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The 380,000-Mile Mercedes 300SL | Kidd in a Sweet Shop | 4K

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome back to Kidd in a Sweet Shop! In this episode, I meet with Martin Cushway; the owner of a very special 1963 Mercedes 300SL. This particular example has got an astonishing 380,000 miles, and with that mileage, you can be sure the stories that go with it are incredible. Let's find out as Martin takes us on a tour of the car!
    Information on the auction can be found here:
    Huge thanks to RM Sotheby's:
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  • Spills n thrills
    Spills n thrills 6 months ago +97

    Jodie, with your unique access to within the motor world you're creating some truly magical, unforgettable content. Your videos are the highlight of my week, thank you.

  • Paris
    Paris 6 months ago +12

    What makes Jodi special, is that she not only shows affection for such a beautiful car and marque, but also for the owner. Never forgetting that behind a moving story, there is also a human being behind it❤️

  • dick tate
    dick tate 6 months ago +33

    i can only imagine the tears that will roll down martin's cheeks when the car goes . by far and away this is the most personal interview and a window into a mans love for his family history that you have done so far on this channel x

    • JJ Oliver
      JJ Oliver 5 months ago +2

      Indeed, that car seems to connect to almost all of his memories with his father.

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +3

      Thank you! Something different but I’m glad you enjoyed xx

  • Martin Clapton
    Martin Clapton 6 months ago +29

    I love hearing “ Life Stories “ of old cars , it gives them a human side to their personality, as well as the merits of how they drive etc; and this is certainly a shining example of such a case. With the history from his family I don’t know how he could part with it. Fantastic .

  • Bob Skinner
    Bob Skinner 6 months ago +11

    What a fantastic story. Huge respect for Martin and especially his parents. The memories they must all have of the travel adventures would be incredible.
    IMO the phrase "A life well lived " comes to mind for all. Thank you Jodie

  • Disco Oz
    Disco Oz 6 months ago +24

    Almost crying at the end, that’s heartbreaking that he’s selling her after hearing a tiny part of her 59 year old story. The roadster & gullwing are such elegant vehicles.
    Thankyou again Jodie for a fabulous vlog on such a wonderful machine 🙂

    • Sol Sol
      Sol Sol 6 months ago +2

      Agreed. I don't think I could bare to let it go is I was in that position.

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +2

      Glad you enjoyed. An emotional watch for sure! Xx

  • Stii Alex
    Stii Alex 6 months ago +24

    I don’t think it has a single bad line. Every angle is just perfect. Another brilliant interview!

  • John Schlaefflin
    John Schlaefflin 6 months ago +8

    That is best car story I’ve heard in a long time! When he was showing the shelf where he was tucked into I was wondering where they stashed their luggage. Never would have thought of pulling headlights to find storage in the side panels. That is a man who knew his car intimately. Bravo!

  • Bryan Cohn
    Bryan Cohn 6 months ago +5

    Jodie you outdid yourself yet again. The depth of the owners story combined with your deep appreciation and pure joy at hearing his story make this the warmest video you’ve done. Stunning, simply stunning.

  • Gareth Greaves
    Gareth Greaves 2 months ago +1

    One of the most interesting family stories about a car though the ages and the way Jodie interviews them, with the same love and passion, definitely the best videos to watch ❤️

  • Russ Cooke
    Russ Cooke 6 months ago +15

    What a car and what a story. Unbelievable. It’s like the car has its own life story Well done for the video to all involved. 👌👌👌

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +1

      Agreed! Thanks Russ - very grateful to RM Sotheby’s for the opportunityxx

  • ianmedium
    ianmedium 6 months ago +5

    What an absolutely wonderful Gentleman and story. I am not ashamed to admit it had me in tears in part, especially when he talked about "mother and father" with such obvious affection and pride.
    I hope the person who is the next custodian is as respectful and conscientious of the tremendous affection and love that is in every part of this car.
    Thank you Jodie, the sympathetic way you filmed this, interviewed and even the incidental music choice really showcased perfectly what the essence of this story is all about which really is a love story with so much depth and dimension.

  • Kwan Chan
    Kwan Chan 5 months ago

    This is one of the rare finds which you could only describe as…” one owner since new, complete with box and papers, including that for the guard roof”. Incredible to see how passionate and well-maintained the car is.

  • Greg Harvie
    Greg Harvie 6 months ago +1

    Hi Jodie from Sydney, Australia, what a wonderful story, and presentation by you. Made all the more touching by the owner being such a nice human being, having sincere respect for his parents and maintaining for so long their lovely family car, it takes a lot of love & respect to keep a car this long and with high miles, but it can be done. I'm in my late 60's, I had a dad into planes & a Mum into cars they taught me the same respect for expensive and hard earned possessions. I have 4 lovely old classic cars, I bought one of them 40 years ago with 102,700 kilometres on it, now in late september 2022 it has 704,000klm's on it. Like this Mercedes, it still looks like it is new love and care will keep them going forever. And like this Mercedes it has all its history from its deposit receipt when ordered, color samples for interior, warranty cards, operational instruction receipts. Plus, where it started life in Germany, the address & phone number of every dealer in Germany its first owner when elderly moved to Sydney and soon after had a stroke, then I purchased the car. Keep these wonderful stories going Jodie, as the future with electric plastic fantastic cars looks pretty grim indeed. The EV's have no charm nor "personality" what's more they will not last 60 years as they have a way way shorter life span with a use by date.

  • Pierre A
    Pierre A 6 months ago +2

    Absolutely incredible story - unbelievable to see that kind of mileage on one of these and ultimate kudos to Martin's father for using the car as a daily driver! As others have said, heartbreaking in a way that he is having to part with it.

  • Richard Bradbury
    Richard Bradbury 6 months ago +1

    Must be one of the best eras of Mercedes 😍 what a beautiful car. My father had the 190 SL in metallic blue. Love Jodi‘s enthusiasm and love for cars, something I can empathise with.I was raised with vintage and classic cars my father dealt in them so I went everywhere with him since I was a tiny little boy 😊 (thanks Dad, Legend)
    Keep up the amazing shows Jodie 😍

  • OG Slim
    OG Slim 6 months ago +3

    Love your appreciation for these cars. This has to be up there as one of the most beautiful cars ever created. Great stuff ❤

  • Russell Robson
    Russell Robson 5 months ago

    Lovely story indeed Jodie. Thank you so much, and Martin for sharing the history of this beautiful example. I can't quite believe he's willing to let her go. Such evocative and personal family memories. I remember my father bundling me into the boot of our old estate car back in the 70's as a boy when we needed space. Not quite an SL, but it's was what you did, and I loved it!

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith 6 months ago +2

    Please let us know where this one ends up! It's hard for me to conceive of a car being in someone's life for that long but then it needing to move on, must be like part of the family by that point. The story it comes with alone has to be worth a few extra quid for sure. Magical video, Jodie.

  • Jean-Claude Le Clerc
    Jean-Claude Le Clerc 6 months ago +2

    Is there one single person on planet earth who wouldn't want to be a part of this? Ow how I would like to be so very much the chosen one to continue this journey. Martin definitely deserves to find the absolute most perfect caretaker to pass on the legend. Nothing short of an excellent episode Jodie. Thank you!

  • Duncan Wheeler
    Duncan Wheeler 5 months ago +2

    I love the way you present your vids. No "the ego has landed", just genuine enthusiasm and love for the cars. Thank you for a glimpse into the 'rare ol' times'. What a fantastic family with a deeply commited son, respect to Martin Cushway.

  • Alan Marshall
    Alan Marshall 6 months ago

    I don't think after hearing this story that I could even bear to sell this car. So how he's going to be able to is unfathomable. What a story, what a car.

  • Kelvin Darcia
    Kelvin Darcia Month ago

    I told my kids she used to be a racing driver - until I saw the Top Gear interview and found out she used to be a big time model. 😂
    This woman embodies passion for cars, I absolutely enjoy her videos and her warm persona.

  • Nicholas Radley
    Nicholas Radley 6 months ago

    Wow!! What a car and what a story. You have produced some brilliant videos but this is your finest...more like this please Jodie!!

  • Tommi Dahlberg
    Tommi Dahlberg 6 months ago +1

    Sometimes i wish i could live in the 60`s just for a day, must have been amazing times for the whole family. Touring Europe on a car like that. :)

  • Geoff Saunders
    Geoff Saunders 5 months ago

    What a truly beautiful car and what wonderful stories. As he was telling the stories it stopped being an inanimate object and came alive. Something to truly love.

  • Jonathan Beattie
    Jonathan Beattie 6 months ago +2

    Absolutely incredible video. I love hearing stories like this. What an amazing video nice work Jodie 😁

  • Calsurf Lance
    Calsurf Lance 6 months ago +1

    Wow Jodie! This was a fabulous documentary on a fabulous automobile.
    Thank you so much for putting this out!

  • Calum Anderson
    Calum Anderson 5 months ago

    What a fantastic episode. I love the way you let the people talk without interrupting, so many seasoned interviewers could learn an awful lot from you.
    With a history and connection like this, it would be unimaginable for me to let the car go.

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes 5 months ago

    Back when cars were meant, and liked to be driven. Absolute magic, this.

  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones 6 months ago +1

    What a great car Jodie, love the story behind it and the fact it has been well used.

  • Paul Ghosal
    Paul Ghosal 6 months ago

    Wow, I love this! What a beautiful story and a gorgeous car. There’s something very special about a classic Mercedes. All those memories, I’m not sure I could bring myself to sell, if she were mine

  • Paul Leitner-Wise
    Paul Leitner-Wise 6 months ago +2

    I knew there was a reason I subscribed. What a wonderful human story and experience you've shared with us validating my belief that cars are to be driven, not locked away for fear of putting mileage on them. I've been fortunate enough to have driven the Gullwing, but never the Roadster - thanks for another superb episode Jodie.

  • BalySinghy
    BalySinghy 6 months ago

    OMD!!! Stupendous. No words can describe my joy at seeing this car even on video let alone in the flesh. Beautiful beyond description. Thank you so much for the history storyline. My day now ends with a huge smile on my face and strings pulling in my heart.!. Wonderful:-)

  • Bigbaldybear
    Bigbaldybear 6 months ago

    What a wonderful car and a wonderful story. Brought a tear to my eye. Thank you x

    BRENDAN BURKE 6 months ago

    Such a beautiful and emotion story. Nobody has a better understanding and people skill to tell this story better than you Jodie. Thank you.

  • m32m1m
    m32m1m 5 months ago +1

    What a beautiful thing! And the fact that you drive it! It’s not sitting in a garage like most! I’m so impressed!

  • Dondi C
    Dondi C 6 months ago

    How do you keep getting better? Everyone must be lining up to be featured by you. Thank you Jodie!

  • JJ Oliver
    JJ Oliver 5 months ago

    Amazing story about an amazing automobile and the people that made it a member of their family. Thanks Jodie for bringing it to us.

  • Robert Marr
    Robert Marr Month ago

    Thankyou for making this video, what a fascinating story of a families love of this legend of a car.It must be deep down,heartbreaking for him to part with the car.Cheers

  • Andrew Lloyd-Seetim
    Andrew Lloyd-Seetim 5 months ago

    How did I not find this channel before now. Words can't describe how wonderful it is to experience content from someone clearly passionate about the subject. The sound of this fabulous car. OMG!!!!..... Thank you.

  • Justin Johnston-Photis
    Justin Johnston-Photis 6 months ago

    What a wonderful interview and fantastic story of an amazing family.

  • spicymeatball07
    spicymeatball07 6 months ago

    loved it! the history on this car is mad shame he is selling it he will surly miss it when it's gone , let's just hope he doesn't regret it too much .

  • Gray Fool
    Gray Fool 6 months ago

    How can you put a value on the history of that incredble car? Your videos just get more and more fascinating Jodie. Thank you so much.

  • John..
    John.. 6 months ago +8

    What a truly sublime car, I'm sure anyone considering bidding for this, will watch this video, over and over again,, it'll be interesting to see how much it actually sells for,, thanks for showing us this one, before it dissappears into some private collection...,, 😍xx

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +2

      Indeed! I’ll keep you posted… hopefully the new owner continues to pile on the miles (and memories) xx

  • Nigel Richardson
    Nigel Richardson 6 months ago

    Wonderful gentleman, wonderful story and beautifully told. Keep up the fantastic story telling and uncovering these gems Jodie! From all the way down here in NZ 👍

  • Kevin Mc Namara
    Kevin Mc Namara 4 months ago

    Wow, what a provenance, that would have to be ONE of the strongest histories of a single vehicle. I truly enjoyed hearing his stories of he and his family in this magnificent motorcar. I'm sure it will attract the right respectful offers, as i do not have a first borne son and want to keep my left Easter egg it would be out of my reach but I am sure it will live on in a new home and hopefully a few more thousand miles. Excellent job on presenting a marvelous story so empathically. P.S., when he said "Carte Blanche" it reminded me of what that really meant in the 1960's-1970's brought a smile to my face.

  • Senna Sennina
    Senna Sennina 6 months ago

    A great story that you can feel the passion of the little Kidd.

  • MichaelG1986
    MichaelG1986 6 months ago

    Wow. What a story. What a car. Thank you so much, Jodie, for this. Your content is terrific.

  • Dr Ben
    Dr Ben 6 months ago +1

    Great stories. What a car. Proper owners, too.

  • Erik B
    Erik B 6 months ago

    Mind blowing. The passion, knowledge and craftsmanship made this car what it still is today. The eye for detail is enormous and I really hope that the new owner has more to offer than deep pockets. This car has such a rich history, it couldn’t just sit in a private collection and being used to show off. It’s even a bid sad that it will be offered for sale, but I am sure the current owner knows very well what he is doing. His father knew it damn well, and he has shown great attitude and intellect as well. Congrats with the story, the car, the interview and the editing. Just perfect.

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago

      Thank you so much, what a lovely comment! Gorgeous car with an incredible story xx

  • Patrick Duggan
    Patrick Duggan 6 months ago

    Well done Jodie, what a wonderful as story your love and respect for people and beautiful cars comes across so well.

  • Mr Gumbatron
    Mr Gumbatron 6 months ago

    incredible legacy. thanks for sharing this vehicle and its story.

  • billrbca
    billrbca 6 months ago

    fantastic ....a classic that is driven as it was meant for...how cool he resto-moded it with the ABS

  • John Ashtone
    John Ashtone 6 months ago +1

    Jodie you are a truly exceptional interviewer. Martin is obviously nervous throughout the whole interview, but in your 'lovely hands' he settles down (although still very nervous?) and gives a brilliant detailed overview of a love of his life, the 300SL. I noticed part way through (but editing might have distorted the order), he refers to mum, not mother, and even dad, not father, Martin's nerves obviously having calmed.
    You really are superb at what you choose to do.
    More please😍

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +1

      Aw thanks John. I thought Martin did a wonderful job of telling the story xx

    • johnny boy
      johnny boy 6 months ago

      I didnt notice any nerves from him

  • chru cas
    chru cas 5 months ago

    👍👌👏 Oh WOW, simply fantastic! What a great, iconic car! Additionally with a great story too! Thanks a lot for making teaching explaining recording editing uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health to all involved people.

  • Kamerochi
    Kamerochi 6 months ago

    Amazing video. I think even just a series showcasing cars being driven AND meticulously maintained with these kind of stories would be incredible.

  • claudio marangone
    claudio marangone 6 months ago

    As others have well mentioned…
    Instantly captivated and thoroughly immersed in the first few seconds by the heart felt score,
    then blown away by the amazing story.
    I can’t imagine parting with some thing of such personal history.
    I really hope he’s OK parting with it…
    $$$ talks.

  • SerPurple
    SerPurple 6 months ago

    The whole number plate idea is hilarious! What a great story and beautiful piece of art and machinery!

  • Alec Hall
    Alec Hall 6 months ago

    This is incredible, thank you Jodie and friends, just incredible.

  • Charles Faucher
    Charles Faucher 6 months ago

    I absolutely love your passion for these great automobiles.
    You’re truly a treasure. ❤

  • Phil Derbyshire
    Phil Derbyshire 6 months ago

    You simply have buy it yourself - you would be the perfect match and would certainly use it with the same passion as this man’s family did. Thanks for the fantastic episode, great content as always.

  • BV22
    BV22 6 months ago

    What an amazing story and car! 300SL was my first dream car! Thank you so much and keep it up Jodie!

  • martin boulden
    martin boulden 6 months ago

    What a fabulous and emotional story ! Awesome work from Jodie and the team making this video. Thank you.

  • Edwin Thompson
    Edwin Thompson 6 months ago +2

    I usually have more to say - but this car... just, "Wow!" What a piece of rolling history, so unique, and talk about provenance! The one thing I did find most unusual about this video is that you did not drive the car. Another interesting, fun video; a very relaxing show. Thanks for sharing.

  • Simeon Orive
    Simeon Orive 6 months ago

    Absolutely increcredible story moved to tears. This is my favorite now Jodie. Keep them coming . What a channel.

  • Andrew Offord
    Andrew Offord 6 months ago

    Hi Jodie, what an extraordinary and enlightening story. Can you imagine someone today taking the headlights out of a Chiron and stuffing clothes up there, let alone using it as a daily driver. It's a wonderful journey through the life of a fascinating man with a beautiful car, used exactly as it should be. Thank you.

  • dimi 911
    dimi 911 6 months ago

    This guy is legend! Wish I had the @@ to use my classics like him and his father

  • Hans Pedersen
    Hans Pedersen 6 months ago +1

    The 300SL convertible is one of the cars with the most beautyful lines Mercedes has ever made. Thanks for another lovely video 😊

  • Gordon Simpson
    Gordon Simpson 6 months ago

    Wow. What a story Jodie.....very moving.
    It will be a wrench for Martin....I sincerely hope it stays in the UK, and that the car remains in his passionate care.
    Jeez, you find some fascinating content Jodie.

    TIGUAN MAN 6 months ago +1

    Such a fantastic history and a car that brought so much pleasure from being DRIVEN rather than stored in the hope of future financial profit. I hope whoever purchases it will give it a very good home but also drive it to some fantastic places. Another superb video!

  • Miklós Lipcsey
    Miklós Lipcsey 6 months ago

    ❤. That is a beautiful episode. And considering I was born six days before his parents picked up this car in Germany, I can’t help but think that this car is in better knick than I am.

  • andrew stubbings
    andrew stubbings 6 months ago

    That’s so cool, and makes all the people that don’t get out and use their cars and wack mileage on surely think again, how a car should be driven regardless of value!!!
    Amazing as always! 👍

  • Hawksip Racing
    Hawksip Racing 2 months ago +1

    Jodie, I long so much to sit in one of those 300s. As a kid I remember riding in our family car, a 330SL coupe. I still have a 911 bought new in our family but I always wished to experience sitting in the 300 again. I have great pics of me as a kid in the Gullwing. Our racing stable was called Ecurie Papillon Rampant. Or stable of the rampaging butterfly after the Gullwing. My race cars all have that stable insignia on them. Wish I could visit this fellow someday.

  • Rory Ingle
    Rory Ingle 6 months ago

    These episodes are just the best! Please keep them coming. What a magnificent car. Love that as good as it looks, it's still being used. Would love to see that on the road.

  • Mark Cady
    Mark Cady 6 months ago

    What an amazing car, with amazing history. That auction or sale time is going to be an emotional one. I wish him all the best with the sale and the restoration of his gullwing. What a guy with so much res-etc for his parents, their legacy and the heritage of the car….

  • Simon Gunning
    Simon Gunning 6 months ago +1

    What a fantastic car with an absolutely unique history, its so refreshing to see a classic car really used and enjoyed. There can't be many if any with higher mileage, I love the extra luggage behind the headlight idea! Also the front number plate idea is just magic, what a brilliant idea.

    • Russ Cooke
      Russ Cooke 6 months ago +1

      Your right I think I will do it on my next car. 😂😂👌👌👌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago

      Wonderful isn’t it Simon! Xx

  • Frank Hogan
    Frank Hogan 6 months ago +1

    Whilst I wasn't in the back for 27 hours straight, I was often in the back of the 77 350SL my parents had, (purchased in Kuwait, 1980 from the MB dealer as a 25th wedding anniversary gift for the mom unit, red on cream) for extended periods...I was around 6' tall about then, and it was a ..... tight fit. I'm pretty sure I still have the soft top lid release handle imprinted in the upper area of my back. Personally, while I love the Gullwing, I've always thought the SL was a better looking car.

    MAVERICK 97 6 months ago

    Another gem of a video, great car, and just love the stories behind the cars. Think the stories are the soul of your videos.

  • singaporetuitioncenter
    singaporetuitioncenter 5 months ago

    Moments in life are made of our love and passion for things that truly mattered... the SL... legend. Thank You!

  • Anait Ali
    Anait Ali 6 months ago

    Greetings Jodie. Once again, an excellent offering - thank you. The Mercedes Benz, the history of it, the gentleman’s story are exceptional. The highlight is , Jodie, your input. Your love for motor cars is unique. It is evident in your speech. Long may you enjoy motor cars.

  • Raf The Jaf
    Raf The Jaf 5 months ago

    The two most remarkable cars of the 50's are this one and the Citroën DS. Both represent engineering brilliance and recovery from the horrors of war and belief in hope for the future.

  • mikeatcora
    mikeatcora 6 months ago

    So many aspects to this car, unboxing the hardtop was a great moment for sure, just like it was the first time. The ABS fitment is a neat touch and the stories of travel just give this car some soul. The selling of it will be hard for sure, I knew a man that owned a classic Merc from the early 60's, as he got very old he sold it along with his Landrover, also owned from new, he simply said "I don't want to see them again, it'll be too much to take" I'm sure this will feel much the same for Martin.
    I'm late to this video but I enjoyed it. (Greek Island holiday)
    Thanks Jodie.

  • Neil Milner
    Neil Milner 6 months ago +1

    Jodie that was utterly engaging and arguably one of the most endearing stories about a beautiful classic. Bravo. 🤙

    • Neil Milner
      Neil Milner 6 months ago

      @Kidd in a Sweet Shop So so welcome Jodie. You continue to wow us upload by upload. My favourite Clip-Share channel. The end 🤙

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +1

      Thanks Neil xx

  • jason tillett
    jason tillett 6 months ago

    Absolutely loved this story it’s so amazing how some people can have such a love affair with a car.That chaps father was such a innovative and talented engineer to do all those modifications and upgrades to the car without spoiling it truly incredible.Looking forward to the next video.Absolutely love them.x👏👏👏

  • Luke B
    Luke B 6 months ago

    This is literally the best content I think I’ve seen! That car is beautiful I love the fact it’s been used and looked after and kept in the family like a member of the family! That car is beautiful modern cars can’t match that! Amazing content jodie absolutely amazing as always!
    Jodie you look beautiful and flawless! I got a bit emotional watching that video outstanding absolutely outstanding ❤

    • Luke B
      Luke B 6 months ago

      @Kidd in a Sweet Shop thank you for you! 🙏👸🏼and your amazing content you offer something others can’t!you offer something personal you can feel the amazing energy in your content it’s very fresh and such fun to watch and enjoy 😊 👍xx

    • Kidd in a Sweet Shop
      Kidd in a Sweet Shop  6 months ago +1

      Such lovely words thank you Luke xx

  • Russ63
    Russ63 5 months ago

    Not sure I could sell it with all those memories…such a beautiful car

  • Thomas Nelson
    Thomas Nelson 6 months ago

    That's a very unique car. Jodie, who came up with the idea for this interview, did you find this story or do you have someone out there looking for them? And once again you're a charmer in an interview, you can tell how much they like talking with you. Thanks once again.

  • Paul Dolden Details
    Paul Dolden Details 6 months ago

    What an incredible story from start to finish if that car could talk a true car love affair again total respect to you Jodie and your team simply a beautiful watch ❤❤

    JEAN-JACQUES DEGE 6 months ago

    Nicely done dear. I was 7 years old when I drove first in a 300 SL Gullwing, it changed my life for ever. The smell inside, the noise and so much more it gives you a sense of being like no other car I have ever been in. Thank you.

  • Elliott Harley
    Elliott Harley 6 months ago

    Im only 6 mins in to this video so far and already loving the story! What a history

  • pauled111
    pauled111 6 months ago +1

    What a fabulous motor car, and a wonderful video. Many thanks Jodie 🌹

  • mike herbert
    mike herbert 6 months ago

    Another great interview Jodie what a beautiful car & such an amazing history ,keep up the good work

  • Richard
    Richard 6 months ago

    I don't think ive ever come across a car with a history as unique as that one, if a car could be a family member that one certainly is & there's not a chance I'd sell it unless i was in dire straits with money. I think he should keep it, especially if he has a family member with the same passion that he has that he can pass it onto.

  • Paul Hall
    Paul Hall 6 months ago

    Provenance, anyone??? The SL was never a pretty car like the E-Type, but this must be one of the oldest (mileage) and best-documented SLs in the world. What a joy to see it, and your joy at being 'up close and personal' with it. Another sweet episode!

  • Salvador Casanova
    Salvador Casanova 5 months ago

    What a stunning video! The story is fascinating... Some many memories of such a special car and piece of automotive history... Although I can not understand how Mr. Cushway is going to sell it instead of the gullwing. For sure two magnificent cars but with all the family history attached to it... It would be the last thing I would ever sell! Thank you Jodie, lovely video!

  • Who's your mate?
    Who's your mate? 4 months ago

    The new owner would be foolish to take it anyway else for maintenance
    What a car, what a man, what a film 👌

  • gaelicstorm7
    gaelicstorm7 6 months ago

    Simply sublime…what a wonderful car and a fascinating story…if only that car could tell stories of the life it has lead !, thank you Jodie far sharing it with us 😊

  • Sean Cockram
    Sean Cockram 6 months ago

    What a bloody wonderful car with an amazing story .Thank you for sharing Jodie.. keep them coming 👍👍👍

  • David Evans
    David Evans 6 months ago +1

    In the mid seventies I had a Saturday job in a garage the owner Tom had a very similar Mercedes to this and my job each week was to valet his car which started my interest in cars especially older models, whenever I see an old Mercedes such as this lovely example I always think of those times thank you.