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Easily 3 Star the Thanksgiving Challenge (Clash of Clans)

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Judo Sloth Gaming
    Judo Sloth Gaming  2 months ago +288

    Remember to support a creator before purchases, my code is Judo and it is much appreciated my friends! Best of luck with the challenge, I’m sure you will crush it
    I Dropped my TH15 to Bronze League: clip-share.net/video/YUU8qC8bozk/video.html

  • Deividas Tamkus
    Deividas Tamkus 2 months ago +869

    Judo is so quick on the uptake, I find out about the challenges from the channel instead of the game 😂

  • Evil Diablo1
    Evil Diablo1 2 months ago +4

    Got 93% on my own couldn't get the rest found his video. Quick and simple helped a lot thanks man

  • Amirhossein Sabouri
    Amirhossein Sabouri 2 months ago +1

    Perfect as always Judo, Why you don't publish best attack strategies for th14 & 15? I really believe you're the best in COC, hope to see attack strategies of you

  • Suyash Jaiswal
    Suyash Jaiswal 2 months ago

    Thank you so much bro! Was smooth as hell.

  • Alex Roy
    Alex Roy 2 months ago +102

    when a sloth is faster than my internet speed....
    some idiots in my reply section don't know the meaning of a 𝑗𝑜𝑘𝑒💀

    • Munoobinater
      Munoobinater 2 months ago

      @POINT_BLANK he even explicitly says it in his videos, about developer mode

    • Mike Hawk
      Mike Hawk 2 months ago +1

      @POINT_BLANK ha

      POINT_BLANK 2 months ago +2

      @Munoobinater yeah these folks thought judo doesn't have advance access to these challenges hha

    • Bremo sissy
      Bremo sissy 2 months ago +1


    • Sandeep Rana
      Sandeep Rana 2 months ago +7

      he is no ordinary sloth
      this one is JUDO sloth

  • ~UnKnown
    ~UnKnown 2 months ago +323

    Judo never disappoints us with his content !!!

  • MRX
    MRX 2 months ago +8

    Instead of 2 training potions if they would have given 2 builder potions or 2 research potions would be good

  • Areeb Khan7720
    Areeb Khan7720 2 months ago

    Thank you 👍

  • Ravinder singh
    Ravinder singh Month ago

    I can't believe it used my own spamming way and got three Star

  • davinder kumar
    davinder kumar 2 months ago +11

    Even the toughest challenges looks so easy after your tutorial 🥰😍

  • Dmallo13
    Dmallo13 2 months ago +65

    Judo your videos are so helpful! Thank you ❤

    • lokpok
      lokpok 2 months ago +1

      I did this challenge randomly spawning troop and 3 star the first time 😭

  • mitch mckenzie
    mitch mckenzie 2 months ago +12

    Awesome, went slightly shakier than in the video due to inexperience, but 3 starred on the first try. Thank you.

  • H3lixCat
    H3lixCat 2 months ago +8

    Thanks for the tutorial. I probably wouldn’t have gotten it without this 😂

    • AzMotorsports
      AzMotorsports 2 months ago +1

      @Wazien Seriman then why are you here watching the tutorial lmfao

    • Wazien Seriman
      Wazien Seriman 2 months ago +1

      its actually easy i do the challenge myself

    • Arpit Wasnik 💕
      Arpit Wasnik 💕 2 months ago

      Change your profile pic plz

  • Sajib Das
    Sajib Das 2 months ago


  • Sisjnwjwk
    Sisjnwjwk 2 months ago +12

    Thank you judo you never disappoint us I love watching your videos.

  • icaruswalks vlog
    icaruswalks vlog 2 months ago +39

    How? It's just started 4 o clock then you have this already. Wow judo you're the best 👍

    • Zeus688
      Zeus688 2 months ago

      @Judo Sloth Gaming dope😱❤️

    • Raffy Rafael
      Raffy Rafael 2 months ago +4

      Sounds like a beta tester. Wow..... Thank you for this content Judo!! :)

    • Judo Sloth Gaming
      Judo Sloth Gaming  2 months ago +41

      Some of us creators have access to the dev build for a limited time before to bring you videos

  • Kodapro
    Kodapro 2 months ago +8

    This one was definitely one of the easier ones, got it without you in 2 attempts!

    • CatFox
      CatFox 2 months ago

      Same, i had no idea about mass Black bombs on left, am i supposed to drop coconut balloon? Then i just go spamming from right instead in it works, hahaha

    • Zyberschlegelsteinhausenberg
      Zyberschlegelsteinhausenberg 2 months ago

      Same as well

  • JxrdnTs
    JxrdnTs 2 months ago +3

    great tutorial. thank you, judo!❤

  • Erol Evangelista
    Erol Evangelista 2 months ago +6

    I did the challenge without watching your video but thank you Judo for your effort. 🥰

  • &Dru
    &Dru 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the quick update. I always try em on my own first and check these after for the fastest way lol. This one was easy enough tho. Just started in bottom right and launched everything. Then spells as needed. Worked great 😊

  • gilwaa
    gilwaa 2 months ago

    Thanks for the entertaining yet educational content. I used this method to get 3 stars!

  • KUNAL’19
    KUNAL’19 2 months ago +1

    Easily 3 star in 1st attempt... Thankyou So Much Sir 🙏🏻❤️...

  • Moon Anusha
    Moon Anusha 2 months ago

    I learned a lot from judo.. but I completed this challenge by myself. Thanks Judo. You are the best tutorial.

  • Aaron_LOL
    Aaron_LOL 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for the tutorial judo it helps so much. and btw ive been a fan since th 13 came out😊

  • Edison Burgette
    Edison Burgette 2 months ago +1

    Me before I watch the video: I want to challenge myself to get this without Judo’s help.
    Me when I get a 90% two star: Maybe that video would have been helpful. 😂

  • Joel_
    Joel_ 2 months ago +5

    Love you’re videos Judo 🙌 every time I eat I’ll always find a video and watch them ❤

  • Technoblade never dies halal

    Thank you for all of these tutorials because of you judo I have managed to get soo much potions and stuff and your coc content made me a better player

  • Ghy Marcaida
    Ghy Marcaida 2 months ago

    you never disappoint! thank you so much for your help good sir

  • NiceGuySaysHi
    NiceGuySaysHi 2 months ago

    Thanks for the strategy, i was trying this for a while and after watching ur video I made it in one single strike👍

  • Devin
    Devin 2 months ago +1

    You’re awesome Judo! Thank you for providing us with tips

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 2 months ago

    That was a great walkthrough! Happy thanksgiving day!

  • Karan Deol
    Karan Deol 2 months ago

    I tried too much by watching this video and at last I got all 3 stars . Thanks bro 🎉🎉

  • Vladimir Pokoracki
    Vladimir Pokoracki 2 months ago

    Thanks judo to helping me to score 3 stars😊

  • Ali Alam
    Ali Alam 2 months ago

    Thanks for the tutorial it will really help us💯

  • Ten Minute Video Empire

    Thanks man, this helped. I lost my King early in the attack because I dropped the skeleton spell too late but I still got the three star.

  • Jude tulloch
    Jude tulloch 2 months ago +1

    Thank you judo help me out alot with the 3 star. Your my favourite clash of clans Clip-Sharer always bringing the best content from clash ❤

  • Gaming with Jed
    Gaming with Jed 2 months ago +1

    I started playing this game all because of your videos. thanks for this tip!

  • Kryptik•CR
    Kryptik•CR 2 months ago

    This is one of the first challenges I actually beat by myself lol I feel like it was pretty damn easy

  • U.S.A NAVY
    U.S.A NAVY 2 months ago +2

    Thank you sloth, love your content.😎

  • Yang Bot
    Yang Bot 2 months ago

    I am new to this game and this helped me a lot. Thank you very much kind sir for uploading this. You might not know, but it means a lot. God bless you.

  • paul ff7
    paul ff7 2 months ago

    Judo is just the god of coc
    Makes any type of challenge easy
    Thank you judo love your video's 👍
    Keep up the good work

  • Gm
    Gm 2 months ago

    I lost like 6 baby dragons to the seeking air mines my first attack and still 3 starred it 😭😭😭 (I didn’t know the base design at all so I assumed there were only going to be 2-3 so I kept placing them down)

  • Samuel Dean Isaiah
    Samuel Dean Isaiah 2 months ago +1

    judo sloth always help me with these challenges even though i am a little of a noob but he always help me get better .thanks judo

  • No name
    No name 2 months ago

    Thanks judo so much this helped me and I got it first try! Ur amazing!

  • Kuya Ver
    Kuya Ver 2 months ago +1

    I'm happy to see the TH 10 for that challenge. That means, TH 11 12 13 14 15 will next.

  • Reyhan Aprico
    Reyhan Aprico 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the tutorials judo👑

  • JharedIverson Dimaano
    JharedIverson Dimaano 2 months ago +1

    Hi Judo Nice Vid! Not Swagging but i did this without your tutorial and im getting better at the game because of you man i really appreciate it keep up the good work!

  • supersonic
    supersonic 2 months ago +3

    This is exactly why I just opened Clip-Share at 1 am in the morning. Thank you Judo❤

  • Kingsley Thomas
    Kingsley Thomas 2 months ago

    Damn thanks Judo… great work I appreciate this vid!!!

  • Okie~Girl
    Okie~Girl 2 months ago +4

    @judo sloth gaming Happy Thanksgiving & Thank you so much for all the help on Clash through the years !🤗

  • Hja Ctjcj
    Hja Ctjcj 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video judo sloth I tried this challenge earlier and I only got 53% and 1 star now I know the strategy thank you

  • Liliac de noapte liliecii

    thank u for helping me win judo, i love ur content btw!

  • Miss Coffee
    Miss Coffee 2 months ago

    Thank you, Judo! My hero💪🏻

  • Smart Alan
    Smart Alan 2 months ago

    So helpful thank you you're the best🤩

    MANOJA KUMAR MAHARANA 2 months ago

    Judo always op 🔥🔥

  • DanMantisKungFu
    DanMantisKungFu 2 months ago

    Awesome!!! Judo is the GOAT!!! I got the 3 star on my first attempt😁👍

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 2 months ago +1

    Thx so much I was struggling then I watched this video and easily three star the base

    AHSANLEVELUP 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot judo love the content

  • Nu _Jasuu
    Nu _Jasuu 2 months ago

    I followed every step except one: I accidentally deployed the last trio of balloons onto the archer tower up front instead of the tesla. They managed to take down the tower and the attack still went smoothly.

  • Likhith Shetty
    Likhith Shetty 2 months ago +1

    Thanks ❤ Judo Sloth for easy 3 stars ⭐

  • infiltrinity
    infiltrinity 2 months ago

    Got this one on the first try, thank you!

  • Bhagya Kumaranayake
    Bhagya Kumaranayake 2 months ago

    i am such a newbie to COC and today only I found your channel. Dude!!! amazing!!! keep up the good work!!!

  • Idan Ben Zur
    Idan Ben Zur 2 months ago +1

    I actually just spammed everything and got a three star😂 but a realy appreciate your content❤

  • ecroli27
    ecroli27 2 months ago


  • Yeetzcool
    Yeetzcool 2 months ago

    Thanks I was only able to get 2 stars until this video if you follow the steps correctly and time it you’ll be able to get 3 stars which is exactly what happened to me

  • alida flus
    alida flus 2 months ago

    Thanks for the quick update. I always try em on my own first and check these after for the fastest way lol. This one was easy enough tho. Just started in bottom right and

  • That_0ne_In
    That_0ne_In 2 months ago +1

    *Judo* never _Fails_ to make some one -really- *happy*😁
    thank you. iam kinda strugeling

  • Mohit
    Mohit 2 months ago +1

    People really need a tutorial for this easy challenge

  • Janoski Dgreat
    Janoski Dgreat 2 months ago

    Omg judo! I did what exactly you told us.. only one try ang I got the 3 stars😱😱😱

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 2 months ago

    Awesome, didn’t realize event gave that army, here I was waiting for researches to finish before attacking

  • ghost
    ghost 2 months ago

    Thanks judo. You are the best ❤️❤️❤️

  • ChefMan
    ChefMan 2 months ago

    Honestly, when I first saw it, I just popped the king and queen near the heroes, popped kings ability, and then spammed the loons and baby drags infront of the infernos, used freezes. And the rest played out into a 3 star

  • Samyak Chhajed
    Samyak Chhajed 2 months ago

    I did it by myself.
    I used skele spell to take down hidden Tesla and other parts and deployed heroes at 12 o'clock. And destroyed the centre part by deploying mass babies and loons with rage in centre of the base and freeze spells.

  • Not_ IcedUp
    Not_ IcedUp 2 months ago

    One of the easiest People to follow, thanks judo!

  • Trace Anderson
    Trace Anderson 2 months ago

    thanks judo and a happy thanksgiving to you and your family kind sir!

  • Yellow Pikmin
    Yellow Pikmin 2 months ago +3

    I just deployed al the troops in the corner and froze the core when they got there and it was pretty easy with rage too

  • `Kurumi
    `Kurumi 2 months ago

    Although i already did it 3* first try myself, judo's attack is way more convnient lmao

  • bunyip
    bunyip 2 months ago

    Got it first try. Great guide.

  • 20_ahmed bhayat
    20_ahmed bhayat 2 months ago

    I tried this but messed up all my spells timing, my king and queen almost died. Still somehow got the 3 stars. 🤣🤣

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh 2 months ago

    Loved the new background nice indeed ❤

    HEBREW HAMMER 2 months ago

    I used a baby dragon to take out the corner Tesla and then literally just spammed the baby dragons and balloons to the south and it worked surprisingly. If it hadn't I'd be using this method. Thanks for the guides as always

  • mirza nafis inam arup
    mirza nafis inam arup 2 months ago +12

    Great video as always😊

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 months ago

      @Judo Sloth Gaming you can contact clash of clans team can you ask them to increase gold producrion in mine

    • Judo Sloth Gaming
      Judo Sloth Gaming  2 months ago +6


  • Smartboy4
    Smartboy4 2 months ago

    Honestly one of my favorite youtubers 🔥🔥🔥

  • Rishabh Dobhal
    Rishabh Dobhal 2 months ago

    you always make our challenges eazy

  • JohannWaffle
    JohannWaffle 2 months ago

    Bro I swear I legitimately tried doing this without a tutorial and got 1 star on my first attempt. On my second attempt I spammed every single troop and hero in the corner of the map with the Tesla and somehow managed to get the three star

  • 𝚃𝚊𝚗𝚞𝚜𝚑 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚒

    Watching the video after completing the challenge myself😁

  • Manic Jamiera
    Manic Jamiera 2 months ago

    Thanks for your help judo’s and happy thanksgiving

  • EldraziPig
    EldraziPig 2 months ago

    That challenge was easy. I got three stars on the second try! I did it a different way though. Both works though

  • Abhijay S Kumar
    Abhijay S Kumar 2 months ago

    Wow thankyou man because of you i got it 😊😃❤️

  • Az
    Az 2 months ago

    Watched your vid once and 3*ed you’re the goat thanks bro

  • Dream Tarantula
    Dream Tarantula 2 months ago

    Appreciate the tutorial, and Happy Thanksgiving Judo!

  • Matteo Dexter Alberici
    Matteo Dexter Alberici 2 months ago

    Great, as always!!!

  • Paladin
    Paladin 2 months ago

    Thanks for tutorial Judo keep up the content 🦾🦾🦾

  • James T
    James T 2 months ago

    Judo you are really good at the game thanks for the quick walk though

    BIGFANBRO 2 months ago

    Jodo is Soo clever wow it works😲😍❤️❤️

  • CatFox
    CatFox 2 months ago

    I tried a few attempt by myself and it worked, if everything goes well, you don't need the Haste and Heal potion, already had my 6 accounts triple with the same move and all clear. I don't really need Training items though.

  • MarkDariel Espiritu
    MarkDariel Espiritu 2 months ago

    so fast creating a content about the new event so active i love it ♥♥♥

  • Jose Escamilla
    Jose Escamilla 2 months ago

    Bro you are so damn clutch 😂💪

  • Cat's
    Cat's 2 months ago

    If new challenges given coc definitely 😁 this man need 👌