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The FLASHIEST moves in sports history 🔥

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • iManual
    iManual 2 months ago +5992

    Are we not gonna talk about the perfect beat sync in the first clip?

    • Im under the water
      Im under the water 2 months ago +83

      The music was set for that clip to sync with it

    • J-Tux
      J-Tux 2 months ago +6

      song name?

    • SozeyTozey
      SozeyTozey 2 months ago +75

      The ball was literally only hit in sync twice. The second hit by the opponent, and once on the beat drop. Really not that impressive

    • Im under the water
      Im under the water 2 months ago +1

      @J-Tux idk

  • Da Homies
    Da Homies 2 months ago +4299

    I thought I was good at ping pong 💀

    • Duc Anh Nguyen
      Duc Anh Nguyen 2 months ago +15

      rip bozo

    • Chaitanya Joshi
      Chaitanya Joshi 2 months ago +46

      Table tennis

    • ImaCocoNgati
      ImaCocoNgati 2 months ago +4

      Dude was nothing flash lol bit of over kill back spin on it with a spin bat lol 😂 I don’t play with spinners unless I’m in a spinny mood myself 😅
      Spin spin….spin

    • Arctics04
      Arctics04 2 months ago +4

      *table tennis not ping pong🤔

    • Da Homies
      Da Homies 2 months ago

      @Arctics04 I only say table tennis when I want to sound more professional 😂

  • theboyneverdie101
    theboyneverdie101 2 months ago +2944

    As asian, I got to confirm you we have to be perfect in ping pong

    • MicahH
      MicahH 2 months ago +30

      He is Chinese and plays for Slovakia

    • Yu Xushi
      Yu Xushi 2 months ago +24

      ​@MicahH and in what continent China is in? And what if he play is Slovakia?

    • TriHardersツ
      TriHardersツ 2 months ago +1

      @MicahHwe’re you just saying or no

    • free_palestine
      free_palestine 2 months ago +1

      ​@Yu Xushiso he not Asian when talk8ng about nationality

    • Yu Xushi
      Yu Xushi 2 months ago +1

      @free_palestine alright, this is an issue everybody have problems with, if you're... let's say Jamaican, but have the nationality of Japan let's say (which you're not born into, or have any parents from Japan).
      Then, are you Japanese or are you Jamaican?

  • NY
    NY 2 months ago +856

    The first one was cold 🥶 🥶

  • Israel Innocent
    Israel Innocent 2 months ago +411

    That one friend you can't beat at a game no matter how hard you tried 😭😂

  • Spiritual Eyes 20:20
    Spiritual Eyes 20:20 2 months ago +134

    That was SMOOTH!!! The man is a showman, for real!!! 👏🏾

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck 2 months ago +720

    Plot twist: he was aiming for the girl

    • ThatGuyMyers
      ThatGuyMyers 2 months ago +30

      I don’t know why they would even add that, it’s just sad and no one is impressed 😂😂

    • TheJokester
      TheJokester Month ago +15

      ​@JUSTATHOUGHT someones getting a little emotional😂

    • How about another joke?
      How about another joke? Month ago +2

      ​@JUSTATHOUGHT Crybaby😢

    • Jac
      Jac Month ago +3

      @JUSTATHOUGHT he’s not a bully maybe he just like that girl. It’s not that deep calm down.

  • Josiah Huang
    Josiah Huang Month ago +18

    Bro got a new achievement. “Swag.” 😂😂

  • Sean P
    Sean P Month ago +13

    If I was the other dude in that first clip, after that point, I’d have just politely set my ping pong paddle down and walked off.

  • Big Bob
    Big Bob Month ago +18

    The first guy was so chill

  • Shawn Kincheloe Sr
    Shawn Kincheloe Sr Month ago +16

    I’m still trying to figure out exactly how the man it the first clip was able to return every violent slam without overreacting 😳✌🏾👊🏾

  • Gaming and Masti
    Gaming and Masti 2 months ago +133

    Bro mind is so calm🥶

    • C:
      C: Month ago +1

      Bro used water breathing

    • DBZLevels
      DBZLevels Month ago

      11th Form

  • Cypher
    Cypher 2 months ago +111

    Bro was like let him play then finish like it was nothing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Idread
    Idread 2 months ago +19

    That Walk Off tho. 🤣

  • Pat Nieto
    Pat Nieto 2 months ago +31

    That first one was 🥶🥶

  • Avigail's Beautiful Channel
    Avigail's Beautiful Channel 2 months ago +171

    The force is strong with these ones.

  • HumaN
    HumaN 2 months ago +92

    bro was cold af

  • Ʌᴛᴍᴏꜱ ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ

    That first guy was just plain disrespectful, literally just playing with his food at that point lmao!

  • Timmy McGypsy
    Timmy McGypsy 2 months ago +94

    That friend you play pong with that only slices lol

  • Sj B
    Sj B Month ago +2

    First guy is soul snatcher 😈

  • Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity Month ago +4

    In the first clip, the last shot the blue shirt guy made had no spin applied, therefore the red shirt guy easily took control of it. The reason you see matches of such a standard speed is, that they apply spin to their shots, therefore it's hard to handle it and you are forced to return it with a spin.

  • Tobiáš Gawlik
    Tobiáš Gawlik Month ago

    Remaining calm is very important for victory

  • 21Editorz
    21Editorz 2 months ago +26

    The Other guy trying so hard💀

  • Gamin Squidz
    Gamin Squidz Month ago +3

    Bros the ping pong final boss; normal techniques wont work on him

  • ZuZyE
    ZuZyE Month ago +6

    Confidence level 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Clayton Clifford
    Clayton Clifford Month ago +1

    That 1st dude has swag beyond all measure!!!

  • ItsNoobiefied
    ItsNoobiefied Month ago +1

    Wow the first one was rly smooth

  • MC24
    MC24 Month ago +1

    One of life’s great joys is having a cannon arm and getting to throw things at people.

  • T A K A S H I
    T A K A S H I Month ago

    First one was the real definition of"play smarter not harder"

  • sport loves & big ass loves 😍

    Hard work vs talent ❤

  • It's all fun & games
    It's all fun & games Month ago +3

    That was smooth😮

  • Ishaan
    Ishaan Month ago +3

    "Dont let them know your next move"

  • Ethitlan
    Ethitlan 28 days ago

    I did not just hear an OST from Nier Automata in the first clip. Made my day

  • BMJ
    BMJ 2 months ago

    Watched this too many times, the reaction is priceless

  • prince_of_golf prince_of_golf

    That boy got the hands of lighting. 🌩

  • •DarkVenom•
    •DarkVenom•  Month ago +2

    Table tennis is such a great sport. It's too bad it's not as famoud here in Ireland.. 😢

  • ThatGuyMyers
    ThatGuyMyers 2 months ago +2

    I don’t know why they even added the second clip, looks like he was trying to hit them but missed and played it off 😂

  • Afro Demon
    Afro Demon Month ago

    I've never seen someone throw a ball before. Wow!

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 months ago +6

    The second one technically wasn’t during any game and play over during a sport competition or anything happening, but it was so cool that I’ll just let it slide

  • Hanane Khadraoui
    Hanane Khadraoui Month ago

    That was clean

  • Hashshash1n
    Hashshash1n Month ago

    My man got a curveball reminding of bullet curve in Wanted movie!

  • Stacy Stamatakos
    Stacy Stamatakos Month ago

    Perfect with the beat😂😂 😂

  • treyxyz
    treyxyz Month ago

    I thought him being that far and still hitting it accurately back was impressive enough

  • Khersy
    Khersy Month ago +1

    What even was that second one lmao bro chucked a ping-pong ball

  • Jaiden Barrett
    Jaiden Barrett Month ago

    The first clip is me, but in Wii Sports Resort

  • ifimthedev1l
    ifimthedev1l Month ago

    Them back spins were deadly ferocious 😬

  • minecwaft33
    minecwaft33 Month ago

    The second clip is literally me in class with a ball of paper throwing it at my classmates

  • Muhammad Aman
    Muhammad Aman 2 months ago


  • Rodane Stennett
    Rodane Stennett 18 days ago

    The guy at the back flung back his head like, "What am I doing here? "

  • Jinkr
    Jinkr Month ago +1

    First guy thought he had the asian dude on the ropes then he realized bro could end the game whenever the asian dude wanted.

  • Kan Hing Choy
    Kan Hing Choy Month ago

    哗 有型兼超级 高手❤

  • XilonGaming
    XilonGaming Month ago +1

    "There's always an Asian better than you"

    MANAS SHETE Month ago

    man the chops are always satisfying in table tennis

  • Ummmmm 😑
    Ummmmm 😑 Month ago

    The first one he did him dirty 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Gonzalez
    Alexander Gonzalez 2 months ago

    The talent😮

  • Lisa Nicon
    Lisa Nicon Month ago

    First guy said 'GET THAT SHIZ OUTTA HERE'😁😁🔥🔥💙

  • Priyansh Sharma
    Priyansh Sharma Month ago +1

    He's like older brother playing with little bro

  • RAWR
    RAWR Month ago

    Rizz at its finest

  • kakarot
    kakarot Month ago

    If he had of hit her with that ping pong 😂😂😂😂

  • TERPZ47
    TERPZ47 Month ago

    As an Asian, it's mandatory to practice ping pong 5 hrs a day...

  • miranda white
    miranda white 2 months ago

    That was clean👦🏻

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 2 months ago +1

    It's always the Chinese guys🔥

  • Badger
    Badger 2 months ago

    Bruh the beat with that first video is SO satisfying

  • Shriram Kamath
    Shriram Kamath 2 months ago

    Bro unlocked advanced observation haki

  • Maarten
    Maarten Month ago

    I just knew that the asian kid was gonna win in the first clip

  • Levelup
    Levelup 2 months ago

    The first guy is the level of mastery I would wish to atain in life, make the hard look simple

  • pasha veres
    pasha veres Month ago

    That first one had the black-clad mindless zombies waiting for activation. And thanks, Mr Bernoulli on the second.

  • Jonah Ardayfio
    Jonah Ardayfio Month ago

    Second clip fye

  • Johnhicker Santilan
    Johnhicker Santilan 2 months ago

    When your training hard and your enemy put less efforts beating you💀🤣

  • SerMacster
    SerMacster 2 months ago +5

    That's a beautiful song

  • OnlySongs
    OnlySongs Month ago

    The guy in the middle felt satisfied too

  • One Memey Gamer
    One Memey Gamer Month ago

    ok but what was that music-to-video sync??

  • Jamal
    Jamal Month ago

    That was cold 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Hamdi Essa
    Hamdi Essa 2 months ago

    That guy looked so chill playing ping-pong

  • Viper836
    Viper836 Month ago

    Why does the end exist, apart that good moment of sport!

  • Robopup
    Robopup Month ago +1

    Not the nier automata music in the background of the first one… a beautiful song indeed

  • Teo
    Teo Month ago

    Girl unlocked ultra instinct 😂😂

  • X E T O B I
    X E T O B I Month ago


  • Virak Virak
    Virak Virak Month ago

    The first guy was chilling

  • abubakar ashraf
    abubakar ashraf 2 months ago

    Meanwhile cricket fans :what a reverse swing

  • Eric Mensah
    Eric Mensah Month ago

    What smooth move. That's was happens when you not checking for a counter attack.

  • Shawn Holt
    Shawn Holt Month ago

    That man not even trying 😮

  • Cj Thurston
    Cj Thurston 2 months ago

    He got a wicked curve on the Ping-Pong ball

  • RoyaltyFreeMusic
    RoyaltyFreeMusic Month ago

    So we not gonna talk about how this guy tried to clean this girls clock or …

  • Gamernumber_6 6
    Gamernumber_6 6 Month ago

    nice curve ball

  • okeydokey !
    okeydokey ! Month ago


  • Weekly Memes
    Weekly Memes 2 months ago

    Bros lagging💀

  • Aryan cube techs
    Aryan cube techs 21 day ago

    what a in swing!

  • Vedant Patel
    Vedant Patel Month ago

    Wait for headshot 😂😂

  • GraffitiTurtle
    GraffitiTurtle Month ago

    wtf was the second guy trying to do 💀

  • Victor Prosper
    Victor Prosper 2 months ago

    Yooo, the first one ☠️

  • onyx vision
    onyx vision 2 months ago

    It was the walk off for me

  • Ali Yahh
    Ali Yahh 2 months ago

    bro went from chopping to idgaf like damn

  • Mosquito God
    Mosquito God Month ago

    Max strength vs Max dexterity stat

  • Me
    Me 2 months ago

    The second clip is a real life example of aim assist

  • ムひ丂ノの刀
    ムひ丂ノの刀 2 months ago

    The first one was iconic😮

  • Laksh Sutle
    Laksh Sutle 2 months ago

    Never mess with an Asian!!

  • Oleg Kozlov
    Oleg Kozlov 2 months ago

    Реально крут!

  • Сергій Яковчук

    Somebody write the name of second song!

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago +1

      woo x i was never there

  • Gyurmeth Lodroe
    Gyurmeth Lodroe Month ago

    That Taiwan guy killed it at ping pong