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How Among Us Was Made and Why The Developers Wanted to Quit

  • Published on Nov 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • This Among Us documentary details the development of the video game Among Us and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover how the members of the small indie studio InnerSloth all met each other in college and started working on Among Us in 2017, after a previous project failed. Originally, the game was only playable on mobile and didn’t support online multiplayer. After the Steam release months later, the team was thinking about giving up on the game entirely.
    The documentary also explores how Among Us became a massive success for the small indie studio and what kind of impact it had on the game itself and the developers. It also details all the design decisions that InnerSloth made throughout development. Lastly, the documentary also takes a look at what’s next for Among Us.
    Outro song: Thank You R.G.E. - Joe Bagale
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  • ThatGuyGlen
    ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

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  • Christopher Moon
    Christopher Moon Year ago +4

    The story of how Among Us managed to reach tons of fame despite being released 2 years ago with barely anyone knowing about the game is unironically beautiful and motivating honestly

  • iRaphahell
    iRaphahell Year ago +1

    Amazing video, 20 minutes felt more like 5, you did a great job!

  • DannTheMan
    DannTheMan Year ago +3

    Such a well made video, this game as such an interesting history.

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Year ago +408

    All entrepreneurs have thought of quitting before. The remaining ones simply persevered.

  • xave
    xave Year ago +2

    Innersloth: "From now on, we are not adding any more to Among Us."

    SUYASH CHAURASIA Year ago +74

    From being an unnoticed game to winning three awards for the game in December 2020 it taught us to never give up and learning from failures .

  • Edward Frost
    Edward Frost Year ago +336

    I'm glad Kaif and the SR group is getting recognition for their contribution of a new wave of players to Among us. Thank youuu :3

  • Twin Endymion
    Twin Endymion Year ago +2

    The sad thing is... There might be A LOT MORE underrated games like this

  • MrMarco
    MrMarco Year ago +372

    It’s funny I’m coming across this, me and my friends have been playing Among Us on and off since 2018, and only now seeing it get so popular and all of my favorite streamers playing it is pretty cool.

  • Syon
    Syon Year ago +12

    Very interesting and well structured as many have already said. Great job!

  • Criss3p4
    Criss3p4 Year ago +166

    I remember playing this game like 1 year ago with my friend. There were like hardly any lobbies available. Although I would be telling a big lie if I said I preferred 2020 among us compared to 2019 among us. 2019 among us was a lot more fun since most of the players then actually were smart and not just a bunch of 2 year old kids.

  • Dave Dörenberg-Veltman

    A team of three. I can't imagine how much stress they must endure. Congrats 👏👏

    Y but YOUJITUBE Year ago +678

    marcus and amy just said:

  • Skylex157
    Skylex157 Year ago +46

    Finally i see someone who gives kaif recognition for attracting new players when this game wasn't popular and was at it lowest, this video was very well researched, congrats you sir

  • Halcyon
    Halcyon Year ago +152

    Absolutely solid video. Well put together and we’ll sourced. Good job!

  • RadenWA
    RadenWA Year ago +16

    Animal Crossing and Among Us’ blow up this year really reflects on what people miss the most, social life and interaction.

  • poachedtoes
    poachedtoes Year ago +853

    Innersloth: we wont add any more maps only some bug fixes.'

  • Isaac Crumpler
    Isaac Crumpler Year ago +522

    "We're not gonna add any more things to Among Us"

  • Waluigi 2119
    Waluigi 2119 Year ago +1

    You should REALLY make a “How Henry stickmin was made and almost Burned out the creator.”