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Why Restaurant Salads Are Better Than Yours

  • Published on May 20, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I used to HATE salads. Salads are commonly seen as a meal you have to eat, a meal in which you're sacrificing pleasure for the benefit of nutrients. Well, today I wanna explore ways to make our salads better, and why restaurant ones are so much better than homemade ones. And hopefully, by the end of this, you'll have all the necessary tools to create some killer salads.
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  • depressionbomb
    depressionbomb 7 months ago +1609

    I have a book called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and it has vastly improved my cooking because it helped me understand how these 4 things are incredibly important in food, not even aromatics included

    • Kuromu
      Kuromu 7 days ago

      ​@ihavenoTails It really is, too much is added into everything which is where the negative connotations come from

    • Charlotte B
      Charlotte B 23 days ago

      @Mananpicar the right kind of salt tastes better than salad and is better for you because more nutrition is going into you than sugar.

    • ihavenoTails
      ihavenoTails 4 months ago +1

      @Snowy dear god 😵‍💫

    • Snowy
      Snowy 4 months ago +2

      @ihavenoTails For some in older age a sugar binge can almost act as toxic, and depending on the digestive system can throw off a biome for some folks. So far I am seeing a lot of folks have to do hard corrections to their diet as they approach 30. Sugar spiking can induce diabetes or blood sugar related issues if combined with adrenaline from stress. Sugar is not inherently bad, but if not consumed with other dietary pillars can create damage over time. Thought the info might be good to share; discussion is fun. ^^

    • Gaming High Priest
      Gaming High Priest 4 months ago


  • Bernard Berari
    Bernard Berari 10 months ago +2159

    I have the sudden urge to eat 5 salads simultaneously

    • LaShonda Denise
      LaShonda Denise 7 days ago


    • Riddhi Singh
      Riddhi Singh 21 day ago


    • Yana
      Yana Month ago

      Oh, me too

    • Hang Duong Thi
      Hang Duong Thi 2 months ago

      The worst comes when it's like 10pm and you are very hangry (hungry and angry that you don't have anything to eat)

    • Prantik
      Prantik 3 months ago

      And I am already hungry

  • se7en
    se7en 7 months ago +598

    I appreciate that my parents always made tasty salads, friends have called me weird for adding things i actually enjoy in salads (like fruits, nuts, eggs, legumes, cheese). But i grew up never seeing salad as diet food, just a way to eat crunchy veges (sometimes it was "unhealthy" to but who cares, balance is necessary and food should be tasty)
    oh ps. - as a Caribbean person, add boiled or fried plantains in salads, or starfruit, or pineapple, coconut milk based dressing, OH and ROASTED SCOTCH BONNET PEPPERS if u like spicy stuff

    • Nar
      Nar 5 days ago

      I am a chef 😮😅

    • Rosannasfriend
      Rosannasfriend 9 days ago

      Well, you can still keep it healthy and tasty at the same time.

    • malory
      malory Month ago

      @Kitten Mimi oil isn’t necessarily unhealthy, just calorie dense, it depends on what kind and how much as well as what you eat with

    • Daffodil
      Daffodil Month ago

      coconut milk based dressing omg that sounds so interesting!

    • Dee F
      Dee F 2 months ago

      I'm looking up salads and the top chefs add in fruits, nuts, eggs, legumes, and different cheeses. Looks like your friends have no idea.

  • Alabama Slammer
    Alabama Slammer 8 months ago +759

    My mom used to make salad like how you did in the tasteless example. I made a feta, cucumber, and tomato one from a recipe recently and no offense to her but it tasted much more cohesive

    • Mary T.
      Mary T. Month ago

      A true χωριάτικη as we call it goes a long way!

    • D. Mp
      D. Mp 5 months ago +9

      We live by that salad here in Greece lol. You don't have to add olive oil but you can add red onion for the spiciness and green pepper for he crunch and of course plenty of olive oil and you've got a delicious salad( tip: get good bread and dip it in the olive oil for the true greek experience lol). The pepper is optional but we always put red onion in it.
      I remember being flabbergasted when I realized how popular greek salad is abroad because it is such a simple thing to make but now that I think about it it is really a complete dish.

    • Alabama Slammer
      Alabama Slammer 7 months ago +31

      @Ariese yep I only mentioned those three bc I dont like olives and the recipe i used just called it that

    • Ariese
      Ariese 7 months ago +20

      Like a greek salad?

  • Milliene Xu
    Milliene Xu 3 months ago +374

    The problem w a good salad is that it requires TONS of ingredients, many of them fresh or bulk (eg canned; then I gotta figure out what to do w the rest)

    • allesindwillkommen
      allesindwillkommen 9 days ago +1

      Some salads are definitely not worth making at home, no matter how much you like them. If you don't have a big family, then leave those big packages of fresh green leaves alone.
      There are also people who eat salads as their full meal and wonder why they taste weird. Although some salads can be the main course, most others are actually meant to be a side dish.
      A few basic ideas (you can think of them as a salad base and add other ingredients to your liking if you have them):
      1) Tomato, cucumber, red or green onion, one herb of your choice (dill or parsley is usually enough), salt, black pepper, maybe a squeeze of lemon or lime, if your tomatoes are not too sour already. Good olive oil. Done!
      2) Boiled potato and egg, red or green onion, dill, pickled or fresh cucumber, salt, black pepper, plain yoghurt or mayonnaise. Done!
      And no, you don't usually need fancy sauces.
      Maybe, it's my personal bias, but I often like my home-made salads with simple ingredients more than what you sometimes get in restaurants with all those green leaves or flavorful sauces that can overwhelm the main ingredients.

    • Pequeno Taborlin
      Pequeno Taborlin 12 days ago +1

      @Milliene Xu you can look at your local market to see whats available there and make a salad with 3 or 4 vegetables and a sauce of your choice. theres no need to add tons of different things, it can be overwhelming to search for all of that. here at home we sometimes make something with just 2 ingredients, cook some shredded carrot with cabbage and oil and season it with salt. its simple but pretty good

    • sugar31107
      sugar31107 15 days ago +1

      ​@Milliene Xu I like to make cabbage based salads since I tend to use a fair bit when I make a few of my favorite dishes (like tonkatsu) and there is always so much cabbage. A lot of the same things I would put in a stir fry can often be a salad instead if I'm not feeling much like cooking. But I cook for myself and my husband. I remember when I was cooking for just me that unless I was aiming to make salad I often didn't have the ingredients to do much. But I also cooked less. Was very much a cereal and milk for dinner person then lol. But now that I make a lot of stir fry and stuff when I look in the fridge and see cabbage, sometimes some spinach, snow peas, a sad leftover carrot, then bam! Yummy salad. I should do that more often though cause I still usually default to stir fry. I'm just a fan of hot food for dinner usually.

    • Milliene Xu
      Milliene Xu 26 days ago

      Gotta say I’m really loving the supportive community and everyone giving really good recipes for salads that are simple to what they’ve got. But I personally am never satisfied w just a greens salad, and even a lot of these recipes suggest optional addins that I simply don’t have any bits & ends of as someone cooking for herself, so it’s still requiring tons of different ingredients even if it’s only a lil here and there and lots of options 😅

    • дاע
      дاע Month ago +2

      Milliene, all you need is to dice tomatoes and cucumber into small cubes. Sweep all the tomatoes, cucumbers and their juices from the chopping board into a bowl. Cut some spring onions into tiny pieces. Add them. Chop a handful of coriander (or parsley if you prefer). Add that to the mix. Now if you like Feta and olives you can add those. A bit of chopped chilli? Go on, you know you want to. Now squeeze a whole lemon over it, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Leave for half an hour (if you can wait that long) for the juices to run off and the flavours to infuse. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. Classic Middle Eastern salad. Delicious every time.
      Edit: I forgot to say mix it all up! Only a good tosser makes a great salad 🤣

  • Jazmin Davila
    Jazmin Davila 7 months ago +187

    I used to really dislike salads, and this is with the store-bought Italian dressings. I tried making one at home - wasn’t what I hoped. So I tried a different approach: oil, soy sauce (I used the coco aminos substitute tough), mirin, and some sugar. Marinated the cucumbers and carrots with it. Added grains. Added protein. Needless to say, I like salads now :) I just needed to find what worked for me

    • Shiki *
      Shiki * 6 months ago

      @Stefano Italian Dressing is more like balsamico having some stronger taste and herbs and less heavy creamy in contrast to a french dressing which is less healthy and more creamy and the flavour is rather mild.

    • Jazmin Davila
      Jazmin Davila 6 months ago +2

      @Soluco I don’t know what that is, so I really can’t say. But the website I got it from said it was a Japanese-inspired dressing so I’m assuming yes

    • Soluco
      Soluco 7 months ago

      so you basically did an awasezu without vinegar for your salad

    • Lamp
      Lamp 7 months ago +23

      @Stefano the tears of italian chefs

    • Stefano
      Stefano 7 months ago

      Can you tell me what's inside a store-bought Italian dressing? Never heard of that.

  • Fred Wells
    Fred Wells 7 months ago +278

    I've actually encountered this type of rubbish salad in restaurants more often than anywhere else.

    • S H
      S H 10 days ago +1

      Or a super sad tiny salad with 1 drop of dressing lol

    • Sophie
      Sophie 23 days ago

      especially thrown next to a very mid steak

    • дاע
      дاע Month ago

      Exactly. Restaurant salads are substandard. They haven't usually a clue. The exception is a good Middle Eastern restaurant if you can find one, but even the local Lebanese restaurant I went to last time let me down. It was catering to the English taste, in other words, bland and flavourless.

    • Angel Asenov
      Angel Asenov 3 months ago

      so true

    • Daniel Steinman
      Daniel Steinman 3 months ago +4

      There's a family guy clip "ruined it like a pizza place ruins a salad" look it up haha

  • Girlyfish66
    Girlyfish66 7 months ago +80

    We had leftover steak so I made a yummy steak salad with goat cheese & lemon vinaigrette. The goat cheese & lemon vinaigrette were an amazing combo.
    My go to lemon vinaigrette:
    1 lemon juiced
    1 tsp Dijon mustard
    1 grated garlic clove
    1 tsp sugar or to taste
    Pinch of salt
    Black pepper and Aleppo pepper to taste
    Minced herb such as parsley basil or tarragon. It’s great with no herbs to.
    Third to a half cup light olive oil.
    To mix I put everything into a jam jar. Put the lid on and shake until emulsified.
    Arugula spinach and green leaf lettuce. Mixing greens makes a much better salad.
    Chopped veggies -I used carrot celery cucumber and red bell pepper
    Quartered cherry tomato that I salt and pepper separately
    Chopped banana peppers
    Crumbled or cubed goat cheese
    Leftover steak
    This made a great lunch the next day. I put everything in a salad container except the dressing. I separate the seasoned tomato from the rest of the vegetables with a folded paper towel. This absorbs any liquid and I throw the towel away. The tomato are still good the next day.
    Edit: You can exchange everything out to your own taste. Different juice or oil. Use vinegar instead of oil. Any veggies meat or cheese you like.

  • Billie
    Billie 7 months ago +47

    I mostly eat green leaf salads with olive oil and lemon as dressing, but my husband discovered something pretty amazing: besides the olive oil, if you add Chinese chilli oil, it becomes a bit spicy and it works surprisingly good (chili oil from a jar of Lao Gan Ma for example, but I've also bought just a bottle of chili oil too)
    Also if you haven't tried Turkish/Arabic pomegranate molasses on your salad, you haven't lived.

    • lucyc
      lucyc 6 months ago +2

      agreed. You should look into Chinese cold dishes lol, Chinese chilli oil with shredded cucumber & carrot, noodles, and beansprouts is to die for.

    • Natalia Wagner
      Natalia Wagner 6 months ago +3

      The turkish molasses is a bomb. My aunt Has family in Turkey and we live in Poland so this is a one thing I always Ask her to bring nr when she's visiting them. Earlier I always wondered why her salads are so good and just tasted different. It was the pomegranate melasses im the dressing 😍

  • slumber
    slumber 7 months ago +51

    i always felt like salads weren't filling enough, but once i started making sure i had carbs, fat, and protein in them i found that they were a lot more satiating. i also struggle with executive dysfunction, so i tend to build one thing at a time -- so on the first day of the week i might cook a bunch of chicken but use storebought salad dressing, then on the next day i use some leftover chicken but make homemade salad dressing for the rest of the week. so instead of getting overwhelmed with prepping every component at once, i stretch it out over a few days (and as a bonus, my salad is slightly different each day, which means that i don't get as bored). one i make a lot has chicken/black beans/spicy corn salsa/avocado and an herby dressing~
    another hot executive dysfunction tip is that you can also prep lettuce in advance by breaking down the head of lettuce as soon as you buy it, washing it, and then storing it in an open bag lined with paper towels. having to wash lettuce is one of those things that i always feel like i just don't have the energy for when i'm doing it a serving at a time, lol, but doing it in advance helps a lot!

    • Cocosurge
      Cocosurge Month ago

      I make a huge bowl of salad in the morning. I don’t make salad every day. Then eat whenever. Sometimes I have salad for breakfast.

    • ares
      ares 6 months ago

      executive dysfunction isn't a thing

    • TextoEjemplo TuTextito
      TextoEjemplo TuTextito 6 months ago

      little late but you look beautiful on your pfp!

  • Morning Queens
    Morning Queens 6 months ago +47

    *Main Ingredients:*
    Greens (vegetables), non-greens, protein, dressings.
    Greens: Bell pepper, carrots (in winters), cucumber, peas and corn( if I have them), red beans, apples, tomatoes, salad leaves or spinach leaves, radishes, onion, cabbage, APPLE
    Non-greens: nuts, dried fruit, legumes, etc (toasted / roasted)
    Protein: meat, egg
    *--- Balance aromatics, oil, acids*
    Aromatics: garlic, green onion, red chilli, ginger, and herbs (mint & coriander)
    Acids: Vinegars, lemon juice, oil
    1. Yogurt, garlic, coriander, salt and pepper, lemon juice, olive oil (blend)
    2. Olive oil, white vinegar, 1 tsp mustard, a bit of honey (whisk)
    3. Sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic (couple cloves), vinegar, salt (blend)
    4. lemon juice, vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard powder (personal)
    *How to ASSEMBLE everything*
    1. Make a base with veggies.
    2. Add your non-greens (add a mix of dried, crunchy, sweet, and tangy flavors)
    3. Cook your protein / boil your egg (or scramble them)
    4. Add the dressing and mix everything
    5. Make it look nice with left-over toppings and dressings

    • Snoozy Q
      Snoozy Q 3 months ago +2

      Aw thank you I was about to rewind and write it all down now I don't have to 😇🥰

    • Morning Queens
      Morning Queens 6 months ago +1

      @SuperNova 😅😄😄

    • SuperNova
      SuperNova 6 months ago +3

      thanks bro

  • stincity
    stincity 7 months ago +73

    The single biggest thing that made me enjoy my salads was chopping the leafy greens to around a square inch (2.5 cm). I only figured this out thanks to a salad shop where you can order the salad "chopped"... it makes such a difference.

    • Madison Cooks & Eats
      Madison Cooks & Eats 24 days ago

      So much easier to eat!

    • Purple Dream
      Purple Dream 5 months ago +2

      @D. Mp not really, I feel the same! I think it’s because if it’s in bigger chunks, you chew it more.

    • D. Mp
      D. Mp 5 months ago +1

      I actually like my veggies in chunkier pieces because then I find it more filling ( stupid I know)

    • Kitten Mimi
      Kitten Mimi 7 months ago +5

      Yas I love it everything mixes you get a little bit of everything and its easy to eat

  • star piku
    star piku 2 months ago +6

    I love a fresh salad, but it’s always so many steps and ingredients! I has this really delicious Quinoa bowl from a Gusto’s one time, and desperately wanted to recreate it because the restaurant was too far to get it again. It took me so long to make it, cooking the chicken, making the cilantro-like dressing, and a chipotle sauce to go on top, cooking the quinoa, chopping all those vegetables, my back and feet ached by the end of it. I had done it successfully, but thought it was way too much work for one salad for one person. I’d much rather just drive to get it again 😂😭

  • awwwkitteh
    awwwkitteh 7 months ago +65

    I feel like just cutting everything in uniform pieces, adding acidity, a sweet topping and something for texture really does the trick. I usally add honey roasted nut(any type) and often apples or craisins and honestly that works amazing just on shreded lettuce, cabbage, carrot and tomatoes. Sometimes I don't even add dressing.

  • kisutis
    kisutis 3 months ago +64

    Great explanation, will send to my friend who hates salads :)) myself I learned to make nice salads but for dressing I never use vinegar but a mix of lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of mustard (prefer Dijon). For green aromatics I love fresh coriander depending on type of salad of course

  • Ariadna Lungulescu
    Ariadna Lungulescu 10 months ago +84

    Hey! Really enjoying your recipes! Is there any way you could incorporate more Romanian recipes? I’m Romanian as well and people often ask me to cook them Romanian stuff but pretty much everything I can think of either takes forever to make (like sarmale or ciorba) or requires pretty specialised ingredients or cookware (like mici). Keep up the good work and congrats on your youtube channel!

  • Supriya m
    Supriya m 7 months ago +45

    My tip: make salad dressing with little bit of avocado, boiled egg yolk, yoghurt + spices, vinger or whatever you want. This creamy, fatty dressing will change salad game.

    • Jovian Ling
      Jovian Ling 3 months ago

      @McBedo ib77

    • McBedo
      McBedo 6 months ago +2

      @Julia Sepúlveda yes

    • Julia Sepúlveda
      Julia Sepúlveda 7 months ago +1

      boiled egg yolk? like the thing that is insided hard-boiled eggs?

    • micuko vicious
      micuko vicious 7 months ago +2

      Yesss. Grated boiled egg adds so much creaminess and deliciousness to any salad.

  • Natonaa
    Natonaa 2 months ago +2

    Thank you so so much! This motivated me to leave my house, buy some ingredients and do a salad myself. Even though I'm a horrible cook it turned out great! I used two kinds of lettuce, dried tomatoes, feta cheese and spring onion. For the dressing I used brine from dried tomatoes, some honey and lime juice. Now I'm eating it and I'm in love! Thank youuuu

  • Keropi
    Keropi 17 days ago +1

    You have me excited to do salads regularly again. I've been in a food rut forever

  • rubiblue
    rubiblue 9 months ago +20

    I just found you today and I have to say your content is amazing. You deserve WAY more attention
    I'm also one of those people who doesn't like salad but you've definitely inspired me to try experimenting :)

  • Marcus C
    Marcus C 18 days ago +1

    I make a killer salad. I always have a container in my fridge with cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeños and pickles in a dressing of olive oil and different vinegars, a bit of salt and pepper (i guess everything slightly pickles because of the vinegars). I then use this as a topping/dressing on top of leafy greens and whatever else I want to add.
    Like your tips, will try some of them - especially the aromatics part.

  • TeaDragonNaahva
    TeaDragonNaahva 2 months ago

    I've been a salad enjoyer for years now, however, as someone who feels his cooking skills are lacking in certain departments this video has been an amazing help!
    I've taken notes and can't wait to try what I've learned from this video - thank you!

  • mysticalcupcake
    mysticalcupcake 7 months ago +17

    Best salad video I've ever watched! Thanks for breaking down everything in the salad-making process.

  • Кислые фрукты 🍊

    My chef salad that can be compared to what you have in fancy restaurants: a bit of stracciatella, rucola (do not use too much of it), ripe tomatoes (it can be cherry tomatoes but you may use other sweet ripe ones), 2-3 ripe strawberries and a pinch of cedar nuts. You may dress the salad with some sesame oil and with glaze with aceto balsamico. I absolutely adore it: fresh, light, and delicious.

  • Grapes
    Grapes 7 months ago +13

    My favourite combination is spring mix greens, cherry balsamic dressing, almond slices and craisins.
    I also love thinly sliced radishes with a lemon tumeric dressing and slivers of red onions :3

  • Ernest Regia
    Ernest Regia 7 months ago +48

    Actually, in my country Indonesia, we have a lot of type of salad, like gado-gado, karedok, urap, asinan, rujak, etc

    • Kai Xin Soh
      Kai Xin Soh 7 months ago +3

      Don't forget the lotek and pecel! Some of my favourite foods of all-time, and I'm not even Indonesian. ❤

    • Spamquisition
      Spamquisition 7 months ago +2

      shout out to asinan and ketoprak, good stuff man

  • Line
    Line 2 months ago

    The best salad I've ever had was in a restaurant at the airport. It had lettuce, bacon, chicken, sauce, croutons and some parmesan and it was heaven. My tip is you don't have to go plain salad, don't make it too unhealthy but making it actually taste good is better than dropping salads all together

  • 1v1 me vg if u dont ur bad

    hey! even if its 2 months i tried the techniques and they helped me alot! my salads were so sad but now its so goood!!!! the salad i had made contained these ingredients:olives, bell pepper, almonds, lettus, corns(cooked),tomato, onions,cucumber and tofu(also they were salted lol) and this was the best salad i had made till now. Thanks kevin for so much information!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf 5 months ago +1

    My favourite home-made salad dressing is homemade hot honey (a couple rings of birdseye chili in a couple tablespoons of honey left overnight) and balsamic vinegar, with your favourite brand of extra virgin olive oil. Hot, sweet, tangy, and emulsifies well.
    Also, if you have cauliflower stems - cut them into matchsticks like you would a carrot, and add that to your salad.

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe Month ago

    Just made the quinoa one and replaced it with couscous because I don’t have quinoa - absolutely delicious 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • M GA
    M GA 6 months ago

    What I do to improve a simple tomato/cucumber salad with simple ingredients, is I add boiled eggs for protein, croutons out of regular bread for crispiness, feta for saltiness and as a dressing I use home made mayo with a little bit of grounded garlic, but this one really can be substituted with sour cream or greek yoghurt if you want.

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox 5 months ago

    Experimented my first salad without a recipee and after a second try it turned out delicious! Corksrew pasta, baby romaine lettuce, some homemade pickled bell pepper (only a little), mixed roasted nuts, chicken breast, onion, and broccoli (stem included! you can eat that too just peel the stump) and brussel sprouts kinda stir fried (first steamed in sme water then fried on high heat with a little oil) plus ginger powder and chopped garlic at the end. With honey vineigrette as the dressing

  • Ingratus
    Ingratus 7 months ago +14

    I make a salad out of 1 onion ,2 tomatos with dill, parsley, basil and half a tea cup olive oil. That's it. No dressing needed, much faster to make and tastes amazing. Only downside is that it's entirely depndent on the quality of the tomatos.

    • Kitten Mimi
      Kitten Mimi 7 months ago

      Ur basically just combining flavor bombs thats why it dont need a dressing Hhahah

    • Keskin Kesir
      Keskin Kesir 7 months ago +5

      i know its a personal preference but lemon goes super well with that combination

  • Andreea Sonda
    Andreea Sonda Month ago

    Can’t wait to try them all!❤
    Thank you for this video!

  • Cameron Jinks
    Cameron Jinks 10 days ago

    I used to work the salad station at a mid level / mid priced, sit down restaurant, and I can decisively say that unless you are paying a lot of money to eat at the restaurant and it's at the high price (like 20 dollars for an appetizer salad), then restaurant salads are nastier than home made salads by far

  • Loaf Of Bread
    Loaf Of Bread 9 months ago +51

    Fun fact: in czech language, lettuce and salad are the same exact word (salát)

    • adri
      adri 29 days ago

      same in hungarian (saláta)!

    • D J
      D J Month ago

      same for swedish, sallad :)

    • F
      F 7 months ago


    • Anna's Actuality
      Anna's Actuality 8 months ago +7

      Same in German :) Salat

    • Loaf Of Bread
      Loaf Of Bread 8 months ago +3

      @Sapkowska Nice!

  • Rhea Leona
    Rhea Leona 7 days ago

    When you mentioned the association between lettuce and the Romanian language I instantly pressed like.
    All jokes aside, it's really good advice and I'm really bummed that a lot of people don't know this

  • Maria Krasilshchikova
    Maria Krasilshchikova 7 months ago +16

    And I just loooove these "tasteless" greens and "boring" veggies. I just use much more kinds of veggies than just cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers in my salads and dress them with herbs, citrus juice, vinegar of all kinds, different kinds of oil. And I avoid too bright a flavour in the dressing, I just want the dressng to emphasize the taste and flavour of the veggies and greens.
    Tastes differ :)

  • Caimaknight
    Caimaknight 5 months ago

    My grandma has this infomercial gadget that she uses to turn things like cucumbers and zucchini into noodle like strings for salads. Needless to say, cucumber noodles in your salad is a really special experience. You probably could replicate this without the gadget with some good knife skills, or maybe even a simple peeler.

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts 7 months ago +2

    Walnut oil + lemon juice + salt = YUM
    I genuinely enjoy salads so much i could eat them every single day and often do but i throw ALL kinds in them and really mix it up 😍

  • XIA
    XIA 4 months ago +5

    Hawaiian pizza is great. The sweetness goes really well with the saltiness of the pizza ;) (sweet and salty is the best combo ever, think salted caramel!) plus gives an extra layer of texture ;)

  • Melissa Posada
    Melissa Posada 21 day ago

    Thank you so much. This makes me much more motivated to eat more salad. I certainly need to. My eating has been atrocious.

  • Lethe
    Lethe 12 days ago

    I was prepared to argue, but I agree with everything pretty much all of this, You even used a rice cooker, even if it's basic one, that's still a plus. So many steps here, you clearly know what you're doing. Thubms up!

  • moklyop
    moklyop 6 months ago +3

    My problem with salads IS the dressings. I like salads fine as long as they're exciting, but I find most dressings store bought AND homemade gross

  • Tetyana
    Tetyana Month ago

    I love salads and i love making them. You can make so many different amazing combinations.

  • ben clarke
    ben clarke 6 months ago +2

    top tips: to remove pesticides from greens, use bicarb when rinsing also can add vinegar. remember to give a good couple of rinses after.
    side note : salad spinners are great !

  • Anna Solovyeva
    Anna Solovyeva 3 months ago

    My favourite dressing option is honey-mustard. I can't stand eating really sour things (nothing more acidic then an orange or balsamic vinegar for me), so instead I chop a sweet orange or a tangerine or add redcurrants into the salad and it's juice becomes a part of the dressing, and I add honey, mustard and olive oil as other parts.

  • Nicole Raheja
    Nicole Raheja 13 days ago

    I’m always looking for a really good salad recipe that doesn’t have any dressing

  • InsuLina
    InsuLina 3 months ago

    I found my way to salads when I added more fruit to it because I liked that sweet touch here and there. Like banana, melon, grapes, nectarine etc. And learning how to cook your additional meat in a delicious way 🤣

  • kasa
    kasa 5 months ago +1

    Salad spinner is one of those things that feels like gadget, but it's actually mandatory kitchen equipment.
    If I were to buy kitchen tools as new cook now, I would get mentioned salad spinner.
    ~28cm/11inch stainless steel saute pan, saute pan because high sides and large heated surface, its versatile. (never get small pans even if you cook just for yourself, it will often just bottleneck your cooking.)
    ~28/11 carbon steel or cast iron pan. Both are good, carbon steel is more versatile but it's bit more hassle, so as newbie, cast iron is probably better. (This is really good for woks and stuff because it retains a lot of heat and has non stick surface. And unlike actual non-stick you can use high heats and any utensil)
    -stainless steel saucepan 1.8L.
    ~4L stainless steel pot (this is really good size for boiling pasta so that it doesn't boil over and isn't too big)
    -This is where you need you make decision, will you get casserole, which is totally worth it but quite expensive, or another stainless steel pot 3-5L. For casserole, it's either ~4L or ~5L(I recommend 5L since this will last you forever and you might need bigger one to roast some big piece of meat or large amount of sauce at some point.)
    -One chef's knife 18cm/7inch or more in blade length. Either get something like what pro's use, like vicotorinox classics, this bit cheaper and easy to sharpen with automatic sharpener. Or you can get nice mass produced Japanese one which looks really nice and works well, but you need to learn to use whetstones this is usually around $100.
    -bread knife, again I just recommend Victorinox classic since it's just super functional, quality and trusted by pro's.
    You don't really need other knives from my experience, unless you buy whole fish or meat like chicken.
    -One peeler, Victorinox REX Peeler is really good.
    -stainless steel box grater, it can do it all.
    -stainless steel bowls, one big one, something like 7L and couple smaller ones like 4L and 2L
    -Finally you really want something like Ninja kitchen system that can blend smoothies, and also do what food processors can do. You don't want to be buying separate blenders, food processors or whatever. And again, you don't want anything too small unless you are severely space restricted. Ninja ultimate system is actually relatively cheap when it comes to blenders and food processors.
    This will allow you to do 99% of the jobs in kitchen. I didn't include stuff like kitchen utensils, just the basics where specific matter more. For carbon steel I recommend DeBuyer, for cast iron, Lodge is cheap and quality. Lodge also seems to make dutch ovens=casseroles which are really inexpensive, frankly I thought they were all really expensive. For stainless steel I'm just going to recommend one brand and model since there's so many that are good enough, Cuisinart chef's classic line. It's relatively inexpensive and from trustworthy brand.
    Oh, and measures at the beginning are diameter of the pan.

  • Συνέσιος Παρτσάφας

    One creative way for people to eat brassicas as salads (most find them boring as they are eaten either as is and they dont smell that pleasantly, cause they are boiled for long):
    Boil sliced cabbage for 1-2 mins max
    Broccoli cauliflower for 3-3,5 mins as long as you break the head into pieces.
    Other veggies: sliced onions, cucumber, tomato, radish, potato, nettle, spinach, shredded carrot
    Legumes: cooked lentils, green or string beans, green or dried fava beans.
    Herbs: oregano, rosemary, fennel, parsley
    Dressing: my standard olive oil-lemon-orange juice, chilli sauce, garlic
    Baked peppers, yoghurt, baked garlic, lemon, salt.
    Sundried tomato, olive paste, garlic, orange juice, shredded mozarella or feta chese.
    If you want pickes, do add, but cut down on lemon and vinegar.
    Eat your brassicas the right way.

  • I Like Videos
    I Like Videos Month ago

    I work as a cook, but I didn't learn to make good salads before I started. So for a while there were some pretty bad salads being served

  • Hikari Yumi
    Hikari Yumi 5 months ago

    damn this video taught me a lot. im not a salad person until i ate a chicken salad from a pizza place. it had all my fav veggies like bell peppers, corn, cucumbers and stuff but also added pineapple, chicken breast and some nuts? I was in heaven. the only salad i do for myself is a straight bellpepper-sweetcorn-feta cheese combo which is great but not as nutritios i guess.
    so yeah, time to step up my game after this vid

  • Marcia Estrella
    Marcia Estrella 7 months ago +2

    My go to salad is any kind of lettuce (Lamb's lettuce is my favourite), feta, cucumber, red onions (!!!) Olive oil, salt and pepper. It just tastes soo good. I pair it with something different everytime (camembert, vegan cordon bleu, baguette,...)

    • BigHenFor
      BigHenFor 6 months ago

      Yes, I love the feta cubes preserved in oil with chilli, garlic and herbs. The oil is a good base for the dressing with lemon juice or vinegar, even if its a green salad of cos, cucumber, celery, and green onion. Good fresh tomatoes with a good flavour are hard to find, so draining and salting might be necessary.

  • Marian Chicago
    Marian Chicago 7 months ago +2

    A restaurant owner told me salads are meant to be eaten cold, once the salad warms up to room temperature, taste changes, texture changes, so restaurant’s always keep all the ingredients cold and serve it to you cold.

  • Nikolay Petrov
    Nikolay Petrov 9 months ago +10

    You have to try Ruska salata, Shopska salata and Snejanka. Best trio of salads ever

  • Flark it
    Flark it Month ago

    I never viewed salad as a food that can be delicious I just eat it because it’s healthy 😂

  • SunnyDaysArt
    SunnyDaysArt 5 months ago

    Personally with that triad you mentioned that’s what makes a salad a meal in itself. If you want a side salad, maybe focus on the acid as aromatics and oil should be covered in the cooking of your protein or carbs.

  • Alex Lekso
    Alex Lekso 6 months ago +1

    I have seen some of your videos and you seem to me like a 'on-the-budget' babish student version. I mean that in the best of intentions, because your videos help me give inspiration by using the same ingredients in other dishes. That way, I can plan ahead in the week that I buy groceries on a budget and make use of my damn experience in the professional kitchen xD

  • Rebecca Dunning
    Rebecca Dunning Month ago

    all the salads look so delicious! good ideas to try! only thing...please dont cut corn like that! u might have to wait to eat your salad after you return from the emergency room!

  • kaan
    kaan Month ago

    For another example to Romanian lettuce, in Turkish we call cucumbers as "salatalık" which means "for salad"

  • Mathilde S
    Mathilde S 6 months ago

    Amazing tips to add to my healthy lifestyle journey. Thank you 😊👍

  • Eyal Zusiman
    Eyal Zusiman 3 months ago +46

    I used to really hate salads. never ate them.
    that was until I was in some camp, and salad was one of the only things that were available to eat.
    now it's my favorite thing to eat in the morning

  • Cztery Morza
    Cztery Morza 5 months ago

    I guess you might don't like salads because of origins. I was always shocked in Romania that in restaurants salads are rarely served and if generally it's just cabbage

  • Velvet Wolf
    Velvet Wolf 9 months ago +1

    i love your videos dearly. I bet you'll be quite popular soon, solely because of your presentation, quality and knowledge on cooking. all the best 🎉🎉

  • Lisa Hinton
    Lisa Hinton 7 months ago +6

    11:17 "I got some cranberries here for a deeper, tartier sweetness." I dearly love when people learn English and make up words. That "tartier" makes perfect sense and I think it should be made a word! Seriously, I hope you know I am most definitely not laughing at you! Your English is sublime, and once in a while you make up a word, and it's one of the reasons I love this channel. (And that chickpea salad is on my "to-do" list for meals this week.)
    Well-done, as always, @KWOOWK!

  • Ashley000
    Ashley000 3 months ago +13

    There is just a problem when it comes to avocados in my country
    They’re tasteless and oily, heck even mom said avocados are better than that and was surprised it tasted like this, we never bought avocado ever again

    • Ashley000
      Ashley000 2 months ago +1

      @Jan Williams-Bailey the avocado we bought was green and looked pretty fine when we opened it
      Tho i have a feeling dad bought it from a random fruit truck that he passed by

    • Jan Williams-Bailey
      Jan Williams-Bailey 2 months ago +1

      Because they become very oily and brown when off

    • Jan Williams-Bailey
      Jan Williams-Bailey 2 months ago

      Where you should it was fresh?

  • Yoni Nov Kolodny
    Yoni Nov Kolodny 2 months ago +1

    "Enjoy the flavor of those flavorless greens" Had me laughing my soul out🤣🤣

  • UUMatter_010
    UUMatter_010 7 months ago

    Great Video, I love salads now although I dont make my dressing at home...
    My favourite "dressing" is actually a combination of Sylter Dressing and Sweet Chili Sauce, which showcases that im disgusting AAAAND you dont have to stick to any rules when making salad

  • Ducky_3.0
    Ducky_3.0 4 months ago

    Thanks!!! Super helpful.
    Watching while I am eating a not so good salad 🥗 lol 😝

  • HomerOJSimpson
    HomerOJSimpson 6 months ago +7

    Restaurants Salads are often very unhealthy. They use very high calories dressing, lots of it, and sometimes bacon and other high calorie ingredients. At home I do much of what's in this video but I keep my salad dressing low on the oil but enough oil to spread the dressing. My favorite healthy one is balsamic vinegar mixed with some a little olive oil (maybe 3 to 4 parts vinegar to one part oil). I might replace the olive oil with these jarred peppers in oil they sell in Chicago call giardiniera (it's origins are Italian giardiniera but they added hot peppers to the vegetable medley in oil). It's super healthy and tasty.

    • HomerOJSimpson
      HomerOJSimpson 10 days ago

      @S H It's still bad even if you eat it once but eating something bad once doesn't kill you.
      And olive oil in moderation is good. That's what southern Europe does. But that Caesar salad dressing or ranch dressing or etc are just unhealthy. They tons of sugar and oils.
      I eat my salads with relatively low dressing. My go to is usually balsamic vinegar with a little olive oil. If I had guess, maybe 2 parts balsamic to 1 part olive oil. I add in other stuff but mostly no or low calorie like salt, something spicy, seasoning, etc.

    • S H
      S H 10 days ago

      @HomerOJSimpson All depends on how often you eat that. Eating that dressing once won’t make you gain weight. Eating low cal, low fat, no sugar dressings once won’t make you lose weight.
      people in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and ao on have been eating oil with their meals for centuries. They have the healthiest diet in the world. Why does oil scare you?

    • HomerOJSimpson
      HomerOJSimpson 10 days ago

      @S H Umm, okay? But high calorie salad dressing is indeed unhealthy.

    • S H
      S H 10 days ago +1

      Food doesn’t have moral value. I think a salad that satisfies your taste buds is very personal. It’s up to you to go easy on the oil but oil is not the devil. And neither is fat.

  • QBEY
    QBEY 7 months ago

    I still have nightmares about the salad spinner I felt like I had to use it for an hour every day as a child. Never understood why it would be better than paper towel :D

  • Darsh!
    Darsh! 7 months ago +3

    My mom makes an amazing feta, watermelon and (I forgot the other ingredients) and it tastes sooooo good
    Oh right lettuce, seasoning

  • Janet Slater
    Janet Slater 7 days ago

    That “boring” salad still looks way better than mine.

  • Ali Razi
    Ali Razi 4 months ago

    Dude thank you so much for this you feed me with so many amazing foods

  • Hermann0000
    Hermann0000 7 months ago +1

    Tbh i prefer non protein plain vegetable salad i just counter the dullness with fresh bread/baguette with rich butter and use some salt and pepper. Red onion and tomato is a good taste base for them other veggies are just additives. Also chopping them in thin irregular pieces does change the texture.

  • haedo6
    haedo6 18 days ago

    I love salad. It's my favorite dish. But yes, my salads looks more to the ones at the ones of the video. It's something with man can play and experiment a lot

  • Foxashock
    Foxashock Month ago

    My mom making me a salad and my salads are always very different and whenever my mom asks me how I did it I say: Its the power of lemon and just good stuff.
    Also my salad dressing has msg hehehe

  • Techno Genius
    Techno Genius Day ago

    Also: chopped salads are elite. All these tips plus finer chopped ingredients including greens is the best salad imo

  • Mr. Bi in Beijing
    Mr. Bi in Beijing Month ago

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  • Raven BlackWing
    Raven BlackWing 2 months ago +1

    Craisins are EXCELLENT for boosting your salad experience

  • Shalawn Dudley
    Shalawn Dudley Month ago

    I think sometimes people don't feel like making them, cuz they're very time consuming and loads of ingredients. I used to feel that way, but I like being creative with them now..

  • horncow
    horncow 6 days ago

    No way, fancy salads are my specialty. I never order salads in restaurants because they can't measure up to what I make at home. They just need SO many ingredients to be good, not all that cost effective.

  • Masala May
    Masala May 6 months ago

    Hey love your videos but I'm kind of a salad expert and tomato 'juice' is just the best part of a salad, please don't try to remove it!

  • O E
    O E Month ago

    it's better to emulsify your vinaigrette properly that way it coats the leaves better

  • M Tariq
    M Tariq 6 months ago +1

    You must try tabouleh !! One of the best salads in the world 😍😋

  • Emma L
    Emma L 3 months ago +1

    I hate the no bagged greens advice. The box salad mix is fantastic for convenience - you don't need to buy different types of greens, wash them chop them, and the box is ready to go. It easily saves half an hour of cooking. If you live by yourself, buying the greens whole separately means you likely can't finish them all before they go bad.

  • The Uber Successful
    The Uber Successful 5 months ago

    i never thought restaurant salads were better than home made. It all came down to the oil or sauces you drizzle on. Keep your veggies fresh and you'll make salad bowls better than restuarants. Because they phone it in a lot.

  • J Dane
    J Dane 3 months ago +9

    I would add "salt" to your trio of acid, oil and aromatic. I always add fresh herbs (onions count too) But I don't find "restaurant salads" better than "yours" in the USA because they used bagged lettuce which is no better than raking up leaves from the yard. No flavor. Dull texture. I find a simple salad of any kind of lettuce, sweet onion, cucumber, sweet bell pepper and tomato is amazing with a sprinkling of salt and (aromatic) black pepper, great olive oil and some red wine vinegar or lemon. The salt and pepper are non-negotiable.

  • Μαρία Κρικώνη
    Μαρία Κρικώνη 7 months ago +2

    In Greece, homemade salads are usually better than restaurants’ salads

  • WOTB Martin
    WOTB Martin 3 months ago +4

    We also call letuce "salad"in hungary(Saláta)

  • cascade
    cascade 7 months ago

    I actually love that intro salad with olive oil, it's delicious.

  • Dave Bryant
    Dave Bryant 5 months ago

    Let's face it, the real problem is that even the 1% of us that would eat salads every day we don't have 6 hours to make it.

  • Amalia Vet
    Amalia Vet 4 months ago

    Hi! I don't know this specific quinoa brand, but quinoa needs a very good wash.Wash and drain with cold water, till the water comes out clear to eliminate bitterness.

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    Helen Rivnik 5 months ago

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  • Cocosurge
    Cocosurge Month ago

    My favorite is a spring mix of greens with a huge spoon of coleslaw.

  • Stellasternchen
    Stellasternchen Month ago

    I don't like salads, since they get far to acidic in my taste due to the vinegar. I don't seem to get the right ammount of vinegar, so I avoid them. But since you mentoned food inspired salads, I love burger salads. It's basically if you take away the bun of a burger and put it in a salad bowl. For the dressing you use mayonaise, ketchup and mustard. Yum.

  • grgn
    grgn 7 months ago +37

    I'd like to say 2 things:
    1. The first salad wasn't bad. It just needed seasoning like salt, oil, and vinegar.
    2. Draining water from tomatoes removes all the taste and delicious water that you can get from tomatoes being mixed with seasoning and other vegetables. This might work for some salads but not for every type of salad.

    • BigHenFor
      BigHenFor 6 months ago

      It depends on the tomatoes. Not all tomatoes are delicious raw. A lot of commercial varieties look nice, but are low in flavour. So, GIGO applies. Good ingredients - high quality and very fresh - ups your game.

    • Rena Morais
      Rena Morais 7 months ago +1

      tomato juice is delicious, I never drain it

    • Zonin
      Zonin 7 months ago +1

      Tomato water is the worst part of tomato tho

    • Cinema OCD
      Cinema OCD 7 months ago +1

      the greens looked spoiled. the red pepper was starting to wrinkle (still usable, but could have been sauteed and been added to salad). I agree with your second point. Whole italian bread salads based on the water from tomatoes. It's a fantastic way to use tomatoes. He could have just put the tiny whole grape tomatoes in whole, it wouldn't ruin things.

  • Sinking Raft
    Sinking Raft 9 months ago +13

    This channel is pure serotonin and I don't know why.