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Trump Rips into DeSantis, Kicks Off 2024 Campaign; Lindell Loses RNC Vote: A Closer Look

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Seth takes a closer look at Trump kicking off his 2024 presidential bid with a series of campaign stops in key primary states and attacks on his main rival, Ron DeSantis, as he forges ahead with a bid no one except his hardcore fans seems to want.
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    Trump Rips into DeSantis, Kicks Off 2024 Campaign; Lindell Loses RNC Vote: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers
    • Trump Rips into D...
    Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comments • 2 446

  • My Pillow Guy
    My Pillow Guy Month ago +1472

    Mike Lindell is about the only Republican who actually believes the election was stolen. He's like the kid in school who never gets the joke.

    • Sechesín
      Sechesín Month ago

      Guess the January insurrection were just the slow kids who all got lost looking for the bathroom.

    • Charles Roba Greene
      Charles Roba Greene Month ago +1

      Lmmfaoooo 😹😹😹

    • Jef Olson
      Jef Olson Month ago +2

      @Patricia Ackerman and the total LACK of evidence that it was stolen doesn't seem to make any difference to his base. Somebody show us your evidence. Lindell talks about it but has never produced any evidence.

    • Patricia Ackerman
      Patricia Ackerman Month ago

      Well thats so far from the truth. There is so much proof that it was stolen. Just because you refuse to see it makes it no less true

  • latenightist
    latenightist Month ago +265

    Nothing delights me more than Seth losing the back half of a word to a giggle. It's such a joy to laugh along with someone who not only allows himself to have fun, but also allows us to see it.

    • King Ayy
      King Ayy Month ago

      Sometimes the comment-stealing bots will only use a portion of the comment they're stealing.
      Maybe it's to make it less obvious that they're a bot, since there aren't two exact same posts?

    • WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin?
      WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin? Month ago

      @90s kid *Verbatim* with unique syntax, not “highly similar”. And I sort the comments in chronological order. So, no, there was no algorithmic interference.

    • 90s kid
      90s kid Month ago

      Clip-Share's algorithm is designed to display similar comments together, which is why you often see what seems to be highly similar comments juxtaposed within a short distance of each other

    • WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin?
      WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin? Month ago +2

      @latenightist we wee hour wordsmiths deserve credit where due ✌️

    • latenightist
      latenightist Month ago +2

      @WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin? thank you, that’s so kind! I was confused last night bc I couldn’t find the comment but I saw it this morning (and ended up more confused lol). I appreciate that you flagged it for me!

  • Poppins H.
    Poppins H. Month ago +190

    Seth making Seth laugh is pretty much the best thing out there.

  • Joelle Steffen Bonifacio

    Closer looks are by far my favorite segments that Seth does.

    • Nic Garcia
      Nic Garcia Month ago

      “Ya Burnt”

    • Blue Jay
      Blue Jay Month ago +4

      It was mine too until the creation of Corrections.

  • Sherman Culbertson
    Sherman Culbertson Month ago +945

    It’s absolutely shocking that Trump ever held any type of political office, let alone being the President of the United States. Totally humiliating and embarrassing.

  • ThrashMetallix
    ThrashMetallix Month ago +106

    "Look at that baby boy"
    For real, Seth, I cannot say enough just how impressive it is how your show has evolved since you took over at Late Night. There's a lot of people out there saying that late night talk shows are bad now, but you are a true exception.

    • Demi Constantine
      Demi Constantine Month ago +1

      @Lance Ash tears streaming down his face

    • Lance Ash
      Lance Ash Month ago +8

      @Still Here Lots of people are saying it. Big strong men with tears in their eyes are coming up to me and saying it.

    • No Chance Without Pasta
      No Chance Without Pasta Month ago +1

      For comedy they're bad, but they're better at reporting the news than CNN or Fox.

    • Still Here
      Still Here Month ago +2

      Many people say…

  • Doug Developer
    Doug Developer Month ago +554

    Praying DeSantis gets the nomination. Only guarantees Trump would run third party and burn the party to the ground without giving it a second thought.

    • Justin Sullivan
      Justin Sullivan Month ago

      If wishes could come true.🙏

    • Kehath
      Kehath Month ago

      @CDAWG 22 with that profile picture anything you say is just disregarded lmao

    • Kehath
      Kehath Month ago

      @Johan Vajse you clearly dont understand how voting works lmaooo

  • Carrie VanAckeren
    Carrie VanAckeren Month ago +366

    Every time Trump says "that's okay" softly, he means, "That's unacceptable and I will get my revenge if it's the last thing I do."

    • Kehath
      Kehath Month ago

      and he typically does lol

    • Merlin Veltman
      Merlin Veltman Month ago

      @Rick Bean it's what he thinks being "a businessman" actually means

    • Rick Bean
      Rick Bean Month ago +8

      @bennyg That is a very well thought out and written analysis of one of Trumps many 'skills'. He is actually a master at one thing, and that is manipulation.

    • Steven Wilkinson
      Steven Wilkinson Month ago +9

      Make American great again put Trump in jail.

    • Y M
      Y M Month ago +3

      nicely put ☝️

  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki Month ago +850

    If Mike Lindell is still considered a "leader" in the Republican Party, that's not a good sign.

    • Sar Donicus
      Sar Donicus Month ago +1

      In the Republikkan party, your leadership potential is measured by how much money you have, not actual leadership ability.

  • LE
    LE Month ago +16

    This is so depressing... who's going to go for it and finally give him what he deserves? This segment made me remember how hard I cried that day in November 2016. I wasn't wrong then and I hope I don't have to do that again.

    • FatGuyLilCoat
      FatGuyLilCoat Month ago +1

      lol wow

    • Sarah
      Sarah Month ago +2

      Me too. I was so sad and angry. Honestly was for 4 years. I felt like I was on constant alert, even if I didn’t know what for. I hope that makes sense.

    • Jef Olson
      Jef Olson Month ago +3

      It was a day that will live in infamy. I didn't cry. I was furious. I remember going out . The city was silent. People I saw were in shock. I had a knot in my stomach that lasted 4 years. I don't ever want to feel that way again.

    • Mary White
      Mary White Month ago +4

      Me too! I couldn't watch the news for weeks after that depressing day.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago +484

    I never tire of Seth Meyers jokes about Republicans

    • CDAWG 22
      CDAWG 22 Month ago

      @Winston Smith Democrats have never played the game hard core and cutthroat the way the GQP have. I worry about the same types of things as you, but do we really want politicians that are crass and ruthless like that. In winning that war we would lose what we were fighting for. I would be happy if Seth were aware of the implications of the timing and took considerations to prevent unnecessary harm.

    • Winston Smith
      Winston Smith Month ago

      @CDAWG 22 If Seth makes jokes about Biden, he might not run again. Seth should do everything in his power to defend Biden and make fun of Republicans.

    • CDAWG 22
      CDAWG 22 Month ago

      @Winston Smith Yeah, basically lost because of New York electorate.

    • Winston Smith
      Winston Smith Month ago

      @Play Disc Golf I love political humor. But I think the dems should be off limits from criticism.

    • Winston Smith
      Winston Smith Month ago +1

      @Chris Pittman My only wish is that Seth would have told even more jokes about Republicans. If he did, maybe the Dems wouldn't have lost the House

  • jrbship
    jrbship Month ago +34

    I will never get tired of Seth's Mike Lindell impression

    • Aaron Bentley
      Aaron Bentley Month ago +1

      His best impression by far!! I could laugh at it all day

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago +637

    Biden "Please search and find them all."
    Pence "Oh Lord, did I do that?"
    Trump " Mine, all mine! I declassified them with my mind! My precious! MINE!!!!"

  • GamePapa
    GamePapa Month ago +310

    Seeing Chris Christie criticizing Donald Trump is like seeing Stalin calling out Hitler for "being too violent."

    • Melting Pot
      Melting Pot Month ago +1

      @Angiebear thanks for the sympathy. But like I said it wasn’t bad. We now live back in Texas. Near the land the Tonkawa were removed. I was raised thinking I was Cherokee. But after years of not knowing my dad. My sister found him. He says we were never Cherokee. That he is Pawnee. I speak Cherokee. Because that was what I raised thinking we were. But the camp at Tonkawa. Had no DNA, or birth certificates. So many tribes got lumped in and mixed up at Tonkawa. By dad was adopted by a British woman. Who had a Christian last name. That my dad had to go by. But really we have no clue what his real name was. Or his parents were. The orphanages, and Christian boarding schools, were selling native kids, well into the 1960s!

    • Melting Pot
      Melting Pot Month ago +1

      @Angiebear it wasn’t bad at Tonkawa at all. Like I said I didn’t even know it was a P.o.w. Camp until I was in 6th grade. And went from a farm school house off Hubbard Road. To enter middle school in nearest town of Blackwell Oklahoma.

    • Angiebear
      Angiebear Month ago

      @Melting Pot I’m so sad that that happened to you but happy you at least have some cherished memories of your time. My great grandmother was taken from her tribe in Canada as a child. Kidnapped really. She was MicMac. Was forced to become catholic and wasn’t allowed to speak her language. Even had to change her name. I knew her as a child. She didn’t like to speak about it except meeting my great grandfather at mass. Honestly had no idea these things were going on in America as late as the 80s. Ty for enlightening me. Got some reading to do.

    • Melting Pot
      Melting Pot Month ago +1

      @Angiebear I lived in one internment camps. The Tonkawa p.o.w. Camp in Oklahoma, until 1980. It interned Tonkawa Comanche, and Cherokee, Pawnee, Shawnee, that got mixed up. But the Tonkawa p.o.w. Camp also interned Germans during world war 2. When I was a kid, at 7 years of age. I thought the p.o.w. was a nod to “pow wows”. Didn’t know what a prisoner of war p.o.w. meant.
      I had my first kiss there, and first swimming lesson in the pond there.

    • Angiebear
      Angiebear Month ago

      @Melting Potnot to mention the camps we put Japanese Americans into DURING WW2.

  • Stoner Dragon
    Stoner Dragon Month ago +79

    I love Seth's impression of Lindell 😂

    • Stoner Dragon
      Stoner Dragon Month ago +1

      @Becca_SoCal LoL it really is, but he nails it every time!

    • Obi Have
      Obi Have Month ago +4

      DAH BEARS!!

    • Becca_SoCal
      Becca_SoCal Month ago +3

      It’s so loud though!! I always have to adjust the volume when he does that impression! 😅😅😅

  • Aaron Peart
    Aaron Peart Month ago +43

    In mere seconds, Seth invoked the power of Drunk Uncle AND Stefon, I swear I will never tire of this show

    • WishIWasCatLadyVivian
      WishIWasCatLadyVivian Month ago +2

      LMAO!!!! I was thinking the very same thing about Stefon when Seth covered his mouth with his fingers trying not to laugh. You know, they were very close on SNL. 😉

  • aristotle736
    aristotle736 Month ago +124

    During a Republican debate in 2016 , Jeb Bush said to Trump : " you're not going to insult your way to the presidency ". GOD how I wish he was correct .

    • edgarcayce2.0
      edgarcayce2.0 Month ago +2

      @Tony Monte hehehe you and Cameron can go to the head of the class. I did, in fact, borrow that one from the happiest man on earth, Stephen Colbert.

    • Kehath
      Kehath Month ago +3

      Aint jeb bush the guy that said "please clap" how can anyone take him seriously?

    • aristotle736
      aristotle736 Month ago

      Knock it off. Jed was Good governor and btw ,he knows what the nuclear triad is .

    • Tony Monte
      Tony Monte Month ago +1

      @Cameron Sitton Yes, it does!

  • Dennis Bruechert
    Dennis Bruechert Month ago +10

    The problem is that justice delayed doesn't feel like justice

  • Twich McVey
    Twich McVey Month ago +99

    I hope these vile and evil people never get real power back. It's bad enough that they STILL have ANY power over anything!

  • Victor Raj
    Victor Raj Month ago +55

    It's such a joy to laugh along with someone who not only allows himself to have fun, but also allows us to see it.

  • Adam Gardiner
    Adam Gardiner Month ago +148

    We all looked 12 years younger back in 2016. Even Seth.

    • Jef Olson
      Jef Olson Month ago

      It ravaged the health of the nation. The stress weakened us, and covid marched right in.

    • akmediascope
      akmediascope Month ago +1

      @EH it was absolutely hell. . Every SINGLE . . DAY!

    • EH
      EH Month ago +5

      Right? No way I wanna live through the last few years again 😱

  • katalac
    katalac Month ago +43

    DeSantis in those boots just kills me every time 😂

    • Maria Reyes
      Maria Reyes Month ago +1

      akathleenlackman Sadly he is going to walk his way to the Whitehouse with those boots. Let's pray to God that he does not or its going to be worst than Trump.

    • Jamie Mobley
      Jamie Mobley Month ago +2

      Those are shrimp boots and are common on the coast down south. He just looks idiotic in them, though!

    • EH
      EH Month ago +6

      His PR people must really hate him 🤭🤭

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James Month ago +77

    Thank God for Seth getting us through these bizarre times! 👍 & Mike Pillow.. 🤣 😜

  • Peter Brosseau
    Peter Brosseau Month ago +22

    That was hilarious. Great job as always, Seth!

  • Tracy Gross
    Tracy Gross Month ago +28

    DeSantis stole those white boots from the green M&M.

    • peter g
      peter g Month ago +1

      DeSantis *is* the green m&m!

    • GiarkReleos
      GiarkReleos Month ago

      actually , she borrowed them them from the poofter !!

  • Alika Andrade
    Alika Andrade Month ago +41

    Your Lindell and Tucker Carlson are absolute magic.

    • AuntieCreed
      AuntieCreed Month ago +2

      Agree, but I love the Lindsey Graham bits where he's yelling at Mee-maw

    • YeahNah
      YeahNah Month ago +1

      @Sven Elven No-one needs more Lindsay Graham.

    • Sven Elven
      Sven Elven Month ago +3

      I need more Lindsey Graham though!

  • Bill Mozart
    Bill Mozart Month ago +21

    Correction: while no one at the Federal level is seemingly pursuing charges, the state of Georgia is going after him for his other "perfect phone call"

    • Mary White
      Mary White Month ago +4

      I hope several of them are found guilty!!

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal Month ago +8

      And hopefully go through! and! (hopefuflly) we'll _finally_ get to karma with a found guilty. Knowing Drumpf's luck? somehow it'll fall of the rails.

  • ThinkingAroundTheBox
    ThinkingAroundTheBox Month ago +15

    I think Seth hit it on the head when he said that prosecutors and everyone are sitting on their hands waiting for someone else to stop him

  • Abigail PMM
    Abigail PMM Month ago +23

    Seth is an extremely funny person.

    • peter g
      peter g Month ago +3

      plus his writing team is the best in the business

    • ZolaClyde
      ZolaClyde Month ago +5

      Absolutely! My favorite late night host, no contest. :)

  • Duane Anderson
    Duane Anderson Month ago +2

    Seth , your becoming more and more entertaining, thank you.

  • peter blood
    peter blood Month ago +33

    Although Mark Twain said, "If (he) was drowning, I'd throw him an anvil", and James Carville said "When your opponent is drowning, throw him an anvil.", no one but Terry Sullivan ever said "Throw him a brick." Trust a Republican get it wrong.

    • WishIWasCatLadyVivian
      WishIWasCatLadyVivian Month ago +4

      Sounds like the philosophy of Road Runner to Wile E. Coyote!!!

    • Oneshot8242
      Oneshot8242 Month ago +3

      We need more anvils!
      Anvils for freedom!

  • jehCdrum
    jehCdrum Month ago +17

    I love how seth can keep from breaking during a joke, then immediately cracks himself up after. shows how much he believes in the quality of the jokes.

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams Month ago +20

    Seth calling 2016-Seth a beautiful baby boy is so heartwarming

  • Wesley Colvin
    Wesley Colvin Month ago +6

    "Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting different results."

  • avengingmime
    avengingmime Month ago +81

    Seth's Lindell is absolute gold 🤌

    • MMM Sunshine
      MMM Sunshine Month ago

      😂🤣yes I just start screaming laughing everytime😂🤣

    • Mark Mac
      Mark Mac Month ago +1

      i want one of Lindell auditioning to be in Fargo.

    • birdie jones
      birdie jones Month ago +4

      Need to add more of Minnesota accent 😂

    • Deborah Barnes
      Deborah Barnes Month ago +3

      Da Hare!

  • Kevin Reid
    Kevin Reid Month ago +5

    Seth ought to get an Emmy for the "Bing, Bing, Boop" joke. I laughed so hard!!

  • MelT
    MelT Month ago +15

    Nah, Ron stole those boots from the sexy green M&M. 😂

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G Month ago +3

    It's referred to as the "Bystander Effect" when everyone sits on their hands waiting for someone else to intervene during an emergency.

  • Adraboran Davis-Blake
    Adraboran Davis-Blake Month ago +60

    Seth and his impressions are the schtick!!!

  • Alex 35
    Alex 35 Month ago +5

    Lindell wanted to win but his hopes were smothered.

  • Frank Fulton
    Frank Fulton Month ago +2

    Seth, I love that you no longer ware a Jacket and Tie - makes it feel more like just a bunch of friends hanging out. Keep breaking down and building back up late night TV Talk shows. PS Jokes Seth can't Tell, and Corrections are so Wonderful, I LMAO.

  • Riprulez32
    Riprulez32 Month ago

    Seth's impression of Mike Lindell is his best - it blows me away every time!

  • Eunice Kalu
    Eunice Kalu Month ago +55

    Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!!!!!! It's Time For A Closer Look!!!!!!!!!! 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Chisholm
    Harry Chisholm Month ago +23

    As always, great show, thanks

  • Cindy Hill
    Cindy Hill Month ago +3

    Casual shirt Seth rules. I laughed so hard at this Closer Look. Never go back to the suits!

  • Lin Hendrickson
    Lin Hendrickson Month ago +2

    Love the closer look! Never ceases to make me laugh!

  • Virginia Tyree
    Virginia Tyree Month ago +31

    No Seth, it was only the DEEP State. That bunch is so goofy. Thanks for posting & laughs; helps elevate my mood.

  • Franziska Born
    Franziska Born Month ago +2

    Seth's impression of Lindell makes me lol every time!!

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +6

    Mike's just itching to be lumped in with the rest of the GOP when they get thrown behind... Da Bars!

  • Tsar Fox
    Tsar Fox Month ago +3

    The GOP: "I wanna work closer with Mike but not so close that I get sued into bankruptcy over the voices in his head that tell him to slander multibillion dollar companies"

  • Deborah Tejada
    Deborah Tejada Month ago +2

    The Mike Lindell impersonations are so on point 😂

  • Richard L
    Richard L Month ago +5

    Lindell being head of the RNC would have been glorious.

  • Grace Gheen
    Grace Gheen Month ago

    Seth's impersonation of Mike Lindell is EVERYTHING

  • Maria Victor
    Maria Victor Month ago +2

    Seth’s talent is boundless😂❤

  • DuelScreen
    DuelScreen Month ago +21

    This episode got two legit laughs out of me. Good job!

  • amy
    amy Month ago +6

    this was a really great closer look! genuinely insightful commentary AND funny as hell!

  • Suzanna Terrill
    Suzanna Terrill Month ago +2

    Chuckled throughout.
    Thank you Seth.

  • Zoë Birss
    Zoë Birss Month ago +8

    8:40 "Hope isn't a winning strategy." - 2008 Obama has entered the chat.

  • Mene0
    Mene0 Month ago +21

    The Lindell impression is just so good

  • Aoki85
    Aoki85 Month ago +4

    I remember back in 2016 when we all said it was a parallel to 1933. Someone had better put a stop to this before we parallel 1939 or worse!

  • Bryan Ortiz
    Bryan Ortiz Month ago +5

    It is almost a requirement to break, be accused of breaking, cover up the breaking of, or be willing to break some laws and ethical guidelines.
    I'm glad Lindell is part of the RNC leadership, and I'm very excited for the next elections! I hope they win as much as they have thus far.

  • Randy Howey
    Randy Howey Month ago +1

    I've always LOVED "A Closer Look" but this one was Extra Good !! 🤣🤣

  • ronspri
    ronspri Month ago +12

    The time loop thing slayed me.

  • Rob Neddoff
    Rob Neddoff Month ago

    All of these are great. But this one is one of the best. The wake up bit was hysterical. This one is brilliant from top to bottom.

  • Fidel Cruz
    Fidel Cruz Month ago +23

    Oh sweet baby Hey-seus! The Mike Lindell voice just doesn't get old!!!!!

  • Kara Newell Tobin
    Kara Newell Tobin Month ago +2

    Seth, you do the best impressions!

  • HyperactiveNeuron
    HyperactiveNeuron Month ago +9

    Someone Photoshop a big slouchy hat on Desantis and he'll look like a Smurf with those boots LMAO

  • Blaine Fleece and Fiber

    I'm here for the Mike Lindell impression, and I'm not leaving disappointed! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ruby Doobie
    Ruby Doobie Month ago +5

    Correction: Fat makes people more buoyant so it wouldn't only take a pebble to sink him like you said, he would be considerably harder to sink than the average person.

  • dancepiglover
    dancepiglover Month ago

    Keep the Mike Lindell impressions coming!

  • Lisa McGuire
    Lisa McGuire Month ago +15

    My absolute, absolute favorite impersonation is Seth’s Mike Lindell.
    Makes me laugh every time.
    …the tortoise and DA HARE!!!

    • Sandy Barnes
      Sandy Barnes Month ago

      Yes! Bill Swerski was wonderful

    • GiarkReleos
      GiarkReleos Month ago

      for me is the eric Trimp impersonations going back YEARs . . .

  • Papwithanhatchet
    Papwithanhatchet Month ago +1

    RNC elections are like rewatching your high school’s Enchantment Under the Sea Prom’s crowning of the King and Queen.

  • The Money Pro Method
    The Money Pro Method Month ago +29

    Correction: if this was a time loop it would be 2015, not 2016

    • Busy Lawyer Bee
      Busy Lawyer Bee Month ago

      @WishIWasCatLadyVivian That's not true. We get it but we still pull it apart.

    • WishIWasCatLadyVivian
      WishIWasCatLadyVivian Month ago

      @Busy Lawyer Bee Corrections ONLY exists because the "jackyls" don't get the joke.

    • WishIWasCatLadyVivian
      WishIWasCatLadyVivian Month ago +1

      @Thomas K 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 God, yes!!!! Ever since this show got the idea of doing Corrections (because of the random factual errors that people would point out) it's become worse because people find the most inane thing to "correct". It's comedy and stretching the truth a bit to fit the joke is expected. If they don't get that, then comedy is not their thing. To me, I think they do it because their correction might be one the show chooses to be on air. What a life to live!!!!!

    • Busy Lawyer Bee
      Busy Lawyer Bee Month ago +1

      @Thomas K So there's this internet exclusive segment on Fridays called 'Corrections'. You should tune in so you can learn what a joke is.

    • An Ro
      An Ro Month ago +1

      Tommy, Corrections is the joke!

  • flyingcardinal82
    flyingcardinal82 Month ago +10

    Please someone splice Lindell's "wake up" into a clip of Chop Suey! 😆

  • Wilhelmina Beavers
    Wilhelmina Beavers Month ago +66

    Wait, Seth, you did BOTH those voices?
    I mean, maybe the moon IS just a projection! If Seth can do BOTH those voices!? Anything is possible.
    PS: It seems kind of like cheating to just mouth the words while you pretended to do Biden, though. I mean, that one OBVIOUSLY wasn't you. We're no fools!

  • SetsuneW
    SetsuneW Month ago +3

    We really are doomed to repeat history, even those of us that learned from it.

    • peter g
      peter g Month ago +1

      it's down to the (poor) state of education in the usa.

  • rejoyce
    rejoyce Month ago +18

    Thank you for calling out the former governor of NJ.

  • Maxmartin
    Maxmartin Month ago +3

    RNC: "We called you so many times Mr. Pillow. We want to work you but the guy who answered your phone kept saying, "Chris Wray FBI. How can I help you?"

  • Marc Peterson
    Marc Peterson Month ago +21

    You know who really has the power to stop Trump? Voters.

    • Ter Fai
      Ter Fai Month ago

      Yep 1st vote then comment
      Otherwise hold the comment
      for after your so called non-counted vote.........
      Put that in your USA 1ST PIPE!....

    • Luke Wright
      Luke Wright Month ago

      Don't forget the electoral college.

    • Clare Erickson
      Clare Erickson Month ago

      Yes but they don’t believe the voters😢

  • Rodolfo P. Teixeira
    Rodolfo P. Teixeira Month ago +10

    This is the best late show on TV right now, by far.

    • FOHguy
      FOHguy 18 days ago

      @Rodolfo P. Teixeira The network would probably have his shows producers turn him into what everybody else has become. The same jokes about the same people. Over and over.

    • Rodolfo P. Teixeira
      Rodolfo P. Teixeira 18 days ago

      @FOHguy I agree. CBS should bring Craig Ferguson back!

    • FOHguy
      FOHguy Month ago +1

      Unfortunately, that's not saying much

  • FBM6947
    FBM6947 Month ago +4

    Seth has quietly become one of America's top 10 or even top 5 impressionist comics! Who would have guessed when he was just doing the fake news on SNL?

  • Evan Hughes
    Evan Hughes Month ago

    Strong Tom Carvel energy with that Lindell impression 😁

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird Month ago +6

    Lindell, He's a punch line! 😁

  • Terrance Kayton007
    Terrance Kayton007 Month ago +1

    Claire’s, Hardees, White Dallas Cowboy boots… hilarious set, A Closer Look, team, knocked this one out the park. I was lol the entire time!

  • russell zauner
    russell zauner Month ago +6

    I can't believe people still aren't calling him "Mike Pillow" I mean *come on*

  • Steve Richards
    Steve Richards Month ago +15

    I was sure Johnny Bananas would have won the RNC vote 🤣

    • Mark Mac
      Mark Mac Month ago +1

      damn i forgot about him!

  • Space Force Commander
    Space Force Commander Month ago +79

    Mitch McConnell (and others) were hoping the Democrats would get rid of Trump for them, but it looks like they overestimated the Democrats.

    • Qing-jao Han
      Qing-jao Han Month ago +1

      @Chris Lauderdale Sure, except for kicking Trump out of office, passing massive relief and infrastructure packages, codifying marriage equality, defending Medicare and Medicaid, hell, let's go back to passing civil rights...

    • Chris Lauderdale
      Chris Lauderdale Month ago +2

      Expecting the Democratic party to do anything at all is overestimating the Democratic party.

  • Frank Dabelstein
    Frank Dabelstein Month ago +2

    If someone makes a time loop and brings us back to 2016 I´m going to sue them!

  • scrotox
    scrotox Month ago +7

    I should know better than to take a drink of water during Seth's Lindell. As soon as he said "DA HARE!" I spit water everywhere

  • Vickie Dixon
    Vickie Dixon Month ago

    Yeah that's how I feel when I hear 2016, horrible, like I was dying inside, like the world just went to Hell in a hand basket, like Twilight Zone was all of our destinations. It was all those things and much much worse.

  • Catrena Harris
    Catrena Harris Month ago +28

    All of them are insane.

    • Bw Bacon
      Bw Bacon Month ago +2

      @Lawrence D’Oliveiro Not your island, Lawrence. A deserted atoll would be sufficient.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro
      Lawrence D’Oliveiro Month ago +2

      @Bw Bacon Hey, as somebody out in the middle of the Pacific, we’d appreciate it if you kept him to yourselves, thanks.

    • Bw Bacon
      Bw Bacon Month ago +3

      Fact. And we have to live with them in OUR world. I wish they'd just find an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific.

  • belly boo
    belly boo Month ago +21

    I love your impression of Lindell.
    It's funny that you make him sound like he's from Chicago but isn't he actually from Minnesoootaa?

  • Charles Roba Greene

    Seth is still killing it on A Closer Look... bing bing bong bong 😹😹

  • Lauv Err
    Lauv Err Month ago

    Seth Myers makes me laugh. Him, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel...basically all of the late night talk show hosts I guess. 😅

  • Reverend Christian Tourettes b'Staard III, PhD

    Mike Lindell's voice frightens the cat.

    • GiarkReleos
      GiarkReleos Month ago

      it also frightens the mirror !!

    • Lost Cat9Lives
      Lost Cat9Lives Month ago +1

      Perhaps, but the cockroaches come arunning.

  • Ace Entertainmnt
    Ace Entertainmnt Month ago +1

    No better segment on late night shows

  • Day
    Day Month ago +376


    • Zach Hogan
      Zach Hogan Month ago +1

      ​@GamePapa What do you mean new motto they've been all about cruelty and hypocrisy since well before Nixon

    • The Critic
      The Critic  Month ago +1

      We plead the fifth! 😧😧

    • Ghin
      Ghin Month ago +3

      "Bing bing bong boom" - Donald Trump

    • Edric Aldones
      Edric Aldones Month ago +1

      @Jef Olson They've had it for more than two years, why don't they show us what is on it?

  • Booger Sugar 5000
    Booger Sugar 5000 Month ago +26

    Two impressions in the same sentence. Seth is the New Hader. Suck it Bill!

  • Jeff B.
    Jeff B. Month ago +14

    ahh how I've missed da Lindell impressions.

  • Christoph Luger
    Christoph Luger Month ago

    I can't believe it's been 6 years. Time flies.