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Rich People Daily Routine Videos Are Bad

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest daily routine of All Time
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  • VP Ch.
    VP Ch. 2 years ago +21891

    Imagine how many brands he could manage if he stopped moving in slow motion

  • Merthalophor
    Merthalophor Year ago +24810

    "i hate running, i hate workout, i do both"
    rich kid's idea of struggle in a nutshell

    • dubeeisbsishawijsbcisnnaiwnbrrb
      dubeeisbsishawijsbcisnnaiwnbrrb Year ago +259

      Well what else was he soposed to do? Double-run?

    • E Gall
      E Gall Year ago +1333

      @dubeeisbsishawijsbcisnnaiwnbrrb The point is that it's not the deep. i HAtE RunNinG. OK bro, good job, most people don't enjoy a lot of things that come with training but still do it. He's just regurgitating "compound movements" and fitspo stuff not realizing that the 30# he put on was mostly from puberty.

    • NOER & MAYO
      NOER & MAYO Year ago +30

      Straight FAX!🤣

    • GingerQueer
      GingerQueer Year ago +469

      "I hate running, I hate working out."
      So do most people, kiddo.

    • epichighs&lowsofhighschoolfootball
      epichighs&lowsofhighschoolfootball Year ago +164

      Honestly running is so refreshing, I can understand people disliking cardio or whatever but jogging breathing in fresh air and listening to some good songs is wheres its at.

  • Zeeque
    Zeeque Year ago +27337

    "I don't change my undies, cause I don't let shit bother me."

  • J
    J Year ago +4904

    A 24-year-old CEO of five companies and yet I've never even heard of him.

    • the gradient
      the gradient 11 months ago +369

      His youtube channel is Teaching Men's Fashion , where simps assemble to spill their worthless time.

    • beepboop beep III
      beepboop beep III 11 months ago +292

      @the gradient he used to be good 4-5 years ago but after he became a little famous he started acting cocky.

    • Stettafire's Garden
      Stettafire's Garden 10 months ago +156

      @beepboop beep III Reminds me, there was this famous tech guru guy. Got famous giving career advice to IT guys. Then he got super cocky. Made various claims about women in IT that would probably get a guy fired, then started doing "motivational" videos talking about alpha males and shit. Most of these "gurus" follow a similar path.
      I ain't even talking about that "TeachLead" guy, BTW

    • Jose Noriega
      Jose Noriega 10 months ago +228

      Most likely 5 companies mean he has five different websites.

    • Justin Stevenson
      Justin Stevenson 10 months ago +46

      He is one of the owners of manscaped

  • GayGengar
    GayGengar Year ago +9647

    farmers also get up and start working at 4am-5am, but i guess it's only impressive if you're rich 🤷

    • Smollo
      Smollo Year ago +1074

      Sadly true. Hard workers who are poor are made fun of and all but when a rich guy just works out and then goes to a drive with his expensive car he is idolized smh

    • GayGengar
      GayGengar Year ago +588

      @Milan Bogdanovic i live in a farming community... and i can promise you that farmers aren't rich lol
      other than that, i agree

    • ThatRandomWeirdGuyInTheCorner
      ThatRandomWeirdGuyInTheCorner Year ago +285

      But they don't have essential tees and work out all day and eat right so that's why they are not ceos

    • GayGengar
      GayGengar Year ago +104

      @ThatRandomWeirdGuyInTheCorner 😂 yeah i guess they need merch

  • Dumb Sow
    Dumb Sow Year ago +2633

    The fact he says "Its time to relax" after literally just working out and relaxing just shows how entitled he is

    • Vahlen
      Vahlen 8 months ago +128

      My man's gotta take a break from all these breaks to keep up the grind.

    • Leon
      Leon 7 months ago +13

      Honestly though, what is he supposed to do. He has got people to work for him. I mean, he's a millionaire entrepreneur.

    • Dumb Sow
      Dumb Sow 7 months ago +66

      @Leon It's not the fact that he lives like that. We all would if we could but the fact he's acting like he's doing "work" or something productive

    • Part 6 Jotaro
      Part 6 Jotaro 7 months ago +3

      @Leon so what ? Elon musk is the richest guy and he still works

    • heckicus doomicus wizardus
      heckicus doomicus wizardus 6 months ago +30

      @Part 6 Jotaro yeah he's busy asking twitter employees what those boxes with wires coming out of them do

  • Koli
    Koli 2 years ago +21849

    this has a "if your homeless, just buy a house" vibe

    • SaraphL
      SaraphL 2 years ago +1621

      How to get rich:
      1) Just stop being poor.

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed 2 years ago +85

      Lmfao fr

    • Boring Idiot
      Boring Idiot 2 years ago +260

      Wdym I sell organs and I’m only a millionaire and the cops are on me

    • HyperTykkel
      HyperTykkel 2 years ago +5


    • Randall Mok Jialung 🐉
      Randall Mok Jialung 🐉 2 years ago +164

      @Boring Idiot then take the cops off you lmaoooooo👀🔥🔥🔥😩👌👌ezekiel 4:9

  • Bored with it all
    Bored with it all Year ago +10242

    I have to say that I have tried his tank tops and they are amazing! I’ll never go back to using plain toilet paper.

  • Safety Cat
    Safety Cat Year ago +4346

    7:04 If he was a chess piece, he'd be a king. In a position of power but completely fucking useless.

    • Cabbage fish
      Cabbage fish Year ago +67


    • KU12T333OU$
      KU12T333OU$ Year ago +6


    • Agent Orange
      Agent Orange Year ago +167

      "If the king doesent move,how does he excpect all other chess pieces to advance?"

    • David Rossington
      David Rossington Year ago +112

      Hey don't diss the King
      Late in the game it's often the most powerful offensive piece on the board

    • Julio cbp
      Julio cbp Year ago


  • Ethan Dunn
    Ethan Dunn Year ago +2044

    I used to unironically watch Jose. A couple years ago, before he made all these brands, he actually gave some useful tips for taking care of yourself and making yourself look presentable. It was very useful to me since my dad wasn’t very active in my life. But once you do learn the things Jose can teach you, every one of his videos become repetitive, which is why I moved on. Now I’m glad I did, else I might’ve turned into a massive douche as a result of watching him

    • Angelo Merte
      Angelo Merte Year ago +163

      same with me, i lived with my mom when i was younger and i used to watch a bunch of these guys (alphaM simmillar thing) but nowadays i am really glad i stopped with that stuff and learned how life really is working

    • Matthew Vaughan
      Matthew Vaughan 11 months ago +250

      It sounds more like you just couldn't keep up intellectually. This is why you barely even have 4 brands never mind 5

    • L U K A
      L U K A 11 months ago +35

      @Matthew Vaughan LOOOOOL

    • Bobcheese
      Bobcheese 10 months ago +5

      @Matthew Vaughan Do you have that?

    • Vince Embodo
      Vince Embodo 10 months ago +58

      @Bobcheese dw bud, he's just joking abt the premise of the vid lol

  • Joseph Haddock
    Joseph Haddock Year ago +2779

    Jose is the definition of "I'm not like those other girls"

    • Nitta Yoshifumi
      Nitta Yoshifumi Year ago +19

      For he, is a boi.

    • Shan Smith
      Shan Smith Year ago +88

      he has "pick me" energy, but its like up graded to "I'm too good for you to pick me"

    • Squid-Chan
      Squid-Chan 11 months ago


  • aesthetic lofi music
    aesthetic lofi music 10 months ago +996

    "I run a lot of brands. 5 of them to be exact." Doesn't show himself going to a meeting, meeting with business partners, talking with accountants, checking up on his business, or even going to the frigging bank. So how does he do it? By being shirtless half of the day.

    • Leon Robinson
      Leon Robinson 10 months ago +38

      Yeah. But actual work isn't marketable.

    • Alexander Angelus
      Alexander Angelus 9 months ago +84

      Yup, I know a guy, 24 right now, he has a successful production company, just opened up his third branch, and he works like a madman. This is certainly not what successful business owners with multiple businesses act like.

    • Hawth0rne
      Hawth0rne 9 months ago +17

      Ah, the Christian Grey business model.

    • Jay1878
      Jay1878 2 months ago +7

      Nearly fell off my chair when at the part where it was like “at the end of the day when all the work is done”
      Like what????? All you did was workout and go for a drive 😂

  • 9A_23_Tyrant Qiu
    9A_23_Tyrant Qiu 2 years ago +8203

    Real life millionaires be like :
    -wake up
    - get out of bed
    - take a shower
    -put on clothes

    • king 王杰
      king 王杰 2 years ago +188

      Lol i know, and then they like, (if u do all this correctly then u can just collect your chech of a million and let the business run itself) .wait a minute...... i think we missing some steps

    • TheBroseph1000
      TheBroseph1000 2 years ago +185

      you forgot step one, before all of the other steps you mentioned:
      - be a trust fund baby

    • Moon
      Moon 2 years ago +71

      No No No you HAVE to wake up at 4.AM

    • Anton's Hot Poteita
      Anton's Hot Poteita 2 years ago +18

      And then multitask very profesionally

    • Patrick
      Patrick 2 years ago +64

      As a guy that spent roughly 2 and a half years of his life waking up at 5AM for high school... its bs
      IF you want to wake up earlier, that means you have to go to bed earlier
      If you dont, your next day is gonna be shitty
      You'll be sleepy and uncreative
      What i liked about waking up earlier is peace, its really quiet...thats it

  • vEggs Bacon
    vEggs Bacon Year ago +1887

    "I answer emails while eating."
    Wow. Genius multitasking. It's not like ANYONE can do that. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Lmao
      Lmao Year ago +15

      მიხეილ holy shit that's pretty impressive

    • a j
      a j Year ago +16

      he said emails are “tedious” 🤣🤣

    • yoji yamamoto
      yoji yamamoto 8 months ago +5

      I was eating food as I watched this video

    • रोज
      रोज 8 months ago +5

      I mean like half the world was eating and doing video calls all day during the pandemic - you don't see us bragging about that!!

    • gyatty
      gyatty 2 months ago

      i mean, his videos say “anyone can do that”. that’s the message he promotes.

  • Benjamin B
    Benjamin B Year ago +4194

    His morning routine is a joke compared to mine. I believe in taking care of myself, and a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I’ll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial masque which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion. There is an idea of a perfect CEO. Some kind of abstraction. But there is no real me. Only an entity. Something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours, and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable, I simply am not there.
    Anyway, this is my morning routine. This and jacking off to hentai.

    • Yeonmi Park
      Yeonmi Park Year ago +84

      A thousand crunches? Sure.

    • Maia
      Maia Year ago +380

      last part is the best part of the day

    • M D
      M D Year ago +407

      @Yeonmi Park I've seen him do it, but he does blast porno in the background

    • Yeonmi Park
      Yeonmi Park Year ago +29

      @M D Oh. What a tease!

    • Gelo DG
      Gelo DG Year ago +282

      I get the reference 👏

  • Robby Lebotha ™
    Robby Lebotha ™ 10 months ago +774

    Tried eating and answering emails once, pulled a hammy and ended up in intensive care. Jose is indeed a man among men, a true Sigma

    • yes
      yes 8 months ago +43

      I once tried his cold shower and workout tactics and currently in therapy. Truly an elite being.

    • Don P.
      Don P. 4 months ago +4


    • Sherif Smelly
      Sherif Smelly Month ago +1

      I tried his mourning running, now I'm in a wheelchair

  • ToxicSocks24
    ToxicSocks24 Year ago +2237

    He's like if all those sigma male grindset memes were a person.

    • Sean Macguire
      Sean Macguire Year ago +175

      but sigma male memes are funny and original like "don't count your war crimes, make your war crimes count" and this guy is a living nike quote

    • koon aguero
      koon aguero Year ago +23

      If he's a sigma he wouldn't be fake and wouldn't bother creating this video

    • Sean Macguire
      Sean Macguire Year ago +40

      @koon aguero nothing but facts. as a sigma i dont need social attention, i live in my basement, matter of fact this message is brought to you by my assistant, i dont bother to show any interest in social interactions especially online ones

    • Aparna
      Aparna Year ago +2

      Yo so funny Sean😁

    • Vaishnavi Singh
      Vaishnavi Singh Year ago +11

      I still can't believe how much mainstream alpha/sigma stuff is when nearly ten years ago it was mostly used in gay fanfics and was the talk of fangirl town. It will never be not funny to me that how people look at "Alpha" and thought it was something cool and NOT furry/related to werewolf tropes.

  • Nicholas Cuthbert
    Nicholas Cuthbert 5 months ago +232

    As a shift worker, I can tell that ain't 5am bro.

    • Prebbels
      Prebbels 4 months ago +43

      Legit filmed in the middle of the fucking day

    • BarriaKarl
      BarriaKarl 3 months ago +5


    • K _E
      K _E 9 days ago +2

      Unless he shot that at the North Pole that was the brightest 5 am I've ever seen.

  • Berkeson
    Berkeson 2 years ago +21257

    i refuse to trust anyone who refers food as "fuel"

  • mohammadzafar
    mohammadzafar Year ago +2531

    Is it me or his life motto, "doing today what others aren't willing to do so I can do tomorrow what they can" doesn't make sense at all

    • synthetic _bliss
      synthetic _bliss Year ago +288

      It makes my brain hurt ngl

    • Me
      Me Year ago +389

      Basically "I do the hardest things first so I can take it easy later"

    • VGC
      VGC Year ago +24

      Inspired by Noah Centurion obviously

    • PiratedContent
      PiratedContent Year ago +158

      i mean it makes sense but he worded it weirdly to sound deep and meaningful

    • Lux Lox
      Lux Lox Year ago +72

      *can’t, not can

  • Chaitanya Kotra
    Chaitanya Kotra 7 months ago +79

    Notable flaws:
    - This guy likes to take "cold showers" but the water is clearly pretty fogged up behind him. Hot water.
    - This guy likes to "multitask" by "answering emails" while eating but his laptop screen just shows his wallpaper. No emails.

    • mylar
      mylar 2 months ago +3

      i’m hurt that jose would lie like this

  • Men of Númenor
    Men of Númenor 10 months ago +499

    basically this video in a nutshell:
    "I hate wasting time and i hate wasting money. I do both."

  • Shreyas Kumar
    Shreyas Kumar Year ago +575

    “I hate running, and I hate morning workouts. I do both “
    "I hate punching my balls. I do it every hour."

    • Mars Murderer
      Mars Murderer Year ago +7

      Running and morning workouts are good for you, while punching your balls is not

    • BusyBoiTrent
      BusyBoiTrent Year ago +23

      @Mars Murderer R/woooosh

    • Mars Murderer
      Mars Murderer Year ago +36

      @BusyBoiTrent oh no, I've been wooshed, my life is now officially over

    • medyo maybe no. 1 fan
      medyo maybe no. 1 fan Year ago +2

      its just a reply dude

    • noname no
      noname no Year ago +34

      Vegan: i hate meat, i beat it everyday

  • Boo
    Boo Year ago +168

    I can FEEL the cliche masculinity this dude has. Every atom piece of this guy is giving off immesurable aura of daddy's rich kid

  • Rendy Weynolds
    Rendy Weynolds 3 years ago +9442

    No wonder he has to get up at 5am, he does everything in slow motion

    • Day & Night
      Day & Night 2 years ago +65

      that means he is sleeping at 9pm👶👶

    • Space Yogurt
      Space Yogurt 2 years ago +70

      @Hasan Alsaegh Assuming he eats at noon, he said he drives for two hours then has a cocktail and goes to bed. That would mean he goes to bed at 2.

    • Hamza Ahmed
      Hamza Ahmed 2 years ago +8

      😂😂😂😂 bruh this shit cracked me up

    • jph
      jph 2 years ago +29

      Well look at the sunlight, that's definitely not 5am.

  • megashreky
    megashreky Year ago +643

    Good grief, would love to show my life as a nurse. Never having enough sleep because my three kids need me to be mum . Work need me to be professional for 12 hours. 2 extra hours in travelling. Pushing my body to just perform basic tasks to ensure my kids have a healthy meal. Lucky if I have 10 minutes a week to myself. That and family strife my life has no time to look after myself like this dude. My mind is so overtaken by everyday crap that myself has no thought. What a crock. X

    • GayGengar
      GayGengar Year ago +84

      just want you to know that I appreciate the work you do and i'm so sorry you have to deal with so much stress. nurses have some of the most important jobs on the planet & you deserve more respect and recognition for that. all i can really offer you is words but truly thank you for everything you do

    • Persephone
      Persephone Year ago +48

      I just want to say, you’re an Angel.

    • Kaiser Belial
      Kaiser Belial Year ago +47

      I genuinely find this more interesting than those pretentious ceo's "day in life". You must really find your life meaningful

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Year ago +28

      @Kaiser Belial her life _is_ super meaningful, raising her kids right and working in the medical field

    • I’m silver 1
      I’m silver 1 Year ago +10

      I really don’t mean to be rude here. Genuine question but did you use your 10 minutes to yourself in a week to watch this video? Again completely just out of curiosity

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh Year ago +377

    Can we just take a second and appreciate how he doesn’t like to waste time and multitask WHILE LOOKING AT HIS SCREENSAVER!! 04:32

  • c4candy
    c4candy Year ago +196

    My school actually had a seminar with a real CEO a few months back. Her workout routine is half an hour and done twice, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Her meals consist of fast food on some days, home cooked meals on other days. The rest of the day is spent mostly on work. Of course, I believe not all of it was true, she probably breaks that routine on a daily basis but at least it sounds more realistic than this.

    • Lunar Games
      Lunar Games 10 months ago +30

      Like most people CEO's of corps big or small are either glued to their desk screaming at phones and looking at emails, company policies and trying to not want to start drinking. Unless the person is SUPER, SUPER rich or ya know. . .lazy; then they hire someone else and say "I work hard"

    • Rizki Ramadhan
      Rizki Ramadhan 10 months ago +2

      She should start her own channel and all life coaches should follow suit

  • Jonathan Geiger
    Jonathan Geiger 5 months ago +213

    "I don't like to waste time, and instead I multitask. So while I eat I do my tedious tasks, like answering emails"
    video of him looking at a picture of 2 trucks

  • Thomas Yorkshire IV
    Thomas Yorkshire IV 24 days ago +3

    I love how he’s a CEO of 5 brands but his work literally consists of reading emails while he has breakfast.

  • Avenir R
    Avenir R 2 years ago +11374

    Dude straight up got out of bed and then did nothing but relax and work out all day. Holy shit.

    • gloverelaxis
      gloverelaxis 2 years ago +936

      rich people are generally far less productive to society than unemployed people. in fact they're usually quite significantly counterproductive.

    • Avenir R
      Avenir R Year ago +288

      @Rishen lol I do run my own business, and while I'm not rich, I make plenty and only answer to myself. You guys just have a major ego complex. Nothing about this dude's day would improve my own productivity, because his 'routine' literally boils down to 'work out, relax and eat, work out more.'

    • TheNerd
      TheNerd Year ago +582

      @Avenir R I'm at least 75% certain that it's satirical, especially with the "420 Buisnesses" part.

    • Avenir R
      Avenir R Year ago +97

      @TheNerd Very likely lol. I've seen people legitimately hold those views though, so it's tough to tell these days.

  • Jason  Lang
    Jason Lang Year ago +305

    Funny he doesn’t mention how daddy gave him 99% of what he has. Go figure.

      ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ Κ. 11 months ago +4

      Do you have proofs for that or you are just hating because you see a successful rich-young-handsome man?

    • Jason  Lang
      Jason Lang 11 months ago +77

      @ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ Κ. do you have proof he made it on his own ?

    • Jason  Lang
      Jason Lang 11 months ago +41

      Do you know a lot of 20 something year olds self made millionaires (there’s not a lot) . Even Donald trump had help from his father.

      ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ Κ. 11 months ago +1

      @Jason Lang No i dont but neither do you so why are you saying this?Have you watched him?I have and he seems a man of his word and he seems legit(he actually works he is not another dan bilzerian)Even if he had help(which i dont believe) he has multiplied what was given to him...We cant know for 100% though.If he is indeed self made he is half God

    • Κώστας Ⲇικέφαλαιος - Dikefalaios
      Κώστας Ⲇικέφαλαιος - Dikefalaios 10 months ago +21

      @ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ Κ. Σωπα ρε

  • Daniel d'Ors
    Daniel d'Ors 6 months ago +50

    I absolutely love how he multitask 4:31, so while he eats... he is able to keep his finger frozen over the trackpad while watching a still image of some cars.

  • MajorBoothroyd007
    MajorBoothroyd007 Year ago +68

    If you look into Jose's background, I'm sure you'll find the usual: that either direct family or close relations /friends to those in his family or circle are well connected and give him the ability to fund this kind of lifestyle. It's rare for someone to just make it on their own, from the ground up. A lot can come down to the luck of where you're at or who you know. Obviously you'll have more opportunity in a city, and even more on top of that if you or someone you know are connected to people who can pave the way to your success and fast track you past the pitfalls and obstacles disadvantaged people would constantly run into. But we're supposed to believe that Jose is this one man army of sorts.

  • Matthew Busch
    Matthew Busch Year ago +114

    I love how truthful Charlie is he just speaks whatever is on his mind. It feels good to listen to him on occasion whenever I come home from a long day.

  • Fabricio Osuna
    Fabricio Osuna 5 months ago +48

    So let me get this straight. he wakes up. Goes for a run AND THEN he takes a cold shower to wake up... what?

    • Pablo H
      Pablo H 5 months ago +1

      And then drives around aimlessly for some reason

    • erco
      erco 4 months ago +3

      @Pablo H followed by getting drunk with his friends

  • Pranay
    Pranay 2 years ago +2396

    As a business major, there's always that one kid in class who acts like this, even though he's living on his parents'money and failing in pretty much most of the classes.

    • shashank singh
      shashank singh 2 years ago +238

      I can understand. I am right in business school and there are always someone like this in business school. They sell clothes on WhatsApp and call themselves entrepreneurs.

    • Pranay
      Pranay 2 years ago +111

      @shashank singh ikr , their bio has entrepreneur and they always act like they have a new and innovative idea that can turn them into millionaires in an instant.

    • LF Gacy
      LF Gacy 2 years ago +42

      @Pranay... when in fact all the clothing lines of these 'lifestyle' brands just look the same.

    • Zib -29
      Zib -29 2 years ago +4

      Yeah even though Jose came from a normal family and made millions from his 20s so I don’t know if you are a millionaire but if you didint accomplish at least what Jose did you don’t have the right to talk bro sorry

  • Alexis Seité
    Alexis Seité Year ago +96

    So to sum up: The only productive thing he did during his entire day was answering his e-mails while eating lunch. I'm unemployed and probably put in more work than this guy xD

    • Astrotrek35
      Astrotrek35 11 months ago +6

      Hey man, you at least do your own chores lol. This guy doesnt even do that

    • Creighton Teringer
      Creighton Teringer 4 months ago +4

      He didn't even answer emails, he stared at a screensaver

  • Azim Siddiqui
    Azim Siddiqui 2 years ago +594

    "I'm allergic to peanuts, all I do is eat peanuts" - prob josue

  • Robert Lott
    Robert Lott 11 months ago +34

    The fact that this is basically the modern equivalent of Patrick Bateman's routine is both hilarious and concerning 😶.

    • Emil Frederiksen.
      Emil Frederiksen. 5 months ago

      Why is it conserning?

    • Robert Lott
      Robert Lott 5 months ago +1

      @Emil Frederiksen. Watch American Psycho.

    • Robert Wye
      Robert Wye 8 days ago

      All he's missing is the suspicious stuff in his fridge at this point

    • tr0y
      tr0y 8 days ago

      @Robert Wye “Ayuhyuh- nononononono- the thing in the fridge is definitely NOT human meat!”

  • ZakMilz
    ZakMilz Year ago +192

    I love how Jose skips breakfast entirely what a mad man!

    • sup_ monica
      sup_ monica Year ago +4

      Well he said he showers and it's better than coffee.

    • Le Narrator [Society Of Superior]
      Le Narrator [Society Of Superior] Year ago +17

      "I don't take breakfast because I'm unbreakable"
      -Jose probably

    • Grumio is cool
      Grumio is cool 11 months ago +7

      And dinner. The only thing this mans eats is lunch (while answering emails) and a cocktail

  • Nate Patterson
    Nate Patterson 11 months ago +13

    He works out, showers, and relaxes twice a day. Such great time management. So inspirational.

  • Jubab_ San
    Jubab_ San 2 years ago +4295

    “Business is like a chess game”
    Charlie:*becomes billionaire overnight*

  • Chase
    Chase Year ago +137

    Shoutout to him, he works really hard by doing in a typical workday, what I do on a day off. Workout, answer 5 emails, drive, eat, shower. Did I miss anything? Im pretty sure thats all he did.

    • Nicolas Reveco
      Nicolas Reveco Year ago +11

      Did you wear essential brand?

    • Jake Johnson
      Jake Johnson Year ago +12

      Did you go out for a cocktail with friends? Very important part of the "work hard" philosophy.

    • Armando Yescas
      Armando Yescas 3 months ago

      LOL for reals 🤣🤣🤣!!! Who TF does this crap???

  • emmet power
    emmet power Year ago +124

    The sad thing is the social media generation think this "fella" is exactly what they want to be.

    • shawn wilson
      shawn wilson 11 months ago +2

      I prefer to have more faith in humanity. I prefer to.

  • Yo Yoyo
    Yo Yoyo 11 months ago +15

    He woke up, worked out, answered emails, talked on the phone, went to workout again, went for a drive,then he relaxed with friends. Lmao this is like vacation daily routine

  • Imran A
    Imran A Year ago +180

    Narcissistic personality is indeed a key driver of success... No doubt about it

    • H2o2
      H2o2 Year ago +1

      @M So do you support getting rid of capitalism?

    • Banjo Fangirl
      Banjo Fangirl Year ago


    • Kevin
      Kevin 11 months ago

      Looked at his other vids,gives some legit fashion advice.

  • Cotter
    Cotter 2 months ago +6

    The funniest part of this whole thing for me is that he’s in a hotel, not his “apartment” I drive by this place every day.

  • darkholyPL
    darkholyPL 2 years ago +39297

    My morning routine:
    -I wake up
    - I take a shit
    -I get out of bed.

    • Freaky Fresh Water
      Freaky Fresh Water 2 years ago +7001

      i hope this isnt in order...

    • Martin Hilario
      Martin Hilario 2 years ago +4077

      Wait hol up.

    • walis tambo
      walis tambo 2 years ago +4494

      same, only difference is i take a shit before i wake up and then i get out of bed

    • Sky
      Sky 2 years ago +3084

      Interesting, I take a shit, get out of bed, and then wake up

    • Retr_0
      Retr_0 2 years ago +1759

      I just take a shit, wake up, and then go back to sleep

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago +19

    I am embarrassed to admit that I'm guilty of subscribing to this guy at one point in time.

  • seymourglass26
    seymourglass26 Year ago +64

    Yes, I believe you can be CEO of 5 companies and literally have no meetings or in-person interactions ever, because if nothing else, people really trust 24-year-olds.

  • Nick Ohler
    Nick Ohler 6 months ago +12

    " I take a long drive... then when I get home, it's time to relax" LOL. The long drive part was him desperately thinking of a way to incorporate the lambo into the video.

  • MrCervantesent
    MrCervantesent Year ago +111

    Markiplier does more in a day than what Jose does lol

  • zulfiqar ®
    zulfiqar ® Month ago +2

    Hes not even answering emails hes looking at a picture of 2 cars while hes eating😂

  • l8Os
    l8Os 3 years ago +1990

    So lemme get this straight , he has “5 companies” that require “a lot” of time and “a lot” of effort, and yet all he does is email a few people, lift a few things, and drive around the city. Cool. Lemme do that.

    • Carlos Leon
      Carlos Leon 3 years ago +105

      I've attempted that.
      Harder than it looks.
      Earned exactly 0$.
      Actually lost money due to the expenses lol.
      I mean these people can be douchebags but they're clever and cunning enough to earn money so yeah.
      Credit where it's due.

    • Name
      Name 3 years ago +46

      Descartes' Apparition No You! he is a hardworking 24 year old CEO of companies and learned his way to the top through shedding blood and sweat.

    • Willow and Luka
      Willow and Luka 3 years ago +6

      Descartes' Apparition Maybe, but I wouldn’t say that without knowing for sure

    • Ramin fearless gaming
      Ramin fearless gaming 3 years ago +24

      @iOstrava r/whoosh

  • Constellations
    Constellations Year ago +71

    I like how "answering emails" entails staring at your homescreen which is a picture of trucks.

  • Aditya Kumar Dubey
    Aditya Kumar Dubey Year ago +38

    that dude literally did nothing productive except answering his emails while eating.
    his dad must be really proud

  • XtremKid46
    XtremKid46 5 months ago +27

    I been taking cold showers for 2 years, still never wakes me up

    • Moloko
      Moloko 3 months ago +3

      Were you wearing your essentials muscle tee?

  • Marcel Maria
    Marcel Maria Year ago +21

    I love how he kept talking about giving 100% everyday and using the word "business" while workout, breakfast, showering, driving around, when actually all he did for his business was checking his emails. Such a fighter.

  • Samuel Schurch
    Samuel Schurch Year ago +5

    I love how he acts like waking up at 5am is a big flex. Practically everyone working a job as day shift has to do this.

  • Artemis Steele
    Artemis Steele 2 years ago +17419

    This guy's life is a stock photo.
    EDIT: Holy shit one year later and it's still going.
    EDIT 2: We did it, boys. Damn.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago +2

    This is one of the funniest videos of Charlie I've ever watched. Literally can't stop laughing. 🤣

  • zoey
    zoey 5 months ago +32

    “i multitask i answer emails while eating”
    wow that is very impressive jose you know i wrote an essay while babysitting and cooking but i guess that doesn’t count cuz im not rich 😐

  • Aaron Lo
    Aaron Lo 9 months ago +6

    I come here every now and then just to laugh at Charlie's funny commentary😄

  • TheOddHolloway
    TheOddHolloway 11 months ago +5

    This man exists on a plain us plebeians could never understand. We can’t make money just by exercising, and wearing _Essentials Muscle T_ like him because we are poor. It makes so much sense, my whole world opened up!

  • Alexander Angelus
    Alexander Angelus 9 months ago +13

    Notice how they spend the whole day preparing for the day.
    Also, 30 LBS OF MUSCLE? Love how people throw those numbers around, if he was packing 30 lbs of muscle like that, he’d be at least Chris Hemsworth’s size.

  • aleksa nedeljkovic
    aleksa nedeljkovic 3 years ago +90326

    This guy spend his entire day preparing for his day

    • The Feisty Cat
      The Feisty Cat 3 years ago +912

      aleksa nedeljkovic 😂😂😂

    • Thunderstorm_ 78
      Thunderstorm_ 78 3 years ago +4925

      He ends up having no time for actual work

    • l
      l 3 years ago +1524

      Yo that’s mad funny

    • LowHP
      LowHP 3 years ago +2317

      Us peasants will never attain this level of power

    • Dilara Resul
      Dilara Resul 3 years ago +1679

      ... And then calls it a day

  • Garvežiukas Tomas
    Garvežiukas Tomas Year ago +20

    As a CEO of 5 companies he's a god to do all the daily work within half an hour

  • Anita Gofradump
    Anita Gofradump Year ago +16

    So we've learned that this man's huge grind is just answering some e-mails while eating

  • Ascertivus
    Ascertivus Year ago +5

    I know that the video was shot to merely _display_ what he does, but still, Jose's computer screen literally has his wallpaper, not said emails, showing at 4:31. That made me laugh.

  • redstart67
    redstart67 2 years ago +36

    When you get old & look back on your life, most people won't be reflecting upon how they wished they'd done more workouts in their 30's or driven a different car in their early 40's. You'll likely think of moments spent with friends, families & loved ones, all of whom seem to be lacking in this guy's life. It genuinely strikes me as a joyless, drab way to exist instead of actually living with your mates or partner or close ones who'll make you happy & your life truly rich. I can imaging the guy in this video declaring "I don't have ANY friends or associates who aren't CEO of at least three companies & earning six figures by their mid twenties. Friends are just baggage that will slow you down & get in the way of those all important work outs. Laughing with mates just drains my energy needed for my board meetings, which I conduct via zoom in front of a cityscape backdrop to remind me of just how successful I am. Not like those others, laughing together in the park! What wasted lives when they could be organising their calendars"!

    • KingMe2002
      KingMe2002 Year ago +4

      Makes sense. Seems like he would say something like that

    • Edward Teach
      Edward Teach Year ago +1

      I miss my bros. Fuck covid

  • Gabriel Walker
    Gabriel Walker 9 months ago +2

    This guy is protected by so many layers of sarcasm and irony.

  • Tuumas
    Tuumas 2 years ago +7618

    Meanwhile in Alabama: ''I hate my mom and I hate my sister. I do both.''

    • kittykittybangbang
      kittykittybangbang Year ago +323

      Fun fact: Incest is actually illegal in Alabama

    • Zack64
      Zack64 Year ago +192

      Reality can be whatever i want.
      Nerd got em

    • noobmaster69
      noobmaster69 Year ago +12

      Good one

    • Red1220
      Red1220 Year ago +370

      @kittykittybangbang hasn’t stopped me before

    • Zack64
      Zack64 Year ago +14

      Aight so we are going to storm florida.Plan is simple put one tablespoon of hotsauce to their water resources and drain their beer banks. Anyone in?

  • Mr Bonk
    Mr Bonk Year ago +6

    you never realize how boring your life is until you’re asked to do a daily routine video

  • Big Dap Ramirez
    Big Dap Ramirez 2 years ago +80

    Dhar Mann would have this guy shitting bricks in about 10 seconds

  • Zanian19
    Zanian19 Year ago +11

    For someone who's all about time is money, it's weird how it seems like about 85% of his day to day is in slow-mo.

  • Don’t ever buy no weed from the gas station bro

    “I do tedious tasks by answering emails”
    Apparently looking at car photos means answering emails to him

  • Skia1106
    Skia1106 Year ago +1

    I've been laughing from start to finish my gut hurts so much. damn charlie, you had unli ammo on this video

  • Drowse
    Drowse 2 years ago +4745

    “Eating clean is something I live by”
    Me: *puts down the Oreos and picks up the soap*

    • PizzaInc
      PizzaInc 2 years ago +71

      i laughed

    • Quill
      Quill 2 years ago +54

      I chuckled

    • Nakshatra
      Nakshatra 2 years ago +54

      I grinned

    • Rebecca Rachel
      Rebecca Rachel 2 years ago +130

      My face remained neutral but I thought it was funny in my head.

    • Chris M.
      Chris M. 2 years ago +11

      @Rebecca Rachel I know I’m not alone now :)

  • Zean
    Zean Year ago +24

    You could literally have the worst sleep schedule in history and eat the most random stuff and still have a billion dollar company lmao

  • 021MR
    021MR Year ago +20

    He's so rich he fixed the daily pooping problem us regular humans have.

  • Schmiph
    Schmiph Year ago +1

    Anyone else notice he wakes up before the sun rises and his morning run takes place in broad daylight🤣

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis Year ago +25

    This guy’s daily routine is like he’s on vacation xD

  • RedBadger225
    RedBadger225 Year ago +23

    "Do today what others aren't willing to" - proceeds to answer emails while he eats and literally nothing else.

  • Ananya Garg
    Ananya Garg 2 years ago +4321

    Gosh this rich guy is so humble that he has only ONE tshirt in his entire closet. Respect.

    • Avi Krev
      Avi Krev 2 years ago +32

      @sTIEN_ Cr why would you wanna be crushed?

    • sTIEN_ Cr
      sTIEN_ Cr 2 years ago +4

      @Ollie C not people..Jokes

    • Joel Oliver
      Joel Oliver 2 years ago +40

      This whole thread is just one big wooosh

    • Celtic
      Celtic 2 years ago +22

      @Joel Oliver i’ve yet to find a comment thread on Clip-Share where theres isnt at least one person who misses the joke or sarcasm entirely

  • Politics: Past And Present

    I find it hard to believe that a CEO of 5 brands doesn't spend a single second of a day in an office.

  • Candy Callahan.
    Candy Callahan. Year ago +1

    I got into your videos when I was in rehab. I tend to be an introvert but you seem like someone id chill with maybe will cross paths one day 💪

  • Tushar Srivastava
    Tushar Srivastava 2 months ago

    He literally did nothing productive throughout the day and said “It’s time to relax” 🗿

  • akæne14
    akæne14 2 years ago +3

    As a night person myself who doesn't wake up in like 4 am, I still manage to finish my tasks ahead of time. It just, depends on how you manage your time and energy. On top of that, I still have time for leisure like what I'm doing rn, watching Clip-Share videos for 3 hours.

  • Evolatile Studios
    Evolatile Studios Year ago +10

    2 things.
    1. this dude acts like he's a frickin special genius because he eats, runs, answers emails, and works
    2. I bet half of these "routines" that these celebs have are not even their real routines

  • Tomas Justine Falconitin
    Tomas Justine Falconitin 2 years ago +8037

    He doesn't even use Listerine Advanced White.
    How am I supposed to trust this guy?

    • T -DUDE
      T -DUDE 2 years ago +79

      Jaipur Joint
      The rich really are different

    • angel tom
      angel tom 2 years ago +57

      Eat the rich

    • Addison Ryan
      Addison Ryan 2 years ago +21

      Shit better get myself one since i only use colgate

    • jordan verdun
      jordan verdun 2 years ago +18

      RAZA9TIXX peasant

    • Ant the Gord
      Ant the Gord 2 years ago +12

      4 out of 5 made up stats trust Listerine Advanced White!

  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill Year ago +4

    I love how they value time for "creativity" so damn much

  • AnaRKie
    AnaRKie 2 months ago +1

    Laughing my ass off.
    You are so funny.
    I cherry picked at first..
    I'm letting it play on now and have yet to be disappointed.
    Loving the binge

  • SamuelTM
    SamuelTM Year ago +2

    This guy is the type of guy who makes a routine video on opening doors.

  • Hannah May
    Hannah May Year ago +17

    Jose answers emails, and works out while adults run his company, probably his life too

  • Just pentatonics
    Just pentatonics Year ago

    Thanks so much Jose. I feel so inspired. I hope the routine still works without a trust fund.

  • Gary Grandy
    Gary Grandy 2 years ago +13650

    I love that these morning routines are filmed in the afternoon

    • king 王杰
      king 王杰 2 years ago +759

      He doesn't even know what a 6am is. He's never seen or heard of it .most essential workers wake up before him

    • Darion Balkaran
      Darion Balkaran 2 years ago +144

      Ah yes this floor is made of floor.(realizes its ground)

    • Sir_Waffles
      Sir_Waffles 2 years ago +15


    • FJ
      FJ 2 years ago +58

      @king 王杰 God forbid Jose needs to wake up at 5 AM. Blasphemy!

    • Lly
      Lly 2 years ago +30

      wakes up at 5, conquered the sun

  • Sampy
    Sampy Year ago +7

    "My trick for making money is not being poor"-Jose, the CEO who is so ahead of his peers, he's already retired.

  • Cinnamopumpkin
    Cinnamopumpkin Year ago +90

    I'm predicting that this dude is the kind of guy with the "You can be a millionaire too, so long as you get up early, work out, eat healthy and sleep. 💪😩" narrative. Like yeah... It's not because you were born into privilege and had an advantage in life and room to grow and "be creative" since the start...
    like yeah poverty, homelessness, 9-5 work schedules (plus the extra 4 hours of bus transportation AND overtime), slave wages, mental/physical health disorders and disproportionate discrimination based on race, orientation, gender, and disability are all just lies the lefties tell you... Just drink My Muscle Tea™ and your whole life will change...

  • Third World Guy
    Third World Guy Year ago +3

    My morning routine:
    - I wake up
    - I take a shit
    - I get out of bed.
    -Amber Heard probably