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THE NIGHT SHIFT (OVERTIME): call her daddy meets lana

  • Published on Feb 24, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    the overtime vlogs continue. take a journey with lana and i to new york city for a rendezvous with the call her daddy girls and a tour of a massive $18M condo that lana wants a pro athlete from her DMs to buy her.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Tommy C
    Tommy C 2 years ago +3030

    Lana is respectable...she doesn’t have a crazy personality like most of the other famous girls

  • Mackenzie Lynn
    Mackenzie Lynn Year ago +200

    I could totalllyyyy tell that alex and logan were gonna hook up! 😂

    • Lizzy Jean
      Lizzy Jean Year ago +3

      @Raz Raz the blonde girl mike was talking to in the bar

    • Raz Raz
      Raz Raz Year ago +1

      Whos alex?

  • Sarah k23
    Sarah k23 2 years ago +593

    and you can tell she actually genuinely loves him, like shes protective and acts so real around him

    • Cory
      Cory Year ago

      Mike's a gem no lie
      Gem recognize gem
      Theres not many men like him

    • Ben LeBlanc
      Ben LeBlanc 2 years ago +8

      I agree, the relationship is genuine. I rlly hate all the thirsty hate abt her past from all these nutters. Let her live the retired live in peace.

    • Eva
      Eva 2 years ago +2

      @The man damn! Why u so mad? Chill out.

    • Andrew The Transformer
      Andrew The Transformer 2 years ago

      haha even though he makes fun of her all the time

  • Nina Muminovic
    Nina Muminovic 2 years ago +635

    Lana is so mature when she’s around those girls. Mad respect girlfriend :)

  • Jonathan O-F
    Jonathan O-F 2 years ago +1537

    I did not even know Mike had his own channel until he started hanging out with Lana

  • Josh Richard
    Josh Richard 2 years ago +2713

    Lana always looks depressed whenever mike is talking to other women

    • Lilly3344
      Lilly3344 11 months ago

      I think shes just shy and maybe tired from traveling

    • SuperPetars
      SuperPetars Year ago

      @UHATE4WHAT Preach!!

    • Kaitlin Walker
      Kaitlin Walker Year ago

      He said in the podcast she has really bad anxiety

    • Ed Y
      Ed Y Year ago +1

      That’s sign of a toxic relationship tbh and I would know I can just feel the arguments off these videos

    • ItzShy
      ItzShy Year ago

      @Matthew Cross Technically they weren't offical so eh

  • Marianne Gardea tapia

    I love Lana she’s a complete sweet heart honestly she deserves so many good things 🌸

  • Grekyx
    Grekyx 2 years ago +905

    You should make some merch that says “CUDDLESSSSS” because Lana is always saying it

  • Anna Hughes
    Anna Hughes 2 years ago +1380

    Lana is acting like a mature, respectful lady while the call her daddy girls are acting rlly immature and inappropriate

    • Ansku Liini
      Ansku Liini Year ago

      Word up!

      UNKNOWN NIBBA 2 years ago +1

      I disliked dis cOmmEnT yeeeEEET but u should be happy Anna Hughes cause me commented

  • Danoruh Danuk
    Danoruh Danuk 2 years ago +2397

    The Call Her Daddy girls make Lana look classy

    • Sims
      Sims 2 years ago +1

      @TXetc facts

    • TXetc
      TXetc 2 years ago +4

      If you ever see that callherdaddy hashtag on Tinder or anything swipe left so fast your finger flies off

    • Melissa Florezz
      Melissa Florezz 2 years ago +3

      But seriously

    • Tyler Mann
      Tyler Mann 2 years ago +14

      @Benedict roasted

    • Benedict
      Benedict 2 years ago +39

      @Peak Jvs your mother did that as well

  • Drummer Boy
    Drummer Boy 2 years ago +66

    When Lana said that she's always sober, my brain couldn't register if she was joking or not, so I did some snooping around on the internet, and I found an interview she did with Captain Jack before she became an adult film star and was a stripper. She said; "... people are surprised that I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke cigarettes. I mostly just clean. I’m a clean freak." I'm glad that she was being serious when she said she's always sober in today's episode.

  • Bethany Ryan
    Bethany Ryan 2 years ago +1

    Love how supportive you are of her! You guys went to cheer her on. That is so sweet!! And love Lana. Only know her from this site and Logan's but happy that she has you guys. It's a nasty world out there. Stick together.

  • Erynne Finn
    Erynne Finn 2 years ago

    Keep rocking out the overtime episodes. They are awesome 😊

  • Ariell0315
    Ariell0315 2 years ago

    I love your vlog style videos! Well I love both! And I love you and Lana being together!! And it's cool that you respect her work, I dont necessarily think it means you don't care. Its apparent you care, you just understand what she has to do and you're supportive of it.

  • OriPrior66
    OriPrior66 2 years ago +5275

    Seeing Lana talk about Spongebob makes her seem so innocent and childlike. Jeez. Treat her nice, Mike

    • Ron Santo
      Ron Santo Year ago

      He treats her great. He treats everyone good. He's good shit.

    • Mi
      Mi Year ago

      @Myron Whiting you're right about that

    • JoshEntertainment
      JoshEntertainment 2 years ago

      @Myron Whiting she looks okay though

  • Ndustries
    Ndustries 2 years ago

    I love seeing you two together. Entertaining stuff 😂

  • Mike Orefice
    Mike Orefice Year ago +22

    Rewatching this now and seeing how Lana is NOT INTO the Call Her Daddy girls hahahaha

  • Vanessa G
    Vanessa G 2 years ago

    These vlogs are so entertaining , I love them haha

  • Robert Applegate
    Robert Applegate 2 years ago +2

    Hell yes, do more of these...you two are really funny together! And Yes, stay together, you guys are great as a couple. Hey Lana...finish your quest to be the most perfect woman....buy a liquor store...LOL!

  • Breedoland BadSons’LEE
    Breedoland BadSons’LEE 2 years ago +1153

    Lana is just observing and clutching mike the whole time like "I don't want these chicks around my mike"😂

    • Darian White
      Darian White 2 years ago +1

      BrapBrap mike could have told her to sit there so he wouldn’t have to move the camera back and forth.

    • Feerous
      Feerous 2 years ago +1

      Karma for what her ex husband had to watch

    • Just For fun
      Just For fun 2 years ago +1

      Jared Renz girls don’t work like that 😂. It’s one way for them bro

    • Sporty Bros
      Sporty Bros 2 years ago +2

      So true 😂

  • Perc
    Perc 2 years ago

    Love theseeeee!! Keep them coming! 😭

  • Hannah Christine
    Hannah Christine 2 years ago

    I actually really like these vlogs Mike! Keep it up

  • Jose Nelluvelil
    Jose Nelluvelil 2 years ago

    Man, never stop these vlogs!!! Just love them🔥🤩

  • brett epley
    brett epley 2 years ago

    Very happy for mike, hope this lasts for him!

  • Shawn Heu
    Shawn Heu 2 years ago +358

    She’s such a professional because she always got her eyes locked on the camera. Truly inspirational. 👀

    • Kellz
      Kellz 2 years ago +1


    • A. Garcha
      A. Garcha 2 years ago +7

      @Majestik Bouba that's the joke... Well done

    • Majestik Bouba
      Majestik Bouba 2 years ago +10

      It's because of the amount of POV she's done lol

  • KpopAddict addictedTuSeoul

    I LOVE THE VLOGS please keep making them

  • Joshua Hadfield
    Joshua Hadfield 2 years ago

    Honestly i have to say great content and congrats. You figured out the puzzle upsidedown. I wish nothing but the best for all of you, but its a team effort without one wheel you cant drive and your pretty much tesla right now so keep it up and ill continue to watch. All the best, Josh

  • Weekends With Kate
    Weekends With Kate 2 years ago

    I think Mike needs an official vlog channel and keep this as the night shift.

  • Alejandro Teran
    Alejandro Teran 2 years ago

    Mike you are the reason this vlog is cool. Keep it up

  • Dank Geco
    Dank Geco 2 years ago +824

    If I had a dollar for every “Babe” said I’d buy that house

    • Z Trilogy
      Z Trilogy 2 years ago +1

      $10 oh yeah you might buy the welcome mat to the house XD

    • Terrick Turpin
      Terrick Turpin 2 years ago +1

      What about every time Lana wants to cuddle

    • Joe Fucknut
      Joe Fucknut 2 years ago +2


  • Kev Thegod
    Kev Thegod 2 years ago

    Keep doing these vlogs and I guess you can do the night shift at the studio sometimes. But the vlogs are definitely lit.
    Keep it up bro

  • Britnie Anderson
    Britnie Anderson 2 years ago +4

    You two are just to cute together. Mike stay in line and treat that girl like gold💜

  • MonsterCrunch
    MonsterCrunch 2 years ago

    Keep going with these videos bro. ace stuff

  • Jake Grothaus
    Jake Grothaus 2 years ago

    Loving the Vlogs brother, keep them

  • tynijet
    tynijet 2 years ago


  • CubanGringoLife
    CubanGringoLife 2 years ago +170

    If Lana was to leave him, a piece of me would die.

  • Merf
    Merf 2 years ago +25

    If the trust is there and the love is there then there shouldn’t be a problem!

    • M P
      M P Year ago


  • Leah S
    Leah S 2 years ago

    Stay together! Love the content!

  • Camflht
    Camflht 2 years ago +460

    Lana seems like such a good person

    • Camflht
      Camflht 2 years ago

      I got so many likes dang

    • Avatar Aang
      Avatar Aang 2 years ago +3

      Yeah on here it’s like awe she’s so sweet then you see her videos and you’re like 🙀

  • Jenna Going
    Jenna Going 2 years ago

    I adore Lana. I want her to set up a daily vlog channel.

  • Ruben Pulgar.
    Ruben Pulgar. 2 years ago

    Keep doing vlogs they awesomee

  • Regina Moreno
    Regina Moreno 2 years ago +1

    I love how SWEET she is ❤️

  • Ash Simmons
    Ash Simmons 2 years ago

    I’m obsessed with u guys and ur vlogs I love lanaaaaaa

  • wt f
    wt f 2 years ago +85

    11:43 lana gives Mike a forehead kiss she really likes him you guys should definitely stay together as long as you can

    FATHOM DEATH 2 years ago +10

    I don’t even like vlogs at all, but your vlogs are so much less cheesy and more sophisticated and fun

  • Christine Condrey
    Christine Condrey 2 years ago +28

    I love how she was like "I was always sober" 😂😂

  • Luna
    Luna Year ago

    I love how mike shows all the drama

  • Xavier Miller
    Xavier Miller 2 years ago +1146

    Lana: “I’m always sober”
    Me: damn.. she’s a true freak

    • Xavier Miller
      Xavier Miller 2 years ago

      Monsieur Bean can you calm down. I was a male pornstar for about 2 years and I was a director in the adult entertainment industry for 3 years.

    • Aleksander Sundet
      Aleksander Sundet 2 years ago

      Monsieur Bean What if someones favourite rapper is Drake, he’s worth way more than 25M. He’s got a 190M private jet.
      My favourite rapper is x idk how much he is/was worth tho. But if he’s under 25M he would definetly be higher than that if he was still alive.

    • Charlie Hantler
      Charlie Hantler 2 years ago +1

      @Monsieur Bean My favourite rapper is Kanye West. Fairly certain he's got 25m.

    • Munin
      Munin 2 years ago

      Monsieur Bean thanks appreciate that

    • treven gaida
      treven gaida 2 years ago +2

      @Monsieur Bean think you might have a bit too much time on your hands bud

  • Jacktic_ Jelly
    Jacktic_ Jelly 2 years ago +5

    Imagine going on a flight to New York and seeing Lana Rhoades on the plane. 😂😂

  • Justin Strouse
    Justin Strouse 2 years ago

    Digging the vlog style 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jiyaad Bagus
    Jiyaad Bagus 2 years ago +2

    Dude make your vlogs longer.. They lit af
    And get a family name for us broo

  • thekgbros
    thekgbros 2 years ago

    I love the vlogs but I really do miss the studio videos. I think you should vlog twice a week and have one studio day. No ones out there doing anything like the night shift so I think u should stay true to that. Plus your humor shows up a lot more in those videos. They’re fucking hilarious

  • Bee Bryant
    Bee Bryant 2 years ago

    Lana is the cutest! Mike seems really happy with her! Stay together!

  • Amna Tariq
    Amna Tariq 2 years ago

    Loving Lana in your vlogs Mike :) she is a sweetheart ❤❤❤❤

  • Johnatan Tiscareno
    Johnatan Tiscareno 2 years ago

    Freakin mike is so entertaining!!!!!!! 😂🤣

  • Dan Gortarez
    Dan Gortarez 2 years ago

    Stay together!!! Lol you guys are comedy!!!

  • z z
    z z 2 years ago +1240

    does mike realise he is actually dating his dream girl omg

    • Goated mofo
      Goated mofo 2 years ago +2

      Sarah k23 you do know men lie about their body counts right, I’m a dude too I should know. Men add on their count and women decrease so society don’t crush them too much.

  • Jay Elias
    Jay Elias 2 years ago +6

    Lana seems like every girl i liked in high school , pretty chill, mature and super pretty inside out 😉 & best for last a great personality

  • alondra rivera
    alondra rivera 2 years ago +785

    The call her daddy girls are obnoxious af lmao lana looks like a angel compared to them

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez 2 years ago

    love your vlogs

  • Shonia Anset
    Shonia Anset 2 years ago +101

    When you girlfriend asks you to switch seats you switch seats 😂😂😂

  • Danny Torres
    Danny Torres 2 years ago +1289

    He’s just trying to act like he doesn’t care because he doesn’t want to be looked at as the jealous type. But deep down mike breaks down.

    • 2022 vision
      2022 vision 2 years ago

      Idk bout that

    • Fox Adam
      Fox Adam 2 years ago

      @HydrateYourPup shit how's she making her money

    • HydrateYourPup
      HydrateYourPup 2 years ago

      @Fox Adam hasn't done a scene in 3 years

  • Obinna
    Obinna 2 years ago +1

    I’ll be the first to say that Mike I’ll watch regardless. I know all these can strain relationships so if you do a pivot I’d still fw it

  • N2B
    N2B 2 years ago +1

    gotta love Lana seeing reviving logan and mikes channels

  • VendingNationTV
    VendingNationTV 2 years ago

    Lana is this good girl in this vlog n I love it 🤣

  • xMidgeWON
    xMidgeWON Year ago +14

    night and day difference between lana and the daddy girls in how they carry themselves lol

  • HAHA
    HAHA 2 years ago +324

    Lana is so cute “I have no problem with her, I just wanna have a good night, and not deal with that, cuz it gives me anxiety” I love her.

    • HAHA
      HAHA 2 years ago

      spxtre yessir

    • Ricostaypaid_
      Ricostaypaid_ 2 years ago

      II Hyper same 😂😂😂

    • Alexander Hebert
      Alexander Hebert 2 years ago

      Ok but 5 seconds later. "If she arrives im literally never talking to you ever again".😂

    • IvoTasayco3
      IvoTasayco3 2 years ago

      The best Lana is Luzu Vlogs's wife

    • M O
      M O 2 years ago

      We all feel like u

  • Melanie Hicks
    Melanie Hicks 2 years ago

    Love the vlogs

  • Gavin Wells
    Gavin Wells 2 years ago

    I love you guys❤️

  • Ansku Liini
    Ansku Liini Year ago

    Love Lana, she's awesome 💓 she didn't like these girls how they were acting, i understant her ✌️

  • eribakk
    eribakk 2 years ago

    I love her work

  • TheMountain
    TheMountain 2 years ago

    i would like to see like once or twice a monthe a studio show but keep the vlogs in :)

  • Bernardo Guzman
    Bernardo Guzman 2 years ago

    Keep doing those vlogs they better then the podcast lol

  • B S
    B S 2 years ago +1

    This are better than the Studio sessions, no doubt.

  • Naomi Kellar
    Naomi Kellar 2 years ago

    You two should stay together because Mike is a great guy

  • Cody Cumpston
    Cody Cumpston 2 years ago +370

    Mikes really out here living his best life

    • Andy Kwak
      Andy Kwak 2 years ago

      He really is

    • DreamteamFX
      DreamteamFX 2 years ago

      Intense Volcom Fr bro look at his profile pic a fking LEGO

    • Jahim Uddin
      Jahim Uddin 2 years ago

      @Use Me As A Dislike Button, My mindset is the very old saying: "Fuck bitches, get money."

  • Uzvilna
    Uzvilna 2 years ago

    these is wrealy interasting, pls do more

  • mark pace
    mark pace 2 years ago +1

    It is the Lana show. She’s the only reason I watch. She has to be the cutest thing in the world

  • João Santos
    João Santos 2 years ago

    Colocar legenda português em seus vídeo com a Lana

    ANURAG NAYAK 2 years ago +551

    " U look like a homeless person "
    Lana : *goes make babies with soccer player

  • jigarzasu
    jigarzasu 2 years ago +586

    What Mike doesn’t know is that Lana is doing a “meat n greet” not a “meet n greet” poor fella.

    • K saint D
      K saint D 2 years ago +2

      @George Bran you clearly were one of those millions im sure you didnt find it gross at the time boss lmao I say good for them let em be happy.

    • ilyteriyaki
      ilyteriyaki 2 years ago +2

      you mean "meat and beat ;)"

    • jigarzasu
      jigarzasu 2 years ago

      Mac GrayMcDonald yeah buddy we were always gettin into some shit. It was either Maggie’s, Joe’s or Crazy Legs after the CO’s safety brief.

    • J.Flames
      J.Flames 2 years ago +1


    • M Gray
      M Gray 2 years ago +1

      jigarzasu triple Duece was notorious on base lmao

  • Dirk Nolasco
    Dirk Nolasco Year ago

    im happy to see lana rhoades in a different approach., i love you miss lana 💛💛💛

  • Dukeman 01
    Dukeman 01 Year ago +4

    4:41 Alexandra low key hilarious eye roll to Lana talking about a late text in the morning lmao

  • Nathanael Warren
    Nathanael Warren 2 years ago +1

    This shit with lana will never stop blowing my mind🙏😱

  • Davi
    Davi Year ago

    I’m not jealous about mike having Lana as his gf I’m just jealous about him having someone that cares about him and keep him warm and hug him and tells him that she loves him but I just hope the best for both of u guys

  • Zuperthaner
    Zuperthaner 2 years ago +725

    Mike: i will never get a girlfreind and settle down
    *Lana has joined the chat*

    • Harris
      Harris 2 years ago

      Sean Mackay ?

    • zSmoothzYT
      zSmoothzYT 2 years ago +2

      Sean Mackay ... you slow or some

    • Julian Gomez-Fuentes
      Julian Gomez-Fuentes 2 years ago

      Mike: she's even not my girlfriend
      Lana: I'm Lana fucking Rhoades
      Mike: fine she can be my girlfriend...

    • Sean Mackay
      Sean Mackay 2 years ago +2

      Her name isn’t even Lana

  • Claudia Guzman
    Claudia Guzman 2 years ago

    I never thought that Mike will settle down incredible they look like a cute couple

  • luke peebs
    luke peebs 2 years ago

    I love this team

  • Finye
    Finye 2 years ago

    Mike is having time to his life.

  • Suprith C Kumar
    Suprith C Kumar 2 years ago

    mike is living the golden life bro

  • Inouyashi
    Inouyashi 2 years ago +917

    Mike definitely acts different whenever he’s around you. and as a guy, that’s the stuff we do whenever we’re falling in love with someone. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Gabe Roberson
    Gabe Roberson 2 years ago

    Hey Mike, I got a Question. So is there going to be room at the open bar at y'alls wedding?

  • Mr A
    Mr A 2 years ago +117

    Whenever Lana acts cute I have flashbacks 😭
    I can't take her seriously. Is it only me

    • BMM 567
      BMM 567 2 years ago +2

      King Beast yt same

  • Maicol _13
    Maicol _13 Year ago

    Lana is just so cute ☺️ and she has a good personality

  • Rya N
    Rya N 2 years ago +1

    Damn Lana is scary in how she can make mike do whatever she wants

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 2 years ago +161

    Proud to see Mike in an actual commited relationship
    I honestly thought it would never happen 😂

    • Timmy Jr
      Timmy Jr 2 years ago

      @Fortnite Rambo clout helped him get her, but the relationship itself could be very real, you don't know, you don't know what happens off camera. Explore other possibilities, please

    • Robert T
      Robert T 2 years ago +1

      They cheat on each other probably, look at the view ever since Lana came into the picture... looks like Lana is caring Mike haha

    • Damage Ying
      Damage Ying 2 years ago

      @Fortnite Rambo what makes you think she will cheat you have no reason to believe that

    • Robert T
      Robert T 2 years ago


    • Charlie Kellogg
      Charlie Kellogg 2 years ago

      Fortnite Rambo who said it was fake

  • Cultivating Kat
    Cultivating Kat Year ago

    okay amara is the cutest fucking human being, her just being around all the energy coming from the now Single Fathers. Look at her face in these clips. 🥺🥺

  • Emma Ash
    Emma Ash 2 years ago +25

    HAHAAH I love when she says “babe u know the drill” like I need to start saying this

  • Angelo Nasso
    Angelo Nasso 2 years ago

    Dude I'm going down the rabbit hole with your videos man fuck .Great Stuff man.

  • Sia Yu
    Sia Yu 2 years ago +63

    I swear whenever Mike is filming lana and talking to her makes the whole scene feels like a porno, with music.