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I Found LOST Teuta Matoshi Gowns *try-on princess dresses*

  • Published on May 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The most beautiful gowns in the world!
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  • ScottishMamaLivingInGod’sLight Sharing-John 3:16

    Mia you NEED to keep the last two! They are STUNNING on! Also, you don’t need to donate every dress you buy, you deserve to enjoy the beautiful dresses you buy!

    • hey jimin you nice keep going
      hey jimin you nice keep going 4 months ago +54

      Honestly, where does one go that actually requires to wear these dresses? 😅😅

    • Dee S
      Dee S 4 months ago +62

      If you look like Mia, anywhere you want!

    • Deborah Lehman
      Deborah Lehman 4 months ago +27

      I was thinking only the sunflower dress might be able to be worn to a wedding the others are way to fancy you would over dress the bride.

    • hey jimin you nice keep going
      hey jimin you nice keep going 4 months ago +10

      Mia really does look great in both dresses

    • Phoenixrisn
      Phoenixrisn 4 months ago +5

      You should keep all of them. They look fabulous on you.💖💗💖

  • V M
    V M 4 months ago +74

    That pink jacket is the absolute PERFECT dress to wear to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour!!!
    It reminds me of the Versace blazer she wears for The Man and this is in pink- aka lover color . It's just perfect
    And Mia you look so pretty in everything 💕💕

  • miss robin hoodie
    miss robin hoodie 4 months ago +79

    The Matoshis may have the key to Mia‘s heart but the Maples sure have the keys to our hearts ❤️🔑

  • Piepieoj00
    Piepieoj00 4 months ago +2669

    Who else needs a video where Mia makes her own version of these dresses?

  • Rachel Gleason
    Rachel Gleason 4 months ago +71

    You should absolutely wear the pink floral dress for your anniversary. It's gorgeous on you!

  • Iroh
    Iroh 4 months ago +396

    The second-to-last dress is absolutely glorious, one of my favorite dresses you've ever tried on!!

    • Tim Tree Frog
      Tim Tree Frog 4 months ago +5


    • Emma Platt
      Emma Platt 4 months ago +1


    • Hannah Rogers
      Hannah Rogers 4 months ago +1

      I agree!!❤

    • Jessica Å
      Jessica Å 4 months ago +2

      Same, I'd cry if I had that dress 🥲

    • Tim Tree Frog
      Tim Tree Frog 4 months ago +2

      @Jessica Å I hope Mia does a giveaway on that one. (Unless she loves it enough that she keeps it herself of course.) :)

  • Ella Sermon
    Ella Sermon 4 months ago +1285

    Mia’s wedding was almost a year ago?! What, feels like last week! Most beautiful Clip-Share video I have ever seen

    • ريما احمد
      ريما احمد 4 months ago +10

      I know i can't Believe it

    • Donkeh245
      Donkeh245 4 months ago +5

      HUH really?

    • Karly Rush
      Karly Rush 4 months ago +6

      I’m pretty sure she meant trying on her wedding dress for the first time was a year ago. Her wedding was near end of 2022.

    • Esra Nur
      Esra Nur 4 months ago

      Speaking of that, what's up with that situation, I haven't been watching her lately, and so many new vids are up, she is still married or?

    • Donkeh245
      Donkeh245 4 months ago +4

      @Esra Nur yep shes still married

  • Dainihonheikitaionna
    Dainihonheikitaionna 4 months ago +58

    Mia, I just wanted to let you know that, because of you and your wonderful reviews, I've decided on a Teuta Matoshi design as my wedding dress. I just wanted to say Thank You! 💝

  • Mariko True
    Mariko True 4 months ago +25

    Oddly enough, and not my first impression, the blue pompom 2 piece outfit was my favorite. It looked comfy, covered up all the parts that would be pixelated if exposed and is definitely be a "statement outfit". I LOVE seeing princess dresses worn, any more hiding away?

  • Sarah Torrez
    Sarah Torrez 4 months ago +308

    "Favorite part for sure is the pink, the sequins, and the buttons"
    Ma'am that is the entire dress! 😂

  • Jenny D
    Jenny D 4 months ago +32

    MIA, please do a photo shoot in your kitchen (when it’s safe) in the sunflower dress! It has a 1950’s housewife feel, but modern. Photos in it would be gorgeous!! They’re all sooo beautiful!

  • storiesinthedust
    storiesinthedust 4 months ago +218

    The sequin floral dress is STUNNING and would be such a pretty wedding guest dress 😍

    • laura011110
      laura011110 4 months ago +12

      ...that said, if Mia wore it to a wedding, she would take all the attention away from the bride.😅 At least, I know I'd be staring at her the entire time (not in a creepy way!) That dress is in a category of its own...breathtaking.

    • WontReadWontReply
      WontReadWontReply 2 months ago

      ​@laura011110At a plain white wedding you mean?

    • thecatatemyhomework
      thecatatemyhomework 2 months ago

      The sequin floral dress is stunning. One of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen

  • Jeri-Lynne Marie
    Jeri-Lynne Marie 4 months ago +574

    KEEP THE TEAL SET!!! I know you'll wear that somewhere one day, same with the floral sparkly tea dress (it really didnt need the purple belt btw)

    • Miss B
      Miss B 4 months ago +10

      The colour on her was ❤

    • JP
      JP 4 months ago +9

      I agree, no belt needed!

    • Mrs. B.
      Mrs. B. 4 months ago +5

      The teal set was so cute on her!

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B 4 months ago +14

    No need to endlessly scroll dress sites. Mia brings whats worth looking at right to us. Since I never need a gown, this is Just enough “oh look that’s so pretty!” Thanks for curating the Internet for us :)

  • Sarah Beekman
    Sarah Beekman 4 months ago +9

    This pink blazer is like a modern Jackie O. moment. These are all so beautiful! Imagine just finding them amongst all your things. Such a delightful surprise! Mia, I hope your household issues are getting worked out to your body’s satisfaction. You are such a giving, loving person and you deserve your health at the very least 🦋

  • Anthi Cheimariou
    Anthi Cheimariou 4 months ago +97

    Oh my gosh Mia, don't ever give away this two piece teal set! It's incredible on you! ❤

  • ahnotley23
    ahnotley23 3 months ago +1

    The floral sequinned dress is perfection! It also goes so well with the shoes you’re wearing.

  • Rita M
    Rita M 4 months ago +86

    The sequin flower dress is absolutely beautiful, I'm in love! Glad to have dress videos back

  • KCK
    KCK 4 months ago +18

    I'd love to see you make some lovely floofy dresses inspired by Teuta Matoshi, especially if you can make it from thrifted and clearance materials like you usually do

  • Kerri-Ann Nicholas
    Kerri-Ann Nicholas 4 months ago +20

    Maybe on your anniversary you could wear one of your fav of these dresses and have a romantic dinner with Stuart! These dresses never disappoint and you always look amazing. Simply stunning and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! ❤

  • Blue
    Blue 4 months ago +67

    I would really like to see Mia collaborate with a favric store to make her own custim fabrics. I feel like that would be a perfect collab

  • Tellthetruth
    Tellthetruth 4 months ago +11

    I love the short teal Pom Pommy dress. I’m thinking you would be perfect in a remake of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Also the pink suit jacket “Do you have a Business Woman Special?” Loving it ❤

  • Audi Resin Alchemist
    Audi Resin Alchemist 4 months ago +155

    The belteted sparkly floral dress is my favorite. However for $800.00 CD I was disappointed the belt did not fit. Yes I know it's an easy fix. However at that price point it shouldn't require any fixes. Just IMO.

    • BLV
      BLV 4 months ago +21

      also the bust was off for me. one side had a lot of color from the pattern and the other was mostly nude =/

    • Audi Resin Alchemist
      Audi Resin Alchemist 4 months ago +7

      @BLV You're right. I had to watch it again. Good 👀 eye's!

    • Cindi Miles
      Cindi Miles 4 months ago +20

      I think that dress wasn’t finished… the pins on that side were a give away

    • BLV
      BLV 4 months ago +11

      @Cindi Miles when I did my design projects I always forgot a pin but definitely a bad sign they left one 😅 and she paid to get this custom too… so odd!

    • Audi Resin Alchemist
      Audi Resin Alchemist 3 months ago

      @BLV You're right that's another mishap for that price

  • Sassili
    Sassili 4 months ago +214

    Just came on to Clip-Share and there’s literally ANOTHER Mia tries on dresses video - how much better could this day get? ❤

    • ernest geist
      ernest geist 4 months ago +2

      I know, I was thinking the same thing!❤

  • lana3392
    lana3392 4 months ago +6

    That pom pom set is AMAZING, would love to see a full princess drag look 😍

  • 0blivvy8🐉
    0blivvy8🐉 3 months ago +1

    I'm obsessed with Teuta Matoshi dresses and girl they were made for you! You look like such a fairy princess in them! I'm so happy I found your vids with all these gorgeous gowns. I just watched the one where Teuta made your wedding gown, and it was so perfect that my eyes leaked a little lol.

  • Holly Pierce
    Holly Pierce 4 months ago +47

    I love the last two dresses! You could totally wear those other places than just weddings or events that call for fancy gowns. Those two are more every day dinner out with hubby!❤

  • darlene lipuma
    darlene lipuma 4 months ago +10

    Every dress from Matoshi is a work of art. I think I love the last one the most (most wearable). Perfect for a summer wedding, garden party, or coctail party. Pants or a skirt under the blazer would be so pretty. Love all of them

  • Charlie Paige
    Charlie Paige 4 months ago +4

    That structured pink jacket looks absolutely divine, in fact they all do! I had never heard of this designer before Mia's vids and now I am obsessed (I long for an occasion to need one of these!). Thanks Mia!

  • Raynessa Wilson
    Raynessa Wilson 4 months ago +191

    When mia does a video about dresses or shopping im here for it😂❤

  • Oxanna Gutheim
    Oxanna Gutheim 4 months ago +2

    YES, please have a charity auction where we can buy the dresses

  • Daydreamer AJ
    Daydreamer AJ 4 months ago +3

    The 3rd dress looks like it’s designed for her. She looks really radiant in it. 😍

  • Poppy Johnsen
    Poppy Johnsen 4 months ago +2

    Happy almost 1st Anniversary!The pink blazer dress is just amazing! I think a lace body suit under the dress would be stunning

  • Chelle P
    Chelle P 4 months ago

    *MIA* You are TOTALLY giving disney princess vibes whenever you put on Matoshi dresses! I am just waiting on the video that shows birds landing on you and fawns becoming your besties!

  • Mary Raymond
    Mary Raymond 4 months ago +5

    The sunflower dress is perfect on you! The floral sequin one was also incredible on you, but it’s the sleeves and high neck on the sunflower dress that are truly you!!

  • Eli Sun
    Eli Sun 4 months ago +36

    The tule teal set looks INCREDIBLE ON YOU 🩷

    • Yaya
      Yaya 4 months ago +1

      I hope she keeps that one it looks so nice on her!!

  • The Art of Being Holly
    The Art of Being Holly  4 months ago +1

    Absolutely loved this Mia, I'm not surprised you lost these - it must be SO hard to keep track of everything for videos! I loved the blazer dress as a different style on you!

  • Reese
    Reese 4 months ago +1

    the sequin blazer had the inner swifte in my screaming bc it is like a pink version of the blazer taylor wears during the man for the eras tour, i’m so obsessed!! it looks incredible on you mia!

  • El Bow
    El Bow 4 months ago +5

    Mia looks so beautiful in all these dresses! The sunflower dress is my favorite on her 😍🌻

  • Madison Moore
    Madison Moore 3 months ago +1

    Hey Mia I know you don’t do many dress videos anymore but my mind has been going back and forth on whether to get bridesmaids dresses from this brand and you’d be the perfect person to let me know whether it’s worth it or not! The brand is Zapaka and one of the dresses for my wedding inspo is called A-Line V-Neck Embroidery Lavender Long Prom Dress with Short Sleeve. Please help a gal out!!! I can’t wait to see if you read my comment!

  • lydia
    lydia 4 months ago +59

    being here after all these years and seeing you trying on dresses still is so heart warming
    thank you for being a relaxed safe space/moment Mia 🤍

    • lydia
      lydia 4 months ago +2

      ps. I'm SO OBSESSED with Teuta Matoshi bro I just need one of her dresses

    • Raina D
      Raina D 4 months ago

      ​​@lydia me too🥹❤

  • Amateur.Nail.Art.1
    Amateur.Nail.Art.1 4 months ago +2

    For your wedding anniversary, you need to wear that floral sequined dress to dinner/trip with Stuart! It’s is perfection!

  • please...don't
    please...don't 4 months ago +22

    I'm obsessed with you trying on dresses and I don't know why🤔 You looked beautiful in everything, and I love the blue puffy ensemble, it's iconic 😍

  • George Perkins
    George Perkins 4 months ago +2

    Love her! I’ve watched her for years. Everything always looks great on her

  • Laughin Lori
    Laughin Lori 4 months ago

    Both dresses would be perfect for summer wedding guests. So beautiful.

  • Chanelle Mercier
    Chanelle Mercier 4 months ago

    I LOVE this channel! So upbeat,fun, and always entertaining, and mamma Maples, i love her! Love that shes always laughing and happy, lovin the dolls house reno,lovin it all!

  • Alimash Mihar
    Alimash Mihar 4 months ago

    Mai your upbeat personality is infectious. I watch and rewatch your videos whenever I feel that I’m heading into a dark space. Thank you for your wonderful videos ❤

  • Kathryn Henning
    Kathryn Henning 4 months ago +26

    The free pins and the belt being loose makes me feel like mia is pranking us and she made these dresses

    • Ananya Sahay
      Ananya Sahay 4 months ago +5

      haha I doubt it. fun idea tho😂

    • Steff
      Steff 4 months ago +1

      I think so too as the colours don’t really match any of the photos and they all look a bit different…

  • Carla Siu
    Carla Siu 4 months ago +5

    I love that teal set on you! The pale peach floral and the sunflower dresses are so beautiful. 💕

  • Kyla Gilbert
    Kyla Gilbert 4 months ago

    I love all Mia videos but the dresses review videos are a staple. I wish I could wear dresses like these for prom. Don't think I will be able to go but still. They are so pretty ❤❤❤

  • SujuLoveNL
    SujuLoveNL 4 months ago

    I need more Mia dresses videos. Every dress you buy looks amazing and you look so good in them too!

  • Bunnyetsuko
    Bunnyetsuko 4 months ago +2

    You were def made to wear those types of princess dresses. You look so whimsical!! Love it!!❤❤❤❤

  • Megan Kuehn
    Megan Kuehn 4 months ago +2

    Love your try on hauls especially the more "extreme" ones. You are such an amazing soul love watching ur videos!

  • Channel Prille
    Channel Prille 4 months ago

    I LOVE the third and fourth ones... the sunflower is a WOW on you :D Please do a video with your mom trying out Teuta Matoshi :D

  • Monika Kx
    Monika Kx 4 months ago +8

    You should definetely keep and wear the prelast one! You look gorgeous in it! Imagine your wedding anniversary and Stuart's reaction! Wow!

  • RedRosesDead07
    RedRosesDead07 4 months ago +1

    I honestly hope you keep the dress at 5:30.. it is gorgeous on you and you deserve to keep at least one fairy tale type dress for yourself. Don't let that one go!

  • Oh Contraire
    Oh Contraire 4 months ago

    The teal tulle pom pom set HAS TO STAY!! It looks SO GOOD on you!!! ....I kinda think you need to keep the last 2 as well 🤭

  • Cheryl-Lynn Mehring
    Cheryl-Lynn Mehring 4 months ago

    I love the sequin dress personally and on you! The last one, sunflower dress, really suits you, Mia! 💛🌻

  • Geneviève Coulombe
    Geneviève Coulombe 4 months ago

    Oh wow It just hit me that after years of watching mia in princess dress I'm about to have my own prom in 3 weeks. Time is going to fast 😭

  • MP Côté
    MP Côté 4 months ago

    There will never be enough Matoshi dresses. 🙌🏻

  • Carly Charlesworth
    Carly Charlesworth 4 months ago +5

    That pink dress coat and the pink sequined flower dress which was your skin tone, oh my goodness, they suited you so well. God bless you and your family Mia. Have a great week!

  • Irene28
    Irene28 4 months ago

    Love the #1 and #3 dresses. I imagine you're wearing the 3rd dress to a party/wedding reception or your 1st wedding anniversary date! 😀❤️❤️

  • Allison H
    Allison H 4 months ago

    I'm so glad you did this video! I've been in love with the 3rd dress for a while now, thinking of getting it for my wedding.

  • Karlien Vermeersch
    Karlien Vermeersch 4 months ago +1

    I love how she donates these dresses or uses them for charity instead of sending them back like so many youtubers out there. Not contributing to landfills, but to charities.. be like Mia ❤

    • Taylor Berry
      Taylor Berry 4 months ago

      Also if she tried them on just for videos and was constantly returning them I would stop selling to her as a company because that would be super annoying on their part and messes with their data. My very first job in retail we would have daily sales goals and the manager would be so excited when we surpassed it then someone would come in with a return and she’d be like 😑 lol. But a legitimate return is fine.

  • Danielle Stashak
    Danielle Stashak 4 months ago

    The last two dresses look stunning on you! You definitely need to keep those for sure.

  • jennifer fox
    jennifer fox 4 months ago

    I have to admit I like most of Matoshi dresses, but the 'naked' tea length is absolutely gorgeous. You should keep that one as it will fit any occasion. You never know, if Ru Paul is watching you could be a judge! Love from UK 🇬🇧

  • Lori Plate
    Lori Plate 4 months ago +3

    You need to keep the “ Nude” dress and the sunflower dress for sure! The sunflower dress reminds me of 1950’s housewife😂 all of 5hem were so pretty!

  • Shauna Hayward
    Shauna Hayward 4 months ago

    I literally adore the pompom dress and the sunflower dress. They all look STUN.NING on you!!!!

  • joanne baker
    joanne baker 4 months ago

    I LOVED the pale pink floral dress. Simply stunning!

  • Infinite Gamer
    Infinite Gamer 4 months ago +1

    Can someone do a compelation of How many times did Mia say "that if she was ever a Judge on Ru Pauls Drag Race, I would wear this!" Please! I feel like she says it atleast once in all her clothing haul videos! XD haha I love it. 4:52

  • dahmummy
    dahmummy 3 months ago

    I would never wear any of these myself but I love these videos because the dresses look so good on you!

  • jaysglam02
    jaysglam02 4 months ago

    Okay but that first blazer/dress was SO GORGEOUS! I’d die to wear that to one of my real estate showings, it’s giving selling sunset 😭😭 I’m obsessed

  • Zoe
    Zoe 4 months ago +3

    THE POM POM TWO PEICE LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU the fit and the cut are so flattering!!

  • Mindy Rodriguez
    Mindy Rodriguez 4 months ago

    I love these princess dress videos. My favorite was the sunflower dress! So beautiful!

  • superherocrap
    superherocrap 4 months ago +1

    Maybe is because I just watched the trailer, but I'm on the second outfit and so far the only thing I can think of is: wow, 💖 Barbie vibes 💖. Hahah now I want a petition for Mia to do a wearing Barbie inspired outfits for a week or something like that asdf

  • Varsha
    Varsha 4 months ago

    I wish you can update us on those 2 missing Chotronette dresses too🗿Or did you already do that and I somehow missed it🤔 I don't miss Mia's videos usually.
    Edit: And please please please keep the third dress, it looks extremely beautiful on you✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️

    OMGSHEENA 4 months ago

    Love these videos. love that you donate the dresses! And love that teal tulle moment!

  • Kara Haylock
    Kara Haylock 4 months ago +1

    Mia is my spirit animal I swear. Just helps me see I’m not the only one that likes granny glam 😂❤

  • Alia Turner
    Alia Turner 4 months ago +9

    The sequin blazer was absolutely an Elle Woods moment. A badass attorney needs this!

  • Sharon Cowart
    Sharon Cowart 4 months ago +2

    Love the teal one with the puffs! So cute on you Mia! ❤

  • Sharon Thompson
    Sharon Thompson 4 months ago

    I LOVE the princess dress try-ons! My favorite was the one with the lavender belt.

  • Rebeka Radcenko
    Rebeka Radcenko 4 months ago


  • Erin DeGroot
    Erin DeGroot 4 months ago

    Mia, you HAVE to keep that second to last dress! It is probably my favorite I've ever seen you wear, you look STUNNING.

  • Alex S
    Alex S 4 months ago +1

    i love the floral sequined dress. Also personally rl like how its close to your skin colour :D makes it look more subtle but very graceful and pretty !!

  • Charlotte Simpson
    Charlotte Simpson 4 months ago +10

    Mia and Teuta Matoshi dresses are my favourite combination

  • Rhiannon Mackenzie
    Rhiannon Mackenzie 4 months ago

    Perfect timing! I just rewatched your Matoshi videos a couple of days ago to live vicariously through you with these beautiful clothes that I cannot afford.

  • Visionary Kitten
    Visionary Kitten 4 months ago

    AHHHH ID LOVE TO SEE YOU RECREATE THE LAST DRESS!! Pattern an all 😭😭 pleaseeee I am obsessed with the silhouette!

  • P. Williams
    P. Williams 4 months ago +1

    I love that the pink sequin blazer dress is a "business moment" 🤣 I think it's so cute with a dash of extra, which I live for!

  • niko brokenvow
    niko brokenvow 4 months ago

    We know that these dresses aren't for everyone. But Mia managed to sell them to the point where "I think I might need one".

  • Lxn A
    Lxn A 4 months ago

    this is so in time bc i just ordered my first Teuta dress as my wedding dress and its all bc of you! :,)

  • MarshmallowsAndTrash
    MarshmallowsAndTrash 4 months ago +3

    I love that you pronounce teuta so many different ways and never the correct way 😂😂 another great video ❤

  • Cierra Powell
    Cierra Powell 4 months ago

    We need a drag look for the teal tulle Pom Pom set!
    We need a “Mia makes a Teuta Matoshi inspired dress using thrifted fabrics”

  • Julia Taylor
    Julia Taylor 4 months ago

    Pleaseeeeee keep the 2nd and 3rd dresses! They were MADE for you. The teal one is a show stopping piece you need to keep and the one after was STUNNING and fits like a glove

  • sajaty20
    sajaty20 4 months ago +2

    Can we all appreciate Mia wearing heals for us lol love you mia😂❤

  • Pien Veneman
    Pien Veneman 4 months ago

    you choose all the gorgeous dresses and I love how you donate them 🫶🫶🫶🫶

  • Sky Lean
    Sky Lean 4 months ago

    Love you Mia!!❤ I’m am getting married in September and the Teuta Matoshi dresses are my favourite! I have always wanted to wear one especially for my wedding but it’s just too expensive 😢
    Love watching you try them on anyway. I am wearing them in my imagination 😂❤🎉

  • Benjamin Pierce
    Benjamin Pierce 4 months ago +4

    Your soul is so pure and beautiful, I’m so happy people like you exist ❤

  • Sara Armitage
    Sara Armitage 4 months ago

    The pink sequin tea length dress is a perfect anniversary dress!

  • Marjorie Pope
    Marjorie Pope 4 months ago

    I love the sunflower dress!!! So beautiful and classy

  • Cathleen Lofland
    Cathleen Lofland 4 months ago

    Hi I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos. I was having a really bad day and found this video and it really Cheered me up,I lost my mom in Dec and it's so nice to see you and your mom have so much fun together and she has the best laugh! Thank you for all you do and I hope your feeling better and that your house will be fixed soon and not make you suffer anymore. Lots of Love to you and your family 💜🖤