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DON'T buy this Smartphone.

  • Published on Apr 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Rugged Smartphones are almost definitely not worth buying...this might surprise you. Go to brilliant.org/MrWhoseTheBoss and sign up for free! Also, the first 200 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  2 years ago +6438

    2 videos in 2 days! What do you think to the more on-the-fly outdoor filming style? 🤞
    Also, please do consider checking out Brilliant, would really help to support the channel! brilliant.org/MrWhoseTheBoss

  • Kynetic
    Kynetic 2 years ago +7029

    A wise man Once said, *“Glass is Glass and Glass breaks”*

  • Anonymous [26490]
    Anonymous [26490] Year ago +2077

    Imagine going outside and seeing your neighbor watering their phones

    • Dulal DC
      Dulal DC 2 months ago

      imagine eating grated phone

    • HoneyBerry the Hybrid
      HoneyBerry the Hybrid 2 months ago

      Imagine seeing ur neighbor grait their phone.

    • Gravewolf
      Gravewolf 3 months ago

      My phone is powered by the sun through photosynthesis........so it needs water.

    • adam ridza
      adam ridza 4 months ago


    • Jacrazee_Playz
      Jacrazee_Playz 4 months ago

      Imagine going outside and seeing your neighbor dunking their phone in a bowl, attempting to cheese grate it, scratching it, smashing it with a hammer, watering it like you would flowers, then golfing it to hell.

  • Carl Jhonson
    Carl Jhonson Year ago +2035

    Arun in his 60's*
    His Grandson/granddaughter playing inthe backyard: grandpa I found these 2 black thingies in the backyard*
    Arun getting flashback of this video*

  • Brad Brandon
    Brad Brandon Year ago +139

    I love how you actually keep the bloopers in. That just gives us more entertainment and helps keep our focus as viewers. I also like that you have a signal that shows that was a blooper so you still sound professional.

    • holidayhares
      holidayhares 5 months ago +4

      Yes but obviously not all the bloopers, he just did that one because it was funny and still allowed the video to flow well. There would most likely be way more bloopers if he were to show them.

  • Jai
    Jai Year ago +575

    I love how he always manages to Rick roll us in some way

  • pyro226
    pyro226 Year ago +25

    Around the era of the Samsung S7, Samsung had released an industrial rugged phone that was a plastic screen. It had a screen protector on top. While significantly more prone to scratching, the phone was extremely resistant to shatter. There were phones from China that were doing similar (to the point that one was used to hammer nails).

    • Casey smith
      Casey smith 4 months ago

      The Kyocera phones in the Dura/Sport line are some of the best durable phones, not just the flip but the regular. Also side note one of the first brands to make a phone that was water proof/resistant in the flip phones in the late 2000's without hyper marketing it was a rugged brand/model of phone the way Samsung started in 2010's with the waterproof ability on its main models.The 2021/2022 most recent model of the smartphone needs a cover due to if dropped at the right angle the screen will crack as to the reviews but does not need a case due to how durable it is but you want one to grip the phone better due to how slick the phone is and will drop it all the time if you do not get a case for it, I got a fabric case for my phone as you do not need a durable protection case and it has this edging on back for the phone buttons to not turn on in pocket that is easy to have accidentally turn on with this model, most of the other cases were clip on style and phone faced backward in the case. I did not want the part that is supposed to clip on, I was never going to use it with the case so I was fine with the metal clip on part not being able to work but hate the metal clip into part on the case. I feel like I could whip this smartphone at a brick wall and it would still work fine with cracked screen.

    • Saints_Sinners
      Saints_Sinners 4 months ago +1

      Well I actually owned a Hisense Rock C30 and that was honestly my most rugged phone to use, from abuse in water, to actually using it as a hammer itself as well. No extra cover, no screen protector, no gorrila glass. Had it for 5 years before batter decayed and the batter started swelling up and popped of the rear cover before I bought a new phone.

  • Tech TH
    Tech TH 2 years ago +15986

    We want Arun's voice in Google assistant

  • Kiru S
    Kiru S Year ago +413

    As someone who has owned a rugged phone once, I relate to this video very much.
    It was a Cubot King Kong and I got it in 2017 when rugged phones were seen as cool. Only this year I've realized how terrible it is.
    List of problems:
    - camera was trash
    - battery was trash
    - chip set was trash
    - g board immensely lagged
    - it ran on Android 7 (one of the worst Android OS's ever)
    - the speakers suddenly stopped working
    - the clock at the top-right corner sometimes froze and when I set an alarm it wouldn't sound and it didn't give me a notification to say that my alarm is going off
    Yeah, rugged phones are completely trash. If you want a durable phone, get a case or something. Save your money.

    • hmm mmh
      hmm mmh 2 months ago +2

      @Frank Robinson Don't hurt yourself and use the internet, they are vast as the air in your head.

    • Frank Robinson
      Frank Robinson 2 months ago

      Le Sauces Collector! 13k mAh? You're dreaming. That's the same as a 40 dollar power bank. You sure you remembering right? The best phones only have 5-6k mAh

    • Trainboy1EJR
      Trainboy1EJR 3 months ago

      ​@Tony I bet she thinks the cracked screen looks so much cooler than the rugged cover! XD Crazy fashion people. To me, the only thing that matters is performance and longevity! Fashion is completely irrelevant when it comes to utility.
      Loved the Kindle Fire HD7 2012, vibrant screen, micro HDMI port, excellent sound, sadly it has lost virtually all internet functionality and is now just for old games that only work on the ancient version of the OS. I never had an issue with the bezels unlike every video by fashion tech obsessed reviewers and commenters, it was a device of pure utility. Eventually had to upgrade to the Fire HD8 2016 because websites crashed due to needing more ram, and youtube changed video codec and it didn't support the new codecs. Then had to upgrade to the Fire HD10 2019? because 800p was just too challenging to read manuals on, 1200p makes it so much easier. Although it seems like 2gb ram really has hit it's usability limit as well, hopefully they have a 6gb or 8gb 1600p Fire HD10 next year, maybe even a new Fire HDX? Love having the nice thick side bezels when watching a movie, while still being narrow enough for one handed use in vertical mode.

    • Tony
      Tony 3 months ago

      i always bought spigen rugged armor phone cover for all my smartphone (and for my family as well) and not a single one has damages.
      the only one with a cracked screen? my sister one because she didnt want the "uncool" looking rugged cover...

    • Gribbo9999
      Gribbo9999 4 months ago

      Just buy a couple of cheap phones do all the damage tests on one of them. Throw it away and use the new one. There you go you just saved $250 for a phone that is *completely* undamaged in by all those tests compared with your beat up 'rugged' phone at three times the price.

  • Riddhi Bajpayee
    Riddhi Bajpayee Year ago +915

    "Rugged Phones are the Future "
    Arun : I am about to end its entire career.

  • Alex de Sousa
    Alex de Sousa Year ago +7

    Wow 👏👏👏 very good, Arun. Every phone testing should be like this to "truly" test if these phones are actually what they claim they are.

  • danteelite
    danteelite Year ago +171

    Scientifically speaking, for impact you would expect a case to fare much better.
    Damage is caused by energy transfer, the more energy that makes it to vital components in a focused way… the more damage.
    A rugged phone is all one piece, you hit the outside and it gets transferred directly through the phone to whatever could break. With a case there is a air gap and imperfect fit which means the energy goes into the case, the case bends and shifts absorbing some energy and then the case strikes the phone with whatever is left over.
    In the best case scenario (pun intended) you want your case to break. If the case breaks, that means it absorbed the energy and did it’s job, call it a good boi and replace it immediately because a broken case won’t work any more.
    The only benefit of rugged phones is the IP ratings…
    But the best case scenario is to buy an affordable phone and a few cheap cases.

    • Warisha E.
      Warisha E. 2 months ago

      no, imo, the space between the case and the phone is soo small that it really wouldn't make much of a difference at all. Here the thickness of the phones matters much more. Anyways, the test arun did also provided further evidence on the fact that the air gap had little to no effect whatsoever

    • GGWP
      GGWP 4 months ago

      You're correct, it's a bit of why older phones actually faired much better in terms of resistance. You drop it, the thing splashed on the floor, battery on one side of the room, backplate on another, phone sliding across the floor, put it all back together and it works normally.
      Thing is, modern phones are more fragile as a whole. Components got smaller, thus less resistant to all kinds of damage, and everything has to be solidly fit neatly together to avoid any kind of malfunction (batteries used to be easily accessible and swappable, but on the other hand sometimes you'd have issues with oxidation or the battery not fitting right). This means the core components will often take the blunt of any kinect energy you put into it. So much so that if you put enough force to brake or remove the case, even if that energy is not being efficiently transferred, it will be enough to wreck everything inside.

    • Seraphina Joyce
      Seraphina Joyce Year ago +1

      Indeed however you can at least in theory design zones of some degree of isolation but doing so requires incorporating zones designed to deform of fail to protect the protected zone. This in essence is the plan with the crumple zones in a vehicle, those parts are designed to fail with a lot of resistance but less than is needed to deform the reinforced passenger compartment. The hope of course being to dissipate enough energy as heat from the deformation of those sections to mitigate the forces on the passenger compartment and prevent any deformation that may close the survival volume to the point of crushing any occupants inside. Of course this too has limits but under the conditions it was engineered for the resulting injuries should hopefully be limited to a stay in the hospital ward not the morgue.

    • User
      User Year ago +1

      Just get an IP68 midrange or upper midrange phone with a plastic back like the S21 FE. Put it in an Otterbox, rather than a cheap case. You’re far better off than a “rugged” phone AKA $150 phone with rubber and plastic for $700.

    • DreamBreakerNMaker
      DreamBreakerNMaker Year ago +3

      Also the more plastic a phone has on it's build the better it fairs against drops. It absorbs vibrations better than metal. Samsung a52 with it's complete plastic build and a good case can be really rugged plus it sports the IP rating which is nice to have.

  • Sergeant Peanut
    Sergeant Peanut 9 months ago +9

    I would have liked to see him test one of the more "rugged" of the rugged phones out there. We use the Sonim XP8 at work and I have seen that thing drop kicked (by accident) onto bare asphalt, run over, and it has taken several falls out of the car when opening the door. Aside from a few scratches on the body of the phone, all the buttons and glass are completely intact.

    • Camilo Z
      Camilo Z 4 months ago +1

      WHAT? That's the succesor for the nokia right there

  • Logan
    Logan 2 years ago +1815

    Seeing him hit phones with a golf club is simultaneously the most painful and the most satisfying thing I’ve seen all day.

    • Macaroni Thunderstorm
      Macaroni Thunderstorm 3 months ago


    • Nandita Dileepan
      Nandita Dileepan 11 months ago


    • Satnus
      Satnus Year ago

      YOU GOT A HEART!!!!!!

    • Key of B
      Key of B Year ago +2

      I have a nord… nice to know golfing isn’t for me.

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands Year ago

      @Eric Quinton so? It's still shit value for money

  • Daniil Pekarski
    Daniil Pekarski Year ago +458

    Interesting, its almost as the whole lineup of CAT phones dont exist... you know, phones that are actually very resistant and equipped with a thermal camera :D

    • LinuxLOL
      LinuxLOL 5 months ago

      @Ethan Randolph 3GB of ram just to run the OS? I use a 4 gig phone with the normal version of android and it definetly doesnt feel like a 1gb ram experience - runs everything just fine. Where are you getting those stats?

    • Illford
      Illford 9 months ago

      @Thunder I've seen people say android takes up 1.5 G if ram. It's probably just poor management or hidden software in the back

    • Illford
      Illford 9 months ago

      @Alias Anybody This is not a universal thing. I've seen people give low numbers and give high numbers. It's pretty variable depending on phone.

    • HellFireNeko
      HellFireNeko 9 months ago

      Yeah i had one, can confirm, they pretty much dont break from being hit hard, i even tried to see if i could scratch it with a knife, keys and more, no damage, loved the phone, sadly the charging port broke completely on mine.

    • GrimoireOfTheSage
      GrimoireOfTheSage Year ago

      Unfortunately CAT phones suffer from the exact same problem as the ones showcased. Cost to performance. You are paying a HUGE premium for hardware that is VERY WEAK. And for the very vast majority of situations a case + less durable phone will work out just fine. That said a CAT phone with cutting edge chipsets would actually catch my attention. I didn't dislike the CAT Phone I had for several years. Rather than trying to replace the non-removable battery I just went to a different phone when the battery failed. Even brand new it was slow, by the time the battery failed it was so slow that I felt it was nearly unusable. In comparison my Razer Phone 2 I upgraded to from my CAT Phone has reached battery end recently as well, but its chipset which was new when I got get it, still manages today so I just replaced the battery. I mean the Razer Phone 2 is nearly 4 years old at this point and it still runs on a newer chipset than the most recent CAT Phone revision that I have seen.
      That is a serious problem for rugged phones. Whether it be CAT or Sonim or these rather less trustworthy brands.
      Now I do really wish the Sonim XP8 and CAT 62 got showcased in this since I am curious how well they would have handled the hammer and golf club. I don't know about the S62 or the Sonim actually, but the CAT phone I had if I recall correctly had a bit of an edge that stuck out past the screen. I do know I didn't manage to hurt it at all even though I have the bad habit of using my cell phones as a hammer. What? That is perfectly normal. And yes so far my Razer has survived as well(though it is in that Razer Artech case, and the case has definitely seen better days).

  • Japanese domestic market


    • PineappleThePine
      PineappleThePine 4 months ago

      @Japanese domestic market You make no sense, and what does it mean to “love in America?”

    • Tofifi Channel
      Tofifi Channel Year ago

      I legit thought that you wrote teach reviwer.

    • ok fυck off
      ok fυck off Year ago

      @jrippin HEY
      you got a great point there

    • ok fυck off
      ok fυck off Year ago +2

      @Japanese domestic market UNDERSTANDABLE. HAVE A GREAT DAY

  • twixcandylmao
    twixcandylmao Year ago +5

    i love watching your videos when i get bored they are amazing! and taught me a lot to be more responsible and watch out for scammers who sell devices

  • daniel w
    daniel w Year ago +15

    My favorite "rugged" phone I ever owned was the galaxy s6 active. It survived desert heat, sandstorms, rainstorms in tropic jungles, going snorkeling, and even getting slimed at a nickelodeon hotel... but not everyone needs that durability so I get your point.

  • Kalle
    Kalle Year ago +2

    I wonder how a small flagship like a iPhone 13 mini or S22, would have coped with the last test since they are small and light but built with expensive and strong materials

  • joanneneedstostudy
    joanneneedstostudy 2 years ago +1103

    Arun's neighbours be like: lockdown is taking its toll on this guy. He's using phones as golf balls

    PROJIIN Year ago +318

    Imagine devs of that phone commenting:
    "Thanks for advertising us"

  • grimble
    grimble 2 years ago +187

    Arun: It does not scream 700 dollars.

  • Jared Nelson
    Jared Nelson 10 months ago

    Yeah, the rugged phones have some decent features like being waterproof and a large battery. Downside’s are many though…they rarely update the OS or driver's, etc. They are slow and just don’t hold up very long. I’ve had a couple of Blackview’s.

  • Alejandro Vallencci
    Alejandro Vallencci Year ago +16

    I had a Doogee back in 2014, tried to show off how ‘indestructible’ it was by dropping it from waist height… and the screen was smashed to pieces, completely unusable. Borderline scam

    • mad max
      mad max 10 months ago

      Bro's phone got stage fright😆

  • Caleb Ellison
    Caleb Ellison 8 months ago

    I had a duraforce pro at one time.
    It was like 400$ I was tired of breaking phones and decided to get a rugged phone.
    The specs weren't great but the ruggedness was awesome. It had sapphire glass which can only be scratched by diamond. I never put a case on it dropped it all the time dropped it in boiling water once and it never even got a scratch on the screen

  • Mole
    Mole 2 years ago +246

    Jerry: heats up phones and carefully removes the battery
    Arun: Wacks them with a golf club and they come out clean

  • Awethentique
    Awethentique Year ago +43

    I would love to see a version of this that include the CAT S61 and CAT S62 range of phones, also the ability to have a FLIR camera and laser distance measure

    • Alex D
      Alex D 8 months ago

      @William Ginter Dosn't matter... Rugged phones are in general trash... They are not good phones to begin with and I can't really think of any way they can replace a normal phone, having protection case and cover... Specs are terrible, camera is useless, processor is slow, RAM is not enough... It has literally one thing going for it and it can be easily substituted... When I damage my normal phone I can change the case... I don't know how that trend started, but they are literally stupid...

    • Vencer
      Vencer Year ago

      Could we add the Samsung S8 Active too

    • DreamBreakerNMaker
      DreamBreakerNMaker Year ago +1

      @William Ginter my man my Redmi note 7 from 2019 has the same specs like the cat and it cost me 150 € brand new. At the end of the day it's really not worth it.

    • William Ginter
      William Ginter Year ago +5

      He went with 2 of the worst rugged phones. He should redo the tests with the kyocera duraforce pro and the cat s62. The reviews on those phones make them trash to begin with.

  • Air conditioner
    Air conditioner Year ago +73

    I recently discovered this youtuber, ive got to say i cant stop watching. you really explain stuff well, thank you and keep up the content

    • Splash
      Splash Year ago

      if you want a rugged phoen
      make a phone case with legos
      i tested it and it can withstand the whack perfectly

    • Royal559
      Royal559 Year ago +1

      Oh my gosh thanks for keeping my cold in the summer

  • Maze
    Maze Year ago +6

    This made me remember about how I once dropped my OnePlus Nord N100 phone off the third floor and the only thing that happened was the screen got absolutely smashed but the phone was working and then later I got it repaired and it works like nothing ever happened

  • Archana Chandra
    Archana Chandra Year ago +3

    This is probably the most interesting and holding video so far on Clip-Share, not only the channel and.....Yes, the outdoor trip seems good.
    I have never enjoyed seeing someone destroy things with such enthusiasm and interest and in pursuit of knowledge. Well done👍

  • shaun croft
    shaun croft Year ago +12

    I've been rocking the "Cat S42" for almost 3 years, it cost me $450 Canadian and it puts strength ahead of hardware and software, I've had the original plastic screen protector for 1 year before I switched to glass, it has a metal frame, metal buttons, metal corners with rubber cushions, it's been dropped and 30-40 times and about 8 of these drops have been rough, worst was a ten foot drop out of my chest pocket off a trailer face down onto pavement, my phone is still flawless, I have literally watched about 15 other phones break in the workplace and most of these people don't even carry Thier phones with them at all times, mine is always in my pocket taking a beating, gets covered in sand and dust so I wash it under the tap. This phone doesn't have proper phone cases avalible for it, you can buy a 3rd party bumper for it which I did after the first year but it's not really needed, the screen has a rubber bumper around it already and this rubber covers the back of the phone too. I highly doubt any phone can withstand the beating I've put this phone through, the only downside is it runs a bit slower than some phones and lacks pretty much any feature that isn't necessary, but I don't care, at this rate I'll have this phone for another 5 years

    • Lavinia Ladlass
      Lavinia Ladlass Year ago +1

      Sometimes cheap phones aren’t what people make them out to be. I had an iPhone 6s which I heard were kind of infamous for bending in half but you don’t know how many times I dropped it over the year. It was my first iPhone. Never broke even with the screen protector off.

  • Dasher
    Dasher 2 years ago +491

    I love how Arun is puzzled by the fact that the phone broke because he smacked it with a golf club.

    • Chris Paul
      Chris Paul Year ago

      ulefone has just upgraded a rugged phone with a large battery, ulefone Power Armor 13 13200 mAh, Helio G95 processor, 6.81FHD+ screen, 33W wireless charging, RAM 8GB+ROM 256GB memory, laser tape measure.

    • Motaz Fawzi
      Motaz Fawzi 2 years ago +1

      He -smacked- "Whacked" it

    • Emanuele Esposito
      Emanuele Esposito 2 years ago +1

      Omg you didn’t get the point of it, didn’t you?

  • Masi Karimi
    Masi Karimi Year ago

    Wow, putting the phones to the ultimate test to reveal is it worth buying rugged phones or not!
    Also I want to thank you for Brilliant; it really is what it's called.
    Really appreciate it!

  • DQ kneely
    DQ kneely 2 years ago

    I would have loved to see a comparison between the processing power, camera tests, video, etc. I know the rugged phones would have been absolute sh*t but I just really enjoy driving home the point of just how sh*t they are especially after having been had for 350+quid on indiegogo
    -posted from BV6000pro 5G

  • Jayjay
    Jayjay Month ago

    I've used ulefone blackshark and Kyocera rugged phones and while I can say a lot of them are surprisingly durable I haven't found one that was able to keep up with my daily use, I game (cloud gaming) edit videos, watch movies and videos and none of them could go a day without some sort of lagging freezing or in Kyoceras case completely shutting off and melted a brand new charger three weeks into owning it

  • Precious Chuks
    Precious Chuks Year ago +5

    With this I would rather get a protective case than a rugged phone.💯😅

  • Lalita
    Lalita 8 months ago +1

    Good review. And unpleasantly surprising. :/ I think the advantage of the rugged phone is that supposably they are usable + have good battery life in high/low temperatures. And a reasonable/basic camera. Eg. I will be living in the arctic & thought they would be a good option & have it as a travel phone but keeping my "actual phone" rugged up for photo use. I might have to rethink that idea!

    • alnoso
      alnoso 5 months ago +1

      Two of my old phones (Xiaomi Mi A2 and Samsung Galaxy S5) both failed under low temperatures. Both of them were unusable in winter when temperatures dropped below 10 degrees celsius (0-14 degrees F). The screen display wouldn't turn on, and from my observations the touchscreen wasn't working either, although even if it did it wouldn't really help.
      I remember having to stick the S5 under my shirt in winter so I could use it in emergencies, and it was not pleasant. Had that phone for like 4 years too, and every winter it was the same, from the first winter I had the phone until the last one. If these phones can withstand temps of up to 0 degrees fahrenheit for extended periods of time while remaining fully functional, I could really see their appeal there. Would be even better if they withstood negative fahrenheit temps, I remember one specific day a few years ago with my S5 where the temperatures dropped below -20C/-4F and I could not turn it on at all until I got home.
      I have however noticed that my new phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro) has not had this issue at all, but the 2 winters since I got it when it came out have been comparatively mild where I live, and temperatures didn't drop below -5 celsius (40 fahrenheit) most of the time. It's also not an issue I've heard of for a few years, used to be that people would complain about the same issue in winter. I remember being in school with early smartphones and me and my friends would all go inside stores and just wander around pretending to browse while our phones warmed up to room temp throughout.
      Funnily enough the only smartphone besides my current one which never had this issue for me was a Nokia Lumia. That phone in particular was built like a brick though, one of the first smartphones you couldn't open because the entire phone was just encased in thick glass, acrylic and rubber. Didn't look like a "rugged phone", but it was impressively heavy. Shame about the really bad software on that one (windows phone), wish they still released phones this durable.

  • Aci
    Aci 2 years ago +5430

    You rubbing the phones on a cheese grater actually physically hurt

  • Vish Ken
    Vish Ken Year ago

    Hi Arun, This review is amazing. I was planning on buying the Doogee S96 Pro, or for a lesser budget there is another mobile UmiDigi Bison. Will be looking forward to see a review from you before I proceed... Thank you.

  • AcidA$h
    AcidA$h Year ago +5

    That’s why I buy a $90 case. Because rugged smart phones always seem to sacrifice one of the best features on modern smartphones

  • Valeriano Costa
    Valeriano Costa Year ago +14

    I own a rugged phone and in some case I can relate on this video, but I work in a harsh enviroment, with lots of water, humidity, metal dust, glass dust and fall hazard, and I have to say, my AGM A9 is still perfectly fine after a couple of year in that enviroment and hazards, where a xaomi keep it up to just a couple of mounth after getting full of metal dust and filing and basically having his speaker and mic ruined, and the glass changed after a 40cm fall when the rugged survived a 3 meter fall getting just a little scratch, so, just buy the phone for your needs?

  • CJ Zárate
    CJ Zárate Year ago +2

    Arun: *buys $700 phones just to destroy*
    Also Arun: *can't buy proper lab glasses*

  • John van Dongen
    John van Dongen 5 months ago

    I'm glad you mentioned spraying water up the (USB) port! Pretty painful...! 🤣🤣🤣
    Great video thanks...

  • Ali Asger Challawala
    Ali Asger Challawala 2 years ago +125

    I like how he shows his fails it makes him feel more human

    • N.D
      N.D 2 years ago +2

      Press 1:16 :D

    • TNSquid
      TNSquid 2 years ago +7

      "blend in with the humans"

    • Fynn Oleianson
      Fynn Oleianson 2 years ago +5

      And thats why he does it

  • LegoWormNoah101
    LegoWormNoah101 Year ago +44

    Rugged phones are meant for one target audience: fleets. It's more convenient to buy a bulk load of rugged phones than buy 2 separate crates, one with phones and one with cases.

    • The Dawn of Vanlife
      The Dawn of Vanlife Year ago +2

      @Sleepless District Again, in theory the phone is built more rugged. Cases ideally protect you from like corner strikes and fumbles on the street. If you are just worried about fumbling with your phone on the street that's one thing. If you do rugged work or adventure a lot you may be worried about more then little fumbles. Ideally, a rugged phone isn't just a rubberized body over essentially the same components as a cheap phone. Again... ideally... not saying it is always the case. It should be able to overall take a beating more then a cheap phone in a case.

    • The Dawn of Vanlife
      The Dawn of Vanlife Year ago +2

      @Sleepless District You can do that too. It depends on what you consider worth it spec-wise. Also a rugged phone, ideally is fully designed to take a beating. Unlike a fragile phone that just has a case on it.

    • Sleepless District
      Sleepless District Year ago +1

      @The Dawn of Vanlife why not just get a cheap phone and an otter box? It’d be cheaper

    • The Dawn of Vanlife
      The Dawn of Vanlife Year ago +7

      Campers, hikers, mountain climbers... They all like rugged phones. Despite the specs, the battery life is usually better. Also, more likely to survive drops, falls, accidents.

  • otterlyrediculous
    otterlyrediculous 2 years ago +1

    This is the only thing holding me back from rugged phone, the bad specs. I want a phone that can withstand a bit of impact or a drop due to my work but i also want a phone that works good and has all the things the other new phones have. In the end i just went with a oneplus 7t pro with a good case.

  • maria wegner
    maria wegner Year ago

    Hi! I'm new to the tech community and was wondering if you could go into more depth about the phone cameras? I am especially curious since the newest iphones have 12 megapixels and they are considered amazing, so I expected 48 and 64 megapixel to be astonishing, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Can anyone explain?

  • imaperson
    imaperson Year ago +423

    I love how he casually shows Rick Astley in the background at 1:15

    • imaperson
      imaperson Year ago

      @Usually2AM You're welcome ;)

    • Usually2AM
      Usually2AM Year ago

      I got rickrolled by Arun because of you. I never noticed it until now.

    • кислий кефір
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    • synokee
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      @A Muffin Lad Never gonna say goodbye and hurt you

    • A Muffin Lad
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      @Vex never going make you cry

  • Coyote Annabis
    Coyote Annabis Year ago

    Generally, if you're buying something like a Cat phone you're looking at battery life, extra features (infrared, etc) and durability over time (the ability to take many small bumps) as opposed to the fastest chip, OS, or super high quality cameras. I've put my S62 through hell over the last few years and it's still going strong.
    Cases are a good choice, but sometimes they limit the usability. I had a Galaxy s7 with an otterbox, which kept it safe, but I had to take it out of the case to use most charging cables, and to plug in my headset. Plus a case does nothing for battery life and can even shorten the life if it reduces signal in an already low-signal environment.

  • Downwind.
    Downwind. 2 years ago +218

    JerryRigEverything: struggles to pry off batteries.
    Arun: *hold my golf club*

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      Yo this is so funny af

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  • Nathan Liebespeck
    Nathan Liebespeck Year ago +2

    I have an Ulefone Armor 9. I am an electrician by trade and that one guy that doesn't care about the best camera, screen or performance. The included FLIR camera as well as the included endoscope type camera have been invaluable. Also it's the first phone that I haven't broken in the first 6 months.
    As a former iJunk user, I can say that I don't miss any of the "high end" features. I really like the Armor 9. The only thing this phone doesn't have that I miss is visual voicemail, which from what I was able to find is carrier dependant.

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen Year ago +5

    The newer gorilla glass versions seem more scratch resistant but less shatter resistant.

  •  Bachelors's Badhyatalu
    Bachelors's Badhyatalu 3 months ago +4

    I don't understand one thing, your videos are really great! considering the fact that you're covering almost every brand and making the best content out of it. you have made opinions on smartphone companies that were dying to the point where they dont exist anymore like the LG.... The thing I don't understand is that why aren't you considering Motorola ?? yes You did mention the Razer phone but that's it! Please make a video on Motorola company and I do know that you were a fan of the company before... Consider this request
    Please ...............

  • Bad song covers.mp4
    Bad song covers.mp4 Year ago +2

    I've had my blackview bv 7000 pro for 4 years now, it cost 170 usd, and works as well as it did. 4/64 memory and all that. though when a newer version came out I noticed that the price was way bigger and the specs were not that much better.

  • Chauncy Baker
    Chauncy Baker 11 months ago

    I'm a cable technician, and my phone goes thru hell with me on a regular basis. Our team used to carry around the Samsung Galaxy note 5, and had them in OtterBox cases with a belt clip. It was a running joke that we'd regularly do things like throw our phone down a driveway or drop it from a utility pole when frustrated with a work order we'd gotten, but they survived perfectly unscathed. A good case is definitely worth a thousand times what any rugged phone can supply.

    EZ FOODS 2 years ago +171

    Imagine his neighbours watching him practising golf on smartphones wearing those glasses. XD

  • Monic
    Monic Year ago +69

    When he said “no? Too cheesy?” With the cheese grater bit. It audibly made me say “oh my god”😂

  • Laura Gray
    Laura Gray 2 years ago

    If you want a awesome worth while rugged phone I totally suggest the sonim xp8800. Would LOVE to see your review on it.
    Yes it's heavy, but I've beaten mine up bad and it still works great.

    РОГОФОС 10 months ago

    man the fact that "makes it feel like 2013" is a criticism makes me really happy
    at least in one industry that is a criticism (because surprisingly many others have peaked in 2012-2013)

  • Shardool Parashar
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    Arun: Welcome to my factory of destruction.
    Zack be like,
    *“We don’t do that here.”*

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    Companies: UNBREAKABLE!
    Someone: Tests it
    Companies: No, that's not how you're supposed to play the game

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      Is that my sub count?
      It breaks a lot.
      (Not a bot ngl why am I a bot)

    • domaxltv
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      I mean... These are some of the worst "rugged" design features one could think of, they just are made to look durable... Looks over functionality, just like every other "premium" phone is designed

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan Year ago +1

    He always somehow manages to rickroll us in every fricking video

  • Proper Sounds
    Proper Sounds Year ago

    I appreciate this video and its been helpful and maybe avoided me wasting money, however what do you think about rugged phones that have gorilla glass 6 victus / do you have any suggestions on a rugged phone that is good. Im a serial dropped (I know) and im getting sick of replacing my screen on my honorview 20 (2nd time). Just as a note the phone i was about to buy is a doogee s96pro what are your thoughts on it? im aware screens low res but isit durable lol.

  • smoke2275
    smoke2275 Year ago +1

    You know what I’m most curious about? What is under the floor where you did the hammer test?! I was like, oh I found your apocalypse bunker… it def need more fortification lol!

  • Hrishikesh P
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    Had a bit of smiles and giggles, after a long time in a tech video. Love it!! Please do making these kind of videos

  • Andrew Derksen
    Andrew Derksen Year ago +1

    I had a Samsung rugby LTE and it was super durable 🙌
    I was a roofer and I had dropped it off many roofs on to concrete +👍
    I finally had to retire it die to performance issues 🤷👍

  • Jon Paulo Jequinto
    Jon Paulo Jequinto 2 years ago +127

    Can you imagine Aron's neighbours seeing him water... Phones? They'll be like:
    "I feel him, the pandemic has really gotten into him and now he's trying to grow phones... For some extra money, once they bear fruits, perhaps... These are dire times indeed"
    And then they saw him grating phones...

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    I'm going to donate a pair of lab glasses and a white lab coat so Arun can looks sharp in his next scientific vid.

  • Ruben S.
    Ruben S. 2 years ago

    Very great way of testing. Do you think you can do another except on less than one years released rugged phones? BV9900E/Pro, cat S60/61, Sonim XP8 and other I have yet to discover. Lol

  • Brasil_Mapping⚽️
    Brasil_Mapping⚽️ 3 months ago

    Appreciation to this man for buying all this for education just to help us not be scammed

  • Walker Pierce
    Walker Pierce 2 years ago +1

    The Galaxy Xcover Pro is actually pretty good. Not as good as the flagship but definitely no slouch either. Plus, A removable battery is a bit plus if you wear our your batteries quickly, eating through your max charge cycles, so you don't have to buy a new phone until you're absolutely ready.

  • Simon Grushka
    Simon Grushka Year ago +1

    I did enjoy my s9 active very much, thank you. Bigger battery and the same specs as the normal version

  • Orane Waldron
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    Other phone maker: Let's make a rugged phone
    Nokia 3310: what are those toys doing?

  • Humpy Da Whale
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    Arun: I have these ridiculous child goggles
    Me: You look pretty damn cool for someone who's about to hit phones with a gold club.

  • Devansh Upadhyay
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    I actually kinda fond of my pocco X3 even more now.

  • ali abbasmoghadam

    You have to do this test on the flagships . So satisfying 😅

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    Arun: 'With' will be a better preposition than 'on' for me🤣

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    keep it up!! ^^

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    Zack: Using proper tool to test scratch resistance

  • François Caron
    François Caron Year ago +4

    I do like the uleFones, owning now two of them (Armor 6E and 12 5G) with a third one on the way (Power Armor 14). It's nice to have a phone that won't go berserk as soon as it gets wet or cold, but you ONLY buy them when they're about to be released. It's the only time you can get them at a reasonable price for what they offer in terms of specifications.

    • Nyhxius
      Nyhxius Year ago

      Im confused. Most phones are waterproof now so thats not a an issue. Cold? Not sure where it is you live but i've never had a phone act up cus its cold.

    • François Caron
      François Caron Year ago +2

      @Douglas Antunes I doubt it. Rugged phones are definitely stronger than normal phones, but glass has its limits.

    • Douglas Antunes
      Douglas Antunes Year ago +1

      I have Armor X5 and it falls 4 times or so a month. (I am clumsy)
      And the only thing that happened in a year, is that my rear camera glass broke a little bit, but it's still pretty usable.
      I don't know if I should buy that Poco X3, will it resist my clumsyness

  • Mike Sookun
    Mike Sookun Year ago +1

    Testing the strength of the screen must be done by doing the drop test (simulation in real life) not hammering it down because you'll always get your screen cracked and busted lol
    That was so funny 🤣

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  • Noah
    Noah Year ago

    While I think that choosing rubber and Aluminium as material is not necessarily a bad idea I agree that it doesn’t really differ from a bulky case

  • Wissemvs
    Wissemvs Year ago

    i have a poco x3 and i love it to bits. As a person that doesnt use my phone camera very often is the best VFM for me; but that last part actualy made me flinch... poor little poco phone :(

  • 🚢 Rafiq Star Line 🚢 RSL

    This dude finds a way to rick roll us
    Like in every single video

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    Well, I am a Poco X3 user and I'm happy about how it performed in this video. Thanks Mrwhosetheboss for this video.

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      Not if you play it with a nokia… but then again that’d probably make the club spark and shatter

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      you can still play just make sure the phonecase is BUILT BY YOURSELF OUT OF LEGO

    • Precious Chuks
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  • Morgan Edgy
    Morgan Edgy Year ago

    I have been using the Umidigi Bison (rugged phone which is surprisingly cheap) for almost a year now and it has suffered a lot of falls, hits and splashes. And it has held up immaculately to every one of them. So that one is an exception.

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