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Storing CO2 as Sea Shells?

  • Published on Aug 3, 2022 verรถffentlicht
  • I show you how to make CO2 out of sea shells
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  • Kono Veldora Da!
    Kono Veldora Da! 4 months ago +9261

    Guy: *So we can pass electricity and store excess CO2.*
    The Electricity Bills the next month:

    • Adam Wentworth
      Adam Wentworth 2 months ago +1

      Sola Powa

    • Rose
      Rose 3 months ago

      @The Nana France actually uses nuclear power for 70% of all their electricity I believe, theyโ€™re going pretty strong!

    • The Nana
      The Nana 3 months ago

      @Indeed๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆโ€โƒ  I never said that there was no country that used renewables, but that a significant portion of their power still comes from coal burning. What's stupid is calling me dumb for saying things I never said.
      Even 2% is still a significant amount of coal burning, albeit far lower than most countries that rely on coal burning for power.

    • Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin
      Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin 4 months ago

      Just out of curiosity, I checked how much energy we produce in Brazil that isn't hydroelectric and this is it (rounding because I'm lazy):
      - 61% - 100 MW - Hydroelectric
      - 9% - 16 MW - Wind
      - 8% - 15 MW - Biomass
      - 7% - 13 MW - Natural Gas
      - 5% - 9 MW - Petroleum
      - 2% - 4 MW - Mineral Coal
      - 1% - 2 MW - Solar (not counting private owners of solar kits for their homes)
      - 1% - 2 MW - Nuclear
      We still import 8 MW from other places and there are other 0.something% sources
      I had no idea we had so little solar. Probably private owners produce more solar than the electricity providers

    • Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin
      Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin 4 months ago

      @KeV In institute for energy research, most likely. As for the costs, the investment worthiness will depend from country to country. Brazil also has nuclear, but it's a tiny percentage because most of our energy is hydroelectric. In our case it's not really needed, although recent draughts forced us to turn on the expensive coal plants we maintain as a backup.
      So back into the topic, we don't really need nuclear, but a former leftist president sort of lobbied for us to invest in that, which would be a good thing if corruption wasn't everywhere and the building of the new reactors wouldn't take decades to complete spending more money in maintenance of half abandoned machinery than actual building...

  • Newtybot
    Newtybot 4 months ago +3738

    Are you telling me we might be living in a timeline where giant recreational seashells are grown on beaches to fight climate change

    • bruce haslitt
      bruce haslitt 2 months ago

      I can so imagine some company making sea shell homes. I know of 3d printed homes just think of 3d printed homes made of sea shell that look like giant sea shells. the Atlantic jokes that could be made are perfect

    • Newtybot
      Newtybot 2 months ago

      @blank shut up
      For the love of god shut up

    • blank
      blank 2 months ago


    • r p
      r p 2 months ago

      @FAB1150 Once we have all or at least most power generated with a carbon neutral it would be better using those resources to reduce any further emissions.

    • Asriel Dreemurr
      Asriel Dreemurr 3 months ago

      @Max Oakland Dude thinks electricity is only created through methods in which co2 is produced ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • genraldat
    genraldat 4 months ago +5936

    new super villian will plot to dump vinegar on all the beaches of the world

    • itoibo
      itoibo 2 months ago


    • Jubulus Prime
      Jubulus Prime 3 months ago

      Didn't Condement King try that?

    • Nalin Sagar
      Nalin Sagar 3 months ago

      Tbh that Sounds more like something doofenshmitrz would actually do to rule the tri-state area๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Jason
      Jason 3 months ago +1

      Nah, a super villain would force everyone to buy electric cars because โ€œitโ€™s good for the planetโ€ while at the same time not allowing nuclear power plants and forcing that electricity to be generated with fossil fuels

    • This_Is_Japes
      This_Is_Japes 3 months ago

      @My name is Marko plants and algae can get full you know. It's likely asking them to eat that multiplying cake scp.

  • Bryan Donohue
    Bryan Donohue 4 months ago +1621

    This makes so much sense, I'm hollow and get crushed a lot, which leads to a lot of gas

    • Terabit3
      Terabit3 3 months ago +1

      Hol up

    • budz
      budz 3 months ago

      @Aur ๐Ÿ™„

    • Aur
      Aur 3 months ago

      @budz no it comes from inside it, howd you not know

    • sankmental09 _
      sankmental09 _ 4 months ago

      @budz perfect

    • Bryan Dodson
      Bryan Dodson 4 months ago +1

      Hello Bryan.

  • the dude
    the dude 4 months ago +307

    *stores co2 to reduce climate change*
    50 years later: "Folks, we have a storage problem"

    • Scott Griffith
      Scott Griffith 2 months ago

      mix it with gravel for country roads.

    • TheDeadOfNight37
      TheDeadOfNight37 3 months ago

      Turn it into building material

    • Brobot317
      Brobot317 3 months ago

      Alright hear me out we squash them into little cubes make big cubes somewhere then after many years of doing it we send it all into space and this can all be done by little cube robots that run on I don't know solar power !!! It's name shall be Wall-P for "we'll actually leave less problems" ๐Ÿคฃ

    • Rip Van Winkle
      Rip Van Winkle 3 months ago

      Just make the backrooms

    • Mohamed Kashwani
      Mohamed Kashwani 3 months ago

      Build your houses from seashells

  • F3Rari
    F3Rari 4 months ago +105

    โ€œWe can reduce emissions by making seashells!!โ€ The ocean be like no shit Iโ€™ve been doing that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคก

  • Springtrap exe
    Springtrap exe 4 months ago +39

    Tabby is a concrete created mostly with crushed sea shells , with amazing insolation qualities and strength, we could turn the CO2 sink of the ocean into limitless building material

    • AutoFirePad
      AutoFirePad 3 months ago

      Calculate the energy and emissions in the process of making that concrete.

    • kairu aname
      kairu aname 4 months ago +1

      @Ferrum Ignis
      Insulation. Amazing what some context clues do for you

    • Lori Cochran
      Lori Cochran 4 months ago

      We should think about this kinda shit.

    • Lori Cochran
      Lori Cochran 4 months ago +1

      @Mike Pluma Finite yes, but. What will run out first, currently to me it seems to be water, but cycling can differ depending. So say it is worrying we have x amount if we preserve what we have maximum, we may preserve are minimums? Obvious. So.

    • Mike Pluma
      Mike Pluma 4 months ago


  • Chuck & Sarah Bartowski
    Chuck & Sarah Bartowski 4 months ago +15

    Scientists: Turn co2 too seashells
    Military: breathe in a bit of co2 as itโ€™s turning to seashells, now itโ€™s a weapon of death that can cut your lungs every time you breathe.

    • Combine Watermelon
      Combine Watermelon 3 months ago +1

      Honestly wouldn't have a problem with this if it was deployed against communists

    • Mandi Mystic
      Mandi Mystic 3 months ago

      That leap tho

    • Lynn
      Lynn 4 months ago +2

      wait, you need to explain that more

  • xxMrPHDxx
    xxMrPHDxx 4 months ago +19

    "I want to become sea shells too"
    - Carbon Monoxide

  • Hayden Inch
    Hayden Inch 2 months ago +1

    Is this limited to small fragments of seashell or could it be used as a structural material or as plates and bowls?

  • MrTatertot69
    MrTatertot69 4 months ago

    Neat idea thank you for the time you put into the research

  • A Google User
    A Google User 2 months ago

    Please can you make a video about what we can all do, however small, to reduce our CO2 output, and or contribute more oxygen per house, and the maths behind how much difference this could actually make? I think we could be onto something big here.

  • Learnings in Life
    Learnings in Life 4 months ago +2

    This is already being done in many parts of the world . Some call it building artificial reefs.

  • AV0-CAD0
    AV0-CAD0 4 months ago

    You could also theoretically use the artificially created seashell/limestone material to make concrete- I think.

  • ShellNO
    ShellNO 4 months ago

    This is a thing that has happened for millions of years. Its referred to as the โ€˜biological pumpโ€™ and is part of the slow carbon cycle. The seashells eventually become part of carbonate rocks like limestone.

  • Re-Hong
    Re-Hong 4 months ago +339

    More homes for tiny creatures in the sea

    • Mandi Mystic
      Mandi Mystic 3 months ago

      @e h mother nature will turn it into Microplastics. We do not want that at all

    • e h
      e h 4 months ago +2

      @SubmarineMagnet yeah we need to mix in plastic as much as we can. So if it breaks down over time we can let mother nature take care of it.

    • SubmarineMagnet
      SubmarineMagnet 4 months ago

      @Marcus Hendriksen that's what I thought of as well.. maybe adding recycled plastic into the CO2 brick could add sufficient strength to it

    • Marcus Hendriksen
      Marcus Hendriksen 4 months ago +4

      @SubmarineMagnet you'd need something else in the mixture, I think. Coral (artificial or natural) is pretty weak stuff; I think the pressure difference would be too great for a house made of it to hold up

    • SubmarineMagnet
      SubmarineMagnet 4 months ago +20

      I guess that if this was produced in a wide-scale application, it won't be in the form of an actual shell, but rather a big slab of it.
      If they could make it into bricks to build underwater houses as artificial coral then that would be amazing

  • chisato nishikigi
    chisato nishikigi 4 months ago +2

    please someone get involved with this for the future to hopefully reduce co2 in the atmosphere

  • Millennium Gamer Yatharth
    Millennium Gamer Yatharth 4 months ago +100

    It's like the episode from Dr stone where he gets calcium carbonate

    • Eren Jรคeger
      Eren Jรคeger 2 months ago +1

      @Angarato True. My friend has to be his genetic son.

    • Angarato
      Angarato 4 months ago +1

      The protagonist of Dr.stone its the anime son of this guy

    • Sanzhila vanza Nabila
      Sanzhila vanza Nabila 4 months ago +1

      Omgash i was thinking the same thing!

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le 3 months ago +1

    Has anyone thought about controlling where the crystal forms to 3D print stuff out of seashells?

  • hellrazor117
    hellrazor117 4 months ago

    How long does it release CO2 for?
    I see this could be used as an CO2 supplement for an indoor garden.

  • Der Richtige Arzt
    Der Richtige Arzt 4 months ago

    Is producing the power required gonna produce more co2 along with other chemicals?
    If not, is this process fast and efficient enough to actually matter?
    If yes, why are we not doing it yet?

  • J-R
    J-R 4 months ago +18

    Man singlehandedly solved the carbon emission issue, expect your Nobel peace prize in the mail sometime next week in a couple decades.

    • lordjaashin
      lordjaashin 4 months ago

      or "two bullets in the back of your head" suicide
      CIA loves that stuff

  • Kilian Lindberg A G
    Kilian Lindberg A G 3 months ago

    And if we store it with some data-vibrations we can actually at the same time store data while solving the environmental climate issue, also I think thereโ€™s currency to get from sunlight and gravitational energy from surrounding planets and space things .. perhaps a better storage solution than a Bitcoin-blockchain-ledger. By the way, electric radiators thatโ€™s not a processor should not be allowed ๐Ÿ‘

  • Nick Boston
    Nick Boston 3 months ago

    I have strong doubts that this would work to fight climate change. The primary concern is how much CO2 is emitted from the electrical current to produce this result. This application we see here is particularly small, but on a grand scale it would use unbelievable amount of energy, thus negating any benefit.
    If green electricity were used, it would lessen the impact. However, we must consider that solar panels require rare earth metals, and require enormous amounts of fossil fuels to create, too. Wind isnโ€™t without its problems, too, as it can have harmful effects on the ecosystem in the surrounding area.
    At some point, we must realize that technology is what created this predicament. It is doubtful that technology will get us out of it. The only solution is to abstain from technology altogether.

  • Husam Mirie
    Husam Mirie 4 months ago

    Interesting. Could you make a video on this more explaining and practical experiment

  • Watchyojet
    Watchyojet 4 months ago +225

    Next thing you know Sallyโ€™s selling vinegar.

    • Asmaar56
      Asmaar56 3 months ago

      Lol nice one

    • fix
      fix 4 months ago +1

      sally sells vinegar by the seashore ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    • ล‚MentalDamageล‚ 47
      ล‚MentalDamageล‚ 47 4 months ago +1

      That took me a minute, ngl!

  • Vignesh Gopal
    Vignesh Gopal 4 months ago

    We use the same technique to protect offshore structures from corrosion. We pass a high initial current using anodes which causes calcareous deposits on the structure basically starving them off dissolved oxygen which in turn reduces the corrosion.

  • UKMonkey
    UKMonkey 4 months ago +1

    Nice idea..... And this is exactly why acid rain was such a problem. It was dissolving the shells of the sea life and increasing CO2.
    The problem is.... Collecting the energy to run this conversion without burning fossil fuels

  • Note
    Note 4 months ago +121

    I thought they are going to make soap because of Dr.Stone

  • Holden Bell
    Holden Bell 4 months ago

    I'd like to mention that seashells are a specific meta-stable phase of limestone called Aragonite.

  • Mido Astraeus
    Mido Astraeus 4 months ago +3

    I um, I understand this is a great way to lessen the CO2 in the atmosphere, but since creating electricity in a lot of countries also releases CO2, wouldn't it be require to calculate whether it's efficient?

    • Mandi Mystic
      Mandi Mystic 3 months ago

      Solar, wind or hydroelectric power only. Hopefully the grid becomes obsolete

    • Preston Smith
      Preston Smith 4 months ago

      That's why you crank up energy production from renewable or nuclear sources.

  • Hyper_Fox
    Hyper_Fox 4 months ago

    Would they in theory be able to use this technique to grow building materials or whole structures?

  • Luke Work
    Luke Work 4 months ago +6

    Politicians: But can you monetize it?

  • RamadaArtist
    RamadaArtist 3 months ago

    "We could store our excess CO2 as ground up sea shells"
    Or, you know, literally any organic compound because those are two of the three primary ingredients. The issue is getting it out of the atmosphere, not where to store it.

  • Omega Apama
    Omega Apama 4 months ago +3

    Him: gotta crush sea shells to make co2 me: breathes into bottle

  • Dreadnaught1985
    Dreadnaught1985 4 months ago

    Can the limestone and magnesite be used as a construction material?
    Because if so, it could be a realistic carbon capture offset.
    You'd want to pair that with decreasing carbon emitting power.spurces.

  • Quentyn73
    Quentyn73 4 months ago

    Kudos to all the mollusks that took the CO2 from out atmosphere and brought it to the ground.

  • Gravewalkers
    Gravewalkers 4 months ago

    Interesting, were the Romans aerating their high risk elevated concrete like their domes with this method. They did use crushed sea shells and they were masters of vinegar. The concrete would create all this micro air pockets like bread, greatly reducing its weight per cubic meter while not losing its strength.

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma 4 months ago

    I really think you should do a start up where you capture vaporized carbon and do *this* to it.

  • Gen G.
    Gen G. 4 months ago

    And that's why we listen to science experts when thinking of ways to fight environmental problems.

  • Head Banger
    Head Banger 3 months ago

    What paper did you get this from? Would be nice to give credit to the extensive research that makes youโ€™re channel great. Donโ€™t forget attribution!

  • JamesH17
    JamesH17 4 months ago

    This could work if we could store up enough green energy. Kinda defeats the point if your burning fossil fuels to get rid of CO2 already in the water ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • White Lamborghini goes skrrt skrrt

    So could you technically re-grow a seashell? With the right frequency. Obviously the frequency would have to oscillate in order to change the size of the shell in particular region. If it was possible

    • Sage Suchy
      Sage Suchy 4 months ago

      I wonder if this could be a crossover with people who make oscilloscope art. They are very knowledgeable on forming distinct shapes out of frequencies

  • Mr Champion
    Mr Champion 4 months ago

    I would love to see a brick of limestone, capture from CO2. An arsenal of bricks to save world from global warming.

  • DH
    DH 4 months ago +2

    There's something called a carbon cycle. Trees take in CO2 it's stored in their wood. When organisms break the tree down, or we burn it, the CO2 is released back.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 4 months ago +29

    I think Iceland is doing this with their CO2 emissions

    • Nick Smith
      Nick Smith Month ago +1

      @E S thatโ€™s why they capture what they can and convert into cubes as paco cordera said above. And I think blaming them for the volcanic activity is just a little, tiny bit stupid

    • E S
      E S 2 months ago

      Yet their GeoTherm & Volcanic activity releases HUGE "Bad" GH gasses...

    • paco cordera
      paco cordera 2 months ago +1

      Not the same but incredibly similar, they are crystalizing it into cubes

  • Kristian Krekac
    Kristian Krekac 4 months ago

    This could be develop further and do it in bigger scale. Venting the CO2 to a chamber from coal plant, mixing with water and there would be less "poisoning"

  • Natan
    Natan 4 months ago

    Dude literally found the solution to climate change

  • Uncle-Jalapeno-
    Uncle-Jalapeno- 4 months ago

    So does this mean we can also make diatomaceous earth from it, to provide a chemical free alternative to pesticides?

  • I forgot
    I forgot 4 months ago +1

    That is the smartest thing I've heard you say now I can store my lime stone as gas

  • Dib Irken
    Dib Irken 4 months ago +2

    How about this other Earth saving idea: capturing the CO2 to make soda so everyone can afford sparkling water.
    (I don't know what I'm talking about. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ)

  • Jason Sardie
    Jason Sardie 4 months ago

    That's genius level thinking of reducing CO2.

  • Ariel Falcรฃo
    Ariel Falcรฃo 4 months ago

    Nature already does that, both the releasing and the conversion back to seashell. Mostly using Vulcanos.

  • V1nce but heโ€™s a lizard with glasses

    They can also be used to make gun powder, when combined with other materials, pretty sure you can make soap aswell

  • anton b.
    anton b. 4 months ago

    You cannot do it in sea water however as the process of calcification increases the oceans acidity. The more acidic ocean can store less CO2 than we removed by producing limestone making this an overall loss of storing capacity.

  • Sage Suchy
    Sage Suchy 4 months ago

    Ground up seashells can be used as an aggregate for geopolymer concrete, you can use our CO2 waste to build eco-friendly houses out of entirely recycled materials!

  • Adam Karelius
    Adam Karelius 4 months ago +39

    Those were really pretty seashellsโ€ฆ wereโ€ฆ

  • Yathish s
    Yathish s 4 months ago

    But it will remove the calcium from the sea water which will be bad for the snails and stuff.
    But if we plan properly, we can lock up CO2 and reduce the acidity of the sea and make it absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Nubbdz v2
    Nubbdz v2 4 months ago

    "Seashells are mostly made of limestone and magnesite"
    (Sand is made of crushed seashells)
    Me: Wait so does that mean sand is made of limestone and magnesite?

  • 3MTA3114
    3MTA3114 3 months ago

    Have you heard of putting rust into the ocean causing alge blooms that reduces co2?

  • Sabka Bro
    Sabka Bro 24 days ago +1

    We can use electricity to convert CO2 into shell!
    But the electricity comes from a thermal power plants, generating CO2 ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Zilch -X
    Zilch -X 4 months ago

    Could we make sea shells for the hermit crabs and various sea creatures by using a mold?

  • Aaron Hollander
    Aaron Hollander 4 months ago

    For such a smart guy, how does he not know that there is not too much carbon dioxide in the air?

  • Joe
    Joe 4 months ago

    Imagine doing all this instead of just letting plants do it for us

  • Sable Moreno
    Sable Moreno 4 months ago

    So.... if pigment companies got together, they could make tons of pigment from the seashells they make there.....
    Idk if solar mixed with kinetic or pure kinetic (Basically give a bunch of people a job of the hamster wheel ๐Ÿ˜‚) would be enough to do that without the use of burning oil and such.
    Other building companies can join in too to increase the production if they wanted to also ๐Ÿค”. That would be an interesting solution, or at least a cool temporary patch to the problem

  • B T
    B T 3 months ago

    I like the part when he proved that the gas in the balloon is CO2

  • DeadLocked Animations
    DeadLocked Animations 4 months ago +1

    Id love a full video about this.

  • Aurex
    Aurex 3 months ago +1

    When life gives you CO2, sprinkle seashells over it.

  • Spark
    Spark 4 months ago

    50 years later. The world has converted the majority of CO2 into sea shells.
    Breaking news: Nearly all the beaches worldwide are covered in seashells, paradise-like beaches are going extinct.

    cREATOR 4 months ago

    Actually that is pretty smart, if we can store it and replace it as a beach sand

  • Hop
    Hop 2 months ago

    Guess this is what we'll have to do on a large scale once the oceans get too acidic

  • CH Eazy
    CH Eazy 4 months ago

    So make CO2 into seashells ground up, seashells turn into rock and rock creates more land. This theory has some legs to stand on

  • You mad Bro
    You mad Bro 4 months ago

    The real question is, doesn the process store more CO2 in solid form than it produces to generate the required electricity?

    • You mad Bro
      You mad Bro 3 months ago

      @Mandi Mystic but to achieve that realistically, how soon can we manage the entire process, from manufacturing the renewable energy generator to the tools needed to sustain that? And most importantly the politic BS behind everything else... I don't see any real solution behind our current renewable pathway to make a big enough impact on the CO2 issues we are facing right now :'(

    • Mandi Mystic
      Mandi Mystic 3 months ago

      The real solution is renewable energy

  • ืื™ืชื™ ืืจื‘ืœ

    Wouldn't running a current through the seawater, hurt the marine fauna?

  • PopcornOne
    PopcornOne 4 months ago

    Can you use this method to make sand for concrete?

  • Bar Barossa
    Bar Barossa 3 months ago

    You could store it as Cole in earth and use it as fertiliser for food production

  • Mihael64
    Mihael64 4 months ago +7

    I'd like to see this tried on a larger scale, it seems very interesting.

  • Xavi Fores
    Xavi Fores 4 months ago

    Just when I thought this guy can't get any cooler!!!

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores 4 months ago

    How would we be catching the CO2 in the first place? Got me thinking about future with less co2 gas and more sea shells

  • Omega of Mankind
    Omega of Mankind 4 months ago

    This is exactly what the acidification of seawater is doing to the ocean

  • Rygubread
    Rygubread 4 months ago

    Fun fact you can use sea shells to make soap as well as gunpowder

  • 2 Suscribers
    2 Suscribers 4 months ago +3

    That was good idea but it may need too many amount of money and a big place to electrolysed solution .

  • Randall Moore
    Randall Moore 4 months ago +2

    Imagine thinking that Co2 is a pollutant or that we have an excess of it

    • J B
      J B 4 months ago

      Exactly lol

  • Isaac George
    Isaac George 4 months ago

    Wait so as atmospheric CO2 rises rain and water get more acidic, releasing CO2 from the sand, therefore raising the CO2 again?

  • TheRandom Man
    TheRandom Man 4 months ago

    We could use the first part for cheap co2 injection in planted tanks!

  • Danko
    Danko 4 months ago +3

    If you think about it, that could just fix the global shortage of sand AND reduce CO2 emissions ๐Ÿ‘€

    • Danko
      Danko 4 months ago

      @Tunde Virag Well I'm not a scientist and this was the first thing that came to my mind ๐Ÿ˜„ Guess your thought makes more sense than mine ๐Ÿค”

    • Tunde Virag
      Tunde Virag 4 months ago +1

      But how do you get the energy to do this? Most ways of generating electricity also generate CO2. And if you used renewable energy, you could just use that energy to replace non-renewable energy, thereby preventing emissions, which is probably more effective than eliminating emissions by creating these crushed seashells.

  • PicoNano
    PicoNano 4 months ago

    The oceans are saturated and can no longer dissolve CO2 from the atmosphere.
    We need to find a technological way to split the molecule more efficiently than chlorophyll.

  • AutoFirePad
    AutoFirePad 3 months ago

    Tell me crazy but I think vegetation turns CO2 into fuel for free.

  • Jim Mock
    Jim Mock 2 months ago

    So how much co2 is produced in the making of the electricity needed to capture co2?

  • Mathew Sykes
    Mathew Sykes 4 months ago

    And we can do a lot with crushed up sea shells, dr.stone taught me that

  • Grubby aye aye
    Grubby aye aye 4 months ago +78

    So you're saying you figured out how to turn CO2 into seashells oh sorry Limestone and magnasite. I don't know if I spelled that correct. If you can do this I would be less excited about storing CO2, and more excited about getting a new building material. It would be neat if you could make a deck chair out of the same stuff that seashells were made out of. If it breaks down it just goes back to nature.
    The shorts are a good way to get attention but you need full-length videos this needs exploring.

    • Grubby aye aye
      Grubby aye aye 4 months ago

      @Qui9 If I want to lower CO2 I'll plant more trees and other plants or use algae air scrubbers. The prospect of a new building material excites me. It opens up new possibilities new possibilities reduce stagnation humanity needs as many new paths as it can get. Who knows maybe this could allow us to build better batteries so we wouldn't have to rely on lithium meeting we don't have to go to war over resources.
      I'd rather build a better tomorrow. Than store things away and forget about them.

    • Qui9
      Qui9 4 months ago

      Why would you be less excited about storing COยฒ ?

    • Platzpropeller
      Platzpropeller 4 months ago

      A little bit of acidic rain would be enough to dissolve it again

    • William L. Mackenzie
      William L. Mackenzie 4 months ago +4

      Limestone erodes easily so outside use is not a good idea.
      Getting limestone from shells over limestone deposits is also not a good idea as its a waste of time and resources: not only will you need to EVENTUALLY process the limestone from the seashells through the same way you process limestone from limestone deposits you will also have to process the seashells and then separate the limestone.
      The interesting thing about this short was the example of reversible reactions and a specific reaction that could have helpful environmental benefits to our species.

    • MJ L
      MJ L 4 months ago +2

      So, graphene???

  • Flyer
    Flyer 4 months ago

    If only that electricity can be generated without CO2

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf 4 months ago

    Put it underground because it might just dissolve because of acid rain. Plus, use solar power/ renewable sources as the power source or you'll just be defeating the purpose.

  • Jacke Packe
    Jacke Packe 4 months ago

    This man is a genius

  • Danko
    Danko 4 months ago

    If you think about it, that could just fix the global shortage of sand AND reduce CO2 emissions ๐Ÿ‘€

  • tony jim
    tony jim 4 months ago +4

    Wait so what happens if lighting strike sea water does it create a lime stone rock?

  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 4 months ago

    So you're telling there IS a benefit to all those car batteries I've dumped in the ocean? Thanks, John Action Lab, I feel validated now!

  • Yoav Paz
    Yoav Paz 4 months ago

    How much energy it takes? If the net co2 emission is negative its actually good idea

  • Riccardo Sartori
    Riccardo Sartori 3 months ago

    Uhm but if we produce the electricity used to turn CO2 into limestone and magnesite with fossil fuels wouldn't we produce more CO2 than we stored? I mean there are a lot of losses here

  • DrPepperJNL
    DrPepperJNL 4 months ago

    Thank you for the info!