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Epic Ball Controls 🥶🤯

  • Published on May 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts #short #football
    Humiliating Skills in Football 🥶🤩
    Rare Freestyle Skills in Football 🤩🥵
    Crazy Ball Controls 😍
    Legendary Ball Controls 🤩
    0% Luck 100% Ball Control 🥶🤩
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  • Britton P
    Britton P 4 months ago +2133

    Ronaldhino basically did all those but better

    • Saúl Fernando Ávalos
      Saúl Fernando Ávalos 4 months ago +17


    • ganjx
      ganjx 4 months ago +64

      ​@Saúl Fernando ÁvalosCrazy cus Ronaldinho did it First and better 😂

    • Saúl Fernando Ávalos
      Saúl Fernando Ávalos 4 months ago +4

      @ganjx show me!

    • Sima Chakraborty
      Sima Chakraborty 4 months ago +12

      ​@Saúl Fernando Ávalos 2002 world cup and friendlies

    • Helis
      Helis 4 months ago +4

      @Saúl Fernando Ávalos stupi

  • Azimunnisa Quadri
    Azimunnisa Quadri 4 months ago +930

    Ronaldinho is just perfect

  • Ahmed Yousif
    Ahmed Yousif 4 months ago +420

    Lewandowski thought he was in blue lock

  • Imri
    Imri 4 months ago +327

    Damn Ronaldo with the back is crazy

    • Godhands
      Godhands 4 months ago +2

      Rolando the brazilian did it better in the game marseille vs inter

    • Diarra
      Diarra 4 months ago +33

      @Godhands whoooo ask
      Cr7> r9

    • Abdi Asod
      Abdi Asod 3 months ago

      ​@Godhands 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • Max George
      Max George 3 months ago +2

      I m very sorry for the wrong information, he actually meant Ronaldinho.

    • Ozil rode
      Ozil rode 3 months ago +2

      @Max George when did Ronaldinho do it with his back?

  • ItsBxconYT
    ItsBxconYT 4 months ago +222

    Lewandowski embraced nagi's 100% strength

  • Tarekegn ,
    Tarekegn , 4 months ago +184

    Ronaldo juked that guy

    • Godhands
      Godhands 4 months ago +4

      Brandao the brazilian did it better in the game Marseille vs Inter in ucl

    • Yash_22
      Yash_22 4 months ago +1

      Which Ronaldo?

    • Dxeditzz
      Dxeditzz 14 days ago

      who asked Like if they mention Ronaldo Ronaldo haters Ganna be like you meant r9@Godhands

  • Anisha Crawford
    Anisha Crawford 4 months ago +898

    lewa controlling the ball in the shape of the bundesliga logo

  • Cyberr
    Cyberr 4 months ago +56

    They be playing bluelock irl 💀

    • Ghaxzs:)
      Ghaxzs:) 4 months ago +1


    • Angry Fishy
      Angry Fishy 4 months ago +6

      Anime fans when they realize football is a bluelock reference:

    • wow
      wow 3 months ago +1

      third guy turned into nagi💀

    • Cyberr
      Cyberr 3 months ago


  • J Kosta
    J Kosta 4 months ago +18

    a facilidade que Ronaldinho fazia as coisas é impressionante kkkkkk

  • NotOmni
    NotOmni 4 months ago +97

    Neymar left the chat 😢

    • Dani K
      Dani K 4 months ago

      Who is he ? Is he a player ?

    • Leandrinho10
      Leandrinho10 4 months ago +8

      @Dani KYes,is one of greatest player in the world. The children……….😤

    • Dani K
      Dani K 4 months ago

      @Leandrinho10 Yeah ? But why he doesnt had any D'or and always diving ? People say he is the king of diving

      INFAMOUS 4 months ago +3

      ⁠@Dani K says the one with infinite D’or. Yeah people say he is king of diving. Like, how people say you were born in a highway.

  • Haroon Rasheed
    Haroon Rasheed 4 months ago +14

    Zidane chesting that while running backwards is insane

  • rudra pratap singh rawat
    rudra pratap singh rawat 4 months ago +29

    Ronaldo one was epic ❤

  • Rishon Rena JP ROS
    Rishon Rena JP ROS 4 months ago +159

    Foden ball control is excellent, as per science says that it is due to the position of the ball control

  • RyZe
    RyZe  4 months ago +17

    Damn I remember watching the 1st one by Marco Tillio that was clean asf

    • ulidavillaszn
      ulidavillaszn 4 months ago


    • MemeMessiDo
      MemeMessiDo 3 months ago

      I thought it was joao cancelo

    • RyZe
      RyZe  3 months ago

      @MemeMessiDo Haha no lol, he plays in the A-League (Yes I’m Australian)

    • ulidavillaszn
      ulidavillaszn 3 months ago

      @RyZe dw same here (uli davila is my pfp bc i am big macarthur bulls fan)

    • RyZe
      RyZe  Month ago

      @ulidavillaszn Lol

  • Tanuki-kun
    Tanuki-kun 4 months ago +21

    Christiano back ball control remind me Nagi's one from blue lock

  • best life 1234
    best life 1234 4 months ago +7

    Neymar lift the chat

    • Dylan Dmd
      Dylan Dmd 4 months ago +1

      Yes Neymar lift the chat

    • itsjustpete
      itsjustpete 4 months ago

      He's so strong he can lift the chat

    • Dani K
      Dani K 4 months ago

      Who is he ? Is he a player ?

  • lurk
    lurk 4 months ago +8

    Space cadet just hits different👌

    THË GOÁTS 4 months ago +35

    Robert lewandinho is just perfect

    • poland
      poland 4 months ago +2

      We had lewangoalski but now we got lewandinho

  • Free Aserbaidschan
    Free Aserbaidschan 4 months ago +22

    Es ist schwer zu erklären.... aber egal was Ronaldinho mit dem ball macht schaut viel spektakulärer aus als andere spieler.... Goat

  • Just Random
    Just Random 4 months ago +17

    I keep re-watching because of Foden's epic ball control
    Edit: Not Foden, it's Marco Tillio

    • Ryan Magilton
      Ryan Magilton 4 months ago +2

      It’s not Foden it’s Actually Marco Tillio He plays for Melbourne City I watched the game

    • Just Random
      Just Random 4 months ago

      @ryanmagilton4372 what.

    • Just Random
      Just Random 4 months ago

      ​@Ryan Magiltonohhhh, I re-watched it and looked at his face, thanks for the info.

    • 𝓡𝓮𝓱𝓪𝓪𝓷
      𝓡𝓮𝓱𝓪𝓪𝓷 4 months ago

      i thought it was foden too lol

  • Reo Beats 271
    Reo Beats 271 4 months ago +2

    El camarógrafo de el primer video, igual de crack por lo concentrado que cualquier futbolista de toda la recopilación 😮

  • Kasztanek_Jr
    Kasztanek_Jr 4 months ago +8


  • Walter Davila
    Walter Davila 4 months ago +3

    Q talento . disciplina,trabajo, sacrificio y AMOR ❤️ por el fútbol

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +2

    ronaldo is jsut different gravy 🥶🐐

  • Svso Dveibe
    Svso Dveibe 4 months ago +6

    Lewa and Ronaldhino's hits different 🥵

    Varsha NANDAPURKAR 3 months ago +1

    Zidane's touch = beauty

    FARAI MAZHINDU 4 months ago +12

    Zizou against Portugal, that ball is never easy to chest whilst you are on the run, moreover he managed to give a brilliant second touch afterwards.

    • Austin V
      Austin V 4 months ago

      Acts bro that one was crazy

  • Yevich
    Yevich 4 months ago +4

    ronaldinho can literally do anything

  • Felipe R Itzep
    Felipe R Itzep 3 months ago

    El estilo de Messi es asombroso. Limpio y hermoso

  • Daniel Russo
    Daniel Russo 4 months ago


  • Rja2014
    Rja2014 4 months ago +5

    This is so cooooooooooool

  • AlexClub
    AlexClub 4 months ago

    Zidane left the group chat-

  • Serial Killer
    Serial Killer 3 months ago

    When its about ball controlling, then Ronaldinho is the Masterclass..!!! 🔥

  • AJX
    AJX 4 months ago +14

    Zidane ❤

  • TentrixTF2
    TentrixTF2 3 months ago +1

    Lewandowski can do anything. Even in the World Cup he's amazing

  • Solomon Stulenko
    Solomon Stulenko 3 months ago

    I would hug the first guy after that move cause i am proud of him

  • animation edits
    animation edits 4 months ago +3

    Foden is CRAZY BRO😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Junebug
    Junebug 2 months ago +1

    Impecable Ball Handling Skills

  • abdul rezayi
    abdul rezayi 3 months ago

    Ronaldinho and Messi can’t repeat…what a legend…..👏👏

  • nada sirine
    nada sirine 4 months ago +6

    محرز بطل كنترول

  • Aristides Afonso Dinis
    Aristides Afonso Dinis 3 months ago

    O domínio do Ronaldo com as costas é impressionante. Mas também o de Zidane e depois a mudança de posição eischhhh other level...

  • Keyla Zepeda
    Keyla Zepeda 4 months ago +5


  • TheSoprah
    TheSoprah 4 months ago

    They have better control than most ppl on their lifes

  • Adi Hariyanto
    Adi Hariyanto 4 months ago

    skill individu sangat Bagus, harus ada pemain Indonesia yang punya skill yang sama, sudah ada pemain yang lemparan terjauh yang bisa di pegang FIFA sebagai acuan bagi pemain negara lain, mudah mudahan pelatih Indonesia punya ilmu tehnik yang baru untuk sepakbola Indonesia

  • Mimi ميمي
    Mimi ميمي 4 months ago +8

    Foden is to cracked

  • AYACHI Mounir
    AYACHI Mounir 4 months ago +1

    Zidan.....masterclass af🎉

  • Dawar Shahid
    Dawar Shahid 4 months ago

    That's what we call
    The ball actually talks

  • Krzysiek Dziewólski
    Krzysiek Dziewólski 4 months ago +3

    Lewandowski ❤❤

    • xXMajkl507Xx
      xXMajkl507Xx 4 months ago


    • Torex
      Torex 4 months ago

      Polacy hehe

  • Abdelghafour El Amrani Ezzarrifi

    Ronaldo control with his back . It was a control and an insane dribble at the same time

  • Mr king
    Mr king 3 months ago

    Lewandowski became Nagi for a second 💀

  • Best Football
    Best Football 4 months ago +10

    Omg wow

  • XB0X
    XB0X 4 months ago

    Zidane and Ronaldinho ball control is magnificent

  • Aditya Ramlal
    Aditya Ramlal 3 months ago +1

    Man pulled an irl nagi control

  • amirali
    amirali 4 months ago +10

  • Basith_jr
    Basith_jr 4 months ago +1

    Neymar left the chat

  • YSL
    YSL 3 months ago +1

    Manager: remember always keep your eyes on the ball….
    CR7: 😑

  • Vex spirit
    Vex spirit 4 months ago +9

    Ronaldo pulled a blue lock ong lmao

    • oliver bousaleh
      oliver bousaleh 4 months ago

      It was lewa

    • skaryie
      skaryie 4 months ago

      ​@oliver bousaleh no..ronaldo did it off the back like nagi, lewa also did it but it wasnt exactly the same move..but yea they both did a bluelock basically

    • Vex spirit
      Vex spirit 4 months ago

      @skaryie yeah

  • Stev
    Stev 4 months ago +1

    It's criminal to leave Berbatov out of this video.

  • Destiny Chibuzor
    Destiny Chibuzor 3 months ago +1

    People rarely ever talk of Ronaldinho's strength. He took a tackle from an opponent coming at high speed while guarding against another, all with the ball on his chest. Magnifique.

  • رشدان الرشدان
    رشدان الرشدان 4 months ago +8

    Ronaldo &Zidan😎😎💪💪⚽️

  • Tobin Chang
    Tobin Chang 2 months ago +1

    no way he didn’t put neymar’s touches

  • Bruno Camargo
    Bruno Camargo 3 months ago

    CR7 deu um banho no cara usando as costas, muito foda kkkkk

  • Dolly Medhi Talukdar
    Dolly Medhi Talukdar 4 months ago +4

    Bro ronaldo and lewa literally did the nagi control from bluelock

  • Duncan Edwards
    Duncan Edwards 3 months ago

    Ronaldinho is the most naturally gifted technical genius ive ever seen. Everybody comes in in second place compared to him. A master of the ball.

    • Flaquita de Picci
      Flaquita de Picci 3 months ago +2


  • Akh
    Akh 4 months ago +1

    Zidane should have a full vidéo 😂

  • ronny_am
    ronny_am 4 months ago +4

    thats how bundesligas logo was made

  • CristianoRonaldoGOAT
    CristianoRonaldoGOAT 3 months ago

    Ronaldinho one was too cold 🥶🥶

  • idkwttsambwtv
    idkwttsambwtv 4 months ago

    Ronaldinho was a wizard 👑🔥🐐

  • JijI
    JijI 4 months ago +5


  • Nicusor Florea
    Nicusor Florea 3 months ago

    Anyone else remembers that Messi is somewhat Ronaldinho's legacy?

  • 2121ff 2f
    2121ff 2f 4 months ago +2

    Ronaldinho didn't get the nickname witch by chance, the difficult ball fell asleep on his chest with Sergio Ramos and Seedorf marking him 🇧🇷☠️

  • Jameson Ooi Jin Yuan
    Jameson Ooi Jin Yuan 4 months ago +3

    You can't forget about Neymar, thr king of Ball Control

  • lxtokiedits
    lxtokiedits 4 months ago +2

    Lewa pulled of a Nagi move

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago

    Ronaldinho's was smooth as butter

  • zywotko
    zywotko 3 months ago

    Mahrez c'est le roi de contrôle au monde

  • White Plastic Chair
    White Plastic Chair 4 months ago

    Math teachers having beef with them rn 💀

    ARDAN TEA 4 months ago +1

    MANTAP..❤.. skill yang luar biasa

  • Khushal ken
    Khushal ken 4 months ago

    first clip slide was so satisfying

  • DinoDerp
    DinoDerp 3 months ago +1

    project blue lock be like💀💀💀

  • Nikko Igawa
    Nikko Igawa 4 months ago +1

    C'est l'art du ballon Rond ❤😊

  • violet
    violet 3 months ago

    bro really wanted that ball 💀

  • isaac silva
    isaac silva 4 months ago +1

    A matada do Messi 🤩

  • mantix mantix
    mantix mantix 4 months ago

    Ronaldinho was ....my best player and will forever be my best footballer of all times...but partying and poor money management made him go down to poverty 😭😔😭

  • Adam Baltas
    Adam Baltas 4 months ago

    I miss the marcelo casually steps on the ball...

  • Stich76
    Stich76 3 months ago +1

    Damnnn the music is perfect tho

  • TheWaterWarLord
    TheWaterWarLord 4 months ago

    *Blue Lock has entered the chat*

  • Sumi Rajesh
    Sumi Rajesh 4 months ago

    Every ball control videos are incomplete without Neymar😉

  • ReinR747
    ReinR747 3 months ago

    bro just forgot about the king of ball control, neymar

  • oneforall
    oneforall 3 months ago +1

    Nagi from bluelock be like

  • Sultan Qazaqbaev
    Sultan Qazaqbaev 4 months ago

    Zidan and Ronaldinho 2 legends

  • Thiago Barros
    Thiago Barros 4 months ago

    Controle de bola do Marcelo é perfeito.. pena que não está aparecendo aí

  • Игорь Маслов1977

    Такие финты я ещё в школе учась выполнял, да и до сих пор почти все исполню!😁👍

  • Devendra Sood
    Devendra Sood 4 months ago

    These man are GIFTED besides being hard workers of their trade.

  • Kaltumo Ali
    Kaltumo Ali 3 months ago

    Lewandowski and Ronaldo Really thought they were nagi💀

  • you decide 😈
    you decide 😈 4 months ago

    Ухх, слишком много легенд в одном видео🥶🥶🥶

  • B¤RINZッ
    B¤RINZッ 4 months ago

    Jesus I didn't know Lewa was South American

  • Wayne Essien
    Wayne Essien 4 months ago +1

    Zidane taking that to the chest 😮

  • Felipe R Itzep
    Felipe R Itzep 3 months ago

    The style of Messi is amazing, clean and beautiful

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali 3 months ago

    Mahrez is the king of control. 🔥

  • Ricardo Cast
    Ricardo Cast 4 months ago

    Part 2 please🤣 maxi rodriguez vs mex y di maria control del balon con su cabeza 👍