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What Is The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe on YouTube? (Joshua Weissman, Binging with Babish & more)

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Today I'm trying a bunch of hot chocolate/hot cocoa recipes from Clip-Share. I selected 5 of the most popular hot chocolate videos and I tried and rated every single one of them. Who will win? I tried recipes from: Adam Ragusea, You Suck At Cooking, Nick DiGiovanni, Binging With Babish (Babish Culinary Universe), Joshua Weissman.
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    0:00 Intro
    0:38 Adam Ragusea
    1:41 You Suck At Cooking
    2:50 Nick DiGiovanni
    4:10 Binging With Babish
    5:37 Joshua Weissman

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  • yesifish
    yesifish 7 months ago +223

    The secret to making hot chocolate is always adding coffee. Also if you have a frother at home pour in creamer and some vanilla extract and then froth it and put that as a topping on hot chocolate and it’s BUSSIN

    • Hi, Welcome to chilli's
      Hi, Welcome to chilli's 16 days ago

      It's bad quality but it's good , that's like McDonalds of coffee

    • yesifish
      yesifish Month ago +2

      @Zach foods and drinks can have multiple flavors, coffee just adds a nice flavor to the hot chocolate. So yes, making it taste more like coffee does make it taste better in my opinion

    • Zach
      Zach Month ago +1

      The secret to making hot choclate is to make it taste more like coffee and less like chocolate?
      I don't follow.

    • SpringRose
      SpringRose 2 months ago +3

      I do the same thing! I prefer the creamy foam topping over whipped cream.

  • beerbread
    beerbread 10 months ago +276

    I'm surprised no one used cayenne in their recipe. It rocks the chocolate.

    • Mintyyybrendan
      Mintyyybrendan Month ago


    • A W
      A W 4 months ago +1

      Joshua used chilies for a mexican variant which was kinda a completely different recipe altogether in the same video (including different methodology and not just adding to a base of hot chocolate)

    • slayer slasher
      slayer slasher 4 months ago +3

      @childnaenae nope , your not excused

    • childnaenae
      childnaenae 5 months ago +1

      excuse me?

    • bismuthief
      bismuthief 5 months ago +4

      I always use cayenne in mine, along with pumpkin spice and vanilla extract! I also follow a recipe for whipped coffee to put it on the top (but I only go like halfway so it's a foam). 10/10 IMO, and the cayenne adds a great warmth that it's otherwise lacking :D

  • Tamara Pieters
    Tamara Pieters 3 months ago +69

    Wait, you have a blowtorch but not a can opener?! Priorities, I respect that.

  • Otavio Ericson
    Otavio Ericson Year ago +154

    Can you make some more videos reviewing foods you didn’t like? The Netherlands breakfast one was awesome

    • KWOOWK
      KWOOWK  Year ago +42

      Sounds like a good idea

  • Mj King
    Mj King Year ago +71

    I love making my own hot chocolate. I'll even use min chocolate, Lindt truffles.. basically whatever chocolate I have I can pretty much turn into hot chocolate.

  • north
    north 3 months ago +17

    The way my family makes hot chocolate is we just heat up a lot of milk and put cocoa powder and sugar into it. Literally just that…

  • AnthonyG13 Emergency Videos

    Cool to see adam here. I love the simplicity and results of all his recipes

  • Ori's Stories
    Ori's Stories 4 months ago +4

    We just made Babish' recipe and it was DISGUSTINGLY sweet. I really recommend using only half of the condensed milk! We had to add a shitton of milk to make it drinkable again...

  • 8edhead
    8edhead 3 months ago +33

    that's so unfair that you didnt add honey to compensate for the marshmallows on adams!! ive made that one a ton, the honey flavor of the marshmallows is why he keeps it simple 😤

  • AXLplosion
    AXLplosion 7 months ago +19

    I just stir some cacao powder, sugar, and a little cinnamon into hot milk. It's a good balance of flavor and convenience for someone who drinks this stuff multiple times a day during winter.

  • Candy Chand
    Candy Chand 6 months ago +13

    Always good recipes. But like many people, I watch your videos because you’re hilarious. 💕😂💕

  • Marina Kardum
    Marina Kardum 5 months ago +13

    Making Babish's recipe with some cornstarch like Wiseman sounds like the right thing to do

  • AmokBR
    AmokBR 6 months ago +2

    I’ve always used cornstarch, I love the consistency it gives the chocolate.

  • Michael Bradu
    Michael Bradu 5 months ago +4

    Hey Kwoowk, can you combine the top 3 hot chocolates to make the ultimate one

  • Jasmine Spencer
    Jasmine Spencer 3 months ago +5

    You should try a traditional Caribbean Chocolate tea or Coco tea
    I reccomend Tobagonian chocolate tea
    I think you would like it
    It would have an umph you are looking for, I think
    It wouldn't have Whip cream and marshmallows, so you can focus on the liquid
    Think it's also good to do since it's Christmas again
    Also please consider doing a Caribbean food series
    Taking similar dishes from across the region and finding your favorite version
    May cause a few fights but it would ve good to see the similarities and differences

  • Apoorv Aditya Jha
    Apoorv Aditya Jha 9 months ago +6

    I am definitely going to try these out man 😀

  • Sparsh Gongale
    Sparsh Gongale 7 months ago +3

    Great video. Got me watering my mouth. Infinite chocolate.

  • Theron Gilliland, Jr.
    Theron Gilliland, Jr. 19 days ago

    Add cornstarch when you make hot cocoa, and you get runny chocolate pudding! 🤣 I'm surprised that more people don't add instant coffee to their hot cocoa. 🤷‍♂️

  • Tope Azeez
    Tope Azeez 4 months ago +5

    My hot chocolate comprises of milk, cocoa
    Powder, coffee powder, vanilla, dark chocolate chunks, cinnamon, cloves, salt, pepper, ginger. This is what works for me every time

    • Zer0
      Zer0 3 months ago

      If I make this and it sucks I want a refund

    • Samael Malkira
      Samael Malkira 3 months ago

      You had me until ginger

  • Posegativity
    Posegativity Month ago

    If you really wanna be blown away try adding coconut milk to the four one

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago +20

    U deserve waaaaay more subscribers

    • KWOOWK
      KWOOWK  Year ago +5

      Woah, thanks❤️

  • Silber Wölfin
    Silber Wölfin 4 months ago +2

    I have a request. Could you please make a video on porridge? Not instant porridge but relatively quick meals?
    I´m a mom of two small kids and I´m always looking for some easy meals to make in the morning.
    If the kids and husband would have it their way, it would be cereal 7 days a week, so if you do this, you will really help me :)

  • Fluffy Canterbury
    Fluffy Canterbury Year ago +20

    I actually open condensed milk cans just like this 🤣 savage mode 🤣

  • silverdust
    silverdust 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for the complication
    The last one feels more like a pudding than a hot chocolate

  • amalia
    amalia 8 months ago +7

    I can't believe how low views you have? The quality of this video is too good. Keep on it and you'll go far

  • Daria Mihaela
    Daria Mihaela 8 months ago +9

    My favorite hot drink is definitely boiled apple juice with cinnamon and dryed oranges

    • Maja
      Maja 5 months ago +1

      favorite and favourite are both correct, one is american based, other british

  • Each
    Each 27 days ago

    How can someone with a cooking channel not own a can opener? 😅

  • joshin
    joshin 7 months ago +4

    theres nothing better than hot chocolate when its winter
    and watching 8 mins of hot chocolate
    best way to waste 8 mins
    thank you

  • Christopher Oxley
    Christopher Oxley 2 months ago +3

    Good to know I've made a tradition of drinking "the 2nd best" hot chocolate on Clip-Share for the past few years. Time to try the first. Thanks for the vid

    • Snow
      Snow Month ago

      Well, how did the 1st compare to the second, in your opinion?

  • Åskit
    Åskit 4 months ago +4

    the last one is by the way the *only* way we prepare hot chocolate in Spain, liquid hot chocolate is just called colacao here

  • Hugo
    Hugo Month ago

    My hot chocolate rocks. Its coco powder with hot water in a pan which you add both dark and white chocolate, pinch of salt, cinnamon, coffee and sometimes either red wine or fruit. Then if I want to I top with milk and spoon into a cup. Then I add a layer of ice cream (which cools down the drink to the perfect temp as you sip) and sometimes a piece of chocolate or a biscuit to decorate.
    Again the only necessary parts are the chocolate and spices topped with ice cream (not even milk) and is the best way to make cheap stuff, good. One cup is probably at most £2 if you use better stuff but the cheap stuff still works well.

  • You
    You 3 months ago

    Flanders doesn't put a graham cracker, he puts a vanilla waffer.

  • kenyan
    kenyan 4 months ago

    The holiday season is coming please make a hot kwoowkalate recipe 🎄🎁
    Cardamom tastes good

  • TotallyNotPaul
    TotallyNotPaul 4 months ago +8

    'seasoning' is the difference between hot chocolate milk and actual hot chocolate. Cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, or just a pinch of salt makes hot chocolate 10x better

  • Karolin Karbus
    Karolin Karbus Year ago +7

    Do this with mulled wine toooooo 🥺

  • Orla Meehan
    Orla Meehan Month ago

    Irish milk chocolate like galaxy or dairy milk, a small bit of dark chocolate and oat milk and you're laughing. Really want to make your mornings good? Add a double shot of coffee. (We have a coffee shop called Insomnia that has Belgian chocolate melting 24/7, I used to work here and make oat milk mochas with this chocolate

  • listen here
    listen here 5 months ago +4

    i just had the insane idea: hot chocolate- tapioca tea

  • outcasted_
    outcasted_ 8 months ago +7

    mexican hot chocolate. best of all time

  • Pheonixx
    Pheonixx 5 months ago +1

    Joshua Weissman same recipe is famous in India but instead of hot its cold...

  • Acacia
    Acacia 6 months ago +2

    My sisters love my hot chocolates 😂

  • Apoorv Aditya Jha
    Apoorv Aditya Jha 9 months ago +2

    Hey man .......try out some indian food ......and try atleast 5 different dishes from different places. We have a great deal of diversity

  • Fluffy Canterbury
    Fluffy Canterbury Year ago +4

    Yeeees that's what I need in this weather 🔥

  • JCL
    JCL Month ago

    What about spanish churros with hot chocolate?

  • Chinglen Singha
    Chinglen Singha 6 months ago

    Next time can you pls rate few of the Indian dishes please please please

  • No One In Particular
    No One In Particular  3 months ago +1

    Skipped Nick’s fresh cacao
    Skipped Adam’s honey marshmallow

  • Xeal
    Xeal 5 months ago +1

    Content is awesome

  • Yağız Enes Kala
    Yağız Enes Kala 8 months ago +3

    I like Turkish coffee over hot chocolate

  • V15_
    V15_ 7 months ago +1

    No one used cinnamon or cayenne 😢dominican hot chocolate >>

  • vio tatar
    vio tatar Year ago +4

    Hot chocolate 🥰 .......CHRISTMASSSSS

  • Maha Alqahtani
    Maha Alqahtani 4 months ago +2


  • Yuvraj kalson
    Yuvraj kalson 5 months ago +1

    Last one is the best

  • Ajrwilde
    Ajrwilde 5 months ago

    you need a little bit of treacle and use organic milk

  • north
    north 3 months ago

    Imo, simple hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate.

  • Khaled Saifullah Ansary

    Why am I interested in cooking?

  • CallmeMAck
    CallmeMAck Month ago

    No Mexican Chocolate? Do you realize that Mexico it's the country where it came from, right?

  • Yardena Sheery
    Yardena Sheery 5 months ago

    Apparently only gringos make hot chocolate on Clip-Share 🤦‍♀️

  • Péter Kiss
    Péter Kiss 4 months ago

    Maybe it's time to revisit this video. Hmmmm...

  • Grace Green
    Grace Green 3 months ago +1

    W Binging W Babish

  • iared X
    iared X 2 months ago

    2:58 how did you guess that???

  • kebabG74h
    kebabG74h 5 months ago +2

    can someone please tell me what's cream? Im not good at English and have no idea if its yogurt or what.

    • kebabG74h
      kebabG74h 3 months ago +2

      @imi ohhhhh thanks! I now get it.

    • imi
      imi 3 months ago +2

      It's the liquid that you use to make whipped cream. You might also hear it being referred to as "heavy cream" or "heavy whipping cream".

    • Bean Sapling
      Bean Sapling 4 months ago

      It's not yoghurt

  • Down D. Stairs
    Down D. Stairs 3 months ago

    babish fans WE wON

  • noone sdjfk
    noone sdjfk 5 months ago

    U can do dishes from states of bhärät gänrajyä aka. india

  • Susanna Martin
    Susanna Martin 4 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Kiryu miagi Ch.
    Kiryu miagi Ch. 11 days ago +1

    did you overdose on cocoa?

  • Bean Sapling
    Bean Sapling 4 months ago

    Vinegar leg is on the right

  • Ginger Papi
    Ginger Papi Month ago

    i agree

  • Tech Mad
    Tech Mad 4 months ago +1

    2:36 mr suck 💀

  • Evelina Pushkash
    Evelina Pushkash 3 months ago +1

    "Mr. ehh.. Suck"

  • Maalik Serebryakov
    Maalik Serebryakov 2 months ago

    Winner/ babish

  • Bernard Berari
    Bernard Berari Year ago +4


  • Sulove Mosharaf
    Sulove Mosharaf 5 months ago

    Why not video on Bangladesh?

  • HamGaming
    HamGaming Year ago +2

    You romanian??

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate 3 months ago

    Pathetic. Everyone knows that _I_ am the best one.

  • DayFalls
    DayFalls Year ago