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STAR WARS Darth Vader Kills Starkiller Fight Scene Cinematic 4K ULTRA HD - Force Unleashed Series

  • Published on Oct 22, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • STAR WARS Darth Vader Kills Starkiller Fight Scene Cinematic 4K ULTRA HD - Force Unleashed Series
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  • GameClips
    GameClips  2 years ago +2600

    Star Wars Palpatine Creates A New Darth Vader Scene - clip-share.net/video/y7LyySUFu9I/video.html

    • A . B Shah
      A . B Shah 2 years ago +16

      Starkiller is legendary

    • SUB to me NOW
      SUB to me NOW 2 years ago +19

      Starkiller is the best Star Wars character

    • Xogroroth666
      Xogroroth666 2 years ago +6

      Vader could never have won from Star Lord/Starkiller.
      Not even the Emperor would've.

    • sdot
      sdot 2 years ago +6

      imagine how powerful Vader would have been with his body. full of midichlorians.

    • Xogroroth666
      Xogroroth666 2 years ago +8

      @sdot Not.
      Both he and Siddifool never figured out what Star Lord has figured out...
      "The only limit... is you..."
      Yoda tried to tell this to Luke, remember?
      When he failed to lift his X-Wing from the swamp?
      Star Lord embodied this wisdom...
      Not even 10 siddifools would've been the slightest match to SL.

  • Steve Lucky
    Steve Lucky Year ago +13281

    You think he’s over powered, but the fact Vader is still walking up casually to him just goes to show how OP he is.

    • Facecamping Bubba
      Facecamping Bubba Year ago +769

      I think Lucas said Starkiller was about as strong as Count Dooku.

    • oto turmanidze
      oto turmanidze Year ago +399

      @Facecamping Bubba bruh countr dooku was weak af i remember watching clone wars and anakin coukd literally outperform and outpower him but untill the vader appearance i bet vader wins now against him

    • Cenbiote
      Cenbiote  Year ago +1066

      @oto turmanidze you remember wrong lol, Dooku beat Anakin every single time in clone wars and one time in the temple Dooku let Anakin win because Palptine told him to, then Dooku got mad and used lightning

    • Marco Rácz
      Marco Rácz Year ago +277

      @Cenbiote actually if you watch the clone wars at the end of the war Anakin was more then capable of defeating Dooku alone.. Just watch the part where Dooku kidnaps Palpatine on Naboo and Anakin almost defeats him.. that was literally the fight were Sidious realized that Anakin is ready to be his new apprentice (and no, Dooku did not hold back, he needed to kidnap Palpatine)

    • Alexander Andersson
      Alexander Andersson Year ago +26

      Vader man OP

  • Collin Garrity
    Collin Garrity 11 months ago +3773

    Starkiller: *reduces 100 stormtroopers to ashes*
    Darth Vader: “rather chilly today”

    • fegyo007
      fegyo007 3 months ago +16

      its a really good game? u recommend it?

    • Collin Garrity
      Collin Garrity 3 months ago +48

      @fegyo007 absolutely

    • PegasoltaEclair
      PegasoltaEclair Month ago +2

      I find that concept...

    • Ashton Dillard
      Ashton Dillard Month ago +4

      @fegyo007 the first one is a GOAT, especially with DLC. The second one has good graphics but dead ass is like 4 hours long. Get the first one.

    • TasteeWheat
      TasteeWheat 11 days ago


  • Metaduke
    Metaduke 11 months ago +1354

    What I loved about these games were the sense of scale. Star killer fights and defeats all the Jedi, each time becoming more powerful eventually pulling down entire starships. You feel so OP by the end. But when he faces Vader, he absolutely hits a wall. Just showing how powerful Vader is

    • Kavnn
      Kavnn 7 months ago +45

      And he didn't have much time to get wise advice from Qui-Gon Jinn. Imagine if he had been trained by this skilled Jedi!

    • Big Red
      Big Red 6 months ago +8

      Doesn't he beat vader and palpatine in the second game at the same time?

    • Metaduke
      Metaduke 6 months ago +58

      @Big Red no in the second game the light side ending has him capturing Vader with the help of his friends. The dark side ending has starkiller killed by another dark side clone.
      So I guess you can say he becomes as powerful as Vader in the second game. Which makes sense because your powers have quite literally doubled from the first game

    • Dizzy Cactus
      Dizzy Cactus 6 months ago +4

      I'd be fine with that if the films were even slightly consistent with it, in the films he's like "look! I can throw a trash can at you! Have a fire extinguisher!"

    • MilkMan
      MilkMan 6 months ago +6

      @Dizzy Cactus it could probably be done today if someone wanted to remake it but that wasn’t really possible when they made the original movies and the newer ones don’t really focus on Vader or someone of that caliber

  • Dr Dapper
    Dr Dapper 5 months ago +2670

    I find it funny how Starkiller is an angsty late 2000's edge lord made for a pretty specific audience, but the story around him and character growth make him into something pretty unique by the end. Also watching him be OP as he is, and then still not phase Vader no matter how hard he tries, is super cool
    Edit: The force unleashed understood that Vader is an untouchable badass who doesn’t have to try to win in 95% of scenarios. Looking at you Cere smh 😂

    • K A R M A
      K A R M A 4 months ago +75

      If this is him being an “edgelord” then it doesn’t sound that bad.

    • Indra Vṛtrahan
      Indra Vṛtrahan 4 months ago +12

      @J Jojo vader was not even serious lmao

    • JJoh4040
      JJoh4040 4 months ago +44

      HOW did you come to the conclusion that Galen is a EDGELORD?

  • Gordon Beck
    Gordon Beck Year ago +2977

    Sam Witwer not only makes Starkiller look like a total badass, his performance also makes the character believable. The grief and anger of an adolescent, gifted with force and combat abilities few will ever master to this degree. Yet he feels helpless and alone, a mere pawn. The voice acting and music, the raw, completely over the top power. I don't care that it's not canon. This is a master piece that will forever be a part of my childhood and canon to me and many others

    • occ77
      occ77 11 months ago +12

      I agree 100%☝️🧐

    • Phantom Blade
      Phantom Blade 11 months ago +8

      It is canyon actually

    • Kp SA
      Kp SA 11 months ago +28

      @Phantom Blade no it isn't canon to anything now. The new game, Fallen Order is and it's sequel but not Force unleashed. Some of the books they used to claim as canon aren't anymore either.

    • Kp SA
      Kp SA 11 months ago +5

      Days Gone has a few problems, it's had great patches since release, but the thing that shines in that game is Sam's performance as the main character. He does a great job of making you feel his emotion. He's really great at it

    • King.D
      King.D 11 months ago +2

      666 like, noice 😈

  • NoScxpe
    NoScxpe Year ago +5088

    Damn Vader gets smacked through like 4 walls an gets slammed into another wall and just stands up like it's nothing... what a badass

    • Roderick Alexander
      Roderick Alexander 11 months ago +110

      He’s half machine

    • Memes from discord
      Memes from discord 11 months ago +561

      @Roderick Alexander the game developers said that Vader was holding back the entire time

    • AntwonsWorld
      AntwonsWorld 11 months ago +161

      @Memes from discord which would make the story of the third game extremely interesting

    • Smegmɑ
      Smegmɑ 11 months ago +74

      would like to see a vader iteration where he is actually put to the test; perhaps by a surviving windu or the emperor himself

    • Kamo
      Kamo 11 months ago +12

      Im pretty sure it was him holding back

  • Not Dusky
    Not Dusky 2 years ago +10077

    When a game has a better plot and cinematic tension than all the recent movies.

    • Elthenar
      Elthenar Year ago +124

      Like this is the first game to be able to make that claim. Remember KOTOR? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

    • TheSpy101
      TheSpy101 Year ago +109

      @Elthenar KOTOR, 2, SWTOR (including Shadow of Revan, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Knights of the Fallen Empire etc.), TFU 1&2, literally the entire Jedi Knight series, even super Bombad Racers was better than the Disney Trilogy. And if we're talking outside of Star Wars, games like NieR Automata, Replicant, HZD and GoW (2018) among many others have better stories than most movies in general, period.
      We can also look at the older EU comics and even something like Dark Empire had a better story than the Disney Trilogy

    • Charles Bourgoigne
      Charles Bourgoigne Year ago +60

      i wished Disney had made Starkiller or a secret apprentice of Vader the villain in the sequels

    • bennett shelton
      bennett shelton Year ago +8

      it doesnt tho fr

    • CosmeticFear
      CosmeticFear Year ago +44

      @Charles Bourgoigne not only that, I wish Starkiller was still canon to the story.

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time 4 months ago +296

    I don't understand why movies in this style aren't done. They are able to get away with much cooler shots than live action.

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez 2 months ago +7

      Him vs. Disney Star Wars?

    • RazielTheUnborn
      RazielTheUnborn 2 months ago +43

      Complete CGI especially of this caliber is very expensive.

    • Fabian Schmitz
      Fabian Schmitz Month ago +6

      Because they want to make Lots of Money and this is much easier with blueprint movies that all Look the Same. Look at Marvel. Although the Numbers are decreasing, the Made billions Out the Same upcycled movie blueprint again and again.

    • Volvith
      Volvith 17 days ago

      @Fabian Schmitz It's a finite industry reaching an end.
      People will get sick of the new thing, and they'll have to come up with another new thing.
      Quick finite money, versus more slow but sustained income. _You'd be surprised how many would pick the former._

  • Chloe Rushton
    Chloe Rushton 5 months ago +586

    The fact Vader hits loads of walls then just stands up like it’s nothing what a badass

  • Josh W
    Josh W 11 months ago +691

    RIP to all Stormtroopers who sacrificed their lives in this making

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy 11 months ago +154

    The ruthlessness of the dark can be felt through the choreography of the fighting. Nothing is held back, raw anger is unleashed, love it!

  • HotCoffee
    HotCoffee 11 months ago +295

    I like how now everybody agrees that literally nobody outside a select few can even *MATCH* Vader. I personally feel Starkiller is one of those few who even can give Vader so much as a challenge.

    • Pidyon
      Pidyon 9 months ago +24

      That's actually completely false. The whole point of Star Wars is to show that the decisions Anakin made turned him into a complete shell of himself. He has to live with the decisions he made that caused him to never even come close to his potential. That's why he never betrays Palpatine because he knows he can't win. George Lucas even said himself that Vader in New Hope has a power level of 4/10. Compared to Ben whom he said was a 6-7 and Palpatine was a 9. Was Vader insanely strong in the force? Absolutely. But he could've been way stronger had he not lost all the midichlorians he did from losing all of his limbs. Although very intimidating, Vader was not all that powerful, his movement and agility were greatly restricted. Plus he was always conflicted so that took a part in it too, hence to why Luke beat him in ROTJ after only training for over a year. Vader just didn't have much competition after Order 66. Really the only thing that made him so powerful was his self hatred.

    • Pidyon
      Pidyon 9 months ago +19

      Not to mention Obi Wan beat him after taking a 10 year break lmao. It's the whole point of the Saga. Rise, fall and redemption.

    • Highlight Cave
      Highlight Cave 7 months ago +16

      Han Solo can match Vader seen with my own eyes a few battle front 2 games ago

    • Sjoerd
      Sjoerd 2 months ago +7

      @Pidyon you named Luke, Ben, and palpatine who could beat him. Could those be considered ''a select few''? Obviously...

    • FlyingSpaghettiMonster
      FlyingSpaghettiMonster Month ago +4

      @Pidyon Midichlorians was such a horrific mistake narrative-wise. Pains me every time I see it..

  • Dr. Sex E Coco, Chief Medical Advisor to The POTUS

    Sam Witwer is such an incredible voice actor. The way he portrays a characters emotions is top tier acting.

      HEANIE BLATINUM 2 years ago +57

      I agree, the way he plays maul. Exquisite

    • Galvanize 67
      Galvanize 67 2 years ago +11

      Wait does he voice after starkiller?

    • Alan Beckett
      Alan Beckett Year ago +69

      @Galvanize 67 He voices a crap ton of sith. Here, he voices Starkiller and is in fact the MODEL for him, and in the clone wars he voices Maul and the Son. Not to mention Palpatine in the game I think, although I'm not too certain on that last part. Dude is a sith legend

    • KnightGamer724
      KnightGamer724 Year ago +19

      @Alan Beckett Yeah, he did Palpatine for the game, and was the original voice for Palps in the Clone Wars. However, they have sinced redubbed Palps with Ian.

    • Cory B
      Cory B Year ago +3

      @Galvanize 67 he voices both star killer and Darth maul

  • Darth Dimmadome
    Darth Dimmadome Year ago +511

    Starkiller can totally work as canon. Starkiller is like Jet li in the movie “Unleashed” a guided missile/rabbit dog that finds love and compassion. If Starkiller’s story stays with Vader and doing Vader’s bidding followed by trying to fight Vader and only Vader, and at the end Vader defeating Starkiller, than it only enriches Vader’s story more showing how powerful he really is and lives up to the legendary status that his son eventually earns throughout the galaxy.

    • Greyngreyer
      Greyngreyer Year ago +5


    • Noah DANN
      Noah DANN 11 months ago +3

      @Greyngreyer *a school teacher has entered the chat*

    • Greyngreyer
      Greyngreyer 11 months ago +1

      @Noah DANN Future school teacher* and reluctant too

    • living legend
      living legend 11 months ago +3

      Shoot I thought I was the only one that's watched unleashed 😂. So true starkiller and Danny share some of the same phycological torture.

    • John Gurwitz
      John Gurwitz 11 months ago

      @living legend and Vader made love to Starkiller’s mom as well

  • Kenan Beygo
    Kenan Beygo 7 months ago +62

    it really shows you how powerful vader is when you see starkiller disintegrating armies of stormtroopers and slamming vader through walls with the force, and vader just tanks both like it’s nothing

  • Cat pickle
    Cat pickle 3 months ago +17

    The way Vader got flung through the wall and fell to his knees and took it like a boss is beyond cool

  • One Hit Knight
    One Hit Knight Year ago +484

    most tactical “jedi” in the hole star wars series. When he turn his lightsabers off in the dark so the troopers cant see him. Fucking legend. besides that, one of the most powerful foes. Almost killed Vader twice. Killed a Gorog. Took down a star destroyer with his bare hands ( force pulled the entire shit ). And beated the shit out of Luke Skywalker in Ultimate Sith edition. Really hope one day we get a Starkiller tv show. Or maybe a Force Unleashed III ( more likely )

      RAMBO MCNAMEE 11 months ago +13

      He is definitely one of the most powerful characters in Star Wars Vader is argued to be the best duelist in Star Wars and star killer bet him twice brutally stripped him from his armor in the first one and the second one made his suit malfunction because of the thousands of volts star killer electrified him like burned toast

    • Bridger Glazner
      Bridger Glazner 11 months ago +27

      @RAMBO MCNAMEE the cast that made the game said Vader was holding back in fear of killing his apprentice

      RAMBO MCNAMEE 11 months ago +3

      @Bridger Glazner nah I don’t believe that Vader kills when he wants to like he almost killed star killer in the first game when he stabbed him in the back and threw him out the window that actually could’ve killed him surprisingly it didn’t him and the emperor are just pure evil I woudnt say Vader has much remorse or sympathy for anyone

    • oDEMONIXo01
      oDEMONIXo01 11 months ago +8

      That Star Destroyer was already crashing into the planet. I played through the game a few days ago.

      RAMBO MCNAMEE 11 months ago

      @oDEMONIXo01 aw man I played that when I was 8 best game I ever played

  • sujit ranjan
    sujit ranjan 11 months ago +42

    The fight choreography looks way cooler than most of the movies

    • John Fraser
      John Fraser 11 months ago +1

      The first clip was turned into live action in kenobi

  • johan jimenez
    johan jimenez 2 years ago +18810

    Storm trooper logic: We have guns and he has a sword, let's get closer

    • Scott Suatt
      Scott Suatt 2 years ago +67


    • Scott Suatt
      Scott Suatt 2 years ago +267

      sorry, it's Stormtrooper 😂😂

    • Eddie A
      Eddie A 2 years ago +619

      Also storm trooper logic: Let's get closer, we seem to have the worst aim in the star wars universe.

      SAXIMUM 2 years ago +27

      @Eddie A 😂😂😂

    • Saiyan Saiyan
      Saiyan Saiyan 2 years ago +142

      @Eddie A he literally had time to force pull a droid and the storm troopers still didnt get him

  • Devonte Bateman
    Devonte Bateman Year ago +140

    I wish they brought this exact Starkiller into the movies. Same actor, same power level, same everything, I love him. And it wouldn't break the plot he's supposed to be if Luke were brought up by Vader. Also he's worked hard to get to this level unlike someone *cough* rey *cough*. Would be nice to see him beat the absolute shit outta Rey too.

    • TK-???
      TK-??? 10 months ago +4

      No he hasn't. He has done more than rey, but that is nothing impressive. He is more powerful than any of the other characters in star wars, it is fuckin stupid. And it would break the plot, the game broke SW lore multiple times, it was just for fun and not to be taken seriously as defined lore, because the story was utter shit

    • Steffighter144
      Steffighter144 4 months ago +1

      At least Starkiller was a real apprentice. Rey learned all her stuff from living in the desert

    • Beachball
      Beachball 4 months ago +7

      @TK-??? bro he defeated all the Jedi getting stronger each time, you good?

    • LaurWolfXD_
      LaurWolfXD_ 2 days ago

      ​@TK-??? Growing up with a Jedi Master for a father, force sensitive at a young age and then being trained by Darth freaking Vader himself aka The Chosen One for like a decade while also training with a Droid made specifically to try to kill him and then going on missions to take out remaining Jedi....yeah sure nothing impressive at all

    • TK-???
      TK-??? 2 days ago

      @LaurWolfXD_ 'growing up' bro he was a toddler. As for the Darth Vader crap, training doesn't amount to shit in terms of raw power, it doesn't matter who you are trained by, there is a skill cap needed for most force moves. The Grand Inquisitor learnt a ton and was very competent, but he still could not beat Luke Skywalker because he simply outclasses him in terms of raw midichlorian power. Count Dooku relied on dueling technique and had spent decades accruing knowledge, but he was still very limited in his force powers. Meanwhile Starkiller is out there literally evaporating people as if it is fucking Infinity War Marvel crud. It was ridiculous. I cannot deny that TFU was a good game duo-logy, but it makes for shit lore. People talk about the story as if it is fantastic and how good it is, but outside of itself as a microcosm, it is just terrible. It ruins a lot of the story because it suggests that the Empire had the opportunity to just wallop the rebels, but somehow they just don't. It is utter nonsense, comparable, if not worse than the Sequels. And don't get me started on TFU 2.

  • Austin Hixson
    Austin Hixson Year ago +39

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw that trailer for the force unleashed where you see a star destroyer all the sudden start dropping out of the sky and then realize starkiller is FORCE PULLING THAT SHIT down to the ground. And then it comes to rest right in front of him allowing you to see the scale of how big that ship is. So epic.

  • Jack McGrath
    Jack McGrath 10 months ago +19

    Sam Witwer has literally been in so many movies and games it’s actually unbelievable. My first time seeing him was in days gone then I remember watching the mist and I saw a character named private jessup and I thought it was just a lookalike but it was actually him. Then he’s done tons of voice acting

  • Furqan
    Furqan 5 months ago +18

    I would love to see a movie based on this series... with all these force powers potrayed correctly...

  • Foshizel Mc7
    Foshizel Mc7 5 months ago +2

    The fact the way he fights the storm troopers is highly frowned upon not only by the jedi but the dark side as well is insane

  • Luiz Felipe Duarte Ribeiro
    Luiz Felipe Duarte Ribeiro 2 years ago +10935

    Vader needs more overpowered representations like this. He should be an one man army like Starkiller

    • Koraxi
      Koraxi 2 years ago +794

      Like in the comics, where he single handily defeats a ravenous creature the size of a small island XD

    • Kai Kidd
      Kai Kidd 2 years ago +552

      He is, we just don't get to see it in the movies very often

    • Luiz Felipe Duarte Ribeiro
      Luiz Felipe Duarte Ribeiro 2 years ago +671

      @Kai Kidd we never saw it in the movies actually. They just tease us

    • Nicholas Matthew Pardamean Marpaung
      Nicholas Matthew Pardamean Marpaung 2 years ago +79

      U shud read vader comic : vader down

    • Jokowi
      Jokowi Year ago +19

      @Nicholas Matthew Pardamean Marpaung whats inside it?

  • EagleOneZero
    EagleOneZero Year ago +6

    I still remember playing this game, so many years back! 🤩🙏 Starkiller is still as awesome as back in the days! 👏🔥🙌

  • Jago Six
    Jago Six Year ago +31

    I've always said that StarKiller NEEDS HIS OWN Series and or Movie. It would be great.

    • DaJourno TF 11
      DaJourno TF 11 11 months ago +4

      As long as it's not from Disney or they don't give it to Disney cuz look what's happening with Kenobi right now. 😐

  • MilkToast
    MilkToast 8 months ago +22

    Force Unleashed Vader is underrated. Not just in power, but in general personality and demeanor. He is controlled, and manipulative, both of which are fairly rare to see.

  • Kerry T. King
    Kerry T. King 6 days ago

    2:07 I love how, for some reason, all these storm troopers are coming into melee instead of shooting him from afar.

  • Ant MAN
    Ant MAN 5 months ago +161

    It's just hilarious to me how Vader leaves him in a room with just Stormtroopers, I mean they can only kill him if he lets them do it, lol

  • Armechaia
    Armechaia Year ago +4870

    I love that scene where he’s conflicted and agitated by both the voices of Sith and Jedi but is calmed by Juno’s voice

    • Toaze
      Toaze 11 months ago +32

      1k likes with no reply? Impossible

    • Armechaia
      Armechaia 11 months ago +29

      @Toaze Huh, never quite happened to me before, it is strange indeed lol

    • Tyler •
      Tyler • 11 months ago +10

      @Toaze I like how I came across the video on the same day to discover this anomaly

    • Ashiko
      Ashiko 11 months ago

      @Tyler • did I ask lol

    • GrassToucher139
      GrassToucher139 11 months ago +4

      Anyone else here liked to come across this video to discover this anomaly?

  • Eliangel Ayala
    Eliangel Ayala Month ago +4

    Even in the end, after Vader loses to Star Killer, Vader looks so calm. As if he lost by purpose (I am willing to bet that he did).

  • Somnus
    Somnus 13 days ago +1

    If anything this rivalry goes to show how powerful Vader himself is.
    Everyone at this point knows how hilariously busted Starkiller is. But the fact that Vader is casually strolling up to him stays something

  • John Iadipaolo
    John Iadipaolo 11 months ago +8

    50 seconds in this is already better then everything Disney has done

  • isaiah
    isaiah 8 days ago

    The fact that Starkiller lost to Vader is crazy to me considering the fact he disintegrated an army of stormtroopers and pull big heavy objects like they are nothing

  • LCU Nash
    LCU Nash 6 days ago +3

    How can 10 mins be so much better than anything disney has put put...

  • Alpha
    Alpha 2 years ago +2933

    I truly believe that this is the real Starkiller. Darth Vader just keeps knocking him out and telling him he is a clone.

    • breveth
      breveth Year ago +226

      Perfect way to keep him as an apprentice.

    • Silas McDaniel
      Silas McDaniel Year ago +77

      No, the real star killer under went surgery and became the sith stalker after his battle with palpatine.

    • Garfield Underpants
      Garfield Underpants Year ago +190

      @Silas McDaniel wrong ending

    • Tyler Johnson
      Tyler Johnson Year ago +83

      @Silas McDaniel that's not true. That's the Dark side ending of the 1st game which was NOT canon. Only the light side endings were canon. Now none of its canon, but at the time only light side endings were canon

    • stryderblaze80
      stryderblaze80 11 months ago +2

      During his mission to Kashyyyk during the Great Jedi Purge, Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller, wore the Sith Stalker Armor while experiencing a Force vision in which he killed a Jedi Knight.

  • Luiz Melo
    Luiz Melo Year ago +1

    Sem dúvida, dominou a força e as técnicas com sabre

  • Sebastian Walker
    Sebastian Walker 2 months ago +5

    I love the fact that star wars cinematics are better than the last 5 movies of Disney

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 17 days ago

    I love the fact how Starkiller has Darth Vader and Yoda's voices in his head. Baiscally representing the Light and the Dark, but when the girl talks (I forgot her name), it's different. Thats how you know how he has been misguided, and how Starkiller is trying to find himself within the Galaxy. Until he dies to his clone that is. Yet still cool.

  • Concrete
    Concrete 19 days ago +1

    Playing through Jedi survivor on grandmaster difficulty, dual wield against all reasons, maxed out force abilities against all reasons, and savouring every minute of the grind.
    This is the way.

  • Baccarat Pro
    Baccarat Pro Year ago +13

    Shows how powerful Vader truly was-he only let Luke kill him because he didnt want to kill his own son.

    • Resse Stevenson
      Resse Stevenson Year ago

      Excuses. Luke kicked Vader ass stop with the BS.

    • EnvyMe-M
      EnvyMe-M Month ago +4

      @Resse Stevenson vader saved luke from palpatine when he threw him over the rail

    • J M
      J M  5 days ago

      @Resse Stevenson if Vader is so weak why was he able to tank one of the most powerful force users lightning while chucking him like a ragdoll? It means he was always stronger then daddy Palpy

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 years ago +9150

    Starkiller: force repulse strong enough to *vaporize* people.
    Vader: Oh, a light breeze.

    • Tony
      Tony 2 years ago +412

      And he lost that fight too, it was later on that Galeen was able to defeat Vader (at the very end of the game)

    • Meta Running
      Meta Running 2 years ago +286

      I think that technique is actually called Sith Seeker, a lightning based move.

    • Sippy Cez
      Sippy Cez 2 years ago +170

      Talk about a badasss scene 💥 reminded me of how the Phoenix vaporized people in that xmen Phoenix movie. And Vader truly is strong but this dude should be stronger. Star Wars doesn't make sense at times.

    • Fersho
      Fersho 2 years ago +57

      @Meta Running And Vader uses it way better

    • Meta Running
      Meta Running 2 years ago +159

      @Fersho I believe Starkiller invented this technique and Vader couldn't use most lightning based attacks due to a lack of organic limbs.

  • PuckAround 89
    PuckAround 89 11 months ago +4

    Would be cool if they showed how awesome the force and dark side can really be in the movies and tv shows

  • Tank 22
    Tank 22 11 months ago +8

    I remember playing this back then it was so awesome! This game needs a remaster or a part 3

  • darth890
    darth890 Year ago +3

    This is the star wars we deserve. Dark, gritty.

  • John Walker
    John Walker 23 days ago

    More reasons why Vader is such a badass villain (as if there weren't enough):
    *gets thrown through multiple metal walls and gets up like he fell on a mattress*
    *resists a shockwave that turned stormtroopers to literal ash like it was a gentle breeze*
    *an opponent who puts the fear of god in Jedis' hearts is just barely a challenge for him*

  • Deangelio Waters
    Deangelio Waters 11 months ago +3

    Starkiller deserves a movie the whole game plot is movie material

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason 2 years ago +6549

    StarKiller would vaporize Rey and Kylo in milliseconds plus his character development and story is a million times better

    • Cristian Lopez
      Cristian Lopez 2 years ago +204

      Yes in the first, he is too overpower.
      Not, in the second.

    • Tony
      Tony 2 years ago +106

      First game or second game? Both are Galeen in a way but first game is more powerful and had a better development imo

    • dReliq
      dReliq 2 years ago +25

      Cool cool.
      Say, who did you hear this from?
      I just wanna know where you're copying your opinions from

    • dReliq
      dReliq 2 years ago +17

      @Jack Mason I'm not doing anything kid. Why getting so aggressive? I've played PSP to ps4 so yes I know what a PSP is.

  • D Money
    D Money 4 months ago +2

    I love how Vader loves to give his apprentices double sided reverse grip

  • Colors of chaos
    Colors of chaos 5 months ago +70

    The fact there’s not a 3rd game is disrespectful because anyone who fights darth Vader on the daily is a total badass

  • Blake Harris
    Blake Harris 11 months ago +6

    After watching Obi-Wan Kenobi, I keep thinking about how much we’re expected to believe happened in just a span of 20 years.

  • Nonetute
    Nonetute Year ago +5

    I love this. What should’ve happened ❤️

  • Robi McGarvey
    Robi McGarvey Year ago +2

    Already better than all the new Disney movies. Disney, this is what we want to see!

  • Iñaki
    Iñaki 2 years ago +9191

    How overpowered would you like this character to be?
    The writers: *yes*

    • Dodo Noah
      Dodo Noah 2 years ago +33


    • Alex Lovelady
      Alex Lovelady 2 years ago +187

      Writers: what’s the limit? Not that it matters to us we were just wondering

    • Gamer69
      Gamer69 2 years ago +353

      @Alex Lovelady He’s not over powered he trained under Vader for over 10 years and EU Luke is still more powerful and so is Sidious

    • Xeno.
      Xeno. 2 years ago +13

      @Gamer69 yep

    • Gamer69
      Gamer69 2 years ago +8

      @Xeno. thanks

  • SaturnineXTS
    SaturnineXTS Year ago +7

    Starkiller probably has the best visual combat feats out of anyone

  • Damien Vazquez
    Damien Vazquez Year ago +6

    The fact he force chokes a couple dozen stormtroopers but was only talking to one to me is pretty damn badass

  • Deathlxrd
    Deathlxrd Year ago +19

    4:00 that transition is too clean.

  • Kyōjurō Rengoku
    Kyōjurō Rengoku Year ago +15

    I legit cried in this scene dude... starkiller what a legendary warrior...

  • Blaedin
    Blaedin 4 months ago +4

    I find it funny how Vader gets under Star killer's skin just as quickly and as easily as Palpatine gets under Vader's.

  • Caleb Jones
    Caleb Jones 2 years ago +5988

    Darth* Vader: "Kill him."
    Stormtroopers with deadly ranged weapons: *Walk closer so they don't miss.*

  • Marco Gallo
    Marco Gallo Year ago +1

    He's a great character, that I hope one day becomes canon and is seen on screen. Although, it sucks the actor he's based on will probably age out or probably has already aged out.
    But I love to see the hundreds of comments on how people think they could do a better job at writing than disney/lucas and their army of industry experienced writers and artist.... ppl need to learn to take the content they love for what it is (entertainment). Sometimes it may not live up to our expectations, but it is what it is

  • david o regan
    david o regan Month ago +2

    If we had gotten starkillers story in 3 movies instead of Rey's we would still have hope for the star wars movies

  • Carmelo Muñoz
    Carmelo Muñoz Month ago

    whenver i see clips like these for video games, just wonder why the actual movies are not as good as the games, the fighting scenes are always awesome, they actually use the Force

  • Murloc RJ
    Murloc RJ Month ago

    These cinematics make the second game look a lot more fun than it actually is.

  • Robert William
    Robert William 11 months ago +1

    Imagine if Darth Vader got a new suit that didn't restrict him from using all his powers!

  • Raizo05
    Raizo05 2 years ago +8840

    Starkiller be like: I use the Dark Side to destroy the Dark Side

    • Fahreza Satria
      Fahreza Satria 2 years ago +429

      Then after i destroy the dark side i join to the light side

    • unused
      unused 2 years ago +94

      @Fahreza Satria it's literally the most successful tho ?

    • A . B Shah
      A . B Shah 2 years ago +25

      @Fahreza Satria Are you ok?

    • Fahreza Satria
      Fahreza Satria 2 years ago +6

      @unused the second success movie the first one is avatar james cameron

    • Fahreza Satria
      Fahreza Satria 2 years ago +2

      @A . B Shah what do you mean

  • Daniel Aquilino
    Daniel Aquilino 17 days ago

    Ves este video hace que todavia me resulta mas dificil creer que la Alianza Rebelde consiguiera vencer al Imperio Galactico porque estos apenas contaban con 1 jedi, dos si contamos a Ashoka Tano(aunque esta no se declaro miembro de la Alianza ni nada) encambio el Imperio contaba con Dark Vader y sus Inquisidores, enserio dificil de creer

  • Brad Fox
    Brad Fox Year ago +2

    Being this was the first time someone actually used their lightsabers like that was sweet. Turning the light sabers off and on as he fought was bad ass.

    • Hit Fhayyt
      Hit Fhayyt 11 months ago

      Well I mean it wasn’t the first. It was a frowned upon for by both the dark and the light side if I’m not mistaken.

  • Just McCoy
    Just McCoy Year ago

    If anyone wanted to know how strong Anakin would be if he kept his limbs and continued his training, just play as starkiller

  • Natasha Silver-Blood

    Vader really did make a force to be reckoned with here with starkiller.

  • W Bond
    W Bond 11 months ago +1

    We *need* a third game. Conclude this epic the way it *should* be. Don't leave us all hanging.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 2 years ago +2009

    They should’ve made Starkiller as Rey’s father, so that he would be canon and we would get a movie about him.

    • Ian Lovelace
      Ian Lovelace 2 years ago +277

      That would make the story a lot more interesting instead they were lazy and were just trying to make a quick buck

    • Jonathan Martin
      Jonathan Martin 2 years ago +102

      Yeah, Galen and Juno's daughter. Which would have a been a way more believable story having them leave her on that scrap planet. I mean, if that would have been the way to go if the story was about watching Rey seeing her parents leave.

    • dReliq
      dReliq 2 years ago +36

      If he was Rey's father Rey would also be super powerful

    • Jonathan Smith
      Jonathan Smith 2 years ago +56

      @dReliq I mean, she held a ship from leaving, and had force lightning. Plus she was still discovering her powers and seeing how strong she really was

    • dReliq
      dReliq 2 years ago +10

      @Jonathan Smith yep, just like when Starkiller held an entire (giant floating ship thing in all those space battles scenes)

    JON GILLETTE Month ago

    He has shown way more power than the vader of the 1st trilogy had. They never showed vader with that much power originally.

  • Chandler Rose
    Chandler Rose 2 months ago

    I love how he turns his lightsabers on and off to conceal where he is.

  • Moustafa Abousalem
    Moustafa Abousalem Month ago

    While Vader has much more potential than Starkiller, the reson why Galen is so powerful to the point of defeating Vader and throwing him around like a ragdoll and even contending with Palpatine for bit was because he doesn't hold back the force at all. He lets the darkness flow through him and doesn't try to limit himself or the force. Many Jedi limit themselves and even a lot of Sith do the same but Galen uses all the destructive powers of the force at full power without holding it bck.

  • Ohmie Levisope
    Ohmie Levisope 8 months ago +5

    Starkiller was planetary level. He could destroy a planets surface with his force lightning and he was just a teen.

  • Muddy Chaw
    Muddy Chaw 4 months ago

    Star killer is in a whole other class of force, speed, and skill.

  • Fil
    Fil Day ago

    Maul was introduce as a sith assasin but when u see this guy just chop chop a trooper unignite his light saber to fade in the darkness and just igniting it during a blow is amazing to see.
    This character is what maul should have been

  • Arden DeRuyter
    Arden DeRuyter Year ago +2

    I need another game like this where I just feel like I can do anything I want with the force

    • bichaels
      bichaels Year ago

      truly ahead of its time

  • Urik187
    Urik187 4 months ago +2

    A little part of me still holds on to the hope that they retcon Starkiller in and have him seen in live action. Sadly it will never happen

  • Random fat kid on YouTube

    3:47 : Pushed threw concrete walls
    3:51 : Slams into steel wall
    3:55 : Gets up like its nothing
    Like seriously whats with this guy hes tough as

  • King Zamasu
    King Zamasu Year ago

    I loved these Force Unleashed trailers back in the day 🔥🔥🔥

  • zyphon7
    zyphon7 2 years ago +4999

    I’d take this as canon over literally anything Disney has made.

    • Nishant Chatterjee
      Nishant Chatterjee 2 years ago +342

      Other than maybe the mandalorian that was kinda cool

    • ArchangelExile
      ArchangelExile 2 years ago +163

      I agree for the most part. But what about Rogue One?

    • JsttomM
      JsttomM 2 years ago +85

      @Le Provokateur quick thing: Disney's not doing shit. Mandalorian's not from Disney. They just have the rights, that's it. The whole production's from another company that nothing has to do with Disney.

    • Jordan McGarty
      Jordan McGarty 2 years ago +22

      it was originally planned to be canon until disney took over

    • King_Menelik
      King_Menelik  2 years ago +14

      disney tends to ruined things like these

  • Enlightenment doesn't come easy

    These two need to come back. I like their relationship, Vader a harsh and cruel teacher Galen a conflicted young student of the dark side learning under the Sith lord himself.

  • iBlue
    iBlue 24 days ago +1

    Lonnie SKYWALKER really said, “I have the force.”

  • DegreesK
    DegreesK 28 days ago

    4:30 is a mich better way to express Jedi emotions than whatever Kylo Ren was doing

  • Mr Smithplays
    Mr Smithplays Year ago +1

    That moment when we get a close up of a storm trooper being disintegrated gets me every time

  • Kalomika Arts
    Kalomika Arts 11 months ago +1

    This footage is better than anything Disney has done with the franchise

  • AL C
    AL C 2 years ago +6695

    Give this guy his own “Jedi: fallen order” type game

      THEWINGIRAFE 2 years ago +492

      100% agree but make the story longer Jedi fallen order was too quick

    • Garrett Shelton
      Garrett Shelton 2 years ago +281

      The games basically were Jedi fallen order

    • dalvis
      dalvis 2 years ago +327

      Bro play Star Wars unleashed

    • Venom
      Venom 2 years ago +74

      its an actual game they have 2 actually i recommend them both

    • Lion Lord
      Lion Lord 2 years ago +134

      @Venom I honestly think the story and the game itself is way better than fallen order because of how much more powerful starkiller is compared to cal and I just think the game force unleashed is just funnier to play

  • DavidiBrikVidi
    DavidiBrikVidi 10 months ago +1

    I think Starkillers scream where everyone disintegrates comes in range first before they Disintegrates, But I think Darth Vader won't still get affected by it coz of his force.

  • enjoythestruggle
    enjoythestruggle 10 months ago

    They really took the power of the Force to ridiculous levels in this game.

    • Catalin Timofti
      Catalin Timofti 4 months ago

      Canonically powerfull force users can do a lot of things like move star destroyers

  • ferret
    ferret Year ago

    i like how starkiller can crush droids like they are made of paper, but vader laughs it off like a bad chris rock joke, why ain`t droids made like vader they would be unstoppable.

  • Random Listener
    Random Listener Year ago

    Damn. I played that game countless of times and still want more. Such a shame that they didn't made continuation of this game . And this in-game movies were on different lvl .

  • Nightly
    Nightly 11 months ago +1

    It’s been quite some time since I seen something so badass

  • AJ Ward
    AJ Ward 2 years ago +795

    Starkiller definitely deserves to return. With Sam Witwer voicing the character, and the character being like the Kratos of Star Wars, what’s not to like?

    • SwiftyDJ
      SwiftyDJ 2 years ago +9

      Sam witwer voiced darth maul and palpatine in battlefront 2 but I'm not sure if he would return in the star wars unleashed franchise.

    • A . B Shah
      A . B Shah 2 years ago +39

      People say he's "OP" yet they don't care that Rey is cannon...

    • Y B
      Y B 2 years ago

      They made it to look like him too

    • Lappland Kun
      Lappland Kun 2 years ago +4

      answer? Because disney

    • SwiftyDJ
      SwiftyDJ 2 years ago +8

      @Lappland Kun How about star wars fallen order?

  • David Evans
    David Evans Year ago +3

    "Vader can't stop me now... "
    The voice acting is so stupendous.

  • wwalton3418
    wwalton3418 7 months ago +2

    Imagine if there was stealth in a Starwars game, using the force to distract a enemy or mind trick to line up a double kill

  • Obviousinnuendo
    Obviousinnuendo Year ago

    these trailer clips showed just about everything in the entire game.
    and all of it looks better than the actual game we got