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The Dumbest Laptop DELL Ever Made - Dell XPS m2010

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    There are many impractical laptops out there.. but at a whopping 21 pounds (9.5kg) the Dell XPS m2010 might be the most impractical laptop ever built.
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    Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa / mbarek_abdel
    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE
    0:00 Intro
    1:06 What is it?
    3:17 The Price
    5:16 Tour of the outside + cool formats
    10:15 Using it
    12:08 The Display
    12:55 The webcam
    13:57 Storage
    14:20 The Graphics Card
    16:09 Gaming + Speakers
    17:30 The Blu-ray Works!
    18:27 Teardown
    21:35 Linus being Linus
    21:45 The motherboard + CPU
    24:44 Benchmarks
    25:30 Can it run Crysis?
    27:12 Outrro
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  • 4carhur1more
    4carhur1more 8 months ago +3006

    I have to say, I'm completely in favor of more videos like this that cover old hardware like this. With Linus' extensive knowledge of old tech and his regular propensity for dad jokes and dropping things, it's equally informative and entertaining.

    • Thyrox.
      Thyrox. 8 months ago +43

      In combination with anthony would be nice, since he probably has experience with older tech too.

    • AlexLexx
      AlexLexx 8 months ago +15

      "extensive knowledge of old tech" kek. lol. )

    • El Jengibre
      El Jengibre 8 months ago +5

      Would be a lot better if he quit laughing at everything like he doesn't understand that tech evolves. Bahaha! Look how big the battery is! OMG! OMG! WOWW! Look at stupid daughterboard HEHE OMG!

    • Drekel
      Drekel 8 months ago +1


    • TechSowa
      TechSowa 8 months ago +1


  • Steven Wichers
    Steven Wichers 7 months ago +666

    I worked at Dell when these were released. The bluetooth was notorious for breaking. We were also strictly forbidden from referring to these as laptops so people wouldn't hurt themselves and then sue.

    • AdamWolphe
      AdamWolphe 5 months ago +57

      I worked at Office Depot when this was released. I remember the endcap designed for this, and how it was specifically billed as a “Portable Workstation”.

    • Vardaan
      Vardaan 4 months ago +19

      The fact that this was my first pc amaze everyone but it had a reason it was a gift given to me by my late uncle
      edit -I broke it in 2011 I guess and just gave it to someone for repair and no one could do it

    • Ethan Hunt
      Ethan Hunt 4 months ago +2

      @AdamWolphe when u only move it to work sites 1 x a week yes, deffo not a mobile laptop lol
      but the idea sticks on, hell even Razer eventually make a keyboard thick as this one ( like a micropc +keyboard)

    • Anthony Gage
      Anthony Gage 2 months ago +7

      I was on the REC team at the time. I can't count how many of these that I captured and repaired in-house due to the bluetooth pairing issues. But those JBL speakers were awesome!

    • Jeremy Hanson
      Jeremy Hanson Month ago

      @Vardaan Dad's always give you the thing you want. Uncles always give you the thing you didn't ask for x10 - usually turns out to be low key amazing.

  • Potato Dude
    Potato Dude 7 months ago +254

    I'd like to see you guys make this into a sleeper monster machine, i mean, imagine rolling up to an Esports tournament and walking in with this absolute unit.

    • Po Panda
      Po Panda 5 months ago +11

      I have a project going right now to make an eSports all in one for lans and travel and stuff. Laptop ergo is usually horrendous for me. I didn't realize Dell had already(kind of) made one lol

    • Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta
      Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta 2 months ago +2

      It's not that bad to make in to a sleeper

  • artgoat
    artgoat 7 months ago +197

    I was working at Dell when these came out. They were hell in the lab, because the keyboards and mice would happily connect with ANY XPS in the lab in preference to the closest one. You'd try to set one up, and suddenly someone across the lab is typing on your screen. Fortunately you could hard-wire the keyboards and use a wired mouse, but it was a pain.

    • HammerTh
      HammerTh 4 months ago +19

      I had some "these are not your AirPods" try to connect to my phone on a train recently. Good to know that problem is fixed...

    • Ethan Hunt
      Ethan Hunt 4 months ago +7

      BT multipair , even when it wasnt popular yet lol

    • artgoat
      artgoat 4 months ago +11

      @Ethan Hunt If ONLY! Them pairing to your machine would shut YOU out!

    • Pocket Fluff Productions
      Pocket Fluff Productions 2 months ago +6

      I have similar issues with the wireless Logitech mice I got secondhand a few years ago. Both of them automatically pair with both dongles, with no obvious way to disable it. Maybe if I install the proprietary software I'll get some options, but that doesn't help me when one of the computers I want to use it with runs Linux.

  • tgoodwin06
    tgoodwin06 7 months ago +182

    I worked in a laptop repair role for awhile back in the day and this was probably one of my favorite devices to work on because it was so easy to disassemble lol Great video guys!

    • Samuel Collings
      Samuel Collings 7 months ago +9

      I had a tech break one that he couldn't find the release for the panels, we both laughed pretty hard when he figured it out.

  • SkullAngel002
    SkullAngel002 7 months ago +75

    Prior to buying Alienware in 2006, Dell's "XPS" was their gaming and premium PC line. Dell wanted to bridge the gap between laptop and desktop usage and this was born from their efforts. The goal was to provide the biggest gaming monitor possible along with desktop horsepower while still being portable enough to lug around like a laptop(-ish). Last time I saw this was in Iron Man (2008), when Pepper was going through Tony's computer.

    • J C
      J C 2 months ago +2

      Holy shit good memory! Although I think it's obidiah's laptop

  • excited box
    excited box 8 months ago +2386

    They were 17 years ahead of their time. I was literally talking about this yesterday. A desktop PC that is portable now that people are working from home and the office. It literally saves each employee needing 2 workstations.

    • Badly Drawn Cars
      Badly Drawn Cars 8 months ago +147

      I feel like it would work much better in the form of a PC case with an integrated display, keyboard, touchpad, etc kinda like a modern Compaq Portable

    • famitory
      famitory 8 months ago +32

      my ideal would probably be sort of like two really thick AIOs that hinge in the middle as a dual monitor that folds together into a briefcase form factor. one half has the computer, the other has a compartment in the back with the mouse and keyboard and such.

    • lexievv
      lexievv 8 months ago +106

      @Badly Drawn Cars small form factor pc case and displays at the office workplaces. Or.....a laptop. A lot of jobs don't need a lot more power than most modern laptops can offer and are nice for when working while on the go without having access to a desk.

    • Meticulous Tech
      Meticulous Tech 8 months ago +148

      We just use laptops and provide monitors for both locations. Less than 1% of our employees need anything stronger than standard HP business grade gear, especially in a world where 4-8 core CPUs with solid onboard graphics are a dime a dozen. We’d have riots if we asked employees to lug a monstrosity like this back and forth.

    • Meticulous Tech
      Meticulous Tech 8 months ago +8

      @lexievv nailed it

  • onlygonzo
    onlygonzo 7 months ago +90

    As a Dell field engineer around the time when this was released, when I first encountered this at a client site I experienced a significant medical event.

  • Qwertyarse85
    Qwertyarse85 7 months ago +33

    Given how good the screen is and speaker setup, i'd be interested what internals they could put inside or outright replace to make a "modern take" on it.
    Use the chassis (with minor modifications), bang in a new Mobo, M.2, Li-on pack etc etc so make a sleeper PC.

  • MrSmapdi
    MrSmapdi 7 months ago +26

    Built in dial up modem actually makes a ton of sense on this thing if it was really meant as a portable workstation that may be used out "in the field" alongside equipment using dialup for small data transfers.

  • SpicyLuckster
    SpicyLuckster 4 months ago +19

    I think this is actually quite a revolutionary system for its time, it implements futuristic elements and ergonomics with handy features and sleek styling.

  • RevTech
    RevTech 7 months ago +10

    You should have upgraded the ram with 8GB and placed the best CPU compatible for that socket/motherboard. Those old CPU's are SUPER CHEAP and sometime a huge upgrade depending on what's already installed. You could make this into one hell of an emulator PC.

  • Zeriah Binchiette
    Zeriah Binchiette 8 months ago +599

    This laptop was my dream computer back in high school. I ran through the Dell configurator and put together a sick setup that would have only cost a whopping $10k!
    Also, fun fact, this laptop was featured in Iron Man, when Pepper Potts was copying the files off of Obadiah Stane's Dell XPS m2010.

    • Rhodium Thunderbird
      Rhodium Thunderbird 8 months ago +132

      Damn, 15 years ago in movies feels super recent, while 15 years ago in tech feels like the ancient past.

    • Jason
      Jason 8 months ago +4

      @Rhodium Thunderbird yeah,that's real

    • hudson sabal
      hudson sabal 8 months ago +28

      What would an updated one even look like? Lmao. With that much space and todays silicon it could literally have a threadripper and a 4090 if you wanted.

    • This Can Be Pronounced
      This Can Be Pronounced 8 months ago +13

      Just opened up the movie (happened to get to that scene with a single click, I might add, haha), and yup, there it is! Whole monitor shown, might be a bit of product placement lol. Best view is when he comes over and sees the screensaver. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sup D
      Sup D 8 months ago +6

      @hudson sabal There wouldn't really be a need to add a Disk Drive, and even if one is added, they are quite compact now.
      Also cooling solution would be a lot better as well with that amount of space saved from the disk drive.
      IO would be great as well, with possibility of inbuilt 4K capture cards.
      Weight would be reduced as well, because of lighter panel's.

  • Kepler_2258
    Kepler_2258 7 months ago +47

    That casing actually might have been magnesium alloy, I’ve taken apart some older laptops from that era before and it looked the same, if you look on the exposed metal you should see a “Mg” symbol, that means it’s Magnesium, some of the laptops I had actually were dead so I burned small pieces of the magnesium casing and it creates a Blinding White/Greenish White light, if anyone wants to do this, make sure you have eye protection, because burning magnesium also emits UV Rays

    • Stefan Asmussen
      Stefan Asmussen 6 months ago +4

      Older Thinkpads used to have a magnesium frame, that was what made them so tough.

    • Kepler_2258
      Kepler_2258 6 months ago +3

      @Stefan Asmussen yea, i got most of mine from those Panasonic Toughbooks
      From the 2006-2010 era, I actually had a decent one from the parts of all of them that I put together, Had a Radeon HD5860 1GB card with a i5 1st gen, 8gb ram and a 500gb SSD, nice little system and it would play some low Demanding games really well

  • Whereabouts Unknown
    Whereabouts Unknown 7 months ago +5

    It actually looks like a cool concept for a "portable" all-in-one. Which would suit businesses for desk moves, etc. But certainly not something to use practically as a laptop.

  • Grely Moly Cremp
    Grely Moly Cremp 7 months ago +9

    Man, this takes me back to my dad’s old Toshiba laptop; 18lbs, 2” thick. Truly amazing history - please make more of these!

  • Brien Malone
    Brien Malone 7 months ago +5

    Wow. What a throwback. In 2006, I was trying to decide between this and the M1710. I went with the 17 because it had better specs for gaming and would actually fit (barely) in my laptop backpack. It weighed a ton, but the screen was amazing! I used that laptop for at least a decade. If it had a 64bit processor, I’d still probably be using it to this day. My version had an Nvidia card but I remember those fans and the massive heat sink piping. Good times!! Good gaming, too!

  • David Horn
    David Horn 7 months ago +7

    i had one and i loved working with it. i love big displays and i had a second 21“ screen attached at the office. also the keyboard was great to type on. i threw mine away last year … fully functional … oops! mainly because that fake leather finish turned into that sticky plastic over the years and it was gross to touch it. it also came with a custom fit laptop bag … with wheels and a retractable handle. a truly unique piece of tec … :)

  • ansonx10
    ansonx10 8 months ago +684

    I really appreciate the length and pacing of this video. It doesn't feel rushed like other videos sometimes do. Too often it feels like Linus is just trying to get done with the video as quickly as possible, without taking time to actually "have fun" with whatever thing they're doing. I've always watched LTT primarily because of the "fun" aspect.

    • only9letters
      only9letters 8 months ago +56

      Couldn't agree more 👐
      The Blu-ray attempt would've died after the first try normally, keyboard as well 👌

    • Ray Lopez
      Ray Lopez 8 months ago +4

      I play Linux at 2x speed always so I don't mind "rushed". Sounds better too at 1.5x or higher, IMO.

    • 2007 Mazda Furai
      2007 Mazda Furai 8 months ago +6

      I was gonna watch this video, but Linus said I might as well just read the comments.

    • Ray Lopez
      Ray Lopez 8 months ago +1

      @TheZerok666 Say what?

  • mdav9609
    mdav9609 7 months ago +2

    My friend got one of these and it was awesome. I got to borrow for a couple of weeks just to play around with it. It was super awesome not gonna lie. The one thing I hated was over time that rubber coating on the outside was super sticky. Regardless, I like to see outrageous tech like this and really enjoyed this one.

  • SethX965
    SethX965 2 months ago +1

    I think a modern version of this would rock. With the popularity of working from home, I think a transportable workstation could do pretty well (as long as it was somewhat affordable).

  • killershark90
    killershark90 7 months ago +5

    I used to have a compaq laptop and the upgrade batteries for it had capacity indicators on them because, among me and my peers anyway, having multiple batteries back then was pretty common and chargers that could charge your battery external to the laptop were a thing I remember a few of us having too lol. Treating your laptop like a power tool "yeah AFK I gotta change my battery" lmao

  • Xerro Media
    Xerro Media 7 months ago +3

    I wanted the m2010 so bad growing up, then by the time I had that kind of money to spend there were infinitely better laptops out there. That's some nostalgia right there lol

  • Adam
    Adam 7 months ago +3

    Imagine if the laptop companies started bringing back "luggable" form factor computers like the portables of the 80s, this is about what I'd imagine they'd look like

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith 8 months ago +521

    I'm not gonna lie. I really want an updated version

    • mcborge1
      mcborge1 8 months ago +45

      Same, and a modern version would be thinner and lighter, which would make it less of a pain to lug around even at that screen size.

    • haphazard1342
      haphazard1342 8 months ago +46

      I want to see them upgrade every possible component on this thing to see what it's like.

    • Julian Cantarelli
      Julian Cantarelli 8 months ago +19

      @haphazard1342 Yes, this!! An ssd, some more ram, win 10.

    • Wiesshund
      Wiesshund 8 months ago +12

      @mcborge1 I would not exactly want it terribly thinner and lighter
      Prefer not to go flexing a 20" screen closing the lid etc.
      Instead of thinner and lighter, id rather put a sick modern tech lithium battery solution in it that is like 400,000wh
      which might be doable given the smaller size of a lot of modern components and the now lack of need for express card and 30 in 2 card readers, 2.5 inch HDD's, the fact no one uses optical drives much anymore and some other things.
      Could probably get one battery in the lid itself and one in the base?
      And a monster cooling setup
      Be neat to make one that is some insane intel/nvidia combo, with kinda no regard for battery life
      just to say you have a i9 24 core RTX 4090 gaming laptop that kills 400k wh in 2 hours or less :)
      And then do one based on AMD with a low watt cpu and some kind of mobile GPU based off the RX 6600
      with reduced power draw, get a combined cpu and gpu draw of under 100 watts maybe
      Kind of go for a game as long as possible on the battery scenario.
      Walking into a LAN party, and setting down your laptop for everyone to feel the table go thud and the floor shake
      would be hilarious.

  • AyeJimbae
    AyeJimbae 7 months ago +4

    I would love to see someone take one of these and completely “custom hotrod” modernize this thing.
    Keep the entire exterior aesthetic, but start to finish make it more of a monster than Alex’s laptop.
    And FORCE Alex to daily drive it.

  • Henrik Noree
    Henrik Noree 7 months ago +2

    It would be interesting to see a video about upgrading this ‘laptop’ and installing windows 10 to see what it’s capable of when it’s maxed out. Although I understood from the video that finding parts for it is a problem. I still hope you make a follow up video though.

  • A Distraction
    A Distraction 7 months ago +2

    It would be nice to have a similar form factor for a modular notebook. Middle ground between a notebook and a monoblock all-in-one pc's.

  • The Slime that Tanks
    The Slime that Tanks 7 months ago +6

    actually one of the best designs ive seen. this is actually a fantastic design and could probably be made very high end with still fantastic cooling with proper redesigning.

  • blackkat101
    blackkat101 7 months ago +1

    I have a friend who lugs around his desktop to other's house when playing games with them instead of using a laptop.
    Something like this seems perfect as, like you said, it's essentially a portable desktop.
    It would be amazing if someone made a suitcase sized desktop, handle and all just like this, but with modern hardware to make it truly into a full gaming computer.
    Of course, it would probably have to be a custom build...., but having all those speakers, sub-woofer too would just be the icing on the cake when you show it off.

  • HullarsRedDust
    HullarsRedDust 8 months ago +417

    I would love to see a video where Alex and team attempt to make this a modern sleeper while keeping as many core unique components as possible!

    • Jeewaka Fernando
      Jeewaka Fernando 8 months ago +33

      Imagine this shell with framework PC components

    • lchanceiv
      lchanceiv 8 months ago +1


    • Srijit Mondal
      Srijit Mondal 8 months ago +17

      It would destroy this fantastic machine!
      Just keep it as it is!

    • Okami NekOkami
      Okami NekOkami 8 months ago +2

      None of this is old or unusual to me. Does that make me old? My first laptop was a 386

    • Adrian Vacaliuc
      Adrian Vacaliuc 8 months ago +10

      I *really* would love too see what a “money is no object” upgrade is possible with this machine. In it’s day, this was the pinnacle of upgradable laptops. It would be wonderful to see what the best MXM GPU is and try to replace it. Also neat to investigate if SSDs can be put in the internal slot or just run an optane 2.5 inch SSD. The more stupid, the more fun. I believe 1080 MXM GPUs exist. It would be cool AF to try to get that to work here.

  • ShotgunFred
    ShotgunFred 5 months ago

    Great video guys! Interesting to see Dells bold innovation back then. You totally read my mind replacing thermal paste and running Crysis! I remember in 2007 running Crysis under Vista using a Asus A8N-sli Athlon X2 4200+ 8800GTS. I had to manually disable all non essential Windows tasks in taskmanager to get tollarable performance! Vista had so many! In 2008 I added a second GPU and it killed my PSU! A new 700W PSU got me back up and running with pretty good performance for the time. It improved with each driver and patch updates. Microsoft made it so you had to upgrade to Vista to be able to play it using Directx10!
    It'll be interesting to see how Crysis runs under XP on that laptop using Directx 9 or with an XP DirectX 10 mod.
    Thanks again for another great video!

  • Matt Fochs
    Matt Fochs 7 months ago +3

    This thing's build quality reminds me of my old M6400 Covet Workstation (anodized orange with full sRGB screen). There was a time when Dell's high-end workstation laptops were absolute beasts!

  • PlopPlop!
    PlopPlop! 7 months ago +2

    This is actually a great design at the wrong price for consumers. I would have bought this back in university (if powerful enough) as I wanted to easily travel back and forth to my parent's place for the weekends and bring that along.

  • dylrees
    dylrees 5 months ago +2

    I want a modern version of this. I think Microsoft could make an insane version of this.

  • Ron
    Ron 7 months ago +3

    Man i miss laptop CPU sockets. My Dell Latitude had one too and i liked the idea that i could get a better CPU for it some day. I don't think i ever did because the screen hinge broke before i even got to that stage, but it was nice to know it could be done.

  • Kevin Elgan
    Kevin Elgan 8 months ago +233

    I had this computer (fully-loaded) and it was a dream! It's not a laptop, it's a portable desktop with a real screen enabling massive productivity from anywhere... with a table. I'd buy this again without hesitation if there was a modern version of this...

    • Korovai
      Korovai 8 months ago +20

      who is the dell employee with the gun to your head

    • Coconut Strawberry
      Coconut Strawberry 8 months ago +14

      Kinda funny you mention that, DIY Perks basically did a DIY version of this with a Framework motherboard recently: clip-share.net/video/aUKpY0o5tMo/video.html

    • Metalface
      Metalface 8 months ago +5

      @Korovai No, I'd totally buy one of these too. This is an incredible thing if you do content creation or especially music production.

    • Zodwraith
      Zodwraith 8 months ago +2

      @Korovai I'd buy a 20" laptop in a heartbeat. It's brainless to me that people compromise on a $2000 laptop because it doesn't fit in their $50 backpack. Just pack it with a backpack it does fit in.

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess 4 months ago

      ​@Zodwraith the hp envy line has 17in desktop replacement laptops and still has dvd drives too the battery is ass though

  • Litl Clutch
    Litl Clutch 5 months ago

    I almost bought one of these back in the day... decided I didn't want something THAT heavy, but man was I disappointed when I used one that a friends dad had got through his work. In the day and running ATI Black drivers, think that is what they were called could be wrong, the thing was AMAZING to play or watch things on. Between the awesome monitor & the sweet sound. It was the monitor that got me into Glossy laptop screens. This was a great video. LOVED IT!

  • Baden Watson
    Baden Watson 2 months ago

    You guys should make this into a modern laptop. It's a huge undertaking but a huge project that LTTT could probably do now.
    Been watching since 2010. Love your stuff guys. I miss scrapyard wars.

  • Unreel
    Unreel 7 months ago +1

    It's like they baked a soundbar into that thing! I remember I used to have a dell soundbar that mounted under a monitor, and that thing had arguably some of the best sounding PC speakers I've ever heard.

  • Rhapsody
    Rhapsody 7 months ago

    I would love to see you guys making a sleeper out of this with modern laptop parts. Like put a framework in it or something :D

  • Michael Driftwood
    Michael Driftwood 8 months ago +420

    How did Dell go from this level of repairability to where they're at now? This is incredible

    • aalexvark
      aalexvark 8 months ago +71

      They lost repairability to get them as thin as Macbook because that's "what consumers wanted"

    • Kady Bailey
      Kady Bailey 8 months ago +58

      The repairability of their mid 2000s latitudes were insane.
      Two screws, replace the sata drive. Want to hot swap the drive bay to a spare battery that fits in the drive slot? No problem. want to swap the main battery to a fresh one? Two tabs and drop a fresh one.
      Dell used to design for repairability in the IT department realm. Then the race to the bottom happened for thin and light designs and the fact that they could cheap out on manufacturing parallel to this was another plus.
      Edit: and I forgot about the monitor! The display was so easy to replace - flip up the tabs just above the keyboard to get at the display connector, undo the hinge mounts through two screws on each side (back and bottom) and away it comes

    • eDoc2020
      eDoc2020 8 months ago +6

      @Kady Bailey The D800 had the best one: two screws on the bottom to remove the fan. Compared to other laptops where you need to take the thing half apart to clean it's a huge improvement.

    • JeskidoYT
      JeskidoYT 8 months ago +3

      thin and light to meet the needs of common businessman in their bags and students in their backpacks.

    • Almarillion
      Almarillion 8 months ago +8

      Even cpus were replacable in old notebooks.

  • Mr. Krabs Choking to Death

    HP made a similar product to this way back when called the HP Pavilion HDX. It was more laptop-y and less AIO-y but still had a similar display mechanism situation.

  • Repair Wins
    Repair Wins 7 months ago +2

    I would like to see Dell or another company have a go at building a modern version of one of these. With more efficient parts, lighter screens and all round better hardware, executed well, this concept could actually work.

  • PeTTs0n88
    PeTTs0n88 7 months ago +2

    Ahh good times of replacing CPUs in laptops - done that a few times and it can certainly give a new lease on life to an old rig. Took an old HP and swapped a Celeron P4600 for an i5-580M, went from 2GB to 8GB DDR3 and a 160GB 5400rpm HDD to a 1TB SSD, slapped in a USB 3.1 ExpressCard/54 and it actually runs Windows 10 pretty acceptable to this day.

  • Jacob N
    Jacob N 4 months ago

    I used to drool over these in the dell magazines my parents let me look through when I was young. These and the XPS M1710. There was no way I could afford either one as a 13 y/o, but I did recently buy an M1710 to make a sleeper out of. Also a bit rare, some coming in at over $600 in working condition.

  • Ben Flashman
    Ben Flashman 4 months ago

    This laptop must be the most awesome mobile device I've ever seen! I mean, for a system of 2006 or so, it has so many features and was built pretty well :)

  • Roger Engman
    Roger Engman 8 months ago +632

    A modern version of this would be wild! You could fit so much battery, crazy sound and just epic parts in a formfactor like this today to make an actaully useful computer. Maybe nobody needs anything like that today since laptops are so good anyway but still. Just imagine how awesome a modern version of this could be.

    • Joel Conolly
      Joel Conolly 8 months ago +3


    • Lord Reset
      Lord Reset 8 months ago +3

      The closest analog imo is a foldable laptop, 16 to 17 inch foldable display that folds down into a 12 inch standard laptop or completely closed.

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands 8 months ago +50

      battery life wouldnt be that good sadly. laptop makers are limited on battery size by the FAA if they want them to be able to travel on a plane

    • 90seller
      90seller 8 months ago

      So…. A desktop lol

    • Nøderak
      Nøderak 8 months ago +2

      and it would weigh sooooo much less

  • Brad Beck
    Brad Beck Month ago

    I enjoyed your video. It’s fun to see extreme computers like that. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin 2 months ago

    I'd love to see things like this still being made

  • Bacon McBacon
    Bacon McBacon 7 months ago +8

    We had one of these at my first real IT job after Geek Squad. I loved the beast but ended up having to manually modify the INF file of the latest ATI driver to get the GPU to detect properly. No issues after that.

  • analog_venture
    analog_venture 2 months ago

    I wonder if you could throw some of the framework laptop hardware into the chassis to make this thing more capable. Like motherboard/cpu, ram, m.2, etc. All of those components are so much smaller i feel like there is a way to make that work.

  • Daniel Zandian
    Daniel Zandian 7 months ago

    Wow, this brings back to much memories. I actually owned one of these back in the days. I was working for Dell at the time, and we got lease these through a employee purchase program.
    Anyhow, I really loved mine, even as a gaming machine. You say it was business focus, but you have to remember that this predates the days of Alienware being Dells gaming products, and XPS was still aimed primarily at gamers. It was as close as you'd could get to a Windows iMac AIO at the time.

  • HG1
    HG1 8 months ago +341

    This is the coolest video you've done in a while, what an epic laptop! More obscure tech please! Also felt the perfect length and not a rushed shoot like some videos have felt recently.

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J 7 months ago

    That form factor would be awesome if it could come with a replaceable parts and good thermals.

  • Andrew Roberto
    Andrew Roberto 7 months ago +1

    I have the HP version of this! It's very similar in weight and size, but no detachable keyboard or dvd player, instead it has a built in TV tuner and detachable TV remote. Would love to see LTT do a comparison between the two.

  • metroid2
    metroid2 7 months ago +2

    While I liked how they were kinda making fun of this ancient machine, i also think its incredible when companies just try stuff for the sake of trying something new.
    Very entertaining video

  • A Random Nick
    A Random Nick 7 months ago +2

    I literally asked Dell a few years ago if they ever planned making an upgraded, modern version of this beauty. Unfortunately, no plans...
    Still I'm surprised there hasn't been a gaming variant of this in recent years.

    • Bora Horza Gobuchul
      Bora Horza Gobuchul 4 months ago +1

      I think Ms had some similarly bonkers product, only it was an aio of sorts

  • biboy04
    biboy04 6 months ago

    FINALLY! have been waiting for this video. glad your enjoying the machine, glad it found a super useful second life. and to think i got it at an electronics liquidation auction in a lot… same place i found wii U dev kits xD
    thanks for the demo, and super stoked it worked out, was cool chatting with your procurement team and glad it made it to you safe and in one piece :p

  • ZaPpaul
    ZaPpaul 8 months ago +144

    We had these in the company I worked for in 2006. They were awesome at the time. They were basically desktop replacements and we used them for working from home and for working in the office. Which was on a 3/2 day home/office split. They were ridiculously heavy to lug around though.

  • Dylan Scott
    Dylan Scott 6 months ago

    I would love to see your guys make that thing a performance unit!

  • Rice Quackers
    Rice Quackers 7 months ago

    Man this really brings back memories of when I started university. I couldn't afford an M2010 obviously, but the laptop I did have also had a lot of the features - ExpressCard, TV tuner, IR remote, 15 inch 1680x1050 screen that dumped on the 1280x800 resolution laptops of the time, and so much more. I even upgraded the socketed Merom Core 2 Duo CPU to a Penryn and put in a Crucial M4 128GB SSD which was one of the first affordable SSDs that didn't have that horrible JMicron controller. I remember blowing away my dorm mates with how fast it booted Windows from cold. Aside from the mildly anaemic Nvidia 8600M GT that struggled with Crysis, it was the perfect laptop for a geeky student. Battery life was 3 hours when new, but barely an hour at the end of its life.
    The other thing I remember is that CNET UK did a review of the Dell M2010 where the reviewer tried to lug it around on the London Underground, which was not only tricky but also tiring.

  • Wayde Masters
    Wayde Masters 4 months ago

    I had one of these, and absolutely loved it, except for the 7 months in the first 3 years when it wasn't useable. When it was working, it was amazing, but I had issues with the Motherboard 4 times in the first 3 years. In Dell's defence, they ended up replacing it with an Alienware Laptop that lasted me over 7 years.

  • jonas duell
    jonas duell 7 months ago

    I had a bunch of top of the line Dell laptops in the 00s and despite their awful modern day reputation, they built easy to open/clean and modular practical laptops that worked. And yes I would have went IBM Thinkpad if I had the money as a student but Dell to my surprise worked out well plus when ordering multiple devices with friends, sales people would often give discounts of 500€ per unit.

  • Gregory Norris
    Gregory Norris 6 months ago

    I would have loved to have a machine like this back when I lived with my grandma, I would stay with my mom over the weekend and live at my grandmas place during the week (grandmas place was closer to work and I didn't have a car yet). The price and specs were definitely a no-go but I can see the potential. I almost never put my laptop actually on my lap, I'd always use a table and desk of some sort so weight wasn't an issue (in fact I killed my battery because I also always had it plugged in). I basically use my laptop as a portable desktop.

  • Mike De Coninck
    Mike De Coninck 8 months ago +315

    I had one of those back in the day. This was the best computer I ever had. The fact that it was a "transportable" device with such a big screen made it super nice to use. I've travel the world with it for my work and it was always priceless to see the custom officers scanning it with xray and stop me because it was such a weird briefcase full of electronics components. Even in the handle there was chips and cables.

    • bar sei
      bar sei 8 months ago +16

      @Ben Jiro if you already know, then put it in a place where you can put it out and let them scan separatly.

    • Torg7520
      Torg7520 8 months ago +11

      Same here. This brings back vivid memories of Windows Vista and vanilla WoW. I still have it in a box somewhere. Almost 20 years later, I still can't bring myself to get rid of it.

    • Pity my cat
      Pity my cat 8 months ago

      @Torg7520 is it still working?

    • Torg7520
      Torg7520 8 months ago +1

      @Pity my cat I doubt it. The GPU was acting funky by the end.

    • ImBadAtGames568
      ImBadAtGames568 8 months ago +7

      @Ben Jiro keep in mind that this thing came out 10+ years ago when airport security wasn't quite what is is today

  • Shadows Within
    Shadows Within 2 months ago

    I really like that machine to be fair, like I would have one. I wonder how far you could up grade stuff, a ssd would be no problem. I wonder if you could upgrade the cpu, don't remember seeing the gpu so no idea on that. But with a ssd, windows 10, like there is some potential, be fun to tinker with.

  • Pakuro
    Pakuro 7 months ago +1

    Damn, I would absolutely buy this if I had enough money at the time. It's a chunky boy, but imagine the performance this could have if it was made nowadays!

  • Vijay Manyam
    Vijay Manyam 3 months ago

    I worked at Dell during this time and I remember thinking what a bad idea this was it was. It was supposed to be marketed to students who could use it for their dorm rooms as a laptop, desktop, and a tv. Code named Project Greenland. Makes sense

  • Steve Jankowski
    Steve Jankowski 7 months ago

    This whole video reminded me of my early PC days from learning Windows 3.1, 95, and 98. More trial and error and sleepless nights trying to get games or hardware working, and so many OS re-installs that I am scarred for life. Great video though! Thank you for the detailed steps that you guys show. Great job Linus on your success. Nice underwear BTW...👍

  • nexigram
    nexigram 5 months ago

    That Dell keyboard is super nostalgic. My Dad had an employee discount plan at his work for Dell PC’s, so all my childhood computers were from them. Seems like every one of them had a keyboard that looked just like that (and boy was it terrible).

  • malcolmeks
    malcolmeks 8 months ago +403

    This looks like it would be pretty fun to try and upgrade since it seems like so many of the parts are replaceable. I wonder what the most ballin' version of this thing would look like.

    • Jensen Raylight
      Jensen Raylight 8 months ago +38

      i don't mind using it too, in fact if they could jam a full PC experience into it, i'll be in heaven.
      basically you can bring your desktop pc everywhere

    • Radek3887
      Radek3887 8 months ago +14

      I agree. Let's see an upgrade video.

    • Mattias Rudolphi
      Mattias Rudolphi 8 months ago +4

      Would be fun! Try finding a 4K BR player, swap in a modern mainboard with an i7 or i9 and beefy cooling, follow it up with twin or triple modern batteries for hugely improved batterylife.

    • serversC13nc3
      serversC13nc3 8 months ago +1

      hmm... maybe fitting a minisforum ryzen base mini pc motherboard in there and if there was an available screen on 20" 4k resolution if possible... maybe?

  • Jim Parshall 🇲🇽 🇺🇸

    I called these "lugtops".its part luggable part laptop. This one of my favorite computers of all time. It really executed its job well. Please more HARDWARE ARCHEOLOGY :) you and Alex do this so well

  • Alex Dresden
    Alex Dresden 7 months ago

    Here is a random thought, could you gut that laptop and customize with more modernized hardware? I mean that hard drive swapped for a pcie m.2 ssd would add so much more space. Granted you'll need to find a way to get a laptop motherboard or something equivalent that can fit in that chasse.

  • Baka Chikan
    Baka Chikan 7 months ago

    I had a friend get this laptop in 2009. Instead of a multi card reader, it was a mouse Bay for a mobile built in mouse that clicked in and out. $4500 if I remember right

  • Geek101
    Geek101 2 months ago

    I used to own this monster luggable laptop. But I did do some customizations to it, because the video card would run into overheating issues. I sliced the BIOS and ran some extra wires internally to fix that issue. I also installed a digitizer to the display making it even more useful. And making it so I could externally charge the removeable keyboard so I didn't have to rely on the computer to do it, because the only way was to dock the keyboard to the laptop to charge it.

  • methyethyl56
    methyethyl56 7 months ago

    I love this thing ! Hey @LinusTech did you already tested the other biggest laptop ever? The Acer 9920G?
    I had it 10yrs ago, i really loved it, si easy to upgrade, and its 20" screen was impressive at this Time.

  • Mndless
    Mndless 8 months ago +379

    Please keep making these retrospective videos! This is such an insane nostalgia hit for me right now. I vividly remember looking up articles and browsing Dell's website for this laptop back when I was in high school at the time it was released. You should see if you can find a listing somewhere for some of the old Voodoo PC laptops just so you can see why HP wanted to buy them out to turn them into their gaming laptop division before ultimately scrapping the name of the brand in favor of retaining the product line name instead. The Dell Adamo from around the same era was also an amazing example of a company trying to one-up Apple at their own game. Then they made the Adamo XPS and ruined everything in their endeavor to have the thinnest laptop.

    • Iowa&theother49
      Iowa&theother49 8 months ago +2

      ANYONE: IS THERE A WEBSITE OR ANYWHERE I CAN TYPE IN MY COMPUTER TYPE, THEN IT SEARCHES FOR ALL COMPATIBLE DRIVES SOFTWARW ETC LISTING ALL BRANDS IN ONE APP???? ex: I have a realtek hardware in my computer but I want intel software for wifi. I also have AMD but I want to see if my laptop is compatible with newer versions or other brands. THANKS IN ADVANCED.

    • RJRC
      RJRC 8 months ago +1

      Crossover with LGR when.

    • 2007 Mazda Furai
      2007 Mazda Furai 8 months ago +1

      I was gonna watch this video, but Linus said I might as well just read the comments.

    • Mndless
      Mndless 8 months ago

      @2007 Mazda Furai It's still an interesting video in its own right. That laptop was just insane to a degree that you rarely see in production laptops these days.

  • Guest 123
    Guest 123 5 months ago

    I instantly loved everything about this laptop. Then I heard the name Dell Camino and I loved it even more. I hope to own one some day.

  • Cav1stlt
    Cav1stlt 5 months ago

    I had one. It has theft tracking capativity built in/installed if I remember correctly, some sort of theft protection. Very hard to troubleshoot as the technician had to come back to my home repeatedly to fix! Going thru airport TSA, they couldn't believe it was a laptop so I had to turn it on to show them. Because there weren't any carrying case available, I made my own padded should bag.

  • Captain_Coleslaw
    Captain_Coleslaw 7 months ago

    The only laptop with punchy Bass i have experienced myself, is the Alienware M14Xr2. That thing was pretty awesome! The GT555m was not the greatest though haha!

  • Bud Bennett
    Bud Bennett 7 months ago

    I really wish Dell would build an updated version of this machine. It was a beast and I loved it.

  • baronvondanger
    baronvondanger 3 months ago

    That laptop was awesome. It was a portable desktop. I wish they kept making more of them. Can you imagine how great it would be to have one of these with RGB, Nvida RTX 4070. would be the perfect portable gaming desktop.

  • aikouka
    aikouka 7 months ago

    Hm, I might have one of those Dell remotes lying around, or at least a version of it. I used to use the Gyration remotes with my HTPC years ago, and the problem is that the remotes didn't really last all that long. I can't recall what went on them, but it was usually the same thing. One time, I ended up going with a Dell variant with a custom (i.e., really janky) receiver. Pretty sure I still have some of the Gyration ones lying around too... I should see if they still work.

  • Jared Janhsen
    Jared Janhsen 8 months ago +181

    The XPS M2010 was on Tony Stark's desk in the original Iron Man film.
    The second Mini PCIe slot is for an optional 3G Cellular card. Back then you had to pick your carrier and Dell didn't have cards available for every US carrier at the time.
    The top panel cover I'm pretty sure is a die-cast alloy part and not machined. Hence the rough appearance. I never got to work on one when I was a warranty tech for Dell, but I did have to go over the service manual and take their little certification test on it.

    • Iowa&theother49
      Iowa&theother49 8 months ago

      ANYONE: IS THERE A WEBSITE OR ANYWHERE I CAN TYPE IN MY COMPUTER TYPE, THEN IT SEARCHES FOR ALL COMPATIBLE DRIVES SOFTWARW ETC LISTING ALL BRANDS IN ONE APP???? ex: I have a realtek hardware in my computer but I want intel software for wifi. I also have AMD but I want to see if my laptop is compatible with newer versions or other brands. THANKS IN ADVANCED.

    • Natsu Kage
      Natsu Kage 8 months ago +3

      @Iowa&theother49 You can only use software/drivers from the company that made the hardware. But you can physically change the wifi module usually for something else: ex. Atheros to a Intel Wifi 6 card.

    • Iowa&theother49
      Iowa&theother49 8 months ago

      @Natsu Kage but doesn't the software itself send out a signal to pick up wifi?

    • exmang73
      exmang73 8 months ago +1

      It was also in 2 and a Half Men in the background!

  • Gazzy
    Gazzy 7 months ago

    If i remember right that easy access to removable modules (ram wifi ect) was a dell thing back then.. think a lot of their at least business laptops had a single panel for that sometimes you could pop the hdd out in one go too

  • Drew Burdick
    Drew Burdick 6 months ago

    I agree with much of what other people have said. I love this format of video reviewing old tech, but I would love to see what the folks in the workshop and lab could do with this to modernize is. Modern batteries, ssds’,max out the ram, maybe a higher res screen. Really let this thing rip!
    I can dream can’t I?

  • Sara Rose
    Sara Rose 7 months ago

    Imagine this design refreshed for current tech... this is honestly the only Dell I ever actually wanted lol. A modernized version of this design would be a perfect candidate for some more extreme options, like slide out monitor panels to make it into a fully opperational battle station lol. And that's what it really would be... not really a take everywhere device, but not a mere desktop replacement either... it's a Nomadic Battle Station lol.

  • dustysquito
    dustysquito 4 months ago

    Okay, so as someone who was doing tier 1 IT support back when this thing came out, I would have loved to have these in our department rather than carting around full desktop and monitor setups. It's kind of like those massive "Mobile Workstation" laptops. It's not really a laptop, but rather a gaming setup you can take from one desk to another via a single backpack. I think it's a pretty neat concept.

  • Color Meh Jewish
    Color Meh Jewish Month ago

    I still have one of the 20" Acer versions of this style computer.
    Over-expensive, and was a giant mistake I made back then... but I still have it.
    It also had a TV tuner connector/card built in. I rarely used it tho. Ugh it's still painful to think I spent that much

  • Millzhouse
    Millzhouse 8 months ago +321

    Would love to see a recreation of this with modern specs

    • TioBetio
      TioBetio 8 months ago +25

      The DIY guy who looks like Theon Greyjoy built an awesome triple screen laptop like this.

    • KayJay
      KayJay 8 months ago +23

      Yeah DIY perks literally made basically this with three screens yesterday, it even has a framework laptop inside it

    • tyjuji
      tyjuji 8 months ago +5

      You could probably make it with an ITX motherboard and undervolted components. Would love to see Alex attempt something like that.

    • Çağlar Çelik
      Çağlar Çelik 8 months ago


  • Zband
    Zband 5 months ago

    I would love to see what Linux could do on a system like this. That would be serious fun.

  • Adithya Garimella
    Adithya Garimella 3 months ago

    I see there are a bunch of former (or even present) Dell techs here. This was a monster when it was released. Not in terms of performance, but in terms of its physical footprint. The Bluetooth issues some of my former colleagues mentioned below are true. Weirdest experience of finding your keyboard and mouse connect elsewhere and some other keyboard and mouse connect to yours. Mike Dell went apoplectic when he read the reviews and early adopter reviews and wrote a scathing internal email about the design philosophy. It didn't sell a lot and technical support barely got any calls. I did take a call once about a broken hinge. Yes! Someone broke one of those gigantic all-metal hinges. The card reader could read everything from SD cards to CF Cards to anything else. Credit where it is due though. This thing supported every single piece of computer technology that existed in those days. Everything one could imagine or own. And lastly yes. That was a Blu-Ray drive. (There was a patch from Cyberlink and Sonic that enabled playback. The link is broken though. If I have a file, I'll post it and DM it)

  • Muzed Entertainment
    Muzed Entertainment 18 days ago

    I wish I could get my hands on that old dell for some of my own testing purposes. I love old tech like that.

  • James Hovells
    James Hovells 7 months ago

    I had one of these bad boys at uni back in the late 2000s. It was perfect for me doing animation as I would tilt the screen flat, put paper on it and trace scenes. I remember seeing it cameo in the iron man film too. Every now and then it would fault on start up and the error beeps were like a fire alarm. It stopped working and ended up in the bin. I miss it and the amount of muscle mass it gave me lugging it about.

  • Gerson Reyes
    Gerson Reyes Month ago

    I wonder how much it would cost to make a modern equivalent to this. Like considering the specs back then and updating them to the needs of today. It would be a really interesting experiment. And it would solve like a lot of problems. The device could be a portable laptop, a workstation, a media center like a Google home, it would be a good gaming laptop. Possibilities are endless. All in one but for real.

  • Keith Riley
    Keith Riley 8 months ago +276

    I wanted this thing so much when it first came out. If they released an updated version of this I'd probably still be interested.

    • Phil
      Phil 8 months ago +10

      I did as well, I just couldn't justify it as a laptop for school. so i bought an open box macbook pro, then returned it and got a more normal xps dell, then had some buyers remorse with the dell, ultimately returned it and got a newer macbook pro which I used all through university. now i'm a multi-os house. some mac, some windows, some ios, some android.

    • Mart
      Mart 8 months ago +5

      Basically you're looking for a Surface Studio 2

    • Aragami
      Aragami 8 months ago +1

      @Phil dell sucks i dont blame you for the buyers remorse, i experienced using them, about 3 or 4 laptops, experienced their pre builts in all schools jve been in, had a dell prebuilt opened it recently and it sucks just as bad as they do now. lenovo does everything better and im literally not touching anything dell/alienware until they do something revolutionary for themselves.

    • Michael M
      Michael M 8 months ago

      @Phil i think we all had a similar situation in some point of our lives

  • SkefsonGames
    SkefsonGames 7 months ago

    They should make laptops like this now, I rarely actually moved my laptop, it was just easier to pack and transport than a desktop

  • Bryan Davies
    Bryan Davies 7 months ago

    I owned that laptop! It was amazing! Everyone made fun of me as I had an international job and took it with me. It was like carrying around your desktop computer that folded up into a briefcase. The airline checkpoint often made me turn it on to prove it was really a computer. Fun fact: it makes an appearance in the Get Smart movie. I got to say I totally loved that computer!

    • Bryan Davies
      Bryan Davies 7 months ago

      Oh by the way, I played a lot of WoW on that, which did in fact cook the GPU. I always kept Dell warrantee on it, and had that replaced 2 or 3 times as it failed because of that multiple times. What eventually killed mine was that the keyboard would no longer pair with the machine, no matter what I tried. I lived in Singapore at the time, so just left it out on the curb one day...

  • Jakob7d6
    Jakob7d6 5 months ago

    This reminds me of a Dell SmartPC 250N I still have at home. The problem is that it's Keyboard doesn't work properly and updating it to Linux just doesn't work, due to the USB (apparently)not working without having booted up the OS (Windows XP). I tried with an external keyboard and that's how I found out.
    Edit: And it has a 40 GB IBM Travelstar HDD, which sounds like it's trying to kill itself.