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Campaign Wrap-up | Talks Machina


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  • Rebecca Harkness
    Rebecca Harkness Month ago +55

    And here I am on a random Thursday, a couple days after finishing Campaign 1, weeping over the beauty of this group and their story, looking forward to tonight’s episode of Campaign 3💛 Thank you, CR

    • whitestoneandy
      whitestoneandy Month ago

      I feel that. And congrats on finishing Campaign 1 👏🔥👏 what ya think?

  • Kristopher Meacham
    Kristopher Meacham Month ago +41

    32:23 Laura: Next campaign, still a bunch of dicks!
    Campaign 2: Meet Jester Lavorre, Keeper of Promises!

  • msspookymuffin
    msspookymuffin 6 months ago +311

    Laura: "Purvon"
    Matt: "No, no, we're gonna leave that name to the annals of history, to never be brought up ever again"
    *Brennan has entered the chat*

    • Frreak0zoid
      Frreak0zoid 15 days ago +4

      Season 2 of LOVM has entered the chat.

    • PhoenixDZK
      PhoenixDZK 4 months ago +18

      Sam: it's an important character from Campaign 1...
      Lou: yeah, the reaction at the table, yeah, I figured

  • Mach6
    Mach6 Month ago +14

    I wanna see a world where Percy took the deathwalker’s ward

  • Bootz Winz
    Bootz Winz 4 years ago +3031

    "They feel like real memories."
    "They do. They are."
    I will always cry. No matter how long.

    • R I D D E M
      R I D D E M 6 months ago

      @Synchronizor 9

    • R I D D E M
      R I D D E M 6 months ago

      @Mason Keane ql

    • Taygon45
      Taygon45 11 months ago +8

      @Pat Dunn The fact that Marisha went 'Is that my mom' when they realized who the lady with the vine leg is says enough

    • Pat Dunn
      Pat Dunn Year ago +4

      I said to the screen, " You lived them..."

    • Synchronizor
      Synchronizor 2 years ago +10

      The beauty of interactive/collaborative storytelling.

  • LegendaryLancer
    LegendaryLancer 5 years ago +2170

    Finally, Tal has confirmed what was obvious to see but people didn't want to believe, Percy knew exactly what he was doing, of course he didn't care about the spreading of firearms knowledge throughout the world, if he did he would stop using them himself first, it was just another excuse to continue to pursue revenge against Ripley and continue the cycle of violence.
    Amazing. Well done, Mr. Jaffe, well done.

    • Jeohran Alfhir
      Jeohran Alfhir 4 months ago +1

      @Ana they don't play with alignment, Matt has said it over and over.

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori Year ago +1

      It wasn't "obvious to see". It's easy to call something obvious when it's been said already. And honestly I don't see what your point is either way!

    • JohnBlack88
      JohnBlack88 Year ago

      Yet had no issue trying to keep guns from others and would make political statements in and out of the game

    • Ailias
      Ailias Year ago +1

      @Ana This. They're both neutral at best if not evil.

    • Kris like the knife
      Kris like the knife Year ago +12

      Legitimately why Percy was my favourite character. Someone who was actively doing awful things, KNOWINGLY. Yet, was still good enough because of the circumstances he found himself in. He shows me that even the most terrible, the most pathetic, and the most broken people can accomplish great and wonderful things if given the chance.

  • Evan Arnold
    Evan Arnold 3 years ago +2253

    My headcanon is that after Grog got an education, the entire campaign is just him reciting the story, of Vox Machina.

    • Taylor Elias
      Taylor Elias 9 months ago

      just here to promote this, alongside my shock of keyleth snapping a child's neck.

    • Stephen Reed
      Stephen Reed 11 months ago +6

      He can write now too! Seen in the Taldorei Reborn book!

    • MothmanGaming
      MothmanGaming Year ago +1

      Isn't that the plot of Jump In?

    • Stitch_Leaf
      Stitch_Leaf Year ago +3

      @Richard Pham and Keyleth and Vaxs.... oh wait

    • CallistoWarriorQueen
      CallistoWarriorQueen Year ago +4

      I like to imagine him as a Kinder teacher at a gnome school

  • Introbulus
    Introbulus 3 years ago +1883

    I feel like at Percival's death, as his soul is drifting off and Orthax is sliding in to claim it for himself...
    A certain familiar servant of the Raven Queen would come to strike him down, and usher Percy into a proper afterlife.

    • David Zachary
      David Zachary 19 days ago

      Orthax would be in for quite a surprise trying to take Percy.

    • Mike Harris
      Mike Harris 2 months ago

      @Karak his decision to put guns out into the world knowing how many thousands if not millions of people are going to die (in the name of revenge) makes him significantly worse.

    • duriel oakheart
      duriel oakheart 5 months ago

      That, after giving him a wedgy

    • M
      M 7 months ago

      @Kumakaon first of all, sod off. No need to be a dick.

    • Critical Role Ace
      Critical Role Ace 9 months ago +6

      @Vebs_ Ipkesh only got Percy’s soul if Percy invoked the third contract, which he almost did. But as he didn’t, Ipkesh has no claim on Percy.

  • ItsJackDolan
    ItsJackDolan 5 years ago +5662

    "It's very strange to look at myself as a 35 year old man who has spent his entire life trying so desperately to do something with his life,and to genuinely believe that the greatest thing I've accomplished is this, with you guys." Mercer hits me right in the feels once again

    • Isaiah Welch
      Isaiah Welch Year ago +4

      I'm just gonna say...here it is, September 2021, and I'm about to embark on what is the CR C2 ride.
      Having watched this episode, I never, _ever,_ in all my years of loving D&D, getting to imagine characters and their lives, reading books, watching movies, never have I ever had as much joy as watching Matt DM this amazing cast. It has been, as we Browncoats are often wont to say, a gorram helluva ride. I cheered for these characters. I laughed with them, cried with them, cheered them on as they faced harder fight after hard fights. Stood vigil with these characters when they worked so hard to bring their dead companions back to life (and holy frickin' hell, I hope to never have to go through one of Matt's resurrection rituals!), only to watch them fall and rise again. To see the community care about NPCs like Gilmore, Victor, and Lady Kima, and short-lived PCs like Zahra.
      This world, Exandria, is one hell of a creation -- and I daresay that if anyone has achieved something not soon forgotten, it is Matt Mercer, this wonderful CR cast, crew, and the wonderful Critter community...and I am so happy to have found this, and to be a part of it.
      Thanks for the ride, guys. See you on the next one.
      A 2021 Critter

    • Reblwitoutacause
      Reblwitoutacause Year ago +1

      Brain really said the best follow up to that too, with his grandfathers quote

    • yew 2oob
      yew 2oob Year ago

      Matt's voice tremble/cracking should be referred to as...the critter quiver..it calls to us all.

    • Cydesw1pe
      Cydesw1pe Year ago +3

      When he got misty eyed and his voice cracked, that hit me hard man

    • Gerroditus
      Gerroditus Year ago +1

      @David you are far from the only one. I was so alpha in HS, I didn't even cry when we buried my dad, but I've grown up since then.

  • Ethala
    Ethala 4 years ago +2686

    I must say, I fucking LOVE Gary the Raven!! No joke. While I want it to be Vax, I can just imagine Gary in a squeaky voice like "Hi pretty lady, I'm Gary." and Keyleth being nobly dejected and disappointed with this doof of a bird she thought was her lost love. "I like your antlers. Can we be friends too?" and she's just sitting there, not speaking or even looking at him but, wait... 'too'? and gentle, yet still squeaky. "He doesn't want you to be alone." and she just turns to look at this Raven with watery eyes. and the bird just hops a bit closer and snuggles up and repeats
    "He doesn't want you to be alone."

    • David Zachary
      David Zachary 19 days ago

      This would absolutely be a Vax move. If he couldn't be there, he'd at least make sure someone was there for Keyleth.

    • Josef Zalusky
      Josef Zalusky 2 months ago


    • Erin Smith
      Erin Smith 6 months ago

      This one. This one broke me. I just finished recently and had avoided ugly crying till I read this. ❤️ Much love

    • Betina Herlein
      Betina Herlein 9 months ago

      oh wow. crying again. that was a lovely idea.

    • YukiSilverFox72
      YukiSilverFox72 11 months ago +2

      Everyone take 10d8 EMOTIONAL DAMAGE

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith 5 years ago +2704

    Travis: acts edgy.
    Laura: (ooc) "honey stop"
    Jaffe: acts edgy.
    Laura: (in character) "ooooooh, sexy!"

    • Taylor Elias
      Taylor Elias 9 months ago

      story of my life

    • postbunnie
      postbunnie Year ago

      Best TL:Dr ever

    • Katy Bechníková
      Katy Bechníková Year ago +11

      That's called roleplay. When you do different things in character than as the real you. That's what the game is.

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 Year ago +8

      @El Bruce Truer words have never been spoken

    • Cody Choules
      Cody Choules 2 years ago +18

      @El Bruce wise words

  • Stratman-UK
    Stratman-UK 5 years ago +1203

    My realisation that Scanlan had been saving that wish for Vax and the sight (and sound) of Sam's distress when he had to use it to stop Vecna instead is the greatest and most emotional moment I've ever witnessed in D&D! What's also amazing is how quickly the new characters have stuck in my head already :-)

    • David Zachary
      David Zachary 19 days ago

      And the look on Matt's face when he finally put the pieces together of what was happening...😭

    • bob Zombie
      bob Zombie Year ago +1

      @Uncle Vivid Didn't he use up all his spells? Not bad for a first time player. Way to go scanny!

    • Danny
      Danny Year ago +1

      @Louis Jones You're right but it's been a while since I've watched the fight in it's entirety so I'm not sure if he had any uses of his bardic inspiration left, I vaguely remember him using his last one but I'm not certain if it was before or after the lvl9 counterspell.
      Without the bardic inspiration it's a DC17 (10 + 7th level teleport spell via Vecna's hand) ability check with the +9 so a 60% chance of success with any counterspell of 6th level or less (this is assuming he had any spell slots of 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th level spell slots left which I'm pretty sure he didn't have any 5th-8th slots left at that point).
      Not great odds to leave to dice, but a viable tactic. Doesn't have the certainty or emotion weight to it though lmao

    • Louis Jones
      Louis Jones Year ago +1

      @Danny ok i know I’m late to this but a counterspell roll isn’t arcana, it’s just a spellcasting ability check that by default you are NOT proficient in (unless you are a high enough level Abjuration wizard). Scablan, with a 22 charisma and a +6 proficiency bonus would still be able to add half of his proficiency bonus because it is an ability check, meaning he has a +9 to the check. Now with the lore bard ability peerless skill, he’s able to add his bardic inspiration to the check (1d12) meaning he had pretty good odds without using a 9th level spell slot to counter a second level spell.

    • Danny
      Danny Year ago

      @Jordan Wolfe Pretty sure Jack of all Trades doesn't count towards a counterspell roll for Scanlan because he's proficient in Arcana

  • TheSilverPhoenix100
    TheSilverPhoenix100 3 years ago +1826

    Dude the fact that Percy was considered a neutral good alignment is mind boggling to me...honestly hes the 1st character ive ever seen that could be legit considered lawful evil and not be at total odds with the party

    • Jackal Coyote
      Jackal Coyote Month ago

      He's someone with a mix of good and evil in him and sort of shows how meaningless alignment is

    • Mach6
      Mach6 Month ago

      Matt and the CR crew don’t really use alignment the way it’s intended to be used, so I wouldn’t put too much stock into it. The CR crew likes to explore moral grey area and things with bad vibes doing good; real-world morality stuff.
      Alignment isn’t meant to represent real-world morality; things like good and evil and law and chaos aren’t nebulous concepts in the settings for which alignment was made, rather they’re very concrete and tangible forces of power in the cosmos. The conversation about alignment is mostly moot because it’s supposed to be a compass of which supernatural cosmic direction your soul is being pulled in.
      I think any conversation that tries to explore the moral nuance of alignment is missing the point of it altogether and should probably just throw it out at their table; they’re likely playing in a homebrew setting anyway where the cosmos doesn’t have objective definitions of good and evil, so they’re not getting the intended results out of it anyway. I love alignment because I love traditional D&D settings, but the way Matt discusses alignment and the way Exandria morally behaves as a setting indicates that he probably doesn’t need it in Critical Role at all.

    • Jacob Gomes
      Jacob Gomes 2 months ago

      I had a ch years ago that played jumproap with his alignment, good times.

    • jj doughboy
      jj doughboy 3 months ago +1

      @Chase Housley i wouldn't say its "completely" meaningless i think the alignments are a good baseline of where your character came from while I think the alignment shouldn't influence your choices because it should be your character not the alignment

    • Tyler Harris
      Tyler Harris 3 months ago +1

      I think Percy had evil tendencies, but I don't he was even evil alignment. Percy usually plays devils advocate for the party, balancing Keyleth's moral righteousness. He often suggests working with morally scummy people, is on of the principal interrogators alongside Grog, and is almost psychotically willing to accept curses on himself for the sake of victory. What ultimately keeps him in check and keeps him good is his self awareness and his strong bond with the group, his sister, and Whitestone. He is very aware of his evil tendencies and that his path to revenge was corrupting him. So he asked his friends to keep him in check. Evil people don't ask for help or admit vulnerability. Post- Briarwood arc Percy gradually prioritizes the good of others more and more. I think his final alignment is fitting

  • TipToes
    TipToes 5 years ago +2328

    Technically, Scanlan crushed on Percy too thanks to Liam's love potion prank.

    • стриж
      стриж 10 months ago


    • Jim Lang
      Jim Lang 11 months ago +1

      What Scanlon never revealed was he hadn't drunk the love potion but didn't want to disapoint, so just went with it...

    • Blue Dragon
      Blue Dragon 11 months ago +8

      @CPTHAP Are we including the Vox Machina vs Mighty Nein one shot? Cause Vax said there (about Percy): "Vex isn't here, he's all mine!" soooo.....

    • Aidan Fedorochko
      Aidan Fedorochko 11 months ago +4

      @CPTHAP Even some of the guest Characters were crushing on Percy. Percy is just the romance magnet for a lot of people.

    • Zach Barbee
      Zach Barbee Year ago

      @cak01vej I

  • shade
    shade 5 years ago +518

    scanlan had alot of good moments, but his letter to pike is (for me, atleast) the greatest evidence that he is the best bard ever.

  • Troy
    Troy Year ago +858

    Laura: “Vex was attracted to Percy because he was edgy...”
    Travis: ‘hmm... a half-orc warlock of a sea demon, while rocking a hard Texan accent... game on’

    • Anonymous Name
      Anonymous Name Year ago +12

      @Bill Bill I am sorry about that. I have had a few things spoiled for me regarding Critical Role as well. However what I have discovered is that spoilers themselves, at least in a series this long don’t always mean that much because they lack context of the surrounding events. Just my advice. I tried to avoid the community like the plague til I caught up but things still slip through every now and then.

    • Bill Bill
      Bill Bill Year ago +5

      I hate having to choose between being a part of the community, and not seeing spoilers for what I haven't watched yet. Tried so hard to keep the names, and classes of the new campaign unseen, and throughout just trying to be a part of the community that everyone else got to experience, I've had so much of it already revealed.

    • Anonymous Name
      Anonymous Name Year ago +27

      Meanwhile Laura decided to seduce him. Despite his initial skepticism.

  • TheGenericDavis
    TheGenericDavis 5 years ago +1396

    I just adore Matt tearing up at the end. Just shows how invested they all are in this lovably whacky enterprise called Critical Role.

    • David Zachary
      David Zachary 19 days ago +1

      Matt gets so genuinely emotionally at this thing he did with his friends. Something that he never ever thought would grow to what it is.

    • Thea Nyktos
      Thea Nyktos Month ago +1

      @Steve Acevedo oh yeah. Matt so much as getting choked up is an instant tear trigger. It's a pavlovian response at this point.

    • William Lovemo
      William Lovemo Month ago

      yup yup, crying in public right now actually. I love these guys and cant wait to start campaign 2

    • Steve Acevedo
      Steve Acevedo 5 years ago +34

      Same, I actually teared up with him!

  • Dan Ashton
    Dan Ashton 5 years ago +482

    "In times of darkness, to create something, is a great source of light." Mary - 2:13:30
    What a lovely phrase.

    • GinoSoldier
      GinoSoldier 2 years ago +5

      @Kat Vermeulen Now and then i get that feeling my life is pointless, or i don't know where i'm going or why i'm here. When that hits me? I just forget about everything else, and *create*. Write a short story, usually for me does the trick. It uplifts me. It reminds me i don't *need* a reason to be here. I am, and that's enough. And if it stops being enough? I can create myself something more.

    • Kat Vermeulen
      Kat Vermeulen 2 years ago +12

      Dan Ashton I’m watching this during Coronavirus and oh man that line hit me hard. I have been out of work, but I’ve been playing dnd almost every day. And it is really the light for me, keeping me sane and full of hope.

  • Robin Blücher
    Robin Blücher 5 years ago +482

    when matt choked up at the end telling how much this ment for him, oh god that man is such a fountain of hope and inspiration that he reinvigorates my hope in humanity it's ridiculous.
    this show has managed to change my view on life for the better in a big way and i am really greatfull for it's existence.
    thanks for the experience.

  • Matthew Betts
    Matthew Betts 4 years ago +949

    2:30-New campaign date!
    3:43-Arc 1: Kraghammer and Vasselheim
    4:08-Q1: Clarota vs. Kima?
    5:12-Q2: Anything missed in the Underdark?
    7:23-Q3: Vax’s insight check of Keyleth?
    9:15-Q4: Keyleth’s vision?
    11:15-Q5: Any changes from the home game to the stream?
    13:35-Q6: Clarota’s betrayal inevitable?
    15:40-Q7: Percy’s name catching people’s attention?
    18:05-Q8: Pike’s time off?
    21:04-Q9: Vex’s arrows?
    22:06-Q10: Vax’s feelings for Keyleth began…?
    23:38-Q11: Grog’s mother?
    25:37-Q12: Person who paid for the Rakshasa contract?
    27:20-Q13: Kima/Allura preplanned?
    29:15-Q14: Story behind Keyleth’s antlers?
    30:39-Q15: Missed material with the Thunderbrands?
    32:35-Q16: Sphinx in Vasselheim?
    34:20-Q17: Other horn of Orcus?
    35:00-CritRole Stats 1
    37:30-Arc 2: Briarwoods
    37:56-Q18: Seeker Asum’s plan?
    39:09-Q19: Retaliation for the beard-shaving incident?
    40:43-Q20: Woman with the wolves?
    41:55-Q21: Inspiration for Vax’s thoughts when he went unconscious?
    43:10-Q22: Reason Scanlan destroyed the gun?
    45:18-Q23: Any other way to break Percy from Orthax?
    46:48-Q24: Silas and Delilah’s history?
    51:41-Q25: Vex’s feelings for Percy?
    54:05-Q26: Leaving character stuff up to Matt?
    56:00-Q27: Keyleth leaving VM?
    57:20-Q28: Leaving Ripley in the cell?
    58:41-Q29: De Rolo’s bodies?
    1:00:37-Q30: Pike special to Sarenrae?
    1:01:51-Q31: If Delilah’s ritual was successful…?
    1:03:21-Q32: Travis’ expectations about Craven Edge?
    1:04:46-Q33: Method for VM escaping the acid?
    1:06:02-Q34: If Scanlan had heard about Kaylie earlier..?
    1:07:09-Q35: Unnamed barrel on the List?
    1:08:52-Q36: How did Vex get the snake belt back?
    1:10:00-Q37: Cassandra on the List?
    1:10:50-Q38: If Percy had killed everyone on the List…?
    1:11:57-Q39: Keyleth’s belief in herself as a leader?
    1:14:09-Q40: No nat. 20 to get away from the orb = ?
    1:16:34-CritRole Stats 2
    1:17:54-Arc 3: Chroma Conclave
    1:18:09-Q41: Matt chose who would die in the attack?
    1:19:09-Q42: Vax leaving VM?
    1:20:39-Q43: Dragon attack VM’s fault?
    1:21:42-Q44: Dragon attack always Matt’s plan?
    1:22:32-Q45: Percy’s plan to take out Grog?
    1:24:06-Q46: Gilmore close to death?
    1:26:00-Q47: Vex’s find in Gilmore’s childhood home?
    1:27:25-Q48: Kashaw’s resurrection ritual and Vesh?
    1:29:10-Q49: Pike’s feelings about armor leading to Daxio's destruction?
    1:32:15-Q50: Kevdak and the Titanstone Knuckles? His aspirations?
    1:36:12-Q52: Vax’s plan to multiclass to Paladin?
    1:38:08-Q53: Vax Fate-Touched from beginning?
    1:39:13-Q54: Did Travis think Grog v. Kevdak would work?
    1:41:05-Q55: Vex’s alignment change?
    1:43:20-Q56: Scanlan’s letter to Pike?
    1:47:17-Q57: Matt’s plan for each Vestige?
    1:48:58-Q58: Requirements for Percy to come back to life?
    1:50:08-Q59: Raishan’s spell on Thordak?
    1:51:34-Q60: Thordak’s eggs?
    1:53:47-CritRole Stats 3
    2:08:40-Guest Stars
    2:11:23-Q61: CR vs. home game?
    2:14:28-Q62: Guest starring on early CR vs. later CR?
    2:17:40-Q63: Jason playing someone who wasn’t on the same side as VM?
    2:18:42-Q64: Jason surprised by anything?
    2:19:39-Q65: Noelle’s experience in an intense episode?
    2:21:28-Q66: Coming in at beginning of the episode vs. later in the episode?
    2:23:26-Q67: Sprigg’s character arc?
    2:25:53-Q68: What they’ll take with them from CR?
    2:39:47-Arc 4: The Adventures of Taryon Darrington
    2:39:56-Q69: If resurrected sooner, would Scanlan have left VM?
    2:42:03-Q70: Kraken dying?
    2:43:09-Q71: Pike wanted to say _ to Scanlan when he left?
    2:45:16-Q72: If Keyleth had failed her Aramente…?
    2:46:09-Q73: Vex cared less about money because…?
    2:47:07-Q74: If VM hadn’t killed Hotis…?
    2:48:55-Q75: Tova’s alive, right?
    2:49:32-Q76: Scanlan meant to return before the time jump?
    2:52:09-Q77: Soulstone uses?
    2:53:08-Q78: Percy planning to kill Scanlan?
    2:54:09-Q79: Grog and love?
    2:55:35-Q81: Anything else in the year off we don’t know about?
    2:56:23-Q82: Danger of the theatre in the Feywild?
    2:57:18-Q83: Vex and Percy wedding details?
    2:59:28-Q84: Scanlan heard Pike through the earring?
    3:00:09-Q85: Scanlan not found by VM due to Modify Memory?
    3:01:17-Q86: Did Scanlan shoot the gun while he was gone?
    3:01:58-Q87: Vax’s reaction to Vex/Percy wedding in other circumstances?
    3:03:58-Q88: Keyleth considered giving her vestige back?
    3:04:56-Q89: Playing an evil Pike? Expectations for Trickfoot story?
    3:06:15-Q90: If the Fate Die had failed…?
    3:07:43-Q91: Hag cashing in her favor?
    3:08:33-Q92: Grog’s anger with Scanlan began…? Was it connected to Lionel?
    3:09:45-CritRole Stats 4
    3:12:31-Arc 5: Vecna
    3:12:47-Q93: Number of gods/trammels VM could have gotten?
    3:14:14-Q94: Scanlan stayed in Ank’Harel because…?
    3:14:59-Q95: Pike’s feelings for Scanlan changed when and why?
    3:16:48-Q96: Location of Vecna’s phylactery?
    3:17:19-Q97: Vex is a de Rolo now?
    3:17:26-Q98: Titanstone knuckles vibration meant…?
    3:19:28-Q99: Percy concerned about Silas’ escape?
    3:20:25-Q100: The Death Knight was…?
    3:21:23-Q101: Anyone Vax would have wanted to say goodbye to?
    3:23:17-Q102: Keyleth ready to lead?
    3:24:29-Q103: Matt aware of Sam’s plan for his Level 9 Wish?
    3:25:47-Q104: Scanlan’s feelings on being powerful and helpless?
    3:28:19-Q105: Opposite side of Entropis contained…?
    3:29:29-Q106: Taliesin’s plan for Percy’s ending?
    3:31:32-Q107: Grog pursued an education because…?
    3:31:47-Q108: Syldor’s reaction to Vax’s death?
    3:33:00-Q109: Did Vex and Syldor’s relationship change?
    3:33:44-Q110: Vax’s afterlife?
    3:34:48-Q111: Other means of stopping the titan?
    3:35:22-Q112: Would Keyleth cast Speak with Animals on the large raven?
    3:36:33-Q113: Final contents of the Bag of Holding?
    3:37:48-Q114: Vax’s feelings on his ending?
    3:38:33-Q115: WHO WAS PIKE IN LOVE WITH?
    3:41:04-Q116: Moments that the characters will never forget?
    3:46:50-When God closes a door…

    • Pau Alemany
      Pau Alemany 2 months ago


    • PhoenixDZK
      PhoenixDZK 4 months ago

      2:52:50 Taliesin hinting that his C2 character would be a 'try everything once' kinda guy

    • Natalie Butler
      Natalie Butler 5 months ago

      Thank you!

    • Farmertate
      Farmertate 11 months ago

      Gods work bless man.

    • Matthew Betts
      Matthew Betts Year ago

      @Fernando Zavaleta Bustos the person that originally commented this list has over 2k, so.

  • Joshua Hidalgo
    Joshua Hidalgo 2 years ago +697

    My personal favorite moment of the entire campaign was Scanlan's one man triceratops army against a general of the Briarwoods. That was only supposed to be a simple distraction but it turned into a heroic moment more so by the fact that he did it without any of the group being there to witness or help out in any way. Good game my friend

    • Lynton Collins
      Lynton Collins 11 months ago +3

      @Jonathan Archer They don't :)

    • Billy McGee
      Billy McGee 11 months ago +7

      It was wondrous in The Legend of Vox Machina! Truly a great moment in game and in animation!

    • Jonathan Archer
      Jonathan Archer Year ago +8

      100%, and they best not mess it up in the Legends of Vox Machina

    • bananafish58
      bananafish58 2 years ago +15

      It really was a special for all the reasons you mentioned! (Most of my favorite moments included Scanlan/Sam.)

  • Arwo
    Arwo Year ago +93

    Sam saying Scanlan uses Wish to communicate with Vax
    A year later: “I wish for my friend to speak at his sisters wedding”
    His last wish

  • Kiyoshi Yamanaka
    Kiyoshi Yamanaka 2 months ago +16

    Yeahhhh so Percy is definitely an Evil character 😂 not a VILLAIN, but definitely Evil in the eyes of morality. Dude has done such horrendous things and was totally down to track down Scanlan who CHOSE TO LEAVE, and cripple him announcing to him to never come back. Sheesh

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H 4 years ago +1253

    I found Keyleth's epilogue really dark. On the cliff with Korin, I couldn't help interpreting the acting as if Keyleth was somewhat numb. It was as if she had found a dark enlightenment: she was apart from the world, but realizing that the world was no less of value for that separation from her own shattered reality. Meanwhile, her father is helpless to do more but offer his fatherly support

    • Logan Sanders
      Logan Sanders Year ago +7

      @Tobias Ommer high level Druids (specifically at 18th level or higher) get the Timeless Body ability, which causes them to age at 1/10 the normal rate. So for Keyleth, who is a half elf that would normally live to around 150 years old, she would live 1500 years as a 20th level Druid.

    • Tobias Ommer
      Tobias Ommer Year ago

      @Logan Sanders "someone who lives over 10x a normal human lifetime" just wondering (yeah I know, question 2 years later), where does that come from? In the campaign, they also always acted as if Keyleth was going to live for hundreds of years (unlike Vex or Vax, who are also half-elves) but every single official bit of info on DnD race lifespans as well as ages given for old and elderly elves and half elves in both campaigns would indicate half-elves to be practically ancient at 200 and elves to never live to a thousand years of age. So why Keyleth? It would be kinda weird for a half-elf to live longer than any full-elf ever.
      Really just wondering if I missed sth. bc this came up several times in the campaign, too, and I never got why.

    • deathless12345678
      deathless12345678 2 years ago +4

      She would make a great bbeg for a future campaign.

    • Fernatticus
      Fernatticus 2 years ago +3

      good news!

    • Haile Xiao
      Haile Xiao 2 years ago +4

      @Viktor Stagnetti Yes, you're always losing people, but you're always finding people too, and IMO at least the latter outweighs the former. It's better to keep finding and keep losing than to not do either.

  • Drew Deckard
    Drew Deckard 2 years ago +112

    Taliesin, every time he makes a character: here’s what my character knows, Matt you fill in the gaps
    Matt, every time: hehehehehe hahaha HAHAHAHA

  • alexander feoktistov
    alexander feoktistov 3 years ago +376

    I second Liam: Ripley and the briarwoods seems like a cool parallel evil campaign to play. You could start in Port Demali and have to book passage across. You'd have to kill off the de Rolos, fight off the pesky adventurers sent to stop your ritual, and then deal with the Chroma Conclave. At some point you might decide that instead of letting Vecna ascend, maybe you and your party could ascend instead...

    • Grand Admiral Thrawn
      Grand Admiral Thrawn 6 months ago

      @Darthchewee OG I had a similar idea but instead of the Briarwoods having children, it was the Chroma Conclave's Dragonborn children. Like maybe in C3 we could see certain characters pop up working to bring down Vox Machina as revenge for what happened to their parents. Maybe led by a certain red Dragonborn with a mystical, undead-like hand?
      edit: I was also thinking that the child of Raishan also carried the same diseased curse that their mother had and was desperate to find a cure as well before facing VM. Not only would this showcase the horrible action that the druid had taken to plant the curse on Raishan, but also be of an example of the next generation dealing with the same problem as the previous one and the cycle of violence being continued rather than stopping it.

    • DavusProductions
      DavusProductions Year ago

      this is such a brilliant idea

    • Darthchewee OG
      Darthchewee OG 3 years ago +15

      Before I got to him saying that, I actually had a similar notion around the idea that maybe the briarwoods had children before silas died and them having an evil campaign.

  • Gal Kononenko
    Gal Kononenko 5 years ago +3045

    Grog dealt 20% of their whole team's damage lol holy shit

    • Evan Gregory
      Evan Gregory Year ago

      aarakocra, for the non concentration flight, AT rogue with a shadow blade, that does psychic damage, and sneak attack damage is the same as your weapons so like 4d8+dex+10d6 all psychic, which he doesn't resist, would run through his hp in oh about 5 rounds, they can throw it from 20ft away and then easily stay out of range/hide.

    • Jerroxix
      Jerroxix 2 years ago

      @Nathan Cochran Level 17 Barbarian.. Level 3 Fighter. He did not go for any more Capstones after level 17. Which is fair for Strength cause it went over 24 but he could have had 24 Con.

    • ARice
      ARice 2 years ago

      grog isnt very magic heavy
      which is his and was always his down fall.

    • ARice
      ARice 2 years ago

      @Nathan Cochran their are many ways you can beat grog with his low int
      from plane shift to dominate monster

    • LordChipo
      LordChipo 2 years ago +1

      @gev or Barbarian Dragonborn with the Dragon Wings feat, now you too can fly

  • Matea Kalanj
    Matea Kalanj 3 years ago +1409

    I only just now realized that Delilah Briarwood was part of the Soltryce Academy. Holy S.H.I.T.s

    • DabbingCrab
      DabbingCrab 11 months ago +1

      And now she is part of C3's team

    • Hikari Shonen
      Hikari Shonen Year ago

      She was actually a part of the CA

    • Scooty
      Scooty Year ago +6

      Wasn’t she the previous Archmage of Antiquity before Vess Derogna

    • DerpGnome
      DerpGnome 2 years ago +3

      @Eris he's the Dolores Umbridge of The Mighty Nein.

    • Lilah Harvey
      Lilah Harvey 2 years ago +4

      MrFlashpoint1978 na, knowing the soltryce, they knew but I’m pretty sure that the cobalt soul unmasked it to the public. I bet they knew and they kicked her out to stay reputable

  • Sithy Q
    Sithy Q 5 years ago +270

    My favorite part of this entire thing is seeing Talisen stop himself from saying, "Im available for weddings," to 100,00 super fans.

  • GodBear
    GodBear 3 years ago +350

    Brian: "You think I view that as competition?! Look at this beard and then look at that beard"
    Liam: "I have a name! I have a name"
    I love these guys

    • jwpepper152
      jwpepper152 2 years ago +21

      Seriously underrated comment by Liam. I laughed for a solid minute.

  • Mehmet Alan
    Mehmet Alan 5 years ago +713

    Shoutout to matt colville for the scanlan moment video, without him pointing out a lot of people would have missed a great underlying story between scanlan and , well, scanlan

    • Will Leary
      Will Leary 2 years ago +6

      Colville is always excellent. The fact that even *he* tears up talking about it is a testament to how powerful that moment was

    • TheKazragore
      TheKazragore 2 years ago +5

      He got the counterspell mechanics all wrong but the rest of the video is really really good...like basically every video Matt Colville makes.

    • Cameron
      Cameron 4 years ago +8


    • Cholula Hot Sauce
      Cholula Hot Sauce 4 years ago

      Link please

    • Mehmet Alan
      Mehmet Alan 5 years ago +5

      G. yea yea!

  • Nimbuck
    Nimbuck 3 years ago +393

    props to brian foster for being a god tier host, title cemented after that grandfather quote.

    • Sinan
      Sinan 11 months ago +2


    • Stubadub
      Stubadub 11 months ago +1

      I'm not the only one that's *positive* he's related to Seth Meyers, right?

    • David Bergfors
      David Bergfors 2 years ago +6

      I could do nothing else than clap slowly after that one, such a brilliant move!

  • carrot12
    carrot12 3 years ago +1203

    Campaign One: WHATS IN THE BOX?!?!
    Matt: nothing too special. Let that be a lesson to you.
    Campaign Two: WHATS THAT CHAIR?!?!?!
    Players never change...

    • Mason Georgia
      Mason Georgia Year ago

      @Deiwos Being here now and ready for the wrap up of campaign 2, I can definitely say that I would love to hear that question

    • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge
      I_Live_Under_A_Bridge Year ago


    • bri2uty
      bri2uty 2 years ago +2

      Watch at the campaign wrap up we find out the chair was something insane

    • albegrato
      albegrato 2 years ago +4

      I honestly think the chair was under an Immovable Object spell. That's why de Rogna & Da'leth were returning to the ruins after a while. Plus I don't think they ever tried moving the chair, they just sat on it.

    • Cormorant Colors
      Cormorant Colors 2 years ago +4

      My drama teacher always said “Children never change. The world around them does.” Our players are just little kids.

  • Prophaniti666
    Prophaniti666 9 months ago +15

    Travis' description of all the random contents of the Bag of Holding makes me imagine a "Storage Wars" style show within the setting where people bid on old adventuring party Bags and see what's inside.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 5 years ago +546

    Brian did a really good job hosting this.

    • lovesthebass
      lovesthebass 2 years ago +13

      He honestly does a great job interviewing. Have you ever watched his Between the Sheets with Matt? If not, you should.

    • Mike Lipinski
      Mike Lipinski 2 years ago +22

      @shinrahunter I find him incredibly witty! It's not easy being a host and he did a great job making it entertaining

    • shinrahunter
      shinrahunter 2 years ago +3

      Can't stand him, he's the worst part of any video he's in.

    • Colton Brown
      Colton Brown 4 years ago +16

      Yeah, I've always found him to be a BIT too much of a "forced asshole" if you will. He seems like he's a nice guy, but when the camera is on he's just gotta be a dick. Punchlines for the sake of punchlines. I liked him in this, though, even if he was still a bit of an asshat at times.

  • Dr Plasma
    Dr Plasma 2 years ago +53

    I was perfectly fine until the very last moment, when Mattbreaks talking about his found family. Boom, instantly. As soon as his voice breaks I started to tear up.

  • Bailey Grant
    Bailey Grant 2 years ago +296

    Spoilers for Campaign 2:
    Everyone: *talking about how they’re all gonna take luck because it’s so cool*
    Matt in campaign 2: lol look at this decahedron that gives you a point of luck

    • WetMIlk
      WetMIlk 7 months ago

      @DerpGnome tbf they get that item pretty early on in the game so its not too bad of a spoiler

    • Bill Bill
      Bill Bill Year ago +1

      Thank you for using spoiler warnings. Not many people do, and it means a lot to those of us who are catching up with CR.

    • Bailey Grant
      Bailey Grant 2 years ago +1

      @DerpGnome you’re right! I’ll add an alert. Thanks for reminding me 😊

    • DerpGnome
      DerpGnome 2 years ago +2

      A bit late for me to reply, but it's never too late for a spoiler alert!Remember that newer viewers read the comments as well ;)

    • Verbose Mode
      Verbose Mode 2 years ago +13

      Hey, it made it _really_ valuable from a mechanical standpoint.

  • Rachel Breault
    Rachel Breault 2 years ago +77

    I really thought, when Grog drew the card at the end and lost his soul, that Matt was going to put it in a sword. Can you imagine if they were unable to fix him? I bet Pike would have kept it and would occasionally go out and gone on an adventure so she could feel closer to her bestie 😅😭

    • carlotta4th
      carlotta4th Month ago +1

      It'd be interesting if that's how all those weapons become sentient. Bad card pulls.

  • Voxles
    Voxles 2 years ago +280

    It felt like such a satisfying closing to the story. Keyleth wasn't my favorite character by far but the ending made it feel as if she was the last living example of the original VM group. Every one of the character's arcs felt like they came to such a satisfying close, and the last one to come was keyleth who carried the heart of the story (learning how to be a better person by experiencing the world and taking from others what you don't have). Her final talk with her father is my absolute favorite scene from her because it was an end to a lifetime of hardship, tragedy, but among that, inspiration and positivity in the world. The final quote "I don't have to appreciate this, especially after what I've seen, but I do appreciate it, because of what I've seen," hit me like such a truck man..

    • Kayla Thomas
      Kayla Thomas Year ago +9

      I have the same feeling. She was not my favorite but as a story teller and a writer myself she had one of the most beautiful arcs I’ve seen. And in my opinion the most tragic end of them all.

    • Cate
      Cate Year ago +18

      Keyleth really ended up being a true wise character who grew into her own much like the trees she loved so dearly. As the oldest living class, she would have been the last remnant of Vox Machina and the only one left to walk alone in the end.

  • Rip T
    Rip T 4 years ago +172

    For the guests, only thing I'm sad about is that there wasn't Joe Mangianello on that couch too. He suddenly became super important and no one saw it coming.

    • jordanw2009
      jordanw2009 3 years ago +41

      If u noticed in the battle he asked about it a few times. Also in other interviews he let Matt know he was gonna grab It if possible

    • U.S.S.  ChuckleFucker
      U.S.S. ChuckleFucker 3 years ago +46

      @God Turkey I'm sure Matt and him talked it out before he appeared on the show.

    • God Turkey
      God Turkey 3 years ago +13

      Lowkey a dick move to pull but I think Matt knew that his character had interest in the hand so it was fine overall. Total power play that I did not see coming

  • RyanMooreEdits
    RyanMooreEdits 5 years ago +571

    One of my favorite moments in the whole campaign and I'm sad it wasn't touched on was Vax's Druid craft at the end of his goodbye. That moment BROKE me, this series has successfully broken my "Grown Ass Man" mask and I have laughed and cried the whole time and I am not ashamed. Thank you again to Everyone who made this a thing, we love you.

    • Dariusz P
      Dariusz P Year ago

      It was great moment and if I had to be asked right now then indeed, Vax goodbye as a whole was my favourite moment of C1 and a great ending to the amazing series with everything that happens post break, already being the part of epilogue that summed up what happened to the rest of characters in the future.
      That said, the campaign had a lot of great moments, and I just finished C1 so that scene is the freshest. Even looking at the previous episode, Scanlan holding his wish spell and giving it up is also a great scene and worthy contender. (though the reason why I chose Vax over it was because it was still moment for the entire group)
      But generally if I were to make a list, rewatch the best moments and make a list, I have no idea what would truly be my favourite moment.
      That said right now I'm not touching anything Vox Machina related. I was planning to watch the cannon one shots and look up the written stories. Maybe some fanfics as well. All that before jumping into C2. But with ending being so great, I want to stop here and just end this story right here. Anything else I might pick up in the future but it will be separate.

    • Cathy Shepard
      Cathy Shepard 3 years ago +12

      Gravy My Bacon That moment was truly pure, and a testament to how much Vax loved Keyleth, and all of them. It was beautiful.

    • Russianninja956
      Russianninja956 3 years ago +24

      That whole goodbye was just so charged with emotion. In a way they that was them not only saying bye to Vax, but also this whole first campaign. I love the 2nd campaign for sure, however these characters and the story they told is nothing short of GOLD.

    • Yuj Fromspace
      Yuj Fromspace 3 years ago +6

      This is what broke me too

    • Colton Brown
      Colton Brown 4 years ago +33

      I feel ya, bro. I got out of the Marine Corps a few years back, and it takes a lot to crack that shit, but I was bawling through ep 115, from the moment Sam broke with the whole wish incident the episode prior, I was a wreck. Absolutely amazing!

  • Brittany Diamond
    Brittany Diamond 3 years ago +74

    Matt's so used to explaining things to his players that he answers all of the questions to them instead of Brian

  • J A
    J A 5 years ago +2262

    Well, whaddaya know. The amount of natural 20s is roughly 5% of the total rolls.
    Well, whaddaya know. The amount of natural 1s is roughly 5% of the total rolls.

    • J A
      J A Year ago +2

      @GrumDiddly Doo He will only be free of that curse if he is pierced with mistletoe. Until then, maths will uphold it’s promise to Frigr; Will Wheaton must not roll well

    • GrumDiddly Doo
      GrumDiddly Doo Year ago +2

      Hold up...then what about that Will Wheaton dude? Math doesn't bend for mortals like us but...for those born out of improbability perhaps they are free from Math's influence.

    • M Chamberlain
      M Chamberlain Year ago

      @MadSwedishGamer is that how math/probability works though?

    • Mitchell
      Mitchell 2 years ago

      @Vegas242 I am a part of this universe and I am not indifferent.

    • Michael Hawks
      Michael Hawks 2 years ago

      Funny how statistical averages are average also bet they rolled 2s or 3s 5% of the time also lol

  • michael oltman
    michael oltman 2 years ago +52

    Matt: I would hope cure wounds is the clerics most cast spell
    Laura: Jester laughing in the back of her head.

  • Yetiquatch
    Yetiquatch 3 years ago +733

    Sam talking about being something in the next campaign that is a more normal race and class for a "good" build.
    Me watching C2E1: lol, yeah right.
    Me watching C2E50: oh... ooohhhhhh

    • Zalied
      Zalied 7 months ago +1

      Liam still picked the race and class though the twists and turns the character made were all sam

    • A. Garcha
      A. Garcha Year ago +2

      @Richard Reavis that's incorrect, Liam picked the race and class for nott, they talk about it on a talks ep.

    • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge
      I_Live_Under_A_Bridge Year ago +1

      @Richard Reavis ah ty for that I wasnt entirely sure.

    • Richard Reavis
      Richard Reavis Year ago +3

      This time Sam's character is completely his own. It was so good watching everyone's face during the 'where Nott came from' Ep.

    • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge
      I_Live_Under_A_Bridge Year ago +3

      @Chris Rudolf but didn't he just end up letting Liam choose his race and class again or have I got that all wrong and it's just Scanlan he let Liam come up with?

  • Xellos Kaczor
    Xellos Kaczor 4 years ago +110

    "Its fine not to be a center of attention all the time" - lesson Scanlan Shorthalt learned after being chosen by a god and being centerpiece that led to destruction of another one.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 years ago +4

      Yeah, I mean, after that who cares about attention anymore, you kinda reached the peak

  • gabthegreat01
    gabthegreat01 5 years ago +1395

    "DM facepalms: 264
    "Sorry, 265,"

    • Dariusz P
      Dariusz P Year ago +2

      That's at least twice an episode :).

  • Emile de Kadt
    Emile de Kadt 3 years ago +411

    I think Grog is the only member of Vox Machina to never be infatuated with Percy

    • Cate
      Cate Year ago

      Grog was fascinated by Percy's tools and workshop...until he got the blacksmith proficiency.

    • JayfroC
      JayfroC 2 years ago +5

      That just tells me he was actually the smartest person in the party

    • Eryvac *00
      Eryvac *00 2 years ago +12

      Grog: I want to get freaky
      Percy: I don't see you like that
      Grog was interested. He just got shut down, and in an attempt to salvage his pride, tried to changed the topic

    • Isaac
      Isaac 2 years ago +21

      I dont think that vax and keyleth were realy infatuated with him. Vax has a flirty personality by nature and said and acted playfully with him as a friend but he also did it with scanlan and grog non of them he had feelings for. And keyleth and him are good and close besties but she never felt for him likes she does for vax or even like she did for Kash. Everything else and beyond is just speculating from fans...

    • EruDuma
      EruDuma 2 years ago +43

      Yeah, I think you’re right. The closest Grog got was whenever No Mercy Percy went Smoke Monster and got really violent. Part of that was just Travis granted, but I think Grog was a fan too.

  • Cam
    Cam 11 months ago +17

    Liams words after Matt describes the Briarwoods' being fugitives of the Dwendalian empire:
    "Not gonna lie I wouldn't mind being in that campaign."
    Holy hell. How close you got it is astounding Liam.

  • TheSilverPhoenix100
    TheSilverPhoenix100 3 years ago +72

    the announcment of "level 9" is for me one of the most memorable and heartbreaking

  • Jhakri
    Jhakri 2 years ago +17

    If Keyleth had left after the Briarwood Arc imagine how different the campaign would of been, we would of had A LOT more episodes of travelling. Tree Teleports were a really big deal for the party

  • Nerdy
    Nerdy 2 years ago +28

    Crazy to hear all the city names from campaign two thrown in.

  • Auror Jeffrey
    Auror Jeffrey 5 years ago +165

    "That's a poor way of dealing with trauma" - Talieson. Wisdom, folks.

    • Lena Johnson
      Lena Johnson 2 years ago +6

      ​@Eryvac *00 I think it was some Whitestone Noblemen or something.

    • Eryvac *00
      Eryvac *00 2 years ago +7

      @Lena Johnson that's a terrible quote, who said that?

    • Lena Johnson
      Lena Johnson 4 years ago +16

      Life needs things to live man

  • madquest8
    madquest8 5 years ago +1352

    Marisha is killing it in that dress!

    • yew 2oob
      yew 2oob 3 months ago

      If she didn't kill it...I certainly beat it.

    • ASongForTheMostBeautifulWomanInTheWorld
      ASongForTheMostBeautifulWomanInTheWorld 10 months ago +17

      @Falcy Chead you're being a creep rn bro

    • Falcy Chead
      Falcy Chead Year ago +6

      She's killing _me_ in that dress. Glad I wasn't there, I'd have been goggling like a creep.

    • Caleb Douglas
      Caleb Douglas 3 years ago +14

      Tal is rocking that scarf :)

    • Alanna R
      Alanna R 3 years ago +6

      Andrew MacEwen check critrolecloset?

  • N Duran
    N Duran 2 years ago +273

    55:24 "Next campaign we will be asking ourselves at the first session, why is Travis talking like that"
    Well Hell...........

    • Rebecca Harkness
      Rebecca Harkness Month ago

      And now we’ve done it again with Chet😂

    • Tired Jedi Knight
      Tired Jedi Knight Year ago


    • Daniela Rosindo
      Daniela Rosindo Year ago +6

      And at 30 some seconds Laura predicted the mighty Nein, she was absolutely correct when she said they would be a bunch of dicks

  • Larry Berry
    Larry Berry 4 years ago +56

    Matt's DMing continues to amaze me. I've DMed for about 30 years. Created various campaigns and several worlds, including my main world which fills 2 large binders with notes and info. Yet Matt's extreme detail amazes and shames me. I have a lot of detail, but not to the minute levels that Matt does. Like Matt's information on the Briarwoods. If I created something like that, I'd have the information of death and the reasons, and how they came to whitestone, but he has such specific details that I and I think most would never bother with. I mean I could just know they had teamed up with Ripley at some point. He knows exactly when and where. And I'm sure knows all of Ripley's life too, down to extreme detail that would never come out. I'd just know enough that I could make up some details on the spot IF then players needed to know.

  • Yetiquatch
    Yetiquatch 3 years ago +209

    Laura to Liam: "I saw this snake belt the other weekend and almost got it for you, but pretty soon its gonna be some other thing."
    Me thinking about Caleb: So that's gonna either be cat paraphernalia, or pocket mud.

    • Privatizität
      Privatizität 2 years ago +1

      @Dustyn Couldn't give a better gift

    • Isaac
      Isaac 2 years ago +2

      @Danan bat guano

    • Danan
      Danan 2 years ago +3


    • Dustyn
      Dustyn 3 years ago +12

      Or she could burn his house down for him...

  • Malachi C
    Malachi C 5 years ago +104

    During the last question it sounded like Talisaen said Percy was in love with Vax, not Vex, and I'm sad they missed the opportunity for a last minute "mixing up Vax and Vex" joke.

  • Ebony Voigt
    Ebony Voigt 3 years ago +69

    Oooh my god it’s so weird to hear Tal and Laura talking about Percy and Vex getting married after the emotional roller coaster that was the Dalen’s Closet oneshot today

  • Neutral Tired
    Neutral Tired 4 years ago +71

    I like to think Vax and the Raven Queen would've become actual friends eventually, I saw the very beginnings of that before he left, it was minimal but there, and I like to think that over hundreds of years there would be something, though I doubt either of them would admit to it right away.

    • Matthew Bowles
      Matthew Bowles 2 years ago +1

      We all know that when a fate-touched dies they now play boulder-parchment-shears to see who shows up for the soul.

    • Isaac
      Isaac 2 years ago +6

      I actually called it when that whole arc began as vex and vax started to learn about her and matt told them that some fear her some respect her and I thought but nobody loves her and also after when we got to know other gods and her in relation to them and I thought she most be like she feels lonely as the only ascended god and not trusted be the other gods and still has a mortal part and past in her so she probably needs a friend and she saw a reminiscent of that in vax and is part of the reason she chose him as her champion and companion.

    • Uncle Vivid
      Uncle Vivid 3 years ago +20

      KanitoKawaii “there’s such lonlieness in your eyes.”
      “Then perhaps you will keep me
      Company” was so

  • Neutral Tired
    Neutral Tired 4 years ago +82

    When asked who he would say goodbye to, I'm disappointed he didn't mention Kynan, that kid is going to have some trouble dealing with learning of Vax's death

    • Ace Overton
      Ace Overton 3 years ago +21

      In my campaign that's set 25 years after, Kynan is a general in the Whitestone Army under Kashaw

  • Mauricio González
    Mauricio González 2 years ago +45

    When Liam mentions cows at 3:41:38 , Laura's reaction is priceless. You can tell how much love, REAL love and fondness for the memories they have there is.

  • InvincibleRodent
    InvincibleRodent 5 years ago +128

    okay I know we all already called it that the leftmost silhouette of the male tiefling in the new lineup is Definitely Taliesin but him asking what would happen is a tiefling ate a soulstone is what drove it home. Taliesin, you delightfully predictable goth nerd.

  • Evalynn
    Evalynn 3 years ago +36

    Fascinating how Matt mentions Tharizdun here. I wonder if he was thinking about their involvement in campaign 2 already when this was filmed.

  • Reblwitoutacause
    Reblwitoutacause 2 years ago +24

    “Every week is a friend we will never make”

  • bananafish58
    bananafish58 2 years ago +33

    For Sam/Scanlan and Matt Colville fans: Matt did a really wonderful segment on the moment when Sam realizes that his plan to save Liam has failed because he had to cast his level 9 spell to keep Vecna from taking off. Matt says he thinks Sam's authentic reaction will be a DnD moment that will NEVER be beat: The Climax of Critical Role, Season One, and "Mistakes." RtG #49. Matt points out things people may not have heard and talks about Matt Mercer's reaction, which made this already heart-wrenching moment even more poignant.

    • CoyoteOcoyote
      CoyoteOcoyote 10 months ago


    • bananafish58
      bananafish58 Year ago

      @Misty Vaughan I'm not sure why it's not coming up using the title words, but this link should do it: clip-share.net/video/Nz8EoyXTHV8/video.html.

    • Misty Vaughan
      Misty Vaughan Year ago +1

      Do you have a link? I am trying to find this currently

    GOODBYETOME61994 3 years ago +67

    I love coming back and watching this post Dalen’s Closet one shot. It’s hilarious to hear Taliesin say that Percy was not concerned with the escape of Sylas.
    Bit him in the ass when Sylas crashed his wedding.

  • PhoenixDZK
    PhoenixDZK 2 years ago +30

    45:48 this is how good remakes/sequels should be written. Fan service moments and Easter eggs have their place but the way Matt writes his campaigns out is a masterclass in good writing in general.

  • CaitieLou
    CaitieLou 10 months ago +82

    Marisha: "The hanging tree. That one stuck with me." YUP, WE KNOW MARISHA. WE KNOW.

  • Kerry Nesmith
    Kerry Nesmith 5 years ago +349

    Ashley: I realized Percy was a marked man
    Me: A hunters marked man 😂😂😂

  • Fabzzster
    Fabzzster 3 years ago +48

    Rewatching this for fun. I just realized Matt mentioned the briarwoods came from the dwindallian empire (setting of campaign 2), maybe they were relevant to the Cerberus Assembly?

    • Eric Bishop
      Eric Bishop Month ago

      And now….😮

    • Sophie
      Sophie 2 years ago +1

      Delilah, if I remember correctly, is Vess Derogna's predecessor

    • bearbait2010
      bearbait2010 3 years ago +1

      As of episode 88. Yes she was! A full member to

    • Ace Overton
      Ace Overton 3 years ago

      I was thinking the same. Tat they are adjacent to the bad areas. It would be nice if they find a mansion that's the old Briarwood home

    • CelestiaLily
      CelestiaLily 3 years ago +15

      at 47:48 Matt says that Dahlia Briarwood actually "worked with an academy out there" which is 99% likely to be the Soltryce Academy!!!
      I think in another video Matt even mentions that Ripley was working as a military weapons developer in Rexxentrum before fleeing the Empire once her illegal experiments were discovered.
      So basically the Cerberus Assembly has probably been into some SHADY SHIT for decades now!!!

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff Year ago +41

    And here we are, 4 years later, with the finale of Campaign 2.

    • DimaJeydar
      DimaJeydar Year ago +1

      And here I am, 4 years later, only just finished watching Campaign 1…

  • ArgentFox
    ArgentFox Year ago +13

    Dude… that letter by Scanlan to Pike melted my heart.

  • Stranger Root
    Stranger Root 2 years ago +41

    "Was Percy troubled by the escape of Sylus?"
    Talesin "No."
    Me watching CR for the first time in 2020 having already watched all the one shots: lol

    • Andy Woods
      Andy Woods Year ago

      Well it's not like Percy was scared by Sylas at the oneshot, and he wasn't really much of a threat when he did fight VM.

  • Troommate
    Troommate 5 years ago +2233

    Having Matt Describe all the layers on layers on layers. Is just mind blowing.

    • Danny
      Danny Year ago

      @Evan Gregory yeah if only so many DMs weren't power tripping dickbutts and actually cared about the story and world they were creating

    • El Bruce
      El Bruce Year ago +3

      @Evan Gregory It's not, but it's good that he's an example of a good DM.

    • Evan Gregory
      Evan Gregory Year ago +1

      Lol "layers on layers" yeah that's called being a good DM. It's not exclusive to Matt Mercer

    • El Bruce
      El Bruce 2 years ago +4

      People who say it's "scripted" have never played D&D.

    • Sofia Laya
      Sofia Laya 3 years ago +6

      some people say it's scripted, but it's just this man (having experience in storytelling, he worked to have the habilities so he's good at it), just putting all his effort on the world he created coz he loves it

  • cmmndrblu
    cmmndrblu Year ago +9

    This fucking show, pulled me out of my depression and made me believe I can accomplish something again.

  • howlou
    howlou Year ago +8

    55:28 i like how ”why is travis talking like that?” actually turned out to be a plot point in c2

  • YourGoodTwin
    YourGoodTwin 3 years ago +138

    1:49:44 - My god. Can you imagine Mollymauk replacing Percy in Vox Machina? I can't. I literally cannot process that.

    • Liam M
      Liam M Year ago

      Yeah man, BOY would that be buckwild. Especially with the development in the recent arcs

    • Zevo
      Zevo 2 years ago +1

      i wanna see a mash up of the two groups, grog/pike/scanlan/jester/molly/beau/caleb

    • bri2uty
      bri2uty 2 years ago +7

      I wonder if Molly was in VM if Cad would’ve been Tal’s character in the 9. Probably not cause he would’ve had more time to think

    • ShiningTsuki
      ShiningTsuki 2 years ago +11

      Molly trying to fight A DRAGON!

    • PeasantNoodles
      PeasantNoodles 2 years ago +13

      That certainly would've been really interesting to see. Man I miss Mollymauk

  • Tristan Rocha
    Tristan Rocha 4 years ago +51

    Wait... I want to hear about Mary and Will and Brian's home game!

  • Dan Francis
    Dan Francis Year ago +16

    Think Matt's voice break at the end when he's talking about this campaign being his greatest achievement, is quite possibly one of the most honest and wholesome moments ever. Bonus points to anyone who saw the facial expressions in that final episode and the tear as well - that hit hard in that episode and glad they mentioned it here too

  • Katherine Bakken
    Katherine Bakken 2 years ago +18

    Pregnant Laura asking for more cookies was the most relatable thing ever

  • Charissa 's Crazy
    Charissa 's Crazy 4 years ago +23

    I was going through a pretty intense transition period in life when my husband told me someone had recommended this show to him. I’d played D&D once and enjoyed it, but the group I was playing with just didn’t have time to continue our campaign. Thanks to this show I found a group who really wants to play, understood what kind of character I wanted to be and how to play the game almost more so than our DM, and it’s truly some of the most amazing fun I have ever had.
    Listening to critical role at work saved my mind from going to horribly dark places, and kept me feeling like I had an anchor to a part of myself that will never change. And that part of me is the little girl who loves to daydream and make believe.
    Thank the gods for every single person in this show, especially Matt. You can tell he really cares about the players, not just about their characters stories, but the stories being lived by the people playing them. He genuinely wanted to help them feel proud of themselves, and in turn he helped us all through our own journeys.

  • Aaron Tessoni
    Aaron Tessoni 3 years ago +18

    Mercer is a BEAST. his storytelling is incredible. Vox Machina's saga is amazing. Would make one spectacular novel.

  • MassiveFoot29
    MassiveFoot29 5 years ago +24

    I must admit despite Darin looking like a gentleman, I'm alway surprised by his refined tone, I'm so used to hearing him sound like his 8 foot tall and wearing bulky armour

  • jake neville
    jake neville 4 years ago +57

    it still breaks my heart scan sees what he did as a failure when he alone saved the whole world

  • Crafteded
    Crafteded 5 years ago +80

    How could you not let her explain the moon hammer?!?! Wtf

  • Twoswordsdrizzt
    Twoswordsdrizzt 5 years ago +83

    That dagger dagger dagger animation was awesome.

  • Larry Berry
    Larry Berry 4 years ago +36

    Rewatching when Scanlan gave Pike the letter and seeing now what was on it, I don't know how Pike didn't go to Scanlan's room and ravish him after reading that.

  • Chino Borrego
    Chino Borrego 2 years ago +15

    Liam: "Next Campaign we'll be better"
    Me: Laughs in Mighty Nein

  • Cecilia Chong
    Cecilia Chong 4 years ago +19

    I just now realised Taliesin was very subtly spoiling Molly with his outfit

  • Nerdy
    Nerdy 2 years ago +26

    Will talking about not wanting to kill someone. Screams in Ashley Burch

  • FLGCaboose
    FLGCaboose 2 years ago +5

    Watching this back after knowing what Scanlan's Last Wish he could ever cast was is so heart wrenching

  • Taylor Murphy
    Taylor Murphy 2 years ago +49

    3:20:32 Laura: “Next campaign, still a bunch of dicks!”
    Oh Laura you manifested that shit

    EPIC SAWIKI 4 years ago +60

    This show... seriously means so much to me, I basically exiled myself from all my friends.. I went through a huge bout of depression and just pushed everyone away.. then on a COMPLETE whim I bought the d&d starter kit and invited ALL my friends to come play... I DM’d, it didn’t go great but I loved being with everyone all over again.
    So I wanted to be better so I could keep hold of my friends coming together...
    Then as research I found, this show... I BINGE watched this show hardcore.. I bought all the books, I learned how to make terrain, I have memorized so much... and it’s been the best experience ever.. and we have all been playing every week for 8 hours on Sundays.. and I have never been happier, me and all my buds playing a great year of laughter and sadness. And we did it together. Thank you Critical Role.

    • mika hu
      mika hu Year ago +3

      How are you doing now? I'm in a similar situation because of my major anxiety disorder , so I feel you

  • Numbness Ray
    Numbness Ray 3 years ago +18

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO brian... always gets me with his one two punches to questions and names. "laura? HOW great is this question to matt?" i literally face palmed at the brilliance.

  • Isaiah Welch
    Isaiah Welch Year ago +10

    I'm just gonna say...here it is, September 2021, and I'm about to embark on what is the CR C2 ride.
    Having watched this episode, I never, _ever,_ in all my years of loving D&D, getting to imagine characters and their lives, reading books, watching movies, never have I ever had as much joy as watching Matt DM this amazing cast. It has been, as we Browncoats are often wont to say, a gorram helluva ride. I cheered for these characters. I laughed with them, cried with them, cheered them on as they faced harder fight after hard fights. Stood vigil with these characters when they worked so hard to bring their dead companions back to life (and holy frickin' hell, I hope to never have to go through one of Matt's resurrection rituals!), only to watch them fall and rise again. To see the community care about NPCs like Gilmore, Victor, and Lady Kima, and short-lived PCs like Zahra.
    This world, Exandria, is one hell of a creation -- and I daresay that if anyone has achieved something not soon forgotten, it is Matt Mercer, this wonderful CR cast, crew, and the wonderful Critter community...and I am so happy to have found this, and to be a part of it.
    Thanks for the ride, guys. See you on the next one.
    A 2021 Critter

    • Isaiah Welch
      Isaiah Welch 6 months ago +1

      I'm caught up.
      If you finished C1, now you have the following:
      Search For Grog
      Search For Bob
      Dalen's Closet
      Prior to C3: Night Before Critmas (Chetney Pockopea gets introduced)
      Exandria Unlimited
      Exandria Unlimited: Kymal
      Campaign 2
      Campaign 3

    • Damien S
      Damien S 6 months ago

      Finished C1 yesterday, where are you at now, friend ?

    • Myerz9
      Myerz9 Year ago

      Campaign 2 only adds to the richness of Exandria, and now today Campaign 3 is starting to add a whole bunch more, I'm so excited.

  • Ishould Findagoodname
    Ishould Findagoodname 2 years ago +14

    I like how that’s in the same segment as rages, misfires, and beast shapes. It’s like the face palm is the DM’s special ability.

    • Isaac
      Isaac 2 years ago

      More like the whole group special ability to break Matt

  • Asgardian30
    Asgardian30 Year ago +7

    At 32:00 Laura mentions making more friends in the next campaign. After completing campaign 2 I'd say that they accomplished that.

  • Trizero8003622
    Trizero8003622 2 years ago +8

    Well, took me 11 months to complete the first campaign, including all of Talks Machina. So happy there is so much more to watch^^

  • EventHorison
    EventHorison 11 months ago +4

    This hits hard, it's honestly mind-blowing how much love and effort the cast poured into this campaign