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Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva: Weigh-In | SHOWTIME PPV

  • Published on Oct 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Watch the final weigh-in as Jake Paul & Anderson Silva are just a day away from clashing in the ring.
    #PaulSilva is TOMORROW at 9PM ET/6PM PT on SHOWTIME PPV.
    Order it now: sho.com/ppv
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Comments • 311

  • Josiah Kahkonen
    Josiah Kahkonen 5 months ago +12

    Silva got that killer look. No reactions. Straight face. Killer.

  • GV
    GV 5 months ago +61

    50:58 Anderson in fight-mode is SCARY

    • Ms Obeyy
      Ms Obeyy 5 months ago

      calm and collected speaks volumes

    • Dakoda Lemmon
      Dakoda Lemmon 5 months ago

      He was literally just looking at him. He looked like his normal self lol

    • MostPalone
      MostPalone 5 months ago +1

      Anderson's on supplements👍

    • Lavon Invsts
      Lavon Invsts 5 months ago

      HE'SSS F**********ING HIM UP!!!

    • JM931
      JM931 5 months ago

      This is gonna be a good one but I feel Anderson might be to fragile for jakes power he’s been hit in the head way more then jake and jakes boxing/sparring looks more crisp then Anderson but if they was in the octagon it wouldn’t even be a fight jake would be done in under a couple mins but I think Anderson goes down in the second round and then gets up on the ten count n then KO follows to end the fight before the third round ends!!

  • DeliveryGuy Ty
    DeliveryGuy Ty 5 months ago +3

    Dana really dropping the ball, Jake would be badass in the UFC. Has the image, attracts tons of views. Seeing him during the weigh in, I could really see him doing MMA

    • DeliveryGuy Ty
      DeliveryGuy Ty 5 months ago

      Feel McKunt this indeed is a very valid point 😂

  • DeliveryGuy Ty
    DeliveryGuy Ty 5 months ago

    It really hit Jake that he was facing off with the legend Anderson Silva. Hope the pressure doesn’t get to Jake because Anderson is still dangerous and unorthodox. I would say if Jake can’t completely shut out the lights of Anderson, it could be a problem…

  • Shitface
    Shitface 5 months ago +11

    When Jake hit the mic on his head he straight up took that bit from wolf of wall street lmfao

    • Logy
      Logy 5 months ago

      bro got seed of chucky pfp

    • Jan Kowalski
      Jan Kowalski 5 months ago +2

      I heard empty sound though

  • ‎ ‎‎ ‎‎SECRET

    Silvas aura hits different. That’s the aura of an actual killer.

  • Edward Steele
    Edward Steele 5 months ago

    Silva is so chill love it

  • Burnzy Boy
    Burnzy Boy 5 months ago +4

    Silva is literally the nice guy people say leave alone or else. But I hope jake gets this w. Even if he loses its a win to fight a legend

  • The People Brothers
    The People Brothers 5 months ago +16

    FIRED UP 🔥 let’s go champ 😤😤

  • Cheryl Conklin
    Cheryl Conklin 5 months ago +1

    Awesome match last night n my money was riding on my boy Jake Paul n hell yeah he won !!!!!

  • reviewforthetube
    reviewforthetube 5 months ago

    I think Jake could win but I feel like he may of bitten off a bit to much because Anderson could beat many many high level boxers at the moment! To see how tyron did with Jake makes me know Anderson will cause him some issues.

  • Akhanda_Bharat
    Akhanda_Bharat 5 months ago +44

    That face off was fire ! Almost frightening !
    Spider looking ready for war !!!!
    Jake is as usual insanity
    Love for both ❤️ ready for this 🚩

    • Jjjyli
      Jjjyli 5 months ago

      🤣🤣 it just looked goofy asf. Jake Paul is so cringe

  • Dakoda Lemmon
    Dakoda Lemmon 5 months ago +1

    The dude fighting Sylve during the face off looked like he was about to fall asleep! 😂

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris 5 months ago

    After this can we get Jake to fight a real pro boxer

  • w?fi
    w?fi 5 months ago +5

    I LOVE the fight game!

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris 5 months ago

    The only thing that worries me as Anderson Silva age, other than that this would be easy work for him

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 5 months ago +2

    Game time Jake ! You Worked every fiber, every muscle, every bone in your body for this moment and its time to do what you said "TIME TO FUCK HIM UP" Rooting for you jakey Ik you will win All love man love you dude Goodluck

    • Savage KingX
      Savage KingX 5 months ago

      @Chief Cano yea I see you some positive vibes in your useless life

    • Chief Cano
      Chief Cano 5 months ago

      Y’all some weirdos y’all hyping the first white fighter against a ancient mummy

    • Chief Cano
      Chief Cano 5 months ago

      Ok white boy ahhahahahah Haley ahhahah

  • Der Rapha 2.0
    Der Rapha 2.0 5 months ago +2

    This is gonna be amazing

    • Der Rapha 2.0
      Der Rapha 2.0 5 months ago

      @Jay Marleno at 5 am european time

    • erwin
      erwin 5 months ago

      @Jay Marleno today

  • Elijah Baxter
    Elijah Baxter 5 months ago +3

    Let’s go Jake!!!

  • Ronald Miranda
    Ronald Miranda 5 months ago +1

    He said Silva is trying to take food off his plate? Bro, even if he fucks up solva he fucked up a 47 yo legend

  • Lucas Miller
    Lucas Miller 5 months ago +1

    So many Montreal legends!

  • Bobby Fischer
    Bobby Fischer 5 months ago +1

    Who else going to be watching this for free?!?

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler 5 months ago +1

    Go get him silva 💥🤛🏻

    MAC MILLER 5 months ago +1

    If jake Paul wins for any reason then I’ll have to admit jake is doing this whole life thing pretty good

  • JPTV Believe it Or DONT
    JPTV Believe it Or DONT 5 months ago +32

    jake paul is a genius like mayweather. Amazing

    • IShowSpeed
      IShowSpeed 5 months ago

      @godbyone andy godby Jake paul a clown lol

    • godbyone andy godby
      godbyone andy godby 5 months ago +2

      @Where am I? get hey Jake writes the script s. He wins. If. Silva. Wants to build business he would win

    • Where am I?
      Where am I? 5 months ago +4

      Troll lol

  • Colby Greene
    Colby Greene 5 months ago +2

    ngl. McGregor vs Jake paul build up would be fire 🔥 this was was great.

  • LEO
    LEO 5 months ago +2

    Silva is an assassin the face off says a lot

  • KemerutChannel
    KemerutChannel 5 months ago

    the face of a true fighter is scary like a lion wants to prey on his opponent

  • MostPalone
    MostPalone 5 months ago +1

    Anderson's on supplements💪

  • Zak4r
    Zak4r 5 months ago

    When McGregor can’t fight so you have to order one off wish

  • HipHopHype_____156
    HipHopHype_____156 5 months ago

    Congratulations 🥳

  • Enaz
    Enaz 5 months ago +2

    When Jake has to wear shoes for the face to face towards Anderson just so he can have that 1 inch height advantage 😂😂😂💀💀

    • Ant General
      Ant General 5 months ago

      He is wearing also lifts in his shoes

  • Matty Dips
    Matty Dips 5 months ago

    Anderson is 100% taking the special sauce again

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J 5 months ago +2

    Dr Mike 🤣🤣🤣 Now shits just getting funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • durianrider
    durianrider 5 months ago

    Jake riding that Tren Ace energy ❤

    • OffDaysTV
      OffDaysTV 5 months ago

      Lol sike, he’d be huge

    • Jacob Walling
      Jacob Walling 5 months ago +2

      He'd be bigger if he was on tren ace ❤️

  • MrBakedDaily
    MrBakedDaily 5 months ago +7

    Jake look like he tucking 🤣

  • Parzival
    Parzival 5 months ago

    Avila thinks he's Nate but he doesn't have that Diaz energy lol

  • Legend Forever
    Legend Forever 5 months ago +2

    Paul will definitely win, his confidence and bearing bro💯

  • Hrzn Blizzard
    Hrzn Blizzard 5 months ago

    Let's go Jake

  • Gabe Gabe
    Gabe Gabe 5 months ago

    GSP was a pleasent surprise

  • BeastTiger156
    BeastTiger156 5 months ago

    Jake Paul and Anderson Silva are definitely friends

  • Jock
    Jock 5 months ago +2

    Jake hyped, took an extra needle before the weigh in, love it

    • Jock
      Jock 5 months ago

      @The People Brothers naive

  • Daniel the chef green
    Daniel the chef green 5 months ago

    Anderson won song choice 👌 that alone says who will win

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 5 months ago +1

    Ariel loves conflict it's like he feeds of it

  • ItzMystic
    ItzMystic 5 months ago


  • Dave Aceves
    Dave Aceves 5 months ago

    Of course GSP isn't fighting the winner next. They're bigger than him😂😂 he prefers the likes of Mayweather or Connor

  • altaf ahmad
    altaf ahmad 5 months ago +2

    the face off was badass.
    jake switched it up he wasnt that nice today

  • 121k
    121k 5 months ago +1

    This is going to change the boxing forever when Jake knocks out Silva

  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind 5 months ago

    jake paul i know you fought your heart out and all that petty stuff, silva is my idol and seeing my idol on the ground like that was really hard to see. When i turn 21 snd your 47 i hope to see you in the ring

  • DVH_Voltz
    DVH_Voltz 5 months ago +10

    Jake actually fighting a pro boxer wow

    • Hamsa💯🔥
      Hamsa💯🔥 5 months ago +1

      @Where am I? he litterly does lmao if chaves went 10 rounds with him lmao….

    • altaf ahmad
      altaf ahmad 5 months ago +1

      @Where am I? so silva beat a former world champion but still isnt a real boxer? ok genuis.
      lets be honest here. silva would mop the floor with those can crushers like tommy fury or hasim rahman who are "real pro boxers"

    • Where am I?
      Where am I? 5 months ago +1

      @Hamsa💯🔥 Chavez went to rehab after that wasn’t training and was 20% during fight with Silva. Lmao with your logic Silva gives canelo a good fight. Bonehead

    • Hamsa💯🔥
      Hamsa💯🔥 5 months ago +3

      @Where am I? Andersson beat chavez he who lastes 10 rounds with canelo and had 50 pro wins lmao….

  • SmallScreenTV
    SmallScreenTV 5 months ago +3

    Notice how Ariel refers to Anderson and GSP as ‘the great’ as ‘legends’. Nobody will ever refer to Jake Paul as great - never

  • Ana 🦋
    Ana 🦋 5 months ago

    Yuhh it’s today jake! 🤩

  • Sean S
    Sean S 5 months ago

    Thank you for supporting Iran ✊🏻 The whole nation is behind you! 💚🤍❤️

  • J.
    J. 5 months ago +13

    I hope chris avila gets humble dude wanna be nate diaz so bad 😂

    • Brick Flair
      Brick Flair 5 months ago +5

      It’s fkn embarrassing like bro get your own personality, talks like him, poses like him, talks like and even walks like him it’s sad as fuck

  • TTS
    TTS 5 months ago

    Yes the winner faces the best Canadian fighter in the world even better a Canadian fighter knocks jack Paul out 😅

  • BigGavvy
    BigGavvy 5 months ago +1


  • Some ACL
    Some ACL 5 months ago +116

    Pewdiepie is next plus he’s popping all these checks got that brand new Rolex and he has the lambo too 😂

    • Kiran Tiwari
      Kiran Tiwari 5 months ago

      ​@Darren Simmons Mee too man🥲

    • KD2K
      KD2K 5 months ago

      @JM931 yesssss

    • JM931
      JM931 5 months ago +1

      Pew the guy who live streams video games?

    • Stickboi Films
      Stickboi Films 5 months ago +1

      @Uncle Bridge yeah I'm talking about you

    RGLKE 5 months ago +2

    that squat down thing was so g

  • Blaync
    Blaync 5 months ago

    "food off my plate" u broke already bro? 🤣

  • Kyleisthepeep19
    Kyleisthepeep19 5 months ago

    I have been watching my boy Jake Paul four couple years

  • Justin Singleton
    Justin Singleton 5 months ago +15

    46:30 What you came here to see

    • Matty Dips
      Matty Dips 5 months ago

      @Jaden King thats what it takes to be a legend?

    • Jaden King
      Jaden King 5 months ago +4

      You are an legend Thank you

  • Zender Fade
    Zender Fade 5 months ago


  • fordo santana
    fordo santana 5 months ago

    I want to fight Jake Paul now

  • Ant General
    Ant General 5 months ago

    Jake had to run back to wear his shoes with lifts in it to face Jake because he knows he ain’t even a strong 5’11

  • COURT LEVEL TENNIS - Liam Apilado

    This is entertainment

  • 𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖘𝖔𝖚𝖑

    Chris Avila Is literally Nate Diaz copy.He acts like him,speaks like him.

  • Daniel Ernst
    Daniel Ernst 5 months ago

    Silva already drinking the Jake Koolaid..Kool-aid... Taking the payday and going out...
    To many peace signs being tossed around

  • Some ACL
    Some ACL 5 months ago +7

    It’s every day bro 😂

    • iron shark
      iron shark 5 months ago

      Please no imma get more nightmares

  • Николай Молчанов «Ведь не всё на Земле ложь...»

    So, is it on October 29-th or October 30-th ?????????

  • xXLil-_-StinkXx
    xXLil-_-StinkXx 5 months ago +3

    This outta be interesting

  • Social Justice Logic
    Social Justice Logic 5 months ago +1

    Impressive win for Jake Paul, but lets be honest..If Anderson Silva was 10 years youngers, he woudv'e destroyed Jake Paul..

  • Patrick Hamos
    Patrick Hamos 5 months ago

    GSP in the house LOL

  • ufc fighter
    ufc fighter 5 months ago +1

    lets fucking goooooooooooo

  • Simon Lamb
    Simon Lamb 5 months ago +4

    He wants to be Conor so bad

    • Arkarh
      Arkarh 5 months ago +2

      except he is rn

  • Kyleisthepeep19
    Kyleisthepeep19 5 months ago +1

    I hope Jake Paul sees this I love you Jake Paul

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler 5 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 jake pual act like he's tough guy lmfao