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The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.

  • Published on Apr 3, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Year ago +8

    Which was your favourite on the list (you're not allowed to say #5 😂)?

  • Elysian Citizen
    Elysian Citizen Year ago +8

    The Nophpone Air is probably the only “air” tech product where the “air” part is legit.

  • Abdullah Osmani
    Abdullah Osmani Year ago +694

    Massive respect to Vivo for actually finding the phone and then letting Arun know about it

  • ButtLord LunaPower

    Imo the idea of the impulse is… kinda nice honestly. I guess the idea needs to be worked on a lot more, but the weird idea of having a key to use the phone could be a cool idea.

  • Mackenzie Reef


  • Paranoid Genius
    Paranoid Genius Year ago +2

    I've watched countless videos from this guy. One of the most professional people on Clip-Share. Well spoken, I enjoy every video I've seen on this channel. You're a legend!

  • Epicdude
    Epicdude  +189

    The fact that a company like vivo went out their way to try and find arun that phone shows how good of a company they are

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday Year ago +9

    This is the best tech ASMR.

  • Ishan Pandey
    Ishan Pandey Year ago +847

    I love the fact that he is always critical of the fact that companies removed headphones jack. I feel the same every fucking time.

  • 5krypt
    5krypt Year ago +867

    despite the k1 impulse being a scam, you cant deny that its unboxing experience is supreme

  • Reem Elsayed

    0:4 Galaxy S4 Zoom

  • Sorvøy
    Sorvøy Year ago +647

    Feels like 7.5 - 8mm is the sweet spot range for phone thickness.


    The no phone is one thing, like a hand fidget thing. The no phone air is just packaging, the stuff you throw out.

  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru Year ago +13

    I'm interested to see whats inside the no phone air

  • phDPirate
    phDPirate Year ago +276

    I actually owned a Vivo X5. By far one of the most innovative phone. I wish you had shown people what that phone can do. Besides being the slimmest phone ever, it's functionality was far ahead of its time.

  • Bryan Animations
    Bryan Animations Year ago +1

    Ah yes,

  • Pengun
    Pengun  +232

    The dedication. Waiting for the battery to reach 69% before showing it on the impulse earphones, legend

  • Decreasing_entropy

    Hat's off to Vivo for sending a six year old phone to Arun. Also, the headphone jack troll of Apple was fun.

  • Бубёночка

    The iPad air is still thinner 💀

  • Sahil S
    Sahil S Year ago +8

    The PassionFruit CEO is such a nice guy, always agrees for a cameo.