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  • Dan Collier
    Dan Collier Year ago +1632

    Absolute class from Perry. All that abuse and just smiles and says good hand. Gentleman

    • D Collier
      D Collier 8 days ago +1

      That's a pro for sure! Hellmuth is a disgrace

    • Steve T
      Steve T 24 days ago

      @Chris Keller 60/40, hardly a true trap. A/2 wasn’t the nuts by any means.

    • Troy Link
      Troy Link 2 months ago +7

      @Dr. Sauce yeah…but His tone was nasty as fuck and completely meant to berate and bully the guy into making a bad call. And then He didn’t stop with the nasty delivery. He even walked over to his side of the table in an aggressive way and stood over him. Absolute bully. This wasn’t any shit talking between friends. This was worth fighting over. And if anyone ever talked to me In that tone, with that delivery and on top of it all walks over to me in an aggressive way…there’s no way I’d be able to stop myself. We’re fighting. This wasn’t professional poker, this was as low class as it gets.

    • Dr. Sauce
      Dr. Sauce 3 months ago +1

      @Willie As someone from Australia, where Tony G is from, shit talking and banter is the cultural norm. You can call your mate a shit cunt and no one gets offended, it's all about the tone of the delivery rather than the content.

    • Mack Noeth
      Mack Noeth 4 months ago

      I’d have knocked Tony the fuck out for that shit

  • John Something
    John Something Year ago +526

    Watching Hellmuth rage adds years onto my life

    • Asphalt - Cowboy94
      Asphalt - Cowboy94 4 months ago +1

      I used to watch poker clips all the time solely because of hellmuths temper tantrums but I totally forgot the guy even existed until I saw this video but I'm happy I got the reminder

    • CripTik
      CripTik 4 months ago

      13:44 doesnt that gets more open for reading

    • Luceat Lux
      Luceat Lux 6 months ago +3

      Ah it's wonderful, ain't it? I'm not one to care about much retribution or comeuppance and I don't play poker; just a casual watcher (I'm basically saying that there is no envy over how good of a player he is, etc).
      BUT seeing this smug egomaniacal narcissist get hot and bothered is pretty decompressing after watching him berate and belittle everyone else and whine to the officials about OTHERS talking when he doesn't get his way, etc. He rly does seem to be that guy who KNOWS he's smarter than everyone else and he's just waiting for whomever to finish expressing something so he can talk again and one-up someone in some way.
      Maybe it's just cuz so many of these types of people are in my extended family,. lol
      Living with these people daily, I imagine, is a nightmare.

    • 4A4FR33
      4A4FR33 10 months ago +2

      Hell mouth...
      Reminds me of those cheesy preacher last names.

  • Shandon Lasley
    Shandon Lasley 9 months ago +166

    Phil: “I’ve made MILLIONS on my reading abilities!” Also Phil: *doesn’t even notice he’s berating the wrong dealer for just doing his literal job that he has no control over*

    • Omahabigbill
      Omahabigbill 6 months ago

      He said he made 20m. It's ok for Phil to berate the Russian, but then he cries like a baby when it happens to him.

    • LJ Lj
      LJ Lj 7 months ago

      Last deal gave the shit up when he left new deal popped in like idk what happened😂😂

    • Google Walle
      Google Walle 8 months ago

      such a "sore" loser...

    ITALK MERIDA 2 months ago

    LMFAO"Tony G could single handedly reignite the cold war "

  • damitzdesign
    damitzdesign 2 years ago +2354

    “Tony G can single-handedly reignite the Cold War”.... One of the greatest lines in poker 😂

    • ty sear
      ty sear 5 months ago

      Not sure that’s any worse than calling someone a fag like the first kid did

    • Australian Ant Kingdom
      Australian Ant Kingdom 6 months ago

      @working in the well seriously it's actually blowing my mind these guys are like all Clueless he's Lithuanian 😂🤦🏼

    • Australian Ant Kingdom
      Australian Ant Kingdom 6 months ago

      Except he isn't Australian and now you just look like an idiot, he's Lithuanian. 😂😂😂😂 go back to the uneducated dumpster you crawled out of.

    • Jared Kofoid
      Jared Kofoid 7 months ago

      @magicman Scott40k y

    • working in the well
      working in the well 7 months ago

      The amount of people thinking Tony G is Australian is ridicoulous

  • Jonathan Deegan
    Jonathan Deegan Year ago +238

    This is why Phil is one of the most popular poker players. People love his rants, love when he gets mad and love his arrogance. Very entertaining and hilarious when berated by other players🤣Phil knows it’s a show and he likes being the star

    • 26bisket
      26bisket 14 days ago

      Nah it’s old. He just says same shit and over again, and isn’t even in the right context sometimes

    • Joe D
      Joe D 4 months ago

      Phil is a hypocrite and a baby with a net worth of 50 million. Anyone that likes and or enjoys watching him is sick in the head.

    • JC
      JC 5 months ago

      Stupid people

    • Daan Demeyer
      Daan Demeyer 6 months ago +1

      He’s not popular at all. He’s hated an people love to see him lose. There’s a big difference.

    • bloodcathedral
      bloodcathedral 6 months ago +1

      @Josh Clearwater 26 million in winnings and 16 wsop bracelets. Yeah clearly he doesn’t know what he’s doing🤡

  • Cktime ThirtyTwo
    Cktime ThirtyTwo Year ago +298

    Tony G and Phil are the guys who would start a bar fight and press charges after they get decked in the mouth 😂

    • Venk Kandadai
      Venk Kandadai Month ago

      Lol yeah

    • Daan Demeyer
      Daan Demeyer 6 months ago

      Are you comparing the legendary Tony G with that douchebag?

    • Jons LG
      Jons LG 6 months ago +2

      @Mookie Wilson Haha I agree. Hellmouth always does his best to be like Tony G, but Tony G is literally the best antihero there is, and Hellmouth is just a douchebag.

    • Jons LG
      Jons LG 6 months ago +3

      *This video has such bad quality, that even when I manually upped it to the max (720p) it made no difference. Clip-Share was right. 360 is all this whole video needs to be max quality. Such a sad statement made by an ALGORITHM against 'Fury TV'.*

    • Mookie Wilson
      Mookie Wilson 8 months ago +5

      Tony’s fucking beautiful, man. He’s like the heel in wrestling who stomps on the flag and grabs his crotch while the crowds froth and rage. It’s like watching a symphony conductor at work.
      Phil and Tony are my two favourite players hands down.

  • Tailor Slow
    Tailor Slow 2 months ago +56

    That "Good hand" by Perry after all that was one of the best lines ever in poker history. Admirable inspite of the loss.

  • J. Cody
    J. Cody 10 months ago +55

    The composure of Perry during all that trash talk was respectable.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 2 years ago +1771

    Phil logic:
    Anyone who doesn't let Phil win doesn't know how to play poker.

    • Carlton Rose
      Carlton Rose 6 days ago

      Phil is a conceited child. Cry baby..they shud call time.. he's us going to have someone shut his mouth when.he calls! them an idiot

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson 5 months ago +1

      If the game doesn’t go with the higher probability hand 100% of the time, he’s heated. He plays the percentages well but the game isn’t all about percentages.

    • Dick Hitswater
      Dick Hitswater 6 months ago +1

      He knows all the math on the odds but always seems to forget about that 7% chance the hand doesn’t go the way it’s “supposed” to.

    • PissPratt
      PissPratt 7 months ago +1

      @Jeff Smith no matter what the dude had Phil would have thrown a fit

    • LJ Lj
      LJ Lj 7 months ago

      Wins pot after new deal shits down😂😂

  • Jeeperz Creeperz
    Jeeperz Creeperz Month ago

    Geez look Friedman over there now looks reasonable 😂😂😂

  • Francesco Botti
    Francesco Botti 5 months ago +22

    Sheiky laughing his ass out for Phil saying "reading abilities" had me rolling on the floor

    • Welder
      Welder 3 months ago +1

      lmao i died

  • DD
    DD Month ago

    Jamie Gold, whining for a penalty on that kid...You know Gold was the kid who told on everyone at school, he's just got that look

  • Eggo Slayer
    Eggo Slayer Year ago +127

    "HE CALLED A RAISE WITH A QUEEN-TEN, HONEY" is such a legendary sentence lol. Also "I just sat down bro" from the dealer kills me every time.

    • LJ Lj
      LJ Lj 7 months ago

      Last dealer popped a shit then left😂😂

  • DaleE988
    DaleE988 3 years ago +931

    Phil: “nice dealing mighty fine, I haven’t won one pot, they’ve been raising and reraising me. You give me a set”
    Dealer: “I just sat down man”
    Probably my favorite moment in all of these poker videos

    • byebyebye13
      byebyebye13 9 months ago +2

      @mpup54 Sure you have.

    • mpup54
      mpup54 Year ago +7

      I dealt with this dealer a few times. He is cool as the other side of the pillow. He didnt even break his stride on his pitch.

    • Adrian Lopez
      Adrian Lopez 3 years ago +2

      PM is a BITCH...

    • MadAnth0ny C
      MadAnth0ny C 3 years ago +15

      DaleE988 it’s fucking called gambling this guy phil arguing wit the guy cause he called his hand haha that’s what happens man he has a chance to take you out and he did so it was a good hand to call ....fuck that dude Phil

  • Aaron Dixon
    Aaron Dixon Year ago +678

    Phil to the dealer: “you give me a set”
    Dealer: “I just sat down man”
    Ultimate GFY.

    • IceWarrior101
      IceWarrior101 8 months ago +1

      lol.. he thinks because he has a set that he should win... your set gave him a straight.. it's funny too though because I've seen Phil play with Q10 also lol

    • Leo Martinez
      Leo Martinez 10 months ago +5

      "he called the raise with queen ten honey"
      Lmao 😂🤣

    • hteekay
      hteekay 10 months ago +5

      "I think that he's from Florida or somewhere stupid" LOL

    • ChanCeNecK
      ChanCeNecK Year ago +14

      "It was an aggressive call" though ... rofl
      Gets me every fucking time, like I almost wet my pants laughing. Just to calm Phil down a little bit.

    • Jack Bauer
      Jack Bauer Year ago +26

      Even the dealers hate Phil. 😅

  • onlyme114 D.
    onlyme114 D. 14 days ago +6

    I have NEVER seen Hellmuth lose a pot without blaming someone else for it !!😂🤣😂🤣

  • jessie taylor
    jessie taylor 11 months ago +67

    I love Phil. He's the self proclaimed poker King. If he's not winning then the game is rigged.

    • J.R. W.
      J.R. W. 13 days ago

      @SpankySpork I agree, but that is not a good mindset to start any kind of competition with, and it's not something that we should be promoting to younger generations. "I'm the winner or I've been cheated". Confidence and pride are good qualities to have, Narcissism and ego are bad qualities to have.

    • SpankySpork
      SpankySpork 14 days ago

      @J.R. W. Oftentimes the game actually is rigged in other venues

    • J.R. W.
      J.R. W. 25 days ago

      Jessie you're spot on that he thinks that way and there are many other people in all walks of life that think that way too. In poker that kind of thinking is considered funny, in other venues such as politics for instance that kind of thinking can be dangerous!

    • BigCheech 4509
      BigCheech 4509 2 months ago

      All the games must be rigged cause he never wins

  • Michael H
    Michael H Year ago +78

    How Phil has not gotten his teeth knocked out live on television is absolutely remarkable

    • rivahkillah
      rivahkillah 27 days ago

      Most players know how to act like adults. He has gotten into parking lot fights with Sam though.

    • Snowy
      Snowy 3 months ago +2

      Because nobody takes him serious

    • CalexicoA
      CalexicoA 5 months ago

      It's in USA. In the rest of the world Phil would have been killed already.

    • Michael H
      Michael H 7 months ago +3

      @kevin chen I just verified. That certainly explains it.

    • kevin chen
      kevin chen 7 months ago +7

      hes 6'7

  • Esai Rivera
    Esai Rivera 2 years ago +3111

    I respect the Russian guy for not sinking up to that guys level, he only said: Good Hand.
    Edit:lol I forgot I commented this

    • brizzle x
      brizzle x 14 days ago

      @SpankySpork No i never implied never go without an Ace tf are you on boy 🤣😂🤣 I said it wins heads up going to showdown everytime both hands don't improve. It also mathematically is the better hand. Slight or not.

    • SpankySpork
      SpankySpork 14 days ago

      ​@brizzle x That's not how probabilities work. Having the highest card pre-flop is meaningless, If you run A2s and KJo 1000 times, it does basically come out to a coinflip which hand wins at the river. By your logic, nobody should go into the flop without an Ace, because whoever does have the Ace pre-flop is already winning. Are you sure you know poker?

    • LJ Lj
      LJ Lj 7 months ago

      How good is his hand though?

    • Rat
      Rat 7 months ago

      Frs his opponent was a real jerk. He needs a good ass whooping

    • Wintermute
      Wintermute 7 months ago

      @Conor Meulendijks "Happens quite a lot in Australia" - you don't know what you're talking about. He's Lithuanian, moron. And Russia has treated his country like shit, so it's no surprise he isn't fond of them.

  • stellar wind
    stellar wind 2 months ago +20

    Norman Chad’s commentary at 8:39 when he’s pretending to reply to Phil’s rhetorical rants is fantastic

    SCRATCHING FOR CASH Year ago +184

    “Muck your hand idiot” best line ever.
    Phil is only allowed to cry and whine, no one else

    • Robert Switzer
      Robert Switzer 4 months ago

      Love how he immediately put Hellmuth on A10 while drunk too

    • Wing Zero
      Wing Zero 10 months ago

      @Adam M You're a mug, when Phil asked shawn to be quiet...he kept quiet until the other player opened his mouth. If Shawn's in the video, people like you literally blame him for everything.

    • Steve Moneybags
      Steve Moneybags 11 months ago +6

      @Adam M this is also “poker afar dark.” It’s a entertainment tv show, with the money being gambled being paid for by the sponsors of the players. This is like playing with Monopoly money.
      You’re right about the “only players in the hand can talk” rule. But it doesn’t really apply here. Poker after dark absolutely wanted this kind of banter

    • Adam M
      Adam M Year ago +1

      @MWC A lot of leagues and tournaments have rules that specifically state that you can't talk the table if you're not in the hand and it's also an unwritten rule that goes back as long as I can remember. That's just bad etiquette in serious games.
      That being said, yeah Phil was being an ass in this situation and he did about 98% of the talking. The only time the rest of them talked was when they were replying to him.

    • MWC
      MWC Year ago +1

      @Asterix bullshit. Tabletalk happens sooo often, and Phil has been in this situation a million times. What usually happens (from anyone who's not a giant baby) is, they just ignore it and think of their decision. I can't remember how many times i've been in the tank for my full stack while people are having fun at the table - who cares. He's just an idiot who likes the attention.

  • It ain't bout me
    It ain't bout me 8 months ago +11

    Who doesn't love, absolutely love, watching a Phil Helmuth meltdown. 😭 🥳

  • Ken P.
    Ken P. Year ago +38

    While arguably Phil Hellmuth is the greatest poker player of all time, I'm sure no one would care if he didn't play another tournament. There are many other good poker players out there that could take his place tomorrow. I'm sure Maury wasn't sweating anything that mr. Hellmuth was dishing out.

    • dietasse24
      dietasse24 8 days ago

      He‘s not even close being the best poker player

    • Merzky Shoom
      Merzky Shoom 3 months ago +1

      Phil Hellmuth is not even one of the Top 3 Phils of Poker 😂😂😂

    • Josh Clearwater
      Josh Clearwater 8 months ago +1

      Helmuth IS NOT even close to GOAT

    • 31415968
      31415968 8 months ago +1

      Ivey, Antonious, Brunson, Chan, Negreanu, Dwan, Galfond, Esfandiari, Bonomo, Farha.
      Hellmuth isn't even in the top 10 best poker players ever. He sucks at all games not hold em and bleeds chips profusely in cash games. He's a 2 trick pony. Tournaments and crying like Veruca Salt.

    • TeeJayEveryDay
      TeeJayEveryDay 8 months ago +6

      Phil is definitely not the greatest poker player of all time.

  • JBrandonMercer123
    JBrandonMercer123 14 days ago +4

    "It was an aggressive call." Love that line.

  • Mingi
    Mingi 9 months ago +13

    Would’ve loved to see Phil’s reaction if Levy had 10 7 instead of Q 10

  • The Second Darrin
    The Second Darrin 5 months ago +1

    You know everyone loves seeing Phil lose because nobody ever posts videos of him winning.

  • bigfanvideo140
    bigfanvideo140 Year ago +26

    tony and phil are the two best pokers players to annoy and agitate opponents to gain a huge edge. Tony was able to get in the nerve of the best players in the world in triton poker to get a huge edge and won a lot of questionable calls from opponents.

    • Benjai
      Benjai 7 months ago

      Nah Negreanu is the most annoying

    • TeeJayEveryDay
      TeeJayEveryDay 8 months ago +1

      Tony, I agree. He does a great job on the psychology of the game and admits that's it's just a game and he means no harm. Phil, people just laugh at him for being a child. I wouldn't be agitated with him, just call him a whiny b**ch and move on to the next hand.

  • Nolan
    Nolan 3 years ago +2007

    “I just sat down, man” lmfao props to the dealer

  • Ed alhouse
    Ed alhouse 2 days ago

    Here is a man @ 15:21 who has to realize that Phil has won far more chips in his poker life than he has. Phil is one of the best poker players of all time.

  • Vincent Rush
    Vincent Rush Year ago +128

    I applaud Perry for not walking over and slapping the Krispy Kremes out of that gelatinous dough boy, Tony G.

    • mhgvh Hbbhc
      mhgvh Hbbhc Year ago

      @HESHDBD Hsjssbxx no it isn’t. Some people deserve to be beat

  • Paul zion singer
    Paul zion singer Year ago +7

    One of greatest moments in Poker. In 50 years when people look back this moment will be there

      TAROTAI 10 months ago +1

      r u 10 years old?

  • Jason Emerson
    Jason Emerson 5 months ago +4

    I'll say it.
    Best poker line ever: 14:09
    Phil got stone put in his place, and HE KNEW IT! That's why he paused, almost out of shock of Sheiky being spot on!!!!!!

  • Messenger Keyson
    Messenger Keyson Month ago

    I felt this was somehow staged!!🙄🙄🙄👆🏽🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mitch
    Mitch Year ago +4

    I love Phil. So entertaining

  • Spencer Liles
    Spencer Liles 11 months ago +7

    Phil is the reason I watch these videos😂

  • John Jesus
    John Jesus Month ago

    Phill Hellmuth = Feel Hell Mouth

  • Rob Fisk
    Rob Fisk 3 years ago +7846

    The fact that it was legal to abuse someone over their nationality but not to swear is so stupid

    • limyohwan
      limyohwan Day ago

      @Haggis Pouch funding embarrassment to select someone with so little self control or tact

    • Rick T
      Rick T 4 days ago

      As Phil Helmuth said to Tony before, Tony, I am a bad loser, but you are a bad winner and that is much worse.

    • Mr.SteelinKeepit
      Mr.SteelinKeepit 19 days ago

      @JuicePlayz I mean, having some fortitude and not letting some other random person calling you names or something, shows you have some mental and emotional strength. Although, to say that you’re wife or someone close to you says something bad about you doesn’t hurt you is just flat out BS.
      Some random hillbilly redneck calling me a native slur would only make me laugh, because I just think to myself, “how dumb this guy must be to say something like that, when he looks like a bag hammers and does questionable things with his sister.”
      Showing and having emotions is good, but having some emotional fortitude and “thick skin” when it comes to strangers is also good. That however takes time and experience, which comes with age.
      I’m 31 and when I was 17, I used to get hurt a lot about what others said and thought about me, but after my time in the service, growing up, etc. I learned to care less and less about what others have said or thought of me because being upset about strangers thoughts of me is a waste of time and energy that I just don’t have anymore.
      I’ve got more important things to care about. Like how my family or close friends think of me. Or making this long ass comment at Midnight. Lol. What the one guy said about having some thick skin isn’t completely wrong, but isn’t right either. Same goes for the guy throwing “Ok boomer” like an insult trying to cause “emotional harm” after just talking about people getting hurt by words like a hypocrite.

    • Average Kiwi Bloke
      Average Kiwi Bloke 22 days ago

      @Stadt101 agree. People think any comment involving a race is automatically racist.

    • timmyg000420
      timmyg000420 Month ago

      I don't believe you Jimmy you sound like a Mary 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • K L
    K L 9 months ago +9

    Love seeing hellMOUTH lose - always entertaining

  • Andrew Hibbard
    Andrew Hibbard 2 months ago +6

    8:30 may be the greatest rage in history lmao then proceeds to bust up the dealer, gotta love Phil bursting into flames

  • Live Call Dell
    Live Call Dell Year ago +10

    Huck was hilarious here. He told Phil her hand was Ace-8 just to further incite Phil's rage,😭

  • ChanCeNecK
    ChanCeNecK Year ago +14

    "It was an aggressive call" ...
    Gets me every fucking time, like I almost wet my pants laughing. Just to calm Phil down a little bit.

  • Julio Bustos
    Julio Bustos 6 months ago +2

    10:40 Keep repeating that part, Huck stung him right in the nerve and the way Gus laughs was overtilting to Philly boy, haha so good.

  • Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!

    8:35 my favorite poker moment ever, when Phil looks like he's about to explode into the stratosphere lol.

  • Worm
    Worm Year ago +14

    Ralph Perry is so classy. Just smiles and says good hand. In spite of Tony G being a complete ass. Very respectful player. Very nice man also

  • M
    M Year ago +7

    This Phil guy is a MANIAC 😂

  • CapsGivinMeHopeIDontLikeIt

    Phil totally had a good point in that final one

  • Mark Ellzey
    Mark Ellzey Year ago +3

    Before I started watching this, I knew Phil Helmuth would be on here more than once. I was not wrong.

  • Michael Dunagan
    Michael Dunagan Year ago

    To me-
    - a hand that wins is the "drop the mic" moment against any criticism of a hand played.
    Even if you are dealt Big Slick, the expectation of at least one Ace OR at least one King on the Flop by my calculation is 22.55% which is less than one time in four attempts.
    David Skylansky's Fundamental Theorem of Poker was on full display by Levy when he called a raise with the drawing one-gapper: he made Phil play differently than he otherwise would have had he been able to see Levy's cards.
    I feel bad for Phil. I am a sad-sack-suck and I too often make the very expensive "2nd-best-hands" in poker as Phil did here.

  • Goro Sees All
    Goro Sees All 8 months ago +2

    Legend says Phil is still asking Mori what he is going to do about that

  • 6uzm4n
    6uzm4n 2 years ago +1154

    Seeing 5 people laughing together at Hellmuth is kinda orgasmic not gonna lie

    • LJ Lj
      LJ Lj 7 months ago

      Oh okay so watch Phil real close then?

    • Huyle18
      Huyle18 Year ago

      @Noah McDaniel I agree, very rude to talk and interrupt someone who is involved in a hand. They are scared of phil so they gang up on him and wont shut up when they are not even in the hand. Anything to rile him up/.

    • Superfluous
      Superfluous Year ago

      It was such bad etiquette but funny as fuck. He was asking for it.

    • Glen Quagmire
      Glen Quagmire Year ago

      They should have been quiet during the hand, no fucker else ever does..

    • Koranthus
      Koranthus Year ago

      @Noah McDaniel I'm guessing you haven't watched much of this. Obvious troll is obvious

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood Year ago +8

    Phil always providing his resume 🤣😂🤣

  • 06kiely
    06kiely 10 months ago +3

    15:40 will always be hilarious 😂

  • Doctor Thrifty
    Doctor Thrifty 7 months ago +2

    dude flipped a chip and it accidently landed in front of Jamie. If he threw a chip at me like that. He would get his head squished.

  • Steve-o 1313
    Steve-o 1313 Year ago +9

    “I’m not smart enough to play Q-10, am I?”
    So, only a smart play if Phil does it? Right. Got it.

  • Bret Harley
    Bret Harley Year ago +11

    I have been watching poker clips for years and i'm not sure i have ever seen hellmuth win a hand

  • Zalamael Semper Dius

    Damn, that first guy, got put in his place, and then begged the dealer to punish the other guy for swearing. That is so pathetic, that his only recourse, his chance for revenge, was to beg 'the authority' to fight his battle for him. Amazing that people who are so spineless, weak and pathetic can get to such a high level of poker. I would like to think he was just tilted, but he wasn't, he was just being petty and weak.
    When he asked for a side bet to see who lasts longer in the tournament, I would have said 'Fine, I want a night with your wife, or a fight in the car park. Either way, I will be nailing your wife later'.

  • Earl
    Earl Year ago +10

    "He called a raise with an open ended straight draw honey... he took all my chips honey" -- Hellmuth's greatest missus I mean misses.

  • Dat Vuong
    Dat Vuong Year ago +4

    Helmuth is unbelievable. What a man child

  • Buzzcutbob
    Buzzcutbob 3 years ago +2030

    "Tony G. could singlehandedly reignite the Cold War" I love you so much commentator

    • The Mute
      The Mute 3 years ago


    • Chris Parker
      Chris Parker 3 years ago +2

      The commentator saying he's acting more like a Lithuanian than an Australian made me happy as an Aussie.

    • Murat N
      Murat N 3 years ago +1

      I’m glad the Russian dude didn’t know English 😅

    • Suraj's opinion is better
      Suraj's opinion is better 3 years ago +15

      How though? I don't understand that part at all.
      Tony G is an Australian citizen from Lithuania Originally. I doubt Russia and America war tensions would increase from the actions of a Lithuanian Aussie lol

    • A
      A 3 years ago


  • canis lupis
    canis lupis Year ago +5

    “If quarter is asked for,’ well you know that is not Phil. In olden days a duel was a serious thing. If an opponent was losing he could ask the other guy for ‘quarter’ which was a little space so he could try to rally himself. Phil is not doing that, he is having a temper tantrum.

    OJ NAFTA 6 months ago

    Phil and tony both show they’ve been handed everything in life and have never once been told no or punched for stepping out of line

  • Jack9ines
    Jack9ines 7 months ago +2

    4:20 “he’s drawing semi dead on the flop” I love this guy 😂

  • Robbyrahh
    Robbyrahh Year ago +1

    Phil Hellmuth is such a peculiar character and I love it haha 😂

  • D D
    D D 4 years ago +8169

    I suddenly understand why card players used to get shot back in the day.

    • LeeAnn20008
      LeeAnn20008 10 months ago


    • Rpt891
      Rpt891 Year ago +1

      @T says who

    • Rpt891
      Rpt891 Year ago

      @TheDzudas "im" going to do the exact opposite of what "you" said

    • Special Knees
      Special Knees Year ago

      @Nolan you’re right. Killing a dude over cards and hurt feelings is the honorable thing to do… Y’all are such fucking cowards.

    • MattDerringer
      MattDerringer  Year ago

      @Zion 34 I'd prefer acting like a girl to getting shot though :P

  • B T
    B T Year ago +5

    That final clip of Hellmuth bitching is timeless 😂😂😂

  • Tailor Slow
    Tailor Slow 2 months ago +1

    Phil's reading abilities had me good too🤣

  • Namaste
    Namaste Year ago +1

    Phil has over 20 years experience of playing poker.....and also being a huge baby 👶

  • Drinking Outta Cups

    Jamie is a legend

  • djamo1969
    djamo1969 2 years ago +821

    9:25 “It was an aggressive call.” Perfect line. LMAO.

    • Rock Solid
      Rock Solid 10 months ago

      I know you had a set pudding!!!! 😆😆😆

    • ChanCeNecK
      ChanCeNecK Year ago +2

      "It was an aggressive call" ...
      Gets me every fucking time, like I almost wet my pants laughing. Just to calm Phil down a little bit.

    • One Day At a Time
      One Day At a Time Year ago +4

      @peter nagy ?

    • peter nagy
      peter nagy Year ago +1

      I'm surprised Phil didn't call him a stinking Jew!!!

    • magicman Scott40k
      magicman Scott40k 2 years ago

      It was though. The two raises and and two calls. Both had strong hands

  • Scout O'Brien
    Scout O'Brien Year ago +3

    I've read Helmuth's book, woulda had a very different tone in my head reading those words if I'd known what he was like at the table.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1 8 months ago +1

    Whenever Phil talks to try and throw them off a hand he fails miserably

  • ThekidnamedBarzal Islanders

    I give credit to Ralph perry. He took it well. Handled it like a pro. Tony G has a lot to learn.

  • Fraser T
    Fraser T 8 months ago +2

    The fact that he jokingly said “could I have played Q10 this good?” And then pretends he’s a scrub 😂 most delusional player ever. Also irks me he can’t ever look the person in the eye while he’s whining like a literal man-child…

  • jason colbourne
    jason colbourne 2 years ago +259

    I just love the way they’re dying of laughter whenever Phil talks about his reading ability

    • LJ Lj
      LJ Lj 7 months ago

      @IceWarrior101 this guy going to get hoed**

    • IceWarrior101
      IceWarrior101 8 months ago +1

      @Peter Angles Most of them were before the big poker boom though so it was easier to win then... he keeps tending to those old habits and reads which is why he can't do anything now. He doesn't realize that poker has changed quite a bit sine then.

      REDPILLEDCOVFEFE 8 months ago

      @Peter Angles I had to go look. He's won 15 WSOP bracelets. He's not lying. But he's so so funny to watch

    • Box Barry
      Box Barry 9 months ago

      @Enclosed Pool Area what a total moron. Which of the wins were rigged, and how?

    • DoctorChained
      DoctorChained 11 months ago

      @Enclosed Pool Area rig? Lol what are you a snowflake?

  • sealand000
    sealand000 8 months ago +1

    Wow, Phil Hellmouth never stops

  • Ando
    Ando 10 months ago

    I remember this Hellmuth hand and its still just as ludicrous. Q 10 suited is a perfect hand to call heads up against a guy like hellmuth

  • Dr.Dew
    Dr.Dew Year ago +140

    “She showed her hand Phil.”
    “What did she show?”
    “Ace eight” lmao

    • ding dong
      ding dong Year ago +1

      @Akshay Balaji he wasn't able to use his reading abilities.

    • Akshay Balaji
      Akshay Balaji Year ago +1

      Hahaha. I missed this, easily the best part. Take my like!

    • David Malloy
      David Malloy Year ago +3

      That was the best part, and I can't believe this comment doesn't have more likes.....and he believed them too!!!

    • Syrus Faison
      Syrus Faison Year ago +18

      *I called the fucking hand!*

  • JP
    JP 19 days ago +1

    Holy hell.. never seen that Tony G hand before 😂😂😂.. the restraint of Perry was quite admirable 😂

  • TinUser
    TinUser Year ago +3

    Phil: "Shut the fuck up"
    Also Phil: "are you gonna penalize them?"

  • Miguel
    Miguel Year ago

    Phil Hellmuth makes a point with the excessive talking, but since he was excessively complaining, how can you NOT tease the man. Reactions like that only feed them LMFAO

  • Older but no wiser

    How many years has Hellmoth been playing? 🤣
    That was some meltdown. For a gobby guy he sure can’t take it back.

  • Mikey Vegas
    Mikey Vegas 11 months ago

    Gold’s got the sort of face you’d never get fed up of slapping

  • Josh Peterson
    Josh Peterson 3 years ago +378

    Phil is the type of guy to ask for a manager because a bag of dirt at Lowes was dirty and wants it half off.

  • JohnJameson
    JohnJameson Year ago +1

    I dont know why it took me so long to realize Tony just acts the way he does to get information, top level guys are different man.
    HOLY SHIT NEVERMIND I went like 40 seconds further wtf is wrong with this guy 😄

  • lilgrasshoppah
    lilgrasshoppah Year ago +3

    Hellmuth makes the classic mistake: he thinks he's too important. He made a bad read, which led to him making a bad play. and his ego can't take making that mistake. the reason why he lost the hand, is because he threw that disgusting tantrum --- not the other way around. he can't recognize the mistake as a mistake... so he will continue making the same mistake... namely, arrogantly assuming his prejudices never need reviewing. Like, I can't believe I have to remind a player with his sterling credentials that Doyle Brunson can play winning poker without even looking at his cards. like, the game is supposed to be about reading people, isn't it? Couldn't he read the guy's body language...? take a chill pill phil...

  • KerrBearrxo
    KerrBearrxo Year ago +2

    "I just sat down man" Poor dealer LOL

  • subasurf
    subasurf Year ago +1

    As an Australian I'm so embarrassed for Tony Gs behaviour

  • Doug Foster
    Doug Foster Year ago

    i actually really like phil. he's such a fun person to hate lol

  • Hooded Justice
    Hooded Justice Year ago

    I've spent the last few days learning poker fundamentals and studying players on youtube......I've yet to see this Hellmuth guy win a single game. It's that a thing?

    • scott cooksey
      scott cooksey Year ago

      He's won something like 16-17 bracelet's. He is in fact an accomplished and winning player. Struggles at the cash table.

  • Matt Hew
    Matt Hew 5 months ago

    Give him a break, he's had a tough day might be my favorite needle

  • Tuffy Yakim
    Tuffy Yakim Year ago +1

    8:36 He called a raise with a Q 10 up n down straight draw! I would have played it the same way!

  • mudstaind26
    mudstaind26 2 years ago +97

    “I know you had a set, puddin” LOL
    I love Norm’s commentary, especially w/ Phil at the table.

  • G3T R3KD KID
    G3T R3KD KID Year ago +3

    8:37 that announcer is a savage 😂

  • Kyle
    Kyle 8 months ago

    I love watching hellmuth cry about anything when he loses lol

  • Aldwin Jig Bolitres
    Aldwin Jig Bolitres Year ago +2

    I love hellmuth..his reading abilities ahahahha

  • Wes T
    Wes T Month ago +2

    Hansons laughing is hilarious

  • Mark Rieck
    Mark Rieck 3 years ago +473

    Funny how many 'idiot players' take Helmuth's chips.

    • Fleece Johnson
      Fleece Johnson 4 months ago

      Phil isn't wrong...if you call a raise pre-flop with Q10 you are an idiot. if any of you disagree then you're also an idiot and shouldn't play poker anymore

    • Sand Hanitizer
      Sand Hanitizer Year ago

      @Kymani Pazamor one of the most infamous lines in poker history lol

    • Uncle Reub
      Uncle Reub Year ago

      @Kymani Pazamor he did have position and was suited too

    • Kymani Pazamor
      Kymani Pazamor Year ago

      @xMystical it's a quote from Phil helmuth

    • Grand danois
      Grand danois Year ago

      @xMystical pre-flop

  • schlaepferAA
    schlaepferAA Year ago

    not sure how second hand counts but still always funny to watch it

  • MadDog_Rigs
    MadDog_Rigs 11 months ago +1

    The kid in the first video was a beast good for him the other guy just got petty as shit