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How Well Does TWICE Know Each Other? | TWICE Game Show | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Oct 5, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • TWICE tests who knows one another best in Vanity Fair's TWICE Game Show. They tour together, sing together, and eat together, but how much do they actually know about each other? What is something that always makes Momo laugh? Who would Chaeyoung love to collaborate with on a song? What is Nayeon's least favorite song to perform? What is Tzuyu's best feature? What is Jihyo's guiltiest pleasure?
    "The Feels" releases October 1.
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Comments • 5 613

  • K
    K Year ago +7492

    The fact that Mina and Tzuyu didn't get any points because they're the quietest in the group, too consistent 😭😂

  • *LADAN, Vanessa Noelle
    *LADAN, Vanessa Noelle Year ago +9508

    The way they all answered “Justin Bieber” at the same time but got it wrong had me rolling HAHAHA

    • Gianni S
      Gianni S Year ago +143

      She was one step ahead 😂

    • Speedy1997
      Speedy1997 Year ago +72

      Also, it comes to show that the obvious answer is not always the right answer.

    • maisha
      maisha Year ago +54

      I also said Justin Bieber 😭

    • suddne879
      suddne879 Year ago +62

      They were all like 😀 what?

    • cookieaddictions
      cookieaddictions Year ago +27

      To be fair she basically said she changed her answer the time to make it more challenging.

  • Daffadil Flower
    Daffadil Flower Year ago +4140

    dahyun talking about how she loves oreos and mina liking the rock is soo cute

    • Wells Loan
      Wells Loan Year ago +40

      as soon as she said tall and in action movies i was like "the rock the wayne the johnson!!"

    • RangerEd 64
      RangerEd 64 Year ago +13

      I mean, who doesn't like the Rock? C'mon the guy is cool

    • AmadeusA
      AmadeusA Year ago +23

      @RangerEd 64 I believe scissors aren't a fan of rocks

    • RangerEd 64
      RangerEd 64 Year ago +4

      @AmadeusA But the Rock still whoop their candy asses so

    • DONE
      DONE 3 months ago

      @RangerEd 64 those jabronis like scissors hates the rock

  • fuwa
    fuwa Year ago +2484


    • Talsi
      Talsi Year ago +120

      They usually do that when they play guessing games in place of a buzzer

    • Mohd abdulrazak
      Mohd abdulrazak Year ago +4

      What happen for jihyo's hand

    • Bubbly Boba
      Bubbly Boba 11 months ago +19

      they all do

    • forevermoa.
      forevermoa. 10 months ago +4

      Quick questions what the name of the girl with the blonde hair a bangs I’m new to twice ?

    • Bubbly Boba
      Bubbly Boba 10 months ago +4

      @forevermoa. chaeyoung

  • Keya Rein
    Keya Rein Year ago +5513

    **Sana talking about being emotional with fan edits on Twitter**
    Nayeon: Has it made you cry?
    Sana: Yes it's made me cry
    Nayeon:Did you take a selfie?

    • mindy
      mindy Year ago +16


    • Chou Tzuyu
      Chou Tzuyu Year ago +239

      Nayeon: "I want you to cry, cry for me..."

    • Penny L
      Penny L Year ago +171

      and then "please take one next time :D" hahahahha

    • Amari
      Amari Year ago +11

      @Penny L that part ^^^ LMAO

    • valentina♥︎
      valentina♥︎ Year ago +19

      “then take one next time”

  • Dania
    Dania Year ago +937

    I Loved It When Chaeyoung Went “Ding When They Got It Wrong”😭

    • Shishi
      Shishi 9 months ago +6

      Me too, it was so adorable ☺

    • vijaygk4397
      vijaygk4397 9 months ago +4

      She's awesome

    • Mina
      Mina 6 months ago +16

      she is saying "ddaeng", which means wrong/incorrect in Korean.

    • Gamer 1000
      Gamer 1000 Month ago


  • cinemonika
    cinemonika Year ago +20107

    mina liking the rock is the most unexpected but adorable thing ever :')))

    • OINK Personpeeps
      OINK Personpeeps Year ago +570

      It reminds me of the fact that she likes lightning too and gets so cute and excited about it :’)

      KEISHA ATHAYA Year ago +106

      she's into King Gnu

    • Jaden Jadore
      Jaden Jadore Year ago +88

      I was so shocked 😂

    • Tamna Mina
      Tamna Mina Year ago +86

      She really like anime girl 😂

    • ed
      ed Year ago +8

      I agreeee 😂

  • 21stay
    21stay Year ago +2049

    Jihyo: What is my guiltiest pleasure?
    Chaeyoung: Bothering cats
    Jihyo I need an explanation for this one

    • edu.
      edu. Year ago +113

      the way nayeon gone for "playing with cats" and chaeyoung said that straight away lmao

    • mmm
      mmm Year ago +14

      well tbh mine too

    • nlieya
      nlieya Year ago +19

      hold on-💀

    • Y Y
      Y Y 9 months ago +5

      Ahahaha me too Jihyo, me too.

  • E.J. Edulan
    E.J. Edulan Year ago +2574

    Mina is really fluent in english. I can hear it clearly.

    • Kurnia Sandi
      Kurnia Sandi Year ago +89

      She was born in america lol

    • Kurnia Sandi
      Kurnia Sandi Year ago +33

      And raised

    • Speedy1997
      Speedy1997 Year ago +168

      @Kurnia Sandi Not exactly. Mina was born in a America but she moved to Japan when she was a toddler.

    • Soufriere
      Soufriere Year ago +208

      @Speedy1997 Mina herself says she's not good at English… although her pronunciation is extremely good. I think she holds herself to a higher standard because, even though she moved to Japan as a toddler, everyone knows she was born in the US and so (in their minds) she _should_ be able to speak English.

    • rapthor666
      rapthor666 Year ago +29

      Nayeon is getting better too. Maybe writing bops improved it?

  • iiiRxsieee
    iiiRxsieee Year ago +517

    I hope our beloved Jeongyeon feels better🥺🥺

    • Itzlxah
      Itzlxah 9 months ago +7

      what happened to her?

    • 달Xii !
      달Xii ! 9 months ago +40

      what happened there? I was literally looking for a comment saying Jeongyeon is missing.

    • M J
      M J 9 months ago +10

      @달Xii ! On a break/hiatus when this was filmed I believe

    • Tanvi chodhary
      Tanvi chodhary 5 months ago +3

      I miss her for this video a lot 😭😭

    • ♡ sajjal ♡
      ♡ sajjal ♡ Month ago +2

      What happened to her??

  • Toubee Lo
    Toubee Lo Year ago +1506

    Question: What's something that always makes you laugh?
    Sana: "Food."
    1:53 I LOL at this 😂

    • Myah Rose Paden
      Myah Rose Paden Year ago +26

      I think it was just lost in translation since the word for laugh and smile are the same in Korean

    • Toubee Lo
      Toubee Lo Year ago +10

      @Myah Rose Paden Ahhhh. Makes sense. Still funny though 😅 It's just how Sana said it in a cute way.

    • Rakshita Singh
      Rakshita Singh Year ago +1

      @Myah Rose Paden seems like it !! Today i came to seriously think about how Smile nd Laugh can have diff. Meanings lol !!

    • Fer
      Fer Year ago

    • Hyeon
      Hyeon 5 months ago +2

      “I LOL at this” dawg what 💀

    KIMAERIE 5 months ago +53

    dahyun is quiet but knows all about the other members very well.

    • Nikky Nial
      Nikky Nial 3 months ago

      she's quiet? i thought it was mina

      KIMAERIE 3 months ago

      @Nikky Nial I never said Mina is not quiet-

    • Lin
      Lin 17 days ago

      I think tzuyu and mina is quiet too

  • Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm

    It’s cute how Tzuyu actually has a stronger Taiwanese accent when she’s speaking English😩💗

    • The Beginner
      The Beginner Year ago +129

      I love her accent tho together with Mina

    • Chou Tzuyu
      Chou Tzuyu Year ago +99

      I hope TWICE somedays releases a song in Tzuyu's mother tongue, Chinese!

    • DAN1ELLE
      DAN1ELLE Year ago +5

      @Chou Tzuyu what about the other members though?

    • 我來了我看到了我征服了
      我來了我看到了我征服了 Year ago +8

      @Chou Tzuyu that would be awesome

    • Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm
      Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm Year ago +30

      @Chou Tzuyu I would love that too but it might be a bit more difficult as the reason for Japanese songs is cuz it’s like a second language to them and they have a lot of fans done there. I sadly think it would be more difficult for them to sing in Taiwanese:(

  • stop sleeping on txt and huening kai

    “Yes, I do like butterflies”

  • Desiree Baylon
    Desiree Baylon Year ago +605

    Sana: One word to describe yourself.
    Also Sana: “Shy,shy,shy”

    • Ghina Auliyah Savitri
      Ghina Auliyah Savitri Year ago +4

      the fact that Sana's MBTI is the most introverted among all extroverts, so that's why😂

    • Roach
      Roach 11 months ago +1

      @Ghina Auliyah Savitri She is infj? 😳

    • Aurelian
      Aurelian 6 months ago +2

      @Roach ENFP

    • jan
      jan 3 months ago

      @Ghina Auliyah Savitri introvert doesn't mean shy tho

  • Jude
    Jude Year ago +145

    2:33 I love how Momo just got up and danced, so cute

  • Trissy L
    Trissy L Year ago +463

    I really appreciate the girls's effort for reading out their own questions themselves. And their English pronunciation is getting better. I'm so proud of them. Always 🥰

    • Speedy1997
      Speedy1997 Year ago +2

      I totally agree

    • rapthor666
      rapthor666 Year ago +5

      Nayeon getting better, but Tzuyu really surprised me

  • ₖ°ₓₜ ₛᵤ ₖᵢ. ღ
    ₖ°ₓₜ ₛᵤ ₖᵢ. ღ 10 months ago +150

    0:14 - Momo
    2:45 - Chaeyoung
    4:15 - Nayeon
    5:29 - Tzuyu
    6:40 - Jihyo
    8:55 - Sana
    10:24 - Dahyun
    11:11 - Mina
    Time stamps for each girls turn
    We love you twice - Once ☆

  • Leslie Rich
    Leslie Rich Year ago +13278

    Chaeyoung: Its a woman
    Mina: Michael Jackson

    • woon yur
      woon yur Year ago +44


    • Sepia1989
      Sepia1989 Year ago +579

      There's no genders in Mina's life ✌

    • ZD DO
      ZD DO Year ago +43


    • Daebak
      Daebak Year ago +15


    • Sakatsky
      Sakatsky Year ago +22


  • -OwOCake-
    -OwOCake- 2 months ago +13

    "Sana sana sana!" whenever she wants to answer is the cutest thing ever

  • Lourdes Egypto
    Lourdes Egypto Year ago +803

    “Walking with your fit out”
    of course Mina is a ballerina

    • tony tony samy
      tony tony samy Year ago +13

      Yeah I think he doesn't know much about ballet dancers 🤦

  • FoamyMcFoamRoller
    FoamyMcFoamRoller Year ago +74

    Jihyo gives major mom vibes and I love it

  • Zara Sarwar
    Zara Sarwar Year ago +80

    Dahyuns little dance at 4:13 😊 so cute

  • Angel Marie Polanco
    Angel Marie Polanco 9 months ago +22

    Fun fact! The reason why Mina usually walks like a penguin or "with her feet out" is because of her 11 years of ballet experience. Classical ballet foundation mostly relays on the "turn out" which some are naturally born with and others have to adapt their legs to. Because of training, ballerinas walk with their feet looking to the sides, resembling how we imitate the walk of a penguin!

  • Jack B. Once
    Jack B. Once Year ago +1908

    Hey, JYP Mina doesn’t need to change anything.
    Everyone loves her walk. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Capitalist Walk or the Penguin Walk.

    • iMands
      iMands Year ago +46

      i think its cause walking like that will damage the knees. At least that's what the doctor told me

    • Chou Tzuyu
      Chou Tzuyu Year ago +41

      @iMands yet they force Tzuyu to bend her knees in every performance...

    • Steve
      Steve Year ago +1

      *Not ganna lie you had us in the first half.. wait what*?!!

    • 어제보다 낫다.
      어제보다 낫다. Year ago +33

      @Chou Tzuyu bending your knees is not going to do long-term damage, minas walk will do long-term damage to her tendons and ligaments... your response was foolish.

    • 어제보다 낫다.
      어제보다 낫다. Year ago +6

      You're also a fool for not knowing that she is doing damage to herself with the way she walks.

  • Carla Secundino
    Carla Secundino Year ago +111

    Mina does not have to fix her walk it's most cutest thing in the world,I love it.

  • Sanju Rayan
    Sanju Rayan Year ago +295

    9:50 kinda random but I love Sana’s handwriting in English! It looks like a cool font

  • JKReacts
    JKReacts Year ago +67

    I love how the members say their name before they answer. Jihyo also sounds so mature when she’s in the chair!

  • Sonhiraii
    Sonhiraii Year ago +69

    Elas sem a Jeongyeon não é a mesma coisa, ela faz falta, mas isso é pro bem dela:(.

  • Mia Nixon
    Mia Nixon 2 months ago +3

    Dahyuns cute little dances when she gets the answers right is so cute

  • nini
    nini Year ago +5065

    Everyone knows that Nayeon's favourite song to perform is I'm Gonna Be A Star.

    • Sreenidhi
      Sreenidhi Year ago +159


    • Aya 🦕
      Aya 🦕 Year ago +94

      So obvious

    • Joel
      Joel Year ago +188


    • Maria
      Maria Year ago +29

      I’m dead

    • Ver Fernando
      Ver Fernando Year ago +12


  • Brenda S
    Brenda S Year ago +387

    Ok, but Nayeon saying "Ariana Grande" gives me 100 years of life 🥺🐰

    • strangerkas
      strangerkas Year ago +16

      Such a Ariana Grande fan she is lol

  • Keya Rein
    Keya Rein Year ago +82

    1:10 Sana's agressive "SANA SANA SANA" while raising her hand is so cute Imma die😭✋

    BLACKPINKot4 3 months ago

    Они одновременно милые и смешные классные девочки Мина как всегда неотразима

  • Dahyun_Dubu
    Dahyun_Dubu 9 days ago


  • Misamo
    Misamo 4 months ago +7

    I love their chemistry together

  • RAY
    RAY Year ago +3688

    Me thinking Nayeon was gonna say “I’m gonna be a star” for least favourite

    • Rehansyah Lubis PLP UNRI
      Rehansyah Lubis PLP UNRI Year ago +159

      Me too. I thought all onces was about to said that

    • hownaice
      hownaice Year ago +116

      the trauma

    • Adrian
      Adrian Year ago +9

      Same AHAHA

    • Once Blink
      Once Blink Year ago +238

      That song doesn't exist according to her lol💀😂😂

    • Y Y
      Y Y Year ago +31

      First that came into my mind lol

  • BK
    BK Year ago +170

    When Mina said her favourite actor is extremely tall and appears in a lot of action movies, I was like don't tell me it's Dwayne Johnson The Rock and it really is LOL

    • Bishopman 2
      Bishopman 2 Year ago +2

      I was actually thinking it was Chris Hemsworth until she mentioned Jumanji.

  • selma sacid
    selma sacid Year ago +31

    11:25 Nayeon is so cute. I love how she knows her dongsaengs well.

  • Connie Rebel
    Connie Rebel 9 months ago +10

    06:19 me screaming when they mentioned chile omg i love them i hope they come back to chile soon ♡

    • Hoshiman39
      Hoshiman39 5 months ago

      somoh el mejor pais de chile hrmano🤩

  • yeonki min from jinhit ent.

    I'm not a ONCE... but this video is interesting and so cute! Well, I know how everyone is being sad since Jeongyeon is still not being there joining them; but hopefully, she will come back with her best condition to make TWICE and ONCE happy again, being reunited.

  • penelope Ortiz
    penelope Ortiz Year ago +25

    4:29 they didn’t even let her finish writing her answer 🥺🥺🥺 ps. The sound she made was the cutest thing ever 🥰

  • Mihyun Penguin
    Mihyun Penguin Year ago +2011


  • Renn Ogot
    Renn Ogot Year ago +306

    Popular opinion: Mina is the cutest introvert ever.

  • Zelle Hugo
    Zelle Hugo Year ago +26

    I really like the way Tzuyu, Jihyo, Nayeon and Mina speak English. I think they'll be able to speak fluently soon

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Year ago +6

    MINA's answer at 12:00, look at where she is now. Their last encore concert in LA was marvelous! There are Mina and Dahyun's bday ads around the Banc of California Stadium!

  • Cin
    Cin Year ago +4


  • A V I I
    A V I I 2 months ago +2

    The way Sana says Dolphin "Doahlfeeeeen" she's so cute i will cry-

  • PeachPotatoChips
    PeachPotatoChips Year ago +5612

    Chaeyoung: "It's a woman"
    Mina: "Michael Jackson"
    Michael Jackson: Hee Hee!!!. I would like to wake up for that.

  • Krista Tuguinay
    Krista Tuguinay Year ago +422

    I can already imagine and hear Dwayne Johnson and Mina singing together. Let's not forget, Dwayne Johnson has a good voice too. 😉

    • tony tony samy
      tony tony samy Year ago +7

      That would be awesome :)

    • ADee SHUPA
      ADee SHUPA 11 months ago +1

      @tony tony samy ないす

    • DONE
      DONE 3 months ago

      Have you ever heard the rock serenading vicky guerrero?

  • happy and healthy with olivia

    que divertido verlas jugar adivinando la respuesta de cada una

  • Erica Phavong
    Erica Phavong Year ago +5

    Sana is so cute when she gets excited to answer 😂

  • Marlon Katudi
    Marlon Katudi Year ago +33

    6:56 I love the way she said, “Ah Ah Nayeon!” 🥰🥰🥰

  • vida de mãe
    vida de mãe Year ago

    As meninas falando em inglês e tão fofo

  • Kai Zen
    Kai Zen Year ago +2568

    Mina personality and hobbies are such a paradox, I can't 😂

    • jjpickle v.
      jjpickle v. Year ago +56

      That’s why she’s so great, she’s full of secrets 🤫

    • Chou Tzuyu
      Chou Tzuyu Year ago +138

      Everyone when they see Mina: oh, she's so quiet, she must be a peaceful and romantic kind of girl
      Mina: loves playing minecraft and kill zombies

    • bibleartpreneur by Leoni
      bibleartpreneur by Leoni Year ago +10

      I really like that on her. It is very unusual and unique 😆

    • Human Chanel
      Human Chanel Year ago +5

      @Chou Tzuyu Hey I am a new once , can you tell me where is Jeongyeon ?

    • tu me
      tu me Year ago +2

      @Chou Tzuyu Hahahaha😂😂

  • Yahvi Keshav
    Yahvi Keshav Year ago +19

    I see less comments about Dahyun..sad
    So here I am to support her..I mean the way she said "choco cookie" was sooooo cute how can someone even hate her she's a true angel!
    ILY Dahyun-ah 🤍

  • Enhygene
    Enhygene Year ago +13

    When Nayeon said "your eyes" then she's actually correct then Tzuyu shows her charm again :') like she showed her dimple and beautiful eyes was so cute :)

  • The Study Portal
    The Study Portal 20 days ago +1

    Dahyun's handwriting so cute😂💗💗

  • Marc Kenneth
    Marc Kenneth Year ago +21

    I really enjoy watching their interviews, I observe that Mina and Tzuyu are the most quiet members

  • Noushauga _
    Noushauga _ 4 months ago

    The way they say their names when raising their hands to answer 😂😍

  • reputation AOTY grammy robbed

    when momo said ONCES gives her strength, my confidence immediately went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Petey Pickle
    Petey Pickle Year ago +11

    Chaeyoungs “ding” is sooooo adorable 🥰

  • Melissa Phan
    Melissa Phan Year ago +25

    13:40 finding out mina enjoys watching the ‘fast & the furious’ series just made me SO happy 😭 i love the movies too!!!

    • Jimm¥
      Jimm¥ Year ago +3

      Her favourite genre is action. She said it during one magazine interview that she likes action and thriller movies most harry potter franchise to fast & furious are her favourite also she said it in interview that she is a huge marvel fan..

  •  ⟭⟬ ⁷ Living legends ⟬⟭

    Twice is just so cheerful and beautiful, their positive energy always makes atmosphere better

  • Taneisha Jacobs
    Taneisha Jacobs Year ago +483

    Dahyun is so cute in this with her big black hair bow

    • E.
      E. Year ago +17

      Finally a comment about dahyun

    • Koliko
      Koliko Year ago +3

      My brother

  • Chandan Sagar Patel
    Chandan Sagar Patel Year ago +30

    dahyun's victory dance at 2:21...

  • Park Chimmy
    Park Chimmy Year ago +1908

    Tzuyu saying "aniyo" is the cutest thing

    • Doralia Malliora
      Doralia Malliora Year ago +30

      Yeah bt I think that Tzuyu deserves better!!!

    • Samir  Rai
      Samir Rai Year ago +9

      Yes you are right
      I see only one comment about tzuyu she is bias 😭😘

  • SRV
    SRV Year ago +3

    Mina is so quiet, she is just so adorable.

  • Emmanuel Román
    Emmanuel Román Year ago +38

    No bro, I can't, Sana is so cute every time that she says any word I fall in love more

  • Nadia Haniff
    Nadia Haniff 7 months ago +1

    Its really difficult to know your friends that well. 😂great show!

  • Ethan Chunn
    Ethan Chunn Year ago +3

    I’m so proud of their English! They have clearly worked hard to be able to talk to international fans and I think that’s so lovely!

  • Alex VM
    Alex VM 9 months ago

    Me encanta verlas en estos videos ;;

  • Ahh jejeje
    Ahh jejeje Year ago +1052

    Tzuyu is so lowkey and simple. Imagince she only wants to visit a place near to them and do simple things with her members
    That's our lovely maknae❤️

    • Lester Lee
      Lester Lee Year ago +20

      Angel Tzuyu

    • J
      J Year ago +5

      Jeju-do is really a beautiful place though. It has a different feel compared to mainland Korea.

  • Igneo
    Igneo Year ago +1

    Man....Mina is getting better and better

  • Patate Boss
    Patate Boss Year ago +42

    3:00 i love how they all was sure of the same artist and chae goes:
    no. :)

  • Chxerify
    Chxerify 4 months ago +3

    Dahyun knows everything, you'd better be sacred 😭😭

  • AliaAlisah
    AliaAlisah Year ago +2

    This is my first time seeing twice. I've heard a few songs and really liked them. The girls seem fun and energetic. I especially liked jihyo and naeyon

  • Nicotine High
    Nicotine High Year ago +9

    Tzuyu's english is actually really good. And blonde short haired chaeyoung is just zexy.

  • crazy stupid love
    crazy stupid love Year ago +4565

    nayeon's question: "least favorite song to perform?"

  • Byron Reveles
    Byron Reveles Year ago +23

    Nayeon's answer at 8:22 has me dead

  • Raiden, the NCTzen with InSomnia


  • Mami vangchhia Mami vangchhia

    I love mina
    She is the ace of TWICE
    She can dance
    She can sing very sweet
    She can rap pretty well
    She is the smartest but innocent
    She is the best visualist ( for me )
    Love you MINARI 🦋🌸🌺💐💗💜👑👑👑👑

  • Irma Gonzalez
    Irma Gonzalez Year ago +8

    Sana’s word being shy is TOO CUTE

  • Nirvana Lama
    Nirvana Lama Year ago +1

    Mina you don't have to correct your walk!!! You're perfect just the way you are. Your penguin walk is the only thing keeping me alive!! It's too cutee.

  • StanOt9
    StanOt9 Year ago +2496

    This just shows that Nayeon is really the unnie/oldest even tho she acts like a fake maknae sometimes. She knows them well and really observes and care for her dongsaengs.

    • akira
      akira Year ago +24

      yes ofc

      ARENSENLA JAMIR Year ago +28

      Nayeon is love

    • StanOt9
      StanOt9 Year ago +19

      @ARENSENLA JAMIR All of them are. I just want people to love these 9 angels. Like seriously they love and take care of each other, they love their fans and other people. They don't really deserve the hate.

      ARENSENLA JAMIR Year ago +38

      @StanOt9 true
      Seeing a comment on Nayeon is rare

    • Samuel
      Samuel Year ago

      Its not about the age though

  • cadavison
    cadavison Year ago +8

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    M. Metagross Year ago +4

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    I hope more groups also get invited to Vanity Fair interviews

  • _MangoMeanie
    _MangoMeanie Year ago +2

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  • Beloved Twiceteen
    Beloved Twiceteen Year ago +1607

    Chaeyoung: If you could collaborate with one artist--
    Everyone: JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!
    Chaeyoung: No, I've changed. SORRY!

  • GodJimin; GodMina.

    VAMOS ONCES, REPRODUZCAMOS ES TODAS LAS PLATAFORMAS DISPONIBLES #TheFeels #TWICE #GetTheFeelsWithTWICE y sigamos manteniendo a las niñas bien alto el tiempo más largo que podamos! Por supuesto, rompamos nuestras propias metas como fandom primero y luego en general. Sí podemos! #TWICE lo merece!

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    As zodiac signs Year ago

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  • betrayal, really brutus?
    betrayal, really brutus? Year ago +1556

    "Floweres are alive but something more alive "
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    nayeon: i've thought about this a lot but I couldnt think of it quickly because its been so long since we've performed it.
    nayeon *writing*
    momo: dance the night away? did I get it right?
    nayeon's real answer: I'm gonna be a star.