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  • Published on Jul 17, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • I went undercover at a family friendly rally for 24 hours, it was so fun!
    MY INSTA- nikoomilana
    Follow my twitter to see the tweet- NikoOmilana
    Link to tweet- NikoOmilana/statu...
    MY SNAPCHAT: NikolasOmilana
    Business Email - NikolasOmilana@Gmail.com
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    TBJZL 5 years ago +37791

    Another incredible video Niko😂please be careful though, the shmucks are really starting to take it personally

    • Hamse Nur
      Hamse Nur 5 years ago +350

      TBJZL my hero

    • Azzy F
      Azzy F 5 years ago +591

      How come every british youtuber knows each other, love you Tobi tho

    • Andy Hearn
      Andy Hearn 5 years ago +148

      I was there, Niko was never threatened. He was exposed quite early as trolling. Absolutely no one threatened him and i even asked a cop to leave him alone when he took it upon himself to ask Niko to leave.

    • RabzN
      RabzN 5 years ago +12


    • JayKiidd
      JayKiidd 5 years ago +33

      TBJZL collab with him!

  • Noah_The_DM
    Noah_The_DM Year ago +7278

    Its crazy the confidence this man has to walk up to someone and make an idiot out of them straight to their face :)

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +10

      I do that evey day mate. You need a reality check because what is done here in this video is nothing unique.

    • Troll 250
      Troll 250 Year ago +199

      @Urban Larsson corny ahh

    • QuintonRC23
      QuintonRC23 Year ago +7

      But why though? Why do people go looking to cause problems?

    • Nitrous Oxide
      Nitrous Oxide Year ago +5

      He's just that big of a fool

    • John Mark
      John Mark Year ago +11

      He just ended up making himself look like an idiot.

  • Uncle Mart
    Uncle Mart Year ago +2043

    4 Years later Dylan still wakes up crying in the middle of the night and has to go on social media to make threats to Niko. We really should export the EDL to another country like Russia though.

    • Django
      Django Year ago +41

      Not a bad idea, I'm sure they'd enjoy Russia it's so far right of the UK.

    • Alf
      Alf Year ago +7

      Remember Marseille 2016...

    • Andrew Davies
      Andrew Davies Year ago +17

      I'm sure Russia has plenty of their own versions of the EDL 😄

    • Rants in a Robe
      Rants in a Robe Year ago +3

      The state of the world is proving Dylan correct. He doesnt have to.

  • ScreamingStar64
    ScreamingStar64 Year ago +2905

    When people start to recognize you, you should just feed into the "We all look alike to you" idea. Whether they're flat out racist or not, it will make them question themselves.

  • Sad Heaux the Goddess
    Sad Heaux the Goddess Year ago +968

    Insane how UK people are rallying for American Presidents, yet 99% of Americans can’t even name the UK Prime minister 😂

    • I_likeMen
      I_likeMen Year ago +57

      The only Prime ministers we know are Churchill and Boris Johnson

    • Adin P
      Adin P Year ago +17

      @I_likeMen and May and Thatcher. That's about it. Britain has a more boring political situation though (that's good!), so that's probably why we don't know as much. And news in the US is 90% on our country.

    • I_likeMen
      I_likeMen Year ago +5

      @Adin P Wait who's May? And British news is 90% American? Damn

    • Adin P
      Adin P Year ago +4

      @I_likeMen Theresa May. She resigned because of the Brexit failure. And when I said our country, I meant the US lol. I'm an American.

    • I_likeMen
      I_likeMen Year ago +1

      @Adin P whoops my bad lol
      I thought you made a typo lol

  • Remmi Demmi
    Remmi Demmi 9 months ago +98

    It’s actually crazily awesome what you do with these douchebags. Most youtubers would do any bs to get clout but you are actually risking your life messing with those clowns. Big up Niko and big up the NDL. Huge respect for your anti-racist work, keep it up! Btw still got most of my teeth, probably because of my immigrant family background. Thank God for that!

  • Chosen
    Chosen 2 years ago +14364

    Imagine the edl's shock when they saw him running for mayor😂😂😂

  • SBT Rx
    SBT Rx 3 years ago +10558

    Trump supporter:”how do I know that you’re not a lefty”
    Interviewer: Shakes the trump supporters hand with his right hand

    • Jaxon A
      Jaxon A 3 years ago +25

      SBT Rx by lefty he means liberal...

    • HandY
      HandY 3 years ago +332

      @Jaxon A r/whooosh

    • Jaxon A
      Jaxon A 3 years ago +9

      HandY it’s not funny though

    • Beto Cortez
      Beto Cortez 3 years ago +25

      @Jaxon A E

  • Smoke 6
    Smoke 6 Year ago +872

    Niko is the literal definition of "speech 100" man is so charismatic it should be illegal.

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +1

      Against level 1 npc perhaps. Imagine him trying to talk to someone equal to him, not someone below him.

    • gifxvhjg
      gifxvhjg Year ago +13

      @Urban Larsson why r u on every comment lmaoooo

    • Hello charlie bean cat candle
      Hello charlie bean cat candle Year ago +3

      @Urban Larsson everyones a lvl 1 npc compared to niko.

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +1

      @Hello charlie bean cat candle Not true. Have you noticed that all of the cips are heavy edited?

  • Angelkitty
    Angelkitty Year ago +528

    "I need to stop risking my life for Clip-Share."
    *Three years later, goes to what was rumored to be the most racist town in America.*

    • NoobPrePro
      NoobPrePro Year ago +1

      Well yeah rumoured in the video he talks about how it wasn’t actually racist

    • 𝙔𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘
      𝙔𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘 Year ago +1

      @NoobPrePro it was the area in the town tho? so it counts

    • NoobPrePro
      NoobPrePro Year ago

      @𝙔𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘 nah just outside it that’s why it got its reputation

    • Mayor of PainVille
      Mayor of PainVille 16 days ago

      ⁠@𝙔𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘it wasn't even the same town

  • Hintonator
    Hintonator 2 years ago +5784

    I love hearing the obviously English slang words being said in an American accent

    • ThatCringeCalledIggleboz
      ThatCringeCalledIggleboz 2 years ago +165

      Taking the mick

    • Envey
      Envey Year ago +115

      Hes weffling

    • Eric d'Peerik
      Eric d'Peerik Year ago +18

      Taking the mick in American would mean taking a paddy..... But where are you taking him? 😐 The Irish have suffered enough, let them be

    • Cygnusmir
      Cygnusmir Year ago +5

      @Eric d'Peerik they say taking a paddy in America?

  • Celeste StClair
    Celeste StClair 10 months ago +40

    I'm absolutely creased at Niko calling the guy who sussed him out "Fake news" and within SECONDS they all just turned on the guy cause Niko used a Trump insult. I've never seen a shift as powerful as that, these guys are literally INSANE.

  • Curious Cactus
    Curious Cactus 3 years ago +7086

    Supporters: You’re fake
    Niko: puts on cap
    Supporters: This here is an honest chap
    Niko rejects hug

    • Nate38
      Nate38 3 years ago +29

      thats merica's president

    • Nate38
      Nate38 3 years ago +25

      @tutorialsforyou lol
      ur mad

    • Let's Doodle Something HOME
      Let's Doodle Something HOME 2 years ago +6

      @tutorialsforyou they already have one. The same can’t be said for you tho

    • Joshua T
      Joshua T 2 years ago +1

      Typically someone who buys his merchandise is a supporter...

  • Channing T
    Channing T 2 years ago +9376

    I just can't see Americans doing this for Boris

    • Amina
      Amina 2 years ago +72


    • Minor Ears
      Minor Ears 2 years ago +657

      Boris is a far cry from Trump. I don’t like Boris as much as the next guy, but lets face it Trump makes him look a saint.

    • Ibraheem H
      Ibraheem H 2 years ago +56

      @Minor Ears eh nah

    • NorthStar
      NorthStar 2 years ago +573

      As an American, I can tell you that Americans probably don't even know Boris😂😂

    • Leo Arazi
      Leo Arazi 2 years ago +15

      You have actually got a really good point

  • Tom Purewal
    Tom Purewal 3 years ago +8032

    Schmucks: "how do I know you're not fake"
    Niko: *tap hat*
    Schmucks: "ah yes he's one of us"

    • 𝙆𝙀𝘼
      𝙆𝙀𝘼 3 years ago +30

      You are a legend. 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    • Raneem Soliman
      Raneem Soliman 2 years ago +6


    • Ryomen
      Ryomen 2 years ago +17

      The word "schmuck" was always funny to me idek why

    • Ay.57
      Ay.57 2 years ago +3

      @Ryomen what dose it mean

  • Chris Bee
    Chris Bee Year ago +461

    I'm confused as to why people are in the UK marching for Trump. He wasn't even running for office there.

    • singinginfrontofthefan
      singinginfrontofthefan Year ago +61

      Yo I swear I was like wtf. Not a soul in America hops to the streets about the UK prime Minister elections. Lol

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +25

      Hello Chris Bee, There are Trump rallies in Nigeria too. Because they support a man that ends wars and that encourage work, not woke.

    • ZaZa
      ZaZa Year ago +6

      I'm from the UK and I'm as confused as you

    • sam the floridian
      sam the floridian  Year ago +2

      well when your a leader of such a big country some people will love him and some will hate him. but when you have that much power you can change a lot, so if they like trump it would make sense they would be happy he's there

  • SphinxPK
    SphinxPK Year ago +462

    I found this channel thru his recent kkk video and safe to say I love how gutsy he is and how bad he trolls the dumb garbage spewing people. NDL FOR LIFE RUN IT NIKO

    • Genderfluidly gay💅
      Genderfluidly gay💅 Year ago

      Yes me too 😂😂 love him

    • ProTheMan
      ProTheMan Year ago

      Lmao same here

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +2

      You love a bully, interesting. Does your parents know this? Becuase I think they raised you better then that.

    • Catherine Ellis
      Catherine Ellis Year ago +22

      @Urban Larsson bullying racists doesnt count

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +2

      @Catherine Ellis Bullying is bullying no matter the target. If you bully an animal its still bullying, if you bully an ice-hockey player its still bullying.
      If you dont understand this Catherine Ellis I suggest you talk to your paretns about this or you can just wait until your brain gets more developed and you grow some emapthy.
      I have more experience then anyone in here about bulling... Im the expert. If you never been bullied I can understand you cant identify it when its straight in front of your eyes... for almost 40 min.

  • Christi Keith
    Christi Keith Year ago +28

    Kudos! I love the way you are able to covertly manipulate those people into believing you share their beliefs! And, it's really great that you even got interviews with the more extreme types. Am I impressed with the exposure of just plain stupid? Not sure since I deal with that every day. Otherwise, thank you!

  • demo
    demo 2 years ago +6024

    this man could blag his way into the white house

    • FlyCrowe
      FlyCrowe 2 years ago +7


    • HelloDarkLight
      HelloDarkLight 2 years ago +28

      @FlyCrowe ayyyy? Ayyyy? Niko for Mayor? Did this Demi person predict the future o:

    • KSZB2314
      KSZB2314 2 years ago +40

      Niko: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN

    • LianHua
      LianHua 2 years ago

      Nice pfp

    • FidsVids !
      FidsVids ! 2 years ago +1

      @KSZB2314 hello Charles the french knower

  • Carlos Raya
    Carlos Raya 3 years ago +329

    Let’s all appreciate the fact that he risks his life each week just to make us laugh. We love you Niko❤️

    • yop yop
      yop yop 3 years ago +20

      How does he risk his life hes not going to an antifa rally

    • chichichichi
      chichichichi 3 years ago +14

      ????? This is not life risking at all, I've seen much worse then bad words

    • Basketball Highlights
      Basketball Highlights Year ago +1

      True he’s not risking his life but he is very close to being sued and arrested a few times

  • Victoria Reis
    Victoria Reis 2 years ago +161

    Niko thanks for putting yourself out there to try and educate these lost causes. I am an Venezuelan immigrant in London and this more than laughs makes me happy as you are educating through humor and you are elevated enough not to fall in negativity and ALWAYS STAY VIBEING!!

    • Noah Dietz
      Noah Dietz Year ago +1


    • Shaarav Guha
      Shaarav Guha Year ago +2

      @The Lord is My Shepherd While there is some truth in what you say, you cannot disregard all the benefits skilled/talented migrants bring to the country. They offer a large pool of skilled labour which allows London to maintain its relevance and they also bring lots of students who help UK universities stay at the top of the rankings. I'm not saying the UK couldn't survive on its own, but it would become much less relevant considering most of the people in high up posts are either Asian or from another continent that isn't Europe.

    • AlFdz
      AlFdz Year ago +7

      TheGamerAdrian "Education makes you a trump supporter"
      Also Trump Supporters: 3:34

  • Erwins Arm
    Erwins Arm Year ago +25

    Niko holding the mic right into dilons face and shouting "WE GOT DILON, THIS IS DILON" while ignoring everything he's saying is the funniest thing I've seen in a while lmfao

  • Nils Hedstrom
    Nils Hedstrom 3 years ago +165

    It's funny how people like Dylan seem so tough on the internet and say they will kill you but when you actually meet them they won't do anything.

    TSYDNYK Year ago +120

    Niko stays cool in some hostile situations. He shouldn’t troll, he should just ask honest questions and look for honest answers- his cockiness might get him hurt. I appreciate his courage though haha

    • Goat
      Goat Year ago

      Epic troll

    • Le Mau
      Le Mau Year ago +2


    • Giga Chad
      Giga Chad Year ago +1

      If he talks to them honestly without trolling then he might realise they make good points

    • Randy Bo Bandy
      Randy Bo Bandy Year ago +19

      @Giga Chad bruh

    • A Random Guy
      A Random Guy Year ago +7

      @Giga Chad like Dylan ?

  • TheBadestOnion
    TheBadestOnion 3 years ago +7942

    The “describe trump in 3 words” part got me dead 😂

    • Iononion
      Iononion 3 years ago +111

      A orange boi

    • My Man
      My Man 3 years ago +36

      God Emperor Trump

    • BROLY
      BROLY 3 years ago +26


    • K. Ace.
      K. Ace. 3 years ago +9

      Perfect, I understand them more now.

  • ryanfc
    ryanfc  3 years ago +2346

    that Dylan guy is the classic keyboard warrior it's funny

    • Natalia
      Natalia 2 years ago +2

      when did he say that

    • ryanfc
      ryanfc  2 years ago +38

      @Natalia what ?

    • Natalia
      Natalia 2 years ago +4

      @ryanfc nevermind i found it

    • louis george
      louis george 2 years ago +2

      Is that Dylan Cresswell your talking about? 😂

  • JasperXIII
    JasperXIII Year ago +1037

    Trump Supporter: how do I know you’re not a lefty
    Niko: mAkE aMerRicA gREaT aGaIn!
    Trump Supporter: understandable, have a nice day

    • Theo Freres
      Theo Freres Year ago +1


    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago

      @Theo Freres LETS GO! 16 more years!

    • Theo Freres
      Theo Freres Year ago +2

      @Urban Larsson i love trump but the man will be like 95 in 16 years. He’ll sadly be talking like sleepy joe then.

  • Super Cat
    Super Cat 3 months ago +5

    Nico seriously risks his life all the time. He’s literally the most underrated Clip-Sharer ever. The man be risking his life like he got none of them.🐐

  • Farhana Khondaker
    Farhana Khondaker 3 years ago +50

    As a Muslim woman of colour AND European, I would steer clear of these rallies. God knows what they would do to me, so I was basically anxious as hell for you throughout the video! These are so unsafe, but I admire your courage and trolling skills 😂 I was scared for you but also laughed a lot 😂😂😂

    • My Man
      My Man 3 years ago +5

      We welcome you with open arms..
      Unless your arms have knives tapped to them.. Safety first amirite [insert obnoxious laugh meme]
      No but seriously open arms

    • shitpostingfordayz
      shitpostingfordayz Year ago +4

      Eh you will be fine.

    • tickety boo
      tickety boo 10 months ago +1

      You'd get the last laugh if you took them all out with a special vest.

    • Andreas Löf
      Andreas Löf 8 months ago +2

      You are obvious not from Europe if you think they will hurt you. Stop talking bs.

    • LocalDonnaMan956
      LocalDonnaMan956 3 months ago +1

      of course if you go into any rally looking all nervous people would start assuming you're up to no good. Think you goofball

  • Erik Horyza
    Erik Horyza 5 months ago +10

    10:54 the smile that cop gets on his face is so pure. 😂😂😂

  • robonick360
    robonick360 3 years ago +3044

    Crazy how because he’s black everyone starts questioning whether he’s on the left

    • Matteo Depasquale
      Matteo Depasquale 3 years ago +245

      LOL or because they have a camera and are going around talking to people, and you always see people opposing the views of the rally doing that

    • Man
      Man 3 years ago +146

      Well most blacks do vote for the left

    • karlee carter
      karlee carter 3 years ago +78

      well most blacks are from the left so makes sense

    • God
      God 3 years ago +28

      karlee carter Doesn’t make it okay

  • Yordanos
    Yordanos 2 years ago +112

    This guy is legit the most courageous dude on youtube

  • Twenty4
    Twenty4 3 years ago +21

    Accent, questions, troll level and everything is on point. This guy is the best thing on Clip-Share right now.

  • Cause
    Cause Year ago +20

    "How do I know you're not a lefty?"
    "Make America great again man!"
    Niko came in clutch.

  • Merc
    Merc 3 years ago +123

    Niko is now Officially A National Treasure and Must Be Protected At All Cost.

  • Jay Hough
    Jay Hough Year ago +46

    As an American, I'm sure I'm late to the party but this and the KKK video has made me a fan. Keep it up!

  • Shaniya Wordsworth
    Shaniya Wordsworth 4 years ago +8106

    "He looks English, I'm an American" *taps MAGA hat* LMFAO

    • Me Person
      Me Person 4 years ago +1

      He is English

    • Cqllel
      Cqllel 3 years ago +19

      @Arseny Lucko You're* c;

    • William White cloud
      William White cloud 3 years ago +5

      Your not an American iam,,, what native American tribe are you from ??

    • SleepyMusa
      SleepyMusa 2 years ago

      Best moment 🤣🤣

  • MiloBits
    MiloBits 2 years ago +845

    Niko’s American accent is so good.

    • God of Lovers
      God of Lovers 2 years ago +24

      Yea, I forgot he had an UK accent for a minute lol.

    • Soup
      Soup 2 years ago +117

      I’m sorry but it’s not at all 😭
      He tried though bless him

    • louis george
      louis george 2 years ago +70

      @Soup the fact it was enough to convince them is funny 😂

    • NeoBlox
      NeoBlox 2 years ago +5

      @louis george you cant put it past them lol

  • Humzah Dogar
    Humzah Dogar Year ago +32

    Even the officer started laughing when Nikki said no to stop trolling 🤣🤣

  • sgap pi
    sgap pi 10 months ago +5

    Going for 25k and now your at 6mil. So glad to see the channel succeed as you put in so much effort to your videos and they are always so entertaining

  • Krytt like innit
    Krytt like innit 3 years ago +7

    Niko you are a legend bro, how do you spend so much time around these weirdos without losing it?

  • Ewong
    Ewong Year ago +40

    Make sure to remember extremely radical people (on both sides) that appear at rallies like these don’t represent everyone. Couldn’t give less of a crap if your republican, democrat, or some sort of 4th dimensional being, everyone is different and while some may have different beliefs of either presidency or any controversial things it doesn’t change the fact that not everyone should be stereotyped into someone they’re not because of the certain political party.
    Awesome video man, keep it up!

    • Andy with the skills
      Andy with the skills Year ago +10

      For real your comment needs more likes, there are many people out there that don't understand that one person does not represent the rest and they only make the world more hateful because of that, So I hope more people will one day understand what you already do because it is an important thing to know in this world.

    • Loag Boag
      Loag Boag Year ago +6

      That my least favorite part of society. The loudest of every group speak for the whole

    • Gustavo Fring
      Gustavo Fring Year ago +1

      Shush 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • peter owen
    peter owen 4 years ago +2704

    Brave chap. I'm appalled at how many vile and irrevocably stupid people we seem to have living amongst us.

    • ☁️Georgia☁️
      ☁️Georgia☁️ 4 years ago +20

      Who do you mean the trump supporters or the anti trump supporters

    • Christian McBrearty
      Christian McBrearty 4 years ago +142

      @☁️Georgia☁️ The Trump supporters

    • ☁️Georgia☁️
      ☁️Georgia☁️ 4 years ago +22

      @Christian McBrearty in a trim supporter and I don't class myself as stupid and vile

    • Christian McBrearty
      Christian McBrearty 4 years ago +159

      @☁️Georgia☁️ You might want to make sure your spelling is good before you hit send. Kinda ruins your point

    • ☁️Georgia☁️
      ☁️Georgia☁️ 4 years ago +11

      @Christian McBrearty oh sorry

  • Carl Johnson CJ
    Carl Johnson CJ 3 years ago +284

    This is actually the bravest man I know loool

  • Jake Ronald
    Jake Ronald 3 years ago +5

    This is my new favourite video. Keep it up mate! I’m sorry you had to see the worst of the UK, but you were much calmer than I would have been. Definitely subscribing!

  • Fillup's Lungs
    Fillup's Lungs Year ago +63

    Republicans: Liberals are such sheep.
    Niko: "I had to make my puppets sing for me one last time." HAHAHAHA.

  • F8soundman12
    F8soundman12 3 years ago +11

    Just found you and this shit is hilarious. This is kinda high risk high reward type thing with these type of people so just stay safe man! 😂

  • Lake
    Lake Year ago

    I've wondered how easy this would be to pull. Amazing to see it in action. Well done.

  • Sriram G
    Sriram G 3 years ago +10349

    why tf are there trump rallies in england

  • Sparki Dee
    Sparki Dee 3 years ago +34

    Fucking wicked! 😂😂😂 Laughed so much at this well done mate

  • get stickbugged lol
    get stickbugged lol 3 years ago +235

    That Dylan guy is such a NONCE I'm actually just laughing at his pathetic attempts to scare Niko 🤣🤣😂

  • Yolo64mens
    Yolo64mens Year ago +1

    Its good how Niko always makes fun of both sides, Lmao

  • i like sprite
    i like sprite 3 years ago +5131

    Niko: Why do you like Trump?
    Kid: The memes obviously.
    Now this is a man of culture

    • Fancy Noob
      Fancy Noob 3 years ago +50

      I'm the kid

    • Fancy Noob
      Fancy Noob 3 years ago +19

      I'm so happy

    • i like sprite
      i like sprite 3 years ago +40

      @Fancy Noob No it's fine I believe you

    • Fancy Noob
      Fancy Noob 3 years ago +8

      @i like sprite thx man

    • Fancy Noob
      Fancy Noob 3 years ago +14

      Shahed Miah OK then get discord or call me and I'll show u the sign or I post a vide of the sighn

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev Chelios Year ago +3

    As a middle aged white guy, I would just like to say, you are a legend, keep doing what you do. 🙏

  • Dedrg
    Dedrg Year ago +3291

    The way I see the police immediately go for Niko is kinda fucked up. “Dylan” literally hitting his mic so aggressively but the police goes to Niko, first, bad taste in my mouth

    • Bevsworld04
      Bevsworld04 Year ago +158

      Well yeah ofc they went to him... they complained to the police about him. Its easier to get rid of one guy than 3-4 at once.

    • Dedrg
      Dedrg Year ago +60

      @Bevsworld04 Yeah, I guess I can understand police might have want to do things more simply, but they could've also dragge Niko away while, telling off the person that aggressively swiped at him. Still a way better thing to do, while diffusing the situation

    • Aldranza M
      Aldranza M Year ago +183

      also, a lot of cops are trumpies

    • Kabi
      Kabi Year ago +2

      Anyone knows the name of the background song at 2:05

    • J
      J Year ago +2

      @Dedrg that is what they did tho

  • sigmafied
    sigmafied 3 years ago +121

    ''his an innocent man'' had me on the floor 😂💀

  • dodo
    dodo 3 years ago +175

    I love how Niko tried to blur the faces but it bearly blured

  • Neetu Singh
    Neetu Singh Year ago +15

    "I've never seen a man look so much like his dog in my life." This hits way harder than it should.

  • Ethan Braun
    Ethan Braun Year ago +13

    As a person from the U.S. I find this fucking hilarious! And I believe that most of us are incredibly stupid. 😂

  • Lil Nastyy
    Lil Nastyy Year ago +28

    They’re on public property and speaking to a camera they think is broadcasting live,
    please don’t ever give these disgusting people the privilege of blurred faces.

    • Craigs Craig
      Craigs Craig Year ago +11

      He has to though so he doesn’t get sued

    • RLM
      RLM Year ago +2

      it’s so poorly blured

    • Mayor of PainVille
      Mayor of PainVille 16 days ago

      Even if you hate them they don't deserve to get the harassment they would get if their face were shown

    • Lil Nastyy
      Lil Nastyy 7 days ago

      @Mayor of PainVille people get what they ask for
      Again, they thought it was broadcasting live, which if it was there would be no way to filter or blur what they’re saying. They wanted their words to be shared along with their faces. Blurring them is doing them and us a disservice.

    • Lil Nastyy
      Lil Nastyy 7 days ago

      @Mayor of PainVille so whether you agree with them or not, whether I do or not, privacy is not what these people were asking for, they wanted their opinions to be shared to as many people as they could.

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  • MarkGoldbridgeFanboy
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    Dress up as trump, have trump banners and see how long you can survive in iran.

    • child of the living GOD
      child of the living GOD 3 years ago +185


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      Welijami 3 years ago +59

      Skyosh as a iranian trump supporter, ill say you will last forever by the people, but 2 seconds by the goverment

    • SweetOne
      SweetOne 3 years ago +7

      Welijami I agree from a Persian but I'm not a trump supporter

    • SweetOne
      SweetOne 3 years ago +11

      Welijami they just don't know and it doesn't seem like they'll know anytime soon. Their arrogance divides us. If they had enough knowledge on Iran, they wouldn't be seeing us as such.

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    Rub a dub dub Gratitude tub 4 years ago +1404

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    • The Creative Zombie
      The Creative Zombie 4 years ago +120

      @Awais Gamez why u mad bro he ain't attacking Niko, he's pointing out the mugs at the trump rally running to the police for their hurt feelies. Dial it down

    • Abel S
      Abel S 4 years ago +5

      @Awais Gamez eeeeeehhhh??

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  • EeryTunic
    EeryTunic Year ago +45

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    What this shows me is that it's not race that plays a role but politics. As soon as he said he was with them they welcomed him with open arms.

  • EmisoraRadioPatio
    EmisoraRadioPatio Year ago +2

    Under what authority did the police have for kicking him out of the rally? Since when was trolling illegal?

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    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +1

      @DeadAlpeca Thank you, one day you learn to fight fire with fire, some people can handle it but most people with a "rotten core" cant handle being treated as they treat others. Called a double standard.

    • Urban Larsson
      Urban Larsson Year ago +1

      @DeadAlpeca Also very important that you understand: Just because you dont understand something or find something "Unecessary" doesnt make it so.
      Go ahead and think you can fly, how's the flying going?
      Arrogant people, lol. Easy.

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