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The Boys - Season 3 First Look | Prime Video

  • Published on Jan 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Payback's coming June 3rd.
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    About The Boys:
    The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good. It's the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about "The Seven", and their formidable Vought backing.
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    The Boys - Season 3 First Look | Prime Video

    Prime Video
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Comments • 734

  • Brendon Smith
    Brendon Smith 4 months ago +2380

    You can just tell Homelander is about ready to snap

  • ßØSS 1417
    ßØSS 1417 4 months ago +1196

    Joker: I have the *creepiest smile!*
    Homelander: Hold My *Milk*

    • Krish
      Krish 23 days ago

      @Haste He say "marvel is better than dc" on literally every video

    • Haste
      Haste 27 days ago

      @Krish What did he say?

    • Krish
      Krish 2 months ago

      @SparrowIZ Aren't U the guy who comments "DC is better than Marvel" in every video?

    • Platinum Dubbing
      Platinum Dubbing 2 months ago

      @Herhsey Ford boombs 😵

  • Jane Shepard
    Jane Shepard 4 months ago +1568

    Homelander easily steals every scene he is in.
    Kudos to the actor !!

    • Los Kolkatos
      Los Kolkatos 2 months ago +1

      @S K I believe he was better in Boys. Banshee started well but later on turned out to be SJW garbage

    • CyberAnimeGlitches
      CyberAnimeGlitches 2 months ago

      Well this age very well especially what the actor did

    • Deanna Henry
      Deanna Henry 2 months ago

      @Ricky Khokhar then why r u here

    • Jay Starr
      Jay Starr 2 months ago +2

      His name is Antony Starr.

  • Tru_Gam3r _89
    Tru_Gam3r _89 4 months ago +752

    Homelander has well and truly lost it, this season is gonna be goooood!

    • lakeitron
      lakeitron 2 months ago

      thats what we thought last season but we just got some “imagined” scenarios. hopefully he actually loses it this season tho

      JIMMY THE ONE 3 months ago

      @Nemenis he is powers is like 1percent of zod's power's you are probably comparing him on the lies spread by vought lol

      JIMMY THE ONE 3 months ago

      @Nemenis just one word: lol

      JIMMY THE ONE 3 months ago

      @Nemenis bruh dude read the comics his show counterpart is not going to be immensely powerfull then the comic book version

      JIMMY THE ONE 3 months ago

      @Nemenisask who tf not said

  • Damar158
    Damar158 4 months ago +405

    Poor Ashley, she's the only one who can see Homelander is seconds away from lasering everyone in the room.

    • !?
      !? Month ago

      @Bizzram ✓ Canadian here.
      Most of the world sees America as like The Tick. He (America) is a very super powerful person (albeit not as strong as he thinks he is.) While having seemingly solid morals and ethics and a seemingly normal intelligence, America nonethless frequently seems to do boneheadedly stupid things he has no good excuse for doing.
      In this metaphor the country America's smartest people i.e. university professors are The Tick's friend Arthur, who despite his good advice is/are rarely listened to.
      The exception is when America occasionally becomes the Hulk and freaks the f**k out.
      (However on very rare occasions like during WW2 America becomes the Professor Hulk persona.)

    • African Girl
      African Girl 3 months ago

      😂🤣 ZAPP

    • jakov povreslo
      jakov povreslo 3 months ago +1

      @American Socialist ¸its more what america think it is and what the world knows it is

    • American Socialist
      American Socialist 3 months ago +1

      Maybe she'll ask Starlight for help and the latter will introduce her to the Boys.

  • Andy
    Andy 4 months ago +359

    Everyone's talking about Homelander, and understandably so, but I'm hyped this season for Jensen Ackles, especially because he's working under Eric Kripke again.

    • !?
      !? Month ago

      @RICO PARADISE The television show Supernatural taught me that God took the human name Chuck Shurley and created suffering and evil in existence purely to mess with people for shyts and giggles.
      (Seriously though, why not do some street preaching or something instead of random yt comments? They don't convert anyone and they're just boring and annoying.)

    • Kaitlyn Martin
      Kaitlyn Martin 2 months ago

      I keep thinking about Soldier Boy.

    • TripleK-Dyson Gaming with Dank Fun
      TripleK-Dyson Gaming with Dank Fun 4 months ago +1

      @Gabriela da Silva True Bobby was the best parent they ever had. I think the word that describes the show best is "family". The boys had a horrible upbringing and didn't have any good parents figures until Bobby, and over time they made friends like Ellen and Jo and Cass, who showed you don't gave to be blood related to be family.

    • Gabriela da Silva
      Gabriela da Silva 4 months ago

      @TripleK-Dyson Gaming with Dank Fun yes, it was truly a great season. I really have mixed feelings about Mary and John, liked both in the time travel episodes of season 4and 5 but hate them as parents, i wished the original Bobby to come back instead.

    • TripleK-Dyson Gaming with Dank Fun
      TripleK-Dyson Gaming with Dank Fun 4 months ago +1

      @Gabriela da Silva Yeah I liked the Season 11 finale due to their being very important stakes like the Apocalypse with the world ending and God still being not evil albeit still deadbeat. It was a good reveal of Mary coming back too. Ultimately I think the show couldn't find anything more scary than Michael and Lucifer until Amara showed up, finally making a scary villain.

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan Wright 4 months ago +72

    This is easily the best super hero film/show of all time. The writing is as good as it gets they literally never lack and honestly is probably more true to what it truly would be like if it was real life. Best show on Amazon. Wish carnival row continued, Hana is good. They need to ditch all the half assed movies and put more production in shows

    • Cam Brown
      Cam Brown 2 months ago

      @Paul Thronson “funny” isn’t the right word to describe peacemaker. It’s it by far the most hilarious superhero show to ever exist as of now

    • River Twygz bed
      River Twygz bed 3 months ago

      @waterfall3o Sociopathic Superman and General Zod mixed with J. J Jameson

    • waterfall3o
      waterfall3o 3 months ago

      This and Invisible

    • Paul Thronson
      Paul Thronson 4 months ago +2

      I was until Peacemaker dropped. It has a similar vibe but is funnier and more human I think because it isn't trying to be so meta. The Boys is still totally amazing.

    • Flannery Morgan
      Flannery Morgan 4 months ago

      Carnival Row season two has finished filming and is nearly finished post-production. It will be dropping this year on Prime Video.

  • Artus Meyer-Toms
    Artus Meyer-Toms 4 months ago +271

    Starlight being permitted to wear the old outfit hints that Starlight has finally gained some leverage over Vought.

      BEAUTIFUL WORLD 4 months ago +5

      @margareth michelina Yeah that’s not going to last long. I feel like it will only work until episode 4 or 5 where they can’t use leverage over him

    • margareth michelina
      margareth michelina 4 months ago +4

      Also, since Stormfront is out of the team and Vought keeps her body in their own supervision, she's back to the team and she and Maeve need to play clever to twist Homelander to get out of their way

    • Amritansh Mishra
      Amritansh Mishra 4 months ago

      @Ryuksgelus exactly 😂

    • Ryuksgelus
      Ryuksgelus 4 months ago +41

      Hints? That's how S2 ended. SL regaining her old suit because Queen Maeve has video of Homelander and her abandoning the plane.

  • Ghanima Atreides
    Ghanima Atreides 4 months ago +134

    The Boys is an incredibly well written show. The show is even smarter than the comic books and adds some depth that wasn't there before. Kudos to the producers and writing staff.

    • RJ Dorian. 2795
      RJ Dorian. 2795 4 months ago +2

      Yes if any of the writers can focus on their jobs.

    • psychicghost
      psychicghost 4 months ago +4

      @No Time to Waste ironic as The Boys show underscores the absurd level companies like Vought go to in their marketing/PR campaigns. Yet we got us a live PR marketing campaign right here...

    • Carles L'azaro
      Carles L'azaro 4 months ago

      @No Time to Waste marketing..

    • nah ••
      nah •• 4 months ago

      @Hercules invincible?

    • No Time to Waste
      No Time to Waste 4 months ago +28

      Why are there multiple accounts posting the exact same comment verbatim? That's not suspicious at all! (Btw the show is indeed great, even though some of the comments praising it are from bots)

  • Richard Compton
    Richard Compton 3 months ago +32

    Antony Starr is such an outstanding, phenomenal actor, I've never been more terrified of a superhero until I saw his portrayal of Homelander.
    Now just imagine him in the role of Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash...that would be an absolute nightmare.

    • BlazeofGlory
      BlazeofGlory Month ago +1

      Oh, my gods. That would be TERRIFYING.

    • MBPhilip black
      MBPhilip black 2 months ago +1

      Yes, I absolutely agree that would able a fantastic cast I can see it now oh my god they need to consider this

  • Durgam Riad
    Durgam Riad 4 months ago +149

    "If you do that I'll destroy everything and everyone"
    Why do i feel like he's gonna deliver that promise this season

    • !?
      !? Month ago

      @Durgam Riad Agree with all you said except for "the comic almost nobody knew about." All the collected 6 issue trade paperbacks of that comic were new york times best sellers back then and the comic sold tens of thousanda of copies worth of each of its 75 issues and trade paperbacks.

    • Durgam Riad
      Durgam Riad 3 months ago +1

      @Poorav Sankhyan well after two successful seasons, creating a huge fandom for a comic that almost nobody know it existed and becoming one of the highest rated TV shows of all time I think the series has a good chance of making great profit

    • Poorav Sankhyan
      Poorav Sankhyan 3 months ago +1

      @Durgam Riad but the profit should be in Avengers level

    • Durgam Riad
      Durgam Riad 3 months ago +2

      @Poorav Sankhyan I think Amazon can afford that

  • Ge@r&@rcher
    Ge@r&@rcher 4 months ago +348

    I love how Madelyn Stillwell was the representation of a callous CEO: Cunning, greedy and manipulative enough to know how to keep people like homelander in line.
    There s also Ashley, who compared to Madelyn is a YES woman. She s aware of homelanders antics, yet she finds herself unable of doing anything to control him. Even though she s supposed to be Boss Number 2 in Vought, she tends to be bossed around. Even though she s just as greedy as madelyn, she shows her humanity with more frequency than her.

    • Keisha Johnson
      Keisha Johnson 3 months ago

      @Neolithika Jessica Bradley

    • Keisha Johnson
      Keisha Johnson 3 months ago

      Because she doesn’t wanna die 🤣

    • Ge@r&@rcher
      Ge@r&@rcher 4 months ago

      @Bizzram ✓ wait wait wait I thought it was:
      How america sees itself: Superman
      How the world sees america: Homelander.
      How america really is: Captain Leslie Hero

    • Bizzram ✓
      Bizzram ✓ 4 months ago +2

      What 80% population in the world thinks about America: Superman.
      What America really is:

    • Ge@r&@rcher
      Ge@r&@rcher 4 months ago +2

      @margareth michelinaBoth Stillwell and Storfront have an antagonistic relationship with Homelander in the comics but because the tv series version of Homelander has such a complex and deep characterization, the gender swapping worked better with his arc. That s one of the reasons homelander s about to snap

  • Ace
    Ace 4 months ago +61

    When Homelander smiles like that it means things are going to get out of hands

    • MysteriousStrangerVA
      MysteriousStrangerVA 3 months ago

      Nah, hands will get thrown.

    • The94Venom
      The94Venom 4 months ago +3

      @Abdulaziz Ali "Things just got out of hands"
      - Supreme Strange stuffing his mouth with pop-corn in front of his laptop

    • M Musashi
      M Musashi 4 months ago +2

      He is sinister

    • Abdulaziz Ali
      Abdulaziz Ali 4 months ago +6

      Strange supreme

    STARFOX 4 months ago +83

    Amo The Boys, melhor série.

  • Jason Bradley
    Jason Bradley 4 months ago +31

    More people need to watch The Boys. Great show! Can’t wait for season 3.

  • har
    har 4 months ago +41

    One of my favorite comicbook shows. Can't wait for season 3.😍

      BEAUTIFUL WORLD 4 months ago +3

      It’s the best Show period !

    • 101titan101
      101titan101 4 months ago +3

      Out of all the CW, Netflix, and Disney+ shows: Daredevil, Watchmen, and the Boys are easily the best

    RAHUL MEENA 3 months ago +9

    The facial expression of Ashley telling us that season 3 is something that we didn't imagine 🔥😍
    Kudos to Amazon prime and Anthony starr🔥😍

  • Frodo Molecule
    Frodo Molecule 4 months ago +38

    Antony portrays pain so well... He is fantastic!!!

  • andros ram
    andros ram 4 months ago +92

    Annie s popularity is supposed to rise even more in this season and it will be a "big deal". Perhaps she s becoming the most popular member in the 7 and the fact that the media and the fans consider she s on "homelander s level" clearly annoyed Homelander. I am pretty sure those people were there to write an article just about Annie, while homelander was in the way.

    • Amritansh Mishra
      Amritansh Mishra 4 months ago

      That actually makes sense

    • Gabriela da Silva
      Gabriela da Silva 4 months ago

      @andros ram yeah they wouldn't kill off him and lose Anthony Starr many consider him the best actor in this show. At least not until the series finale.

    • TheWandaDoll
      TheWandaDoll 4 months ago

      I guess Vought will ask (or make a deal) with Starlight to fake date with Homelander so Vought can cover the fact that Homelander used to date with Stormfront.

    • andros ram
      andros ram 4 months ago

      @Thomas O. Wow, that actually is a good detail. Annie was probably named Co leader of the 7 (thanks to a little help from Maeve) and now she s the one giving orders too. Not even stormfront accomplished that.

    • Thomas O.
      Thomas O. 4 months ago

      I agree. We can also see here that there are two chairs at the head of the “7 Table” where previously there was only one, where Homelander sat. I’m guessing the other chair at the table’s head is for Annie to reflect her growing popularity and status.

  • Tiago 25
    Tiago 25 4 months ago +63

    Finalmente a melhor serie voltou

    • Kapil Azaan
      Kapil Azaan 4 months ago

      @SparrowIZ that's your dad. At 0:45

    • SparrowIZ
      SparrowIZ 4 months ago

      that's your mom

    GAMES!GAMES!GAMES! 4 months ago +17

    I hope we see season 2 of invincible this year as well hopefully this will scratch that itch

  • 𝕰𝖗𝖆𝖘𝖊 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖚𝖓

    Anthony Starr is just a monster in this role 💪🏻

  • mori1bund
    mori1bund 4 months ago +10

    All praise to Anthony Starr who does such a fantastic job with playing Homelander!

  • Prem Kolkar
    Prem Kolkar 2 months ago

    I really love this series 😍

  • BioshadowX
    BioshadowX 4 months ago +7

    Anthony Starr is such a good actor, especially with his facial expressions

  • Lord Cregan Stark
    Lord Cregan Stark 4 months ago +2

    Love the show and the characters. They’ve veered from the comics intelligently and became more relevant. But I miss the crazy overpowered (and really crazy) homelander clone back up. Just to not crutch on homelander being too strong to stop.

  • Kayls
    Kayls 4 months ago +6

    Binged the both seasons in a few days! Loved it .so excited

  • Cody James
    Cody James 4 months ago +29

    My theory as to what is going on here is that Starlight is becoming the new co-leader of The Seven since you can see two chairs at the end of the table instead of just Homelander's, which is probably why they are doing photoshoots. And in true Homelander fashion, he hates that idea.

    • TheWandaDoll
      TheWandaDoll 4 months ago +1

      @Cody James Agree but I think there is no turning back for Starlight. She is still in the same team with Homelander and he has to see her face everyday. I believe if Starlight don't want to risk let Homelander try something behind her back, she might accept Vought offer so the press will focus on them not the boys or Hughie.

    • Cody James
      Cody James 4 months ago +2

      @TheWandaDoll If she had to fake date Homelander that would be terrifying. Even Maeve wouldn't dare to do that.

    • TheWandaDoll
      TheWandaDoll 4 months ago +1

      I guess Vought may ask Starlight to fake date with Homelander so they can cover the story between Homelander and Stormfront, it is also good strategy for them to give someone more power in team to counter Homelander like they did with Victoria Neuman.

    • Aadeesh Kumar
      Aadeesh Kumar 4 months ago +1

      I think it goes deeper than just that, if s2's ending was any indication.

    • X
      X 4 months ago +2

      She’s also wearing her preferred outfit.

  • Brandon Hernandez
    Brandon Hernandez 4 months ago +3

    Hell… yes!!! I’m super ready for The Boys: Season 3! Let’s go!! 🙌🏼👏🏼

  • Abhishek SINGH
    Abhishek SINGH 4 months ago +16

    0:06 me when my parents force me to take family picture

  • SPER
    SPER 4 months ago +2

    The Boys is an incredibly well written show. The show is even smarter than the comic books and adds some depth that wasn't there before. Kudos to the producers and writing staff.

  • Txy Scrxlls
    Txy Scrxlls 2 months ago

    Can't wait to see this! I love Homelander so much!

  • Pamela Pereyra
    Pamela Pereyra 4 months ago +1

    Can’t wait!! Love this show

  • Tom Darley
    Tom Darley 4 months ago +25

    How can such a short and simple clip make me feel so on edge

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa 4 months ago +1

    Finalmente a melhor serie voltou

  • Riaz Khan
    Riaz Khan 4 months ago +3

    What an expression from Antony! Very very talented actor.

  • Deepthi Tiwari
    Deepthi Tiwari 4 months ago +4

    Get this man an Emmy for that smile 😶

  • Ranata
    Ranata 3 months ago +1

    The man looks insane. The actor plays him so well.

  • Katie H
    Katie H 4 months ago +1

    This show is so awesome I cannot remember liking anything this much since game of thrones.

  • Yung Zoink
    Yung Zoink 4 months ago +1

    I like how it's almost never a good thing when Homelander smiles

  • Abdul Malik
    Abdul Malik 4 months ago +11

    You are the real heroes 🔥🖤
    So excited!

  • Talzium
    Talzium 4 months ago +1

    I love how the eerie screeching noise just cuts to complete silence

  • dbzking02
    dbzking02 4 months ago +11

    Wherever Ryan is, I hope he's training hard.

  • Argha Swarup Paul
    Argha Swarup Paul 2 months ago

    Really great expressions. I am sorry I did not know him before but now I can say he is an actor of class. Anyone one can see the depression and anger and frustration in homlanders eyes while he is smiling.

  • Raphael Barros
    Raphael Barros 4 months ago +16

    The Homeland actor reaction is insane.

  • De'Andre Mills
    De'Andre Mills 4 months ago +8

    I was literally dying to know when this season was coming THANK GOD

      RICO PARADISE 4 months ago +1

      ✅By Faith in the sacrifice God has made are we saved from the penalty of sin!
      🔵Turn from your sin that leads to death & accept His Gift that leads to eternal Life!
      💜We are all sinners that need God. No one can say they are perfect to be able to pay their debt of sin. This is why only God could pay the penalty for us, that is merciful Love!

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv 4 months ago +2

    Antony portrays pain so well... He is fantastic!!!

  • sharon niblett
    sharon niblett 4 months ago +8

    I've been waiting for this I can't wait for this season

  • Heel Moxley
    Heel Moxley 2 months ago

    One of my favourite villains over the last few years

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo 4 months ago +1

    Anthony Starr is just a monster in this role 💪🏻

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma 4 months ago +2

    Such an amazing actor

  • 142Pratapsing Rathod
    142Pratapsing Rathod 4 months ago +2

    this is season is gonna get really next level crazy, you can literally see it in homelander eyes

  • miko foin
    miko foin 4 months ago

    Antony portrays pain so well... He is fantastic!!!

  • Day Park14
    Day Park14 4 months ago +4

    Homelander has a smile only a mother could love.
    If he had one

  • draxcir
    draxcir 4 months ago +1

    Dude needs to win an Emmy or something

  • Purushottam Mehta
    Purushottam Mehta 3 months ago

    Excited to watch season 3🎉🎊✨❤

  • aravind naidu
    aravind naidu 4 months ago +2

    Whoa.... What an expression man!
    Anger, disgust, hate, frustration, tired of acting good guy in the eyes and joker laugh at a time. This is a true actor.

  • ace2532
    ace2532 3 months ago

    I just caught up today and my God I NEED Season 3 already please 😩

  • Joey Winchester
    Joey Winchester 4 months ago

    Can’t wait to see Jensen Ackles in this and his role in all of this amazing psychopath hero business

  • oWsome
    oWsome 4 months ago

    Can't wait for this season.

  • Jason King 1381From BKNY
    Jason King 1381From BKNY 4 months ago +21

    Makes you wonder what Homelander is thinking while he fakes this 🤣

    • dbzking02
      dbzking02 4 months ago +4

      Just making an Arya Stark kill list.

  • Yafet Kibrom
    Yafet Kibrom 4 months ago +5

    Thats my reaction to how long I have to wait for this season

  • Srikanth Mamidi
    Srikanth Mamidi 4 months ago +3

    You guys are the real heroes

  • Evans Ampoma
    Evans Ampoma 4 months ago +1

    a great big Amazon prime TV series keeps doing stuff like this, badass stuff, with stakes

  • Luke Collins
    Luke Collins 4 months ago +19

    *Homelander is about to be even more brutal and ruthless I can feel it*

    NISHANT NISHANT 4 months ago +1

    Omfg i am hyped up for show
    Been waiting for this since end of season 2 hope that this season will also be diabolical

  • Vedant Tomar
    Vedant Tomar 4 months ago +3

    this is of the best shows out there. i've been waited for this show since 9th october 2020

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing 4 months ago

    When Homelander smiles like that it means things are going to get out of hands

  • sakethram ponnaluri
    sakethram ponnaluri 4 months ago +5

    According to the comics the real villian in the boys universe is not homelander. It's Billy Butcher.

  • Yasmin Sultana
    Yasmin Sultana 4 months ago +2

    I am so so so excited for this season 3 i feel goosebumps 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Paul Thronson
    Paul Thronson 4 months ago +1

    The Boys was completely my fav superhero anything until Peacemaker dropped. Wow, different but maybe funnier and more human because it isn't trying to be so meta and it has less characters to try and keep in focus? The Boys is still totally amazing though and only three episodes of Peacemaker is out so who knows.

  • Zalvarton Z
    Zalvarton Z 4 months ago

    As soon as I saw the first few seconds, I went for the like button.

  • Andrei-Cătălin Postolache

    The best birthday present I will ever get!!! Thanks, Amazon!!!

  • Proffo FF
    Proffo FF 4 months ago +1

    This is what I was waiting for

  • Lx09
    Lx09 4 months ago +8

    I wanna see homelander just snap and try to take over the world

  • Ahlaam Mohammed
    Ahlaam Mohammed 4 months ago +1

    Yep. Time to binge the second season again.

  • Ace
    Ace 4 months ago +8

    Homelander has the most creepiest smile I've ever seen in my life

  • Shashank Bhadauriya
    Shashank Bhadauriya 4 months ago +1

    Give this man an Oscar

  • Heitor Lira
    Heitor Lira 4 months ago +2

    Finally we have a release date!!!

  • The Gunslinger
    The Gunslinger 4 months ago +3

    Finally! I've been waiting patiently for a while.

  • Aadi
    Aadi 3 months ago

    Excited for season 3

  • Amaljith kL10
    Amaljith kL10 4 months ago +1

    Atlast coming butcher and Homelander😍 waiting for that moment

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod 4 months ago +1

    When Homelander smiles like that it means things are going to get out of hands

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa 4 months ago

      Homelander is pissed he has to share the spotlight with starlight

  • Just Fun
    Just Fun 4 months ago

    Can't wait 🔥🔥🔥

  • werewolf914
    werewolf914 4 months ago +1

    I really hope we get a trailer with Jensen Ackles before the show comes out.

  • Myella Torres
    Myella Torres 4 months ago +1

    i can’t wait 😭❤️

  • AD
    AD 4 months ago +2

    Edgar: would you like to be homelander's personal assistant for 1yr. Salary is a million dollars per month with full benefits.
    Me: No, nope, a capital N👏O👏!!!

  • Earnest Nathan
    Earnest Nathan 4 months ago +1

    Holy hell! Now that's how you make a teaser. So excited!

  • Raja Joshi
    Raja Joshi 4 months ago +2

    Pls this season release in India in Hindi Dubb 🙏🏻

  • James Holden
    James Holden 4 months ago +1

    It might be too late but please include life during wartime by the talking heads. David Bowie (maybe diamond dogs or something from hunky dory because of the superhuman concept) and the usual mix of Billy Joel

  • African Girl
    African Girl 3 months ago +1

    I can't wait!

  • Bimsara Kumarajeewa
    Bimsara Kumarajeewa 2 months ago

    He's about to laser everyone in that room.
    kudos to Anthony Staar for such an amazing performance..

  • SirGouda
    SirGouda 4 months ago

    Hell yea, this what I’m waiting for

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva 26 days ago

    Cant wait to watch it!!!

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 4 months ago +2

    that look on Ashley's face want to tell something

  • itsme hiba
    itsme hiba 4 months ago +2

    OMG can't wait 😭

  • Edward
    Edward 4 months ago +1

    Can't wait!!!

  • Filmy Scape
    Filmy Scape 4 months ago +1

    Can't wait 😌🥶

  • kumar abhishek
    kumar abhishek 2 months ago

    Whatta actor Toni starr is ❤️❤️ Totally different person on an off the camera 🤣

  • NyteGamerMace
    NyteGamerMace 4 months ago +1

    I'm so excited June 3 so hyped 😁😁