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$100,000 Knockout Royale ft.

  • Published on Mar 4, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar Year ago +1271

    Mark was up against a basketball coach who got a world record, and since they put him lowest im proud.

    • Rockafeller
      Rockafeller 11 months ago

      @Pac Man bruh you responding 11 months later and still wrong lmao marc is barely better then then they even did a new one and marc aint even win a single one lmao you cant say hes better then say pro vs non pros lmao when mostly everyone a non pro

    • Pac Man
      Pac Man 11 months ago

      @Rockafeller lol no he was better than them 🤣 he got unlucky the hosts were tripping putting in pro vs no experience

    • FCKmar-
      FCKmar- Year ago

      @This Dude u can’t even spell right😭

    • Deez Nuts
      Deez Nuts Year ago

      mark was underrated and he made a statement

    • Arham Zayan
      Arham Zayan Year ago

      @Rockafeller this competition was like putting steph curry in a 3P shootout with WNBA players

  • Sam Bamieh
    Sam Bamieh Year ago +217

    It was not a question of whos gonna win, it was simply a question of whos gonna get second place behind Jenna😂😂

    • Hobb
      Hobb 11 months ago +1

      you mean 3rd behind mark

    • dead
      dead Year ago +1


  • ACE
    ACE Year ago +40

    They knew what they were doing by putting Mark & Desmond close to each other😂

  • Tlang
    Tlang Year ago +382

    Jenna had her Sharp takeover activated the whole game😂😂😂

    • y Cyclops
      y Cyclops Year ago +1

      @TokTik it’s a bad joke tho it least come up with one that makes a little sense u know?

    • TokTik
      TokTik Year ago

      We know that but can we ennoy a joke ? Huh I wanna know

    • JonTDX
      JonTDX Year ago +1

      Sharp takeover does not affect free throw shots

    • U Sold me
      U Sold me Year ago +5

      Nah it’s a zen

    • Bruce LeeRoy
      Bruce LeeRoy Year ago +18

      With Ice in Veins on HOF 🤣🤣

  • Speedking_A1
    Speedking_A1 Year ago +303

    Professional vs. Your average hooper 😭😭😭😭 at it's fucking finest

    • Beef Cake
      Beef Cake 6 months ago

      @Already ?

    • Already
      Already 6 months ago

      @Beef Cake no tf he didn't lmao des dont even play basketball like that his main sport is soccer

    • Kareem Lawson
      Kareem Lawson 11 months ago

      It was from the fuckin free throw line..I know 5 year old that could make these..she never played pro..she played AGAINST pros...like I'm sure the rest have.. dont get mad cause she got better form and is a better shooter..PERIOD!!!!!

    • Logan Marin
      Logan Marin Year ago +1

      @SPAZZOUT bruh it’s knockout she not beating them 1v1 or nun bruh chill 😂😂

      SPAZZOUT Year ago +3

      yea this shii dumb 🤦‍♂️ a hooper hooper vs youtuber basketball players

  • Adore Jas
    Adore Jas Year ago +11

    I stopped in the middle of working to watch this live.. I'm so proud of Mark for even making it to the last 2. There's no doubt he would've won had it been anybody else. I'm not gonna take away ol' girls credit. She was cold 🤷🏾‍♀️ I feel like Des & Mark would've worked out better if they weren't placed right next to each other 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh

  • Beauty IsGorgeous
    Beauty IsGorgeous Year ago +20

    We love you Mark you did what u had to do. Ole girl was OP but that’s ok when yo character development arc come you gon be good

  • Diamonddozen
    Diamonddozen Year ago +48

    Agent 0 was the only one playing the game correctly. If someone misses you HAVE to bump them. That's the only way.

  • Wehere323
    Wehere323 Year ago +491

    “I felt so much pressure being the only girl........... “ and a Fucken college basketball player and someone who coaches shooting

    • Colten Loudin
      Colten Loudin 11 months ago

      @Remmus Desmond played soccer clown

    • marshall williams
      marshall williams Year ago

      You could have had NBA players playing. They better not miss because Jenna don't miss.

    • cameandsaw
      cameandsaw Year ago +1

      @Remmus dawg Desmond don’t play ball 😭 he don’t even hoop the most out of RDC 💀

    • Curtis Adams
      Curtis Adams Year ago

      @REFRIED BEANS FC At the end of the day it's still a free throw shot!!!! Not like her line was closer, they were all there with a ball in hand because they were all capable of showing out! She is a badass cause she loves what she does and works hard, and she is good for the sport! Don't hate or try to lessen what she accomplished, that just lakes away from them all! Not to mention they all knew ahead of time they were in this, plenty of time to put work in hitting shots! Jenna Bandy just simply kicked ass and they all respected the hell out of her

      REFRIED BEANS FC Year ago +1

      @menamebighead y’all really don’t want women to do well huh😂

  • aleem ba
    aleem ba Year ago +1904

    “How mark was in the locker room after the showdown”

    • Akon Fenty
      Akon Fenty Year ago


    • Vernon Nichols
      Vernon Nichols Year ago +3


    • ItsPrxdigy
      ItsPrxdigy Year ago

      @Rich Flow y’all it’s posting rn on my channel 😂

    • Rich Flow
      Rich Flow Year ago

      We need that

    • Nxck
      Nxck Year ago

      @Apply context what are you talking about you eliminated me

  • Sery
    Sery Year ago +525

    Bruh so mark woulda won if that cheat code wasn’t there’s

    • Logan Marin
      Logan Marin Year ago

      @Cory Hill semi pro lol

    • EmojiKingXL
      EmojiKingXL Year ago +1

      Mark was gonna win if Jenna the only hooper wasnt there

    • KajunChicken
      KajunChicken Year ago

      @Jet Blac yeah and they should be simple for the other somewhat hoopers there to make too 😝

    • Layton
      Layton Year ago

      @Jet Blac I'm not a pro and I'm 80% from the free throws they're just trash and panicked to much

    • Jet Blac
      Jet Blac Year ago +9

      @MysticBlade yea and unguarded free throws are simple for any pro to make

  • itzG 3
    itzG 3 Year ago +769

    Bruh that ain’t fair, she a hooper hooper, the rest are just a hooper mane.

    • Kingston Shacklebolt
      Kingston Shacklebolt Year ago

      But dudes be in the comments claiming they can beat WNBA chicks 1v1 tho right??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ms.LifestyleBlack
      Ms.LifestyleBlack Year ago


    • Person Person
      Person Person Year ago

      That’s fax

    • Kan West5478
      Kan West5478 Year ago

      @L K Go on any yotuube comment section regarding WNBA and you have thousands of men saying they can't hoop, they could beat them, etc. This just proved them wrong. I'm not saying you were saying that, but if you must be out of the loop. Every random high-school kid thinks they are better than wnba players.

    • L K
      L K Year ago +1

      @Lilly S Good, l'm glad its settIIed

  • JP
    JP Year ago +37

    Once Kenny got eliminated everyone cried

      GRINSPLIT Year ago

      @Jordan Smisek, it wasn't even a competition when she was in it. Totally unfair for the guys.

  • SANDRA Mccullough
    SANDRA Mccullough 10 months ago +1

    I love jenna energy, happiness and positivity and she can hoop, she be a great wife

  • Derek Londell
    Derek Londell Year ago +1505

    They Hoed RDC by putting Mark behind Desmond that ain't even right.

    • Skull Kid
      Skull Kid Year ago

      @The Sinatra
      There is no almost in life. Either she won or lost and she won.
      I believe she beat him twice. She's good shooter lacks defense but still deserves her props

    • Derek Londell
      Derek Londell Year ago +1

      @R%LL T!D€ not even a valid response

    • BeanTop
      BeanTop Year ago +1

      @R%LL T!D€ no one cares if she was a female. She can hoop and she did well.

    • Gl0ck33slezz
      Gl0ck33slezz Year ago

      Fr smh

    • cjxmixon
      cjxmixon Year ago +2

      @R%LL T!D€ she actually plays for a team they don't
      Your point is that they lost to a girl that plays for a team vs dude who plays 2k and makes skits who occasionally play stfu

  • MannyIsMood
    MannyIsMood Year ago +46

    *Jenna went like 17 for 19 that’s like 89%* she crazy 🔥😂

      GRINSPLIT Year ago +1

      Because she's a basketball player and a coach apparently

    • DBookYT
      DBookYT Year ago +1

      18 for 20 yea she crazy

    SHAKËËR Year ago +97

    I know she didn’t feel no pressure, she’s the only basketball player there

    • Giovanni Gonzalez
      Giovanni Gonzalez Year ago +4

      No sorry Ik this is a late comment and duke is to a hooper

    • Not 1030
      Not 1030 Year ago +6

      Duke is a hooper too

    • banterlona
      banterlona Year ago +7

      In an actual match duke Dennis is posterising Jenna. A match of knockout is nothing to the athleticism needed in an actual match

  • SupaREACTS
    SupaREACTS Year ago +1

    Salutes to my guy Duke Dennis REAL TALK 💯💯💯 From da trenches to being on ESPN

  • Cameron Fifield
    Cameron Fifield Year ago +9

    wow imagine that the semi pro player won, who saw that coming

  • Gustave Bacareza
    Gustave Bacareza Year ago +677

    When Jenna's fun fact said she beat Flight twice... I knew she was for real

    • t2southern
      t2southern 9 months ago +1

      flight is a walking w

    • Professor 🦧
      Professor 🦧 11 months ago +4

      @Remmus flight is 10x better than you Michael Jordan is nothing compared to Flight don’t underestimate him

    • TruBoyJuju
      TruBoyJuju Year ago

      Not that impressive

    • Really Him On God
      Really Him On God Year ago

      Flight fuckin sucks tho

    • MattDaGoat
      MattDaGoat Year ago +1

      @Rinagade bro how are u so raw

  • Harry Bowman
    Harry Bowman Year ago +7

    Jenna had a pure shot: good form, consistent. Most of these guys were just chucking it up

    • Red Pill Brotha
      Red Pill Brotha Year ago

      The girl has more than 10k hours of hoping starting since age 5.

  • Dre2kClips
    Dre2kClips Year ago +2

    Wow. Jenny was very impressive. She took out Mark though. I wanted Mark to win.

  • J.R. Lobinsky
    J.R. Lobinsky Year ago

    I’m a Jenna Bandy fan, I know she’s gotta do well on this game!
    Edit : She won it all! Let’s Go!

  • eli hajabakiga
    eli hajabakiga 11 months ago +1

    im so proud of my boy mrk he deserves that 100,000

  • Devmanboy
    Devmanboy Year ago +1368

    This was a letdown. Though they were talking about 1v1 tournaments or 2v2. Still good that I found out who Jenna is cuz I never she existed but she a sniper but this was unfair to the guys cuz they all either hooped in high school or most never at all in any level

    • George Bucci
      George Bucci Year ago +2

      @big dj I checked out your Clip-Share. You got a beautiful looking family, they look like very nice people...and I am sure they are. So what are you doing calling other people nigga? That is so disrespectful to yourself and your family. And that is exactly what my reply to you is about...respect. These youtubers were invited to this contest. All of them were, including Jenna. Whoever set it all up, invited them. None of them had to go in it...they all voluntarily agreed...Jenna or no Jenna. It was a free throw contest, which we all know doesn't have much say in anyone's basketball skills. There are nba allstars that me or you could match up against and come out on top 9 times out of 10. Watch the video again...and just focus on Jenna, including when they introduced her. This girl is a great trash talker (just watch some of her videos). She did no trash talking at all here. Even when buddy said he thought that she was the best hoopper around...she said nothing, just raised her eyebrows (meaning like wow, thank you). She was very nervous through the whole thing. No trash talking, blowing on her hands, flexing her legs, not talking at all, not smiling, not laughing. Even when they told her she had won, she just stood there. Still no trash talking...no nothing. She didn't react at all to anything until they dropped the gold confetti on her....but still no trash talking. Very humble. So why is it that you can not show her some respect and say hey, props to her?

    • big dj
      big dj Year ago

      @George Bucci nigga she a semi pro playing against ppl who barely play and people picked who they got winning because they fans

    • Duke S1lv3r
      Duke S1lv3r Year ago

      @12 year old yeah that’s not true unless you just sit in the paint the whole game

    • Hdjenxjsbs Dheixbs
      Hdjenxjsbs Dheixbs Year ago

      @Lucas Valencia those wnba players got outplayed by quavo though so that’s different lmao

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones Year ago

      Just because your bigger doesn't mean your defense is better

  • Kylude
    Kylude Year ago +1

    my favorite part of this is that they introduced MMG as his actual height which is 6’5”

  • kabelo sibande
    kabelo sibande Year ago

    23:04 the definition of karma agent00 was a prime example 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • James Pitman
    James Pitman Year ago

    I love Kenny “don’t be disappointed”😂still the greatest guy on Clip-Share love you Kenny good stuff!

  • JustCallMeJ
    JustCallMeJ Year ago +12

    When Duke said “Like why you pick me right there?” I felt that😭

    • Akil Knight
      Akil Knight Year ago

      Boy was in his fees fees, Lolol #HURT

  • Pearson Johnson
    Pearson Johnson Year ago +1171

    Anyone else notice the quote, "Models game after Andre Levingston" for Kenny? 😂

  • christopher frazier

    This was a good jawn to watch. Congratulations to her, and nobody showed envy or jealousy.

  • Matthew Escalera
    Matthew Escalera Year ago +2

    Let’s go my boys. Kenny and MMG

  • C M
    C M Year ago +34

    ... Y’all serious, HOH? Who put this together and thought “Let’s put Jenna Bandy, a college scoring leader, in here with some Clip-Sharers who ball recreationally; that’d be great competition for this $100K.” 😒

    • Vis Santana
      Vis Santana Year ago

      @C M lol my comment got deleted. I hate how liberal this app is

    • C M
      C M Year ago +7

      @Vis Santana … You literally said “the only time a chick can get a dub”…

    • Vis Santana
      Vis Santana Year ago

      @C M how tf is it sexism

    • C M
      C M Year ago +5

      @Vis Santana Nah. Sexism ain’t it.

    • Vis Santana
      Vis Santana Year ago +1

      The only time a chick can get a dub

  • Mason Tronsor
    Mason Tronsor Year ago +1

    My favorite part was when my boy MMG knocked out Agent after he kept bumping him lol

  • abcde edcba
    abcde edcba Year ago +1795

    My boy mark shoulda won.😞😞

    • Cookies_no _rookies
      Cookies_no _rookies Year ago

      Facts that’s gotta be racist 😭

    • Raptor0905 Gaming
      Raptor0905 Gaming Year ago

      @Anthony Blackshire damn spoilers why are you looking in the comments if you don’t want spoilers cmon think

    • SimplyJay0
      SimplyJay0 Year ago

      @The HiphopUnderworld haha not you crying over a female winning 😂😂

    • Connor Christian
      Connor Christian Year ago

      @The HiphopUnderworld lmao pro baller ur dumb af 😂😂

    • WholeLottaShed
      WholeLottaShed Year ago

      @frocondones JennaK

  • Lin _6x
    Lin _6x Year ago

    They really let her go through with all 3 lives 😂😂

  • eugenia tsintavi
    eugenia tsintavi Year ago

    I really want Kenny or Jenna to win. I've been watch them both for over 1,5 years

  • IsoJway
    IsoJway Year ago +23

    They should’ve went to the 3 for the last life free throws was obviously to easy

    • Meta 3
      Meta 3 Year ago +2

      She is a shooting coach. I doubt it would've made too much diffrence

  • Earl Ridlen IV
    Earl Ridlen IV Year ago

    i just love how they brought in a lot of amateur youtubers and then a professional basketball player

    MOSES MAGLOIRE Year ago +465

    “I was trying to hit it out the facility” LMFAOOOOAOOO AGENTS A CLOWN 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lilly S
    Lilly S Year ago +3

    JENNAAA!!! That’s my girl!!! I love how she was holding her emotions and then lets that girl out with the confetti 😂 so proud ❤️ I knew you would do it!
    At all the other comments. Stop being mad cuz a girl can hoop. You’re basically saying they all suck. SmH she deserved this.

  • Knxg Junior
    Knxg Junior Year ago +161

    I got a question why is Jenna there she literally plays basketball for a living 🤔🧐

    • Jordan
      Jordan Year ago +1

      @Lilly S yeah a person that balls professionally vs casuals okay 👌🏿 if those were pro athletes she’d be gone 😂

    • Lilly S
      Lilly S Year ago +1

      @Bruce Martin I’m not mad lol it’s just annoying that you don’t even try to understand my reasoning , there’s nothing broken about it but ok 🤷🏼‍♀️ ❤️ u too 🙃

    • Bruce Martin
      Bruce Martin Year ago +1

      @Lilly S u literally just explained to me how you are doing precisely what I said you were doing. Ty I guess. Stay blessed famo.

    • Lilly S
      Lilly S Year ago +2

      @Bruce Martin I was informed like 30 times dude 😂 Its my opinion they were mad Bc a girl won, it was sarcasm , I wasn’t looking for an argument . you don’t get it , you won’t ever get it , if a man would’ve won this no one would have been AS heated.
      Guys ALWAYS make excuses when I or other girls beat them at something , I’ve seen it and also experienced it. You don’t get how it is lmao stop talking to me like I’m some child.

    • Bruce Martin
      Bruce Martin Year ago +4

      @Lilly S it's good that u know what u don't know...ur logic is broken because u came in uninformed and then after being informed continued down the same line of reasoning with no adjustment just the same blanket generalization... now u know

  • Christian Gunning

    Just got through introductions! I gotta say i think Kenny’s got this

  • Don’t be a simp 221

    Kenny always got a smile on his face

  • Ethan K.
    Ethan K. Year ago

    I thought this was going to be some elaborate 1 on 1 elimination tourney or something then it just ends up being a game of lightning lol

  • Chris Kwan
    Chris Kwan Year ago

    Congrats Jenna! Awesome shooting. The guys just mad they lost and didn't play better by actually knocking out your ball in the game of knockout.

  • Sticks
    Sticks Year ago

    I knew Jenna was gonna take that before they even started she’s a beast

    DA REAL MVP Year ago

    Those introductions had me dying😂😂

  • Pearson Johnson
    Pearson Johnson Year ago +1255

    They hyped this up so much just for the actual thing to last like 10 minutes.

    • menamebighead
      menamebighead Year ago

      Yea because of the cheat code

    • Zymond
      Zymond Year ago +1

      They hyped it up to invite a hooper hooper that wouldn't miss a shot. Im lowkey mad as a rdc fan bc it's so satisfying when marks trash talk is backed up

    • Danny Jones
      Danny Jones Year ago

      I mean Did y'all expect anyone else to beat Jenna she's a semi pro basketball Player of course she's going to win

    • Christian
      Christian Year ago +1

      I swear none of y'all know what knock out is

    • AboveAll
      AboveAll Year ago

      On god hahaga

  • Justin Abby
    Justin Abby Year ago

    Great job Jenna! You're a bad ass chick! You deserve this!

  • Oldskool Jetz
    Oldskool Jetz Year ago

    This just shows how important it is to work on your freethrows

  • Damon Rosania
    Damon Rosania Year ago

    Who else was rooting for MMG and Kenny 😢 this contest was a letdown

  • 100summers x
    100summers x Year ago

    “Well I gotta say I saw Duke Dennis in the hotel lobby with a VVS diamond grill so I’m hoping that should translate well on the court today”. 😂 They sneaky with it

  • John Baumgartner
    John Baumgartner Year ago

    I was waiting for duke to say the gameplan in that interview so happy he said execute

  • MacDev11
    MacDev11 Year ago

    I like how they trolled the refs. Them boys need to get fined for this season

  • Marsthe Martian
    Marsthe Martian Year ago

    Imagine if someone hit every single shot that would’ve been crazy

  • Hani Ahmad
    Hani Ahmad Year ago +1


  • Devere316
    Devere316 Year ago +1

    All star weekend need this game. Even with the NBA players. But Jenna was out there sniping like Hawkeye from the Avengers, so shout out to her Lol

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Year ago +1

    When I saw 11:35 I knew Kenny had no chance lol.

  • Hehahoo21 Basketball Soccer Football

    Jenna before the game: 😀😃😄😁
    Jenna during the game: 🔥 🔥🔥
    Jenna after the game: 😎😎😎

  • loopay02
    loopay02 Year ago

    Man I guess Desmond’s UPS training did translate to this game lol. Mark eliminating him after going 3-3 and then going cold was rough.

  • Nathan Sinclair
    Nathan Sinclair Year ago +57

    Jenna bagged 'em up. Great show, great game. I was hoping for a RDC World win, for some hood avatar but it's all good. Great game

    • Cory Hill
      Cory Hill Year ago +9

      Bro they got hoed how you gonna put an actual pro against amateurs?

  • Alex Oros
    Alex Oros Year ago

    PUT ME IN !!!!

  • MrBuliths
    MrBuliths Year ago +1

    Yo. Shout out to Jenna..
    For all you players.. this is how you respond to pressure. Good 💩!!

  • YoungKPEdits
    YoungKPEdits Year ago +7

    Who invited jenna. She is litterally a walking SNIPER. I’d rather have flight in here.

  • Germal Robert
    Germal Robert Year ago

    She destroyed that😂 congrats. Mark you got it next time

  • Da$hLife
    Da$hLife Year ago

    Yo the announcers/production really went off on this. The introduction was better than the nba all-star game 😂 respect

  • Pogs
    Pogs Year ago +122

    who allowed Jenna to be here literally such free money an she talking about "pressure" CAP

    • DoughBoiJB
      DoughBoiJB Year ago +8

      Ong I hate when they do that I felt so much pressure

  • Coldmtndew
    Coldmtndew Year ago +19

    When I saw that Jenna was in this I knew it was over no disrespect to Jenna she is a immaculate shooter but they should have gotten someone else it kinda wasn’t fair she has the most experience. They lowkey could have gotten Cashnasty

    • Kid Richye 2.0
      Kid Richye 2.0 Year ago +1

      @Keyson C bro she's a semipro she teaches basketball for a living and they are just Clip-Sharers who hoop now I then ofc she gonna win idiot

    • Keyson C
      Keyson C Year ago

      How you mad at her cus she fucked all they ass up 😂😂😂

    • Teddy
      Teddy Year ago +1


  • Real5starSOU
    Real5starSOU 11 months ago +1

    that was like when a level 50 in a game fights a group of level 10's

  • Marshon Taylor
    Marshon Taylor Year ago

    Agent got hit with instant karma😂

  • Deshaun Shiflet
    Deshaun Shiflet Year ago

    Well deserved some of my favorite Clip-Sharers awesome

  • stackered
    stackered Year ago

    Problem with how this is played is that by stopping the action constantly, the second person in line each time just had a complete advantage

  • Jesse Pankakes
    Jesse Pankakes Year ago +1

    Bet everyone is hyped about the results

  • Kemarrian Love
    Kemarrian Love Year ago

    They really needed the announcers for this event. Posting this especially how it played out would’ve been good enough on the AMP channel alone 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • The Limit
    The Limit Year ago +1

    The only man with the gm skills to get the knicks to the championship🤣🤣🤣

  • Triz Millz
    Triz Millz Year ago

    They should do this again with king of the court or 1v1s I bet it will turn out different

  • Nityam Maistry
    Nityam Maistry Year ago +280

    Who tf let Jenna in here I wasn’t rooting for her but it ain’t no competition tbh

    • Berleezy's Unusual Long Head
      Berleezy's Unusual Long Head Year ago

      @Steven L facts 💀💀

    • Berleezy's Unusual Long Head
      Berleezy's Unusual Long Head Year ago

      @Steven L The celebrity’s play basketball all lot that’s the difference MMG has literally never played basketball in his life. The celebrity games are for fun. This is for 100k it isn’t fun losing to someone who plays basketball day and night and is a shooting coach it wasn’t close she only missed one shot.

    • Steven L
      Steven L Year ago +1

      @Berleezy's Unusual Long Head buttttt in those celebrity games the WNBA players have played organized ball and the celebs havent. Not a perfect comparison. Butttt

    • Steven L
      Steven L Year ago

      @Berleezy's Unusual Long Head you right lmao but this mad old 😂😂😂 I was bugging

    • Berleezy's Unusual Long Head
      Berleezy's Unusual Long Head Year ago +1

      @Steven L that isn’t fair what do you mean 💀 she’s a D1 player everyone else plays ball for fun they knew what they were doing

  • Timothy Walker
    Timothy Walker Year ago

    Big AMP in the building 💯

  • 2.muchmichael
    2.muchmichael Year ago

    I wanted my boy agent duke or Kenny to win but can’t be mad because it was still entertaining but my boy mark had me impressed I thought duke was gon be at the end

  • Arvin Miraftab
    Arvin Miraftab Year ago

    i wish Kenny won. But I thought this was going to be like some 2 hour event where they play like 1v1 and challenges. People had to fly here from places and just realize they are going to to lose to Jenna

  • cameandsaw
    cameandsaw Year ago

    From the comments from the RDC reaction my feeling on Jenna is “she’s a plant bro” 😭 cause she’s fr a basketball trainer

  • jake.s1mpson
    jake.s1mpson Year ago +623

    Who else wanted Kenny to win 😢

  • JP
    JP Year ago

    Jenna was awesome! 💪🏾

  • Keamon Hernandez
    Keamon Hernandez Year ago

    Duke- I already knew Jenna was tryhard 😂😂

    DEVDNSYD Year ago

    “The only man with the GM skills to actually get the Knicks to the Championship.. KOT$Q, Kenny Buh..buh..buh Beechummm!”

  • tolga algin
    tolga algin Year ago

    jenna sweeped the floor with them goddamn 😂

  • Jory P
    Jory P Year ago

    I thought it was going to be a bunch of regulars against each other. But hey man, props. Jenna’s a bucket

  • Supl3xcity2k17
    Supl3xcity2k17 Year ago

    dang, I was really hoping Mark would win


    look at kenny man so inspirational

  • ItsBoogie
    ItsBoogie Year ago +1

    Jenna and duke got at it afterwards 😂

  • LookMedusa
    LookMedusa Year ago +17

    Gottah root for RDC those my boys 🥳😂😂

  • Ms.LifestyleBlack


  • Nic
    Nic Year ago

    That’s actually insane, 2 misses in a 8 person knockout game with 3 lives

    • BakeNsteak
      BakeNsteak Year ago

      Not really bro. Once you play 4 years in high school you barely miss free throws . And she played 4 years in college too. She shot 90% in college which is what she shot here. It wasn’t fair to them. If they played 1v1 it wouldn’t of been fair for her because she hair beat flight

  • Pac Man
    Pac Man 11 months ago

    Bruhhh she was sweating too hard good stuff from Mark though 👏

  • Jr. Smith
    Jr. Smith Year ago +20

    She ain’t have no pressure she lying 😂 thats hella dumb they put all regular youtubers and a ex WNBA player off course she gona win 🤦🏿‍♂️ 😹

    • DBookYT
      DBookYT Year ago +1

      she no ex WNBA player.

    • Kedda
      Kedda Year ago +8

      @AAA what are you talkin about dude? They don't fucking play basketball every day they just make videos

    • menamebighead
      menamebighead Year ago +9

      @AAA Jenna plays ball for a living and even coaches a actual team....these niggas just make videos or skits and play ball once in a while

    • AAA
      AAA Year ago +2

      Bruh all they content is play basketball suck it up bro

  • Jasmine Frierson
    Jasmine Frierson Year ago +496

    “My favorite Artist is cash money mawk” 😂😂 .

    • Soon4pf
      Soon4pf Year ago

      @Petrified 00 ohhh good looks😂

    • Ja’Mari Harris
      Ja’Mari Harris Year ago +3

      “it’s cash money mawk, welcome to my crib” 🤣

    • KAM
      KAM Year ago


    • Petrified 00
      Petrified 00 Year ago +7

      @Soon4pf so in one rdc video mark plays a character which is a rapper named cash money mawk and he gives a tour around the house like it’s a mtv cribs episode

    • Soon4pf
      Soon4pf Year ago +1

      @Petrified 00 i watch rdc but tell me the joke bruh😂😂😂😂

  • Jamire Warner
    Jamire Warner 11 months ago

    This deserves way more views 👍👍

  • Josiah Bain
    Josiah Bain 10 months ago +1

    Congrats Jenna
    But tbh it was unfair as you are actually a professional

  • OTP
    OTP Year ago

    Notice all the even slots kept all three lives the longest. Every time you stop the game the first shooter is automatically at a further disadvantage.
    I also think you should be getting back in line at the order your shots went in (ie: 2nd dude makes a shot before 1st dude, 2nd is now in front of 1st)