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The Greatest Athlete In The World 大谷翔平

  • Published on Sep 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Video includes footage shot by the stpaulimdog channel a great source for many great Shohei Ohtani videos.
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  • Baseball Doesn't Exist

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    • egm
      egm Year ago +1


    • Liam Hill
      Liam Hill Year ago


    • Thaddeus O'Donnell
      Thaddeus O'Donnell Year ago

      Actually the video games had to create a two way player option because he was too good to recreate in the videos games previous format.

    • Rylan Colby
      Rylan Colby Year ago +1

      you should make a video about aaron judge

    • Nero Maben
      Nero Maben Year ago +2

      Did the Angels use Zip Recruiter to sign Ohtani?

  • Nate Marx
    Nate Marx Year ago +6544

    Shohei is a video game character, but its amazing how the Angels always get these great players and still end up buried in the standings.

    • Manzac11
      Manzac11 Year ago +254

      Another thing that makes it difficult for the Angels is there in the same division as the Astros. As long as Houston keeps producing the way they are, the Angels are never going to get close to a World Series.

    • Austin Larrimore
      Austin Larrimore Year ago +129

      @Manzac11 they could always get the wildcard😂

    • Manzac11
      Manzac11 Year ago +70

      @Austin Larrimore Seattle: You serious, Angels? 😒

    • FishInTheWater
      FishInTheWater Year ago +9

      @Austin Larrimore ik but 19 games can be the huge changing factor

    • Red Pill Philosopher
      Red Pill Philosopher Year ago +92

      They would be a 100 loss team without Ohtani

  • ChanningTaintum
    ChanningTaintum 11 months ago +829

    My favorite part about Ohtani is that he looks like he is genuinely having fun while playing the game.

    • 桜ヶ丘ジン
      桜ヶ丘ジン 3 months ago +15

      Yeah he isn't driven by money at all. Nippon Ham got all the posting fees and Shohei was paid peanuts before this season. Even now he is still paid less than Mike Trout.

  • ToxicPositivity
    ToxicPositivity 6 months ago +660

    I can’t wait to be an old man telling my grandchildren that there will never be another Ohtani. Watching him close out the WBC gave me goosebumps. I can’t wait to see how many records he sets.

    • Charlie Romero
      Charlie Romero 6 months ago +22

      but there will be, he is a catalyst that will elevate the game's standard. 2 way players like him are the future of the mlb and maybe a lot more common for your grandchildren to watch. He will be remembered for this moment forever though but sooner or later everyone gets surpassed in skill,/ability or records/stats. Just look at snowboarding, what the kids these days are doing compared to 20 years ago.

    • dejesus josephmikhel
      dejesus josephmikhel 6 months ago +5

      ​@Charlie Romero thing is they need to have a body. If you look closely. His body is what made him do it all. Hell not even someone in basketball will ever have a player like lebron. Their bodies are literally made to play the game to the highest level.

    • Will Chen
      Will Chen 5 months ago +7

      @Charlie Romero no doubt, he is the catalyst and opened up the floodgate for future 2-way players. but, what will be hard to do is to break the records. take 2022's records for example, 15 Wins, 2.33 ERA, 12K/9, 34 HR, 95 RBI, 11 SB.

    • ✧ ᴹ𝗷ᴳ ✧
      ✧ ᴹ𝗷ᴳ ✧ 4 months ago

      ​@dejesus josephmikhel
      If you combined LeBron's body with Michael Jordan's mind, that would easily trumph MJ or LeBron. MJ lacked the more physically dominating body, while LeBron lacks the ultra tryhard approach, clutchness, & killer instinct that MJ possessed.

    • ✧ ᴹ𝗷ᴳ ✧
      ✧ ᴹ𝗷ᴳ ✧ 4 months ago +1

      As regarding the "there never will be another Ohtani" comment. You can say the same thing about any individual, as everyone is different.

  • Jesus Mora
    Jesus Mora 3 months ago +106

    Went to watch them last night, he hit two homers and struck out 10. Truly a privilege to witness this legend in the making

  • Two Seasons
    Two Seasons 9 months ago +469

    Shohei Ohtani gambled on himself by coming to MLB early. As of 2022, it is turning out to be a great move. He is universally known now as a baseball icon and he will command huge contract soon. He is on the path to being a legend. Stay healthy Shohei, baseball needs you. ⚾️

    • 思い立ったが吉日
      思い立ったが吉日 5 months ago +2

      It was not a gamble for him because going to MLB was his plan ever since he was a child.
      It becomes a gamble when you suddenly decide to do it.

    • 桜ヶ丘ジン
      桜ヶ丘ジン 3 months ago +3

      @思い立ったが吉日 He took the risk to be the first to use NBP's stupid 'posting system' to come to the MLB instead of waiting for overseas FA. He missed out 5 years of salary just to get to MLB early.

    • 思い立ったが吉日
      思い立ったが吉日 3 months ago

      @桜ヶ丘ジン There are many flaws in your comments. Many players have used NPBs posting system before. Waiting for overseas FA is not a risk, it is just a missed opportunity. You need to study things lol

    • Ricardo González
      Ricardo González 19 days ago +1

      He is already a legend

  • Shu Wing Leung
    Shu Wing Leung 7 months ago +248

    Shohei brought me back to baseball. That's just how good he is.

    • Skanky Trick
      Skanky Trick 3 months ago

      And yet he isn't even the top 5 players in baseball. On his best day, he is half the player Judge is.

    • Shu Wing Leung
      Shu Wing Leung 3 months ago +18

      @Skanky Trick when Judge can do what Shohei can in both pitching and hitting, then you tell me.

    • Kami
      Kami 3 months ago +10

      ​@Skanky Trick 🤡

    • Theorpo
      Theorpo 3 months ago +17

      ​@Skanky Trick average Yankee fan take

  • Antarctic Vortex
    Antarctic Vortex Year ago +2377

    Numbers are insane but I'm more impressed at how damn generous, respectful, humble and level headed he is. Wish all athletes were like him.

    • Daniel Danielson
      Daniel Danielson Year ago +135

      I love the athletes in America but god damn, the amount of respect these foreign players deserve is unreal. It's people like Luka Doncic, Manu Ginobili, Ohtani, Giannis, Jagr, so many others. I just can't ever hate them. Dedicated to their craft and it's just beautiful.

    • coolmemesbudd
      coolmemesbudd 11 months ago +47

      Yeah the social design of Japan is essentially built upon respect and obedience

    • BehindTheShingle
      BehindTheShingle 11 months ago +1

      Rvve Duio think I’m about to join the list

    • Gucci Don Buzz Flightyear
      Gucci Don Buzz Flightyear 11 months ago +19

      Japanese thing

    • MPTW
      MPTW 10 months ago +54

      Culture. He was raised with these values whilst Americans are raised on TikTok and missing parents

  • John Singlet
    John Singlet 6 months ago +66

    He's a unicorn. Understanding of never ending perfection to your craft coupled with a Jordan-esque obsession and competitive drive.
    Very professional and sportsmanlike. He handles himself well.
    A true role model for boys and girls across the globe.

    • I'm Finished Grinding
      I'm Finished Grinding 19 days ago

      I just hope he doesn't become a jerk by the end of his career. Jordan is the undisputed goat of basketball but dude is a piece of work post NBA career when he was actually like what you mentioned Ohtani early on in his career. I suppose being good as he was stroked his ego too much.

  • T T
    T T 3 months ago +28

    Ippei has my eternal gratitude as one of Ohtani's fans. He 'translated' to the coach Ohtani's injury during one of his games, which led to his benching, and later caused Ohtani to feel frustrated & depressed. Ippei made the decision because he understood that even if Ohtani still wanted to pitch, doing so would have resulted in considerably more damage.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 8 months ago +74

    Anyone who has played baseball understands that it is impossible to throw a 165-kilometer fastball unless you are physically gifted, and even that alone is amazing, but to mass produce home runs is so unrealistic that even in the world of manga, there is no anime character that can surpass Shohei Otani. A player who surpasses the human imagination.

    • liam
      liam 18 days ago +1

      Lol. People really love saying hyperbolic shit and somehow believing it

    • assassin
      assassin 10 days ago

      ⁠@liamcause it’s a huge dopamine dump just like drugs

  • JoseAngelCorona8
    JoseAngelCorona8 9 months ago +49

    i’m in no way a baseball or MLB fan, i’ve heard about Otani but you really helped to put his impact in perspective and now i’m excited to keep up with his career! 🙏🏼

  • Ethan Augur
    Ethan Augur 7 months ago +25

    Wow he is actually inspiring. I didn’t even know dedication to this level was possible.

  • Oznerol
    Oznerol Year ago +1892

    He made me a baseball fan. 23 years of not caring about baseball, and now i care about baseball. He's like a real life superhero

    • Nunya Business
      Nunya Business Year ago +67

      How? Baseball doesn't exist

    • Shane S.
      Shane S. Year ago +12

      Cool story

    • To The Top Never Stop
      To The Top Never Stop Year ago +17


    • Luis TorresvTOWERS
      Luis TorresvTOWERS Year ago +11


    • comeatmebr0o
      comeatmebr0o Year ago +2

      Him and Aaron Judge are the best players to play in the last 100 years, I don’t know where it’s gonna be and I hope It’s in The Bronx but they’re going to end up on the same team in the future

  • Allen Crypto
    Allen Crypto 9 months ago +21

    What a legend! Turning down so much money to follow his dream and passion! Ohtani is the GOAT!

  • B V
    B V 6 months ago +19

    Im for 45 years old and been watching baseball since i was 7. I have to say Shohei ohtani is definitely one of the best player in the leagues I have seen and that's one thing that we all can unanimously agree on. I think it's special to see someone like that come along. Definitely a legend in the making so it's something to really appreciate while he's still here cuz it's something we haven't seen at all like him and probably be another 100 years until we see something like that again. He definitely will be talked about through every next generations.

  • Variable Drift
    Variable Drift 6 months ago +17

    Never underestimate someone with that much dedication I’m honestly really impressed

  • alexsakon
    alexsakon 11 months ago +40

    He’s just built different. Two pretty much injure free seasons putting up all star caliber stats on both pitching/batting. I’m glad that I got to see him play in person last two seasons because I probably won’t see that from anyone else in my lifetime.

  • ExoTitanBaby
    ExoTitanBaby 10 months ago +56

    God... I absolutely love this man 😍
    His humble attitude, his determination to be the best and his dedication to the game of baseball is absolutely incredible. There will NEVER be another player like Ohtani in baseball history.
    It's funny though... Cause I just remember (2018-2020) MLB Network and every other sports show CONSTANTLY running segments doubting & dragging Shohei. Talking about how his career is over after having Tommy John in 2018. Then struggling at the plate in his return in 2020. Apparently, everyone gave up on him, except for himself...
    Now only a couple years later he's the best player in baseball, and there is no debate on that. And imo, people have become extremely unappreciative of what he is doing. People don't seem to realize they are witnessing something that has never been done and will never be done again.
    Wake up people! You are witnessing history!

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy Year ago +1649

    Ohtani is so good it's as if he's a Road to the Show player, he literally can do everything it's unreal

    • coned
      coned Year ago +48

      that might be my favorite thing about him existing. he's single handedly made it so i can be a two way player in road to the show (as far as i know, at least. i never had a playstation, so i only played the ones on vita before they came to xbox/switch and i don't think you could do this on the vita ones.).

    • gerbman2004
      gerbman2004 Year ago +16

      Lol he got the difficulty set too low

    • DustedTurtle054
      DustedTurtle054 Year ago +47

      @coned I was just about to say this, my man made a VIDEO GAME add his ability to it, really crazy when you think about it

    • Danya Springer
      Danya Springer Year ago

      You could've been a two player before mlb 22. I was doing that in like 17 or 18. Stop capping.

    • NY FAN
      NY FAN Year ago

      I agree he is a good all-rounder

  • TheLyonKing5
    TheLyonKing5 6 months ago +22

    Now he’s the hero of Japan and just closed out the WBC Final, Ohtani is one of a kind. I only hope that him and Trout can win a World Series since they deserve it, but their team’s incompetent management seems hell bent on stopping that by getting no other pieces for the team.

  • A H
    A H 7 months ago +51

    Dude's a legend in his sport, a real nice humble human, and he can pass as a model with his looks and height. Damn

  • Wise Orange
    Wise Orange 9 months ago +31

    I've been struggling as an angels fan, the owner, our record, and only Mike Trout kept me there because I want him to succeed, Ohtani became the anchor and I really want him to succeed either way because he is that good and his potential (which he basically met) is legendary material

  • toni
    toni 11 months ago +39

    Only makes me mad how MLB doesn’t advertise this man even more and help the game grow..

  • Hulk Berry
    Hulk Berry 6 months ago +64

    2023 3/22
    Shohei proved to baseball fans around the world that he was the best baseball player in the world.
    WBC was a match for Shohei Ohtani🎉

    • Currently Inactive
      Currently Inactive 6 months ago +1

      If you compare the all time stats Trout > Ohtani but yeah Ohtani right now is for sure the best

  • Mini
    Mini Year ago +732

    He basically sells his entire life for glory, even his winnings don't really go to himself. Dude is damn machine, and he's seems super nice on top of that

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago +50

      Facts. Off the top of my head, I don’t know or care about the highest earning athletes. But greatness - you can recognize with one name i.e. Ruth, Jordan, Brady, Gretzky, Earnhardt, Serena, etc. Ohtani will be a name that lives forever

    • GJL Creative Studios
      GJL Creative Studios Year ago +10

      The Japanese instill wholesome values in their children and its very important to act honorably.

    • Glazed
      Glazed Year ago +27

      Very true but you have to understand that this kind of obsession is his life. He is doing exactly what he wants to do. He wants to be the best baseball player alive and loves playing the game. So we can look at it like he is sacrificing himself for baseball but he is literally living the dream. That is why the money doesn't matter. That is why he doesn't do anything but baseball. He is probably truly happy and I envy him for that more than the fame and money

    • Gucci Don Buzz Flightyear
      Gucci Don Buzz Flightyear 11 months ago +4

      Real man

    • Moxie2017
      Moxie2017 9 months ago

      @Glazed Well spoken, very well spoken.

  • WBsteve
    WBsteve 4 months ago +11

    I pray he stays healthy for many, many years to come so I can keep enjoying baseball.

  • Crescendo
    Crescendo 6 months ago +25

    Seriously love this guy we should be grateful we are witnessing history 😮

  • t r i s
    t r i s 6 months ago +11

    Everyone loves Ohtani not just because his skills but it's geniunely so fun watching him have fun playing baseball

  • ADeeJay
    ADeeJay 9 months ago +20

    Im not even a baseball fan and listening about this guy got me hype! He's insane. Im honestly amazed his body hasnt just exploded under the amount of stress its being put under Lol

  • Marselis Scott
    Marselis Scott 4 months ago +3

    I’m glad I’m alive to witness his greatness.

  • Sayra Segura
    Sayra Segura Year ago +1121

    as an angels fan it’s so hard cause of course i want ohtani to stay with us but i also want him to win and be in a team where all the pressure isn’t on him

    • Em Kay
      Em Kay Year ago +30

      How great it would be if he did stay and persevered for a championship tho...

    • O2carth
      O2carth Year ago +18

      Hopefully next season is our year for the Angels 🙌 (yes ik we say this every year, but i really do feel it for next year)

    • Henry Zhou
      Henry Zhou Year ago +13

      Lmao if ur a rams fan that’s how a lot of lions felt about Stafford, and most of the fans were pretty happy that he finally got a ring, even tho it wasn’t with us

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago +9

      Hope he goes to the mariners

    • Sayra Segura
      Sayra Segura Year ago +9

      @Matt i would rather die than that happen, no offense lol

  • Melon Belon
    Melon Belon 10 months ago +12

    Connor McDavid is one the best playmakers in the NHL today and this season it seems he has decided to become the best goal scorer because he just feels like it

  • KingEddo
    KingEddo 5 days ago

    The guy is an exceptional and gifted athelete, breaking the mould by being a 2 way player, looking and acting like a giddy manchild and being insanly humble and polite.
    The guy is a true role model and a beautiful human being.

  • C W
    C W 2 months ago +1

    I'm a basketball, martial arts, and soccer fan. This video though really made me happy to see. It was easy to follow and put into perspective Ohtani's great talent.

  • ThePartarar
    ThePartarar 7 months ago +2

    I got to watch him in Anaheim last year against the Sox, he had an off game and his skill was still so obvious. Remarkable athlete.

  • Sir smokey
    Sir smokey 9 months ago +8

    He is one special player he honestly got me back into baseball

  • Ben Roethlisberger's Flexor Tendons

    shohei is a global treasure. protect this man at all costs

    • Ethan Heinen
      Ethan Heinen Year ago +1

      He should not be protected more than anyone else

    • enry
      enry Year ago +23

      @Ethan Heinen yes he should

    • Daniel Sharda
      Daniel Sharda Year ago +10

      @Ethan Heinen yes he should

    • Matt
      Matt Year ago +21

      @Ethan Heinen he should definitely be protected more than you

    • Ethan Heinen
      Ethan Heinen Year ago

      @Matt why lol

  • Masterman274
    Masterman274 7 months ago +6

    Im a white sox forever fan but literally any time Ohtani is going to play I will tune in, literally an insane privilege to be able to watch him blow everyone away, absolutely a GOAT

    • Masterman274
      Masterman274 7 months ago

      Fucking love this man

    • Faint Sherin
      Faint Sherin 6 months ago +1

      I bet you have an Ohtani altar now? XD

    • El El
      El El 2 months ago

      @Faint Sherin
      The worship is insane. And I don’t even watch baseball!

  • Renwoxing
    Renwoxing 8 months ago +19

    What an awesome guy !
    He chose his love of the game & competing at the highest level possible over a huge bag of money !

    • Stripes
      Stripes 6 months ago

      Even his own body

    • Faint Sherin
      Faint Sherin 6 months ago

      That's the trade off that those greats can take.

  • Mbappe
    Mbappe 9 months ago +3

    This reminds me of Pele in football, his teammate once said(I'll paraphrase) "He is the best attacker defender and goalkeeper in the world", he played many professional games as a keeper when his main position was as a second striker. He never conceded a goal in any of them. He was an amazing defender coming back to defend many times a game and would win balls from even the best attacker in the world such as Eusebio. Messi's record is 1.67 g/a per game in a season, Pele surpassed that number at 17 and continued marking higher than it until the age of 25. In his peak season he had 2.5 g/a per game, only Puskas(and Pele himself in other seasons) has ever come close to this number with 2.28 g/a per game in 1953, Pele did this at 20 years old. I will always have Pele as the greatest athlete in history.

    • Theorpo
      Theorpo 3 months ago

      I think the Greatest Athlete Of All Time really is in retrospect to their own sport and how above they are from anyone who tries that is why I just don't see accumulated numbers as the best thing for goat conversation. I see how good they were at points especially at their top Pedro Martinez never really had the longest career in terms of games played but his prime in retrospect to the time and game he played in 1999 and 2000 might never be beat when the second closest in ERA is Roger Clemens and you have an era 2 Runs Lower Absolute Insanity

  • Davy Stephens
    Davy Stephens 2 months ago +1

    He's a class act, I like it that he doesn't walk around telling everyone that he's the GOAT.

  • Sυყα
    Sυყα 2 months ago +1

    It's amazing how many similarities Shigeno Gorou and Shohei have.

  • SouthSide Sox
    SouthSide Sox Year ago +837

    Ohtani is the epitome of what dedication to your craft means.

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Year ago

      Dumb thumbnail ngl judge should be there if anything

    • SouthSide Sox
      SouthSide Sox Year ago +15

      @Regdu Geht I definitely got my eye on Judge and the history he’s making, but he’s not a more valuable player than Ohtani. How do you call yourself more valuable than a guy who’s your ace on the mound, and arguably your best hitter on the team aside from Trout? But, I will say it’s hard to call him the greatest athlete in the world when you got guys like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson. Who excelled at Football and Baseball at the highest level. Bo Jackson was even named an All-Star in 1989. But is he the greatest athlete in purely Baseball? I personally feel like there’s no debate he is.

    • Lil Slime 🐍
      Lil Slime 🐍 7 months ago +4

      @SouthSide Sox "In the world" meaning currently. Bo and Deion last played like 30 years go

    • Sucky Sucky
      Sucky Sucky 6 months ago

      Trout is a better hitter

  • BlazingAce
    BlazingAce 11 months ago +5

    After watching this, I'm really convinced he is the real life Goro Shigeno (Major show). His obsession with baseball and being both a pitcher and hitter makes is amazing and I thought I would only see it in an anime.

    • Fabre
      Fabre 7 months ago

      If goro was injured when he was a child he would definitely be one of the best hitter in the anime, and at the same time the best pitcher in the anime just like Ohtani

  • Stripes
    Stripes 6 months ago

    He’s cemented himself as a legend, displayed that the impossible was indeed possible by playing 2 way and w/ the amazing WBC performance and legendary ending. We’ve witnessed history
    but that title man, maybe in a single season or 2 year stretch but even then it’s arguable. Like Hakeem the Dream won MVP, FMVP & DPOY w/ the championship. The comparison stats were unfair and kinda cherry picked imo but his stats were indeed amazing.

  • Faiezi abu bakar
    Faiezi abu bakar 8 months ago +8

    After all those injuries and he is back and better.. that's wild

  • Mega Derptile
    Mega Derptile 2 months ago +1

    No matter what, it will always be impossible for a baseball player to be the greatest athlete ever

  • kenosabi
    kenosabi 5 months ago

    Guy is in my top 5 and him and Trout alone make watching the angels worthwhile and enjoyable. He's a class act, a hell of a talent, and an overall good dude.

  • Isaac Tejada
    Isaac Tejada Year ago +526

    They called him a selfish player? He’s the kindest soul in the MLB.

    • Isaac Kangas
      Isaac Kangas Year ago +70

      Japanese baseball is just way more team based then American baseball

    • Ayoo
      Ayoo Year ago +33

      Can’t shine without the haters.

    • Hustle Coder
      Hustle Coder Year ago +6

      ​@Isaac Kangas wtf, baseball is one of the most individualistics team sport ever

    • Pranav Arora
      Pranav Arora Year ago +28

      @Hustle Coder Its both, baseball is built on 1 on 1 matchups, yet a single player can only take 1/9th of the at bats or pitch once every 5 days, making it extremely team oriented.

    • Hustle Coder
      Hustle Coder Year ago +12

      @Pranav Arora yet its still most individualistic team sport ever. Basically Pitcher and catcher do 80% of work. And then 20% is done by other 7 players. Sometimes for whole game you dont even need to be on the field. And if we are talking about offense then again its individual against individual until you get on the base. In other team sports you need some chemistry, you need to know your teammates behavior to be more succesful. And i dont see it in baseball.

  • Will Hunt
    Will Hunt 7 months ago

    First time really hearing about him, how good he is. That’s amazing, he’s amazing. Great video, it communicates the message very well

  • JeT_3025
    JeT_3025 11 months ago +3

    The speed you quoted for Michael Vick is his AVERAGE speed for the 40 yard dash. Michael Vick is considerably faster than Shohei. But Shohei is the man and an absolute beast athlete as well.

  • Aiden Awe
    Aiden Awe 3 months ago +6

    Ohtani has achieved the impossible.

  • falloversideways
    falloversideways 11 months ago +1

    Ohtani is great, its amazing what he has done and for baseball it is incredible, but the reason no one thought it possible to be a hitter and a pitcher is the way baseball is set up. If you only allowed 9 players on the field per game (plus an injury replacement for non battery positions), you would have a lot more players both hitting and pitching. Because you can bring multiple new players into the game, it allows for players to specialise in either pitching or hitting. Not that I think things should change in baseball, its great that people can specialise, you have to take that into account.
    I'd nearly agree that he is the greatest athlete in north american sports, but the world is a stretch. You have players like Jacques Kallis (Ohtani is basbeballs version of Jacques), A.B. de Villiers, Adam Gilchrist (imagine a catcher like Posey mixed with a hitter like Pujols), Dan Carter, Andrew Johns, Cameron Smith and many others who are exceptional players on both sides of the ball. To have one way players is a concept thats unique to baseball and NFL (though an argument can be made for cricket bowlers, but they still have to bat) and having someone who simply excels at both roles in a sport that people usually don't, doesn't automatically make them the greatest athlete in the world.

  • James Baron
    James Baron 3 months ago

    I don't watch baseball but this was a very easy video to follow along and I learned a lot! Cheers

  • Rayne Ozier
    Rayne Ozier Year ago +377

    I’m not a big baseball guy but I am a Shohei guy. He’s a beast. I remember when he first came over a lot of people thought he would suck. Glad to see this level of greatness be achieved by seemingly such a good person.

  • Gabe Lewitt
    Gabe Lewitt 11 months ago +1

    it’s so sad people still take what he’s doing for granted

  • 4thM
    4thM 6 months ago +1

    I used to watch a lot of Baseball when I was a kid until i discovered football (soccer for americans). I dont watch baseball anymore, but I love sports anyways, and I love to sees an athlete becoming a legend. I respect and admire all athletes and sports. Great video and GREAT GREAT athlete.

  • Koala
    Koala 2 months ago +2

    At this time this video was posted maybe Ohtani was the greatest athlete in the world and no one came close at the time. However, watching this video now, it's crazy to see how other Athletes have risen to stardom, such as in Jokic in basketball, despite him deserving 3 MVP's consecutively, and also players like Mbappe and Haaland who've shown signs of overtaking GOAT's such as Messi and Ronaldo.

    • Milos Jovicevic
      Milos Jovicevic 16 days ago +2

      You are crazy if you think that some freaking baseball player even without title is better than Djokovic or Giannis, Steph, Jokic etc 😄

  • Little D ⚾️ 44 27 17

    And he still is! Shohei Is Incredible

  • Shanks
    Shanks 2 months ago +1

    He is definitely a promising prospect to watch. But when it comes to Ronaldo…he as a body of a 20 year old and he is 39. His mind is his strongest. His hard work and dedication was the same when he won 9 awards in one season, breaking world records. He can also run more than 20 mph

  • AsianVideoGamer
    AsianVideoGamer Year ago +667

    I'm Canadian and I bought his jersey first day he came into the league. Suffered through my friends telling me he's a bust... Damn this guy is a beast

    • Kayann Horn
      Kayann Horn Year ago +8

      Same,honored to wear my t-shirt.(wish it was a jersey).

    • Skye3121
      Skye3121 Year ago +14

      What do they say now? must be tasty eating their own words 😅

  • Теодор К.
    Теодор К. 3 months ago +1

    OK, I love this guy! He's the bomb. Scored 5 Homers last week.... INSANE!

    • Chris X
      Chris X 3 months ago +1

      He is Master Chief in human form.

  • dodo
    dodo 7 months ago +1

    It's kinda insane he is able to do multiple major roles and actually good at them in Major Scene in this era.

  • Bryan Vacchio
    Bryan Vacchio 3 months ago

    Already a hall of famer but If Ohtani keeps this up for a decade then I’ll say best athlete.

  • elastic towels
    elastic towels 11 months ago

    Only player that almost got me into baseball so props to him such a succulent athlete

  • Timothy Alcazaren
    Timothy Alcazaren 6 months ago

    Real life Goro Shigeno. Both obsessed with baseball and dedicated their entire life to the sport they love the most.

  • jimlapbap
    jimlapbap Year ago +294

    Isao Harimoto (who has the NPB career hit record) had it out for him from the beginning, this was a very “get off my lawn” moment from the “if you’re not tired by the time the game starts, you’re not working hard enough” generation in Japan

    • The Sun Will Rise Again
      The Sun Will Rise Again Year ago +6

      Harimoto is not even Japanese, he's an ethnic Korean

    • Ngủ Vua
      Ngủ Vua Year ago

      @The Sun Will Rise Again kinda funny how some of the best "Japanese" baseball players are technically not Japanese (for example Kaneda Masaichi, Harimoto Isao, Oh Sadaharu)

    • The Sun Will Rise Again
      The Sun Will Rise Again Year ago +3

      @Ngủ Vua actually there are many more...maybe over half are ethnic Koreans that have not "come out" or keeping secret.

    • lahel light
      lahel light Year ago

      @The Sun Will Rise Again
      but isnt that most japanese? the "japanese" are a mixture of korean , manchurian, even chinese that over took the jomons during the yayoi period, and since have had constant immigrants from the asian mainland - esp koreans due the its proximity.
      I'm not saying japanese and koreans are the same. im just saying if you go far back enough, a lot of japanese are "ethnically" korean

  • Alex Lavender
    Alex Lavender 11 months ago +8

    It’s awful that we might never see him in the October classic. The angels are holding him back.

    • Caleb Kent
      Caleb Kent 3 months ago +1

      He needs to leave the angels when his contracts up

  • casuL
    casuL 9 months ago +1

    I would like to see a comparison between Shohei and Wilt Chamberlain. Both players are amazing athletes

  • Daniel
    Daniel 9 months ago

    When you get a player like Harland who can compete for scoring titles and a keeper like Navas, think of him as the Shohei Otani of the soccer world.

  • Dusan Bursac
    Dusan Bursac 9 months ago +2

    Jan Zelezny enters the chat.
    No one in the history can come even close to him and also the hardest record in sport to beat.

  • D Cotai
    D Cotai 6 months ago +1

    ... When he walks down the street I bet people will say there goes Shohei Ohtani, the Best there ever was in the game..

  • ElNegocioSA
    ElNegocioSA Year ago +670

    Ohtani's obsession with baseball makes Ichiro Suzuki look like a family man who played baseball as a hobby

  • therock238360
    therock238360 5 months ago +1

    Ohtani is just the protag of a shonen sports manga, he’s unreal

  • Mel Greier
    Mel Greier 2 months ago

    Terry Fox ran a marathon every day for 143 days on one leg, after cancer took his other leg. He only quit when the cancer returned, ultimately taking his life shortly thereafter.
    Bob Baun scored the winning goal in the Stanley Cup finals on a fractured ankle.
    Hockey players regularly get stitches during games and return as soon as they are stitched up.
    No other sport, no other athletes compare to those mentioned above 👍

  • marsha huang
    marsha huang 7 months ago

    what ohtani impresses me the most is how many people were against his two-way-player dream, he successes because he never gives up

  • FreedomandRights4US
    FreedomandRights4US 5 months ago

    Love to see an athlete that fully lives for it

  • Indo Yosui
    Indo Yosui 6 months ago +2

    There's a famous story in Japan that Shohei always tried to decline any meetings with drinking involved, his comment?
    "Why would you want to waste time on a meeting/drinking when you could use that time to do more training and improve your baseball ⚾" What a Champ 🏆

  • Kana Tamblyn
    Kana Tamblyn Year ago +679

    His coach from Nippon Ham Fighters swore that there would NEVER be a better baseball player than Ohtani…not only because of his talent but also because of his personality. He said Ohtani was the nicest, most respectful and humble human being there is….and there was absolutely NOTHING wrong about him.😂 That’s the reason why he is so loved by everyone in the world 🌎 ❤ Wishing him the best.💕💕💕

    • Alexis Reyes
      Alexis Reyes Year ago +29

      Ohtani is the person everyone should aspire to be.

    • Kathy dru
      Kathy dru 9 months ago +15

      A humble and cool guy. ❤️

    • Lil Slime 🐍
      Lil Slime 🐍 7 months ago +13

      @Alexis Reyes Hard working, charismatic, talented, a natural leader, responsible, who's a better person in sports?

    • Garnet
      Garnet 7 months ago +9

      He’s also obsessed with baseball. Talent + hard work + living a lifestyle to optimize his athleticism = someone reaching heights we will likely never see again in our generation

    • Faint Sherin
      Faint Sherin 6 months ago +7

      He gave his earnings to his parents most asians do, but they still buy for themselves, but Ohtani is different. I saw the things he bought in some of his interviews. He bought things for optimal sleeping and other things that will elevate his craft. This guy has a scary mindset on and off the field.

  • 이호준
    이호준 3 months ago +2

    without a doubt. Best of the best among the baseball player in mlb.

  • Manuel Melara
    Manuel Melara 2 months ago

    Tbh baseball was always that sport I didn’t watch (die hard fan of soccer, basketball & football) but I watching mr shohei, I am a fan of baseball & it’s a great sport, he made me get into baseball

  • Nick Milko
    Nick Milko 6 months ago +1

    His contract next year is going to be insane. Because he should get paid for his hitting and pitching. It will be unprecedented but earned . I guarantee that whoever signs him will be paying 100 million a year.

  • Faint Sherin
    Faint Sherin 6 months ago

    He gave his earnings to his parents most asians do, but they still buy for themselves, but Ohtani is different. I saw the things he bought in some of his interviews. He bought things for optimal sleeping and other things that will elevate his craft. This guy has a scary mindset on and off the field.

  • Rob Kilbride
    Rob Kilbride 4 months ago

    Must be something magic about that last name. I think the greatest composer in the world, and by far the most versatile is Tomoya Ohtani of Sega.

  • S C
    S C Year ago +231

    Absolutely amazing my man. Just totally puts him in perspective. I hope the Angels are able to put together a team around him & Trout. Would love to see those guys in post season action! Thanks for the vid.

    • King Swagger
      King Swagger Year ago +2

      Bro the second they get a good first baseman the angels will be legendary

    • S C
      S C Year ago +2

      @King Swagger Yeah man and they have a couple of good enough young guys over there that are developing such as Rengifo. They get that in addition to 1b & beefed up bullpen they can surely make a run. Once they clinch a spot in any way its all back to 0-0. I also think it would help to get Sandovals walk rate down in addition to another above average/ elite arm. If they cannot put it together they should be let go as a mercy move by the owner lolol It would be nothing short of a tragedy if Trout/Ohtani never sniff the post season.

    • Daniel Sharda
      Daniel Sharda Year ago +4

      @King Swagger lol no. They’d need more pitching and some lineup depth

    • 0.999_equals1
      0.999_equals1 Year ago +1

      @Daniel Sharda
      Yep. Their rotation, even right now, is actually pretty alright, but the bottom half of the lineups they’re currently rolling out are absolutely _horrifying._

  • Amaurys Rodriguez
    Amaurys Rodriguez 2 months ago

    He just pitched almost a no hitter and hit 2 home runs in a doubleheader game and at the same day. That’s it best day for any player in my opinion.

  • J F
    J F 10 months ago +1

    9:00 2 seasons doesn't sound like THAT much but when you start to consider the possibility of missing opportunities and connections you could have made in those two years it makes a lot more sense that he went to MLB

  • Angelo Denwill Petate
    Angelo Denwill Petate 5 months ago

    Comparing him to Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan is the best comparison for Shohei Ohtani. Doing everything he can to perfect his craft, with top notch discipline

  • Doctor Strainlove
    Doctor Strainlove 11 months ago +1

    I hope he secures the bag whether decides to stay in Anahiem or not. This man is truly a Unicorn, it still baffles me that the Angels have the 2 best players in the league & cant even get close to a post-season..

  • HokiePitcher22
    HokiePitcher22 Year ago +64

    Donating the 150k to the clubhouse employees is such an awesome move...he's a class act on top of being the greatest athlete on earth

  • BallinRiceBowl
    BallinRiceBowl 2 months ago

    Revisiting this gem and holy hell. He even better than 2022…it’s absurd.

  • Delevingne
    Delevingne 7 months ago +2

    I’ve never seen baseball in my life but this video was well made and made me watch the full video. I’m a football ⚽️ fan btw.

  • Brownmatt Films
    Brownmatt Films 7 months ago +1

    Dude, I like baseball, don't get me wrong. But it easily is my third or fourth favorite sport. That being said, I still love it! Your videos are some of the most interesting stuff I have ever seen on Clip-Share and they are about a sport that isn't even, one of my favorite two!

  • Jackson Orlady
    Jackson Orlady Month ago +1

    Despite Judge's season, Ohtani is still MVP. It's a hard pill to swallow but its obvious when you think more than a second.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 months ago +1

    Dudes GOAT think about it he's playing in the modern era and doing these feats in the modern era against grown ass super men!!! And against all the nutritional and medical advancements!!! Dudes amazing he is a super being among super men

  • no name
    no name Year ago +384

    He was blessed with good timing and opportunity. His older brother had longed to join Little League when he was in elementary school, but his parents were so busy with work at the time that they could not afford to grant his wish. His father regretted this and gave Shohei the opportunity to play baseball early on so that he would not make the same mistake. His parents still feel sorry for Shohei's older brother. Successful person is also blessed with good timing and opportunity. That may be what we call fate.

    • upsych10
      upsych10 10 months ago +48

      You failed to mention that his own father never believed he could make it to the majors which was something that Shohei disagreed on at an early age.🤷‍♀️

    • Syber Salvatore
      Syber Salvatore 6 months ago +7

      There is way more people who are blessed with good timing and opportunity, Shohei is a beast.

    • James Gordon
      James Gordon 6 months ago


    • Yomar Molina
      Yomar Molina 6 months ago +2

      Precisamente. De hecho, hay estudios sobre ello, el libro "Fuera de Serie" de Malcon Gladwel trata el asunto.

    • 思い立ったが吉日
      思い立ったが吉日 5 months ago

      OK, if you and I had good timing and opportunity we can be just like Ohtani. wow lol

  • Theorpo
    Theorpo 3 months ago

    I try to make a comparison to someone in another sport but how the game is played and how GOOD Ohtani is is almost unfathomable to scale to another sport

  • leyawni
    leyawni 7 months ago

    I watched a few games before, never really paying any attention to baseball.. until I saw Ohtani
    Now I love Baseball, LA Angels and of course Ohtani 😎

  • Miyamoto Masashi
    Miyamoto Masashi 6 months ago +1

    Basically Ohtani is actually if Messi and CR7 born in one person but for baseball!
    Messi level freak of nature raw talent combined with CR7 level of borderline psychotic work ethic. GOAT realm bound indeed.