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Kemper Profiler Rig Check - Jeff Loomis with Arch Enemy

  • Published on Dec 7, 2014 veröffentlicht
  • Jeff Loomis is an awesome guitar player and made a lot of fans with his Conquering Dystopia project with Keith Merrow. Now he became the new guitar player with Arch Enemy and is touring the world with them. Of course with his trusty Profiler which with just a wireless and a simple MIDI-Pedal builds one of the most "optimised" rigs in metal, I guess :-)
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  • givemeajackson
    givemeajackson 8 years ago +5

    saw em on the 14th. jeff's just amazing, he's just there on stage tearing shit up while looking as relaxed as if he was sat in a whirlpool. i don't really care for arch enemy, i went to the concert for kreator and vader, but seeing jeff in action was a nice bonus. also it just showed how good he really is. arch enemy isn't basic stuff, but he looked as if he was using about 10 % of his capabilities.

  • dlz124
    dlz124 8 years ago +8

    Love this guy. Met him a few times and is one of the most humble guitarist I ever met

    • B Wolfgang
      B Wolfgang 8 years ago +1

      Totally, I met him last year, super humble, and easy to talk with him :)

  • damnationdefied777
    damnationdefied777 8 years ago +9

    Most straightforward "here's my gear" ever

  • Charlie Mopps
    Charlie Mopps 7 years ago

    I ran into Jeff about 10+ years ago and I remember being surprised he was using an old Digitech Valve FX. I think he had a pile of EQ's and such in the rack as well, he got it to sound killer. I tried to replicated it with one and was unable. I guess being a virtuoso has something to do with your tone as well. lol

  • Brian Bower
    Brian Bower 5 years ago

    I have all those on my Kemper. Strummer is awesome. I usually use some other tones plus some M.Britt profiles.

  • Rone Marshall
    Rone Marshall 7 years ago

    I love my Kemper. The new 3.0 firmware is another game changer.

  • priti kapoor
    priti kapoor 11 months ago

    i love how someone is just going ballistic on the kit behind him

  • ArdipithecusR.
    ArdipithecusR. 8 years ago +19

    The bromance between him and Keith is strong. I'm not jealous or anything. I swear.

  • Roberto Canto
    Roberto Canto Year ago

    Many of us looking for midi controlers with al least 10 buttons, a lot of pedals and a pro guitar player like him, only needs 3 patches for his entires live rig

  • Daniel Lekardal
    Daniel Lekardal 6 years ago

    ADHD on the drums? Loomis is a monster player, show some respect.

  • ChrisThunderBay
    ChrisThunderBay 7 years ago +2

    my thoughts are why is he in Arch Enemy.... that band is consuming all my favourite musicians. More Conquering Dystopia.

    • KK DeVeauXgue
      KK DeVeauXgue 7 years ago

      I never liked Jeff him or his guitars..KK Deveauxgue..

  • Adam Massacre
    Adam Massacre 4 years ago

    thought Jeff showed solid concentration with the task a hand of telling us about his set up whilst some dicksplash thundered away on bass drums lol Bravo!

  • Shawn Hall
    Shawn Hall 8 years ago +69

    Is it just me that thought whoever was double bass drumming could've stopped for 2 fkin seconds?

    • Hani Farjo
      Hani Farjo Year ago

      U're totally right. It's very annoying

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 4 years ago

      "I thought you'd never ask!" *BOOOOOOM*

    • Coffin Dweller
      Coffin Dweller 5 years ago +3

      I don't think you've ever worked a load-in before

    • sudeep hembrom
      sudeep hembrom 5 years ago

      ironz18 : fuckin yeah

    • Sam Torruellas
      Sam Torruellas 7 years ago

      @Jw Anderson Never ask a drummer "Can you play any louder?!"

  • Ådrian Amorphøus
    Ådrian Amorphøus 5 years ago

    Jesus even simpler than my setup.

  • Lewis Storer
    Lewis Storer 4 years ago

    trouble is, how do you make sure the Delay is always in time to whatever tempo the song is if you have it setup this way?
    so he has only 1 solo patch for the entire set?. So surely for most of the set, his delay tempo is out of sync to the songs tempo?

    • Roberto Canto
      Roberto Canto Year ago

      That makes me think that mosto of us are very concern in tempo, effects, pedals, wich amp to use and a long etcetera when that really matters is to play guitar. He is a pro guitar player and for me it is very sorprising the simplicity of his rig and even if you are right that he maybe is out of sync by using the same tempo in all of the songs, tnat doesen't change the fact that he spund amazing in stage.

  • Antone Messa
    Antone Messa 7 years ago +2

    No noise gate?! Power conditioner/voltage regulator?! Tuner?! Does this amp have everything a guitar player can ask for?! If anybody can answer those questions for me I would be much thankful. Im getting a new rig soon and I want to do this once and right.

    • Paddy Watermountain
      Paddy Watermountain 4 years ago

      So the only thing missing would be a power conditioner to protect the Kemper but maybe they have one in another rig where all their equipment ist plugged in. I Think Arch Enemy make shure to protect their stuff

    • Blank Infinity Studios
      Blank Infinity Studios 6 years ago

      It has everything ;)
      It doesn't have power conditioner but it works from 100v to 240v so you are going to be ok.

    • CoffeeWaldo
      CoffeeWaldo 7 years ago +1

      Just watched Kemper himself with a guitarist I think john Hurdt. He had 2 demos one thru a cab one thru a PA system. The cab sounded better.

    • Tschay Aar
      Tschay Aar 7 years ago +2

      (Very good) Noise Gate onboard, Tuner onboard, many effects onboard..i think he´s going directly to the mixing desk, the other way is to buy the amplified version of the kemper and go through a cab...(switch off the speaker sim), or to buy a separate poweramp...the remote floorboard is coming in march, if you´re interested. Im using it direct to the desk, with the monitor out to my own active monitor/or inears..(always the best possible sound)...what comes out of the pa still is in the hands of the soundguy.. :-) Check out the Kemper website

  • Stuart Docherty
    Stuart Docherty 8 years ago +8

    A rig check video where you don't demo the rig sounds??
    You had one job!!!

    • VortechBand
      VortechBand 4 years ago

      Nah, the drummer looks like a skinhead, whereas Daniel is the opposite :D

    • Ådrian Amorphøus
      Ådrian Amorphøus 5 years ago

      What if it was Daniel Erlandsson loool

  • nemtall
    nemtall 8 years ago +7

    Tell the drummer To take a break for a min.

  • Nathan Hunter
    Nathan Hunter 3 days ago

    jeff, im sold. i need a kemper

  • maki kun
    maki kun 7 years ago +1

    The quickest rig check video

  • 00bava
    00bava 7 years ago +1

    what's that line 6 wireless?

  • Paschalis MusicProductionTips,net

    ok ok i am sold, let me order this :D

  • AR Stubbs
    AR Stubbs 3 years ago

    So no power conditioner?

  • Mark Campeau
    Mark Campeau 8 years ago +6

    double bass double bass and double bass more double bass

  • stifflerpratama
    stifflerpratama 7 years ago

    please welcome... Arch Loomis

  • Andrij Mejias
    Andrij Mejias 8 years ago

    Is he using any cabinets?

    • Matthis Lemonnier
      Matthis Lemonnier 8 years ago

      @***** The box that contains the speakers ;)

    • Matthis Lemonnier
      Matthis Lemonnier 8 years ago +1

      I think he's plugged into the soundboard, but I might be wrong.

  • KK DeVeauXgue
    KK DeVeauXgue 7 years ago

    I have a problem here,maybe someone can answer this one,why is it I have this guitarist on war eternal,the videos and all but I don't see him in the band live.why do they change guitarist so much..I like the guy in the War Eternal video,,but where's he at..He keeps disappearing..what's going on Angela??

  • AR Stubbs
    AR Stubbs Year ago

    F*****g drummers. Christ man.