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  • Published on May 2, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • In this video: LUMPY CALLS HIS SHOT!, my son and I play game 4 of our little wiffle ball series, and Lumpy does the unthinkable! He Calls His SHOT! You don't want to miss this!
    Artwork done by: Jared Jollymore
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    Awesome home run/intro music provided by Sam Hale.
    Music samples via : www.looperman.com
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    About this video: LUMPY CALLS HIS SHOT!, is a video about my life experiences with my son Lumpy, my wife Sinia, my father, family and friends. Come along for the roller coaster ride, as I bring to you the wonderful sights of my life here in California!
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  • Jamesin
    Jamesin 3 years ago +87

    I can just imagine lumpy getting drafted and Benny being so proud. He is such a good father. Benny I hope you see this.

  • Cheesy Screens
    Cheesy Screens 3 years ago +16

    I like how Benny is teaching him not to get mad when he's loosing

  • BlueEyed SkeletonMan
    BlueEyed SkeletonMan 3 months ago

    I love how when benny gets a home run He gets so excited when he a grown up lol

    ICONVO Year ago

    Lumpy and Benny the dynamic duo.

  • Kevin Terry
    Kevin Terry 3 years ago

    I cannot believe their are people out there watching who do not like this video. The love between a father and son here is amazing and some parents need to take notice. This young boy is going to turn out to be a very respectful man. Kudos to Benny and his wife.

  • An apex legend
    An apex legend 3 years ago +4

    7:23 that practice swing was nasty🔥

  • Myles Twyman
    Myles Twyman 3 years ago +1

    I love how Benny walked it off but lumpy acted like he was on his team. Great sportsmanship.

  • Shauna Gaines
    Shauna Gaines 2 years ago

    The bat wanted to congratulate lumpy for homering the first time 😹😂😂🤣

  • The Cable Man
    The Cable Man 2 years ago

    I just love how lumpy is so happy when he hits a home run and when his dad hits a walk off as well.

  • Charlie Clark
    Charlie Clark 3 years ago

    Dude imagine if this was on a baseball field lumpy would be hitting dingers left and right :) keep up the great work

    JDUCKVR 3 months ago

    The squeals got me on the floor😂😂😂

  • youngHanski05 YT
    youngHanski05 YT 3 years ago

    Lumpy would be amazing if he had the same stance every time but I use to do that too 😂😂

  • The Gaming Kid
    The Gaming Kid 3 years ago

    Thank you guys for doing something entertaining so I can watch it during this pandemic

  • kameron mccloskey
    kameron mccloskey 3 years ago +4

    it was so funny when lumpy charged the mound😂🤣

  • Aidenisapickle
    Aidenisapickle 3 years ago +1

    4:30 is the feeling when u hit ur first homerun of the season lol

  • mfgoon
    mfgoon 3 years ago

    The best parts of the vid is were lumpy hits a homer and hugs benny like a really good father and son relationship

  • Action Luis Comedy
    Action Luis Comedy 3 years ago

    Everytime I see a new video from Benny No Lumpy just looks older and older Time is flying way to fast

  • Zach Mifflin
    Zach Mifflin 3 years ago +2

    Lumpy is lucky to have a dad who is a awesome coach 👍

    • Mcdouble
      Mcdouble 3 years ago

      Zachary Mifflin yeah I wish I had that

  • Chris Dempsey
    Chris Dempsey 3 years ago +3

    Benny's First Home Run Was A One Hander Lookin Like Evan Gattis

  • RC from the NYC
    RC from the NYC 3 years ago

    Lumpy calls it and goes clutch again! #LumpyRuth

  • DisneyNate06
    DisneyNate06 3 years ago +1

    Lumpy hit a perfect perfect liner to Benny at 1:41

  • God
    God Year ago +1

    I really love these videos 🤣

  • Jerry Traveler
    Jerry Traveler 3 years ago

    Mad Respect for using a proper Whiffle ball bat.

  • FlashE
    FlashE 3 years ago

    Benny is the best pitchers I ever seen he should get called up to the MLB!!

  • AydanBombs 42
    AydanBombs 42 3 years ago +1

    Lumpy does 3 Mlb stances in one at bat. Cody Bellinger, joc pederson, and Juan Soto!

  • iiPuncake
    iiPuncake 3 years ago

    lumpy is gonna be such a good hitter when he’s 12ish

  • Jaxson Gastelum
    Jaxson Gastelum 3 years ago

    I love when beeny just swing at a ball but hit a homerun

  • Hector 23
    Hector 23 3 years ago

    Yo Benny I love the wiffle ball vids I would love to see more like these

  • Gabe Tulenson
    Gabe Tulenson 3 years ago +30

    that mlb the show 20 perfect liner feeling
    edit: mlb the show 20 players will get it

  • Darth And Cruzerr
    Darth And Cruzerr 3 years ago +1

    Benny is so awesome

  • not_travislp
    not_travislp 3 years ago

    when lumpy said 5 run shot if u hit a car then benny hit the car got me laughing so hard :side not lumpy hits more dingers than me

  • Shannon Hike
    Shannon Hike 3 years ago +2

    Lumpy has good sportsmanship whenever Benny hits a bomb he says
    Nice job dad

  • Andrew Oseguera
    Andrew Oseguera 3 years ago

    Lumpy is like me he always changes his batting stance

  • Jack Simons
    Jack Simons 3 years ago

    Bro his swing is clean🤝👍

  • ZuxiiGT
    ZuxiiGT 3 years ago

    Lumpy can hit so well

  • Zach Bula
    Zach Bula 3 years ago

    Benny you are an amazing dad hope u hit 200k by the end of the year best of luck to you 🎂🎂🍾🍾

  • Matthew Moreno
    Matthew Moreno 2 years ago

    Man showed it off with the walk off home run like Babe ruth

  • Kale Stew 4
    Kale Stew 4 3 years ago +12

    6:46 one handed 😂😂

  • Skared Phace
    Skared Phace 3 years ago

    one day lumpy will hit 5 dingers in a mlb game

  • Alejandro Timmeh
    Alejandro Timmeh Year ago +1

    Benny I think that ball was the best homerun u have done yet it went high and far

  • kxlq_factory
    kxlq_factory 2 years ago

    Cool Benny walks it off!🤟🏻🤟🏻😁😄😁😄😁😄😁

  • Lauren Jarrell
    Lauren Jarrell 3 years ago +1

    Lumpy is a beast I got a haircut too lol keep it up guys

  • zikzy snorts glue
    zikzy snorts glue 3 years ago

    I love how u and lumpy have such a good connection with each other I’m going to keep commenting on every upcoming post stay safe 🙏🏼

  • Abraham Hernandez
    Abraham Hernandez 3 months ago

    Just imagine, so many Wolfle balls are behind the wall

  • Windy-Skirts
    Windy-Skirts 3 years ago

    He is going far in this world, can’t wait to see him in the leagues

  • Moose Nation
    Moose Nation 3 years ago

    These wiffle ball videos are fun to watch me and my brother or dad play wiffle ball in the summer time

  • Matt Laplante
    Matt Laplante 3 years ago

    Lumpy is the G.O.A.T are you guys missing softball and the crew

  • Brock Pierce
    Brock Pierce 3 years ago

    You Guys Are Awesome!!!

  • Timtro'sNitro3g
    Timtro'sNitro3g 2 years ago

    I wonder how they get the wiffle balls that go over the fence

  • cscbaseball
    cscbaseball 3 years ago

    On the first homer Benny hit lumpy just sat back and watched it go

  • Brady Price
    Brady Price 3 years ago

    Lumpy compared to Babe Ruth, there is no difference, good job, keep it up.

  • Connerbittersocks
    Connerbittersocks 2 years ago

    They are too close to the wall Benny swings with one hand and still hits a bomb

  • Ross j Hopper
    Ross j Hopper 3 years ago +1

    It made me happy when lumpy went and hugged Benny after he hit his home run

  • Rj Burks
    Rj Burks 3 years ago

    I love these vids keep it up

  • Gav_Rangersfan31
    Gav_Rangersfan31 3 years ago

    Lumpy made Benny pay for hitting him making the score 4 to 1

  • Stephen Game
    Stephen Game 3 years ago

    This is amazing keep doing this it is the best

  • Lil hockey87
    Lil hockey87 Year ago

    Nice catch benny

  • BIG S 😻
    BIG S 😻 3 years ago

    I really like this wiffle ball series and I like your haircut lumpy

  • Pickle
    Pickle 3 years ago

    Isn’t it weird that lumpy bats left handed but golfs right

  • Elias
    Elias 3 years ago

    Lumpy has a nice swing

  • Damien Destroyer
    Damien Destroyer 3 years ago

    This is awesome!

    ETC GAMING 3 years ago

    I love watching you and lumpy

  • Jen Robinson
    Jen Robinson 3 years ago

    Letting lumpy win means he won’t get better

  • Zach Roos
    Zach Roos 3 years ago +5

    diamond ozzie albies is changing lumpy he does his swing and wants to be a switch hitter now😂

  • Aaron Hofbauer
    Aaron Hofbauer 3 years ago

    Love these videos

  • Baseballers2112
    Baseballers2112 2 years ago

    I want lumpy to have his own channel

  • Paul Crowley
    Paul Crowley 3 years ago

    I think if Benny hits a foul with 2 strikes it should be an out.

  • Anthony Bermudez
    Anthony Bermudez 3 years ago

    By which freeway do you do these whiffle ball challenge at love ❤️ your videos Angels Fan

  • Christian Grayson
    Christian Grayson 3 years ago

    How many years have Benny and lumpy been to playing baseball

  • Good Goin Owen
    Good Goin Owen 3 years ago

    I love watching these videos

  • Nicole Ferguson
    Nicole Ferguson 3 years ago

    Lumpy Is a little Babe Ruth hitting bombs!!!!!

  • Mitchell Pufky
    Mitchell Pufky 3 years ago

    I have a suggestion on lumpys stance he should learn to keep one batting stance instead of changing it every pitch

  • WARR1OR6093
    WARR1OR6093 2 years ago

    Lol at 4:31 the bat came to give a hug also

  • Elmetra Jackson
    Elmetra Jackson 3 years ago

    I always binge watch the videos

  • Willfinn 2025
    Willfinn 2025 3 years ago +1

    Great video benny

  • Paradox Bros
    Paradox Bros 3 years ago +2

    I love lumpy as hat and I’m not even a dodger fan

  • devon
    devon 3 years ago

    u should do a fielding practice vid w lumpy

  • Kevin Basilio
    Kevin Basilio 3 years ago

    Let’s try and get Benny to 200k subs before end of may

    AWHIT 3 years ago +3

    I called it when lumpy hit the 3 run homerun I said 3 run bomb

  • thedunstons
    thedunstons 3 years ago

    The video in 2x speed is SO FUNNY!😂 the fastest speed

  • William_9
    William_9 Year ago

    How do you guys get the ball when it go’s over the Fence

  • Jack Bazz
    Jack Bazz 3 years ago +1

    You guys are awesome

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper 3 years ago

    I just finished my homework I’m so glad you guys just posted this

  • Super Play Action Bros. Channel

    this is a good video benny :)

  • Aaron's Sports Cards
    Aaron's Sports Cards 3 years ago

    A home run right of the foul pole is considered fair?

  • Cantrell Johnson
    Cantrell Johnson 3 years ago

    6:44 how did benny hit that??????

  • Bulldogs Fan
    Bulldogs Fan 3 years ago +2

    Benny No up to bat in the top of the 9 2 outs with a runner on 3rd tie game dodgers vs Yankees. Benny No see’s the first pitch and crushed it dodgers win

  • Peter and Gabriel
    Peter and Gabriel 2 months ago

    He has a nice swing

  • Alex Whalen
    Alex Whalen 3 years ago

    Is lumpy a switch hitter or did he do it just for fun?

  • Marco Ochoa
    Marco Ochoa 3 years ago

    on 2:28 lumpy saw his life flash before his eyes

  • Wyatt Haynes
    Wyatt Haynes 3 years ago

    If benny actually threw the bat!

  • Jayden Guzman
    Jayden Guzman 3 years ago

    Love the vids since there's no baseball 😭👍😂