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Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Illustrator

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Paolo fromTOKYO
    Paolo fromTOKYO  2 months ago +393

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    • Rick Chop
      Rick Chop Month ago +1

      i'm new to your channel this is the first video i've watched i really liked it, the experience is so dope

    • Timothy Bellette
      Timothy Bellette Month ago

      If Square Enix are so cool then why did they release Final Fantasy 9 with with Eiko dressed like that!?

    • Lia gonçalves de azevedo
      Lia gonçalves de azevedo 2 months ago

      @RedLogic "z8uzz,fzcccff

    • Top Force
      Top Force 2 months ago

      Why do you wear the slave symbol on your face?

    • Joanna Cortina
      Joanna Cortina 2 months ago

      Someone at sports next please! Sumo wrestler!!!

  • jasminf0x
    jasminf0x 2 months ago +2910

    I can't imagine the work that went onto getting approval, arranging, and filming this video. Thank you so much for sharing this experience! Thank you Rubi for sharing your day!

    • Lebedev
      Lebedev Month ago +2

      this video is a proof of Industrial Revolution and It's Consequences

    • Soft Entertainment
      Soft Entertainment Month ago +1


    • mrityu
      mrityu Month ago +2

      @Daniel is it your favourite activity?

    • Daniel
      Daniel Month ago +5

      I love this comment like how I love crackers

    • mrityu
      mrityu 2 months ago +38

      don't forget editing

  • Kriku
    Kriku Month ago +362

    I'm a FF XIV (MMO) player and I was very happy to see one of the team members (even if it was just for a sentence or two), who helped shape the experience I had while playing the story of the game and I'm sure he will help to shape many new experiences in the future. All the employees, whom we saw, seemed genuinely happy to work for SE and I hope that that applies for all of the 3700 employees throughout all departments. Everyone helps in their own way to create the many stories, which SE tell us through their games! Wish them all all the best and thanks for the cool video, Paolo! :)

  • alex zander
    alex zander Month ago +595

    man this was so good and you just casually talking with these designers that has or will impact a lot of people growing up/grown up that will forever remember there work , huge accomplishment , also the approval , filming/editing that had to happen for this one

  • G00GLE 5UCKS
    G00GLE 5UCKS Month ago +444

    So much to appreciate here.
    Her life story. Her talent. The insight into the Square Enix workspace. The insight into her way of living.

    • Labhansh Patel
      Labhansh Patel 21 day ago

      I appreciate Google, it doesn' suck

    • IamFromBeyond
      IamFromBeyond 29 days ago

      @Bushmills21 well that explains why you were watching the entire video to find out she plays among us

    • Raymundo Perez
      Raymundo Perez Month ago

      likewise, loved this episode.

    • Bushmills21
      Bushmills21 Month ago

      I was just here for the AmongUs, broseph.

  • Al
    Al Month ago +420

    You can tell she’s devoted to her work when she said her favorite was Zell from Final Fantasy 8.
    A very underrated gem of a game that often gets overlooked.

  • Drake l
    Drake l Month ago +358

    It's so cool you made it into HQ! Seems like they run a tight ship. So impressive how much expertise needs to come together to make games these days. I can't even imagine a mocap session w 10 people across different disciplines collaborating without strangling each other

  • Mattias Meinart
    Mattias Meinart Month ago +169

    I've watched all of your day in the life episodes but this one got to me for some reason made me go "wow". Thank you for showing us things we can do in this world, amazing job :)

  • chunryz
    chunryz Month ago +87

    Not a gamer but I do know how amazing it is to have the opportunity to visit Square Enix and talk to its amazing employees. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It's awesome to see a game illustrator's typical day. Great work on this, Paolo!

  • Shannon Olivas
    Shannon Olivas Month ago +68

    I love how the most replayed part is people trying to see what kind of little animals she has in the cage at the start.
    Also I saw that Moogle and was immediately impressed Paolo! You managed to get us a look inside a prestigious studio!

    • Strikye B
      Strikye B Month ago +9

      it's called Chinchilla, they love belly rub

  • Sethusk
    Sethusk Month ago +117

    Holy smokes, inside Square Enix! This is so awesome. The place looks as wonderful as I imagined it would :) Thanks for the video, Paolo!

  • Sha Ron
    Sha Ron Month ago +76

    I envy her so much and her talent and her life. I hope I could feel as accomplished one day surrounded by other passionate people working towards a fun goal.

    • Gabe Iana
      Gabe Iana 25 days ago +9

      Envy, hate, selfishness can sometimes numb your passion or your artistic drive! Make your goal to work hard in something you're passionate about, and the rewards will come!

  • Sigma
    Sigma Month ago +99

    So at the end of it all... It all boils down to amogus.
    JK! You can really tell how much love and passion they create in making these video games. (Coming from a JRPG fan myself) Thank you Paolo for these videos, can't wait until the next one.

  • Ehlers Danlos & I
    Ehlers Danlos & I 2 months ago +75

    I love these day in the life videos! They're always so fascinating and it's fun to try to imagine yourself in their shoes. She seems to really have a dream career!

  • textmachine09
    textmachine09 2 months ago +3097

    This man managed to get inside the Square Enix HQ. Paolo is a legend. Thank you for this.

    • guy
      guy 3 days ago

      @farzad nope, its a mutual relationship. Paolo gets interesting content for his channel while square enix gets free publicity

    • vamosnippon
      vamosnippon 13 days ago

      I can’t wait for Paolo to penetrate the kokkaigijidou!

    • 08 Vtec
      08 Vtec 13 days ago

      Paolo could tour Area 51 if he wanted to

    • Rizwan Fariz
      Rizwan Fariz 20 days ago

      @Alex K. he's a absolute bro too

    • Alex K.
      Alex K. 20 days ago

      He got all the big names. Absolute pro.

  • Nico
    Nico Month ago +45

    This video is the one. It's the video that finally made me decide to go fully into game design as my major in college; I'm in it now but due to an issue with my intro courses I felt like I couldn't do it but seeing all these super chill and passionate people from all walks of life coming together to create some of my favorite games ever, I realized I might just be able to live a life like this! It looks so simple to probably a ton of people but to me, this would be my dream life come true. So thank you Paolo for this entire series of videos and honestly this one in particular! Who knows, maybe in the future I could even be on this series lmao

    • Sun rise
      Sun rise 4 days ago

      Go indie and develop your own game. You will be miserable if you can't work on your own ideas and game. Working for other companies will severely limit to what you are allowed to make. Most likely you will be tasked to create another formulaic game that is trending atm.

    • Riku
      Riku Month ago +1

      Look at Nomura! He created Verum Rex and Kingdom Hearts!
      You can be like him!

    • Jason Tu
      Jason Tu Month ago +4

      Game design and illustration is never simple. The amount of schooling and training they go through, especially in Japan, is insane. That girl probably lives and breathe anime art all day, even outside of her work hours. But hey if it's your passion, then you'd have no problem doing it 70-80 hrs a week to become one of the best in this field.

  • Kristoffer Björklund
    Kristoffer Björklund Month ago +15

    What a lovely inspiring story! Also so amazing to deep dive into Square Enix Headquarters! Looking forward for more amazing creative studio visits in the future.

  • Nickayz
    Nickayz Month ago +10

    I really love all your videos - it's always amazing to get insights into life at the other side of the planet. This video in particular is an insane highlight. There are not many video game companies that are bigger and more famous than Square Enix. I love how you let it be a surprise for us by not telling in the video title. Getting into Square Enix is like getting into another dimension. Fantastic effort!

  • I M A S H O E
    I M A S H O E Month ago +10

    this is so cool, the fact that u were able to film in fricking square enix. The fact that u could film inside here makes me wonder if u would be open to the idea of doing a day in the life an animator and filming inside somewhere like studio pierrot or mappa, etc... That would honestly be amazing to see, but thx sm for this vid Paolo. Keep it up

  • Haita
    Haita Month ago +8

    This is INSANE. What an episode, Paolo! Thank you!

  • Licharra
    Licharra Month ago +11

    You have no idea how appreciative of this video I am. I am a huge Square Enix fan, I've been playing Final Fantasy 14 since it first launched. Love their games ♥

  • Christopher Barros
    Christopher Barros Month ago +5

    Simply amazing video. The most "day in the life..." video I have seen on youtube. Thank for the awesome content. All your videos make me really miss Japan. I went there for work to visit my sister company over 10 years ago and haven't been back. Will go back one of these days!

  • sergie
    sergie Month ago +25

    Such a dream to work on such beautiful illustrations! She's very skilled!

  • Aaron Rogers
    Aaron Rogers Month ago +4

    This is absolutely amazing. You're awesome for having gotten this done! Thanks!

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +11

    With so many choices for content on social media, do you know why I really enjoy Paolo's content? Because his videos are family friendly, relaxing and Paolo is very likeable!

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago +5

    Such a cool job!! Love these videos Paolo, you do such a great job!!

  • Goddess Oyaa
    Goddess Oyaa Month ago +7

    I’m…..im so proud ! You have shown day in the life in such a fun , educational way from start to finish . Thank you for this amazing upload

  • Songofyeserday
    Songofyeserday Month ago +12

    Love FFIX. Glad to have seen someone whom contributed to it.
    Also cool to see where they motion capture for the Hildibrand quests.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Month ago +3

    I loved this episode! It is amazing that you interviewed the heroes of Square Enix! Thank you, Paolo!

  • Ron Taylor
    Ron Taylor Month ago +8

    Very cool Paolo.
    I really did not know what a game illustrator was so thank you.
    The logistics to do some of these videos might pose some challenges but I really enjoy them so please continue.
    Cheers 🍺 👍

  • Rcd Lie
    Rcd Lie 2 months ago +84

    Thank you Paolo for these amazing videos. SQUARE ENIX? Thats legendary game studio! Meccha kakkoi!!! Keep doing what you do, God bless!

    • Rcd Lie
      Rcd Lie Month ago +1

      @Paolo fromTOKYO ur very welcome Paolo, tell me when u come to Indonesia / Jakarta. Stay healthy Paolo & Family

    • Rcd Lie
      Rcd Lie Month ago +1

      We need to give more appreciation to great creator such as Paolo-san by using feafure like super thanks that I did since Clip-Share algorithm is giving harder experience for creators nowadays.

    • WRONG
      WRONG Month ago

      @Denki Kaminari ah, good to know! Ty.

    • Kuchi Kopi
      Kuchi Kopi Month ago

      @Neir pokedollars

    • Paolo fromTOKYO
      Paolo fromTOKYO  Month ago +4

      Thank you so much!

  • FortuneSeek3rz
    FortuneSeek3rz Month ago +1

    Loved this. I've played at least ten FF games and appreciate Square's contribution to the rpg genre. She's quite talented and so nice.

  • Bill Zhao
    Bill Zhao Month ago +5

    Hey, paolo, thanks for this really amazing video! as a japanese learner, personally i prefer you can just ask those questions in japanese directly, we have the english subtitle already, so it could be more living style if you directly using the japanese. Thank you!

  • ElixaNova
    ElixaNova Month ago +11

    This was such a nice surprise to click in not realizing this was some behind the scenes with Square and some of my favorite games. Thanks so much for making this, it's my favorite video in a long time on Clip-Share and was so cool!!

  • S Ryan
    S Ryan Month ago +7

    just wanted to let you know, i love these videos where you interview native speakers. I use it to supplement my Japanese learning journey.

  • John Ringhisen
    John Ringhisen 2 months ago +248

    I'm sure the hoops to get into Square Enix were massive, on fire, and moving at random patterns. Congrats and thank you for all the hard work to bring us such an exclusive day in the life of!

  • Juan Pablo Reyes Altamirano

    I never thought I would ever see the inside of that building. I only ever got as far as walking through the lobby and reading the floor directory in my one time visit to Japan. Truly thank you :)

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago +4

    Man your videos are soooo cool! A day in the life of people in Japan is great. A day in the life of someone working at Square Enix is awesome! Thank you!

  • pete pho
    pete pho Month ago +11

    god daymmm Paolo! not sure how you managed to find a worker from square enix to do this, but this was fantastic! keep up the great work.

  • b west
    b west Month ago +1

    This was really well done, thank you Paolo!

  • Maciej
    Maciej Month ago +1

    Amazing video, thank you for giving us a look at the inner workings of Square Enix!

  • jbiz1234
    jbiz1234 Month ago +1

    These episodes in the series just get better with time. Well done.

  • DagrtOne
    DagrtOne Month ago +4

    I love you day in the life videos. These are so interesting and informative.

  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi Month ago +5

    Man, these people live the LIFE!
    Good job, the video was great.

  • Shon West
    Shon West 2 months ago +185

    As a huge SquareEnix fan who's played EVERY Final Fantasy and most of there other titles I almost had a heart attack trying to get through this video lol😅
    How do you find these people?

    • Shon West
      Shon West 10 days ago +1

      @We are the Gems imo I didn't like it

    • We are the Gems
      We are the Gems 10 days ago

      Thoughts on forspoken? Days to go

    • Shon West
      Shon West Month ago +19

      @XMorbidReignX Exactly, and then he's just allowed to walk through all the different places he goes, he has one crazy friends circle lol

    • XMorbidReignX
      XMorbidReignX Month ago +37

      Right? Like the tagline in the video just says game illustrator. I wasn't expecting AN ART LEAD AT FREAKING SQUARE. I was expecting some back water gacha game studio. Not the pinnacle of video game development teams.

  • Matteo
    Matteo Month ago +1

    You outdid yourself with this one Paolo. Good work my friend!

  • Clive Eariss
    Clive Eariss Month ago +4

    I love and respect creators, and Japan is just fantastic, much talent, and she is super cool.

  • Solid wisdom
    Solid wisdom Month ago +1

    So interesting to see inside the place where some of my fav games were made. These videos are awesome

  • ken yuuki
    ken yuuki Month ago +20

    I am a newbie artist rn
    But i am trying to improve a lot and then start working as artist from next year
    I hope i can get good job in a game or animation company or start freelance work .
    Whenever i see japanese and korean and Chinese artist or mangaka doing work it give me lot of motivation to work again even during darkest of time
    Thanks Paolo for these videos :)

    • Abel A1
      Abel A1 Month ago

      @ken yuuki can't figure out perspectives

    • Abel A1
      Abel A1 Month ago

      @ken yuuki gl same here

    • ken yuuki
      ken yuuki Month ago

      @Guinn myah slays stay mad that's what I am doing tbh
      Drawing everyday
      Making artworks and character designs and all ,then later on choose good ones tbh part of portfolio

    • Guinn myah slays stay mad
      Guinn myah slays stay mad Month ago +1

      You gotta draw everyday then and you also will need a portfolio the industry is highly competitive

    • Liyana Haznan
      Liyana Haznan Month ago +2

      Wishing you all the best!

  • amelia sindu hasanah
    amelia sindu hasanah Month ago +2

    every time I watch this video series I feel motivated to learn and try to work in my dream workplace

  • pastryvirtual
    pastryvirtual Month ago +1

    This is SO COOL. Thank you so much for doing these, especially this one. AWESOME!

  • ThatFuseMain
    ThatFuseMain Month ago +2

    Would love to see more game design roles at either Square Enix or Bandai Naimco, or even Nintendo would be very cool. Great video overall that gives a lot of insight for people who want to pursue game illustration. If only there could be a Paolo in every country showing the inside of the game industry.

  • Sabrina Saputri
    Sabrina Saputri Month ago +2

    I really like your content day in the life, it makes me think that there are many kinds of jobs. I hope that when I graduate from college I can get a job that suits my hobbies and the environment is also positive

  • Darryl
    Darryl 2 months ago +1289

    This is the craziest day in the life so far! Can’t believe you managed to get into square-enix! Incredible work Paolo!

    • My Random Life
      My Random Life Month ago

      With the power of 3m subscriber ~

    • Ender
      Ender Month ago

      @ライ I don't think so. She has a baby to take care of.

    • Lynxes Exe
      Lynxes Exe Month ago +1

      @heyjeySigma Sadly true, let's hope FF XVI is good.

    • heyjeySigma
      heyjeySigma 2 months ago +1

      SquareEnix has had a bad reputatio these past recent years.. THEY should thank Paolo for giving them free advertising on youtube and boosting their image.. not the other way around heh.
      The old golden days of Square are mostly gone by now bruh

    • Lynxes Exe
      Lynxes Exe 2 months ago +1

      @maz ditzo We even got to see the person behind Forspoken! Now we know who thought of that crap!

  • Roberto Argueta
    Roberto Argueta Month ago +3

    Genial que buen video , me gustan mucho este tipo de videos! No los entiendo mucho por el idioma pero son muy buenos , gracias !

  • EvilM0nkeyRules
    EvilM0nkeyRules Month ago +1

    I'm so excited for Forspoken the demo was really fun and I just find myself fighting mobs and finding out new stuff about the game

  • Pers Godiva
    Pers Godiva Month ago +4

    Rubi is seriously impressive!!! She's only 30 but has managed to archieve so much!

  • David Dennis
    David Dennis Month ago +5

    My jaw dropped when I saw this was Square Enix. That would be an awesome place to work with all the perks.

  • Anna Liong
    Anna Liong Month ago +1

    Love your content! Awesome job

  • Aditya Reddy
    Aditya Reddy Month ago +6

    I liked this video before I actually watched it cuz I knew that Paolo never falls to amaze me.

  • Coffee
    Coffee Month ago +3

    as a fan of Square Enix and an enjoyer of your videos, I've been giddy watching the whole thing... great job on this!! :D

  • Heber Lopez
    Heber Lopez Month ago +2

    Everything looks so clean , I love it!!

  • gtabro
    gtabro Month ago +2

    Shoutout to Square Enix for being cool enough to allow footage from all these corners of the studio

  • Jan Seb
    Jan Seb Month ago +3

    I don't even game but every time someone said Final Fantasy I got a little light headed. Absolutely insane casually watching these people and their day to day lives.

  • Frank Dolph Sollano
    Frank Dolph Sollano Month ago +3

    thank you rubi for making beautiful art for square enix that we fans really enjoy

  • Yung Create
    Yung Create Month ago +2

    Another awesome video! So cool that you we’re able to go into Square Enix

  • RogersBase
    RogersBase 2 months ago +44

    This was a great day in life, Paolo! Keep up the great work!

  • Martina L.
    Martina L. Month ago +1

    She is so cute and hardworking!! And I love her work environment! Just one side note: mozzarella AND peach? Such a weird combination!!!

  • jnauttube
    jnauttube Month ago +2

    This is quite different from the "day in the life" at Twitter or LinkedIn videos we get here in America. It seems that in Japan, people actually work. They don't just get free snacks, juice boxes and do macarena dances, then decompress in a sleep room.

  • Fuzzyfezz
    Fuzzyfezz Month ago +1

    Watching you talk to the guy working on Forspoken was a trip - I'm so excited for that game!

  • Arlet Vargas
    Arlet Vargas Month ago +2

    This is one of my dream jobs :D I loved the video

  • Pp Lime
    Pp Lime Month ago +3

    Square Enix was lucky to have such a great artist

  • joshua tayao
    joshua tayao Month ago +6

    I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy series! Its awesome to see their HQ where my favorite games were made. Salamat Paolo!

  • Cupi Don
    Cupi Don Month ago +1

    Imagine my surpise being a huge fan of FF Games when I start hearing words like 'Chocobo, Square Enix..'. First I was like 'huh?'. Then I saw Pampa figurine and other goodies. This is the place I would like to spent the rest of my life

  • sam
    sam Month ago

    thanks for sharing this with us! her artwork is really good

  • Alaor Alves
    Alaor Alves Month ago +2

    Absolutely legend. Paolo is up on my top favorite youtubers/content creators. From top 10 best to top 5 best. Maybe top 3. But certainly is the most expected videos release for me.

  • RaKeSH
    RaKeSH Month ago +2

    Never gets disappointed..
    Thanks for making this video

  • Brendon Neumaster
    Brendon Neumaster Month ago +1

    lmao! dudes never played among us! definetly my favorite video he's done so far tho i love all the final fantasy games square enix has made!!

  • Jaya Aberin
    Jaya Aberin Month ago

    Anyone else immediately check out Squeenix’s hiring page? Always wanted to work there, and seeing how the people seemed to be so happy and fulfilled just reinforces that. Also, you can wear shorts to the office?!

  • JasonGuitarHand
    JasonGuitarHand 2 months ago +56

    Paolo. Been a fan of this series for a long time. But this was my favourite episode by far, as a huge fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, this was just the treat of treats, one of the best videos I've seen all year. To see you interact with the people behind the masterpiece of FF9 and among others is just incredible!
    I hope Rubi keeps succeeding and keeps being happy. :)

  • DALBlackRose
    DALBlackRose Month ago

    Hey I kinda doubt this one would happen, but it’s be cool to see a day in the life of a light novel author. That’d be interesting

  • Enixier
    Enixier 2 months ago +3

    I had no idea these game illustrators sometimes work one month for finishing one artwork.

  • Nazaria COllins
    Nazaria COllins Month ago

    I love your day in the life videos I've whatced them all so good!

  • 7avilus TV
    7avilus TV Month ago +3

    Was not expecting this video to go into the SE offices. Thats awesome. Great video

    F.ELEVEN 2 months ago +31

    The offices look a way better than I expected! This is super exciting to see how it all works inside!!

  • Eugenia M.L
    Eugenia M.L Month ago

    love this video! im so happy to enjoy this type of content!1

  • EV RG
    EV RG Month ago

    Super interesting place, those games like me a lot, Knowing the place and seeing your emotion of talking to them must be the best of experiences.

  • selgeaus
    selgeaus Month ago +1

    It is good for her to get recognised for her work through your video

  • Jeremy Zimmerman
    Jeremy Zimmerman Month ago +1

    Just casually hanging out with this legendary artist, and all of the other artists at square enix. Wow.
    And featuring my most favorite Chocobo! I mean, it's even my profile pic! I love that little guy!

  • Kevin Reyhan
    Kevin Reyhan Month ago +5

    I don't know which part should i be more surprised about, paolo not knowing among us or he manages to land approval from square enix

  • Paul Reed
    Paul Reed Month ago

    The insight here is inspiring!

  • Rice Bowl
    Rice Bowl Month ago +3

    seeing her play among us made me crack up. Thank you for the amazing video!

  • Phresh Ideas + Designs

    Great feature as always, Paolo.

  • Lizzy ♡
    Lizzy ♡ Month ago

    she's so cool!! thank you for sharing c:

  • Eloise D.
    Eloise D. 2 months ago +1

    What a dream! 😍 I wish I worked here too.

  • CyCy🌸🍒
    CyCy🌸🍒 Month ago +2

    aspiring game illustrator here! This video is very inspiring and I'm ready to develop carpal tunnel syndrome for money :,DDD

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor Month ago +1

    Awesome video like always. Cheers.

  • powertron35
    powertron35 2 months ago +74

    Wow she's amazing. Already made multiple covers for multiple games for none other than Square Enix. Cool job!

  • JunZheng Lee
    JunZheng Lee Month ago +82

    As a game company project manager, it must be hard for you to get permission/approval to enter and film around. Definitely have some restriction, but for them to allowed you entering their production space, it's a huge step showing how much they trust your credibility/accountability as Clip-Sharer.
    It's great seeing their HQ - at least few section of their building. Ubisoft, SQEX, Bandai, Sega, FromSoftware, all these massive name that gamers/designers would love to work at.

  • Katie Gorbunow
    Katie Gorbunow Month ago +1

    Hands down amazing!!!!!!!!