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How Among Us Was Made and Why The Developers Wanted to Quit

  • Published on Nov 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • This Among Us documentary details the development of the video game Among Us and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover how the members of the small indie studio InnerSloth all met each other in college and started working on Among Us in 2017, after a previous project failed. Originally, the game was only playable on mobile and didn’t support online multiplayer. After the Steam release months later, the team was thinking about giving up on the game entirely.
    The documentary also explores how Among Us became a massive success for the small indie studio and what kind of impact it had on the game itself and the developers. It also details all the design decisions that InnerSloth made throughout development. Lastly, the documentary also takes a look at what’s next for Among Us.
    Outro song: Thank You R.G.E. - Joe Bagale
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  • ThatGuyGlen
    ThatGuyGlen  2 years ago +1372

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  • Christopher Moon
    Christopher Moon 2 years ago +4960

    The story of how Among Us managed to reach tons of fame despite being released 2 years ago with barely anyone knowing about the game is unironically beautiful and motivating honestly

    • Brawldeas
      Brawldeas 7 months ago


    • Kariman Galal
      Kariman Galal Year ago

      Mario videos, undertale videos, you are everywhere. You’ve probably seen these kinds of reply’s a lot but seriously.

    • Charles Calvin
      Charles Calvin Year ago

      one of the creator already had clout

    • FinHz
      FinHz Year ago

      oh my fucking god you are the guy in megalo strikeback


      @Marcie Lerski And OwO

  • iRaphahell
    iRaphahell Year ago +1752

    Amazing video, 20 minutes felt more like 5, you did a great job!

    SUYASH CHAURASIA Year ago +99

    From being an unnoticed game to winning three awards for the game in December 2020 it taught us to never give up and learning from failures .

  • Isaac Crumpler
    Isaac Crumpler Year ago +539

    "We're not gonna add any more things to Among Us"
    *Proceeds to add a huge airship from a different game entirely*

  • RadenWA
    RadenWA Year ago +33

    Animal Crossing and Among Us’ blow up this year really reflects on what people miss the most, social life and interaction.

  • DannTheMan
    DannTheMan 2 years ago +3908

    Such a well made video, this game as such an interesting history.

  • Syon
    Syon Year ago +18

    Very interesting and well structured as many have already said. Great job!

  • Novice noob tube
    Novice noob tube Year ago +17

    And then everyone gave up on this game because the developers where taking their time making the game perfect

  • Dave Dörenberg-Veltman

    A team of three. I can't imagine how much stress they must endure. Congrats 👏👏

  • ItzYoYo
    ItzYoYo Year ago +1

    I never expected a game I played back in school would surge in popularity, but I am proud to have played on the beta before it blew up!
    Keep making these videos, Glen! We're here to patiently wait.

  • xave
    xave 2 years ago +2990

    Innersloth: "From now on, we are not adding any more to Among Us."
    Everyone: So that was a f%#$ing lie.

    • Buğra Çelik
      Buğra Çelik 4 months ago


    • kfusionz
      kfusionz Year ago

      @Sturm Art that’s what I say a few months ago. Now I don’t like among us anymore..

    • Nobbie 1234
      Nobbie 1234 Year ago

      Thank God it was

    • Benjen 1211
      Benjen 1211 Year ago

      dude I never swear

    • CapnCoconuts
      CapnCoconuts Year ago

      It's okay because it was a pleasant surprise. Now if they had promised to add features and then went back on their word, that would be a problem.

  • smallgarlic
    smallgarlic Year ago +1

    watching kaif and his group of friends play among us had genuienly been some of the funniest streams i had ever seen, thats what prompted me to get the game and introduce it to my own friends

  • GD Display_Name_Error
    GD Display_Name_Error Year ago +327

    “Permanently $2 and then, it went down to free.”
    Yes, that is permanently.

    • pilapila
      pilapila Year ago

      @Glitch "temporarily" would imply something slightly different here

    • Starbot
      Starbot Year ago +2

      well it's kinda true, the steam release i remembered was like 2$ or more.

    • Xdiamond66 Programmer
      Xdiamond66 Programmer Year ago +22

      @Ninja Tony rejects lan gauge return grunt

    • Ninja Tony
      Ninja Tony Year ago +3

      just shut up if you don't even understand how language works. Jesus.

    • Glitch
      Glitch Year ago +14

      Totally not temporarily

  • Mek
    Mek Year ago +2

    I am Brazilian and the fact that a Brazilian youtuber and our community is an important part of the growth of the game, warms my heart of happiness. I love it when indie games take over from big companies.

  • Aayushi
    Aayushi Year ago +1

    My friends found this game 2 years back and played occasionally but in August they asked me fo play along. Since games isn't really my thing, i was reluctant but agreed eventually. Best decision i made. I still play it regularly in my study breaks, its a mood booster

  • so uhhh nugget
    so uhhh nugget Year ago

    I remember playing among us when skeld was the only map it wasnt as big as it is now but the community loved it and they still do, keep doing a great job innersloth

  • Official CryoStorme

    I love videos like these. Always fun to learn the backstories of hit games

  • Triongle
    Triongle Year ago +12

    Guys, we NEED a round of applause for these devs, they've been working so hard and they really made things better for everyone

    • Heavy
      Heavy Year ago

      Damn right Among us was one hell of a game
      Too bad it got ruined by a meme...

    • Triongle
      Triongle Year ago

      @e Swipe Card, Wires, Keys, Scan, Download, Upload, Asteroids, Trash, Shields, Fuel, Alignment, navigation controls, maze, unlock safe, pistols, divert power. That all I can think of.

    • e
      e Year ago +1

      @Triongle oh so you play among us? name every task

    • GreenNinja
      GreenNinja Year ago +1

      It's just sad that the original creators of the space mafia genre never got any credit. RIP Metastasis (the Warcraft 3 map).

    • Triongle
      Triongle Year ago +2

      @Marshall Webb So.. you don't play Among Us?

  • oohdiana
    oohdiana Year ago +1

    I started playing almost a year ago with some of my brazilians friends. I'm so proud and happy to see how Among Us got they hype it deserved!
    Can't wait to play in the new map! This was a really great video!

  • Twin Endymion
    Twin Endymion Year ago +2364

    The sad thing is... There might be A LOT MORE underrated games like this
    Edit: For all the people who says "This is not underrated", I know. I meant that games that are AMAZING, but are UNDERRATED (i.e. Among Us, was a great game BUT was underrated and made only 35$ in 2018)
    Edit 2: Feel free to comment any games that you think is underrated :)

    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias 2 months ago

      Deceit, game basically a 3d shooter version of a lung us, is hella fun but not much people play it I think the average on steam was less than 200 players in English.

    • Marcus Anark
      Marcus Anark 5 months ago


    • FlairRound
      FlairRound Year ago

      thats actually sad how little it made. i played it back then in 2018 (unless if it was early 2019) often and i thought it was at a decent state, atleast they didnt give up

    • Chillerdude
      Chillerdude Year ago +1

      I think DashMan is pretty underrated lol

    • Mega ExE
      Mega ExE Year ago

      I think the webgame TagPro is underrated... barely no one knows it but for a webgame its really cool

  • FlairRound
    FlairRound Year ago

    i played the game often back in 2018-2019. there was a community yet it was large enough that it was rare to meet people from different matches you met earlier. the maps also costed money on mobile including ads. another thing was that more colors were added a few weeks to a few months after i started playing, then came free hats, i miss the game being small and probably would've kept playing if the outburst of new players didnt happen or wasnt as big

  • Old Account
    Old Account Year ago +2

    I remember playing among us in 2019 and just thought of it like another decent mobile game. I deleted it after like a week and forgot about it until it became popular lol

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy Year ago

    This is such a feel-good story, and shows that AAA is a concept that is unaffordable in the long run.

  • CooleDave123
    CooleDave123 Year ago +129

    "Going to consoles is difficult"
    not even a month later: among us switch edition!
    (i rly enjoyed the vid btw) :)

    • Henrik M
      Henrik M Year ago +6

      Switch is exceptionally easy to port to, which is why the eshop is loaded with shovelware every month. Well, at least it's nice to find the occasional amusing little gem for 10c :D

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +5

      Glad you liked it :D

  • Halcyon
    Halcyon 2 years ago +160

    Absolutely solid video. Well put together and we’ll sourced. Good job!

  • Tralfazz74
    Tralfazz74 Year ago

    From start to finish, this was an exceptionally made video. The running background, rolling text next to the speaker's picture, and the overall timeline were so well put together. The accompanying music was perfect in that I never really noticed it, but I was definitely more interested in the video because of it

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :D

  • Cosmic space thing
    Cosmic space thing Year ago +5

    Wow, the Deity game actually sounds like a really good concept, it would be cool if they came back to it eventually, or make something like it

  • RainPlusCoffee
    RainPlusCoffee Year ago

    So inspiring to learn their journey to success! All their efforts are well paid off. They even bagged 2 huge awards in The Game Awards 2020 - best multiplayer and best mobile game! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Prabhat Tiwari
    Prabhat Tiwari Year ago

    A very well made video. The developer's really did a great job in creating this game.
    Also there is a luck factor as well. Whenever they decided to move on to another game.
    A youtuber made their game viral.
    Such a strong luck.

  • James Nishimura
    James Nishimura Year ago +1

    I came across Among Us in 2018 or so cuz I am really obsessed with murder mystery Mafia like games especially where you can chat/multiplayer. I was desperately searching google play until I found Among Us, I fell in love with the game and only played every week or so due to studies. I was so happy when this game got the popularity it deserved.

  • Eli Tzar
    Eli Tzar Year ago

    Thank you so much for making these videos it's so awesome to see the development story of these games and studios

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago

      My pleasure, I have a blast making them :D

  • Rynn Grey
    Rynn Grey 18 days ago

    Very fascinating! I'm glad the development team was so open about their process and experience. I wish this video talked more about Amy Liu and didn't push her into the background, even as she's 1/3 of the team.

  • Landon Hughes
    Landon Hughes Year ago

    This is a great video! Really well polished and thought out! 😀 I learn something new every day.

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      Much appreciated, glad you liked it! :D

  • Edward Frost
    Edward Frost 2 years ago +348

    I'm glad Kaif and the SR group is getting recognition for their contribution of a new wave of players to Among us. Thank youuu :3

    • The Science Demon
      The Science Demon Year ago

      I am one with the zipper and the zipper is one with me

    • The Science Demon
      The Science Demon Year ago

      I am one with the zipper and the zipper is one with me

    • funnyfisher7
      funnyfisher7 Year ago +1

      @Edits fnm anyway, that's just my thoughts on that it is still a good game, contrary to where you said it's a bad game

    • funnyfisher7
      funnyfisher7 Year ago +2

      @Edits fnm I mean, you make a good point. But what if it was in part because of the publicity that content creaters gave it? You said that Among Us would not have done well without the famous/big Clip-Sharers and content creaters playing it, which I think is true but more because of the popularity. How fast can a game spread if I play it and invite some of my friends and some people play it? When you reach a huge audience it just increases the chance for more people to check it out.

    • Masterinkling
      Masterinkling Year ago

      When in doubt, vote Stan out.

  • BangtanPartyzeuFM

    This video was really fun and interesting to watch! All three of them have such great teamwork!!!

  • vhscassette
    vhscassette Year ago +1

    There's this one indie FPS called Sub Rosa that just left hidden access on steam. Completely physics based and it's very much unlike any other game I can think of. I've got the gut feeling it's gonna blow up in like a year, I wonder if it'll be like how Among Us blew up.

  • Korporal K. Reep
    Korporal K. Reep Year ago +5

    This really is just an epic story on how you should never give up, it's really beautiful just seeing that this game was barely played by anybody for the past two years until it suddenly just blows up into a game that is loved by many. Really just a story on how you should never give up on anything and I like it.

  • KattiMate
    KattiMate Year ago +1

    I'm glad that twitch and youtubers played this and couldn't be more thankful that they continued. This game bought back my enjoyment of drawing after years of a stalemate. Also thank you for your video, was very informative of their journey as creators.

  • dunno nymore
    dunno nymore Year ago

    thanks for this very well made video. this is actually really motivating and inspiring

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it!

  • Jer12
    Jer12 Year ago

    I am very excited for the future of Among Us and what it could bring.

  • Lars Muldjord
    Lars Muldjord Year ago

    Great video and lovely game. Among Us makes me wonder how many "failed" games are out there that have equal potential for greatness. It's also a bit sad to think about. People pour their souls into making great games, and... well... probably the majority just releases to be instantly forgotten. And then a few streamers try them out and suddenly you have a hit on your hands. It feels so random. And not in a good way... How can you plan for that? It's not possible from a business stand-point, unless you have a huge marketing budget. Which, obviously, the developers of these sleeper hits don't have to begin with. Love the game by the way!

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      Thank you! And yup, there’s probably a lot of hidden gems out there that nobody knows about. Sometimes you need a little bit of luck to get that extra necessary push.

  • 𝗙𝘂𝗿𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴

    Woah I didn’t know Among Us had such a interesting history. Great vid u had good facts and explained everything very well.

  • odd man
    odd man 2 years ago +1536

    You should REALLY make a “How Henry stickmin was made and almost Burned out the creator.”

    • Your Average Mop
      Your Average Mop Year ago

      @Mahinour Hamouda Ye never know. Heres to hoping

    • Mahinour Hamouda
      Mahinour Hamouda Year ago +2

      @Your Average Mop it wont return puffballsunited said there will be no more

    • Vio the Wolf
      Vio the Wolf Year ago +1

      hello icepick

    • GIDDI
      GIDDI Year ago

      @I Am he is right you know

    • Solo_Leo
      Solo_Leo Year ago

      @SilentHawkIII I don’t think it could be small, it could be like an all out war between Henry’s toppats, (and Dave) vs Ellie’s toppats

  • Startling
    Startling Year ago

    I played among us on 2018, It was actually still getting players at the time of it theres only a single map and also let me tell the IQ of the players on 2018 is still the same as on 2020
    I have played alot of times when it was released because the game was so unique for my opinion because
    The way u have to find the impostor is to watch or analyze what a person is doing.

  • Lou
    Lou Year ago

    Dear innersloththank u for the hard work and for the developers that they did they're best just to make a game to make kids or people happy like me MERRY CHRISTMASS!! STAY SAFE ❤

  • Mudvayne1080
    Mudvayne1080 Year ago

    I had the best Christmas this year despite covid. My family and I all played Among Us on our Nintendo Switch's with the volume turned down all sitting in a huge circle. It was such a great experience. Yelling, accusing and laughing all at the same time. What a wonderful game it is.

  • Operator
    Operator Year ago

    I actually watched Kaif in early 2020! He was the one that introduced me to Among Us. I remember wanting to buy the Polus map bundle really badly.

  • MrMarco
    MrMarco 2 years ago +388

    It’s funny I’m coming across this, me and my friends have been playing Among Us on and off since 2018, and only now seeing it get so popular and all of my favorite streamers playing it is pretty cool.

    • Katia Ferreira
      Katia Ferreira 9 months ago


    • GreenNinja
      GreenNinja Year ago +1

      I've been watching this genre of game since a decade before Among Us, as its identical to a Warcraft 3 genre of map. Glad to see it finally got attention.

    • Serena browne
      Serena browne Year ago

      same but ive been playin by myself, it rly is nice to see it being acknowledged

    • ICII0I
      ICII0I Year ago

      Yeah, same my friend told me to download this game 2 years ago.

    • kets
      kets Year ago

      @Nassirshah Shah you used to tap on a vent lol

  • Rey
    Rey Year ago

    Just to let you guys know. I played the game before 2020 (before it became popular). There was a game created by *tinyBuild* called "Secret Neighbor". I had a crappy PC so I couldn't play it. While looking for alternatives, I found Among Us. I am super glad to see this game come so far. Nice job Innersloth

  • wth is my pfp
    wth is my pfp Year ago +1

    i remember playing among us in 2018 during an all nighter... I instantly fell in love with it

  • Rasu :3
    Rasu :3 Year ago +1

    I remember that one day I put among us in my wishlist, but unfortunately I don't have many people in real life that love playing game so I cant play it locally. that's why I was surprised it became online multiplayer, and I can play it with many random stranger. most of the times, playing with random guys is not that fun, but having a good game once in a while is a happiness because of that.

  • AstroNot
    AstroNot Year ago

    Honestly, I love among us and I got it a couple days before every Clip-Sharer I know uploaded a video.I deleted it that day idk why, then I watched these youtubers play it and how fun it was I hit up my freinds and we have the best time playing it. It's such good game idk what the dev's are doing but this game is really something.

  • Hardstruck Beatz
    Hardstruck Beatz Year ago +854

    Innersloth: we wont add any more maps only some bug fixes.'
    2020 december: lemme make a new henry stickmin map.

  • Alexander Kralev
    Alexander Kralev Year ago +32

    Innersloth : "We will no longer be adding updates to among us"
    Kaif : "Put those words right back into your mouth sir"

  • Fight Guy
    Fight Guy 7 months ago +1

    Man, I remember me and my classmates play among us by mobile hotspot way back in 2018.. We never expected that it will become popular af..

  • hahasimp
    hahasimp 28 days ago +1

    A lot of people forget the reason why Among Us became popular with non-gamers is the pandemic. This was a game that became popular at the peak of the lockdown, allowing friends to play and have fun or just hang out socially. I have fond memories of playing it every night and it brought us together even though everyone else was stuck in their homes.

  • Alex.
    Alex. Year ago +188

    And now there making a new map and won "Best Multiplayer Game".

    • Adapter Flow
      Adapter Flow Year ago

      @Jofx biggest lie I heard

    • hrat gaming
      hrat gaming Year ago

      @Jofx 3.5 stars on google play is best mobile game???

    • Marshall Webb
      Marshall Webb Year ago


    • Saboteur
      Saboteur Year ago +2

      @Little Dumpling *they're

    • Seb Seb G
      Seb Seb G Year ago +1

      @Evan Phan and now, you can't stop this chain

  • Gabriel Leal
    Gabriel Leal 2 years ago +567

    Nice to know that Brazilians helped with the development by stimulating the team to create new content

    • pixelfox
      pixelfox Year ago

      im from brazil 2

    • Guilherme Santos
      Guilherme Santos Year ago +1

      @aaaaa eu tambem pensava que era um jogo ja bem grande.. mas esse ano que explodiu mesmo

    • isqeci
      isqeci Year ago


    • sjahbw
      sjahbw Year ago +1


    • tomikun
      tomikun 2 years ago +1

      @aaaaa Same but I was on the other side of the world. Yes literally in Asia cause like NA servers we're HUGE and there was a player counter thing at the bottom

  • Ascrein
    Ascrein Year ago

    Well, game development takes trial and errors and it takes a great amount of effort and experience. Some companies gambled their fates on one final game and lost but some gambled on one game and succeeded.

  • average milk enjoyer

    I’m still stunned how among us got onto the Nintendo Switch! Innersloth truly is a dedicated group.

  • Lordoa
    Lordoa Year ago +1

    Among us went viral after The Henry stickmin collection was released on Steam in 2020, the stickmin series being well known, and this time full of among us references. Most big gamers like jacksepticeye and Markiplier have played the stickmin games and made videos on the latest entry too.
    I've never heard of these streamers you mentioned, in turn.

  • 👍 Someone
    👍 Someone Year ago +1

    i'm excited for the new map! Posted by the official team, on the steam website, they showed a sneak peek of the new map!

  • Ctk 3
    Ctk 3 2 years ago +109

    Dude your video quality is off the charts! You deserve wayy more subs like this is some top quality content

  • Epic G
    Epic G Year ago

    I personally really like the idea of email based accounts to stop hacking and to add a friend system.also, I would like to see among us ported to consoles, especially the switch

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Year ago +417

    All entrepreneurs have thought of quitting before. The remaining ones simply persevered.

    • Anant Tiwari
      Anant Tiwari Year ago

      @Spaceman 67 I changed my opinion yet still getting shitted on.

    • Spaceman 67
      Spaceman 67 Year ago

      @Anant Tiwari you should use real words

    • Anant Tiwari
      Anant Tiwari Year ago

      @Ninja Tony Honestly yeah, now that I saw more comments of him I agree with you

    • Ninja Tony
      Ninja Tony Year ago +2

      @Anant Tiwari real or not, he is DEFINITELY using a bot to comment on videos. I've seen him on literally hundreds of videos in the last month, and none of them were even slightly related in any way.

    • Brian Griffin
      Brian Griffin Year ago


  • Ayuzawa Yukina
    Ayuzawa Yukina Year ago

    I must say the Graphics and Art of all the Designs of The Maps and Characters are Sooooo Good

  • NaylaTheFangirl #Happy2k
    NaylaTheFangirl #Happy2k 11 months ago +1

    I actually feel bad for all the bad words I've said on the game after all of the hard work they were going through :(

  • Skylex157
    Skylex157 2 years ago +48

    Finally i see someone who gives kaif recognition for attracting new players when this game wasn't popular and was at it lowest, this video was very well researched, congrats you sir

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  2 years ago +7

      Much appreciated! Kaif was an integral part in Among Us becoming a huge success!

  • BamG
    BamG Year ago

    I actually played this game in summer 2018 and was impressed of how no one played(my friends showed it to me and we played in a group of around 10).
    Glad to see a video telling it's story, I really wanted a video like this and yours truly exceeds :)

    • BamG
      BamG Year ago

      @ThatGuyGlen you just did a really great job! Thanks for the video :))

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      Much appreciated, glad you liked it :D

  • TealBlade
    TealBlade Year ago

    So am i the only one who played among us and enjoyed it in 2019? I remember showing to my friends as this "fun small indie game" and then i stopped playing it after a while and then when this game blew up a few months ago i thought, "that game looks awfully familiar"

  • dysn
    dysn 9 months ago

    Man, I remember when the game was just a simple thing that me and some discord pals would do between rounds of Jackbox, and wasn't considered such a big thing as it exploded into

  • Leo The Leopard NZ

    "They prefer to snowball their way to the top rather than make a perfect game from the get-go" is a mood. I would very much like to just chuck stuff together until it's great than make something amazing off the top

  • IAmY
    IAmY Year ago +684

    marcus and amy just said:
    *"how about we make a game with beans killing beans?"*

  • NotRandom
    NotRandom Year ago

    I haven't watched the entire video yet so sorry if he said this but according to Innersloth themselves, there was only one paper of concept art for the character designs, and they all looked pretty similar (They showed a picture of the concept art) and that's all they needed, they settled on the design pretty quick

  • Autogen // Drone Atlas

    It's strange, I don't like playing Among Us, I don't like most social deduction games tbh. but I really like learning things about it, I like watching Among Us content, and I've enjoyed the memes and stuff that have come from it; I'm really happy for its success and I enjoy the enjoyment it's brought to others. Fantastic documentary, and well researched. I won't be playing Among Us 2 but I hope it goes alright!

  • Swaroop
    Swaroop Year ago

    Idk why but the way this video was explained was excellent. The time passed by so quickly and I barely realized it. Excellent work.

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

  • AngelCnderDreamer

    The team went through alot, and I am glad they kept going. The game itself looks really fun, I've been watching a lot of gameplays of it, I even been seeing people make art of their oc in the game which is really cool, they have something going on here, and that said I want to get it whenever I get myself def worth a buy.
    Also seeing this review makes me happy cause I have a small team and it is just me mostly working on my own game, this gives me hope and motivation. So Thank you for sharing. ♥
    If my game ever gets to the point or ever does that is, I'd love to see you review it, if you did that would make me happy. But only one can dream, and I doubt that would ever happen to be honest. ^ ^" Still worth daydreaming tho..( Same goes with other Clip-Shares.) Only one can dream..

    • AngelCnderDreamer
      AngelCnderDreamer Year ago

      ​@ThatGuyGlen Omg thank you! I wasn't expecting you to heart my comment nor reply. :D ♥ This was a wonderful thing to see when I woke up. And true and only time will tell. ^ ^ And thank you for that luck, I appreciate it! ♥

    • ThatGuyGlen
      ThatGuyGlen  Year ago +1

      My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it! Never give up on your dreams and keep doing what makes you happy. If there's anything I learned from making these videos, it's that anything you do needs to come from a place a passion and happiness. The rest will follow and fall into place ;) Good luck with your game!

  • Alluvers
    Alluvers Year ago

    I watched the whole thing and it blowed my mind your the bessssssst thanks alott for the review it was awesome it was defenetly worth taking 20min watching this 😊

  • ryan beaino
    ryan beaino Year ago

    In early 2019 I started playing among us
    Later this year I wished that the game became more popular or a popular youtuber played it so that servers would fill faster and after 2 weeks or so it blew up and I felt kinda happy :)

  • MasterCrazyYYD
    MasterCrazyYYD Year ago +1

    the thing is about Among Us is that it would have and shouldn't have succeeded because of how circumstantial everything was. The fact that this small game managed to blow up this much is phenomenal, quite honestly unexpected. Though we have to remember than Innersloth aren't nobodies, they made the Henry Stickmin games which are big in their own rights. So it was only a matter of time that it would be a huge game.

  • RainbowWolf
    RainbowWolf Year ago

    InnerSloth is such a perfect game maker

  • Spiccolo
    Spiccolo Year ago +1

    the sad thing is that back in 2018 me and a couple buddies found this game during our freshmen year. back then it was more serious and not just "oh your sus" it was only local yeah. we were all on the same wifi but there was only like six of us. it was pretty fun. but the game had already died for me when it got popular

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    Imagine Among Us in GBA-era graphics. Would be a PERFECT fit.

  • lolgirl21
    lolgirl21 Year ago +37

    its amazing how a little compnay turned in to a world wide rage!

    • NeoTreo
      NeoTreo Year ago

      @lolgirl21 and dig to china that game goes hard

    • lolgirl21
      lolgirl21 Year ago

      @IHateLife oh ok

    • IHateLife
      IHateLife Year ago +8

      @lolgirl21 he means that they were been famous since the Henry Stickmin series.

    • lolgirl21
      lolgirl21 Year ago +1

      @NeoTreo ??????????

    • NeoTreo
      NeoTreo Year ago +3

      They made henry stick man and dig to china they were already famous

  • All things anime
    All things anime Year ago +1

    i think also a big part of its revival is the henry stickman collection since that game was so hyped and did so well and also there were among us easter eggs so it brought publicity to the game

  • sillytard
    sillytard 2 years ago +900

    summary: The developers quit because nobody liked the game, Then everyone had seen some streamers playing it and hopped on the trend too, now its alive.

    • FlairRound
      FlairRound Year ago

      @sillytard true, it wasnt common for me to meet people ive previously met. ive played with a few people on different matches, mainly on the same day i first met them.

    • FlairRound
      FlairRound Year ago

      @Saurav Sharma same, do you remember when there wasnt all those colors? when they added those a lot of people appreciated it, it was much more of a social community in lobbies. the maps also costed money on mobile. ive played it on 4 literal different devices, most stats probably being on my old phone or a tablet i have somewhere

    • e
      e Year ago

      and it's dead again

    • sillytard
      sillytard Year ago

      @cswtx same difference

    • cswtx
      cswtx Year ago +1

      they quit because they weren’t making money

  • Celeste Essel
    Celeste Essel Year ago

    they should def implement proximity chat and hide and seek!!!!!!! that would be literally amazing

  • Eduardo Henrique
    Eduardo Henrique Year ago

    Oh shit i had no idea we kinda helped the game continue 😳 i remember how many brazilian game youtubers were playing this game in 2019 and that i would play with my friends many nights of the week and then it suddenly died out... until thaf ressurgence last year. This video was so awesome, congrats man!

  • Just an ordinary person

    I played among us 2 years ago, and I dare tell you guys, the community was much better. No one's cheating, leaving because they aren't impostor, no language barrier, and best of all, no one's trolling saying they saw you vent at the start of the game plus there aren't peeps who play with discord snitching on their friends.

  • CarnivorousJellybean

    Ngl I cried when they gave their acceptance speech during the game awards. They deserved it so much

    • CarnivorousJellybean
      CarnivorousJellybean Year ago +3

      @Marshall Webb Cool, hope the rest of your day is better than whatever inspired you to write this comment

    • Marshall Webb
      Marshall Webb Year ago

      No they don't. You're just a little kid who enjoys that excuse of a game.

  • oasis
    oasis Year ago +1

    Hearing that the servers burned down every time that there was a new wave makes the fact that Mira and Polus servers are absolutely destroyed currently make a lot more sense

  • Merlijn Nelis
    Merlijn Nelis Year ago

    I'd really like to see a episode of this on a game called ''Subnautica'', because as far as I know it has a really interesting history, the fans sort of saved the game I believe. :)

  • Eclypsa Queen
    Eclypsa Queen Year ago

    You know what's weird?
    The first time I played Mafia, it was with my family in Mongolia
    Mafia inspired Among Us and now we play together when we can't be together physically (we play intermittently but it's still a good bonding experience)
    it's all coming full circle now lol

  • orionskittles
    orionskittles Year ago

    11:33 an underwater map sound AMAZING! I would love that. I might start sketching my own ideas for an underwater map.

  • Ain't I just the Cutest! :3

    You did it! Very informative and straight to the point. Great video, as always!
    I really hope this gets a lot of traction & views.

  • SiimplyAxo
    SiimplyAxo Year ago +1

    The video is really interesting, I also sometimes watch videos like this but I never knew it took 3 people to make among us

  • TatakaEcho
    TatakaEcho Year ago +3

    Played in 2018 and I'm so proud of where it's at 😢

  • Michael Duboc
    Michael Duboc Year ago +2

    As someone who has a side business with a friend, I can attest to the pains of being a cofounder of any company, especially a tech startup. It's a shit ton of work! And when you don't have a lot of experience already, the grand majority of the time, you will spend learning and failing. You will have to stay hours upon hours staring into a computer screen without seeing you friends for weeks until you can make a living out of what you are doing. Development will be slow because everyone in your team has other jobs, other goals, and other shit going on in their life and you can't depend on any one person. It will also be slow because you could run into a myriad of issues if you don't know what you are doing or are frustrated or depressed for whatever reason.
    For example, today i lost a small portion of a project I was doing because I was trying to split the GitHub repository of another project i am working on.
    You will also not have the budget to offer an amazing experience to the client which as the video states, is the reason innersloth had shitty servers.
    The reason why i made this comment, is because every company starts off not making any money for at least the first year. Innersloth is no exception. I guess their biggest mistake is not taking into account the scalibility of Among Us.

  • Tashima 42
    Tashima 42 Year ago

    In 2018 Among Us was a big hit on my school in Brazil, me and all my friends were skipping classes to play. It's amazing how a simple concept can be so much fun.

    • JustForFun
      JustForFun Year ago

      I bet you never ever taught that this this will blow up so much