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450 Highlights | 2023 SMX World Championship Finals Playoff #2 | Chicagoland Speedway

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • need metal
    need metal 16 days ago +9

    So happy to see Roczen do well. Crappy starts but hes so efficient and experienced he rises to the top

  • W
    W 16 days ago +18

    Love the track layout. Great to see ROCZEN on the podium again.

  • one Mx Jader lopes #1
    one Mx Jader lopes #1 15 days ago +2

    Que maneiro, esse muleque é massa d+, parabéns papai Roczen 🎉

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 16 days ago +3

    Barcia is just an obstacle with a bully mentality and a fading set of skills at this point...the way he handled that crash with zero regard for the other competitors whom haven't wrecked is ridiculous.
    Also, Jett throwing the race like that was ludicrous too!
    Happy for Hunter sweeping it all.

  • Vietnam&Korean Flashbacks
    Vietnam&Korean Flashbacks 16 days ago +12

    Kenny was riding really fast and Jett probably could of held him back, but didn't want to unnecessarily push to that limit and maybe crash. So he let kenny by cause he knew he was still gonna win the overall anyways, but jett supposedly claimed it was a baby gift because roczen just had a baby and they did used to be teammates and all. I also think he was trying to bump Sexton to 3rd overall

    • Regan Walker
      Regan Walker 15 days ago +3

      We pay to watch them race not let them past

    • 禁Mars
      禁Mars 12 days ago

      Tbh Jett didn’t even make the “cautious riding” argument at all .. the excuses he used were rather lame

  • Patrick
    Patrick 16 days ago +41

    Jett had the overall and was just thinking about creating more space between him and his main competition - Sexton

    • McCoy
      McCoy 16 days ago +5


    • Vietnam&Korean Flashbacks
      Vietnam&Korean Flashbacks 16 days ago +5

      Kenny was riding really fast and Jett probably could of held him back, but didn't want to unnecessarily push to that limit and maybe crash. So he let kenny by cause he knew he was still gonna win the overall anyways, but jett supposedly claimed it was a baby gift because roczen just had a baby and they did used to be teammates and all. I also think he was trying to bump Sexton to 3rd overall

    • blubug768
      blubug768 16 days ago +5

      Sexton would have went 2-3 to KR 3-2, it changed nothing with the overall or points.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 16 days ago +2

      @blubug768 yeah he probably didn't realise that mid moto. But he still had it in the bag and it was a cool gesture. Jetts got many more years and wins to come and probably just made a friend for life with roczen. Bit of a win win

    • Colin Chrabaszcz
      Colin Chrabaszcz 16 days ago +3

      ​@PatrickJett and Kenny have been friends for quite a few years. I remember Kenny doing a Lawrence brother impersonation back in either '18 or '19

  • GoldToadGaming
    GoldToadGaming 16 days ago +10

    Jett is such a madman. Pulling over to let Ken by just because he didn’t want to push it when he already had the overall locked up, and because he wanted Roczen to gain more points on Sexton. What a calculation, it’s crazy to think all that up mid-race like that

    • Jannik Sims
      Jannik Sims 15 days ago +1

      You don't think that up mid race. You make a game plan before the race and just execute it after. But honestly waving someone by feels like f1 shenanigans and I really don't want to see that here...

    • GoldToadGaming
      GoldToadGaming 15 days ago +1

      @Jannik Sims would you rather:
      Push the limits and risk a crash, injury or mechanical failure when not necessary
      Win the overall without having to do any of that
      I understand that it can be a bad look but like Jett said that was a huge brain move. There’s a reason why he’s the only guy who’s done stuff like that in recent memory and it’s because he’s just so smart on the track

    • Jannik Sims
      Jannik Sims 15 days ago +2

      @GoldToadGaming you can let of the pressure without straight up waiving someone past. And I would want that 1-1 if I think it's possible and if not I still wouldn't waive the second guy past.

    • Wood Duck
      Wood Duck 15 days ago +1

      he was wrong and you're all wrong for believing him. He now knows he was wrong and lost a win for no reason. He says he wanted to be nice to Kenny but really it's cause he fucked up the math in his head. lol He fucked up the math because letting Kenny by did nothing to benefit Jet and y'all need to get with the program yo

    • 禁Mars
      禁Mars 12 days ago

      @GoldToadGamingyou don’t have to theatrically wave someone by and make lame excuses like “it was a baby gift” in order to ride cautious lol… dude was gonna get beat

  • Link ROBLOX
    Link ROBLOX 15 days ago

    god when people realized roczen passed the crowd went wild

  • wayne kavanagh
    wayne kavanagh 15 days ago

    Jett could have been saving his energy for next week, because its WINNER TAKES ALL !

    • Chris Lollich
      Chris Lollich 12 days ago

      Yeah because his EGO is so
      BIG he has a hard time carrying it.

  • Heuo Rsom
    Heuo Rsom 14 days ago

    Again, Jett is just too fantastic.

    • Rider1
      Rider1 13 days ago

      Lol he got scared of his ego. He is a B

  • Anthony Ensor
    Anthony Ensor 16 days ago +2

    Jett just too good again.

  • Recb Bsim
    Recb Bsim 10 days ago

    without dropping the overall. playoffs. Moreover, Roczen was improving and ultimately finished faster. He won't risk losing the night or the playoffs for his pride if he simply lets him pass. He

  • blubug768
    blubug768 16 days ago +2

    0:38 Jetts bike throwin sparks.

  • Hung
    Hung 16 days ago +4

    Yeah the guy with the fastest lap times definitely was “let” by lol. This sport and it’s Lawrence d riding

    • Sterben
      Sterben 16 days ago

      Bro he waved Kenny by. Kenny may have been running faster but Jett can defend his lines quite easily on most tracks

  • Vmal Tnuio
    Vmal Tnuio 13 days ago

    Top 10 ranking for Nichols on a beta

  • Mitchell Young
    Mitchell Young 16 days ago +41

    Everyone hating on Jett, but he's thinking big picture for the playoffs. He lets Roczen by and it has a better chance of bumping Sexton to third overall, thus gaining on him in the playoffs without losing the overall. Also Roczen was gaining and was faster in the end. If he just lets him by he doesn't risk throwing away the night or playoffs over his pride. He still won the overall. Makes sense to me.
    Edit 9/20: racer x has posted that Lawrence broke a rule by doing this and has been served a warning. I admit that I did not know this was a rule. I still think Jett was thinking points but a rule is a rule. He probably regrets his actions now.

    • Wtf Ftw
      Wtf Ftw 16 days ago +4

      Nobody hates Jett

    • Mitchell Young
      Mitchell Young 16 days ago +4

      @Wtf Ftw bunch of people were commenting on here they thought it was stupid. Idk, just thought I'd share my thoughts.

    • Omar Peplow
      Omar Peplow 16 days ago

      Does everyone hate Jett? Speak only for yourself. You must be a Yamaha fan boy.

    • Regan Walker
      Regan Walker 15 days ago +3

      Makes sense to you. But it’s not racing at all. That’s what we pay for

  • Dave Banfield
    Dave Banfield 16 days ago +1

    Nichols with a top 10 on a beta 💯

  • Ryan Debenetti
    Ryan Debenetti 16 days ago +1

    Nice job KR you made Jett crap his paints because he couldn’t shake you and he new you had him beat on a Suzuki 👍

  • Adir Erco
    Adir Erco 8 days ago

    Jett has a big brain. The goat is that child.

  • 41hauls Hunt
    41hauls Hunt 16 days ago +4

    Too bad roczen didn’t get 2nd in moto 1 and then we’d see a race

  • シバチャンネル
    シバチャンネル 16 days ago +5

    Go Roczen‼️

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 16 days ago +34

    I don't dig Jett waving Ken by. It is like Ken was earning it, (nice to see), and Jett took the win away from Ken, and a battle from the sport. That should have been a battle for the win that people can admire and remember. This is not racing. I doubt he can say anything in the post race press conference to change my mind.

    • stormbornboy
      stormbornboy 16 days ago +1

      While I agree completly with your train of thought, I must also point out why I disagree. A win is a win. Sure some ways of winning are more prideful than others, but at the end of the day, if the opposing army waves a white flag instead of fighting to death, you won fair and square.... Jett felt Kenny gain ground, weighed out the pros and cons, and simply forfeited the race to him. Kenny won that and if I were him, i'd be just as proud that I made jett resign his position.
      With that said, I agree that a real race would have been epic to watch and that is also what I would have favored seeing.

    • Sheen BoyJollins
      Sheen BoyJollins 16 days ago +1

      Give him a break man this is playoffs. In normal seasons he’s charging through the checkered flag every time. This makes perfect sense given the point situation throughout playoffs. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute this championship means the world to this kid and he’s just ensuring his opportunity to take the whole thing. These guys have trained their whole lives in hopes of winning a title and you’re PO’d because he didn’t risk throwing it all away to entertain you for a few more minutes? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Ryan Debenetti
      Ryan Debenetti 16 days ago +5

      You know why everything you said was BS? Because he was riding at an even faster Pace early on in the race and had to ride that pace to stay out front the whole time. you’re telling me the last two laps he couldn’t handle that pace anymore and was to risky? Lol what Jett did was pathetic and he new he couldn’t shake KR so he did that lame as crap.

    • Anthony Ensor
      Anthony Ensor 15 days ago

      Very salty😢😢

  • Chris Lollich
    Chris Lollich 16 days ago +7

    Come on man, letting someone by is just being arrogant , who in moto
    Cross wants a free one,
    Now that jets ego is big
    As a house , we'll just have to
    See how this goes over, it
    Was "nice " but come on what
    If he would have really beaten
    Jett that would have a real win and better deal.

  • Joseph Markell
    Joseph Markell 16 days ago +6

    Big brain riding by Jett. That kid is the goat

    • craig4fsu
      craig4fsu 16 days ago +4

      Big brain math?? LMFAO
      Chase should buy Jett a calculator.

  • Jack McKay
    Jack McKay 16 days ago +13

    Jett couldn’t handle the fact roczen on a suzuki was going to pass him so he slowed down and acted like he gave him a gift waving him by. Roczen was going to pass you anyway. Just like Eli tomac was going to stop you outdoors this year if he wasnt hurt

    • Anthony Ensor
      Anthony Ensor 15 days ago


    • Rider1
      Rider1 15 days ago

      @Anthony Ensorya Jett acting like a B

  • jeremy ray
    jeremy ray 16 days ago

    Down to the concrete in the ruts.

  • CamCapture
    CamCapture 16 days ago +6

    Nice respect shown there for Kenny on the track well done young man.

    • craig4fsu
      craig4fsu 16 days ago +7

      It was insulting.

    • CamCapture
      CamCapture 16 days ago

      @craig4fsu nah it wasn't, could tell by the hug Kenny gave him at the end mad respect between them boys.

    • Mixed Bag
      Mixed Bag 15 days ago

      Jett lived at Kenny Dads House in Germany

  • My Name
    My Name 16 days ago +3

    Typical barcia tried cleaning Anderson out smh

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 11 days ago

    Was "nice," but what the heck If he had actually defeated Jett, it would have been a legitimate victory and a better outcome.

  • CyberDrama
    CyberDrama 16 days ago +3

    Jett Lawrence did not give a good impression of himself in the second moto, childish gesture of letting Roczen pass just because Ken was faster

    • Anthony Ensor
      Anthony Ensor 15 days ago

      Heard the same comment for almost the whole outdoor series with Chase apparently being faster than Jett. How did that turn out? Surely you’ve learnt by now.

  • J Keenan
    J Keenan 15 days ago

    Barcia riding over his head

  • John Tomasik
    John Tomasik 16 days ago +4

    Jett explaining his math of the 2nd moto wave by. School is important. Motocross is importanter.....lol.
    God help Jett if Hunter's smart enough to figure it out. Hunter would never let him live that one down.

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA 16 days ago

      School today is not the school of yesterday. The wrong people are teaching.

    • Duck Mafia
      Duck Mafia 16 days ago


    • John Tomasik
      John Tomasik 16 days ago

      @EarthSurferUSA That's a whole other conversation. And, giving Jett and his family their due, turning Jett into a fourier transform expert wasn't their priority. They've obviously done extremely well with the priority for their children, so I gotta give them that.
      That said, the "strategy", points math aside, with the idea of dropping back to remove your cushion to your main competition wasn't smart, either. If Jett thought Roczen wouldn't hold back Sexton, that'd mean Sexton was coming. And Jett putting himself in harm's way of getting his front end swept by the guy who's coming isn't smart. I wonder if his pit board was telling him to do that? If so, I'd have a long talk with his trackside team and that decision.

    • John Tomasik
      John Tomasik 16 days ago

      @Duck Mafia I stole that from a t-shirt I bought off Amazon. I'm contemplating digging into whether I can send one to Jett, purely as a joke.

  • Ryan Debenetti
    Ryan Debenetti 15 days ago

    Yea that was about as embarrassing for the sport as you can get after what Jett did. Say something was wrong with the bike if anything. That’s going to come back to get him. AMA you shouldn’t be happy with that BS

  • CaliMama_2stroke
    CaliMama_2stroke 16 days ago +13

    . Jett is a bad mate for doing that to Kenny, no man wants to win like that. Also what’s the deal with the pearl necklace jettison?!! Roczen was gonna pass Jett and Jett couldn’t handle it! CS23 for the win!!!

    • Chase Sextoff
      Chase Sextoff 16 days ago +16

      Lol that's funny. Americans are so salty😂

    • Jack McKay
      Jack McKay 16 days ago +1

      Jett didnt want to look like he was trying to get passed so he made it seem like a gift typical loser mentality lawrence bros

    MELFORT TATTOO SHOP 16 days ago

    Jett is such a classy dude. What was that win worth ? Just tossed KR a 100k + win bonus. Legend.

    • Rider1
      Rider1 15 days ago

      Sounds like B A opps.

  • Eric Good
    Eric Good 16 days ago +2

    Its funny how both leaders in the 250 and 450 had bike issues. The LEDS I believe are fing with the system!

    • Chase Sextoff
      Chase Sextoff 16 days ago +1


    • 41hauls Hunt
      41hauls Hunt 16 days ago

      Forgive me what’s leds

    • Sheen BoyJollins
      Sheen BoyJollins 16 days ago +2

      The LED’s are one wire connection and couldn’t affect the engine or mechanics since they’re not electric. LED’s barely draw any current anyways.

    • Wayne’s World
      Wayne’s World 16 days ago

      Must have ya tinfoil hat on there ol mate

  • Robert Fairweather Band
    Robert Fairweather Band 16 days ago +1

    Jett Lawrence gets major respect for giving Ken the win! That was so cool.

  • PChal 024
    PChal 024 13 days ago


  • James Scott
    James Scott 16 days ago

    Jett lost ALL respect from me as a rider. You don’t wave someone by like that. Pathetic. Just let him pass you, you don’t stop and wave him by, I would be pissed if I was ken

  • Daniel Resch
    Daniel Resch 14 days ago

    No matter what Roxanne was right there on a Suzuki no electric start g we😝😝😝😝

  • Andrew Mapes
    Andrew Mapes 15 days ago

    Jett is so smart.

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts 16 days ago +4

    I still don’t get this garbage championship.
    They should be battling for the win no matter what.

  • Mixed Bag
    Mixed Bag 15 days ago +1

    Jett lived at Kenny Dads House in Germany

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 15 days ago

    Why do you put the winner the thumbnail?please explain.

  • AMM
    AMM 16 days ago +5

    poor sexton just can't keep the up with Jett sexton got lucky last race good sexton going to other team maybe he can do better or the same just follow Jett

  • Rider1
    Rider1 13 days ago

    Jett disrespected the sport😮

  • Prakash Kanagarathnam
    Prakash Kanagarathnam 16 days ago


  • allan rmos
    allan rmos 16 days ago

    that is given. the gayness of jet if someone pressure him could make him cry or face on the ground.. he has brain now to let the pressure pass by

  • Tim Brückner
    Tim Brückner 16 days ago +1

    Whay did he let roczen by, did he or was it a missatcke did he not catch him back?

    • Chase Sextoff
      Chase Sextoff 16 days ago +4

      It was a gift

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA 16 days ago +8

      He cracked. Roczen did it.

    • Clayton Andrews
      Clayton Andrews 16 days ago +5


    • Chase Sextoff
      Chase Sextoff 16 days ago +3

      @EarthSurferUSA that's a cool story hater

    • Scott Allen Sparks
      Scott Allen Sparks 16 days ago +3

      @Clayton Andrews they don’t hand out purse money per moto. It’s for the overall which would’ve been the same if Jett doesn’t let Roczen by. Jett’s just an idiot that can’t do math and doesn’t respect Roczen and showed that tonight.

  • Tulip Trooper
    Tulip Trooper 16 days ago

    what is that light on the fork? why?

    • michael clyde
      michael clyde 16 days ago

      Shows who’s leading the race new thing ama is trying out

  • Casey G
    Casey G 16 days ago +1

    I don't get this soft generation who will gladly take a 2nd when they are the fastest on the track. That's not what this sport is about, taking layups

  • wally walton
    wally walton 16 days ago

    Sexton...chump again. Jett probably felt sorry for him last week so gave him the win. Not this week...

  • Tim W
    Tim W 16 days ago +1

    Its over Jett won give him the cash and the trophy already. Hunter might have a tough time with shimoda but Deegan is done.

  • Wheels & Wrenches
    Wheels & Wrenches 13 days ago

    Those green lights are horrible

  • Jay Ryan
    Jay Ryan 16 days ago +9

    whats up with all the americans hating jett? even though ken roczen is german ffs

    • 4touchdowns1game
      4touchdowns1game 16 days ago +3

      Ken is basically an American. Lives here, trains here, raising a family here and sounds like he's from here.

    • 4touchdowns1game
      4touchdowns1game 16 days ago

      People also don't like who's winning a lot.

    • Rj Lindsey
      Rj Lindsey 16 days ago

      Americans love Jett! That was kinda a weird thing to do to wave Kenny by . Americans love Kenny too .

  • allan rmos
    allan rmos 16 days ago +3

    gayness of jett

  • Raylan G
    Raylan G 15 days ago +2

    These reports are weak

  • Dilligaf
    Dilligaf 16 days ago +8

    Get off Jetts back ,obviously he the rozen win get over it. This is what Aussies do ok!!

    • Life of Liam 🍄El champiñon
      Life of Liam 🍄El champiñon 16 days ago +4

      Why he make it obvious just let him by then and eat it like a man, jett was gonna get passed anyways and his ego couldn't handle it, oh but he gifted the position, lol ok. Thanks mate.

  • Jack Martin
    Jack Martin 16 days ago +4

    pathetic from jett

  • Dufo Niney
    Dufo Niney 8 days ago

    Top 10 ranking for Nichols on a beta