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George Michael - Too Funky (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 1, 2009 veröffentlicht
  • George Michael - Too Funky (Official Video)
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    Hey, you're just too funky for me
    I gotta get inside of you
    And I'll show you heaven if you let me
    Hey you're just too funky for me
    I gotta get inside, (I gotta get inside)
    I gotta get inside of you (So when will that be?)
    I watch you're fingers working overtime (Overtime)
    I've got to thinking that they should be mine. Oh!
    I'd love to see you naked baby
    I'd like to think that sometime maybe
    Tonight, if that's alright. Yeah!
    Hey, you're just too funky for me
    I gotta get inside of you , (Won't let you go)
    I won't let you, no-no
    Hey you're just too funky for me
    I gotta get inside, (I gotta get inside)
    I gotta get inside of you (I'll let you love me)
    I watch you drinkin' and I take my time
    I watch you sinkin' all over that cheap red wine, Oh!
    I've got to see you naked baby
    I'd like to think that sometime maybe
    Tonight my goal's in sight, Yeah!
    Baby, baby, baby, why do you do this to me?
    Won't let you go, (Won't let you go)
    You're such a, you're such a
    Baby, baby, baby, why do you do this to me?
    I've got to know. (I've got to know)
    (I'm gonna be the kind of lover that you never had)
    Hey you're just too funky
    (You're never gonna have another lover in your bed)
    You're just too funky for me
    (Would you like me to seduce you, is that what you're trying to tell me?)
    (Everybody wants a lover like that)
    (Everybody wants a lover like that) Yeah! Yeah!
    (Everybody wants a lover like that) Everybody, everybody
    (Everybody wants a lover like that)
    (Is that what you are trying to tell me?)
    (Everybody wants a lover, everybody wants a lover like that
    Everybody wants a lover, everybody wants a lover like that
    Everybody wants a lover, everybody wants a lover like that
    Everybody wants a lover, everybody wants a lover like that)
    (Would you like me to seduce you?)
    You're such a, you're such a
    (Would you like me to seduce you?) Yeah! Yeah!
    (Would you like me to seduce you?) You're such a, you're such a
    Yeah! Yeah!
    (Would you stop playing with that radio of yours, I'm trying to get to sleep!)"
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Comments • 6 475

  • cALi TaLi
    cALi TaLi 4 years ago +3050

    George Michael + 90's Supermodels + Thierry Mugler = A perfect 10! Love this video. It never gets old.

    • Helen Bennett
      Helen Bennett 3 years ago +24

      So true......

    • Sydney Jane
      Sydney Jane 2 years ago +31

      Thierry is my favorite designer of all time. My art and my creations are so inspired by him.

    • Autumn Sinclair
      Autumn Sinclair 2 years ago +9


    • Bioluminescent Banana Slug
      Bioluminescent Banana Slug 2 years ago +21

      I didn't realize when this came out that the outfits were Thierry. I hadn't even heard of him (I was barely a teen at the time, and NOT knowledgeable of anything high fashion).
      MUCH later I got into the perfume line, starting with Alien... I looked up the designer and read someone describing his original fashions at his peak as "very much like what you'd see Lady Gaga wearing today..." and I had an _immediate_ flashback to this video. So I Googled, and found out: it IS indeed Thierry Mugler.
      I remember loving the costumes/outfits when this came out, but I had no clue...
      George Michael, Thierry, and some of the greatest Supermodels of all time = absolute perfection. This, and Freedom(90!) are my all time favorite videos from George Michael. I was a huge fan in my youth, but out of everything he put out during that time... those two are the videos I still love today.

    • Heather Smith
      Heather Smith 2 years ago +4

      Never. Amazing

  • stefano peroni
    stefano peroni Year ago +724

    This song is proof of George's immense musical talent. Almost 30 years after its publication, I love the emotions it makes in my heart while listening to it at full volume in the car !!

    • Phil
      Phil 11 months ago +19

      George Michael's music is a timeless gift for all of us.

    • Lisa
      Lisa 10 months ago +13

      Yessss! ❤️ and there will never be another like him 😎

    • amy parra
      amy parra 10 months ago +13

      He was fantastic! Great writer an performer.

    • amy parra
      amy parra 10 months ago +7

      And I had a huge crush on him when I was in my teens... *blush*

    • Harps
      Harps 7 months ago +4

      Class 👍👌

  • Pat m
    Pat m 14 days ago +3

    Ugh who could’ve asked for a superior combination?! Thierry Mugler’s impeccable and unconventional designs combined with George’s unique and iconic vocals is what will make this video stand the test of time forever. RIP Thierry and George. We love and miss you both so much!! ❤

  • Dalia Akar
    Dalia Akar 2 months ago +60

    This video was way ahead of its time! It looks so futuristic even in 2023, 30 years after its release. Same goes for Fastlove and Freeek. George Michael was a creative genius, massively underrated, hugely missed

    • Johannes P
      Johannes P 15 hours ago

      The MV was all Thierry Mugler.

  • Mrcreative
    Mrcreative 5 months ago +156

    This song is the definition of a masterpiece and the clip. So classy and chic. Very iconic. One of the best 90s songs!!

    • ALPHA
      ALPHA 4 months ago +1

      One chick with the metallic hot pants was holding😂

  • Shoutycat34
    Shoutycat34 2 months ago +50

    THIS is the type of music that deserves to be on full volume

  • Doris
    Doris 4 years ago +395

    I still miss George. Not because I expected him to make more music, but because the music he made, and his kindness and generosity as a human being made him a real wonderful and genuine person.

    • Hayley Redhead
      Hayley Redhead 3 years ago +11

      The whole world is a much sadder place without this beautiful man 😥

    • Louisa Herz
      Louisa Herz 2 years ago +3

      @Hayley Redhead you spelled the tea

    • PurplePinkRed
      PurplePinkRed Year ago +5

      Freddie Mercury is also who comes to mind. Both taken way too soon. Fantastic people outside of music.

    • The Guitar Room
      The Guitar Room 4 days ago

      I remember auditioning as a guitarist for him in the 80’s. What a nice guy!!! He really stood out. I miss him. He was abs is unique. His music, his kindness and this video will stand the test of time. RIP George!! ❤

  • Honest Reviewer
    Honest Reviewer 2 years ago +571

    Bloody amazing soundtrack! Cant believe this is as early as 1992....(far better than 90% of the modern day crap out there now!) 🍷🌟😃👍

    • Samittoxx
      Samittoxx Year ago +6


    • Paul Money
      Paul Money Year ago +11

      It's an age thing. You're comparing the best of then with the average now. There was a lot of dross about in 1992 as well (other years are available).

    • Honest Reviewer
      Honest Reviewer Year ago +11

      @Paul Money But there really isn't anything great at the mo. I only found this track less than 2 years ago for my first time...I was under 10 back in 1992. The modern day stuff is just so bad.

    • Paul Money
      Paul Money Year ago +17

      @Honest Reviewer Perhaps! So it goes. I can promise you as somebody who has been listening to popular music for more than 60 years that the proportion of dross to diamonds has always been about 95%! I expect that this still holds good.
      George was a gem for sure. I tend to enjoy the good stuff and not use it as a stick with which to beat the youth of today. Oldsters have always thought that youth music was crap, from about 1920 onwards. So it goes.

    • Marc Athens
      Marc Athens Year ago +3


  • Ralf-Dieter Rüdenburg
    Ralf-Dieter Rüdenburg 2 years ago +965

    What a masterpiece of art! We will never forget you George!

    • Fish and more! 😉
      Fish and more! 😉 Year ago +3

      John Smith rear wheel drive! 🤣

    • Elkin Hernandez
      Elkin Hernandez Year ago +2

      Yeah! We will never forget Thierry Mugler as well…. RIP both geniuses!

    • Jo Z
      Jo Z 8 months ago +1

      This makes him sound like he's dead

  • KoMAL
    KoMAL 3 days ago +3

    I get goosebumps every time I listen to George Michael's songs.

  • Marquis DeSade
    Marquis DeSade Year ago +384

    2022 and this is still FRESH AF.

    • Pants
      Pants Year ago +4


    • PurplePinkRed
      PurplePinkRed Year ago +10

      The video is ahead of his time! Women at the focal point, high end fashion blending seamlessly with pop culture... It's sublime! The tune will always be a banger 💕

    • Dar S
      Dar S Year ago +7

      Still way too funky.

    • Donatien de Sade
      Donatien de Sade 5 months ago


    • Joe O
      Joe O 5 months ago +1

      Can't argue with that. Beat is very different and sounds new as hell cos its original

  • MrPauxeral
    MrPauxeral 2 months ago +20

    How beautiful the 90’s were. I miss them too much.

    • dudamii
      dudamii 17 days ago

      The best yearsbof my life❤

  • Rachelle B
    Rachelle B 2 years ago +401

    Does anyone else watch his videos, dance in your seat and want to cry at the same time?! ❤️

    • Inès Trich
      Inès Trich Year ago +9

      I feel the same.

    • Leslie Monty
      Leslie Monty Year ago +11

      He definitely was one of a kind and so very talented!

    • Fern L
      Fern L Year ago +8

      You spying on me? :)

    • La Biblia hablada en un año
      La Biblia hablada en un año  Year ago +1

      Amen sister

    • satya
      satya 10 months ago +2

      it's the cry bit that makes it special. besides the incredible music, there is so much raw love and talent in this video it is overwhelming

  • Aramanth
    Aramanth Year ago +291

    RIP Thierry Mugler... who fashions grace this video!
    Still outrageously & wickedly brilliant song & video!!!
    Still missing you too George...

    • Jetsofaqua
      Jetsofaqua Year ago +18

      Mugler 💔 a real master. Hasn’t been the same without him

    • michael bruno
      michael bruno 4 months ago +2

      You know Thierry directed the video!

  • Μόνικα Μ
    Μόνικα Μ 2 months ago +22

    2023 This is not song .....This is timeless MASTERPIECE .!!❤

    • Ufuk Tuncoz
      Ufuk Tuncoz 2 months ago +2

      "2023 Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame"
      Vote through April 28
      George is on the top now! 🕊

  • PFCD
    PFCD Year ago +316

    These women are visually outstanding. Of course George's voice is vocally outstanding. Hence, one great video and song!

  • Alessia Serpova
    Alessia Serpova 10 months ago +90

    Эта песня (артистичная, яркая) всегда повышает мне настроение. Великолепный Джордж и его талант всегда будут жить в наших сердцах.

    • Sergey Allright
      Sergey Allright 8 months ago +2

      Русские оккупанты не достойны этой музыки

    • Dyadyushka Malferon Drevnich
      Dyadyushka Malferon Drevnich 2 months ago +3

      @Sergey Allright Да что ты, а вроде её достойны все, особенно кто не агрится в месте, где политоте и шовинизму не место.

  • Sunil Sahasrabudhe
    Sunil Sahasrabudhe 3 months ago +24

    It's unbelievable that this one person has evolve so much from his Wham days to Listen without prejudice. So much of range and variety in his songs. Great artist

  • Kodi Gold
    Kodi Gold 6 years ago +637

    This video is over 20 years old and STILL one of the best ever produced. it Will never get old.

    • huck b
      huck b 6 years ago +28


    • Google User
      Google User 5 years ago +9

      This video could have been cut yesterday and released like Billie Jean, and both would have been considered "new." in 2017 . . . Ageless.

    • Sally Hu
      Sally Hu 5 years ago +12

      Google User Billy Jean is one of the all-time great songs. But I don't think the quality of that video is anywhere near the production quality of this timeless classic. This is a piece of art. A masterpiece.

    • AT
      AT 4 years ago +5

      only george - his video Freek was to this day the most expensive music video - he sure love quality and so do we - so do we :)

    • Steve Rutledge
      Steve Rutledge 4 years ago +6

      Kodi Gold .... June '92 reached number 2 in UK charts. Remember it well, loved it - my favourite George Michael track.

  • nino boune
    nino boune 7 months ago +85

    The 80s and 90s are the golden era of music, miss this years !!! RIP George

  • Tekno Ted
    Tekno Ted 10 months ago +36

    Love this video!
    George Michael is greatly missed. His voice was so unique.

  • Harps
    Harps 7 months ago +48

    What a track man, absolute class. George Michael was one talented man.

  • Bye Deamon
    Bye Deamon 3 months ago +13

    George was above the human race. Best artist we've lost in the last 30 years. Pure talented.

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo 4 months ago +13

    Engraçado né, parece tão perto e ao mesmo tempo tão longe. Só de pensar que o GM já não está entre nós dá um aperto no coração. Eu amo esse clipe 😍

  • Viva La Rosa
    Viva La Rosa 6 years ago +2818

    George was just too funky for this world.

    • Teddy Cuartas
      Teddy Cuartas 6 years ago +24

      Well said.

    • Teddy Cuartas
      Teddy Cuartas 6 years ago +4

      Vishal Das Yup. Died yesterday.

    • Tony Clark
      Tony Clark 6 years ago +21

      Viva La Rosa so true

    • Amal Raj
      Amal Raj 6 years ago +17

      Viva La Rosa ur perfect. He was very well advanced. RIP GM.

  • Natalia
    Natalia 2 years ago +586

    Let us say it together now, *ICONIC*

    • John Hernandez Piano
      John Hernandez Piano 2 years ago +7


    • Astrid M
      Astrid M 2 years ago +8

      "I C O N I C"!!! - - - Sooo true!
      [In her creepy "topmodel show" Heidi Klum claims to bring out the personality of some girls. 🙄... Well,...
      Linda, Nadja, Tyra, Naomi (different clip, Freedom), also Claudia, they were THE SUPER MODELS! Heidi herself never was a REAL supermodel. She was a OK, that's it!]

    • One Woman
      One Woman Year ago +6

      Iconic for sure. Pure fire for the music gods!

    • Jimmy McKenzie
      Jimmy McKenzie Year ago


  • Den&Mara
    Den&Mara Year ago +54

    Не описать словами этот огонь, который мы ощущала от этой песни!!!💥💥💥

  • Milo Uribe
    Milo Uribe 6 months ago +15

    After 30 years this song still sounds amazing 🤩✨

  • Birgit
    Birgit  Year ago +69

    I can't believe this is 30 years old. Where has time gone. I miss George Michael. Better times.

  • GravityK2-293b
    GravityK2-293b Year ago +43

    My favourite song by George Michael simply for catchy it sounds and how smoothly Michael's vocals flow along with the beat.
    Fantastic music video as well that captures 1980s near flawlessly.
    Brilliant work.

  • Gillian Rosheuvel
    Gillian Rosheuvel 6 years ago +142

    The more think about this song, the more I realize it was really ahead of its time. RIP, George Michael.

    • Shannon Rae
      Shannon Rae 5 years ago +2

      I agree. This song didn't really hit me when it first came out, and now...geez, it really is great.

  • SGT Rosie
    SGT Rosie Year ago +52

    I had the privilege of seeing George perform live during his Faith tour. Damn, he was good!

    • ladymay30
      ladymay30 Year ago

      Faith Tour? This is from 1992, Faith Tour was in 1988-1989.

    • Bog
      Bog 7 months ago

      Lucky you

    • RJ KORE
      RJ KORE 4 months ago

      Georges prime before his label troubles...lucky you!💪

  • jatekforditok
    jatekforditok 28 days ago +1

    The timeless classic

  • Seda Davtyan
    Seda Davtyan Year ago +41

    Глаз не оторвать от красоты супер супермоделей!!!Роскошно!Ну а исполнение неповторимо!

  • Юрий Виноградов

    Да,Джордж просто невероятен с его вокалом.

  • natal varillas
    natal varillas 16 days ago +1

    está canción es magnética, me encanta!!!!

    • Monica Beatriz Ferreiro
      Monica Beatriz Ferreiro 16 days ago

      las mejores modelos de los 90 estuvieron mas Julie Newmar la gatubela de batman de 1966..impresionante fisico!!!

  • Tony Smile
    Tony Smile 3 years ago +1841

    Leave it to a gay man to respect and appreciate the beauty of a female by making them the focal point in a music video and not exploiting them as so many other have and do. Well done George..your Mother would be so proud as are we, your biggest fans! Smiling up to the heavens where you are loved eternally as well as here on earth. ❤️🙏🏻

    • Bioluminescent Banana Slug
      Bioluminescent Banana Slug 2 years ago +167

      Seriously. He put the women front and center, and in the best way possible. Even in the video for Freedom (90), the women are the stars of the video, and like here they're presented with obvious sexuality, but it NEVER feels like they're being exploited or put up simply to be drooled over. They OWN their beauty and sexuality in a way I've rarely seen in videos of that era... and I'm so grateful for George Michael's ability to do that... RIP.

    • 🌐~Sugar Xyler
      🌐~Sugar Xyler 2 years ago +13

      \\ 👠 //

    • Madeline
      Madeline 2 years ago +31

      RIP I miss him

    • stephanie P
      stephanie P 2 years ago +32

      Well done I almost forgot how a proper man should behave ✌️❤️😊

    • Greg Hall
      Greg Hall 2 years ago +15

      He was hetrosexual until the early eighties,then he went full gay.Maybe he couldn't find a decent woman and said I'm going to the same team?!It's not for me but looking at it from a man who could have any woman he wanted and was famous and wealthy,maybe it's reflecting society.Anyway, he's am amazing singer and songwriter.Enjoy!!

  • Deanostar7
    Deanostar7 7 months ago +15

    The vids for this song and 'Freedom' perfectly reflected how fashion and music could be blended seamlessly. it just all came together in 1992 with George, supermodels, Versace & Thierry Mugler. Outstanding to this day.

  • Johnnie Madden
    Johnnie Madden 7 months ago +9

    I used to bump this in my car back the day. This was my JAM. George Micheal will be forever missed. I pray he is at peace.

  • Nicola Frasson
    Nicola Frasson Month ago +1

    It was the summer of 1992, a summer full of Personal memories. I could hear this song in the night coming home after work from pizzeria... what memories....

  • Milo Uribe
    Milo Uribe 6 months ago +11

    If you search this song by yourself you have a great musical taste ☺️✨

  • Emma Peart
    Emma Peart 8 months ago +17

    Great song. Amazing voice and talent. You truly are one of the greatest George. Miss you♥️.

  • TheHilikus89
    TheHilikus89 6 years ago +462

    This one has hit me the most this year everyone always took the piss out of George for being a reckless piss head but I saw George as a role model I've been through a load of struggles in life and felt like ending it all but seeing George bounce back from it all gave me the strength to do it too R.I,P Mr Michael

    • Poetree Seed
      Poetree Seed 6 years ago +37

      TheHilikus89 he was so cool, he could take bad press and flip it on its head with class and talent. Seriously broken by the news :(

    • lilo
      lilo 6 years ago +31

      He had an amazing voice and was just incredibly talented. 2016 has been way too harsh for us 80s kids :/

    • robin fontenot
      robin fontenot 6 years ago +10

      Amen on that!! our generation of talent is almost gone.

    • LittleMissNurseyNurse
      LittleMissNurseyNurse 6 years ago +8

      Well tommorow isn't promised...for any of us.

    • sue X
      sue X 6 years ago +11

      Of course I didnt know him but he seemed to know the term (survivor). This one like Michael Hutchence) has hit me for a sixer

  • lican ray
    lican ray 10 months ago +13

    Uno de los mejores cantantes de todos los tiempos, George michael, lo mejor de lo mejor..
    Siempre viviras en mi corazón ❤️

    • Sam McGuinness
      Sam McGuinness 9 months ago +1

      Y también compositor

    • lican ray
      lican ray 9 months ago

      @Sam McGuinness
      asi es.
      Gtacias por aportar.

  • Marina Aristova
    Marina Aristova 9 months ago +9

    Many thanks to George Michael for this masterpiece forever!

  • Валерий Григорьев

    С первой минуты и по сей день Джордж является моим КУМИРОМ !

  • Felipe Guerrero
    Felipe Guerrero Year ago +14

    A masterpiece timeless!

  • Heidi
    Heidi 9 months ago +8

    This song and everything about it represented my entire coming of age into being a woman growing up. It was on every single Saturday morning on my TV for what felt like years. Explains a lot - in the best possible way.

  • Silvana Lillie
    Silvana Lillie 6 years ago +166

    I miss him, I listened to him in the 80's, his voice was beautiful. I was pissed off about him being framed for his sexuality, and he went down hill from depression about how he was exploited and it wasn't fair to him, those bastards. I saw the interview on Oprah and he tells his story, he was such a good man and a excellent singer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Christopher C
      Christopher C 4 years ago +11

      The way I remember it, the exploitation issue involved his record company around the time of "Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1". The promotion by either Michael or Sony Music was lacking, I'm not sure by which side.
      Being defined by his sexuality did hurt him in the US. The acceptance of openly gay people wasn't the way it is now, and the arrest for lewd behavior in a public restroom didn't help.

    • Schnaphappy
      Schnaphappy 3 years ago +3

      Well said man!

    • julian bryant
      julian bryant 4 months ago +1

      He IS such a good man. His voice IS beautiful.

  • David Berry
    David Berry 2 years ago +30

    This song is too funky. I love it and I enjoy his music 🎶 still today and for decades. Always will. Rest in peace . You're not ever forgotten..

  • Вечный странник

    ЭКСТРАКЛАСС ! Слушаем и помним тебя, Джордж...

  • shards
    shards Year ago +14

    Every song he released was such a masterpiece !

  • QBD
    QBD 2 months ago +6

    I'm obsessed with this music video

  • Сергей -
    Сергей - Month ago +1

    Фантастический Талант

  • SeanB
    SeanB 6 years ago +30

    The loss of these pop icons is so awful because nobody today can do what these guys did! They're irreplaceable

  • Wild Butterfly Tie Dye
    Wild Butterfly Tie Dye 9 months ago +18

    *Has an awesome beat,makes me want to dance!*

  • Walter Crean-Carter
    Walter Crean-Carter 2 years ago +105

    He was such a handsome man, still miss him very much. He was a great loss to the music world.

  • Eslani Araujo
    Eslani Araujo 9 months ago +4

    Anos 90 foi a era das modelos mais lindas.

  • Pulsonar
    Pulsonar Year ago +12

    Great music and video, love that retro early 80s funky synth in this 1992 song! Over the top, but the gorgeous women in wild Thierry Mugler costumes are mesmerising. Still hard to believe George is gone and now Thierry, a man I still saw as a young designer in my minds eye, not a retired 73yr old! Time certainly takes no prisoners. RIP 80s fashion legend

  • Allan Waters
    Allan Waters 6 years ago +123

    You''ll never die George...you music is immortal

  • Alan da Silva Souza
    Alan da Silva Souza 11 months ago

    Sensacional, na voz do George Michael não tinha para ninguém, o cara era excepcional. Nunca mais !! Vai aparecer alguém como George, prince e Michael Jackson.

  • Boom Boomer
    Boom Boomer Year ago +22

    RIP Thierry Mugler and RIP George! You are both terribly missed ❤

  • Real Tempo
    Real Tempo 7 months ago +7

    Still the most glamourous clip of all times.

  • N1cole Mari3
    N1cole Mari3 21 hour ago +1

    This was one of my FAVORITE music videos!!!! These woman were/ARE STUNNING 😍😍😍😍

  • Freddie Mac One
    Freddie Mac One Year ago +16

    Everything Is Perfect About This Masterpiece.

  • **********
    ********** 6 years ago +25

    This was my JAM in '92! My fave George Michael song. RIP George...We Love You!

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos Year ago +13

    Ano 1992...grande sucesso que estourou nas rádios fms.

  • Michał Pawelec
    Michał Pawelec 3 months ago +3

    Damn! I was too young in the nineties to fully appreciate songs like this.

  • Сергей -
    Сергей - 2 months ago +4


  • Lorence Afron
    Lorence Afron 2 months ago +1

    2023 , these are legends truly arts and never get old.

  • Gabriel frost
    Gabriel frost Year ago +11

    This video is a masterpiece, this modern so called chart toppers will never be able to make one and probably will be forgotten.

  • Rahsaan Brown
    Rahsaan Brown 6 years ago +260

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    • Chris Calyx
      Chris Calyx 6 years ago +4

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    • Venus Fae
      Venus Fae 6 years ago +3

      no he isn't, he passed away December 25th...

    • Anray McNeil
      Anray McNeil 6 years ago +31

      He lives in us. His music, his voice and style.🎶
      George the king of 80's and 90's Pop
      Hands down

    • perri 6
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      +Rahsaan Brown This tune is *still* "bangin'"!

  • Наталья Дубровская

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  • Jack Spry
    Jack Spry Year ago +10

    RIP and long live George Michael (June 25, 1963 - December 25, 2016), aged 53
    You will always be remembered as a legend.

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    • Selina
      Selina Year ago

      What is the interview called pls tell me

    • PFCD
      PFCD Year ago +1

      @Selina George was being interviewed by a guy named Michael Aspel in 1986. OMG he was gorgeous and hysterical in it. The video and voice is out of step but it's still a good interview!

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      У Музыки есть только Вкус! Ритм! Отсутствуют принципы нац.границ и прочее.Музыку можно только Любить)

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