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Can Kemper Save Chappers?

  • Published on Sep 12, 2016 veröffentlicht
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  • Rabea Massaad
    Rabea Massaad 6 years ago +872

    Such a good test! I'm also proud that we managed to profile the amps so well that this was the result! The Kemper profiler is really an outstanding piece of kit if you want all the flexibility! Very impressed

    • Ethan Schafer
      Ethan Schafer 4 years ago +1

      Rabea Massaad does anyone ask you if you’re Israeli special forces

    • Mike G
      Mike G 5 years ago +1

      Dean Roddey Jesus dude relax. The kemper is amazing

    • fl6stringer
      fl6stringer 5 years ago +7

      Nobody's writing a scientific thesis here...

    • Dean Roddey
      Dean Roddey 5 years ago +3

      Actually, it's really not a good test. I'm not arguing one way or the other, but in terms of testing, this sort of thing is useless. If you don't exactly match volume levels, the louder one always sounds different and usually better to the ear (unless it's painful or something) because our ears create a more scooped tone as the volume goes up, which most of us consider pleasing.
      If you don't have the amp set to the exact settings that you modeled, it won't be meaningful. And the mic that you use to model is not going to be hearing what the person in the room is hearing, so even having the settings the same won't help much. And a change in the amp's settings could well then put it back on top as well, making it sound more in the room as the modeler heard at the mic position.
      And people can't hear subtle differences if they are separated by any length of time. You have to have instant A/B switching back and forth in order to really test. This is very well proven.
      Of course if what you want to test is, would I be willing to use this instead of the real amp and feel OK about it, none of this matters. Try it and if you feel ok about it, use it. If the test is how well the modeler matches the thing modeled, you'd have to do a far more stringent test than this.

    • Alexei Jin
      Alexei Jin 5 years ago

      Really good job! Do you think you can do the same for guitars? I mean pick a few guitars you have in the store (preferably classics such as LP and strat) and make a Variax guitar sound like them (using their Workbench software). Then put the Captain through a new soul searching trip ;)

  • Wagoo
    Wagoo 6 years ago +30

    I've had a Kemper for a few years - unpowered rack version plugged into the effects return on a Marshall. The great thing about the Kemper is that it's NOT the death of valve amps at all! Profiles don't exist without the amazing amps to conjure them up.. it's a great way to refine your wishlist of real heads to buy also :)
    Also laughed at Rob saying he's never got a challenge wrong before, in general he is brilliant, but I guess he forgot about that time he kept picking a Squier tele over the expensive custom shop one :D
    I keep thinking I should rent Kempers locally to see which bands going by have left their profiles onboard..

  • ALeksa Živanovic
    ALeksa Živanovic 3 months ago +2

    I am an Andertons TV fan for yeears. Since the start basically. And I soooo miss this energy from the video. I like Danish Pete and Captain together, but Rob you must come back there as a regular again. Rabea is basically Chappers and Captains son from the start and Pete is like an aunt from another country. You guys were like an ideal gearhead family to us. We need you back.

    • Only Guitar
      Only Guitar 2 months ago

      I agree so much with this comment!!

  • MarkToast
    MarkToast 6 years ago +19

    The Silverback Kemper profile is the best tone I've heard in my life. I'm tempted to buy a Kemper just for the sake of having that sound.

  • Charlie Diamond Music
    Charlie Diamond Music 4 months ago

    Love this - I've just bought one myself. I mean from a rig with a BOSS ME-5 back in the 80s, Line 6 in the 90s, and went back to valves. However, it's an entirely different ball game now, as you've proven.

  • CSGuitars
    CSGuitars 6 years ago +1546

    you can pinpoint the exact moment when Lee rethinks his entire existence. World view shattered.

  • FlourescentPotato
    FlourescentPotato 6 years ago +215

    Awkward moment when the kemper sounds better than the real silverback.

    • Terrance Turner
      Terrance Turner 3 years ago +13

      Seriously though. I honestly thought it sounded notably better.

  • 16BitOG
    16BitOG 6 years ago +5

    I'd love to see a supercut of every time Chappers plays that high note on the 12th fret.

  • Bognerman
    Bognerman Month ago

    This is interesting since I always hear that Fractal Audio captures the feel of a real tube amp, while Kemper captures the sound but lacks the feel. Curious about that.

  • Andrew DiMartino
    Andrew DiMartino 6 years ago +4

    I absolutely love these blind tests! As a relatively new player you hear lots of stereotype opinions that most beginners just accept because "hey he's better than me he must know a thing or too." Its amazing what happens when your remove bias and get the chance to decide for yourself and make the decision that is right for you.

  • Andrew Baena
    Andrew Baena 6 years ago +81

    This video made me even more incredibly happy to own one of these amazing gadgets

    • Hugo Simoes
      Hugo Simoes 5 years ago +1

      Thank You for your hel jean :)

    • jean valjean
      jean valjean 5 years ago +1

      i dont own one but i believe there are profils on the net, some are free some are not, i dont know in which proportion tho. but what i've heard is that if there isnt a profile of the amp etc that you want, its not easy to achieve this on your own except if you are a sound engineer or tweak master. But then is it worth it to own one when you're mostly playing at home ? if u got the dough why not i guess but even then it wouldnt be worth it imo. take a look at the Two Notes Audio Engineering, it might suit you more.

    • Hugo Simoes
      Hugo Simoes 5 years ago +1

      Andrew Baena Do you actually have to own the real amp in order to play the original tone? I mean like, do you have to record or mic up a real amp, cab and mic first? Or when you buy the kemper, does the amp tones come already within the kemper?

  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher 6 years ago +2

    It would be great to have a video of the guys creating such great profiles.

  • mrrs
    mrrs 6 years ago +1

    I've been a fan of the channel for years now. This video has moved me to comment. It was great and hilarious to see you both get it wrong and the genuine shock on your faces. I would think you'd fear the outcome (being in the sales business), but you didn't. This is what makes honest demos so valuable here on Clip-Share. My hats off to you both!

  • guitardude1230
    guitardude1230 6 years ago +3

    I am blown away. The Kemper sounded better than the amp it was modeled upon on both occasions. Crazy. Well done Kemper. How many amps can you store on this thing? If they each sound this good, this machine revolutionizes the amp game to a brand new level. Holy shit!

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 6 years ago +3

    After seeing Lee on the Pedal Show I kind of knew what the outcome was going to be but didn't expect both of them to be fooled both times. Shows how far the technology has come which is pretty amazing.

  • Troy Losse
    Troy Losse 6 years ago +10

    There is a critical detail missing from this challenge. Volume. The volume level of all outputs must be identical. Science has shown that the brain perceives the louder sound to always be perceptibly "better". Audiophiles in the home audio reproduction and studio world know this. All output levels should be set with an SPL meter and all equipment given equal warm-up time.

  • Teacher inThailan
    Teacher inThailan 6 years ago +5

    Great test! It show's that time&progress waits for no man! So many closed minded people who don't even TRY things out. The great thing about this is eventually affordability and portability with quality sound will be available to budget guitar enthusiasts. Nice to see ego's didn't get in the way of this either. Honest and open. Nice!

  • Richard Lainegard
    Richard Lainegard 4 years ago +2

    I think THE most impressive part of this is the fact that it is so close, even though the Kemper does NOT accurately separate what is the head and the cab in the profile, so there will always be some "leakage" between the two parts in the profile, unless you've profiled a DI-signal from a load box and then use IR's or a separate cab. I think the differences are there, but sound equally good. So, even if they don't sound the same, the "bleed" isn't really an issue, if it sounds good, it is good. This argument against the Kemper is quite common, as a con where modelers have true separation between amp and cab.
    My experience, and only grief with the Kemper is that as soon as you start turning the knobs, you are no longer hearing (or dealing with) the tonestack of the profiled amp, but more of a studio EQ. For some amps, this can be a good thing, but for most you'd want it to act as your own amp if you profiled that, especially if you want to tweak things live it can be hard to dial in, meaning you'd might be in a situation where you'd need to profile every possible variation you'd might think of using your amp.
    Still, feels good, sounds good = is good :)

  • newkid777
    newkid777 6 years ago +4

    I love seeing Rob playing that guitar, reminds me of all the fun you can have starting out with a relatively inexpensive guitar!

  • Steve Underhill
    Steve Underhill 6 years ago +1

    This was the most fun I've ever had on this channel. I'm so glad I played along.
    I struggled until the end when they dialed back on the last amp. The way it cleaned up versus the one before had me dead set with Rob and Lee. Made the reveal that much more exciting!

  • The Artful Dodger
    The Artful Dodger Year ago +2

    The thing about Kemper is, when you get one, you instantly have at your fingertips every amp that has ever been made plus every speaker cab and pedal AND every amp and pedal and speaker cab that ever WILL be made. And it will sound exactly the same as the real thing.

  • Mel Simpson
    Mel Simpson 6 years ago

    Very interesting video. I'm very surprised that both of you got things reversed. Now I'm dying to try the Kemper. The feel issue would be the most telling I think.
    I'd love for you to try a few of the new solid state amps. Quilter in particular makes fantastic amps in my opinion. What say you guys?

  • Javier
    Javier 6 years ago +1

    I think you should make a series of interviews with valve amp companies on what do they think is the future of real valve amps, considering it is just a matter of time to this kind of profiling technology to become affordable and available everywhere. Also I think this demo also demonstrated that solid state power amp IS NOT a limitation for getting nice tones. Edit: And it would be fun to watch that 10 years from now to see how of the foreseen really happened.

  • Carl Gifford
    Carl Gifford Year ago

    Heard a great band at a blues festival 6 months before the COVID debacle. Cork sniffing comparisons aside. The guitarist was using a kemper and Les Paul. I can’t recall the speaker setup. Out front his guitar sound was spectacular. FULL STOP. The technology has arrived !

  • Woody H
    Woody H 6 years ago +248

    I've been saying this for years. Sound is a wave, if you have the technology to copy that wave exactly...then you have a JCM 800, a Dual Rec, a 5150 etc. Seems that the technology is finally catching up.

    • JahRojas ExQSys
      JahRojas ExQSys 3 years ago

      You gotta look at the shape of a digital wave though...they are "choppy" that being said...electricity is electricity so i think a tube amp and a kemper are almost the same thing compared to the difference between an acoustic guitar and an electric plugged into a tube amp.
      The real trick will be for digital to become "smooth" i.e. the "information" thats being translated into sound being as smooth and consistent as a string vibrating. Right now, digital is still "choppy" processing power and memory has gotten powerful enough that there is no longer a latency or chopping that our ears can detect...but its still there...and it does affect us.

    • Brandon Doherty
      Brandon Doherty 5 years ago

      You mean sample rate. And yes, that's true. It doesn't mean that there is _not_ a difference, just that it is impossible or at least extremely difficult for the human ear to perceive the difference.

    • My account
      My account 5 years ago

      Eintrachtminecrafter some companies give you dozens of differently dialed/mic'd profiles of the same amp so you can find the tone that works for you and your guitar.

    • My account
      My account 5 years ago +1

      Eduardo Cervantes it may not be an exact copy but, especially with TAF profiles, they often sound better than the original. Not always but often. And while I have a Kemper, I also have a real tube Marshall, Mesa, Fender and Peavey. Guess what i play the most? KPA, because it sounds amazing. And who could afford $100,000 worth of Boutique amps? I have 99.9% of their tone right there in that rack unit of mine.

    • My account
      My account 5 years ago

      wahwahman but if you are talking about a technical graphic difference that you cannot hear what does it matter? Just a question

  • Mario mazza
    Mario mazza 6 years ago +1

    Great and honest video, been using Kemper for a few months now after using valve amps for thirty years. It's a big learning curve, but nailed my sound only last week and I could honestly say it felt and sounded like my old Marshall. In my short time with it I found the factory loaded presets a little weak, commercial profiles are the way to go. The biggest hurdle for me is exactly what The Captain said , it's getting over the fact that it's a digital snapshot and not the 'real' thing, but as far as the sound and feel goes Kemper has nailed it, sad in a way.

  • Jubei Kibagami
    Jubei Kibagami 6 years ago

    You have no idea how much I've learned from your videos. These types of video opens my mind and ears, to different type of sounds. I was always stuck to Gibson guitar and Marshall amps. Everything else was crap to me. With this i can't think that way anymore. please keep the vids coming.

  • Anthony Pinkos
    Anthony Pinkos 6 years ago +1

    I love this video. I'm neither a valve nor digital enthusiast. I've had plenty of great tube amps, and I'm currently rocking a Fender Mustang V2, for home practice and recording. If it sounds good... what does it matter if it's valve or not??
    One thing I will always stand by. Tone definitely comes from a persons hands, in some way. When Rob takes Lee's guitar and plays, the sound is very much different. Neither person sounds "better" but they certainly sound different.
    Once again, great video fellas! Thanks!

  • Lausten Found
    Lausten Found 4 years ago +3

    That crazy double pinch harmonic at 19:02 Rob looked over to see if it really did happen, then wanted to make it seems like it was purposeful. #PinchFromHell #DimebagDarrell

  • 23dvs
    23dvs 6 years ago

    Wow....amazing! I don't think it's enough to make me sell my tube amps & go with the Kemper, but it's very impressive!!

  • Ndlanding
    Ndlanding 6 years ago

    Great video! It was amazing how similar they sounded (within the Clip-Share restrictions, of course. Or your recording set-up, as the loud was a loud as the quieter was quiet.) Enjoyed it a lot, but I don't if you guys or others would say the same in, say, two years. Ya might, tho!

  • John Mac
    John Mac 6 years ago

    What a great video!
    Love to see you do a blind test on Line 6 Helix, Axe FX II etc. as well.
    Please do it with cab sim into FRFR or DI as it would be great to know if you can leave the cab behind as well as the amp.
    The technology is really coming on now, amazing!
    Thanks guys.

  • Joaquin Lance
    Joaquin Lance 6 years ago

    So from watching this awesome video and reading alot of the comments it sounds like the Kemper can not only match an amps tone, it also gives you the added capability of tweaking the amp profiles into doing things the amp itself could never do, with a broader EQ spectrum and the ability to add more gain or play a sparkling clean sound when the amp only does dirty. The Kemper profile that Rabea and Pete setup to match the Silverback gave Rob sustain for millennia! and made the pinch harmonics cut through hard. I might have to start saving for a Kemper

  • Lukestersim :3
    Lukestersim :3 6 years ago +25

    I've played guitar for many years now so i decded to do the test with you both, tuened off my tv and left the surround sound on and i was wrong on both counts. absoloutely amazed by the kemper

    • Lukestersim :3
      Lukestersim :3 5 years ago

      An update on this...i've recently bought a Kemper and i'm totally in love with it.

    • FastRedPonyCar
      FastRedPonyCar 6 years ago +1

      I do use one live. I have a custom built Silver Jubilee that I use live but typically use a Fryette power station with my amp live and because it's not only an amazing attenuator but also a dedicated 50 watt power amp, it functions as a really great power section for the kemper.
      The kemper works really well live with that and a 2x12 cab but I'm a simple man when it comes to my live sound and having the kemper on stage is not only expensive, should a wild drunk chick fall over onto my rig (my splawn half stack survived without a single issue as I, unfortunately,discovered through personal experience) but it's also got way more stuff going on than I need and since I don't have a midi controller to turn effects on and off, a regular amp and a couple of stomp boxes works really well.

    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold 6 years ago

      The thing is, if you're using tubes with the Kemper, why not just use a tube amp to start with? And where do you get a tube power-amp that isn't just a complete amp in itself?

    • FastRedPonyCar
      FastRedPonyCar 6 years ago

      I've had mine for a few years and absolutely LOVE it still. One of the VERY few pieces of gear that has actually managed to live up to all the hype and then some.
      It's absolutely stunning in the studio and (provided you give it a good tube power amp) really excellent on stage as well. Tube power amp use is CRITICAL though if you want it to move air out of the cab in the same way a traditional tube amp does. I'm convinced that it's all in the tube power section and relatively little has to do with the tube preamp section.

    • Adam Mercado
      Adam Mercado 6 years ago

      Well I dunno what y'all is saying, but I'm gonna do the twat with the lotta ya

  • GeekChique
    GeekChique 6 years ago +1

    Thing is, each profile is at specific settings! But without real amps, you can't profile your Kemper! So sure, best way forward for touring - but for studio and practice use, I'll keep my Fender tubes. ;)

  • Dan Ziegler
    Dan Ziegler 6 years ago +1

    I'd imagine it would be impossible to tell much difference in a live gig setting with ambient noise, etc.
    Great video!!! Would love to see a video comparing valve amps to the Line 6 Helix.
    Chappers save your money and your back and tour with a Kemper. ;-D

  • stormyandcold
    stormyandcold 6 years ago

    Great video. Can't wait for the new delays to come to Kemper. I'm also really surprised how good it sounds through a real 4x12 cab. Rig manager is an essential tool for trying sounds. Time just flies though and before you know it, nothing gets done because there's so many cool amps to try. The thing about the Kemper is it really helps if you actually know what amps you want/like, then, go searching for them and try all the variations until you find something close, then, tweak from there. Thousands of free profiles and then, if you want to spend money on specific profiles there's plenty offering paid ones.

  • Thomas Staunton
    Thomas Staunton 6 years ago

    Loved the video, the Captain's faces at the end are amazing. You should absolutely get the Pedal Show guys in to do this as well.

  • Trevor Crooks
    Trevor Crooks 6 years ago +7

    This is becoming one of my favorite channels on youtube. Both hilarious and, at times, actually helpful. Thanks for all the great content, guys!

  • Lance Lawson
    Lance Lawson 6 years ago +6

    As I see it Kemper is a great road and studio tool. But there's still the pleasure of having a prize valve amp to play prize guitars through. BTW I truly enjoy these videos. Keep up the fine presentations guys.

    • JahRojas ExQSys
      JahRojas ExQSys 3 years ago +1

      For the shear joy of feeling the thump in your chest and your hair move from the air your cab is pushing....tube cranked to 11...that was, is and always will be "rock n' roll".
      Flying to europe to play an hour long afternoon set at a 3-day festival....well that's called having a job. Like any other job, the more efficient a touring musician is, the better he/she will be at their job.
      So i guess it just depends on what your goals are. If you are a kid dreaming big...get what you can afford and stick to the standard guitar, amp, pedal set up. You will be a better player if you spend your time learning how play, rather than chasing tones.
      If you are having a mid life crisis and the therapist, affair and weed didnt work....get les paul and a marshall stack...and a storage unit to play in.

  • Larry's tunes
    Larry's tunes 6 years ago

    You guys are the best. Thanks so much. Love your honesty. Now if only the Kemper was affordable.

  • yurimodin
    yurimodin 6 years ago

    I think why it sounded so good (now that the software has caught up) is that the kemper has adequately profiled the sound and is creating it WITHOUT all the temperaments and inconsistencies that tube electronics are known for. Bottom line its more stable electrically. Your not going to have variations in normal conditions from AC voltage variances and temperature the way tubes do.
    Personally I never hopped on the modeling band wagon. Not because I think its bad tech but because I get option paralasys very easily and I just want to get a good sound and go with it. I myself have gone back to all analog solid state rigs for simplicity and consistancy/low maintenance(randall RX120rh). Plus I think they sound good too so there ya go.

  • TheDilligan
    TheDilligan 2 years ago

    So now that we have the processing power to make an amp model change it's tone based on the input volume, the dynamics are much more realistic on modelling everywhere. It's miles better than what we had in say the 90s.
    But what I find now is that the low end is different when you do side by side comparisons. On digital profiles/models the low end is usually more pronounced. And when there's a lot of gain, the low end sounds a little more dissonant.
    Then when people do side by side tests, they hear the bass on the digital amps and they think "so warm", "so deep". Often times that low end does sound better, at least on clean tones, but it's also not realistic.

  • Alex Schuster
    Alex Schuster 6 years ago +34

    23:07 The moment the Captain realizes there's no magical elves casting sonic spells in Valve amps and that the sound he's so fond of also relies on complex circuitry.

  • Anthony Ferguson
    Anthony Ferguson 6 years ago +1

    The latency on these hardware units is so low you can't tell. I mean, that's been true for a long time, even with two decade old Pods and such. I'm surprised Lee thought he would get noticeable latency here in 2016 from an integrated h/w box. Heck, standing 10ft away from a cab would introduce more latency than these things have.

    • Srdjan Bošnjak
      Srdjan Bošnjak 6 years ago

      Yes,it was hilarious when Captain spoke about that looking dead serious.
      Distance of 1 meter from the cab will introduce more latency then
      any AD/DA conversion and processing in the device.LMFAO

  • The Bommel
    The Bommel 6 years ago +1

    Well i use and love the Kemper but fuzzier aspects of the sounds are often lost so if you like a clearer rounds with a higher note separation the kemper profiles will be better then the original very often but if you like muddy and fuzzy sounds, that is quiet hard to reproduce with the kemper or that a distorted note fades into the overtones this is something only a real amp can do ... but still, i love using the kemper live and in the studio... for example i profiled a amp and it had noise and non removable hum and after profiling the noise and hum was gone and what was left was a great profile, bit cleaner and stiffer but very very usable

  • Mike Hadlow
    Mike Hadlow 6 years ago +1

    Excellent video chaps! I have one thought though, by playing both the valve head and the Kemper through a mic'd cabinet, you're not testing the cabinet and microphone modelling of the Kemper. This is a huge part of the sound of a valve amp. How about a comparison between a mic'd valve amp and a Kemper, both through headphones? I guess the difficulty would be isolating the sound of the cranked valve amp in the next room, but you could possibly put the Kemper out through a cabinet in the recording room as well.

  • GuitarZenMan
    GuitarZenMan 6 years ago

    I love my JVM410, Mesa Mark V and my Kemper but the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+ is other worldly. The things you can do plus the available software and CAB files. You can also model your own amps which I've done but I love some of the CAB files Misha Mansoor has created. Also the Power Grid Bias Head is worth looking into. All great technology and obviously a personal preference.

  • Mark Vasoll
    Mark Vasoll 6 years ago

    Great video! I wonder if you'd do a 'Part 2' and try to remove the cabinet from the equation. If Rob's goal is to not carry a bunch of gear, being able to show up and plug the Kemper into the FOA board would be nice. So, do you have access to a venue where you could try the Kemper into the FOA PA vs a Mic'd (off stage) cab into the PA? Duplicating the mic used and the mic placement between when you create the IR for the Kemper and when you mic it backstage would be important. No matter what, there will be some difference since the "room" where the cab is Mic'd will be a different room (one in your studio, one backstage). Then Rob and the Captain can listen from the audience side and comment on the tones.

  • Jim Dewd Guitars
    Jim Dewd Guitars 5 years ago

    I thought I would know for sure and be able to tell the difference no problem, and I failed horribly just like rob and lee and I am amazed by how good it sounded. Kempers are worth every penny!

  • JonW
    JonW 6 years ago +3

    All modellers sound better going into a guitar cab IMO. It narrows the difference a lot compared to an amp and cab vs modeller into monitors or PA. That said the Kemper sounds great.

  • NKDM
    NKDM 5 years ago

    I actually could hear and recognize the difference from the silverback instantly, I like it more than the kemper, the silverback feels to have a wider range, specialy those frequencies needed to make the sound heavier.
    The kemper on the other hand sounded as if it had a smaller range and was missing something, im in love with metal and hard rock so that's just me, the kemper had a softer tones, but is by no means a bad sound, shit if you are into softer genres I would pick the kemper instead of the silverback any day, I guess this is why Lee loved it so much.
    However the kemper won by miles against the fender, soooooo much better tones in my opinion :P

  • John Mac
    John Mac 6 years ago

    Really amazing result, thanks, but I'm a bit confused. Doesn't it profile cabs as well?
    Shouldn't you guys have done it with FRFR speakers?
    I guess Rob's going to need to DI it into the PA for a live gig, or just DI it in the studio.
    If it saves him taking the head on a plane, but he still has to take the cab, it's not really solving his problem is it?

  • Billy McGuire
    Billy McGuire 6 years ago

    I avoided all parts of them using the cables on the amps so I could do the blind test myself.
    Here are my guesses:
    First Sound --> Kemper Fender
    Second Sound --> Actual Fender
    Third Sound --> Actual Marshall
    Fourth Sound --> Kemper Marshall
    I was wrong on the Fender and right on the Marshall. To me, thought, the Kemper profile for the Marshall was phenominal.

  • Nick K
    Nick K 6 years ago

    Both Kemper Profiling Amp and the latest Axe FX are absolutely amazing when it comes to guitar modeling
    99% of people could not tell the difference in a blind test, I can guarantee that
    And live? Forget about it.
    ONE HUNDRED PERCENT can't tell the difference live.
    Save you a lot of shipping costs and a lot of hassle that's for sure.

  • Justin Garcia
    Justin Garcia 6 years ago +2

    I think this is less an issue of either/or and more of "what do I need?" I love valve, and the sound is only a component, I choose valve when I can because the experience of a valve amp - the feedback, reaction of the tubes, microphonics, idiosyncratic aspects that can make them unreliable or too varied. That is why, in the studio, and for 90% of my applications I'd go valve. But, if I became a national/international touring musician I'd go kemper/fractal right away, or at the least I'd have it set for backup. This is a practical tool, not an eliminating one. If a true modeling guitar with the impressive capacities of the kemper/fractal brand hit the market, I'd be hard pressed to feel people would instantly ditch their prized pieces, even if the modeling instrument sounded "better." We play better and therefore sound better when inspired, and inspiration doesn't need to be perfect just authentic. So once again, amazing piece of technology with innumerable uses but we don't have to see it in opposition just pragmatically.

  • Nut'nbeatsaclassic
    Nut'nbeatsaclassic 6 years ago

    One of your best guys. A truly honest and informative episode. Thank you

  • 1life1left
    1life1left 6 years ago +97

    Love the editing so much, can't get enough of it...

    • Rory McLean
      Rory McLean 6 years ago +33

      Haha thanks man! :D Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Spencer Cox
    Spencer Cox 6 years ago

    I got the bassbreaker one wrong :) very informative vid and very entertaining. I don't know if i'm converted, but this video has really helped to validate modeling amps to me personally

  • Chris Christian
    Chris Christian 6 years ago

    I was blown away and glad you guys did this, very impressed with the Kemper.

  • Mark Nicholas
    Mark Nicholas 6 years ago

    Great vid gentlemen. Sold all my amp gear when I got an Axe-Fx Ultra. The new digital stuff is that good. There is still room for amps but the last time I heard Pinnick and Tabor at close range they were making great sounds. Ty said he had resisted using the full Axe-Fx for years but the sounds were so good, Dug was using his for the distorted side of his rig. Now Ty is using Orange amps and Dug has his Tech 21 thing out but it shows these things have their place.

  • Jeff McKinnon
    Jeff McKinnon Year ago

    It's amazing that this competition is even possible speaks of just how good modeling amps can be.

  • Jordan Lackey
    Jordan Lackey 6 years ago

    Rob, I am a relatively new guitar player, and I was looking at finally buying a few pedals. I was wondering what 2 pedals that you would recommend, that are both under $100 US. I was wanting one of them to be a distortion, but not completely sure about the other.
    -thank you so much in advance!

  • C Chan
    C Chan 6 years ago

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!!, 2 years ago you let me try out the Silverback at 2014 NAMM show in Anaheim and it had a tone that I instantly fell in love with. I recently added a variety pack of Victory Profiles including the Silverback that was profiled by 3rd party and I was honestly disappointed as it just did not have the tone I heard over two years ago. As soon as I added your profile today I rediscovered "That Tone". I realize that what I’m now hearing is exactly your preferred settings for your Silverback and this explains why it sounds like it did two years ago at the show. It's as if you came over and dialed in your settings on my Rig. Now the fun really begins tweaking your core tone.

  • Hotel Yugoslavia
    Hotel Yugoslavia 6 years ago

    I'm stunned. I love my tube amps, but I was fooled too. Especially with the silverback, but with the fender too, I would have betted a bottle of Becherovka, it was just not that immediate. Wow. I can't wait to see the future. Although I'm not an expert, just an amateur.

    • Hotel Yugoslavia
      Hotel Yugoslavia 6 years ago

      oh and thanks for the video, this was mindblowing, cheers guys.

  • Tyler Schubert
    Tyler Schubert 6 years ago +2

    I appreciate that Rob understands volume tappers. Well done my friend

  • John Barry
    John Barry 5 years ago

    I've had a Kemper 4 years and I love it. Never get tired of it because it just keeps getting better. My tube amps are profiled and don't get used anymore.Time to sell them.

  • Gary Moseley
    Gary Moseley 6 years ago +10

    I suppose the saving grace is that the Kemper profiles actual amps, so we still need valve amps to profile. I must say from what I've heard of Kemper it does sound superior to AxeFx and Helix, time will tell.... But the price will have to come down a fair bit

  • clouds5
    clouds5 4 years ago

    I think this is great! Valve amps are cool but ultimately it really doesn't matter what you're playing through as long as it sounds good. The kemper is still waaay too expensive though. I look forward to the times when I can have a compact, affordable (still good sounding) modelling amp that can be put in the guitarbag so I don't have to carry big boxes around to gigs :))

  • Jimbob Squarepants
    Jimbob Squarepants 5 years ago

    I was pretty shocked how close they were. But with everything said, I'm still happy with my Mesa Boogie. It's the best sounding amp I've ever owned hands down, well my favourite anyway.
    While the sound quality in the Kemper is impressive from what I've heard (never heard one live), technology has clearly progressed and some of the conveniences involved can be a no-brainer, but I'm kinda old school and prefer tangible dials, switches, knobs, sliders etc that respond exactly as you would expect them to as opposed to digital buttons that get assigned a function depending on the programming. Apart from being simpler to set up and adjust, if you're happy with just one amp and you love how it sounds, then you might as well keep using the real thing (especially if the amp in question is cheaper to buy than a Kemper).

  • Diogo Vincenzi
    Diogo Vincenzi 6 years ago

    Weird. On the first one I had no clue, but on the second it was very clear which one was the kemper. There were obvious artifacts coming out that I wouldn't hear on a valve amp, or at least not on my Blackstar. But that could've very easily been due to the pickups on the guitar.Very hard without having my own gear and testing stuff.

  • J Holl
    J Holl 5 years ago

    In regard to the Kemper vs the Silverback, I feel the Kemper had a cleaner, better-defined distortion, whereas the Silverback seemed to get kind of muddled.

  • maiareinaldo
    maiareinaldo 4 years ago

    lots of fun! Amazing tones! the blind test is a real challenge.

  • surfnorthwest1
    surfnorthwest1 6 years ago

    Good stuff Rob and Cap
    I have owned the Kemper Rack since I first tried in at NAMM in 2014. As a die hard Marshall player for over 40 years the only one I still use is my Astoria Custom. (although it is profiled now too and I have greater control over it)
    While the built in Class D amp is nice, I had a 100 watt EL34 slave amp custom built to use with the Kemper as a preamp as a option.
    I loaded in the profiles made from the amps at the German Marshall Museum and will never look back.... HAMMER OF THE GODS.

    • CrazyDiamond1968
      CrazyDiamond1968 6 years ago

      What Profiles were made of the amps at the German Marshall Museum?

  • Riley P
    Riley P 6 years ago +155

    Love that Chappers is still using his LTD Tele mod.

    • Rip Hopfer
      Rip Hopfer Year ago

      Same! That was a classic ep, and that’s a brilliant mod he squeezed through by the skin of his teeth.

    • Stu j
      Stu j 2 years ago

      Constantly goes out of tune.... Fender....hold my Ltd...

    • Todd Roy
      Todd Roy 2 years ago +1

      it is awesome..would love to know where it ended up?

    • Perversia
      Perversia 2 years ago +3

      @Stefan Thompson I got one too best playing and sounding guitar I own. I need an additional one for different tuning and pickups.

    • w00dmii5t3r
      w00dmii5t3r 3 years ago +3

      If he likes it, there's no reason why he shouldn't

  • WrenchTheRoo
    WrenchTheRoo 5 years ago +413

    Chapman : how many watts is the kemper
    Captain : 600 watts
    Chapman : slowly dies inside

    • Juju G
      Juju G 2 years ago +2

      That was the moment he should have realized

    • Ronan Burns
      Ronan Burns 3 years ago +6

      His face says it all

  • Ellcurr
    Ellcurr 4 years ago

    Gotta say, I have switched during live performances from my trusted amps to a compact but powerful modeling unit - the Amplifire-Box by atomic/studio devil, and haven't looked back. 94.99 percent as responsive and satisfying as a real tube amp (my amps: Dr Z maz 38 nr, 63 fender vibroverb reissue & ampeg j12 Rt) and although it took a while to dial things in over the course of a couple different listening sessions through varying PA setups, IEMS, wedges, etc.., I am totally impressed with the results. No more volume wars, too! Put in the time programming your patches and voilà, amp in a box can sound killer.

  • El Yugo y Las Flechas
    El Yugo y Las Flechas 3 years ago

    AS always amazing review. Greetings for Rob and the Captain. I think the only way to tell which amp you're using is by playing in a loud enviroment, where the Class D amp in the Kemper, should be able to deliver the same sound and feel as a Tube amp would. I have found that these class D amps lack the same power when you're using full 4x12 cabs at 16 ohms. You'll hear the difference in the mid range as you start to crank the amp or try to compete with cymbals or loud drums. Cheers!!!

  • elis
    elis 5 years ago

    For me anyway, I thought the first test was totally indistinguishable, but the second one was much more obvious, the response tho the action was much more synthetic seeming, the reaction from what was being done wasn't natural enough, I admit it could be some sort of bias, and I'm not putting down the Kemper cause it sounded AMAZING but I think I could tell the difference on higher gain.

  • Jordan Pene
    Jordan Pene 6 years ago

    Damn, i did the blind test as well and i thought exactly like Rob and the Captain. Well at least i still get to look at the pretty glass valve's warm glow in the night and valve will always be unique and create random overtones and nuances that digital modeling cant imitate at least not without infinite memory :) That Kemper is insane it's got powers like Mystique from X Men, just transforms into anything and even sounds better than the original wtf?

  • The Hard Problem
    The Hard Problem 6 years ago

    Seems like guitarists are always expecting a tube amp to sound more "warm", but the difference (I hear) is in the frequency response. Tube amps always have more complex harmonic response-which often makes overdriven sounds seem harsh compared to an emulation. Digital amps usually have a stronger bass response.
    There's not much in it though, is there?

  • hammondsphoto
    hammondsphoto 6 years ago

    I had an Axe-FX II for a while. Like the Kemper, recorded you'd never know the difference. If I was in the studio a lot one of these high-end modellers would be a no brainer. But I've never got into the 'programming patches' mentality. And on the Axe FX I used a Fender and Marshall amps 99% of the time so it was massive overkill for me. Five knobs and a few pedals and I feel at home. But mind-blowingly cool tech, though

  • John Reid
    John Reid 6 years ago +24

    Thanks, guys- just bought a Kemper, and I'm feeling rather smug at the minute. 👍

  • Lancelot Link
    Lancelot Link 5 years ago +1

    Bottom line is if you have to try that hard to hear a difference then it can't really be that different. Kemper isn't cheap but if you buy one amp you are buying dozens. Pretty impressive stuff.

  • Jon Warner
    Jon Warner 6 years ago

    Listening through high quality studio monitors, I nailed it. Right down to being convinced that neither high gain was a valve amp (didn't expect you'd actually done it though). Good on Kemper though, they sound incredible. Also, Danish Pete is perhaps the biggest stud on the planet.

  • Emre Emre
    Emre Emre 5 years ago

    Well I think the Kemper sounds more hi-fi in both cases and closer to the recorded sounds we all grew up with. So it seems to sound 'better'. Tube is more direct in reflecting the pick-attack and hence the 'rawness' of the sound. I couldn't play tubes when I got back to playing after years because I had grown up with processors. If you want to sound hi-fi and your playing be smoothed out a bit, yes Kemper. I am not sure if that is going to sound best in a live setting though, so still may not cut it for Chappers.

  • gonzo vlogs
    gonzo vlogs 3 years ago

    Is it possible, being how good they are at making profiles that you’ll pick the Kemper as the amp almost every time. I feel like with the Kemper you can tweak what you would want the amp to sound like. I think it’s hard to remember the imperfections an amp produces. If you’re waiting to hear what you want to hear you’ll probably pick the Kemper over an amp every time.

  • perlan77
    perlan77 3 years ago

    A technical question, how did you guys profile the amps? Did you use a DI box and created a Direct Amp profile (w/o the cab) or a studio profile and later disabled the cab module? A DA profile would have been more true to the amp

  • Danny Beardsley
    Danny Beardsley 6 years ago +15

    Great video. I'm interested to see your thoughts on the Fractal Audio Axe FX ii. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see a demo video from you guys!

    • Jeff Hester
      Jeff Hester 6 years ago +4

      Would love to see them take the exact same approach with an Axe Fx 2. Then do one to see if they could pick the Axe Fx vs Kemper.

    • Danny Beardsley
      Danny Beardsley 6 years ago +1

      That's a good point and unfortunate because I think it would make a great video and Chappers & The Captain would be pleasantly surprised!

    • flips220
      flips220 6 years ago +1

      @Daniel Beardsley Right, but that's not the point of Anderton's videos. They're about advertising the gear they carry in their store. Sure they do lots of fun stuff, but it's still based around their stock. At the end of the day, this is all business, and Fractal isn't part of their business.

    • Danny Beardsley
      Danny Beardsley 6 years ago

      I'm sure these guys can get hold of one to demo.

    • M
      M 6 years ago

      Fractal doesn't sell through retailers AFAIK.

  • All for Tone Channel
    All for Tone Channel 6 years ago

    I think the definite problem was, since these are amp heads, running the amps through the secondary speaker. Essentially, it's an unfair advantage to the Kemper which is basically doing what it's designed to do, which is to running through something else. Essentially it's like the perfect pre-amp. Also, the amps in video could have really poor direct outs. I'd love to compare Kempers to amps like AC30s, Deluxe Reverb, etc, and listening to them in a mix. Must admit, I was shocked by the results of the vid.

  • Lysdexia
    Lysdexia 6 years ago

    Cracking good combo of entertainment and info - likeable people, superb playing and a result to drive a stake into the heart of gear snobs everywhere.
    F'n loved it!

  • Nikolaj Christensen
    Nikolaj Christensen 6 years ago

    When you consider microdelays on digital stuff keep the speed of sound and the distance to speaker in mind. It actually does matter. 1 foot corresponds to 1 ms of delay.

  • Wakjob
    Wakjob 6 years ago

    I liked the what the KPA did to the amps I profiled. It seemed to take out the artifacts in the distorted sounds that I don't like, and gave it better string-to-string clarity. But in the end, I felt the same way the Captain did. Some sort of soft pick attack compression and/or latency that I couldn't overcome, even with help from the KPA forum.

  • Bradley Ard
    Bradley Ard 4 years ago

    I'm now wishing I could afford a Kemper. That amp is amazing.

  • Judd Rizzo
    Judd Rizzo 5 years ago

    Thank you for actually addressing the Feel of the amps/devices. Very, very few people do that in videos. ... and for me that is Super-important!

  • Stefan Barbu
    Stefan Barbu 5 years ago

    just got a kemper and it sounds amazing! the only reason why I am not selling my JCM800 is the romantic side of me that still likes a tube amp ... but... for recording and night time practice ... and easy gigging .... and amazing sound....the kemper is great!

  • The Sryg
    The Sryg 6 years ago +6

    I'd love to see a shoot out of helix vs axe fx vs kemper vs bias amp.
    For the sake of fours. Please do that!!

  • Diax1324
    Diax1324 6 years ago

    I was wrong on the silverback and right on the bluesbreaker. I guess that makes sense, since I use a vox on the normal channel at about 3/4 and boost with a fuzz. Either way, surprised me a lot. I still prefer having a nice big tube amp than a box with a computer ;)

  • thestrawbear
    thestrawbear 4 years ago

    Hi all. Great video.
    I think the nature of the beast has meant that it has probably taken a while for everyone to dial in to the Kemper, and also how to demonstrate it properly. Your very early Kemper videos don’t do it justice really. So maybe a time for a revisit with some amp heads you know and the Kemper running through the same cab ???

  • Festus Hagan
    Festus Hagan 6 years ago

    I'm pretty impressed, and that's not easily done. I have a question for you guys. If I sit and jam for 2 or 3 hours with a 40 or 50 watt tube amp and solid state amp, which will use the most electricity in the same time period. I would think it was the tube amp since transistors are pretty low draw. I'm just curious about this and wanting to be a little Eco-friendly. What's your opinion?