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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Cinematic Trailer

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • YouTube
    YouTube  +44

    wait was that...no way 😲 this season is filled with nothing but legends!!

  • Digito
    Digito  +169

    no matter what you think of this event, this cinematic is simply astonishing. gg epic!

  • CalmWater7
    CalmWater7  +375

    My favorite part was when Doom Slayer said “It’s rip and tear time” and then he ripped and teared all over the Loop with The Witcher and Thanos’s help, only to be stopped by Kratos, Batman and Hulk when they were fighting over All Might’s loot from when Naruto and Goku double teamed him.

  • Cody Animation

    the graphics are insane and they somewhat brought back the good visuals

  • Princess Bree Minecraft

    I’m still mixed on Chapter 3 but watching the island form again was worth it. Let’s hope Chapter 4 has more because the third chapter had flaws and felt boring. Collision was fun though. Finally we’ll be seeing Geno so maybe more story stuff in game? Can’t wait to jump into the new island

  • Cian and Cars

    Pois in the fortnite trailer

  • Beanie Jam
    Beanie Jam  +651

    The chapter was temporary, but doom is eternal

  • RVN427
    RVN427  +195


  • 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

    Awesome to see Epic actually hearing the community and making a nostalgia map of using all 3 chapters. Cant wait to play my first game in the new chapter tomorrow!

  • Shauka Hodan

    back. Fresh island with new guns, amazing just EVERYTHING! Loved it, looking forward to staying around for Chapter 4

  • DetectiveDucklin

    I can feel the positive energy this Chapter is going to bring to the new Island 🏝️

  • denziiey

    What I love most is how the map gradually changes throughout the season. I enjoyed fortnite but our time has come to an end

  • Jonny Sins

    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here 🏆

  • quandale dingle🥶

    This looks sick! This game went from just an ordinary battle royal to an entire story!

  • Liam Grace

    I have to say the live event was great. I truly enjoyed the part where I and tons of others got kicked out ❤

  • spacedude3000

    amazing map, amazing chapter, amazing cinematic, absolutely horrible event, at least we have a reason to forgive em.

  • Nikos Anthony

    SO EXCITED, and looking forward to what this such fun game has to offer going forward. 💯👍 - Chapter 1 player, Returned in Ch3. Ch3 was definitely a great way to bring old players back. Fresh island with new guns, amazing just EVERYTHING! Loved it, looking forward to staying around for Chapter 4 💯💯

  • Blaise

    Love the new map this season goes hard.

  • TheAceStriker

    Can't believe it's been over 5 years already. Look how far we've come. I'm so excited to be able to continue this journey and story with everyone.

  • Tomivision

    Pretty good event though the destruction of the map was a bit underwhelming and quick, the part when we were playing and fragments of the island were coming in were cool. I saw a peice of steamy stacks from chapter 2 floating in space. HYPE FOR CHAPTER 4!