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Testing Forgotten Car Accessories

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 verรถffentlicht

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  • Connor Knipes

    That spark plug tire pump was actually freaking sweet. If spark plugs weren't so hard to access on modern cars they would maybe still be for sale.


    after testing that Schrader tire pump tool, you guys should have taken the Schrader valve out of the tire after pumping it up and put a lighter to the air coming out to see if it actually didn't pump air/fuel mixture into the tire :P

  • billy surgener

    That tire tread regrover tool takes me back right to the mid 80's. I knew a guy that re-grooved tires for friends, hooked me up a few times. It is an art, never had an issue with any tires he did for me.

  • Hamokk
    Hamokk  +57

    The main thing why the re-grooving is not much used anymore is because tires used to have much more rubber in them. Nowadays even the most expensive tires might have only 5 millimetres of rubber after the tread.

  • Turd
    Turd  +229


  • Sidkain
    Sidkain  +110

    There's a guy from Chicago, Matt Ligouri - goes by "The Tire Sire", who uses a tire re-treader to make custom treaded tires for OneWheels. Artistic and useful in our little community.

  • NorthStar Racing

    Kinda cool to see that the tire groover hasnโ€™t changed much at all in so many years. We have a few at our shop, we use them in dirt oval racing to put different tread patterns in our tires if we want a bit more bite going around the track.

  • Unspherdcomb6

    I own a 1966 bel air, all the weird gadgets I got with it when I was a 16 still work to this day and Iโ€™m 21 now. Itโ€™s weird how well and weird everything was built back then but I feel like they had some innovation back then that was just a little more โ€œadvancedโ€ then us now a days.

  • Yura Kolesnyk

    That spark plug tire pump would be so cool to use on my Subaru ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • John Woodington

    Tire re-groovers make more sense when you have large offroad tires because they can be $500-$1000 a tire. Also, you can tailor your tires to a specific offroad race when the type of tire needed doesn't exist for the conditions you're in.

  • Cob507
    Cob507  +11

    Iโ€™d love to see you guys go back to making more up to speed. They are some of the best information out on Clip-Share about car history!

  • wildancrazy159

    Compression was much lower back in the day, swamp coolers work great in low humidity environments. They were very common in southern California and had one Hugh unit on our home in sylmar cal, and so did most of our neighbors.

  • Greg K
    Greg K  +730

    When I was a teenager, I must have re-grooved hundreds of bus tires. Many truck tires are (or at least 40 years ago were) marked as regrooveable. My brother-in-law had a business where he and his father bought old school buses, cleaned them up, and re-sold them. It actually worked well on most tires. Some tires did not have enough meat on them to make a big difference. It probably took me between an hour to 2 hours to do one tire. Needless to say, it was much cheaper to pay me $4/hr. to regroove a tire than to replace the tire.

  • RoctorDobotnik

    Okay thatโ€™s how you do a wiper blade ad. Itโ€™s dumb and made me laugh my ass off. Perfect ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jรถrgen Pryss

    The "owen" are for heating up your tin can lunch box with already cooked food. Works great.

  • crazykirk96

    I thought the tyre sparkplug compressor comes across as a brilliant tool

  • tvrduude

    Found a vintage car item in my Dads garage.. kept a while, but the rubber/plastic tube was so gooey, I threw it away. But it was a 25' long small sized yellow tube with Schrader coupling at each end and it was to transfer air from a tire with air in it to a flat tire. Either your own car or another.

  • Jacob Uttz

    The people who do the animation are awesome

  • Haunt Gossamer

    I love that this Windshield Wiper add became a parody of toilet paper commercials lmao

  • Jay Dunbar

    Tire regrooving is common on commercial tires, works great. Just be sure your regrooving tires that are actually rated for it.