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Is this chemistry…❤️


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  • angelina 🌙
    angelina 🌙 Month ago +23824

    dude has a crush on himself 💀

    • Apollos Amistoso
      Apollos Amistoso Month ago +119

      never been related so far

    • Foxxy
      Foxxy Month ago +109

      As he should 😏

    • angelina 🌙
      angelina 🌙 Month ago +124

      @Foxxy self love is the best love

    • Koalas
      Koalas Month ago +141

      ​@angelina 🌙 unless you become to narcissistic

    • kindakevin
      kindakevin Month ago +7


  • Fallen
    Fallen Month ago +2048

    Bro took self love to another level 💀

  • Elysabeth Mantha
    Elysabeth Mantha Month ago +3923

    This dude is a nurse, a tutor, a barista, everybody’s best friend and now he’s a student. Tf?

    • Elia
      Elia Month ago +225

      He goes to Jonny Sins university

    • Coraline Angeles
      Coraline Angeles Month ago +38

      Honestly more like a student studying doctrine, working part-time job as a barista, part time tutor and is quite popular

    • JFF Stick
      JFF Stick Month ago +18

      @Coraline Angeles why you got to make stuff actually make sense

    • Coraline Angeles
      Coraline Angeles Month ago +5

      @JFF Stick it's called common sense my dear which many people don't have nowadays 🌸

    • Maximus Attard
      Maximus Attard Month ago +2

      ​@Coraline Angeles Literally me tho, not sure why ppl dont know that you can work part time as a barista in school 😭

  • Jairo Bustos
    Jairo Bustos Month ago +7741

    Has a digital pen, puts it in mouth, scrolls with fingers. . .

    • mahum
      mahum Month ago +64

      lmao this is so funyn

    • Fikri Hanim
      Fikri Hanim Month ago +89

      if you put that pen on the screen when using note apps, it writes.
      you have to scroll using finger.

    • Jairo Bustos
      Jairo Bustos Month ago +22

      @Fikri Hanim don’t know if it’s equally cringe or less, knowing he could’ve just used his left hand if that’s the case, cringe regardless

    • CRØSS
      CRØSS Month ago +16

      @Jairo Bustos who tf scrolls with a pen it’s more natural to scroll using your fingers and a lot easier stop hating my guy 😂

    • mahum
      mahum Month ago +13

      @Jairo Bustos its a thirst trap of course itll be cringe

  • Jaile Litaker
    Jaile Litaker Day ago

    I’m convinced their entire friend group is polygamous and I’m here for it

    SHITAL SINGH SAMANTA 24 days ago +70

    The boy owns every job exists in the world☠️😂

  • Kunchok Palsang
    Kunchok Palsang Month ago +9455

    Bro loves himself way to much💀💀💀

  • Violet
    Violet Month ago +91

    Sometimes you can tell when someone is too into themselves. There’s difference between confidence and just flat out baiting for compliments.

  • Meena Devi
    Meena Devi 2 months ago +35375

    I suddenly want to be his patient 😂😂😂😂😂

  • MokuTom
    MokuTom Month ago +66

    "please film me posing like a fckboi"

  • Ellen McDaniel
    Ellen McDaniel Month ago

    Just make sure if you study chemistry together, you as a female actually study instead of drooling over him the whole time..and don't bribe him to do all the chemistry homework for you. 🙄😬😅

  • Alex_2004
    Alex_2004 2 months ago +12987

    Wow such natural movements, not staged at all 🗿

    • Upstart5228
      Upstart5228 Month ago +47


    • Lili Poet
      Lili Poet Month ago +168

      Thanks for representing half the world

    • Aron Plays
      Aron Plays Month ago +35

      Wdym. This is how we act.

    • MRF's Inc.
      MRF's Inc. Month ago +20

      If u ugly just say it😂

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense Month ago +146

      Its pretty cringe considering its the dude's tiktok/youtube account too

  • khiwan
    khiwan 9 days ago +1

    There is a limit of self love
    This guy: I don't think so

  • Tihar Gurung
    Tihar Gurung 8 days ago +1

    Did y'all notice that he actually has a digital pen, he puts it in his mouth and scrolls with his✨Fingers✨
    Wow! What a logic!👏
    French kiss!

  • Crow Of Judgement
    Crow Of Judgement Month ago +2477

    Ah yes definitely a normal and natural human interaction, nothing planned here at all🗿

    • saranya_blink
      saranya_blink Month ago +2

      184 likes and zero comments let me fix that..

    • Crow Of Judgement
      Crow Of Judgement Month ago +3

      @saranya_blink no you ruined it😭jk jk🗿

    • saranya_blink
      saranya_blink Month ago +1

      @Crow Of Judgement no just fixed😏😏

    • saranya_blink
      saranya_blink Month ago +1

      @Crow Of Judgement your user name tho...

    • Crow Of Judgement
      Crow Of Judgement Month ago +2

      @saranya_blink it is because I am judging you... And judging everyone for I'm the crow who judges🗿😅

  • ĐŒŁĹ
    ĐŒŁĹ Month ago +1

    This is example of "love yourself" well it's good though....everyone should love themselves

  • Isabel Taqueira
    Isabel Taqueira 9 days ago

    The guy lives in his own drama

  • Lunar kun
    Lunar kun Month ago +4317

    He came straight out of wattpad 💀

  • Brudduhz
    Brudduhz Month ago

    “Omg he looks so handsome when hes working 🤭🤭”
    “How can I get this drug lord’s life sentence down to community service?”

  • Big C
    Big C Month ago +3

    He has more makeup than she does 😂

  • Fart Goober Monkey
    Fart Goober Monkey Month ago

    I'm not gay but that dude looking hansom asf. I'm jealous. Only if dude lifted more. He would look like a god.

  • 𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚔𝚘
    𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚔𝚘 2 months ago +19669

    He's a tutor, he's a lab partner, he's everywhere

    • ak
      ak 2 months ago +115


    • _ime_
      _ime_ 2 months ago +66

      So turu😩 #hardworkingboy

    • Neda 
      Neda  2 months ago +563

      Almost like a certain plumber, astronaut, firefighter, and doctor I know…

    • CR7
      CR7 2 months ago +150

      Another version of Jonny sins 😂

    • Starlight 💫
      Starlight 💫 2 months ago +19

      @Neda lmao 😭😭

  • Malachi Thurston
    Malachi Thurston 5 days ago +1

    Wowwwwww bru his smile at the end😊

  • DeepFried Banana
    DeepFried Banana 7 days ago

    Bro got no one loving him so he did it himself 💀

  • ne_pharos
    ne_pharos 2 months ago +5394

    Bro just awkwardly smiled at the camera like “girl, why you videotaping me?”💀😭🤣

    • Sitting Duck
      Sitting Duck 2 months ago +125

      They're both actors. I've seen this dude in other similar videos

    • Monumental Sin
      Monumental Sin 2 months ago +21

      "I hope she isn't thinking I'm creeping and gonna cancel me"

    • bobolinkr
      bobolinkr 2 months ago +10

      Video tape 😂😂😂

    • L.L.Y.S
      L.L.Y.S 2 months ago +8

      Oh but if they record a girl! It’s not ok. Hypocrisy!

    • AfricanPrincessofKingJesus
      AfricanPrincessofKingJesus 2 months ago +1

      @bobolinkr hey we’re old school😂

  • Baddest on the 🌎 planet

    Girllllllll!!!!! I would be letting it be obvious I’m looking at him the whole time! He fine fine

  • Shayne Rousseau Desmarais

    Why do all asian people have such a beautiful face damm they have secret of their own

    • Edison Lim
      Edison Lim Month ago

      Bruh you haven’t seen mine lmao

  • A proud staytiny🖤
    A proud staytiny🖤 2 months ago +2786

    Having her y/n moment

  • Chris
    Chris 27 days ago +2

    Yeah he's good looking for sure

  • Dr. Mudabbar
    Dr. Mudabbar Month ago +4

    That's cardiology. He's looking at the physiology of the cardiovascular system.

    • Biggrip901 Grip
      Biggrip901 Grip 29 days ago

      Explaining how the ventricles respond during a cardiac arrest😂😂😂

  • yo bruh
    yo bruh 2 months ago +1496

    He totally knows what he's doing😂

    • MVRM M-N
      MVRM M-N 2 months ago +7


    • 팝
       2 months ago +32

      Why he biting in that pen while using only one hand😂😂

    • Kavita.S
      Kavita.S 2 months ago

      ​@팝 😏

    • Noone
      Noone 2 months ago +2

      But when a girl wear booty shorts and a guy says she totally knows what shes doing… thats wrong huh🤣

  • Roccoon
    Roccoon Month ago

    “Hey hey can you film me for a tiktok video?
    “Sure. What’s it about?”
    “Oh, just how hot I am :)”
    Is how I imagined this conversation going. Must’ve been awkward

  • I will find you 376
    I will find you 376 Month ago +1

    Bros has that lightskin stare💀

  • Meap
    Meap 2 months ago +2006

    When you start feeling chemistry in the chemistry lab..

    • Shadow
      Shadow 2 months ago +31

      its gonna blow'

    • Nsioge Mbole
      Nsioge Mbole 2 months ago +10

      @Shadow this comment is underrated 😂

    • Handsome Griz
      Handsome Griz 2 months ago +3

      and the chinaman kidnaps your can for his parents Chinese restaurant 🤣🤣🤣

    • forLife Game
      forLife Game 2 months ago

      @Shadow That's a great one

  • Wawa Wu
    Wawa Wu Month ago

    He looks like those Main lead character that that the author would pair the MC with in those very inaccurate mafia novels.

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker 27 days ago

    He looks softer than a bad of marshmallows

  • dog's and Stitch forever  😘
    dog's and Stitch forever 😘 2 months ago +2393

    I wish it was my lab partner he's so fine

  • Jack Webb
    Jack Webb Month ago

    This dude could be a model for either gender 😂

  • Stay4ever
    Stay4ever 2 months ago +4086

    Tbh imagine just telling ur friend “ can u record me and pretend u have a crush on me?”
    Edit:damn didn’t know this would get too far

  • ruff
    ruff 27 days ago

    she better be on a payroll at this point

  • D Sandoval
    D Sandoval Month ago +7

    The guy probably spends more time in front of the mirror than the girl.

  • Navya Shukla
    Navya Shukla 2 months ago +1317

    He's literally a pretty boy😭😭

    • Baka .
      Baka . 2 months ago +18

      English ain't englishing

    • MÏKLY
      MÏKLY 2 months ago +8

      ⟟ don’t understand stand the comments of “words aren’t wording”
      But slay💅💅

    • Himanshu Agarwal
      Himanshu Agarwal 2 months ago +17

      Might be she was a girl... Just saying looking at facial features

    • shinichi kudo
      shinichi kudo 2 months ago +2


    • Compton
      Compton 2 months ago +9

      Boy 💀

  • Beluwuga
    Beluwuga Month ago +1

    And she has a boyfriend 💀....
    The lab partner she told u not to worry about ....

  • hobarmou
    hobarmou 13 days ago

    he's everywhere

  • Shree Soni
    Shree Soni 2 months ago +3128

    Is this chemistry???
    Me as a biology student:- Nah girl that's biology...!
    Edit- omg! 2k likes less gooo!!

  • Robin Tv
    Robin Tv Month ago

    Remember: cringe is the best job in internet.

  • Sudipa Das
    Sudipa Das 2 months ago +6650

    I didn't expect yoora to be here. That's so cool.😊💗

    • Jessica Irfan
      Jessica Irfan 2 months ago +43

      Is she really yoora??????????????

    • Sudipa Das
      Sudipa Das 2 months ago +9

      @Jessica Irfan Yess.

    • fly_nye
      fly_nye 2 months ago +6

      Who is yora

    • Sudipa Das
      Sudipa Das 2 months ago +8

      @fly_nye she is a youtuber.

  • *.HAMSTĘR.*
    *.HAMSTĘR.* Month ago +2

    better clean that apple pen bro 💀

  • CharleHoss214
    CharleHoss214 Month ago

    That's women 👏

  • Jihye Kim
    Jihye Kim 2 months ago +623

    This dude's everywhere being everything 😭

    • hwâng sârâ lix
      hwâng sârâ lix 2 months ago +1

      True man
      I saw as a tutor now lab assistant
      I mean what do they do
      "Hey come on record me and post it like I am your lab partner"😂

  • Tom May
    Tom May Day ago

    Wow that lab looks like an ‘authentic bakery’ 😂 amazing how some people earn a living…

  • Mishaal’s Creation

    Bro firstly its chemistry 😅❤. And bro he definitely has a crush on himself

  • I'm just vidu
    I'm just vidu 2 months ago +985

    My mind - She looks exactly like Yoora.
    Is that Yoora? She IS YOORA

    • ur mom
      ur mom 2 months ago +20

      Yeahhh i was like wait i know herr

    • Samaira Meghla
      Samaira Meghla 2 months ago +11

      I also thinking the same thing

    • Ko Thwe
      Ko Thwe 2 months ago

      legends know that is Emi Fukada

    • Nupur Chaudhary
      Nupur Chaudhary 2 months ago

      ​@Angel Sebastian she is yoora😂

    • Rocka 07
      Rocka 07 2 months ago

      she is asian

  • Collin
    Collin Month ago

    No you just ran into Chad. Every girl of your looks level experiences this

  • BL0BF13H
    BL0BF13H 2 days ago +1

    K-drama dude in real life-

  • ddfh5cbyfd
    ddfh5cbyfd 2 months ago +931

    I literally see him in every girl account saying my tutor is soo hot or my boss is so handsome and so on 😆

    • Ananya shalan
      Ananya shalan 2 months ago +2

      Can u please share some link of his...

    • 中村ぶおの
      中村ぶおの 2 months ago +10

      Asian Johnny Sins

    • CloudSky
      CloudSky 2 months ago +5

      I think you’re just confused cause i had the same thought and he’s actually just using the same account but it’s usually the girl’s pov lol

    • kettleborn
      kettleborn 18 days ago

      Those are actually all from his channel lmao.... I hate this dude with every fibre of my being

  • Gamer Alice
    Gamer Alice Month ago


  • k-pop fan
    k-pop fan Month ago +832

    This man is anywhere and everywhere 😭😭😭 real life barbie fr

    • cloudzack1090⛪️
      cloudzack1090⛪️ Month ago +1


    • k-pop fan
      k-pop fan Month ago +4

      @cloudzack1090⛪️ how you felt after commenting this : 😍😘😖🥵😉🤭🤩🥰😝😜🤪🥶

  • suzan asher
    suzan asher 9 hours ago

    ohhh damn girl i feel ya

  • Mike King
    Mike King Month ago +5

    Awww, she’s so cute I’m glad those two girls are getting along

  • 💜7 wonders💜
    💜7 wonders💜 2 months ago +1022

    He's like REAL Life Kdrama Man👀❤️🔥✨
    Edit : Thank u for likes..first time i get this much likes..👀❤️ im famousuee..💜

    • 我喜欢吃饺子
      我喜欢吃饺子 2 months ago +13

      Just because he’s Asian lmao. Literally be comparing every single East Asian acting so zesty to a kdrama. Yes Becky, he is a Kdrama man

    • Does_Lee_Know_Know?
      Does_Lee_Know_Know? 2 months ago +3

      ​@我喜欢吃饺子 slay

    • 我喜欢吃饺子
      我喜欢吃饺子 2 months ago +1

      @Does_Lee_Know_Know? Ơi trời ơi 💀

    • Does_Lee_Know_Know?
      Does_Lee_Know_Know? 2 months ago +1

      @我喜欢吃饺子 Google translated that cuz I don't speak viet 😎

    • 我喜欢吃饺子
      我喜欢吃饺子 2 months ago

      @Does_Lee_Know_Know? Uây uây uây uây
      Sao mới gặp lần đầu mà đầu mình quay quay
      Anh ơi anh à
      Anh bỏ bùa gì mà lại làm em yêu vậy
      Bae bae bae bae
      Em nói từ đầu baby can you stay
      Mai đi coi ngày
      Xem cưới ngày nào thì nhà mình đông con vậy
      Nếu như một câu nói có thể khiến anh vui
      Sẽ suốt ngày luôn nói không ngừng để anh cười
      Nếu em làm như thế trông em có hâm không (điên điên điên lắm)
      Đem ngay vô nhà thương đem ngay vô nhà thương
      Đem ngay vô nhà anh để thương
      Giây phút em gặp anh là em biết em see tình
      Tình tình tình tang tang tính tang
      Tình tình tình tang tang tang
      Giây phút em gặp anh là em biết em see tình
      Tình đừng tình toan toan tính toan
      Tình mình tình tang tang tang tình
      Yah yah
      Anh tính sao giờ đây anh tính sao
      Yah yah
      Anh tính sao giờ đây anh tính sao
      Tới đâu thì tới tới đâu thì tới
      Em cũng chẳng biết tới đâu (tới đâu)
      Nếu yêu là khó không yêu cũng khó
      Em cũng chẳng biết thế nào (thế nào thế nào)
      Hôm nay tia cực tím xuyên qua trời đêm (nhưng)
      Anh như tia cực hiếm xuyên ngay vào tim
      Ấy ấy ấy chết em rồi
      Ấy ấy chết thật thôi
      Nếu như một câu nói có thể khiến anh vui
      Nói thêm một câu nữa có khi khiến anh buồn
      Nếu em làm như thế trông em có hâm không (điên điên điên lắm)
      Đem ngay vô nhà thương đem ngay vô nhà thương
      Đem ngay vô nhà anh để thương
      Giây phút em gặp anh là em biết em see tình
      Tình tình tình tang tang tính tang
      Tình tình tình tang tang tang
      Giây phút em gặp anh là em biết em see tình
      Tình đừng tình toan toan tính toan
      Tình mình tình tang tang tang tình
      Yah yah
      Anh tính sao giờ đây anh tính sao
      Yah yah
      Anh tính sao giờ đây anh tính sao

  • The Forgotten
    The Forgotten 10 days ago

    Stay focused u gotta pass that exam 😂

  • Deejay
    Deejay Month ago +1

    I can smell his ego and narcissism from a mile away

  • JunePitsee
    JunePitsee 2 months ago +1679

    he deserves an oscar award

    • Your Father
      Your Father 2 months ago +19

      For what?

    • Fantasy Land
      Fantasy Land 2 months ago +6

      That's stupid like why cause he has good looks really

    • Liam Gulyas
      Liam Gulyas 2 months ago +11

      @Fantasy Land name if very fitting😅

  • Aldy Prayoga
    Aldy Prayoga Month ago

    he's looks like typical House-Husband, when the Wife goes to work

  • Lovely_Lizzie
    Lovely_Lizzie 3 days ago

    Don't forget to do your chemistry homework after class 😏

  • wuel
    wuel 2 months ago +931

    he should get an oscar

    • Hamim Yusuf
      Hamim Yusuf 2 months ago +6


    • Quirky Car Stuff
      Quirky Car Stuff 2 months ago +7

      He’s very successfully playing it very cool

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan 2 months ago +5

      That’s not how you get an Oscar

    • Farhan Awais
      Farhan Awais 2 months ago +2

      For... being hot? Gen Z be wildin'

    • Mustofa Akmal
      Mustofa Akmal 2 months ago +31

      ​@Farhan Awais Nah always find it silly with content like this, it's obvious he knows he's on camera. Why act like he didn't lol

  • hazzy
    hazzy Month ago

    Bro just trying to get a good grade and he got her recording him 😂

  • maxcfe
    maxcfe Month ago

    He probably had so many germs on his pen. Stronger immune system for biology 💪💪

  • NotJackie #JypeProtectStrayKids

    he looks like he could defo be the ml in a kdrama hes so cute omg

  • Avneet Sandhu
    Avneet Sandhu Month ago

    Ok not gonna lie, the guy is actually kinda fine tho

  • Abi Barbie
    Abi Barbie 13 days ago

    I would have a stank face during the whole interaction.

  • Kg gamer king
    Kg gamer king 2 months ago +307

    When you wanna life science because there's chemistry in biology 😂

  • Jacci S
    Jacci S Month ago

    That smile😌

  • BadHalo
    BadHalo Month ago +5

    if i hear this song again i'm crushing my pc

  • Mammoth Mammoth
    Mammoth Mammoth Month ago +2

    10/10 she's in it for his looks and money and nothing else

  • yg lover
    yg lover 2 months ago +436

    He's literally every tiktokers either tuition sir Or partner wtf

    • Rajshree Guha
      Rajshree Guha 2 months ago +6

      Man is tiktok's version of Johnny Sins.

  • Luvselenaa11#editor🤓

    Nah ,where’s his boyfriend?💀

  • Yami Yuto
    Yami Yuto 26 days ago

    คลิปนี้สนุกมากเลยครับ ขอให้พัฒนาต่อไปเรื่อยๆนะครับ❤

  • Quiet kid
    Quiet kid Month ago +365

    This guy is so multi talented.
    He was her coworker, best friend, random guy in nyc subway and now lab partner.
    Not staged at all 🙂

  • A TaE party with Some SuGa and Kookie

    After this vid :
    Le me : why god I'm single asf ?? Why can't Indians be like that ??

  • Darnell
    Darnell Month ago

    That's a beautiful man

  • Sayyidah Batrisyia
    Sayyidah Batrisyia 2 months ago +742

    I keep on repeating 'IS THAT YOORAAA!!!'

    • :3 z
      :3 z 2 months ago +1

      can u please tell me who yoora is?

    • Romanpreet Kaur
      Romanpreet Kaur 2 months ago

      Is that really her, I’m so confused😭😭😭

    • Romanpreet Kaur
      Romanpreet Kaur 2 months ago

      @:3 z she’s a youtuber, Yoora Jung

    • :3 z
      :3 z 2 months ago

      @Romanpreet Kaur oh ok ty

    • awkward geek
      awkward geek 2 months ago +1


  • Tea Sipper
    Tea Sipper Month ago +2

    Suddenly? Have you been recovering from an eye surgery when you’ve met him?

  • Rockboy Gamerz
    Rockboy Gamerz Month ago

    one moment of silence for them who dont know this is her BF

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee 2 months ago +354

    I said go for it, you both already have a shared interest in makeup!

    • J KING
      J KING 2 months ago +24

      Lmao savage

    • Epoch of An Era
      Epoch of An Era 2 months ago +10

      bro got to have female eyes to see that makeup

    • UN-MOL
      UN-MOL 2 months ago


    • 1iviaa
      1iviaa 2 months ago +1

      damn bro 💀💀

  • XxDerpy DoodleZ
    XxDerpy DoodleZ Month ago +3

    Is this chemistry?
    No, I think it’s biology 😅

  • h l
    h l Month ago

    You find his CANSASTE, i.e. his ability to take simple takes so seriously SEXEY. So 5hat means you really don’t have that much cansaste in your life.

  • JoanKSX
    JoanKSX 2 months ago +440

    He is really cute, and you too.
    All the best ;)

  • omar newell
    omar newell Month ago

    😂😂 She got weak she ain't gonna addmit it playing the long game

  • 3F
    3F 2 days ago

    Dude is prettier than my girl💀

  • KaleM 514
    KaleM 514 2 months ago +379

    They’re both beautiful looking💕

    • Ramses Ramses
      Ramses Ramses 2 months ago +4

      Nah only the guy

    • KaleM 514
      KaleM 514 2 months ago +2

      @Ramses Ramses Nah, I think you’re wrong.

    • Ramses Ramses
      Ramses Ramses 2 months ago +1

      @KaleM 514 nah im right the guy is definately more attractive....

    • KaleM 514
      KaleM 514 2 months ago +1

      @Ramses Ramses nah NOT my opinion in MY comment ,Ramses LOL and It’s spelled definitely 🙄

  • Crazy Nike
    Crazy Nike Month ago

    Bro thinks he’s griffith being zesty and straight at the same time lmfao

  • pj M
    pj M Month ago

    He is Cute ❤


    He definitely know what he is doing 🌝

    • 1 cans
      1 cans 2 months ago +1

      Maybe because it's his account

  • Andy
    Andy 28 days ago

    When he is prettier and looks more georgus than u

  • Durga Naveen
    Durga Naveen Month ago

    Bro is critical thinking while doing shopping online

  • Catherine Parker
    Catherine Parker Month ago +247

    this dude posts thirst traps of himself and gets away with it cause we all stan a webtoon bf 😭😭

    • Shroob
      Shroob Month ago +9

      degenerate behavior

  • idontloveyou🤭
    idontloveyou🤭 Month ago

    “is this chemistry?” naur it’s anatomy

  • Oliwia owedyk
    Oliwia owedyk Month ago +1

    Not the Apple Pencil in his mouth 💀