has flir thermal chip and this phone is way better.
    By the way i love what you do, carry on. Stay heavy \,,/

  • PlectrumZ Production
    PlectrumZ Production 11 months ago

    Did you ever find out how far down and up you actually own on your property?

  • SergeantJoeMama
    SergeantJoeMama Year ago +1

    Colin : 27 degrees, thats like tropical
    Me who lives in Dubai : 40 degrees is our normal...

  • goodiezgrigis
    goodiezgrigis Year ago

    Nowhere near as hot as it was filling out the paperwork and explaining the project when people asked questions. 🥴😅😂

  • Isaac
    Isaac Year ago

    In South India 27⁰c is cold for me and hot is 31-40⁰c 😂,I really want to experience below 20

  • Mubashir AR
    Mubashir AR Year ago

    Me watching with my AC at 25.
    "Hmm thats really hot"

  • DrMmmPie
    DrMmmPie 11 months ago

    I know if you were to sell the "house", you sell it as the bunker with house attached, How much value has all this work added to the house, if you don't mind me asking?

  • super1iminal
    super1iminal Year ago

    wait how does the thermal thingy not detect the temperature of the air

  • Berg
    Berg Year ago

    What camera did you use when you filmed that thermal part

  • Bobby Thompson
    Bobby Thompson 11 months ago

    Holy s*** that is so badass he actually shows us a thermal camera to prove how hot it is he doesn't just say oh wow it's hot

  • Solid Works
    Solid Works Year ago

    Awesome Colin I wanted to do that with a chimney

  • Super Dave
    Super Dave 9 months ago

    Wonder if you have anything planned for ventilation?

  • Philipp K
    Philipp K Year ago

    Hm, I keep wondering: how much electricity could you generate, when you mount some Peltier-elements on the hot walls and cool one side with water?

    • Thunderjunk Mcbuttram
      Thunderjunk Mcbuttram Year ago +2

      Well since you need the drying concrete to make the heat that high id say irrelevant, it costs too much.

  • Big MD
    Big MD 11 months ago

    27 degrees is great for hydrating concrete :)


    Colin you should go live at some point digging ^^

    • Alayah Bartlett
      Alayah Bartlett Year ago


    • Payton Jordan
      Payton Jordan Year ago +1

      I thought a 24 hour webcam down there would have been pretty cool. Its such a dumb and ridiculous idea that it might have been right up his alley. Never moving the camera either so you've got this amazing time lapse of the tunnel slowly growing longer. No audio, just music submitted by his users that hes always adding.

  • Bill MacDonald
    Bill MacDonald Year ago

    On today's show, Furze shows you how to heat your home for pennies* a day with curing concrete and a fan!
    *a LOT of pennies...

  • BTC C.S.C
    BTC C.S.C Year ago

    I'm just waiting for the video of Colin popping up out of the tunnel to find Colonel Klink and Sargent Shultz staring back at him... "vot is this Shultz" 🥸.... 🤣😂🤣

  • Angus Jennings
    Angus Jennings Year ago

    That’s almost perfect weather where I live

  • handjobs for the homeless

    God damn tease!! I am waiting for the start of the tunneling towards the pub, that should be entertaining.

  • Christopher Satre

    27°? Thats pretty much an average summer day in the Northern Midwest.

  • Penyu inside Studios
    Penyu inside Studios 11 months ago

    What projects you want to do more in the bunker bro colin? Theme park?hehe

  • Yash Pandey
    Yash Pandey 8 months ago

    I think some of you all dont seem to understand that celcius is a more logical means of temp measurement

  • Randy Erwin
    Randy Erwin 11 months ago

    Is the heat coming from the concrete curing? The older concrete is purple.

  • Joe Bidet
    Joe Bidet 11 months ago +1

    If 27 degrees is tropical, where I live must be boiling lmao

  • Barrett Gaming
    Barrett Gaming 11 months ago

    Yes I’ve been waiting for part 6

  • Underground Overground

    Love the extra insight.

  • dakotamax2
    dakotamax2 Year ago +136

    This is the way all creators should use #shorts.

    • cgarzs
      cgarzs Year ago +1

      Not quite, he could spend 0.2 seconds of time to rotate his wrist and fix the ridiculous aspect ratio. Then it would be a proper example to other creators.

    • ChilL FilL
      ChilL FilL Year ago +1

      Look at the Smarter every day he explains this in video about not losing your voice - Clip-Share is only platform that actually educates

    • Nicazer
      Nicazer Year ago +6

      @blower I agree, I love the educational side of youtube. It’s an amazing place full of information. My point was more that Clip-Share’s goals as a company is to be an entertainment platform not an educational one. The education has become entertainment, which is great, but it’s not youtube’s first priority.

    • blower
      blower Year ago +4

      I find youtube very educational, i was suggested this video the other day and learnt a lot : clip-share.net/video/qKhL3ovkKOY/video.html (not for kids)

    • Aaron cousins
      Aaron cousins Year ago +3

      @ChilL FilL i agree with you except the education part