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Water Cooling… Using only Wish.com

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Just how bad is Wish.com for getting water cooling components? Worse than we expected... and we expected it to be terrible.
    Discuss on the forum: linustechtips.com/topic/14178...
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    Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE
    0:00 This will be horrible
    0:38 NZXT!
    1:02 Problems buying from Wish.com
    2:49 "Case"
    4:00 Radiator & Fans
    6:06 The editor cut this bit down but it took three of us half an hour to remove the protective stickers
    6:27 Component placement planning
    7:38 CPU Block, GPU Block & Thermal Paste
    9:40 Fittings, Alex continues working on GPU mounting
    11:14 UV Lighting, Alex continues working on GPU mounting
    12:24 GPU Mounting, Linus removes K5 Pro for an hour
    16:00 Fan Mounting, Res
    17:50 Pump, Flow Meter, Tubing, Alex keeps working on GPU mounting
    19:29 Alex continues working on GPU mounting
    21:11 RGB Tube Sleeving
    22:11 GPU Block Mounting, for real
    23:04 A Historical Moment
    24:35 This part could actually kill you
    25:42 Testing Results
    26:50 Linus sings a song, then Crab Rave
    27:29 MSI!
    28:01 Outro
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  • Amrish Lakhisaran
    Amrish Lakhisaran Year ago +1600

    Anytime Alex says "I have a terrible idea" you know it's gonna be fun

    • Måns
      Måns Year ago +5


    • Thought
      Thought Year ago +1

      Def I’m a n

    • bob
      bob 7 months ago +1

      oh no wish... sketchy

  • Joe Werner
    Joe Werner 4 months ago +112

    This truly is one of the computer builds of all time

  • Vadim M
    Vadim M Year ago +134

    Those light bars are meant as under counter lighting, the pig tails are for hard-wiring the lights to your house wiring. There are supposed to be plastic plugs for the exposed ends. And also an interconnect piece, so you can daisy chain the lights. They're actually very neat to install when you have all the parts.

    • Tony Morris
      Tony Morris 11 months ago +21

      Yea, as an RF metrologist it seems a bit paranoid to toss them because it's exposed 120VAC. Fill it with epoxy if you're not going to use the extension plug? Wax? All things we've used professionally to block off connections to live wires. They're recessed so nothing is going to contact them if you fill it with a dielectric solid.

    • CelestiRalice
      CelestiRalice 10 months ago +5

      @Tony Morris I am not an electrician or expert of any kind but common sense kicked in and I knew exactly what these were. If a port is not used shield it off, besides why would anyone touch it in the 1st place ... On the second thought they maybe did this for drama effect in the video. I mean seriously why toss it out, the thing does what it is created for. It's not the fault of the product it's the user's incompetence to utilize it.
      No wonder why we have so much trash in the world, ppl being drama queens and tossing out stuff left and right for no reason.

    • Maples01
      Maples01 6 months ago +9

      @CelestiRalice You missed American teens eating dish washing detergent not that long ago before the video was made

    • satibel
      satibel 4 months ago

      tbh you could probably get away with hot snot in it.

  • Tir33nts343
    Tir33nts343 9 months ago +364

    It’s likely the rig was made by laser cutting the holes then press breaking it, that’s why the tolerances are so high

    • TantalumPolytope
      TantalumPolytope 9 months ago +6

      still though wtf

    • Tir33nts343
      Tir33nts343 9 months ago +19

      @TantalumPolytope that’s how manual manufacturing works, if you want something with low tolerances you don’t use breaks, you use cnc machines, however if you want a part like that it’s going to have high tolerances, cheaper and easier to manufacture bent metal pieces

    • morbidly obese cat
      morbidly obese cat 8 months ago +4

      Tolerances arent supposed to be that high tho, i work with lathes and the avarage Tolerance i get is 0,1mm or 0,2mm

  • brandon pringle
    brandon pringle Year ago +6

    Im glad you guys are putting in all the product development and testing for us normal people thanks Linus love your videos

  • Tom Engman
    Tom Engman Year ago +11931

    I bought those exact fans from amazon once for giggles, and get this: on first startup, connected to the supplied controller they PHYSICALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE. The LEDs just popped with visible flame and the plastic around them started burning. It was hilarious

  • Matt Rubin
    Matt Rubin Year ago +88

    This is classic LTT. These two making a amazing failure of a computer. Can't stop laughing lol

  • Aeyos
    Aeyos Year ago +373

    15:46 I was ONCE this rough with a gpu, when a resistor went flying off of it. Luckly the solder broke on each side just so right that I could wedge it in there again and re-solder it. It's still working like nothing ever happened

    • Otto Salo
      Otto Salo Year ago +25

      I can feel the anxiety you had with that one, lol.

    • Ondřej Ficek
      Ondřej Ficek Year ago +39

      I guess you were lucky twice, you'd have needed to find the resistor first.

    • ___RKB___
      ___RKB___ Year ago +4

      whahhaha unlucky with that! good u could manage to fix it!

    • Ethan ol
      Ethan ol Year ago +9

      hes a mad man for this, i would only treat a board like this if it was water damaged, but hes still scrubbing like its got cavities XD

  • james balaj
    james balaj 9 months ago +38

    All jokes aside Linus thank you for always going where no other gamers dare to go... and actually buy off wish haha

  • PettyCashPrash
    PettyCashPrash Year ago +50

    You guys have come such a long way. Videography and everything was amazing! Thanks for the content! Amazing work!

    • Snujk
      Snujk 4 months ago


  • J L
    J L 10 months ago +4

    Totally love your spirit dudes! I often buy this should work things and bodge things together. If I had the money I would do computers. It is so good to see this being done.

  • YourPersonalGeek
    YourPersonalGeek Year ago +1345

    The fact that the temps were good and it actually didn’t leak and booted up right away, bravo 😅

    • Darkmann
      Darkmann Year ago +6

      Better than the HVAC loops n stuff lol

    • Naamã dos Santos Silva
      Naamã dos Santos Silva Year ago +57

      It is built just good enough to outlast the refund window.

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc Year ago +1

      @Naamã dos Santos Silva best bet is watercooling the i3 i5 12th gen or Ryzen 3 and 5, eh?

    • HEXZ0R
      HEXZ0R Year ago +4

      now imagine how the temps would look inside a case :D

    • Thomas Feser
      Thomas Feser Year ago +2

      @Bảo Quốc I got my waterblock from AliExpress it's a barrow ..shits good cools down an 5800x

  • Vigor Gaming
    Vigor Gaming Year ago +39

    these are genuine and nice LTT videos, bring more videos like this back.

  • Vural Pamir
    Vural Pamir Year ago +4

    Keep up the good vibes Linus, very fun to watch and you definitely have the sense of it. Peace, man. 🖖🏻

  • sykoteddy
    sykoteddy 11 months ago

    I haven't had this much fun watching you guys in any other video to date! I love it! Alex must have the best job ever :P Isn't there any other shady place you can buy stuff from to make this success of a video again? Except for all the crooked metal and stuff. It actually looks pretty cool, and I hate RGB...

  • spiderswebs11 carlos

    You should put all these items together and sell as a complete bundle for water cooling!😉

  • dirtz
    dirtz Year ago +1795

    17:25 Now I just really want to see them build a pc with cooling just out of non pc stuff like the bong. Just imagine them using a storage box as a case, zip ties to fixate literally everything, garden hoes for the water eg.
    Can we please get that? Just throw random stuff at the hardware until you got a selfmade pc

    • Gomer501
      Gomer501 Year ago +162

      Get a hardware store to sponsor a video

    • Spork
      Spork Year ago +146

      "we built a PC using parts only from Lowe's/The Home Depot"

    • Santino Joshua Torre
      Santino Joshua Torre Year ago +62

      that's how it was in the old days. noone really sold "PC" watercooling parts so you'd have to use garden/aquarium parts

    • Logan Whatcott
      Logan Whatcott Year ago +43

      They did in scrapyard wars

    • Kuri0
      Kuri0 Year ago +10

      Car radiator

  • ChuckleBerryFinn
    ChuckleBerryFinn Year ago +1

    Alex and Linus building a pc is the most raw and authentic LTT. I love it.

  • opoXIous
    opoXIous Year ago +1

    I love these builds with strange questionable parts.
    But i must say, this build looks great!!👍🏻

  • HeadfirstRecords
    HeadfirstRecords Year ago +5

    finally subscribed after years of compulsively watching. love the channel, very informative and funny. love some of the ridiculous projects y'all do like this!

  • Hippo T
    Hippo T Year ago +170

    25:00 - Those are for undercounter lighting / bar lighting. They daisy chain. They also have end caps you're supposed to buy to cover up the exposed AC. I had a bunch of these. They're meant for electricians to install.

    • Pedro Fernandes
      Pedro Fernandes Year ago +37

      That does not excuse it in any way. They will be way too accessible for 120v to just be lying around

    • Hippo T
      Hippo T Year ago +37

      @Pedro Fernandes The end caps sit flush and are very hard to remove, that's why electricians are to install them.

    • Pedro Fernandes
      Pedro Fernandes Year ago +23

      @Hippo T "hard to remove" you seriously underestimate people's stupidity. The moment one of those breaks down someone is going to try to fix them and hurt themselves

    • Rylan Wessel
      Rylan Wessel Year ago +36

      @Pedro Fernandes thats why you turn the power off when trying to “fix” anything electrical. you dont see people electrocuting themselves fixing wall sockets , because people that go to fix it know the risks and precautions

    • Pedro Fernandes
      Pedro Fernandes Year ago +20

      @Rylan Wessel "you dont see people electrocuting themselves fixing wall sockets" are you sure about that?

  • kenneth harris
    kenneth harris Year ago

    I've always wanted one of those water cooling systems. lately Im new to this channel n lately alot of things I do personally I've seen done by this gentlemen and I am quite impressed with how much further he's going into his videos. don't have the budget Todo some of the things I've seen but dude I love ur channel mate

  • dumpsterdawg
    dumpsterdawg Year ago +1989

    Alex: "I have a terrible idea that might fix all of our problems"
    LTT tech tip Number 1

    • CatsMeow
      CatsMeow Year ago +39

      Linus tech tips tech tip

    • Ahyaan
      Ahyaan Year ago +8

      Hulk weaker than you

    • Shreesha R Bhat
      Shreesha R Bhat Year ago +5

      @CatsMeow yo I think it's Linus touch tips tech tips

    • KULLED
      KULLED Year ago +1

      yup linus tech tips tech tip B)

  • Wref
    Wref Year ago +2

    That was a very clever choice to use the shunt-modded 3090. Seeing all the crap on the card tricked me into watching the K5 and shunt mod videos, which were fascinating af

  • Ltto
    Ltto Year ago +4

    Hey Linus, you could have used a WD-40 contact cleaner to remove the thermal paste, it works great!! | Test it out in a video |

  • Che Tra
    Che Tra 7 months ago

    At 25:30 those wire extra for when you need to do direct wiring (without pronge) , there are another small one without wire where its used to fuse those 2 lamp right next to each other. Also these lamp are for high wall mount so that little metal exposure wont be a harzard.

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago +17

    I like how offering products so shit that people buy your stuff for memes is a viable business strategy.

  • Bobby Vans
    Bobby Vans Year ago

    Cannot stop laughing at this build and the commentary was next level. Do another one! Nice work fellas!

  • Jason Kimble
    Jason Kimble Year ago +1832

    I absolutely lost it when Linus was so proud of his recently cleaned GPU, and Alex came at him with the glob of goop 😂

  • Mike_drop
    Mike_drop Year ago +2

    I love videos involving Alex. His "what-can-possibly-go-wrong"-attitude is absolutely hillarious :D

    BRENTxBEAR Year ago +59

    I used to wonder why Wish is still in business. Then I'm reminded that Clip-Share is literally keeping them in business. $1300! For this! Poor Linus lol

  • Heine_TV
    Heine_TV Year ago +5

    Was using this video as background noise while working on some art and all the little things I hear randomly just got me cackling enough to distract me from my work. Excellent job, guys 🤣

  • Crow of Crius
    Crow of Crius Year ago

    Wish is just the worst, but Alex and Linus watercooling anything is just the best!

  • sickbailey21
    sickbailey21 9 months ago +99

    The cut back to the rgb inspired rave had me absolutely creasing. One of your best videos I've seen in a while even though I missed it at launch

    • brandon shorkey
      brandon shorkey 9 months ago +3

      Creasing? What does that even mean?

    • sickbailey21
      sickbailey21 9 months ago +1

      @brandon shorkey laughing heavily lol

    • Ashernal
      Ashernal 9 months ago +2

      I seriously do not understand why we need to keep making slang for words that already exist... creasing has a definition already. As do the other 15 slang words for "laughing heavily."

    • sickbailey21
      sickbailey21 9 months ago +3

      @Ashernal its not remotely new

    • Will Sharp
      Will Sharp 8 months ago +2

      @Ashernal its a british thing

  • Paul Trout
    Paul Trout 4 months ago +1

    I saw a news item here in Perth Western Australia. There was a huge facility using an oil cooled computer system...huge industrial size stuff. Its just emerced into these giant vats. Something to look at maybe. Plus the oil never needs changing

  • AlphaDuplo
    AlphaDuplo Year ago +659

    I just can't get enough of Wish PC builds.... It's so hilarious. It's like the comedy show within the IT branch - I can't stop laughing about it :D

    • MaaZeus
      MaaZeus Year ago +4

      I have a pack of these as well from Aliexpress. Honestly, they were not bad fans considering how little they cost but I stopped using them because they always defaulted to max speed at every boot and turning them down got old quite fast. 😁

    • Thomas Feser
      Thomas Feser Year ago +1

      Got my GPU/CPU block from AliExpress ..both barrow, they are very good cross tested with EKWB ..2° temp difference

  • Devin Gillan
    Devin Gillan Year ago +729

    24:49 There’s no electrical safety standards on Ali-E either. Note: rechargeable battery devices there simply have no voltage regulation. When you plug in a USB charger expect 5VDC to go to the lithium cell. I bought 2 portable game devices to give to children and it turned out they literally never stop charging (at 5V).
    They categorically refused to refund, I fought and fought for months. I explained you can’t sell fire hazards like this - do not care.

    • The Minimum Wage
      The Minimum Wage Year ago +77

      Lmfao why should they care? It’s being sold a whole world away. For the record you just bought garbage products, most of the better made Chinese shit I’ve ordered charges fine.

      ANZACxLAG Year ago +118

      You shopped on Ali-E and willingly gave the product to a child? What did you expect?

    • Niek Grijzenhout
      Niek Grijzenhout Year ago +40

      I bought fake aliexpress joycons and one stopped working. Opened it up to find the battery was triple the size it should be. That could literally have blown up like a time bomb in my face.
      Yea. Never buying shit from aliexpress ever again

    • Snapdragon 9600
      Snapdragon 9600 Year ago +26

      @The Minimum Wage ' better made Chinese shit' kind of contradiction there mate.😆

  • gaterkj
    gaterkj Year ago +10

    I love when linus breaks the script to compliment the writing... unless that is a part of the script

  • Kutsy
    Kutsy 9 months ago +5

    I had a similar thing with tolerances. I once ordered keyswitch seals that were around 0.1mm thick and the tolerances were +/-2mm

    • spv
      spv 9 months ago

      -.1mm? god damn

  • Diogee
    Diogee Year ago

    ive got similar fans, from amazon. they have the lights in the hub tho, not outside. those hydraulic bearings like to spew oil. paid 33 bucks for 9 of em tho
    they move some air, especially full blast, and are argb and jive with rgbfusion. colors are alot more fluid thru that compared to the presets on the included fan hubs

  • Nerd_Squared
    Nerd_Squared 6 months ago

    These scuffed PC builds are my favorite LTT videos to watch. Looking forward to more!

  • Eragon
    Eragon Year ago +613

    Man, I always love these videos where Linus has to deal with absurd parts completely blind, the reactions are so much fun.

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ Year ago +2

      Yo I abesolutely loved eragon as a middle schooler. Still one of my favorite book series ever

  • Chris Waller
    Chris Waller Year ago +3

    Say what you will. The Linus x Alex videos are usually the best laugh, highest quality content. The solo Anthony's are the best reviews. We need more scientist riley for the explanation cutaways. Love this studio though. Thank you for everything you do LTT.

  • RadioKayGee
    RadioKayGee 2 months ago

    I usually dont comment on videos but Linus and the whole crew are absolute legends. Big love from England, Friends!

  • Tobias, The Gentleman
    Tobias, The Gentleman 10 months ago

    I''ve got a set of coolmoon fans, same kit that was in the video. They work alright! Although i did have to replace the controller and remote because some buttons weren't working. But it was only $10

    • Vermis
      Vermis 5 months ago

      "They worked alright! Except when they didn't."

  • Walter Comunello
    Walter Comunello Year ago +301

    "Wish - High Qaulity"
    getting something from Wish is like watching a C or D-horror movie with terrible acting, hot babes and dumb CGI. it's going to be a trainwreck for sure, but you still hope it's gonna be somewhat fun. that's why usually you watch them drunk to make the most out of them.
    although I can't recommend using power tools while drunk.

    • AB
      AB Year ago +2


    • Alexandru Macedon
      Alexandru Macedon Year ago

      Then dont

    • Heikki Aho
      Heikki Aho Year ago

      can't recommend using wish power tools while drunk

    • lordlundar
      lordlundar Year ago +11

      @Heikki Aho Can't recommend using Wish power tools while sober either.

    • Timmy Turner
      Timmy Turner Year ago +3

      Cabin in the Woods was an awesome movie

  • Cody Thuma
    Cody Thuma Year ago

    Those side shots around 23:10 makes it look kinda like one of those "self love" machines that are also available on wish 😂

  • nonchalanto
    nonchalanto Year ago +138

    This is my favorite type of LTT content. These videos will always do well, keep doing them!

  • 1Luc3nt
    1Luc3nt Year ago +1

    Fun video !! I love the wish videos reminds me of the old days piecing systems together before it was cool.

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee Year ago

    I absolutely love these videos 🤣 wish is just so jank 🤣🤦 it's literally a scam! Fun for the whole family 🤣

  • ClusterFugue
    ClusterFugue 11 months ago

    Thanks for the tip on alumin(i)um dust. I guess I'll start using a dust mask when I file the stuff in the process of fabricating brackets and all kinds of other bits and bobs I've made from the various shapes they sell at home supply stores. I'm contemplating whether I should sue the one that I bought all the supplies from for not having a warning sign advising me that I might not want to inhale the airborne particles that result from working with the stuff. 🤨

    • Ray Mickens
      Ray Mickens 10 months ago

      That an silica dust are a great way to get leukemia down the line

  • Bram vandenbroeck

    For removing that thermal goop, distilled water helps a lot

  • Briomite
    Briomite Year ago +2

    I was always just too scared to buy pc related things from wish. so thank you for your sacrifice lol.

  • Antti
    Antti Year ago +1127

    Man this makes me nostalgic about water cooling in the 2000's when basically everything was cheap junk from china.

    • Night Motorcyclist
      Night Motorcyclist Year ago +25

      Some companies made stuff in the US and Europe but cost quite a bit more. I remember going to boutique or extremely niche sites back in those days for cooling components not found in the usual brick and mortar stores. FrozenPC was one of them and the rest escaped from memory at the moment. I had some moderate and high quality tubing and UV lights from a small shop near me (before they went out of business in the 2010s) and even some decent stuff from CompUSA. I think a lot of the mainstream UV stuff I bought was made by Antec.

    • Manolis Krestas
      Manolis Krestas Year ago +8

      Yea before 2010 a Basic good water cooling started at 450$ .. some spend like 1-2k in some cool setups... Like the pimped Car shows :P

    • Hildugard
      Hildugard Year ago +7

      Everything is still from Chyna.

      FENTSKI Year ago +3

      Reason I avoided it years ago personally, I had a gt 8800 gtx and unknown model quad core intel cpu. Back then watercooling parts looked like a marble course toy you assemble together with the awful plastic they used. Nowadays though watercooling is really a good option for most. I ended up getting an artic liquid 280 and its kept my cpu below 50 even running cinebench or cpu burners

    • Morten Holsmo
      Morten Holsmo Year ago +6

      Or when people asked what aquarium you have

  • Dan Brit
    Dan Brit Year ago

    If you want to remove stickers or the paper on those fan guards ...use wd40 and after all the sticky is gone use dawn dish soup to clean off the wd40

  • Sir Uncle Ned
    Sir Uncle Ned Year ago

    I’m surprised that a bent radiator can hold water. And that those RGB fans actually work (Though I suspect the control software is very chinglish)

  • Mattiator
    Mattiator 2 months ago

    Oh christ, Coolmoon. I ordered a bunch of fans from them (200mm, I use an older case that needs three of them) that required the external controller. For starters the fans weren't the dimensions listed (too thick, I needed a 20mm thick one) and the controller stopped responding to any sort of inputs from the remote after like a month turning the RGB into a seizure-inducing flashspam. The fans themselves seem to be fine, but yeah, was not impressed. I also got one of the 120mm that you have, it's still sitting in the bottom of the case disconnected until I replace it with something better.

  • Heikki Aho
    Heikki Aho Year ago +4

    These are my favorite LTT videos, where you guys just over-engineer these dumb and janky build ideas, while butchering a lot of expensive stuff XD

  • Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i built my own cooling system using an old Food Cooler and cooling unit from an old freezer. it uses an electric pump (that uses less power than my PC btw) to drag the near frozen liquid from the cooler and via a tube into the water-cooling unit in my PC. and i can easily pack it up for travel as well, as i build a connector for my rig on the side of the cooler, making it quite compact and easy to move without having to dis-assemble and re-asseble it over and over again.

  • reikoshea
    reikoshea Year ago +495

    Usually when I watch you guys do these builds my jaw is on the floor because of some absolutely ridiculous choice you've made in the modding process (see Alex dremelling memory/vrm heat sinks)....but I have to say, when the multimeter came out for those UV lights THAT was actually the most unbelievable moment I've seen. I honestly still can't believe it. That's honestly terrifying.

    • PaletoB
      PaletoB Year ago +29

      Linus was literally centimeters away from full AC wall power when testing it 😱

    • TDATA
      TDATA Year ago +36

      EH, kids these days are too soft. Nothing a little electrical tape or Hot Glue can't solve.

    • Sheldon Ross
      Sheldon Ross Year ago +8

      They come with a block off cover/plug.

    • TehBest
      TehBest Year ago +12

      @TDATA Honestly though, thats not much worse than how North American electrical outlets are when used properly, they just need those plastic plugs you put on outlets so kids dont stick crap in them.

    • BL33NB
      BL33NB Year ago +1

      Honestly it doesnt really shock me that much, ive had plenty of kitchen lights that had the same system to plug mulitple in row lol.

  • tonytiger2004
    tonytiger2004 Year ago

    Be interesting to see an Amazon built cooling setup. Bet the price would a huge difference. Lol

  • CybaGirl
    CybaGirl Year ago +1

    Thanks for the video. I often think about switching to an open frame case for my main PC.
    When filming this video, can you please tell me what your ambient temp was?

  • Poopy McStink
    Poopy McStink Year ago

    It's crazy to me that while I learn about multi-core process scheduling, and hyperthreading, that these guys are 'internet experts' because they know the temps of random parts off wish... Cool.

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne Year ago +1

    All of the parts I had picked out when I was a dumb teenager and first started dreaming of building my own water-cooled rig in the late 00's. Too bad you couldn't have built it in an Antec 900 with a 5.25" water pump/fan controller and 5.25" double bay double helix res.

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer

    Kinda want to add a flow meter to my loop now. I'm not going to, but still. Also, I bought tubing from my local hardware store. They had tubing in the ID/OD combination I wanted and it was rated to 80°C, which is perfect, assuming nothing breaks on me. First attempt at a non-AIO loop
    Edit: still working on it, but my cheap rad (it said copper but I see brass) is slightly crooked on the outside securing rail parts but seems fine otherwise

    • Sage Colvard
      Sage Colvard 2 months ago

      It's been about a year, give us an update on that loop you were "still working on" when you made the edit.

    • Tyler Joseph Schommer
      Tyler Joseph Schommer 2 months ago +1

      @Sage Colvard it's actually in a Fractal case now with a D5 pump. Pump is barely held on and it leaked 3 times when I first fill it, but it works!

  • Mohammed Faqihi
    Mohammed Faqihi Year ago +64

    You know it’s going to be a pure content when Alex says “ I have a terrible idea.” It never fails.

  • XantheFIN
    XantheFIN 2 months ago +1

    Those UV light things.. they usually comes with plugs you put over that exposed section plus they should have adapter additionally that wire thing which you can use to combine them.. not that wire thing.

  • josh pafundi
    josh pafundi Year ago

    Damn I had those cool moon fans in one of my old builds. Tbh they aren't terrible I just used them for exhausts

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous Year ago

    bought the msi meg 360 aio for my 12700k, and it has a small buzzing immediately. cooler mounted top, tried everything possible. seems like it has something to do with the motor in the water pump. not really worried about it except the fact my msi force mobo shows vga light with my asus tuf 3070. although everything has been running great, benchs great, nothing even hits 70 degrees in my corsair 7000d airflow case.

  • JaggedBird
    JaggedBird Year ago

    I've seen some meme builds in my time but THIS takes the cake!

  • Tobias Magnusson
    Tobias Magnusson Year ago +1

    You know it's a good rig when you need to use powertools.

  • Jackson Legge
    Jackson Legge Year ago +377

    Fun fact: they sell the same horrifying light bars with exposed AC on amazon, and they even include the same terrifying wires. They include little plastic bits to jam in the end, but they don't stay in very well.

    • Mijc Osis
      Mijc Osis Year ago +18

      also sell them in every hardware store and lighting shop, though generally without fly leads. have a couple above my workbench

    • A5000A
      A5000A Year ago +13

      thats common connector for t5 light, people installed their house full of those running 240v and yet nobody die from these hOrRiFyInG tErRiFyInG features

    • Darwisy Aiman
      Darwisy Aiman Year ago +5

      Glad that my old aquarium lamp have that connector covered

    • Mariusz Chrobak
      Mariusz Chrobak Year ago +17

      Those exposed prongs are bad. But those included cables for connecting two?!?!?!?! OUT OF THIS WORLD. Who thought that this is fine? Who thought that average user can connect those correctly without shock or fire hazard is beyond me.

    • Cameron Ritchie
      Cameron Ritchie Year ago +5

      @Mariusz Chrobak not for connecting them together, they are for booking them up to a circuit.

  • Vlcoun
    Vlcoun 9 months ago +83

    Wish is literally the last thing I would suggest for buying anything near computers.

    • Azriel Israel
      Azriel Israel 9 months ago +1


    • WhatWasISaying?
      WhatWasISaying? 8 months ago +3

      I wish you'd buy something else. Lol.

    • Mr nice guy
      Mr nice guy 8 months ago +1

      he said literally.....lmao.toolbags,meatsticks use that word....sad

    • MobileDecay
      MobileDecay 8 months ago +3

      You could have just stopped at the word"anything". Lol.

  • Kira Slith
    Kira Slith Year ago

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    Andy B Year ago

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    That surprised excitement when some of the items they got from wish were actually the real items xD

  • TheCoin405
    TheCoin405 10 months ago +1

    Tip is to use petroleum for medical usage to remove thermal goo and a lot of other sticky things.
    The petroleum for medical usage doesn't leave any residuals that regular does and it evaporates as quickly as alcohol cleaning

  • turkicnomad
    turkicnomad Year ago +497

    I can’t look away from this disaster; it’s like watching a building fire. A building full of unfathomable metric tons of e-waste.

    • Hey Gek
      Hey Gek Year ago +13

      might result in an actual building fire as well!

      DOLAN DUK Year ago

      It's like watching Austin's house burn down.

  • RobFRC
    RobFRC Year ago

    3090s last the longest in best buy drops, often still available to buy 1 hour+ after the drop started. They've also stayed in stock for DAYS after Zotac store drops.

  • BananaInc
    BananaInc Year ago

    Alex is such a great addition to your videos.

  • Coby Mcnamee
    Coby Mcnamee Year ago +19

    You’d think the staff at LTT build monster builds on a regular but as Alex mentions “it’s the 2nd most expensive build I’ve ever done” shows that’s they really reuse their parts well which I love! Thanks for not taking unnecessary stock guys and reusing

  • Sarcof
    Sarcof Year ago

    You really put me in a good mood..bravo to the linus team ..

  • HC Club
    HC Club Year ago

    Honestly ASUS you could do a whole rebrand with this. You got such a absurd great plastic personality and I can see the passion you have for this. Farming and homestead channels are pretty big rn like Urban Rescue Ranch PHYSICALLY CAUGHT ON FIREor Gold Shaw Farms. Linus has to putting the grow into CustomGrow.

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    Gareth Wallace Year ago +86

    I love this unscripted vlog style content from you guys! Really strikes a good balance between learning and fun entertainment. Would love to see more of this in the future!

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    Edgars LS Year ago

    pretty sure that's stamped sheet metal not CNC machining in that case, but still it's confusing how they messed it up that bad.

  • Nasi Lemak
    Nasi Lemak Year ago

    Those T5 led tube supposedly to bundled with a little cover for the other end of the unused connector, and also comes with a plug to make connections to other T5 tubes.

  • NickW
    NickW 4 months ago +1

    Linus with Alex is such a good combo.


    Would Brake cleaner be good to remove the thermal gunk? its aerosol and evaps quickly and cleans well, im wondering for the electronics.

  • bluegiger
    bluegiger 8 months ago

    At around 23:11, the rig looks like it's supposed to be an "EMP" or similar "high-tech sciency device" in a C-grade movie.I think it's the double-helix reservoir that sells it.

  • khrom
    khrom Year ago +632

    Linus puts on a good act for a lot of his videos but sometimes he has genuine, real reactions every once in a while and his face at 0:26 was absolutely authentic lmao

    • Big Floppa Nico
      Big Floppa Nico Year ago +34

      My favorite is when one of his daughters threw a box with a motherboard inside and he had the best pain face i've seen in my life

    • Dough NUT
      Dough NUT Year ago +6

      @Big Floppa Nico can u link the video?

    • Big Floppa Nico
      Big Floppa Nico Year ago +11

      @Dough NUT clip-share.net/video/D_xftS6ydXQ/video.html There you go

    • Lucas Sanchez
      Lucas Sanchez 10 months ago +1

      He looks like joe rogan

  • Brent Bailey
    Brent Bailey 5 months ago

    To be honest this actually looks pretty awesome so far.

  • Ramog1000
    Ramog1000 Year ago +1

    Oh the system looks like a sick movie prop, considering where it came from it has a nice tecky/industrial over the top look.

  • friedvossk
    friedvossk Year ago

    Actually freezemod does some cool stuff in China. They have like a full range solution for laptop mod water cooling (pump, res, rad and all).

  • RaggedsEdge
    RaggedsEdge Year ago +1

    Be careful with the UV light. Foreign components may use the actual harmful UV leds without warning. Check where it falls on the nanometer scale of wavelength.

  • greymatter1999
    greymatter1999 Year ago

    As the double,helix reservoir and the flow meter wore attached, I was thinking this looks like your building some sort of scientific project like a timemachine or teleporter.

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    Nirvanatone Year ago +34

    This was my favoite LTT video, and I have watched all of them the last 4 years.
    From Linus cleaning the 3090 goop, all the jank components, 90's throwbacks and the rave scene.
    11/10 perfection!

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago

    The thermal paste pre-*** is the best piece of Clip-Share commentary I've heard in a long time. Laughed pretty hard at that

  • Shawn_the_protogen

    That double helix looks like the T-Abyss Virus. I would totally do a multi-reservoir case with multiple double-helixes and make it resident evil themed.

  • Ibrahim - ibrmj
    Ibrahim - ibrmj Year ago +5

    The smiles and joy this video has brought to me is overwhelming hahahaha i love it!

  • RP Games
    RP Games Year ago

    K5Pro can be removed with odorless white spirits and a toothbrush if you desire to remove it. They recommend removal with a wooden stick (like a Popsicle stick) but using the guitar pick was a good choice. The company claims up to 80% of removed K5Pro can be reused.