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The Thermite Launcher

  • Published on Mar 30, 2016 veröffentlicht
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    Woo Hoo furze does not simply place thermite, he launches it with his super steampunk style launcher, what a device.
    See part 1 here clip-share.net/video/9XAnx5x8E-8/video.html
    See part 2 here clip-share.net/video/uDm3is3PDc0/video.html
    See the Q&A on vessel here www.vessel.com/videos/8031928...
    Check out more crazy Furze projects on my channel and subscribe
    Music is by "March to the Grave" and the song called "stamford Stomp" check it here geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album...
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Comments • 7 671

  • Dick The Dorkwing
    Dick The Dorkwing 3 years ago +1120

    Britian: No guns, No Knives
    Also Britian: Crazy Zombie Apocalypse Weapons....okay.

    • Nick Who
      Nick Who Year ago +1

      Section 5(1)(b):
      General nature of offence: Possession or distributing a weapon capable of discharging a noxious thing.
      Mode of Trial: Triable Either Way.
      Punishment: (a) Summary 6 months or a fine of the statutory maximum; or both. (b) On indictment 10 years or a fine; or both.
      Additional provisions: Not subject to Mandatory Minimum Sentence.

    • legoscout roblox
      legoscout roblox 2 years ago +2

      @Phyranios you have to have permission off the government to make objects like that

    • Phyranios
      Phyranios 2 years ago +3

      @legoscout roblox I doubt it. Hes on private land with permission so as long as he doesn't harm anyone I don't think the government really care

    • legoscout roblox
      legoscout roblox 2 years ago +1

      hes probably got permission of the uk government to make those machines

    • Jacob
      Jacob 2 years ago +3

      He mentioned in part 1 of making it that a thermite launcher is illegal unless supervised.

  • Daniel Theisen
    Daniel Theisen 3 years ago +384

    Haters: "Life isn't a video game"
    Colin: "Challenge accepted"

    • fiddle4joe_
      fiddle4joe_ Year ago +1


    • gamio
      gamio Year ago +3

      Haha flame shield go brrrrrrrrr

    • JupiterKnight
      JupiterKnight Year ago +4

      *sad legion main noises*

    • Reb
      Reb Year ago +5

      Flame core online

    • Blob
      Blob 2 years ago +9

      Papa scorch

  • Central PlayStation
    Central PlayStation 2 years ago +233

    Colin: I made an thermite launcher!
    Me, an scorch main : “you have something that belongs to me , and I want it back”

    • MARS
      MARS 4 months ago

      @Regular internet person rd

    • Woomy84
      Woomy84 6 months ago

      @Pugmanz YT nothing wrong with bein a Tone main, my guy

    • The Elevated One
      The Elevated One 7 months ago

      Tactical Option: Incendiary Traps?

    • The Defender
      The Defender Year ago

      Greetings fellow Papa Gang member

    • raaston
      raaston Year ago +1

      scorch for the win

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson 3 years ago +596

    I think he’s the reason the Brits are banning weapons 😂

    • uncle stoma
      uncle stoma 2 years ago +1

      @Rushing Panda you know the grease gun from ww2 same story

    • Current Comentor
      Current Comentor 2 years ago +3

      @Wet Lettuce When Firearms started becoming restricted in the UK a guy built an unrifled Submachinegun in his shed. if he had only used it himself he would have got away with it. because he sold it and sold the designs/instructions he was put in prison.

    • legoscout roblox
      legoscout roblox 2 years ago

      hes probably got permission of the uk government to make those machines

    • Addison Welsh
      Addison Welsh 2 years ago

      @speedfastman It really doesn't. Most South American countries have strict gun laws, but they're overrun with violent cartels.

    • mesinovict
      mesinovict 3 years ago +3

      And my school want the city to ban those tiny snappers which pop on impact because it "endangers national security",like chill and have some fun,oh,it's school,fun isn't allowed and is considered a mental disability

  • jones
    jones 4 years ago +2464

    This looks dangerous,
    And generally unsafe...
    I must have one.

  • _uck _e in the a__ tonight

    "Thermite Launcher ready, Pilot."

  • GlacialGuy
    GlacialGuy 3 years ago +65

    I appreciate that it didn’t require a 20 minute video discussing how he made it, just introduction, demonstration, and quick explanation in just two minutes. Thanks my guy

    • Hoang Vo
      Hoang Vo Year ago +1

      Its acc interesting, check it out if you have time

    • SaxCthulhu
      SaxCthulhu Year ago +6

      Hahah, he upload two videos of making this, he alleays uoload a video for demostraiton, some of us actually love to see how this things are made.

  • M9Seradon
    M9Seradon 3 years ago +19

    For the last few years I'd been thinking how cool it would be if some crazy bastard made a thermite based weapon. This is a literal dream come true.

  • Eric Olsen
    Eric Olsen 3 years ago +20

    In my opinion, this Brit has earned the title of Honorary American

  • David Abernathy
    David Abernathy 4 years ago +1824

    So in England I can’t own a firearm or walk out of my home with a pocket knife, but I can own a thermite cannon... Oh.

    • Nick Who
      Nick Who Year ago

      No you can't this: Section 5(1)(b)
      General nature of offence: Possession or distributing a weapon capable of discharging a noxious thing.
      Mode of Trial: Triable Either Way.
      Punishment: (a) Summary 6 months or a fine of the statutory maximum; or both. (b) On indictment 10 years or a fine; or both.
      Additional provisions: Not subject to Mandatory Minimum Sentence.

    • Alex Agius
      Alex Agius 2 years ago

      @Jelle "need permit for it and your done" - a "permit" which is may issue, doesn't cover many types of firearms can be revoked at a whim and takes months to get.

    • petrolhead1987
      petrolhead1987 2 years ago

      @Sunhawk but don't forget, a pregnant woman can legally pee into a coppers hat.

    • legoscout roblox
      legoscout roblox 2 years ago

      @Kirill Heart we do have rights

    • legoscout roblox
      legoscout roblox 2 years ago

      @stian nobelisto no thats not true, if the criminal is running away from you then there no longer a threat to your life so you will be committing an offence by attacking them even though there running away

  • Hasmeen91
    Hasmeen91 3 years ago +8

    This dude is now my go-to guy for post apocalyptic weaponry.

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 3 years ago +7

    Just imagine in a post apocalyptic world and just see Colin with his insane tech.

  • Steve Wild Eagle🦅
    Steve Wild Eagle🦅 3 years ago +18

    Massive credit for the sheer danger of the launcher the user is under.👏🏼👍🏻

  • StryderEz
    StryderEz 3 years ago +451

    And thus the Scorch Titan was created...
    (Titanfall 2)

  • Karnivore
    Karnivore 5 years ago +2692

    The man is one lab accident away from becoming a super villan.

    • Captain McLlama
      Captain McLlama 6 months ago

      He already is one

    • indeepj
      indeepj 3 years ago

      Did You Know: By Existing, You Are A "Hater"?

    • ill will
      ill will 3 years ago

      @Kuttispielt do I smell the stench of a hater?

    • ill will
      ill will 3 years ago

      @Kuttispielt he looks like one to me, but you must know him or be a real scientist? (Hater)

    • Kuttispielt
      Kuttispielt 3 years ago

      Egg Salad The Great there ate some people in the background that checked everything and made it legal he said that in the first part

  • Terra
    Terra 3 years ago +20

    I am heavy weapons guy, and this - is my weapon. She weighs 50 kilograms and fires 20 millimeter termite grenades, it costs about 500 dollars to fire to weapon for 12 seconds.
    Some people think they can outsmart me, maybe, maybe, but I have yet to see a man outsmart termite grenade.
    *Queue lots of explosions and fire wrecking the other team as the heavy laughs hysterically*
    *Queue TF2 logo + team roster*

    • Dumble King
      Dumble King 3 years ago +1

      This is my weapon. It weighs 10 kilograms and it fires 20 millimeter termite grenades. It costs 500 dollars to fire this weapon for 12 seconds.
      I never seen man outsmart termite grenades.

    • DiegoDaBonkinator
      DiegoDaBonkinator 3 years ago +1

      Soon thanks to the massive fuck up that was the unusual bug

  • ずんどこきよし
    ずんどこきよし 3 years ago +9


  • Parktrizzle
    Parktrizzle 3 years ago +5

    One simply cannot be awesome without a thermite launcher.

  • PainlessSiren
    PainlessSiren 3 years ago +129

    This doesn't look safe or legal
    I want one

    • mesinovict
      mesinovict 3 years ago +4

      Yeah modern laws are getting outrageously stupid

  • Asteck 113
    Asteck 113 3 years ago +2

    What would be even better is a petrol sprayer mounted on the bottom, or a frozen petrol launcher (for safety). That would mean INFINITE EXPLOSIONS ANYWHERE

  • Nerezza
    Nerezza 2 years ago

    This is surprisingly practical, I wonder if thermite can get through tank armor. That said, the US is basically the only country that hasn't signed an international agreement to stop using incendiary weapons, so it's pretty unlikely this would be weaponized ever since the US is pretty conventional with weaponry.

  • Eric late
    Eric late 2 years ago

    I've been watching colin for years and some how I'm just coming to the realization that this guy is fucking nuts

  • Songs that make me cry

    Colin, I LOVE your channel! You do all things 10yo me dreamed of doing. Me parents just got a 50 acre farm, so maybe I'll have a chance to have a lil fun, albeit with less thermite. Not sure they'd be too happy with that 😅

  • Eaton Asher
    Eaton Asher 3 years ago +1

    I'm slightly concerned by how ridiculously accurate his shots are... 🤣

  • Dániel Deák
    Dániel Deák 3 years ago +679

    This guy should participate in the area 51 raid.
    Pity he is in britain.

    • Jason Grim
      Jason Grim 2 years ago

      Aliens be like screw this

    • PitedApollo
      PitedApollo 2 years ago

      Imagine getting it through customs

    • The Ancap
      The Ancap 2 years ago

      It's just a joke.

    • MistarNOOB
      MistarNOOB 3 years ago

      Arming everyone with the AC hidden blade. Thermite launchers and wolverine claws! Epic battle

    • beep boop
      beep boop 3 years ago

      Imagine having this guy as ur arch nemesis 😂

  • 33mtgear
    33mtgear Year ago

    Colin, you are definitely on a list... glad I started running through your old stuff

  • Neon xXagera
    Neon xXagera 3 years ago +2

    Cannot believe I haven’t heard or seen his channel until today.....this is exactly the kinda stuff I want to see

  • squinch -
    squinch - 4 years ago +2368

    the dislikes are the people in a ten mile radius from Collins house

    • Jason Grim
      Jason Grim 2 years ago

      @Emperor Palpatine if you break into his house don't expect to come out in one piece

    • There's No point
      There's No point 2 years ago

      Grantham is quite a sleepy town, well it used to be.

    • poopoo
      poopoo 2 years ago

      That a lot of people then.

    • charline joseph
      charline joseph 2 years ago +1

      So 3.8k were 10 miles away from him

    • Holo Pilot
      Holo Pilot 2 years ago +1

      or they are Karens

  • Mr. Tomato Hater
    Mr. Tomato Hater 2 years ago +1

    My question is where does Colin store all of the things he makes

  • LeeRob
    LeeRob 2 years ago

    So this this is the guy who made the “fastest mobility scooter”!! Haha, just stumbled on this channel today. Saw that scooter a long time ago! Haha, keep it up you crazy bastard! You remind me of my engineering friends and I back in the day, just on a whole different level! Haha, cheers!!

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green Year ago

    This looks Dangerous and probably great fun love your idea ..Bet the locals around you ain so impressed!

  • Ammo Posada
    Ammo Posada 3 years ago

    So satisfied to see things blow up, his happiness shows so well I felt it haha

  • usefulskills
    usefulskills 6 years ago +1403

    Most creative man ever lived on the internet...

    • Vent Williams
      Vent Williams 5 years ago

      👌pretty much

    • Nomad 087
      Nomad 087 5 years ago

      usefulskills when the Apocalypse happens, he will be the crazy bald British cannibal guy from the 2008 movie Doomsday

    • Andrew Xia
      Andrew Xia 5 years ago +5


    • Tim
      Tim 5 years ago +18

      usefulskills but for how long will he live? LOL

    • James Fry
      James Fry 5 years ago

      i had one that was this nuts when i left school back in 2002 before england went health and safety mad strange thing is he died hang-gliding

  • Shrubbins
    Shrubbins 3 years ago +2

    This could work surprisingly good for military use, you’re literally shooting fireballs, go for something wooden or flammable and it’s gone.

    • Hunter Nelson
      Hunter Nelson 2 years ago

      I think a mix of thermite and napalm would work better. The napalm would cause it to stick and the thermite would melt through any metal besides steel.

  • Zyon S. Saint Germain

    How have I just discovered this channel? 😂 it’s perfect

  • Mike
    Mike 2 years ago

    too much fun, i would love to do something like that

  • Jason C
    Jason C 3 years ago +2

    You know those flare launchers with a big reloading market?

  • TKOR
    TKOR 6 years ago +2312

    Absolutely epic. You're my hero Colin

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 years ago

    Love to see you fire one round into a pond. That thermite is some scary stuff. We use is over here to weld together railroad tracks.

  • Sugar cookie
    Sugar cookie 3 years ago +1

    Can we talk about this aiming for a second like wow he has some good aim.

  • DiegoDaBonkinator
    DiegoDaBonkinator 3 years ago

    You are too excited to have this, I love it.

  • Bri 001
    Bri 001 3 years ago +3

    Colin Furze +Thermite cannon, DAMN RIGHT IM GOMMA WATCH.
    From the States. You rock man. Love your videos

  • DarkRaiiin
    DarkRaiiin 3 years ago +152

    "Look! I made a thermite launcher!"
    Famous last words.

    • Mikey L
      Mikey L Year ago +1

      If you think this is dangerous check out his spinning knife belt video

  • TheRagman
    TheRagman 3 years ago +16

    When you're running an energy weapons build and find your first Incinerator

  • Feynman981
    Feynman981 3 years ago

    I just hope nobody will ever use it against a hydrogen car, or a hydrogen fuel station... There is no secure protection against this weapon you built, colin!

  • 未確認uma
    未確認uma 3 years ago +1


  • Quiett Bear
    Quiett Bear 3 years ago +26

    Such a bad idea... I would not be trusted with that... *two hours later
    Me "I'm sorry wife, we don't have a house anymore, I borrowed a thermite cannon and me and johnny have been drinking..."

  • karlakian
    karlakian 3 years ago

    I like it, no messing around, just a thermite launcher and some education on how to blow stuff up

  • Invictus Prima
    Invictus Prima 3 years ago +1

    British government: bans guns
    British people with sheds: build submachine guns and thermite launchers
    British government:😦

  • We Rock
    We Rock 2 years ago +1

    This Guy Seriously reminds me of the red skull creating crazy weapons. One day we will see him at vormir.... I know it 😂

  • Solus Aldrain
    Solus Aldrain 3 years ago

    This would be interesting to see as a special weapon in Fallout.

  • JustPuncake
    JustPuncake 5 years ago +740

    This guy could really survive a zombie apocalypse

    • Maud Durand
      Maud Durand 3 years ago

      He gonna build a nuke and kill them

    • erick garcia gomez
      erick garcia gomez 3 years ago

      the zombies fear him because the can eat him

    • Josh B
      Josh B 3 years ago +1

      This video?

    • Chuck Beef
      Chuck Beef 3 years ago +1

      He would just build a time machine and go back before the apocalypse.

    • Buci
      Buci 3 years ago

      Or break into area 51

  • Theo Northcutt
    Theo Northcutt 2 years ago

    Colin furze is the human equivalent of “The Engineer”

  • Llogo
    Llogo 2 years ago +1

    Can you imagine a burglar tries to get in his house one night and walks into collins room snd see him with this thing 😂😂

  • Note Ansylvan
    Note Ansylvan 3 years ago +7

    This is the most American British thing I've ever seen. You do everyone proud

  • lostonthe track
    lostonthe track 3 years ago +7

    i swear the inevitable end of the road development for colin will be supervillain...

  • Not Brian
    Not Brian 6 years ago +1597

    Jokes on you colin my washing machine does that and I don't need a thermite launcher

    • Lucas Andrews
      Lucas Andrews 5 years ago +1


    • Lazy boi
      Lazy boi 5 years ago

      Dragon Slayer aka ChrisTheGreat u fucking idiot

    • UltraGamer Gabe
      UltraGamer Gabe 5 years ago

      Soldier 76 pp

    • Esad Zec Friend
      Esad Zec Friend 5 years ago

      Avatareeo jokes on you it doesn't and you no where near as awesome as him

    • Jennifer Snell
      Jennifer Snell 5 years ago

      Ryan Tanner yes it was a rodent on one of them grey mouse

  • Four Seasons
    Four Seasons 2 years ago

    sometimes I wonder how colin is still alive 😂😂

  • The Earls Renegade
    The Earls Renegade 3 years ago

    Sounds like a great guy to have during a zombies appocolype

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres 3 years ago

    This is the type of video I come to see. Non stop action. Kick ass invention. No long time lapse of the invention just to see it tested 1-2 times

  • OneFang
    OneFang 2 years ago

    Imagine a weapon like this in a video game..

  • Stefan
    Stefan 6 years ago +65

    Surprised they let him do all this stuff in the UK, normally they would call the police to break his door down over a butter knife.

  • red
    red 3 years ago +29

    "How are we supposed to raid Area 51?"
    Me: I know a guy...

  • Naxillion
    Naxillion 2 years ago

    This man is who you need to find in the end of days. He will be prepared 😂😂😂

  • FrAnimations
    FrAnimations 3 years ago

    Oh my god. I'm amazed by this. I love it

  • Liam
    Liam 2 years ago +1

    Is it just me or does the launcher look like pyros flamethrower fron tf2. They should make it an in game skin.

  • CarsonTheCook
    CarsonTheCook 5 years ago +58

    Only you can say "I made a Thermite Launcher!" And sound calm.

  • Vortexx
    Vortexx 3 years ago +1

    This must be illegal, but this is awesome, I want one

  • Dustyn Miller
    Dustyn Miller 3 years ago +14

    The best weapon to destroy the terminator.

  • Luigi Casadei
    Luigi Casadei 2 years ago

    someone like Colin has to be at least a little insane.
    i love it.

  • CMN atic
    CMN atic 8 months ago

    Colin has remarkable marksmanship skills
    Which I mean is a good thing considering it's a thermite launcher

  • Will-I-Am-Not
    Will-I-Am-Not 4 years ago +1289

    I see no purpose for such a device
    I want 30 by tuesday

    • _uck _e in the a__ tonight
      _uck _e in the a__ tonight 2 years ago

      Patrick: I'll take ten.

    • Anon Dimwit
      Anon Dimwit 3 years ago

      @Darth Destructusyeah but why would you want to hurt cops they help us

    • Darth Destructus
      Darth Destructus 3 years ago

      Rioters can use this as a weapon against law enforcement and their vehicles. If the thermite round punches through the windshield, it'll melt and burn the inside of the car. If it lands on the hood, it well melt through the engine!

    • Romain Blasselle
      Romain Blasselle 3 years ago

      @paul lefevre +1 Was looking for this

    • Anon Dimwit
      Anon Dimwit 3 years ago +1

      @Ricky Rick wow using it on a pride parade you homophobic piece of shit

  • Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
    Cpl. Dwayne Hicks 3 years ago

    Friday for future: "Safe the World! No more pollution!"
    Collin: "Fck this, I need fun!"

  • Mort
    Mort 3 years ago +55

    Titanfall scorch mains:
    "Owo what's this?"

  • cXspXr
    cXspXr 3 years ago

    This would actually have tons of practical uses

  • thedarknesscallingme
    thedarknesscallingme 3 years ago +1

    when the zombie apocalypse occurs, i'm going to need the directions to this guy's house

    ATMODEPTH 3 years ago +9

    People: Why do we need a thermite lauuncher?
    Colinfurze: Yes!
    Clip-ShareCommunity: We agree!

  • Jozinek
    Jozinek 2 years ago

    Is it just me, or does this seem like a Fallout weapon that someone in power armour would be wielding?

  • Napstack
    Napstack 2 years ago

    First: grappling hook!

  • Kian Zolfaghari
    Kian Zolfaghari 3 years ago

    This man would be the main weaponsmith in a civilian uprising

  • Trashy Alice
    Trashy Alice 6 years ago +41

    how has this guy not been recruited for weapon development and design

    • 彭诚
      彭诚 5 years ago +2

      Donno...he has a higher moral standard?

    • Derpity Derp-Derp
      Derpity Derp-Derp 5 years ago +5

      The Geneva convention only works if the laws are followed. But since nobody follows the laws, it does not do shit.

    • Trenchcoat Samurai
      Trenchcoat Samurai 5 years ago

      True, I would not like to have that happen to me. But then again, a lot of things you don't want to happen to you happens in war. The point I was trying to make is that the Geneva convention makes war less brutal then it was.

    • spartaman64
      spartaman64 5 years ago +1

      +Trenchcoat Samurai being in a tank and getting pened by a sabot round if it doesnt directly hit you will probably be worse

    • Trenchcoat Samurai
      Trenchcoat Samurai 5 years ago

      The Geneva Convention is there for a reason, warfare is brutal, but is it wrong to want to make it less brutal? Can you imagine getting hit with a thermite shell?

  • Zael Heimricht
    Zael Heimricht 3 years ago +9

    Murica: ''We have guns!"
    England: ''Hold my Darjeeling.''

  • Vindicator 6
    Vindicator 6 3 years ago +10

    0 seconds in:

  • Pyro Smoak
    Pyro Smoak 3 years ago

    Collin you're a madman and I love it

  • Gresan Louis
    Gresan Louis 3 years ago +2

    One of the engineers who will develop weapons for Area 51 Raid....Guys take this man in !!!

  • Joe Benz
    Joe Benz 5 years ago +383

    Do you think this could work against deathclaws? or behemoths?

  • Ryan Threlfall
    Ryan Threlfall 2 years ago +1

    I would imagine this guy is on some sort of government watchlist 😂

  • ghastly fellow
    ghastly fellow Year ago

    His inventions will never not amaze me

  • gutsandgears
    gutsandgears 3 years ago +13

    shoots a tank of petrol, shoots a box of fireworks, shoots into a rotating washing machine
    entertained and subscribed

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 3 years ago +1

    Reminds me of the Fallout 3 heavy incinerator, I want one

  • Weebwhacker
    Weebwhacker 3 years ago +1

    This man is my hero.

  • Zael Heimricht
    Zael Heimricht 11 months ago

    Everyone slugishly drinking beer.
    The Odd friend steps in
    "Look! I made a Thermite Launcher!"
    Awestruck silence
    *"Let's go plaaay~!"*
    Steps out. Small delay. Then everyone rushes outside, jumping above the table.

  • Cool Kids
    Cool Kids 3 years ago

    He should become a firearms engineer

  • omkr 01
    omkr 01 3 years ago

    That cannon looks straight out of MIB!

  • James Lindsey
    James Lindsey 6 years ago +12

    Ok so this channel has existed without my knowing and it has everything i love to watch. Clip-Share's suggested videos have been failing me this entire time.

    • Jon S
      Jon S 6 years ago

      +James Lindsey Ikr like why doesn't this show up on my recommendations instead of some shit like "Top 10 Mia Khalifa Facts" or something I don't even wanna watch

  • E E
    E E 3 years ago +1

    He should put a sharp tip on the shell to make it stick

  • GillisPOW
    GillisPOW 3 years ago

    Insane. Love it

  • The Amazing Zoroark
    The Amazing Zoroark 3 years ago


  • AYSL
    AYSL 2 years ago

    What are you willing to bet that he’s built a clone machine and his clones replace him ever time he makes an invention?

  • Exit Only
    Exit Only 3 years ago +39

    "Here spider, spider, spider. I got a present for you."