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Headie One ft AJ Tracey & Stormzy - Ain't It Different

  • Published on Aug 19, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Stream/Download 'Ain't It Different' here: HeadieOne.lnk.to/AddAintItDif...
    Stream/ Download Headie's Debut UK #1 Album 'Edna' here: headieone.lnk.to/EdnaOutNow
    Produced By: FRED and Toddla T
    Director: Taz Tron Delix
    Production Company: COMPULSORY
    Exec Producer: Kiran Mandla
    Producer: Ghandi El-Chamaa
    DOP: Harry Wheeler
    Production Designer: Liz El-Khadi
    Stylist: Holly Adamthwaite
    Grade: The Mill
    Yassine N’Choubi (statue)
    Kelvin Chim (butterflies)
    Baran Sabuncuoglu (butterflies)
    #HeadieOne #Edna #AJTracey #Stormzy
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    IG: headieone
    Twitter: headieone
    Snapchat - bwfsfinest
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  • Jaian Patel
    Jaian Patel 3 years ago +564

    This is the maddest lineup of the year. Headie One, Stormzy and AJ Tracey. Arguably the 3 biggest artists in UK music right now. 2020 has been the year of lineups for sure.

    • Marcus Warren
      Marcus Warren 3 years ago +93

      come on this is a banger but have u heard of dave?

    • Mrckid97
      Mrckid97 3 years ago +48

      Marcus Warren Dave is top 3 in general but not on current “form” or “activity” guy hasn’t released anything since that drill song which is nearly a year ago?

    • HA
      HA 3 years ago +15

      u heard of fredo ?

    • Mrckid97
      Mrckid97 3 years ago +66

      HBTL behave 😂😭

    • Fuad Sarwar
      Fuad Sarwar 3 years ago +30

      Mrckid97 man said behave Fredo is better than both aj and headie one 🤪

  • txm 7247
    txm 7247 2 years ago +1105

    Aj‘s flow is just fire

    • alexis /Na
      alexis /Na 2 years ago +9

      spent like ten years grindin'

    • alexis /Na
      alexis /Na 2 years ago +23

      @Iqram Hussain you're called Iqram Hussain, ain't it different?

    • Iqram Hussain
      Iqram Hussain 2 years ago

      @alexis /Na nope it's normal

    • alexis /Na
      alexis /Na 2 years ago +8

      @Iqram Hussain you don't get it! do ya?

  • djriskykut
    djriskykut 2 years ago +441

    this beat is killer and with that vocal sample is f+cking sick. (Edit) this guys production skills are just another level

    • thomas loves trains
      thomas loves trains 2 years ago +7

      Dont swear

    • Chebaby
      Chebaby 2 years ago +8

      I agree dont swear

      HAYNESY 2 years ago +11

      its the riff off butterfly by crazy town

    • luey
      luey 2 years ago +11

      @HAYNESY wrong, its a red hot chilli peppers riff, from a song pretty litte ditty. Crazy Town sampled it. Just like Headie one has

    • cba. literally can’t.
      cba. literally can’t. Year ago +9

      @luey here we see the effects of different generations lol

  • Birb
    Birb 2 years ago +546

    I keep coming back again and again for AJ's verse.
    Don't need caffeine to start the day when I've got that flow to get me hyped up.

  • DelmiraVesna
    DelmiraVesna Year ago +94

    I love how tracks from 90s-00s are making a come-back thru new age music.

    • Thanos
      Thanos  Year ago +5

      Pretty little ditty is 80s mate

    • England’s Biggest Music Nerd
      England’s Biggest Music Nerd Year ago +4

      @Thanos I think he’s talking about ‘Butterfly’ by Crazy Town, a song that samples the guitar line from ‘Pretty Little Ditty’.

    • Thanos
      Thanos  Year ago +4

      @England’s Biggest Music Nerd but crazy town has nothing to do with this song. It samples pretty little ditty not crazy town. 🤷‍♂️

    • Jacob Avners
      Jacob Avners 3 months ago

      Actually samples don't always work so well, but this number actually nailed it!

  • Ricardo White
    Ricardo White Year ago +28

    This is a masterpiece 👏 🙌 ✨ the way they mix all the difference music in one track

  • Prodboi48
    Prodboi48 3 years ago +180

    Headie is one of the versatile artists in the scene.

    • Ryan Hall
      Ryan Hall 3 years ago +8

      Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang aye he is you melt

    • T K1
      T K1 3 years ago +1

      Never heard of jhus?

    • Victor Fajuyitan
      Victor Fajuyitan 3 years ago

      straight facts

    • Tom
      Tom 3 years ago +2

      I mean he's easily the least versatile of these 3

  • Aneel Akram
    Aneel Akram 2 years ago +26

    The production on this is off the charts. The hook, visuals and flow on point. 👊

  • Lis
    Lis 2 years ago +57

    Whoever produced this did a great job

  • Mac Attack 89
    Mac Attack 89 Year ago +73

    The whole production of the song and the visuals are on point, I love each individual flow adding to the song as a whole. But the thing that tops it for me is the Giant Headie One statue. That’s a dope ass visual, mans on top of the game

    • geronimo8159
      geronimo8159 Year ago +1

      Lol, yeah, like some street Buddha 🤣

    • wee note
      wee note 6 days ago +1

      Some people are fake to kodela x.

  • Douglas Murray
    Douglas Murray Year ago +73

    AJ has dominated the UK with he's sick lyrics,everyone needs to get this n listen daily

  • Rhino
    Rhino 4 days ago

    The use of butterflies in the video based on the sample track is awesome. What a song

  • Poker Set
    Poker Set 3 years ago +1828

    This actually bangs the more I hear it.

    • Lucy Blades
      Lucy Blades 3 years ago +11


    • Xbox Shorts
      Xbox Shorts 2 years ago +23

      The sample helps massively great choice

    • jt7
      jt7 2 years ago +6

      Fr tho

    • Samuel Lloyd-Kelly
      Samuel Lloyd-Kelly 2 years ago +19

      Same, didn't like it at first lol, now one of the years best.

    • Mimey
      Mimey 2 years ago +4


  • Black Tiers
    Black Tiers 2 years ago +22

    Stormzy will never disappoint

  • AJ
    AJ 2 years ago +14

    This beat is incredible. Great work!

  • Lee Younis
    Lee Younis 5 months ago +1

    On repeat for days 🎉

  • Chantelle 1990
    Chantelle 1990 2 years ago +8

    This song always gets me deep in the feels. 🔥👌

  • Lee Moran
    Lee Moran 11 months ago +5

    this song should definitely be number one...our close to that on the irish charts if it was placed on air in the, right way this song is honestly a Grammy because he definitely hit it different on this on it needs to be recognized and it will blow

  • JC
    JC 3 years ago +822

    I have a feeling this might be a number one track in the making

    • GoldBullet
      GoldBullet 3 years ago +82

      had the potential to be but the execution was lackingg

    • JC
      JC 3 years ago +10

      GoldBulletGaming idk I still think it will contest for no1

    • AH3
      AH3 3 years ago +28

      @GoldBullet execution was poor, not suprised though, fredagain produced it

    • GoldBullet
      GoldBullet 3 years ago +19

      @AH3 had the same reaction when i saw he produced it, guys gonna get more hate for this 😭😂

    • Daniel A
      Daniel A 3 years ago +4

      @AH3 Fred again is a solid producer tho wtf

  • noble
    noble 2 years ago +1744

    my man sampled a 2000 uk garage track and a late 90s song from a cheesy
    popish rap/rock group into a grime song with drill hi hats at the end
    blending genres together seamlessly is extremely difficult
    whoever produced this is ahead of his game.

    • Rhian Jauncey
      Rhian Jauncey 2 years ago +3


    • Dee Ray
      Dee Ray 2 years ago +181

      Crazy town butterfly was a hard tune lol, wasn't cheesy

    • Mishitsa Dohan
      Mishitsa Dohan 2 years ago +70

      old RHCP sample

    • Hrbl.
      Hrbl. 2 years ago +18

      You can hear the Toddla T production on this. The bass, the drums and crisp sampling is 100% Toddla T. Idk who Fred is but if it didn't have his name on the credits tbh I wouldn't have noticed it was co-produced. Toddla T is an animal and a lot of people don't realize his catalog

  • El
    El 3 days ago

    Stormz never disappoints 🤩

  • corv
    corv 2 years ago +16

    i cannot stop listening to this. the vocals in the background just go so hard

  • Karan Rana
    Karan Rana 2 years ago +26

    Never thought that beat in slow tempo is gonna sound this awesome. Remember this as crazytown’s butterfly , but this is dope 👍🏻👌🏻

    • Dani Alves
      Dani Alves 7 months ago +1

      Its actually Red hot chilli peppers Brother

  • Karl Taylor
    Karl Taylor 2 years ago +31

    3 wise men kicking up the heat all the time.these tunes always with you all the time.

  • Horizon Music
    Horizon Music 3 years ago +717

    Absolutely rating the use of older samples in current uk music, Levels above just like PA Salieu and bang out

    • Gary
      Gary 3 years ago

      Wwhwts the office so

    • Gary
      Gary 3 years ago +8

      Horizon Music crazy- butterflies

    • tarqo
      tarqo 3 years ago +2

      Bang out goes hard

    • missMORGZ
      missMORGZ 3 years ago +1

      This beat is my favourite one, out them all!!

  • Dillon Gerber
    Dillon Gerber 2 years ago +5

    Damn this song gave me chills. The sample is genius 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Ali Malik
    Ali Malik Year ago +10

    This collaboration is like when you go to choose what mix of juice you want and take a risk and it turns out to be the best thing to your mouth 😂


    vocals are perfect! incredible piece

  • Mage Leopard91
    Mage Leopard91 2 years ago +6

    Can listen to this over and over love it

  • fastfoxblox
    fastfoxblox 2 years ago +8

    That beat is incredible

  • Mixtape Madness
    Mixtape Madness 3 years ago +4305

    Them digestive birthday cakes are a problem still

    • Rohan FC
      Rohan FC 3 years ago +38

      Mixtape Madness 😂😂😂

    • Adam Lasten
      Adam Lasten 3 years ago +39

      Happy Thanos Oh god 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Joe Clutton
      Joe Clutton 3 years ago +279

      Cos on jail you can't buy a birthday cake so you make one by breaking digestive up melting chocolate in the kettle and mixing them together. It's clever wordplay that only people who have been to jail would know about hence the reason multiple comments ate completely ignorant to it making his word play even more effective

    • Trappz10x 3
      Trappz10x 3 3 years ago +17

      Happy Thanos Grey people smh

    • Jaidev Jhaj
      Jaidev Jhaj 3 years ago +22

      @Joe Clutton my guy

  • Riley’s game Channel
    Riley’s game Channel 2 years ago +20

    This song never gets old 🥵🥵

  • Dharmil Asawla
    Dharmil Asawla 2 years ago +42

    Absolute in-car banger, imagine if it was in the clubs.

  • luke banks
    luke banks 2 years ago +63

    Aj has killed the UK scene !! Absolutely tore it a new one 😍

  • antfrmfl
    antfrmfl Year ago +4

    The beat is heavenly

  • The prophecy
    The prophecy Year ago +13

    AJ goes in on this man. Flow is lovely

  • Brad W
    Brad W 3 years ago +126

    That Butterfly sample was a cold throwback 🥶🦋

    • yeti onfire
      yeti onfire 3 years ago +1

      That's what the sample is !

    • Celeb Status
      Celeb Status 3 years ago

      Whats the sample from I swear I've heard it before

    • Ka em eL
      Ka em eL 3 years ago +1

      @Celeb Status Crazy Town - Butterfly

    • Metric
      Metric 3 years ago +10

      @Ka em eL The original actually comes from Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pretty Little Ditty

    • Ka em eL
      Ka em eL 3 years ago

      @Metric yup, U right, but obv Fred used one from Butterfly which sound kinda dif.

    CRETA TOURS 2 years ago +21

    AJ Tracey kills it.

  • Gaelen Jordan
    Gaelen Jordan 4 months ago +1

    They did right by that beat. Brought me back to younger years. Good song.

  • Devil Angel
    Devil Angel 4 months ago

    Impossible not to start bubbling away from the second the track starts 🤾‍♀️

  • Stefan Furnea
    Stefan Furnea 2 years ago +3

    A fucking banger mate , keep up the good work , prayers🙏

  • The lawlesss one son of perdition

    2 years later and it's still 💯🔥

  • tomuga
    tomuga 3 years ago +41

    this is such an aj tracey beat, and it shows, man killed it🥶

    • Beargrylls is ownage
      Beargrylls is ownage 3 years ago


    • A
      A 3 years ago +1

      He’s finally back from chart music. Can’t wit for secure the bag 2

  • Abood Hamood
    Abood Hamood 2 years ago +7

    On repeat all day all week all monthh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    SONYA ENGLISH Year ago +3

    I enjoy this type of music it’s very catchy I embarrass my son as I always play it love it wish it was around when I was younger

  • kerry
    kerry Year ago +2

    Absolutely 💯 love it 🔥 🔥

  • MBF 4055
    MBF 4055 Year ago

    Headie one kills it well done bruv

    DJ HENRI 11 months ago +1

    YEE!!! This is So Fire🔥🔥🔥YEAH BOY!!! Mad Beat I Like The Hi Hats This is Amazing Let’s Go YEAH!!! This is Lit Keep Up The Great Work

  • DT
    DT 3 years ago +13

    This track is produced clean and perfect. Just saying regardless of if I like the artists or not, this is incredible

  • Pawel Karpinski
    Pawel Karpinski 3 years ago

    Sztos 🔥💣

  • Megan O'Brien
    Megan O'Brien 2 years ago +15

    Man I'm addicted to this song it's just unreal always be a tune

  • Jay Davies
    Jay Davies Year ago +1

    I can see 3 og gangsters ripping it up enjoying life! Respect they put everything into their music for us to enjoy! Keep it up

  • Donavan Jones
    Donavan Jones 2 years ago +2

    This is fire 🔥 all heat from open to shut

  • Simon Chrismas
    Simon Chrismas Year ago +2

    Good music is good music and this is pure 🔥😎.

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 years ago +36

    The Producer actually needs credit for this master piece. Banging remix

    • Rahimo Rahimo
      Rahimo Rahimo 3 years ago

      It's not a remix

    • James Bond
      James Bond 3 years ago +7

      @Rahimo Rahimo okay then mate. So they didnt sample crazytown butterflies... remixed it with that vocals from bump n grind to make this song??? Sure whatever you say pal

    • James Bond
      James Bond 3 years ago +4

      @joobs my kids crying now thanks mate

  • Michelle Nkata
    Michelle Nkata Year ago +1

    The transition to the drill beat still bangs🔥🔥🔥

  • Mariah Aiken
    Mariah Aiken 9 months ago +5

    First time hearing this song and I'm literally in love

  • Ozhiphopshop
    Ozhiphopshop 2 months ago

    Dope track 🔥🔥

  • jacqui senior
    jacqui senior 2 years ago +7

    As a Gran now I salute you All. You took Music I loved from Back in The Day and Gave me the feel Good Music again. Thank You ❤️

  • antfrmfl
    antfrmfl Year ago +1

    Song will never get old man🇬🇧

  • Trizzy
    Trizzy 3 years ago +128

    this is one of the hardest beats to come out of the UK. The sampling in this is off the chain. Bump and grind (GARAGE) CRAZY TOWN BUTTERFLY ???? Wow.

    • Deep Master Funk
      Deep Master Funk 3 years ago +2

      For real man.. underrated af.

    • Soapy Bubbles
      Soapy Bubbles 3 years ago +12

      is actually a red hot chilli peppers tune, pretty little ditty that guitar riff is from

    • I said What I said!
      I said What I said! 3 years ago

      Soapy Bubbles It’s both, I think. I can hear both tunes now.

    • Philip Baldock
      Philip Baldock 3 years ago +1

      @Soapy Bubbles every one keeps saying this but I can't hear it when I play it plus there are butterflies in this music video

    • Run Wild
      Run Wild 3 years ago

      the original is by Lady Saw called No long talking

  • Aleksander
    Aleksander Year ago +3

    One of the best beats I've heard in the 2020s

  • Incognito boy
    Incognito boy Year ago +2

    This is some next level raps ❤😍😍

    N3TFLIXXXX 2 years ago +6

    The visuals are sick ‼️

    RYAN_BAMBROUGH 2 years ago +78

    This song is the difference between icons and iconic. Makes me proud to be British

  • Benjamin Adlaßnig
    Benjamin Adlaßnig 2 years ago

    I love this beat

  • T
    T 3 years ago +27

    They need to make these 3 a trio if they kept on coming out with songs like this them 3 the uk music scene would actually be way better

    • Lusala
      Lusala 3 years ago +4

      Flixzsy we need an album like insomnia with these 3

    • T
      T 3 years ago +1

      Lusala that would be hard

    • Buzzshot
      Buzzshot 3 years ago

      Lusala it would be cold but it would hit like insomnia did

    • T
      T 3 years ago

      Rack2K 32 no one cares

  • J Prodz
    J Prodz 2 years ago +2

    The beat is straight fire 🔥

  • Gabriella Leão
    Gabriella Leão Year ago +2

    FODA! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nessa Tovey
    Nessa Tovey 2 years ago

    Love it!!!

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Year ago +3

    Greetings from Dallas, North Carolina, United States, I love y'all's music so much. Keep up the amazing work ♥️♥️🥰🥰Keep it up the with your amazing music!

    • Darius Wale
      Darius Wale Year ago

      Preciate the fact that you appreciate our countries rappers 🫡

  • Guffers19
    Guffers19 3 years ago +85

    "spent like 10 years grindin, covered in diamonds neva been minin, came thru mans still shinin". AJ takin over 🔥

  • nigel egan
    nigel egan 3 years ago +1

    absolute gold 🙏 there producer is gifted also👌

  • Merhawi Negash
    Merhawi Negash 2 years ago +1

    I love this song honestly

  • Arctic Martian
    Arctic Martian Year ago +1

    Year on and still a banger

  • Leandro Fernandes
    Leandro Fernandes 2 years ago +5

    I just found out this song. And everytime I listen I smile. This is a banger. Love from Portugal

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +1

    That flip of that beat is killa!!

  • Razorlight123
    Razorlight123 3 years ago +130

    Stormzy's flow is on a different level, easily universally acceptable

    • hzssxn
      hzssxn 3 years ago +23

      @BN5 why would anyone want a clean version

  • The prophecy
    The prophecy Year ago

    Also I know stormzy is a big name in the game but this man is still underrated. He’s so talented

  • parsiwalus
    parsiwalus 3 years ago

    Wow ten sampel z Crazy Town butterfly jest mega świetny 😊

  • MattLee333
    MattLee333 Month ago

    Some awesome lyrics there bruv

  • becky 8
    becky 8 Month ago

    lyrics in this are Sick 🙌🏼

  • Paul Tindall
    Paul Tindall Month ago

    Everything Fred touches bro I swear 🔥

  • Ronald Koeman
    Ronald Koeman 3 years ago +78

    They say 'how will you persuade Messi to stay?'' I simply tell them: Headie One, AJ & Stormzy - maddest lineup.

  • Bloody Sword
    Bloody Sword 10 months ago +3

    AJ man, he is crazy, every his tune goes hard

  • COYG- Come On You Gunners 🇰🇪254

    AJ Tracey 🙌 one of the finest rappers of our age.

  • Dean marlow
    Dean marlow Year ago

    I love this tune xx

  • Xiztyx Twitch
    Xiztyx Twitch 2 years ago +1

    This combo is so Amazing

  • Noemi D'Angelo
    Noemi D'Angelo 2 years ago +4

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers sound NEVER DIES. 🌶🎸🔥

  • S W
    S W 3 years ago +12

    UK is definitely in a league of its own when it comes to urban music. What a banger 👍🏻

    • ARD3N VXR
      ARD3N VXR 3 years ago +6

      Tell 'em Sophie. Hope you bang this tune in your local Starbucks

    • Zakai Ezi
      Zakai Ezi 3 years ago

      Don’t ever call this music urban again wth

    • S W
      S W 3 years ago +1

      Zakai Ezi rap, hip hop, r&b, music of black origin was always classified under the urban umbrella including grime in its latter years. Either way, whatever genre you define it as it’s a banger.

  • Terans
    Terans Year ago

    This song goes hard💯

  • Mo ★
    Mo ★ Year ago

    The produccy on this still amazes me 💥

  • Jedd_Inchy_87
    Jedd_Inchy_87 Year ago

    Production on this is unbelievable 🔥 👏

  • jaiden clegg
    jaiden clegg 2 years ago +1

    Song is insane I luv it

  • Dennis Fisher
    Dennis Fisher 2 years ago

    Headie killing it

  • Iatsham Manzoor
    Iatsham Manzoor 3 years ago +54

    Them three together on a track gona be fireeee

  • Mark Gray
    Mark Gray Year ago

    Great track brew relate totally keep moving keep bubbling !

  • S DSMe
    S DSMe 2 years ago

    Wicked track, just stunning!

  • Simon Chrismas
    Simon Chrismas Year ago +3

    Can't stop listening to this.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 2 years ago +1

    Stormzy is getting big here in the states. People here love grime not the crap that comes out here. Keep grindin boys y'all got love here