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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 5 - HUGE FARM FINISHED!

  • Published on Mar 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 5 - HUGE FARM FINISHED! Grian is back on hermitcraft and has done a huge amount of progress in his trading and raid farm! Also went end busting. Nothing went wrong.
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  • William
    William 8 months ago +8347

    Season6: futuristic base
    Season7: mansion
    Season8: cave
    Season9: rock
    I see something is evolving but backwards

    • TheLittleDragon
      TheLittleDragon 13 days ago

      season 10: minerals
      season 11: atoms
      season 12: electrons
      season 13: quarks

    • NotOliver
      NotOliver 23 days ago

      @Just another dealer on Clip-Share I was gonna say more along the lines of a cell, but this makes more sense

    • ~ l e s b i a n ~
      ~ l e s b i a n ~ 24 days ago

      S9: Literally another SMP (ESMP S2, to be exact)

    • Lisa Ricketts
      Lisa Ricketts Month ago


    • Vijendra Pandey
      Vijendra Pandey Month ago

      So Trueeeee

  • SkylightCiel
    SkylightCiel 7 months ago +1902

    Grian buying Scar an Elytra after being murdered by him twice is honestly a pretty cute move.

    • Shadow Thelasthybird
      Shadow Thelasthybird 19 days ago

      @HBegaming YT ok bruh if ur done pls dont reply

    • HBegaming YT
      HBegaming YT 22 days ago

      @Shadow Thelasthybird Yeah, no. If you’re “not gonna sacrifice your opinion”, I’m not gonna sacrifice my right to reply to it. Either suck it up and deal with it or swallow your pride and take the comments down
      People are so entitled and lazy nowadays. If you don’t want notifications, turn off notifications. It’s not rocket science

    • ᎪᏁubᎥsᏉᎾᎥᎠᏃ
      ᎪᏁubᎥsᏉᎾᎥᎠᏃ Month ago

      @Shadow Thelasthybird your the one replying, its been 9 days. lol

    • Shadow Thelasthybird
      Shadow Thelasthybird Month ago

      @ᎪᏁubᎥsᏉᎾᎥᎠᏃ don't reply now anyone pls

    • ᎪᏁubᎥsᏉᎾᎥᎠᏃ
      ᎪᏁubᎥsᏉᎾᎥᎠᏃ Month ago +1

      @Shadow Thelasthybird welp your just gonna have to deal with it, lmao

  • AaronHIS
    AaronHIS 8 months ago +1267

    “I’m not gonna spoil too much…. But it’s a rock, a big rock”
    Well Grian, what more is there to spoil if your build is a rock-

    • RandomNPC 777
      RandomNPC 777 3 months ago +1

      My favourite thing is how all the other hermits just collectively decided it's a magical emerald bridge

    • The Green Knight
      The Green Knight 4 months ago

      @C☆met @ Pearl To The Moon copied

    • Pearl To The Moon
      Pearl To The Moon 4 months ago

      My favourite thing is how all the other hermits just collectively decided it's a magical emerald bridge

    • C☆met
      C☆met 5 months ago +4

      @bilinas mini did you just copy the comment below this one?

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 7 months ago +36

      My favourite thing is how all the other hermits just collectively decided it's a magical emerald bridge

  • Hollow
    Hollow 8 months ago +518

    I think that a cool idea would be to make the entity a fragment of “The Being” which is just a much larger entity

    • aola wili
      aola wili 7 months ago +22

      If you decide to move the Entity, you should add a big trail going from there to the new location, as if a giant or maybe even the Entity itself dragged itself all the way over there

  • Luca The Dinosaur Man
    Luca The Dinosaur Man 8 months ago +370

    I just love grians loud “SCAR WHAT HAVE YOU DONNEEEE” its amazing!

  • Liminal System
    Liminal System 8 months ago +6763

    If you decide to move the Entity, you should add a big trail going from there to the new location, as if a giant or maybe even the Entity itself dragged itself all the way over there

    • Snowtigermonkey!
      Snowtigermonkey! 7 months ago

      That we can all agree on

    • Chris Steward
      Chris Steward 7 months ago

      I feel like the entity should be attached to a chain

    • Jumpy wizard
      Jumpy wizard 7 months ago

      Like Ruble coming out of the ground and when it moved it should be like it’s pushed the dirt to the side

    • Leighton Epperson
      Leighton Epperson 8 months ago

      What a unique idea

    • Sorgii
      Sorgii 8 months ago +1

      Hope grian sees this

  • Spirit Of The Mountain
    Spirit Of The Mountain 7 months ago +661

    18:00 Grian screams "SCAR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" with such genuine ANGER, I got scared, rewatched, then proceeded to spit my drink out laughing at the clip over and over again

    • Charlee
      Charlee Month ago

      I was slowly falling asleep then heard that and jumped so hard I fell off my bed bro-

    • sweatyturtle904
      sweatyturtle904 4 months ago +5

      Just listen to how scar says “nooo oh oh oh”

    • That one odd introvert 👀
      That one odd introvert 👀 4 months ago +5

      I was genuinely frightened when it happened

    • Clariphone .
      Clariphone . 4 months ago +11

      Scar panicking tops it off perfectly

    • Echo
      Echo 4 months ago +14

      If you replay it over and over again, you can hear going “oh oh oh oh oh” lol

  • MoreZoeyness
    MoreZoeyness 8 months ago +171

    "You're a monster! I'm so proud" was the best!!! Grian acknowledging that Scar learned well from him... Hahahaha

  • MisteryMo
    MisteryMo 5 months ago +46

    "you're a monster! I'm so proud! That's disgusting!" I love their dynamic so much

  • CoyotesVODs
    CoyotesVODs 8 months ago +132

    Grian and Scar endraiding somehow reminds me of third life... They've got such a good dynamic (even if they're a danger to their own and each others' health)

  • Jacob Josh
    Jacob Josh 8 months ago +11979

    I like how Grian doesn’t even care that Scar is promoting himself. He just pranks the prank. This is such a wholesome community.

    • MushroomGodAlt
      MushroomGodAlt 5 months ago

      # hermitcraft > dreamsmp

    • Treeko otsutsuki
      Treeko otsutsuki 5 months ago

      No he’s just chaotic

    • HermitFanimations
      HermitFanimations 6 months ago

      @Jacob Josh I don’t see why not :D go ahead!

    • Jacob Josh
      Jacob Josh 6 months ago

      @HermitFanimations okay, should I give you my ID or… how do we go about this?

    • HermitFanimations
      HermitFanimations 6 months ago

      @Jacob Josh I’m glad you’ve been well! I do have a Discord, but I’ve been meaning to take a 3 week break from it, so if we do talk there, I might not be available after some time

  • Zachary Dingle
    Zachary Dingle 8 months ago +77

    17:59 you can sense the sheer rage grian experienced in this moment based off of that noise

    • Eva Davis
      Eva Davis 3 months ago

      The silence after too, it’s deafening.

    • John Cedrick Santos
      John Cedrick Santos 5 months ago +1

      kinda scared for a moment tbh hahaha, that was hilarous.

  • Natalie Vargas
    Natalie Vargas 8 months ago +75

    the way scar was like “hawkeye”, shoots grian and instantly regrets it😂 what did he expect to happen! lol he’s so funny

  • Somerandomkid
    Somerandomkid 7 months ago +15

    Imagine Grian’s wife just eating or doing work or sum, and she just hears her husband in the background yelling “SCAR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!”

  • hi. I am human.
    hi. I am human.  8 months ago +48

    Zoned out while grain was talking and came back to: “I’d eat some end wings”
    I am very confused, but not surprised.

    • randomcreations7
      randomcreations7 2 months ago

      Hey, at least he’s not eating sand XD

    • LevinLife
      LevinLife 4 months ago +2

      I don’t blame you, I had to skip through some of the last ep when he was going on about dirt

  • Nm GG
    Nm GG 8 months ago +4043

    Grian just quietly buying scar some wings was adorable and hilarious

    • { Fruit ‘n honey }
      { Fruit ‘n honey } 2 months ago

      S11 - *no house*

    • AmpedUpKill
      AmpedUpKill 4 months ago


    • The Dealer Rat XO
      The Dealer Rat XO 5 months ago +13

      Can't tell him tho or it will ruin the rite of passage illusion, rlly feels more rewarding to look for one than to buy one. It was sweet that he didn't tell him it was bought lol

    • amadou
      amadou 7 months ago +22

      It was so nice

    • Elise Meghan
      Elise Meghan 7 months ago +33

      it was so cute oh my goshhhhhh

  • Hermit Collector
    Hermit Collector 8 months ago +26

    I replayed 7:30 so many times. Such a hilarious moment, so much infectious joy and laughter! This is why I love HermitCraft!

  • Burger Da burger
    Burger Da burger 5 months ago +9

    Pro tip for end busting: while you bridge hold shift and then instead of just S hold S and A and position yourself diagonally so you still walk backward but are facing diagonally, for some reason you move like 50% faster even tho you’re sneaking and you can see behind you more!

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing 8 months ago +11

    idea for the entity: if you end up having to move it, it may look cool if you make it so that it almost looks like it came out of the earth recently, as if it split the ground or something

  • {Incert Name Here}
    {Incert Name Here} 8 months ago +16

    The one time in 3 years I don’t watch a video all the way to the end and I’m called out for it immediately.

  • Striz
    Striz 8 months ago +2870

    Grian buying Scar an elytra was honestly the sweetest thing ever

    • FrejaVictor
      FrejaVictor 7 months ago


    • Delta Δ
      Delta Δ 7 months ago +4

      Last time he done that it didn’t end well

    • Pax Arcana
      Pax Arcana 8 months ago +1

      grian did what?

    • Andrew Bloom
      Andrew Bloom 8 months ago +26

      Alternatively, he just wants to watch scar die over and over trying to use it lol. Remember what happened last time Grian gave scar an Elytra...

    • CosmicDarkrai
      CosmicDarkrai 8 months ago +45

      Dont wory he definitely killed scar off camera.

  • BraggKings
    BraggKings 5 months ago +6

    "Just going around the corner, in a world full of no corners!"
    He seems to have forgotten the world is made of cubes... WHICH HAVE CORNERS!

  • Cosmin Stefan
    Cosmin Stefan 8 months ago +6

    The part where you bought Scar the wings and gave him the extra diamonds was truly wholesome!!

  • Inkely
    Inkely 8 months ago +11

    3:15 I love the fact he says “ahh it’s already started” Grian entertains us many ways, I am glad he joined hermit craft!

  • Mr.Internet
    Mr.Internet 8 months ago +10

    I feel like Grian would be a great big brother cause of what he did for Scar despite Scar killing him twice

  • Matthias Hipper
    Matthias Hipper 8 months ago +2346

    My favourite thing is how all the other hermits just collectively decided it's a magical emerald bridge

      QUBI-QUBED 7 months ago +5

      @Skitzle Slytherin this is proof that every person who reads comments before watching the video is an empty headed mouth breather (joke)

    • Skitzle Slytherin
      Skitzle Slytherin 8 months ago +4

      Me who read the comments before the vid: wtf...

    • Darcie Le Boff
      Darcie Le Boff 8 months ago +28

      impulse the emerald fairy

    • Gamingbloom
      Gamingbloom 8 months ago +65

      Except poor impulse the emerald fairy XD

    • MoThe4th
      MoThe4th 8 months ago +125

      @Tenaya CASIDA It's just impulse replacing it again and again 😅

  • Actually Food
    Actually Food 5 months ago +6

    2:35 I like how he just avoids the stairs so he doesn’t get a concussion.

  • Xenakis Rah
    Xenakis Rah 6 months ago +2

    You are a prize worthy hermit Sir Grian! Adds so much liveliness to the server

  • Thomas Holladay
    Thomas Holladay 7 months ago +5

    I love how grian had a bucket of water when he was burning but decided not to use it lmao

  • Chexmix6
    Chexmix6 8 months ago +4

    What if the entity kind of, relocated every so often? It would be hard but might make it feel more alive and unique.

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake 8 months ago +5726

    Scar: "emerald fairy"
    Grian: magic emerald bridge
    Impulse: "who keeps stealing my emerald blocks?"

    • Ashur1sbor3d
      Ashur1sbor3d 4 months ago

      @Lucas Zhang ooooh i should not touch this (reaches hand out)

    • Lucas Zhang
      Lucas Zhang 5 months ago

      @Tim Drake yep

    • Tim Drake
      Tim Drake 5 months ago

      @Noveltea 🎗 ye i figured

    • Noveltea 🎗
      Noveltea 🎗 5 months ago +1

      @Tim Drake Welcome to the Internet

    • Lucas Zhang
      Lucas Zhang 5 months ago +1

      @Tim Drake agreed.

  • JAPStudios
    JAPStudios 8 months ago +9

    I'm unfortunately late to watching this.
    But would just like to say, I CAN SEE THA CAT!!
    And boot.
    But that's ones more obvious.
    So, the bottom "house bit" is the second where your actual foot goes, then the tower is the part around yer ankles.
    For the cat, the long roof is it's body, the little curved sticky out bit at the end is it's tail, the tower the neck, and the very top of it, the head.

  • am2ar
    am2ar 8 months ago +2

    14:35 it would be hilarious if someone in the server made an animation of grian riding the rock to move it

  • Coyote_Lee
    Coyote_Lee 8 months ago +2

    i love how scar and grian always go to the end together

  • joseph guzman 1
    joseph guzman 1 8 months ago +3

    The immersion in these videos is amazing!

  • Glacial
    Glacial 8 months ago +1871

    scar: *accidentally kills grian*
    grian: "i've witnessed a crime!"
    also grian: *casually kills scar about 28 thousand times at the start, on purpose*

    • Glacial
      Glacial 8 months ago

      @RandomGuy1132 he's definitely done it in previous seasons when scar did have full diamond

    • Zapper333
      Zapper333 8 months ago +1

      @DeadMemes21 hippokrasee

    • Owen Tönis
      Owen Tönis 8 months ago

      ye, that was just a little bit deserved...

    • Steve S
      Steve S 8 months ago

      💯 payback

    • iloveowls90
      iloveowls90 8 months ago +3

      yeah grian you kinda deserved that lol

  • bittsandpieces
    bittsandpieces 3 months ago +2

    "I'm so proud that's disgusting" is definitely something I've word for word said to my best friends

  • Padwock 2
    Padwock 2 4 months ago +1

    21:30 I never thought I'd have full blown anxiety/fear over the happenings of a grian video but just watching that was the most stress I've felt in days 😂

  • ZaHawk
    ZaHawk 4 months ago +2

    Me: impressed with the build
    Grian: it’s terrible, not enough detail

  • Aly
    Aly 7 months ago +1

    Omg I had watched Scar’s POV of the end raid and genuinely thought Grian had just found the wings. Idk why it didn’t click that he had to have left the end to enchant them, but watching this literally made me emotional because it was so wholesome. I freaking love hermitcraft

    • Aly
      Aly 7 months ago

      And then he even gave scar the leftover diamonds from buying it!

  • Zokeyr
    Zokeyr 8 months ago +2612

    Love how nobody's mentioning that Scar tried shooting an enderman with a bow.

    • Sandy Chen
      Sandy Chen Month ago


    • Devon Kelly
      Devon Kelly 2 months ago

      I didn’t even notice but that seems like a Scar thing to do.

    • SomethingTwice
      SomethingTwice 4 months ago

      Yeah, and like 3 seconds after it teleported lmao

    • Bradly Vidal
      Bradly Vidal 5 months ago +1

      That was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw it..

    • looda
      looda 5 months ago

      It's scar after all

  • fieds
    fieds 6 months ago +2

    You can feel grians emotion whenever he screams

  • Abeduzstuff
    Abeduzstuff 6 months ago +1

    Grian: "We've been in the nether a long time now." (21:38)
    Me: *Laughing my head off*

  • DimensionalDuck
    DimensionalDuck 7 months ago +2

    9:43 Grian's done it again, first he potato'd Sahara, now he broke Tango's item sorter

  • Cal Rosefsky
    Cal Rosefsky 5 months ago +2

    I was drinking apple juice while I was watching this video and the moment Scar shot Grian off of the end platform, it took all the power I had to not spit or snort it all out XDD

  • Creepersweeper8 _
    Creepersweeper8 _ 8 months ago +5392

    Watching grian and scar end raid is the most stressful thing imaginable

    • kaylen potter
      kaylen potter 6 months ago

      @Apri 2 braincells... (rewatching the season. just saw that ep...)

    • kaylen potter
      kaylen potter 6 months ago

      @Doomse O.o that is one thing that I don't think would go well-

    • kaylen potter
      kaylen potter 6 months ago


    • This World Sans
      This World Sans 8 months ago

      Stressful but hilarious.

    • Klay
      Klay 8 months ago +1

      @Yamato Yazuyuki BRING POULTRY MAN BACK!!!!!!

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez 7 months ago

    This has to be one of my favourite episodes so far, you and Scar are hilarious!!!!!

  • Table 2.0
    Table 2.0 5 months ago +2

    “I’m all for waxing another man’s copper”
    I almost spat out my drink- wow, ok.

  • yong cho
    yong cho 7 months ago +2

    Grian: "In a world that has no corners"
    Me: Yeah, you're right. I've never seen a corner in Minecraft.

  • Ubunongo
    Ubunongo 8 months ago +1

    The detail on these builds, I love it!

  • Brittany Rae
    Brittany Rae 8 months ago +2028

    of ALL the times ive seen grian and mumbo mess with scar, hearing "im hawkeye" and then Grian scream had me in tears laughing. i love hermitcraft

    • timberProspects
      timberProspects 5 months ago

      lmao tbh scared me and i had the instinctive feeling that i did something very wrong for some reason

    • Klay
      Klay 8 months ago


    • IcyPopsicle
      IcyPopsicle 8 months ago +4

      I saw this comment before I got to that part but I was NOT expecting a scream like that /pos

    • phiefer3
      phiefer3 8 months ago +5

      It was a happy accident

    • Year5050 Andy
      Year5050 Andy 8 months ago +1

      That was awesome!

  • alida flus
    alida flus 8 months ago

    idea for the entity: if you end up having to move it, it may look cool if you make it so that it almost looks like it came out of the earth recently, as if it split the ground or something

  • Road to 1k subs CrozBOZ
    Road to 1k subs CrozBOZ 4 months ago +1

    Season6: futuristic base
    Season7: mansion
    Season8: cave
    Season9: rock
    I see something is evolving but backwards

  • William L Casper
    William L Casper 8 months ago

    For moving the entity you should have it "spread" to the shopping district, like a path that's like a root or smth like that.

  • Winter boi
    Winter boi 5 months ago +1

    Grian: your a monster!
    Also Grian: I’m proud of you

  • Boypurdy
    Boypurdy 8 months ago +1066

    One of the first memes of the season :
    Scar - "Hawkeye!"
    Grian - "Scar no!!!"

    • TheReadingWerewolf
      TheReadingWerewolf 6 months ago

      And it begins

    • Cosmic_RBX
      Cosmic_RBX 7 months ago

      @E. 💙🐑 oof

    • E.                                       💙🐑
      E. 💙🐑 7 months ago +2

      @Cosmic_RBX *I have it at 100%...that is 20% long term damage to my ears I could have avoided-*

    • Cosmic_RBX
      Cosmic_RBX 7 months ago +3


    • Super Sonic
      Super Sonic 7 months ago +1

      My inner DBZ was kicking in when Scar said that as I thought he said “Hakai” haha sorry 😂

  • Mariel Puebla
    Mariel Puebla 4 months ago +1

    23:04 Grian: You are a monster!!
    Also Grian: I'm so proud!

  • if1oopthepig
    if1oopthepig 7 months ago +1

    Watching your End Adventure with Scar is so funny! Like, it's equally funny from your perspective AND Scar's perspective! I just get a kick out of the little jabs you do towards eachother.

  • Suspended Resolution
    Suspended Resolution 8 months ago

    Grian, idea for this season's tag. In your old tag games, you had the goal of getting to the highest number first by holding onto an item. I recommend that for this iteration of the game you want to keep your points low and if you hit the number then you're out. Just lower the number a fair bit to keep the game feeling intense.

  • Heidi Kindon
    Heidi Kindon 7 months ago

    I’ve watched the end busting from Scar’s perspective and now Grian’s and it’s even funnier here! 😂

  • Marc Sonderegger
    Marc Sonderegger 6 months ago

    Scar is like the Detective Gumshoe of Hermitcraft and I love it.

  • Dianna 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Watching grian and scar end raid is the most stressful thing imaginable

  • WillmonanSpecifications
    WillmonanSpecifications 7 months ago +1

    I love how authentic that "SCAR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" was

  • Dorian M
    Dorian M 8 months ago +1

    In true Grian and Scar fashion, it took them a total of 20 seconds from when they entered the end for one of them to die

  • Elias_G Saratsis
    Elias_G Saratsis 8 months ago +2238

    grian:"Tango will be doing the redstone with scar"
    Tango : does redstone
    Scar: splashes tango with exp bottles

    • ireadysucks
      ireadysucks 8 months ago +1

      @Elias_G Saratsis flip a coin ig lol

    • Greatsword
      Greatsword 8 months ago +1

      @Mishan 🅥 u won't see this, but stop botting. it's annoying.

    • Chromed
      Chromed 8 months ago


    • Elias_G Saratsis
      Elias_G Saratsis 8 months ago +11

      @TitaniaDioxide spam or misinformation?😂 Both are true

    • Lilith Lorenz
      Lilith Lorenz 8 months ago +1

      @Meowtain oh for sure!

  • NoobieGamer
    NoobieGamer 8 months ago

    Maybe grian can add some parts of every biome to the entity so that it represents all the adventures the entity had been on
    Idk would be cool tho

    SMOKYRICHARDS777 8 months ago

    Every time the entity gets a new addition I like to guess what he’s selling before I watch the video

  • Coughfee
    Coughfee 8 months ago +1

    Scar: "You know Grian I support your decision whatever you choose"
    Grian: So you have chosen an arrow that sends you into the void? :troll:

  • BotXD420
    BotXD420 5 months ago +1

    I think you should add the faces of the hermit crafters heads who helped with the project to the side of the mountain by the raid farm so it kinda resembles Mount Rushmore

  • Magical Unicorn
    Magical Unicorn 8 months ago +2063

    Grian and scar constantly pranking eachother back in the end is one of the most wholesome yet stressful things to watch

    • The Hero of Magicical
      The Hero of Magicical 8 months ago +1

      or In 25:15 when another glitch in the matrix happened

    • The Hero of Magicical
      The Hero of Magicical 8 months ago +2

      and grain having the entity along with them just suddenly being here after moon crash very SUS...

    • The Hero of Magicical
      The Hero of Magicical 8 months ago +1

      wow im like 90% sure they are in the matrix at a point in the video I heard grains not grains voice glitch and when docs was looking at something maybe he was seeing a glitch in the matrix only he could see

    • Ubunongo
      Ubunongo 8 months ago

      It's always Grian and Scar or Grian and Mumbo

    • Clogica
      Clogica 8 months ago

      @Alexandre Miseraph i mean, its stealin, but think about the emeralds

  • LifeIsImaginary
    LifeIsImaginary 17 days ago

    I love Grian buying Scar elytra. They honestly have such a great friendship!

  • Big Foolio 37
    Big Foolio 37 8 months ago

    You should make several exact copies of the entity around so it feels like the shop is ‘following’ the player

  • Breezy
    Breezy 7 months ago +1

    Grian:we've been in the nether a long time now
    Also grian: *litterly in the end*

  • Roque Crafter
    Roque Crafter 8 months ago

    I love how each season Scar is struggling with enderman

  • Keziah
    Keziah 8 months ago +1146

    The fact that Grian and scar are stealing from the emerald bridges makes even more sense than when I thought it was just scar

    • akshat
      akshat 8 months ago +1

      poor impulse, he gives hem free emeralds😂🤣

    • Haraya Alirak
      Haraya Alirak 8 months ago +3

      @Rasyid Png impulse the accidental emerald fairy and tango the valiant copper fairy! it checks out xD

    • Rasyid Png
      Rasyid Png 8 months ago +20

      I like how impulse became an emerald fairy this season without he even knowing it XD

    • Keziah
      Keziah 8 months ago +7

      @ddx dd dude if impulse had a problem with it he would have told them to stop

    • No Binary
      No Binary 8 months ago +6

      @ddx dd Bro they're all friends on this server and they prank each other all the time. Chill.

  • Mental Mistake
    Mental Mistake 8 months ago

    Add the hat to the entity! Since it's supposed to tell a story, the entity could kind of document events that happen throughout the season

  • Dean Szefler
    Dean Szefler 8 months ago +1

    There is nothing more stressful than watching Grian and Scar in the end

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 7 months ago +1

    Grian seeing Scar's prank ad and immediately supporting it is too wholesome.

  • xceiecx
    xceiecx 8 months ago

    Grian: "We have been in the nether for a long time"
    Also Grian: *is in the end

  • Ana Ribeiro dos Santos
    Ana Ribeiro dos Santos 5 months ago +2

    "I'm all for waxing another mans copper" - Grian, Mar 31st, 2022

  • BubbaTeaKae66
    BubbaTeaKae66 8 months ago

    “You're a monster!!! I am so proud!”
    The ways of the Grian.

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray 8 months ago

    How about if you have to move the entity, it just sinks into the floor, leaving the tree and the waterwheel?

  • IDK
    IDK 8 months ago

    Here I was thinking the iron farm grain had from season six was good he's really over done it this time lol 🤣

  • Anna B
    Anna B 8 months ago +1217

    “You’re a monster…. I’m so proud” 10/10 best Hermitcraft quote this season
    Edit: genuinely tysm for the likes 😊😄

    • Moonlit Bookworm
      Moonlit Bookworm 8 months ago +2

      @StaticWolf Blogson Yeah, but like a smart 13 year old who knows better jokes than "your mom"

    • StaticWolf Blogson
      StaticWolf Blogson 8 months ago +1

      I feel like being a Co-op buddy with grian must be like playing with a 13 year old that just wants to troll you all day.

    • Stickman animation 2323
      Stickman animation 2323 8 months ago

      You deserve it.

    • Moonlit Bookworm
      Moonlit Bookworm 8 months ago +4

      23:04 is the timestamp

    • Yabele
      Yabele 8 months ago +7

      i liked "i bashed my head into freedom"

  • TBUThrowaway
    TBUThrowaway 6 months ago

    Grian: "I wonder if Scar wants to go."
    Narrator voice: "That was Grian's first mistake."

  • regitt
    regitt 7 months ago +1

    17:59 one of the only times i have seen Grian surprise-yell like that

  • Lyxus
    Lyxus 4 months ago

    Grian just buying Scar an elytra even after he killed him twice shows how much of a nice friend he is

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 8 months ago

    i don't think i've ever heard grian scream as intensely as when he yelled "scar what have you done"

  • Rae
    Rae 8 months ago +1602

    Grian getting Scar a "fresh elytra" was honestly really heartwarming and kind

    • Soup?
      Soup? 8 months ago +1

      @Blue Jacket ikr; it’s so cringy when people say sweet and cute for a bunch of adults playing video games

    • Blue Jacket
      Blue Jacket 8 months ago +2

      I really hate sweet or cute as adjectives, so I'll cross my eyes and pretend it says kind.

    • Unusual Animations
      Unusual Animations 8 months ago +6

      We all know deep inside that Grian was just tired of the end but yea it was quite nice of him

    • Soup?
      Soup? 8 months ago +1

      This is the cringiest comment I’ve ever seen ever

    • definetlyHOOMEN
      definetlyHOOMEN 8 months ago +2

      Your adorably sweet

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 8 months ago

    It’s frankly incredible how quickly the end raid went bad

  • ToyMonday
    ToyMonday 3 months ago

    Thank you grian for being a semi-teacher on building for me

  • CoraCreates
    CoraCreates 5 months ago

    Imagine after he said that he showed the Ender Dragon saying “Is that like a personal attack or something…?”

  • You ._.
    You ._. 2 months ago

    The sheer panic and fear heard in Grians voice at 17:59 is just too good

  • Alpha9787 . exe
    Alpha9787 . exe 8 months ago +2597

    Scar: Becomes a “luscious elf”
    Grian: Am Dwarf now. Much rock.

    • r u n
      r u n 2 months ago

      @Crown42 deep rock galactic reference

    • ghost_snail
      ghost_snail 4 months ago

      @Shadow_Master yes

    • gub
      gub 4 months ago +3

      rock and stone!

    • Shadow_Master
      Shadow_Master 5 months ago +2

      Legolas and Gimli

    • Crown42
      Crown42 7 months ago +2

      @Draknight ?

  • Archie Prendergast
    Archie Prendergast 7 months ago

    When scar broke the block beneath Grians feet in the end I could see the potion bubbles and thought: Grian, your done.

  • Kai McHargue
    Kai McHargue 8 months ago

    You could tell it was real panic because you switched from the ender pearl, all the way through your hot bar, to land on your sword! 😂😂 I’m glad your pearl landed!! 😂

  • Amos Birb
    Amos Birb 6 months ago

    Ik I’m late but I love the cliffs! It adds to the landscape

  • Kikicatmeow
    Kikicatmeow 8 months ago

    Grian shouting “Scar what have you done!?” Is by far the most panicked I’ve heard him in recent memory

  • Mistah J's Arcade
    Mistah J's Arcade 8 months ago +1072

    Somehow, Grian panicking about "the immersion being ruined" and filming out of sync, is absolutely on brand, and makes the immersion even more solid

  • Serveds
    Serveds 7 months ago

    Can't think of anything else more fun and enjoyable than watching a grian video