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What Is This Mysterious Sunken Object Beneath The Baltic Sea? | The Mystery Beneath | Timeline

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Treasure hunters Peter and Dennis were out on a typical day exploring the Baltic Sea when a very unusual image appeared on the sonar. A nearly 200-foot cylindrical object was something that had never been seen before. This documentary takes you on an extraordinary journey to find out what the object could be. Reviewed by multiple disciplines of scientists, and using advanced equipment, could this object be an ancient crash site from an advanced civilization millions of years ago?
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  • christine wilde
    christine wilde Month ago +54

    I remember the first time I saw this. I am still so intrigued. How can some people react like they have.
    We need to find out what caused this.
    I hope these professionals are still doing great things. Whether on this project or something else.
    I send love and good wishes to them.

    T/A 392 SRT CHALLENGER Month ago +84

    They are an outstanding group of professionals. I hope at some point their exploration of this object continues in the near future.

    • Mr. A
      Mr. A Day ago

      @Filippo Cipollini Except that there is actually treasure to be discovered. And the team has found treasure that made them lots of money in the past. Why would it be a contradiction in terms for there to be professional treasure hunters?

    • Filippo Cipollini
      Filippo Cipollini 27 days ago +2

      Professional treasure hunters. A contraddiction in terms.

    • ufologlt
      ufologlt Month ago

      @Ben Conway Yeah people think some alien lost tech will be allowed to be exposed to everybody. LOL, not.

    • Ben Conway
      Ben Conway Month ago +3

      It won’t because like idiots they went to all the governments of the surrounding countries for answers and now they’re not allowed near it all the countries are guarding it and keeping it classified

  • Nadeem Baig x Profit Nadeem x APM

    This was absolutely amazing! These guys are real deal explorers for doing this. I hope they get to go back or get some more funding to find out more.

  • NJ
    NJ Month ago +36

    If nature or the universe created something like this the discovery is as important as if this was man-made. This is what adventures and discoveries are meant to do, to research and find the truth no matter what. So sorry to hear that the team went through so much grief over this and even their families, that is just terrible, alone the prep work and research and dives would have been a huge financial and human effort, seems like someone really wanted this research to be discredited on purposes and that makes me more certain that someone has got something to hide out there below the sea.

    • Charlie Britting
      Charlie Britting Month ago +4

      I agree because there definitely something down there

    • Kathy Melko
      Kathy Melko Month ago +3

      Turn your squelch down on the naysayers. Don't let them cloud your perspective

  • John Cranwell
    John Cranwell Month ago +266

    Extraordinary work carried out by the diving team… all of it is so extremely expensive. Sadly an element of this shows just how ridiculous some humans can behave…. I’m proud of teams like this who are willing to take risks to find out things for themselves and share it with the rest of us who hasn’t got those abilities skills and finance to explore like this… Well done and thank you for this enthralling journey

    • Juan Mangual
      Juan Mangual 8 hours ago +1

      Today you enjoy this world, because long ago others risk their life to search the unknown!
      If we as humans always stay within the safety of our surroundings, there will be no humanity!
      Go divers!!

    • Lara Aston
      Lara Aston 5 days ago

      Are you sure you know what that was

    • Deanne kliene
      Deanne kliene 25 days ago

      Enthralling indeed!

    • Andrew Patterson
      Andrew Patterson 27 days ago +4

      ​@jorge gonzalez-larramendi Night diving sounds terrifying!

  • InnocentG
    InnocentG Month ago +107

    These divers have balls of steel caring all those risks on their shoulders. Wow. 🙏🏽

    • A'den Kyramud
      A'den Kyramud 22 days ago +1

      ​@Zatoichi444 not if they are hollow. Then they would actually give some buoyancy. Like ships.😂

    • Zatoichi444
      Zatoichi444 Month ago +2

      @InnocentG LOL

    • InnocentG
      InnocentG Month ago +5

      @Zatoichi444 copper plated balls, my apologies 😂

    • Zatoichi444
      Zatoichi444 Month ago +8

      That's ridiculous, if they had balls of steel, they would sink to the bottom!

    • Steven School Alchemy
      Steven School Alchemy Month ago +3


  • Cheli A E
    Cheli A E Month ago +57

    Well Done to all of the Team and those who financed it all!! 🏆🏆🏆 A lot of work went into it as well as those who risked their lives diving down into the ocean 🎓👏🙏

    • Chai
      Chai 20 days ago

      @MadMiff Nothing venture, nothing gain. Win some, lose some.

    • Lossers
      Lossers Month ago

      @MadMiff maybe we could find solutions in there, the problem we have now..

      ONSLAUGHT Month ago +4

      @MadMiff I disagree.

    • MadMiff
      MadMiff Month ago +2

      So much money wasted that could have been spent on something much more productive.

  • L OL
    L OL Month ago +379

    It looks like the object has striations from a glacial erratic. It’s possible that the whole thing is an underwater moraine. It definitely looks weird and out of place, a characteristic of glacier erratics. I’m interested to know what it actually is, even if it is just a pile of rocks. I’m just glad they were able to continue with their investigation even after one of the lamest institutions in existence tried to bring them down. They’re just curious!

    • Jeff R.
      Jeff R. 21 day ago

      @Hissing Sid ll but its under the ocean for thousands of years … you saying the surface underwater was not subject to erosion ??? Lol . The fact there’s a streak means it was either a very strong impression on the surface or it’s hundreds of years new .

    • kiki Pineda
      kiki Pineda 21 day ago

      You know why ?

    • SilverbackAG
      SilverbackAG 23 days ago

      Nah. Lizzid people.

    • Jack Russell
      Jack Russell Month ago +1

      @Markus E Nature has created life and we know how it did so. Consciousness is another thing and that's still largely a mystery, but it's one that cognitive scientists are doing very diligent work on. As far as evolution, there are literal mountains of peer-reviewed studies on this. Living in denial is making assumptions without looking at the actual collected data on a topic, which is what you seem to be doing. I'm not bitter. Mystery is beautiful to me and I don't need to fill the things I don't yet know with "some god must have done it." I live an adventurous life, I'm not cynical, I love and am loved, and I base my beliefs on evidence and credibility rather than blind faith. Now you've met one of me. Congratulations.

  • Tabitha Blackwell Samsel

    This is absolutely amazing!! You guys keep doing what your doing!! Open the eyes of all the closed minded!! It saddens me that individuals can be so evil as to threaten you and yours!! Please know that many many other individuals find your work fascinating and incredible!! Much luck to you all and I can't wait to see what's next for you guys!!

  • Joseph Butler
    Joseph Butler Month ago +22

    This has been an extraordinary discovery. I hope your team can continue your research on this anomaly.

  • hamed zahmati
    hamed zahmati Month ago +7

    Who can threaten a father to harm his child? I can't imagine how upset this father is. They are really brave. And I think they have already realized that access to information has made people more stupid. They hoped to find answers by making it public, but in the end they realized that secrets should not be made public because the majority are stupid.

  • Catharina Hollander
    Catharina Hollander 10 days ago

    So very interesting I hope one day you have the possibility and get the help you need to find out what the anomaly really is! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome discovery with us 🙏🏼😊

  • Cristian Beeman
    Cristian Beeman Month ago +192

    The Black Sea and Doggerland clearly isn't the only low-lying area that was prime real-estate way back before our current historical records, only to be covered by water as glaciers melted and the sea-level rose.
    As a matter of fact, probably the MAJORITY of human habitations still ARE below 400 feet of water, since even today most people live at the same elevation just above sea level, Living near water since transport by water is always the cheapest option. The Romans invented the road (clearly not true) but even the best roads wear out and need maintenance. The water surface may not be always smooth, but it clearly is self-repairing - just try punching holes in the ocean.

    • Elizabeth_T_Reed_1982
      Elizabeth_T_Reed_1982 24 days ago


    • Philip Thomas
      Philip Thomas Month ago

      Have you seen the stone cart tracks on Malta and other places that descend into the sea?

    • Linda Laws
      Linda Laws Month ago

      This brings to miñd the tantalizing iron arch theory and they are placed in certain places around the world .oddly this resembles the heiroglyphics on the pyramid texts very similar shapes ..of a lightship ..

    • Markus E
      Markus E Month ago +1

      @Dale Shelden No they didn't. Stay up to date with newer unearthed archaeological work.
      Ancient Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, and ancient Mayans(?) and Aztecs(?) roads were built before the Romans did theirs (the Mayans and Aztecs had to have found the roads already there for them to use, marking those roads or walkways before the Roman empire).

    • DiabolicDoug
      DiabolicDoug Month ago

      @Philip Thomas yes sir

  • AllOuttaEnemies
    AllOuttaEnemies 9 days ago +3

    I wish the team the best. This was an amazing discovery and I so impressed how you went down with a drone and a dive team, and came back with samples

    • AllOuttaEnemies
      AllOuttaEnemies 5 days ago

      @Trooper Chick I didn't say it was new?

    • Trooper Chick
      Trooper Chick 5 days ago

      This is not new .. they found it more than a 10 years ago ..

  • E Normous
    E Normous Month ago +5

    It has been a decade, with all of the advancement of civilization sonar technology, I could only hope more is revealed about the object and object anomalies like this.

  • Marlo Mcgraw
    Marlo Mcgraw Month ago +6

    I agree with the crash site theory it seems as though the impact happened before the Baltic sea was There it looks as though whatever collided a portion of it broke off and slid off to the si'd it's a very unique story and a story that we have of something that happened long before which brings many different theories thought processes And hypothetical endings It will be fascinating to see what is actually found This is an excellent documentary and well done

  • D Lee
    D Lee Month ago +18

    Fascinating! If not an asteroid (with a chunk broken off to the side) it could be a ship. Even if neither, this phenomena is well worth looking into!

  • Diamond G
    Diamond G 2 days ago

    You guys were brave to even dive there whatever it may be or not be this was interesting & scary & I'm here for the next step..To threaten your family is sick of some people...I pray you're all ok & you get the answers you seek..Great work to you all

  • Terry Hayward
    Terry Hayward Month ago +39

    Its a shame that we never heard the end of this story, even though it was over 10 years ago that the dive was made.
    If there was any chance that it could be alien, then governments would have swarmed around it to dig it out.

  • Lorna Price
    Lorna Price Month ago +213

    Even If it turns out to be a natural object that has resulted from ancient glaciers. It would be amazing to have that information.

    • Chris Richardson
      Chris Richardson 29 days ago

      ​@no Glaciers do make straight parallel lines usually, but seldom do right angles. Such a displacement of these etched groves are sharp slippages in those straight lines into shifts, but still parallel. Very unlikely as a sharp right angle.

    • no
      no 29 days ago

      @Chris Richardson You mean glaciers Don't take corners? Who knew?

    • Paavo Bergmann
      Paavo Bergmann Month ago +1

      @WinningBlack they are not common in nature, but they do very well occur. For example in weathering rock.

    • WinningBlack
      WinningBlack Month ago

      Straight and 90 degree angles aren't natural.

  • FancyPants_MYC43
    FancyPants_MYC43 Month ago +41

    I remember watching this the year they discovered it. Has there been any updates to the anomaly? It must be a shame to leave it as such. The 3D scans are very compelling. 💯💚💯

    • Tim v H
      Tim v H 24 days ago +3

      ​@RoverIAC Yeah the Egyptians just claimed them. They were probably built by the Annunaki.

    • RoverIAC
      RoverIAC Month ago +1

      @Anthony Proffitt that's what zahi hawass would tell you, but most likely much older... no hieroglyphs in the pyramids, no hieroglyph for pyramid, no mention of building them in Egyptian history,

    • Anthony Proffitt
      Anthony Proffitt Month ago +1

      @RoverIAC pyramids are from around 4500-4600 years ago.

    • RoverIAC
      RoverIAC Month ago +1

      @George Hollingsworth actually we don't even know that about much about the pyramids, most likely much older then first kingdom.

  • CharlieVegas84
    CharlieVegas84 19 days ago

    An investigative journalist by the name of Graham Hancock would've been a great addition to this team. Due to his knowledge of diving to document ancient underwater monoliths. He would also have a good idea if this area would be connected to or even nearby any ancient civilizations

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper Month ago +10

    Sometimes discoveries can take years until they give any answers. Maybe one day we will find out exactly what this is. Maybe it will be something extremely significant, maybe it won't. The people who dismiss it too quickly are the people who would never find out. Be proud of what you do and who you are 👍

    • garage how to
      garage how to Month ago

      yea like the piramide,s

    • ruby howard
      ruby howard Month ago +4

      I’m too old and too broke to contribute anything significant to your efforts, but I would like to offer this to you free of charge Peter: Don’t give up, don’t stop searching! During this documentary I saw the excitement and hope dying from your eyes, don’t go there. It’s going to be difficult and expensive but you have the tools to see this through. Mainly that you have seen it and you know there’s more to this than just rocks. That’s why you can’t give up. You have to be the eyes for those of us who cannot be there. You have many believers, more than the detractors. We believers are simply quieter than the Haters and less vocal. But we are here.

    • Francisco Salinas
      Francisco Salinas Month ago +1

      My thoughts exactly... Thank you.

  • Rick Darling
    Rick Darling Month ago +8

    Keep up the good work. Don't let others bring you down. Proof is pudding of what you are seeking and you showed us in this video

  • Turey Tayno
    Turey Tayno Month ago +50

    No one sends threatening messages over a pile of rocks. There is something they don´t want him to find.

    • Slappy
      Slappy Month ago +1

      its called religion, also here's a thought what if encoded in our DNA was a message and one interpretation was the bible others where of maybe other mythos's / religion. when it was actually just code to tell us where we came from for instance if this is the catalyst to humanity the bacteria needed to make us one day in there future.

    • Nicholas84
      Nicholas84 Month ago +10

      Idiots do it every single day 😆

  • Elizabeth Oh
    Elizabeth Oh Month ago +25

    I remember when this first came up on the news and how exciting it was. Then I lost track. Much later I thought the expatiation to examine this anomaly stopped because where it was located was too dangerous to send divers. After watching this video I'm so disappointed how the general public was easily deceived to except the lie that it was a pile of rocks. Really? One detail I keep thinking about is the portal inside that frame one of the divers pointed out. Would a pile of rocks make that happen? I truly believe it is something not from our world. Further, I also believe there are governments who clearly want ownership of that 'pile of rocks' and launched a campaign to discredit Peter and Dennis. When fiction trumps science and fact, as it does with this story, you've got to be extremely concerned about who and why are putting so much effort into keeping the public ignorant.

  • Maria
    Maria Month ago +15

    Vore fantastisk om ni kunde få möjlighet att fortsätta. Intressant både ur vetenskapligt och historiskt perspektiv och inte minst för er själva och ”gå till botten” med vad det kan tänkas vara samt att ni får ett avslut på er upptäckt.

  • Nuiun 04
    Nuiun 04 Month ago

    I think it's something ancient, maybe a fragment of some larger construction. Did they say the object itself could've been brought there by glaciers, or just the volcanic rock they found on top of it?
    There are places where giant boulders have been deposited hundreds of miles away after violently being blown out of the ground from ancient water eruptions. Maybe that's how the object got to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

  • Sherry Mason
    Sherry Mason 5 hours ago

    I love this documentary! It was exciting and had me so curious.
    I wished I had the money to help you go back down or someone go in a small submarine with brighter lights.
    It could be an ancient city or base or my real idea is it's a crash.
    And with it being black under the sand, made me think it caught on fire and crashed into the sea.
    I am 100% on your side and think you are very intelligent and have a very cool hobby of treasure hunting. To me, what you found is a real treasure.
    I like you and your team.
    Thanks for sharing this discovery.

  • jesse davis
    jesse davis Month ago +7

    This is incredible! They definitely need to get back out there.

  • Rose R.
    Rose R. Month ago +22

    Incredibly interesting and even if it is something man-made the 3D sonar images raises so many questions.
    I'm surprised an angel investor hasn't yet come forward.

    • Kaitlyn Oliver
      Kaitlyn Oliver Month ago

      They want huge return on their investments. By nature they are more greedy and needy than adventurous.

  • David Poole
    David Poole Month ago +28

    The fact that the Navy scrambled a ship to go see what they were doing pretty quick smart says to me that theres something in the area that they're willing to be quite intimidating in order to put passive aggressive pressure on people to get out of there. Well done for staying toe to toe with them!

    • TJ
      TJ Month ago

      Right. Everything is a conspiracy. WTF?

    • True Elect Supreme A.M. Most Trustworthy Weasel
      True Elect Supreme A.M. Most Trustworthy Weasel Month ago +2

      You didn't pay attention did you?
      Whenever you have a ship go "dark" (shutting off transponders) but is using SONAR and other pinging devices, you can definitely expect a Naval ship or drone of some type to watch you.

  • Jeff R
    Jeff R Month ago +36

    Is there any current information on this? Were they able to eventually examine the object or area in more detail?

    • Lee Seniscal
      Lee Seniscal 15 days ago +1

      All the endeavour, the blood sweat & tears when all it would have taken is a transatlantic phone call:
      Hello, yeah... it's a weather balloon!
      Have a nice day - skol...

    • George Hollingsworth
      George Hollingsworth Month ago +3

      Yes. It is a rock formation called the Baltic Sea Anomaly.

    • joe28704
      joe28704 Month ago +6

      Stay tuned for the next 20 videos on this subject.

    • Oli. Y
      Oli. Y Month ago +9

      I heard of this object a looong time ago and there's still no new info on it. There's a podcast about it too but it's not in English.

  • Sebi One
    Sebi One Month ago +45

    What a strange coincidence that the navy ship appeared the day before the line mysteriously broke, sending the side scan sonar to the bottom of the sea.

    • Nuiun 04
      Nuiun 04 Month ago

      I thought that too

    • Richard Coram
      Richard Coram Month ago +1

      Only required a sniper to possibly break the chain, or not?

    • Sebi One
      Sebi One Month ago +6

      @diGritz1 rereading what I said, I can't find where you got that I said the navy ship has no business being there, nor how long they were there. I said it was a strange coincidence that their line snapped. You can infer what you want to, but that's your business not mine.

  • G Felix
    G Felix Month ago +20

    There is actually also a 2nd one to the top of it. Anyone that has actually known about this for years knows that there are perfect cut lines perfect cut path ways and perfect cut ovals and anyone that actually knows about "other" ancient sites that are not as mainstream knows that that type cutting is the same. Look at Samiapata in Bolivia. The top has very similar cutting. Pathways ovals etc. There are many other sites with same cutting (Japan, Spain, India, Peru etc) ruins from during or from the beginning of the Ice Age.

    • Andre Venter
      Andre Venter 17 days ago

      @Jewel in the hauZ And you are Noddy

    • Tim v H
      Tim v H 24 days ago

      Enki also created man because the gods needed workers. Later he saved us from the flood.

    • Jewel in the hauZ
      Jewel in the hauZ Month ago

      @harry walker Enki is Jesus Christ :)

    • G Felix
      G Felix Month ago +1

      Also there is a 3rd anomaly that no one knows about. I have seen the structure and some others that have researched it and this is why when i say they are perfect lines. They are perfect lines. Period. No questions asked. Something crashed there. No one knows what it is. I dont think its natural. I do think its a structure though.

    • G Felix
      G Felix Month ago +1

      Pictures and 3D scans ... they took a long time ago

  • Mench PS
    Mench PS Month ago +8

    Keep going with ur treasure hunt and don't mind those who doesn't support u in discovering the unknown! U are all amazing! Salute! God bless u in ur future treasure hunts!

  • Toask
    Toask Month ago +11

    "...relies on gut instinct, and pure skill." The author is clearly a poet.

  • Ariana Steffeny
    Ariana Steffeny Month ago +15

    Don’t stop looking! When people start threatening to stop you from asking questions you are on the right path. I think Graham Hancock needs to look at this

  • Jean Bloom
    Jean Bloom Month ago +2

    How frustrating for this team. They'd probably do better using all remote vehicles to clean it off and grab some samples. This is fascinating! I agree, it looks like a crash site. That new object with the tail looks like it may have broken off of the larger one. Is the object large enough to have been manned?

  • Leon Nel
    Leon Nel 11 days ago

    Awsome adventure. Hope they, or someone, can take it further.

  • Serw Hiuo
    Serw Hiuo Month ago +10

    I think its interesting. What gets me is why was that big ship out there? I like watching sea divevers going and investagate things like that.

    • Jason
      Jason Month ago

      @Government Agent #762👁️ it’s always them divevevers that lead to sea treasurererss.

    • Government Agent #762👁️
      Government Agent #762👁️ Month ago +1

      divevers? Hmm.. interesting.

  • Pauline Espinosa
    Pauline Espinosa Month ago +1

    Its terrible to see how despicably these men were received by the skeptics. My heart goes out to all the intrepid members of the team. The only thing I know to do is to remind them, "you know the truth of what happened!" There are many who do believe you. Karma will out, eventually. Be strong in yourselves, and may God bless you in all your future endeavors.

  • Unique2doU
    Unique2doU Month ago +8

    Maybe whatever it is was formed millions of years ago when that part of the sea was land mass, like an ancient active volcano toppled by a glacier a few ice ages ago? That might explain the seemingly split mountainous ridges in line with the mass being the remnant of the volcanoe cone taking into mind the eons of erosion? Most of the rest of the ancient volcano deeply buried beneath the sediment and spread over a much greater area.

  • Documentary Detective III

    I don’t get how we can map the titanic wreck at 12000ft depth in the North Atlantic but no one can or will send a submarine down to this thing at only 300ft in the Baltic Sea.

    • Christoffer Alcala
      Christoffer Alcala 8 hours ago

      It's almost as if there was multiple expeditions at a value of billions of dollars funding from around the world for the titanic VS/ one expedition with a small budget of 200k. Even if it is just volcanic rock, it would be pleasant to know what caused it to be there after all we don't know how the world looked in prehistory we can only speculate.
      The full sonar map definitely shows promise however humans only focus on a quick answer nowadays because we think we have already discovered everything there is, while also blatantly stating that we don't have a proper map for the sea floor.... So that's just pride before ignorance.

    • Bryan Rector
      Bryan Rector Month ago


    • VeryOnlineGuy
      VeryOnlineGuy Month ago

      ​@Christian Graces You're absolutely right. A lot of people don't realize that the Titanic was only found because of an initial search for Soviet subs.

    • fractuss
      fractuss Month ago +1

      @Confused world passenger Actually it is just a rock, although maybe an interesting one. There are lots of interesting rocks on dry land that are easier to study.

  • M Egret
    M Egret Month ago +31

    My thought was, is it a geo polymer monument commemorating an event even earlier. The last time the Baltic Sea floor was above the surface was about 12,000 years ago when the ice melted and sea levels came up. The “fairy ring” makes me think later generations came to honour the gods or the ones associated with the original object symbolised

  • PK
    PK Month ago +3

    It is definitely a crash site and it looks like some people are trying to cover it up. That is why you are getting death threats. Keep on pushing don't give up!!

  • Matthew ShalZ
    Matthew ShalZ Month ago +13

    The spirit of adventure lives in these individuals and I hope they continue the search. The world has become a boring place, and we need more adventures like Dennis and Peter. I believe they stumbled upon something for sure, and even if its never reveled, we need these mystery's of the unknown in our lives to keep wonder alive!

  • path finder discovery
    path finder discovery 28 days ago

    Loved this documentary, I believe in your work , an keep going guys , good luck an be safe , we look forward to your findings , I can’t help but wonder as you do , an when u ready to go back , go Boldly!! Don’t let the negativity of others influence your choices an your plans , this object an it’s surroundings, this is very interesting an we as a people would like to keep going with you on this discovery , hold your head up high an god bless your work , stay safe divers an crew , all of you I can’t wait to see what you find out bout this , see ya soon , I’ll be lookn for an uodate

  • David Petty
    David Petty Month ago +49

    I would lay money on it being geological, but I think taking a core is appropriate. It would be interesting if nothing else.

    • David Poole
      David Poole Month ago

      @Hans-Dieter Krebs yeah, but so is everyone\thing non-american to America. USA, I mean. The society, not necessarily the people of course.

    • Hans-Dieter Krebs
      Hans-Dieter Krebs Month ago

      @clownin dan 😞😒 👽 😧😎
      ET IS Alien.. Hmm.. Yeah can be!

    • clownin dan
      clownin dan Month ago

      It's aliens

    • Tyler Campbell
      Tyler Campbell Month ago +4

      Taking a core doesn't necessarily say whether it is natural or not.
      The question is did a civilization lost to time, try to make something out of it.
      This world is built on the rubble of many worlds before ours.
      I firmly believe there is nothing new under the Sun, after reading so many things our ancients have to say on the matter of history, life, and death.

  • Michael P Cooksey
    Michael P Cooksey Month ago +14

    Outstanding perseverance. It looks to me like what you need is a technology on the cutting edge. Maybe something not yet created. Or ... perhaps enlisting the interest of something like the Cousteau deep diving sub. They of course would need funding ... so perhaps another diving project could be piggybacked? Keep going if you can. Thank you for the work. I hope other treasure hunting projects can keep you in groceries etc. The on line threats need to be given to authorities who can track internet crime. Hope you have done that. Start the day on the knees and leave it in the hands of our loving Lord. Then have peace ... and see what he will come up with ... or not ... Keep alert, let go.

    • Debbie Wilson PhD
      Debbie Wilson PhD Month ago

      @Manuel Not to soft when tearing and shredding
      our hearts in a million pieces Bro! Enough is Enough!

    • Manuel
      Manuel Month ago +1

      I see your point. Didn't think of the soft silt.

    • Michael P Cooksey
      Michael P Cooksey Month ago +1

      @Manuel You might be right, but the problem I see with their ROV was its tendency to stir up the fine bottom silt, cloud the water, and make photos blurry. Perhaps there is a different style of ROV that only uses rear drive and a vertically aligned L-R movement blade ... along with controllable UP/Down wing dive planes.

    • Manuel
      Manuel Month ago

      An ROV would do

  • Christopher Rose
    Christopher Rose Month ago +14

    Seems likely a man-made structure, possibly some sort of pedestal for worship purposes, and it possibly slipped in the Baltic centuries ago. More information about the history of the area would help.

    • Jim Crawford
      Jim Crawford Month ago

      @Christopher Rose
      Or not

    • Jennie Rigby
      Jennie Rigby Month ago

      @Christopher Rose the water pressure of the sea surrounding the ‘tube’ would make this implausible.

    • Christopher Rose
      Christopher Rose Month ago +5

      It would be interesting if there was a way to build a tube around the object, just a few meters in diameter larger than the object itself, and then to pump out the water so that people could use a ladder or stairs to climb down to the object to examine it directly. Technologically speaking, this isn't necessarily impossible, just considerably difficult. However, it could also be the discovery of the millennium.

    • cat terrell
      cat terrell Month ago

      First thing I thought

  • Ominous Dark Realms

    Thank you for doing what you did. That square with the circle in it definitely raised my eye brows

  • prema rose
    prema rose Month ago

    I love the end. Can meteorites make lava piles? Maybe the underwater mountain had people living there at the time of the creation of the structure that could prove the discovery of a society that is buried by sediment like Pompeii.

  • Brown Hermit
    Brown Hermit Month ago +6

    Very tantalizing, indeed! Hope you dive again and share it with us. Thanks for a great video!


    It’s probably from an ancient civilisation. It could be a representation of a flying disc. The weirdest thing is, it’s exactly the same shape as the millennium falcon.

  • #Artzi_IP#
    #Artzi_IP# 4 days ago +2

    ocean X team really has to get this search done ! it is the find of a lifetime and it could change so many things in our world, if it is a rock then it is, but what if it isnt ? only way to find out is to get enough money to make this search go to the finish line ! big thumbs up to ocean X team !!

  • Jonah Masson
    Jonah Masson Month ago +9

    Was looking for more information on this anomaly! Thank you for the video!

    • Karl Dickson
      Karl Dickson Month ago

      @George Hollingsworth Do you just write this same message all day on every comment asking for an update. You been down there to have a look.

    • George Hollingsworth
      George Hollingsworth Month ago

      Look under Baltic Sea Anomaly. It is a natural rock formation.

  • FictionOrFact
    FictionOrFact 10 days ago +1

    agree, crash site, vessel maybe covered with stone to preserve it. thanks for the documentation, i would love to see progress on it. thanks for sharing

  • James Maxwell
    James Maxwell Month ago +5

    with all the thoughts expressed about this strange item you know that various governments have more than likely sent units out to examine the structure. From the USA, Russia, China and who know who else might have tried to examine and map this item. We will probably never
    really know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW this item came into being. But the
    question raised will always keep people interested along with the crazies who speculate various theories about its formation. All I can say is GOOD LUCK and be safe in your quest.

    • ruby howard
      ruby howard Month ago +2

      And don’t give up no matter who doubts and ridicule you. A lot of that is simply jealousy. Most of those that ridicule would give their right arm and leg to be a part of studying The Anomaly. I know I would. Don’t give up Peter.

  • MrTryAnotherOne
    MrTryAnotherOne Month ago +2

    I don't understand why there hasn't been a full fledged scientific expedition to this site by now!!

  • Luís Maciel Costa
    Luís Maciel Costa Month ago +6

    WHen I was a kid, there was a really good cartoon about a mezoamerican civilization that had an airship made of stone. Probably the Olmecs, a mysterious civilization that came before the mayans and built pyramids and had those famous longer skulls. That's what this reminds me. Maybe it's a piece of meteorite polished by the water for milleniums, I would love to know. If it was man made it would change history and explain phenomenons like the nazca lines and the "mayan astronaut". Either way I don't understand why someone would threat the poor man and his family.

    • Went Hulk
      Went Hulk Month ago

      I think it’s related to greed

  • Jason B
    Jason B Month ago +1

    If it is just a volcanic geological anomaly, it's shape certainly is intriguing - on par with the Japanese undersea anomaly

  • Takingout thetrash
    Takingout thetrash Month ago +25

    deep diving is something i will never do. im am just absolutely terrified of being at the bottom of dark water. i feel like something big ugly and sinister is just right there looking at me. i already feel "not safe" watching people diving

    • noth606
      noth606 Month ago

      this wasn't that deep, but the way to do this or other risky things is to accept the fair risk of it going bad. I used to dive and do risky things, until I got hurt enough that I can't anymore, funnily enough I got hurt in the toilet at home... I slipped and fell backwards against the edge of the toilet seat breaking art of my spine... Before that I did lots of risky things, including diving, working with explosives, special forces in the army etc. And after all that I hurt myself at home heh.

  • Indonesian Language For English Speakers

    They are heroes for our knowledge. They deserve gratitude from all of us.

  • Ga Mtn Girl
    Ga Mtn Girl Month ago +4

    This was not ready for a documentary. They also made a bad mistake telling the world about the initial find. This work is extremely important.

  • Holland Hollywood
    Holland Hollywood Month ago +16

    This thing was discovered a long time ago (old news) I really thought this documentary was forthcoming with facts/admissions as to what it is.

  • sid balloon
    sid balloon Month ago +1

    I really enjoyed the documentary , very interesting, I wish you all the luck on earth that you can find the answers to it being there, It is obviously something that matters to someone, because whenever you get close to finding true answers the vermin climb out of the closet and start to close it down, first with media ridicule and then personal threats, I hope you can keep going with the project............

  • Jules Verne
    Jules Verne Month ago

    I think if glaciers put this rock there then there would be others there with it. Some of the shapes seem man made on the stone. The whole thing is very interesting. Even if it is all natural it still must have been a crazy even to have put it there.

  • Johnny Rodriguez
    Johnny Rodriguez Month ago +5

    What if the volcanic stone is a form of heat shield ? Much like the shuttle space craft. It's a much to drill into it to find out once and for all.

    • Amy Taylor
      Amy Taylor Month ago +1

      Hello there👋👋,how are you doing today?hope all is good 😊. God bless you!!!❤

  • David
    David Month ago +1

    Since this is not a new discovery, somebody knows exactly what it is. Unfortunately, the rest of us will never know.

  • dale kosak
    dale kosak Month ago +17

    As much as I hope it is a UFO and how exciting that would be, it is probably a natural formation.

    • harry walker
      harry walker Month ago +1

      nan madol. find a vid on that..the natives say the basalt,granite blocks were cut & flown, to where they are now, from a volcanic mountain top..

    • Paavo Bergmann
      Paavo Bergmann Month ago +2

      Yes, but even if, it´s super weird and interesting. I was thinking extremely old ingneous rock intrusions, eroded free by the glaciers. Could be ancient mantle material. Could give us a hint how the very first continents formed (some parts of the baltic are among the most encient rocks we know). Could be any number of interesting things.

  • Henry DeShazo
    Henry DeShazo Month ago +45

    This all happened nearly over a decade ago. I'm astonished that there's not a part two or maybe there is and I just have to subscribe to Timeline to see more?

    • George Hollingsworth
      George Hollingsworth Month ago +1

      It has been one hundred percent identified as a rock formation.

    • Paavo Bergmann
      Paavo Bergmann Month ago +2

      @Rudy Topo That was a faceplant, mate. :D
      Although, I confess, I took geology lectures only in my minor subject of paleontology.
      So, what area of research did you publish in, colleague? Or did you really just bark up a random wrong tree?
      Believe it or not, scientists do have spare time. And sometimes, they are just interested in stuff. But what do I know. You obviously know so much better where the materials and knowledge came from to develop the device you use for randomly insulting people without knowing how it works. Human progress, I guess.

    • Paavo Bergmann
      Paavo Bergmann Month ago +2

      @Rudy Topo Do you know how much we know and what we have because people studied interesting rocks? Oil, for example. Platinum mines. Rare earth minerals for microchips. safe locations for bridges and tunnels......and, and, and....

    • Rudy Topo
      Rudy Topo Month ago

      @ElectricMania lmao keep thinking about them rocks.

  • The Chillclubkids Sport

    You guys are Heroes! Soldiers!
    Grateful for the curiosity throughtout the process! In Asian youtuber also talked about OceanX this project! Hope you guys can finally have government or some countries to support your finding!

  • risingsun49
    risingsun49 Month ago

    It looks like a ship or ancient building and many feel the same way. It also looks Ancient. I wish I could drive to go see it.

  • Anja Venter
    Anja Venter Month ago +5

    Could still be man made structure made with volcanic rock that slid from the mountain after an earthquake(or landslide) to form the "crash site scene". In ancient times people use to make statues for their gods and this could be natural rock shaped by man to symbolize a god.

  • tobyjo57
    tobyjo57 5 days ago

    Someone wanted to hide the real truth it seems. I wish those guys had completed the task it could have been the biggest thing ever. At least they know in their hearts that they actualy found something. Good on ya guys andthanks for sharing it with us. Gods Speed and Blessings

    DEATHPROOFBUM 01 Month ago +11

    This is a very good update to the baltic sea mystery, the 3D imaging certainly outlines a crashsite, however, countries would rather spend our tax money on the Ukrane war, than investigate or be honest about unknown stuctures above or below sea level.

    • Nomadic Lapse
      Nomadic Lapse Month ago

      @Francisco Salinas I wouldn't. We fought a world war to stop nazis not so long ago and you want to assist them now?

    • Genirc
      Genirc Month ago +3

      @Francisco Salinas I second this

    • Francisco Salinas
      Francisco Salinas Month ago +3

      Yes... I would rather see money spent to help the Ukrainian people keep their sovereignty by defeating the Russian military.

  • Orions Descendent
    Orions Descendent Month ago +10

    It would be interesting to do a core sample using a borehole

    • Jeff Miller
      Jeff Miller Month ago

      That might let the ALIENS out and you absolutely don't want that to happen!!!

    • Nelson Club
      Nelson Club Month ago

      I'm sure they haven't thought of that.

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    Deborah Hoover Month ago +3

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    • Jamie Hancock
      Jamie Hancock Month ago +1

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    Joe Ceonnia Month ago

    Why would people threaten this team of expert
    Underwater explorer’s. I hope they get what they need to bring this thing up, because it’s the challenge of it…good luck Peter & Crew

  • Donald Hetterscheid
    Donald Hetterscheid Month ago +11

    The Pyramids and Stonehenge are just rocks, too.

  • bob valliquet
    bob valliquet Month ago +30

    I hope that they find out without question what this anomaly is before I die!! It's been a wonder forever it feels like

  • Prince Solomon
    Prince Solomon Month ago +6

    0:52 looks just like the Ebon Hawk from the video game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, but the ship was lost a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.
    No seriously, this anomaly is fascinating. Is it natural? An artificial object? Is it the remains of a past civilization that got wiped out in the cycle of cataclysms every 12,000 years? So many questions, extremely few answers unfortunately.

  • Christine Laughlin
    Christine Laughlin Month ago

    Keep searching. Hopefully someone with means will assist you with equipment to get down there and clear it up to get to base. I believe it too is a crash sight ! Praying you and yours stay safe . God Bless you. Thank you for sharing. 🙏

  • The unknown woman Channel

    Truly a better thought of wondering what this may be is much better than what is going on these days.. I’d rather find out what this ! In the Baltic Sea😀

  • mel hedderson
    mel hedderson Month ago +1

    There is a lot more to this than rocks. Keep your chin up and keep going. We believe in you guys!

  • Thomas Pearce
    Thomas Pearce Month ago +15

    Lots of digital footprints left behind to find who was threatening them.

    • Odette Doucet
      Odette Doucet Month ago +2

      What with the threats? People are very jealous or just want the attention for them. Very common these days

  • Sonny Styen
    Sonny Styen Month ago +4

    What if the black stuff is actually melted rock from the pile before it. What if it's not volcanic rock but maybe just melted rock from that thing crashing through the mountain at a high rate of speed

  • Ragael
    Ragael Month ago +4

    here's a question:
    since it looks to be made of molten rock, perfect in shape, as if man-made...
    what if when it crashed, going through that mountain at such speed, the hull would had been so hot at re-entry that the rocks from said mountain with the environment elements simply melted onto its form? stupid idea, but heck, i just had to throw it out there.

    • Charlie Britting
      Charlie Britting Month ago

      I think that can definitely happen I think it’s definitely a crash site

  • Debra Papen
    Debra Papen Month ago +1

    Stay strong! I believe you have found something extraordinary , the negative powers that be are trying to cover it up

  • Andrew Sock 🧦
    Andrew Sock 🧦 Month ago +2

    Maybe it’s a kimberlite pike and you have diamonds around the edges giving a strong signal like steel . The missing parts may suggest that it has already been tested by prospectors.

  • Dean Albenze
    Dean Albenze Month ago +2

    Reminds me of the molten type material that fell onto a fishing ship as they observed a UFO incident off the coast of the US.

  • James Evans
    James Evans Month ago +8

    Astonishing . . . This Is The First Time I Have I Have Heard Of The Second Unknown Object Down There, And The Second Line, Which Looks Like A Crash Skid Line On The Bottom Of The Ocean In The Mud . . .
    I Hope That They Can Figure Out What Exactly Those 2 Objects Are ?

    • Paavo Bergmann
      Paavo Bergmann Month ago +3

      Yes. It could also be a crack in the bedrock, filled with super old volcanic rock. Would also be extremely interesting.

  • Petr Skupa
    Petr Skupa Month ago +1

    I hope it will be clarified.
    Whether it is Mature made or man made the object is interesting enough to warrant some attention and study.

  • TwoTen Slim
    TwoTen Slim Month ago

    The simple fact is that no one knows what the anomaly is. Just because some skeptic with a degree says it's rocks don't make it so. I commend those gentlemen for having an open mind and pursuing this project with faith and passion to unveil what could be the greatest discovery of mankind.

  • Andrew Havidic
    Andrew Havidic Month ago +1

    It looks like a crash site or a mined out mountain to another location structure that was built from it. This is too extreme but perhaps not, considering altogether what this world can do.

  • jbsmith966
    jbsmith966 Month ago +5

    it is a rock formation that by an astounding coincidence looks like an imaginary spaceship from a popular sci-fi movie series.

    • Michael Hards
      Michael Hards Month ago

      Sci Fi has gotten alot of things right you know......however I'm not saying this particular event is an example!

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante Month ago

    39:59 I have these exact thoughts about many ancient structures. Where it looks like they've shaped hot lava.