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Last To Take Hand Off Boat, Keeps It

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Last one to remove their hand kept the boat!
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    In this video MrBeast will do a funny challenge with his friends for $10,000 where everyone try to be the last to leave. This video challenge is for entertainment but it is not a prank. A real boat worth over $10,000 is being given away all for the fun of it. I also started a new tiktok which is similar to vine which you should check out. If you like my videos you might also want to check you PewDiePie’s Try not to laugh series.
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Comments • 58 860

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 years ago +103690

    Subscribe or Chandler will cry

  • Dont Read My Logo
    Dont Read My Logo 3 years ago +439

    "It’s impossible to lose a challenge 2 times"
    Chandler allow me to introduce myself

  • HunchoGreasy
    HunchoGreasy Year ago +2321

    Mr beast is one of the few people who truly deserve the massive audience they have. Keep killin it jimmy

  • Jef Coble
    Jef Coble Year ago +8054

    I would pay good money to see Chandler do an I.Q. test

    • Ethan Gaymer
      Ethan Gaymer 7 days ago


    • Doggo DEEZ NUTZ
      Doggo DEEZ NUTZ 10 days ago

      He is -2000 IQ

    • Psy
      Psy 3 months ago

      @Reverse Flash me too

    • sasha leigh
      sasha leigh 4 months ago

      @Nana Artienda I think you need that 10k for your education, considering your spelling.

    • David123
      David123 4 months ago +1


  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 2 months ago +6

    It just shows that Jimmy has a kind heart letting Chandler have 2 chances.

  • Mouse Grave
    Mouse Grave Year ago +1008

    I love how much fun they have together, it makes it more enjoyable for the viewers aswell

  • Nathaniel Kalt
    Nathaniel Kalt Month ago +39

    Jimmy:It would be pretty embarrassing to lose twice in the same challenge
    Chandler:takes hand off boat

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 3 years ago +1511

    Everyone: It is impossible to lose the same challenge two times
    Chandler: Don't hold my binoculars

    • DaTonkBoiii
      DaTonkBoiii 5 months ago

      what did radp art 24 do,he deleted the comment

    • Darth Victorus
      Darth Victorus 7 months ago +2

      @AlexXD hii

    • AlexXD
      AlexXD 7 months ago +1


    • ☻ThawBerry☹︎
      ☻ThawBerry☹︎ 7 months ago +2

      what happened-

    • Corey Parker
      Corey Parker 3 years ago

      I thought is comments would be as good as the actual comment but no *cough cough* Rapt art 24

  • Rebary
    Rebary Year ago +1880

    "Half of them are really bad punishments and half of them are really positive"
    "Chandler you won binoculars"

    • Al
      Al Year ago +1

      @wuming ww yus

    • wuming ww
      wuming ww Year ago +1


    • Al
      Al Year ago +1

      @Stereocs [GD] [YT] no

    • Stereocs [GD] [YT]
      Stereocs [GD] [YT] Year ago +3

      It’s bad since it makes vision harder

    • vitani16
      vitani16 Year ago +43

      And when he gets the binoculars he asked "how do I use this " and /"is it on?"/ 🤣🤣🤣

  • DIEGO Zamora
    DIEGO Zamora Year ago +3046

    I laughed so hard when chandler said “tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier”😂😂😂

  • Дикий Аболтус
    Дикий Аболтус 3 months ago +39

    Теперь ждём подобное с подводной лодкой )

  • Austin Waselus
    Austin Waselus 3 years ago +2825

    Chandler: **Gets out**
    Jimmy: From now on Chandler gets 2 chances. **Tips hat**

  • Librada Umali
    Librada Umali Year ago +917

    "We are actually going to give Chandler a second life becuse he's Chandler."

  • Hunter reid1
    Hunter reid1 Year ago +285

    Chandler: puts binoculars on
    Also chandler: are they on?

  • Gสbrͥΐeͣlͫสzer๏
    Gสbrͥΐeͣlͫสzer๏ 3 months ago +132

    La cara de felicidad de Jake al final ✨

  • Caitlin Lach
    Caitlin Lach Year ago +210

    I love how Chris was competing for a literal boat when he knew he gets seasick

  • айхэйтнигас
    айхэйтнигас 2 months ago +4

    Chandler is genius, give him 3 lives on challenges

  • Maria Salvado
    Maria Salvado 3 years ago +191

    Chandler: I’m so stupid
    Jacob: Hold my beer

    • james culver
      james culver 3 years ago

      Chandlers smart wym

    • VicSara Leal
      VicSara Leal 3 years ago +3

      Maria Salvado as I was reading this he did the stupid thing LMAO

  • Chad Williamson
    Chad Williamson Year ago +23

    Jimmy is a real one for making sure he didn’t hit his head on the dock trying to tight rope lol

  • Hunter Shane
    Hunter Shane Year ago +87

    MrBeast is awesome always taking excellent care of the contestants they never go hungry or thirsty and I admire the fact Jimmy takes the time to think of them and take care of them he's the only guy to give stuff away while giving stuff away

  • Royal Champs
    Royal Champs 13 days ago

    chandler is just a fantastic guy 😅😅🤣

  • G Media
    G Media 10 months ago +55

    hey MrBeast love this style of content 5/5 stars. Do what makes you happy

  • Niya Aaliyah
    Niya Aaliyah 17 days ago +2

    Chandler is such sweet heart.

  • ItsCera
    ItsCera 3 years ago +4299

    “It would be pretty embarrassing to lose twice in the same challenge”
    Chandler: say no more

  • Abigail Sales
    Abigail Sales Year ago +21

    we are here to cheer you up Chandler . GO GO GO GO for the win

  • BremePilot
    BremePilot Year ago +23

    This is one of the best last to leave challenges ever 😂

  • Bush Boy
    Bush Boy Year ago +34

    Chandler is a simple man he just wants to throw a dart

  • Hwkman4
    Hwkman4 2 months ago

    Chandler losing twice is so funny

  • Jovialed
    Jovialed 3 years ago +2667

    “Tell that to Jacob, I bit him earlier”
    Chandler 2019

  • Nic Johnson
    Nic Johnson Year ago +21

    Would love that boat! My family of 7 would be blown away! Love the videos

  • Debbie Jackson
    Debbie Jackson 4 months ago +9

    Chandler deserves More LOL

  • Dale Jennings
    Dale Jennings Year ago +13

    I'd do ANYTHING just to hang out with these guys for a day!

    • Xionarl
      Xionarl 11 months ago

      @Trevor Cook he has 716 comments on mrbeasts account, sooo..

    • ☆fruityfaye☆
      ☆fruityfaye☆ Year ago

      Trevor cook me too.

    • Trevor Cook
      Trevor Cook Year ago

      ew. I've seen your comment in at least a dozen videos of his.

  • PreppyxChelsea
    PreppyxChelsea 4 months ago +13

    Jimmy is the type of person to go across the entire country for a 50 second clip

  • iina
    iina 3 years ago +634

    Let’s just all pretend Chandler didn’t lose twice at the same game

  • Ian Jaimes
    Ian Jaimes Year ago +234

    Chandler amazes me every time he looses

    • Nick
      Nick Year ago +14

      Amazes me how you spell loses

  • Kennadee Gross
    Kennadee Gross Year ago +104

    Chris: Im sure jake will let me ride on the boat every now and again, so thats better than nothing
    Jimmy: What are you gonna do with the boat. I have a feeling your just gonna sell is.
    Jake: Well ya.
    Chris: :(

  • James Brewer
    James Brewer 4 months ago +5

    Starting at the 11:25 mark, watch the Timelapse, where Jake takes his hand off the boat

  • Josh Rucker
    Josh Rucker Year ago +8

    The fact that chandler caught the bottle so slick

  • Sean Playzzz
    Sean Playzzz 18 days ago +2

    Chris : *Casual Being Funny as Always*
    Chandler : 🫥

  • Alexander Charles Camayudo
    Alexander Charles Camayudo 3 years ago +1766

    "Its impossible to lose a challenge 2 times"
    Chandler: Observe

    • jo
      jo 2 years ago +2

      Stinkiest Man too bad, welcome to the internet

    • iT iZ wHaT iT iS
      iT iZ wHaT iT iS 2 years ago

      u stealed that

    • Black Wyvern
      Black Wyvern 2 years ago +1

      @Stinkiest Man OK BOOMER

    • sadie_XD
      sadie_XD 2 years ago

      @Logan.theriot lol

    • Logan.theriot
      Logan.theriot 2 years ago

      TheCamoCaliber I bet you are soooo much fun at party’s and have so many friends

  • Dum and Dummer
    Dum and Dummer Year ago +38

    “Tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣I swear Chandler is the whole reason I still watch Mrbeast😂

  • Hope
    Hope Year ago +125

    Jimmy : Jacob got $10,000
    Jacob : REALLY?!
    Jimmy : no

  • Zian Glen
    Zian Glen 3 months ago

    Rewatched this after 3 years and i miss jake on being on the team.

  • Astral
    Astral Year ago +368

    Chandler is too wholesome and doesn't deserve this I feel so bad for him 😭

  • максим алесич
    максим алесич 2 months ago +7

    как де классно когда есть перевод на русский спасибо людям которые озвучивают и переводят их слова😘

  • Chuck Lay
    Chuck Lay 3 years ago +1316

    "Chandler has the lowest winning rate in MrBeast history"
    Jacob: Am I a joke to you?

    • Sloth Girl
      Sloth Girl Year ago +1

      Welllll technically if he hasn’t lost... he has the highest winning rate too.....

    • Sloth Girl
      Sloth Girl Year ago +1


    • Kristian Sina
      Kristian Sina Year ago


    • Nozir Uddin
      Nozir Uddin 3 years ago +2


    • AkazumaKa
      AkazumaKa 3 years ago +27

      @Blank i mean in the win/lose ratio chandler is in the negative but jacob is at 0

  • Creeperboy361
    Creeperboy361 Year ago +175

    Chris: “It probably won’t get through the wet suit”
    Chandler: “Oh Really. Tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier”

  • CJ Kelleher
    CJ Kelleher 10 months ago +80

    Is anyone else wondering how Chris was able to put his sweatshirt on while having his hand still on the boat

    • Epic Gamer
      Epic Gamer 7 months ago +6

      @zenncatuiran he probably means the mr beast hoody that hes seen wearing a bit later

    • zenncatuiran
      zenncatuiran 7 months ago +2

      The vest has no sides so the vest was only hanging on Chris's shiulders

  • Liberal4Life
    Liberal4Life 2 months ago +1

    Chris was way funnier then compared to now

  • Gucci WRLD
    Gucci WRLD 5 months ago +74

    We all should pay for chandler to have witness protection 😂

  • MX_G@M€®203
    MX_G@M€®203 4 months ago +8

    Chandler perdio dos veces en un reto xd

  • AakashLearnsToCook
    AakashLearnsToCook 3 years ago +3502

    Chandler: Maybe if it's a yacht I'll try
    Also Chandler: Loses 2 times

  • Ward productions
    Ward productions 11 months ago +458

    Chris-“Oh 1000$ I can get a lot of gas!”.
    Me- This aged well.

    • Yesnt0073
      Yesnt0073 5 months ago +1

      This is 2 years ago

    • Catwithvodka
      Catwithvodka 7 months ago +5

      I was just about to comment this

  • Salim Lashkary
    Salim Lashkary Year ago +18

    Chandler, hahaha it was so funny seeing him lose his second chance too..... was really hilarious 😂

  • abi pedroza
    abi pedroza 11 hours ago

    Chris’s scream really made me smile

    COMÉDIA VIRAL 9 months ago +14

    Perfeito, um abraço do Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Deep Stuff
    Deep Stuff 2 months ago +1

    Omggg Chandler broooo 😂😂 Sorry for your loss but gave us great laughs. Congrats to jake and Chrissssss, omg you are the best humorous person in this channel 😂😂😍😍

    Yt STORM_KELLER 3 years ago +608

    “It’s impossible to lose a challenge two times”
    Chandler: Allow me to introduce myself

    • Sultan xD
      Sultan xD 3 years ago


    • M z
      M z 3 years ago

      Unoriginal joke

    • woffil
      woffil 3 years ago +4

      Stop! You’ve violated the law it’s been a long while since I had a good brawl

    • Jimbo
      Jimbo 3 years ago +3

      Best one

  • 💗Kcovers💜
    💗Kcovers💜 Year ago +45

    7:30 lol Chris flipped us all off 😂

  • caged duck
    caged duck Year ago +144

    Chandler: ill try when there is a yacht
    Also chandler: loses the yacht

  • Kelly Horton
    Kelly Horton 2 months ago

    I’m dying because Chandler said there are the binoculars on😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mr stranger😉
    Mr stranger😉 9 months ago +8

    I love Chandler man,so funny😂😂😂

  • CatGamer194
    CatGamer194 Month ago

    MrBeast: first one to be chandler wins
    Chandler: *shapeshifts into a capibara*

  • Dont Read My Logo
    Dont Read My Logo 3 years ago +1757

    Chandler: Maybe if it’s a yacht I’ll try
    Loses 2 times

    • Nath07
      Nath07 2 years ago

      @EliteMarco yeh

    • Dayanand Sahu
      Dayanand Sahu 2 years ago +2

      Now- laughs in island riding a ostrich with army of pigs..

    • TheRainbowMaster
      TheRainbowMaster 2 years ago


    • Elisabeth
      Elisabeth 2 years ago

      Venny Almonte 尺卄尺丂ㄒシ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ☽

  • Bennyboyjnr
    Bennyboyjnr Year ago +14

    6:53 it would be even funnier if Chris did the exact same thing as a demonstration of what Jacob did

  • kalevthecraft (SMMLW)
    kalevthecraft (SMMLW) 4 months ago +38

    jimmy eres lo mejor eh incluso para que todos disfruten tu contenido losubes en español en tu canal original.

  • Naruto's Ramen
    Naruto's Ramen  Month ago +2

    If Chandler wins, the world will be mine, but Chris is another challenge.❤

  • me
    me Year ago +5

    Jimmy:gives binoculars to Chandler
    Chandler:is it on?

  • Laxc
    Laxc 7 days ago

    this is why Chandler need two lives in challenge

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 3 years ago +1671

    Chandler: **Looks at the sun with binoculars**
    Chandler: "AH, THE SUN"
    Also Chandler: **Looks back up at the sun**

  • TheRealNoobVN
    TheRealNoobVN Year ago +6

    If Chandler had 3 lives, he would've won the yacht

  • Unicornplushies💕
    Unicornplushies💕 Year ago +7

    The way chandler was punching the air 😂😂

  • Amelie Kaden
    Amelie Kaden 21 day ago +1

    love your experiments❤

  • Julie Dayries
    Julie Dayries Year ago +6

    It was so funny when Jake was trying to help Chris and he had to close the door on the boat to get to him.

  • Bianca Brila
    Bianca Brila 4 months ago +1

    i can finally say chris is my favorite XD now im convinced haha

  • Honey vs Honey
    Honey vs Honey 2 years ago +1558

    Chris has the most positive personality ever . He is happy with every thing that comes to him.

    • D Mohorn
      D Mohorn 2 years ago

      Can you help us please

    • D Mohorn
      D Mohorn 2 years ago

      Can you help is please

    • victor würtz
      victor würtz 2 years ago

      Honey vs Honey g

    • GentlemenClan
      GentlemenClan 2 years ago

      What u dont know is that he decides this stuff with mr beast

  • Cancluey
    Cancluey 4 months ago +43

    Amo saber que había videos de mrbeast en español desde antes para verlos todos 🥰

  • Driphub🥶
    Driphub🥶 Year ago +9

    I absolutely love chandlers honesty

  • Rafael ramirez
    Rafael ramirez 3 months ago

    Soy fans me encanta todo lo k ases por la jente me encantaria una ayuda tuya ya k tengi 15años y ayudo ami madre a salir adelante pero la vida no es nada facil!

  • Mister__out_of__order_

    Jimmy is always smiling he is so happy

  • Мирай
    Мирай  3 months ago +1

    I feel sorry for Chandler..😂

  • kyuu
    kyuu 3 years ago +1188

    chandler: loses life
    jimmy: there is another

    • Alex
      Alex 3 years ago +1

      @FM Zaim *sad Titanic flute*

    • Sam Gates
      Sam Gates 3 years ago +1

      @Deepak Singh stop self promoting

    • Pekka Persereikä
      Pekka Persereikä 3 years ago +1


    • Dendydroid
      Dendydroid 3 years ago +4

      I read 'there is another' with PewDiePie voice

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 5 months ago +10

    chandler always rocks😂❤

  • L***e H***n
    L***e H***n Year ago +9

    Chris throws dart: Wins $1,000
    Chris: Yeah I get a lot of gas!

  • Claudia del valle Ruiz

    Jimi quiere mucho a chandler porque sabe que el no le importa perder dinero solamente se divierte se nota mucho que realmente no le importa el dinero que tenga mister

  • Caroline Hinchliffe
    Caroline Hinchliffe Year ago +6

    I love you chandler hope you win a challenge soon!!!

  • Constanza Marquez
    Constanza Marquez 20 days ago +1

    :( chan chan todos tus fans sabemos que podras hacer más retos animos para los que proximamente haras D: tu puede :)

  • Melanie Lawson
    Melanie Lawson 3 years ago +614

    "It'd be embarrassing to lose 2 times in the same challenge."
    Chandler: hold my binoculars

    • Teresa Corzo
      Teresa Corzo 3 years ago +4

      Chandler: let me hold my binoculars

  • BadBoyHalo
    BadBoyHalo Year ago +5

    I would pay good money to see Chandler‘s IQ

  • Masood Masood
    Masood Masood Year ago +1

    I would never made fun of chandler, even if he lose many challenges.🥰🥰

  • user
    user 3 months ago +54

    Ты огромный молодец. Спасибо тебе огромное.

    • Chain1k
      Chain1k 2 months ago

      Хоть кто то русский

    • Эймалис
      Эймалис 2 months ago

      @Мурчик не думаю что он станет их вообще переводить, или читать

    • Мурчик
      Мурчик  2 months ago

      @Эймалис гений, не думаю что он поленится перевести коментарий.

    • Эймалис
      Эймалис 3 months ago

      чел он англичанин он не понимает тебя

  • Harry Potter Nerd
    Harry Potter Nerd Year ago +11

    Chris did a great job and he won $2,000 and congratulations Jake for the win!

    AYUBALLENA 4 months ago +1

    Out of all the fails I watched these ones were the most hilarious

  • riley baby
    riley baby 3 years ago +2155

    “first one to breathe wins”
    chandler: *suffocates immediately*

  • CJ Santiago
    CJ Santiago Year ago +4

    Chris: “I am a very interesting specimen” best scene ever.

  • Jeremiah Selzer
    Jeremiah Selzer Year ago +1

    Chris always finds something positive if he gets something bad

  • Alpha H
    Alpha H Month ago

    Mrbeast : "first one die is win"
    Chandler : " instanly become immortal"

  • Francesca Geddes
    Francesca Geddes Year ago +1

    Chandler asking if the binoculars were on killed me

  • ShadyRonin
    ShadyRonin 2 months ago

    “He lost twice in the same hour” lmao

  • Noah U
    Noah U 3 years ago +110

    “ It’s impossible to lose the same challenge twice”
    Chandler: hold my binoculars