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What was in there?? 🤨 

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Suits - Season 4 ep 8
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    Thanks for the support guys! ;)

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  • SScenesTV
    SScenesTV  Month ago +289

    Suits - Season 4 ep 8
    If you want to watch Suits + Free Shipping on Amazon, check Amazon Prime FREE Trial:
    LITT UP Mug: sstorenow.com/products/louis-mug
    Thanks for the support guys! ;)

    • Killerblue
      Killerblue Month ago +3

      show name, season, episode and links? that earns a follow

  • Cpt Bassbeard
    Cpt Bassbeard Month ago +10097

    "your shitting me."
    "Check under your foreskin"

      SAINTS.UNITED Month ago +60

      Umm gayy 😂😂

    • Parping
      Parping Month ago +141

      ​@SAINTS.UNITED you missed the joke :p

    • Flash Legion
      Flash Legion Month ago +68

      This made me laugh more than it should’ve 😭

    • Locker
      Locker Month ago +54

      ​@SAINTS.UNITED L response get the joke

    • Ehab Hejazeen
      Ehab Hejazeen Month ago +2


  • Robin Soto
    Robin Soto Month ago +10712

    Ep 8. 'Mike finds the piss drawer"

    • Buddy Pants
      Buddy Pants Month ago +122

      this actually made me laugh, not just blow air out of my nostrils harder than normal

    • H.I
      H.I Month ago +24

      how do you come up with this shi 😂😂😂

    • M Pad
      M Pad Month ago +24

      @H.Iit’s an inside joke from the show itself haha it’s why it’s making us laugh hard

    • Sunny Suryani
      Sunny Suryani Month ago +21

      ​​@M Pad I thought this was a 4сh🍀 reference

    • wanye kest
      wanye kest Month ago +8

      Mike finds the poop sock

  • Charli
    Charli Month ago +6548

    Legend has it that drawer is where harvey keeps his custom fursuit

  • Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson Month ago +2586

    I bet the can opener was in the draw 😂

    • BlueWarsame
      BlueWarsame Month ago +32

      Good call !

    • Stefan Sebastian
      Stefan Sebastian Month ago +21

      How would Mike know a about the can opener? I dont think it was ever brought up, was it?

    • Gabriel Anderson
      Gabriel Anderson Month ago +54

      @Stefan Sebastian it was in the episode where Harvey and Mike got stoned

    • Vik Karabin
      Vik Karabin Month ago +4

      @Stefan Sebastian why did ge need thecan opener?

    • EUGENE
      EUGENE Month ago +10

      ​@Vik Karabin It was for a ritual that Harvey and Donna always did before trial

  • Sharn
    Sharn Month ago +5746

    "Harvey wuz here"

  • lumberluc
    lumberluc Month ago +560

    This is why bromance is such a wholesome thing to watch

    • Skrawn
      Skrawn Month ago +2

      Anything but "wholesome". The term is way overused and outdated.

    • Keagan
      Keagan Month ago +16

      ​@Skrawn anything but "anything, but, the, term, is, way, overused, outdated" these words are overused and outdated they've been around for 100's of years.

    • MaD RaBBiT
      MaD RaBBiT Month ago +7

      Yesss let's make new words because old ones people use too much, how dare them trying to communicate

    • Keagan
      Keagan Month ago

      @MaD RaBBiTong

    • lumberluc
      lumberluc Month ago +4

      @Skrawn Don't like that there's a respect and trust between men?
      Clearly you don't like to have a friend whose got your back

  • EYBS
    EYBS Month ago +1065

    “OH GOD!” Probably my favorite blooper 😂😂

    • Vlada Burlakova
      Vlada Burlakova Month ago +1

      lol, same

    • Tetro Bro
      Tetro Bro Month ago +2

      I need a link. XD

    • icephoenix1088
      icephoenix1088 Month ago +1

      clip-share.net/video/V1xWDTgBnvU/video.html 5:32 is the blooper 😂 i had to see it for myself too so i thought id share too

    • Lynton Fleming
      Lynton Fleming Month ago +1

      ​@icephoenix1088 don't suppose you got one that's not blocked in the UK?
      World wide web my ass.

  • The Man Of The Hour
    The Man Of The Hour Month ago +245

    It’s funny cause when you watch the bloopers he just opens the desk and screams”OMG”

  • Maria Friend
    Maria Friend Month ago +249

    The best bromance ever. The love and respect they had for each other made Suit the best series. Loved the whole team.

    • Awesome Lord
      Awesome Lord Month ago +1

      I wldnt call it bromance, they had more of a mentor mentee relationship

  • Mohammed Sanaf
    Mohammed Sanaf Month ago +74

    “Harvey Was Here” 😂

  • Cyril Saji
    Cyril Saji Month ago +6

    Like a father being proud of his son and the son beaming with a smile when he realises what's being given to him

  • raphael
    raphael Month ago +322

    bottle opener 🎉

    • I'M Z3N
      I'M Z3N Month ago +13

      You mean Can Opener

    • scrummpybear
      scrummpybear Month ago +7

      Yeah it was a can opener not bottle

  • Epic Wubbox
    Epic Wubbox Month ago +880

    “What makes it better? Because it’s smaller or the view is worse?”
    “It was my old one…”

    • rammsteinrulz16
      rammsteinrulz16 Month ago +10

      Nothin says power quite like a "Brooks was here"

    • I'm Joe King
      I'm Joe King Month ago +15

      yeah we watched the video

    • Artful Dodger
      Artful Dodger Month ago +16

      Why? Why write what we just heard?

    • tavairus hernandez
      tavairus hernandez Month ago +9

      ​@Artful Dodger to point out what I like and wish to pay specific viewing too

    • Taylor Downs
      Taylor Downs Month ago +3

      Hey, I remember that part!

  • freelance junction

    Harvey being generous as possible

  • David Froehlich
    David Froehlich Month ago +1

    Best bro-mance ever

  • Ajay George
    Ajay George Month ago +288

    Just imagine Harvey took a massive dump in that drawer and the whole scene just got 100% better.

    • Akshay
      Akshay Month ago

      Bro wtf 😂😂

    • Señor
      Señor Month ago +1

      "you're shitting me"
      "well, not actually, I already shat you" 😂

  • 9Lives Spent
    9Lives Spent Month ago +2

    That’s what family is supposed to look like.

  • Jack Adamski
    Jack Adamski Month ago

    Mike found the can opener 😂😂

  • SingMeOrpheus
    SingMeOrpheus Month ago

    And that, my dudes, is where Donna and Harvey hide the can opener

  • Jack Lewsey
    Jack Lewsey Month ago +1

    This show it actually so good

  • Mary-Stephen Akpa
    Mary-Stephen Akpa Month ago +506

    You moved into an office and didn't check the drawers?

    • Tuqa Bader
      Tuqa Bader Month ago +36

      I didn't check the drawers in my new office for months...until the dude who had it befire me came looking for something he left there.

    • Jacob Hadaway
      Jacob Hadaway Month ago +5

      That’s the real question to ask

    • Señor
      Señor Month ago

      Most people now work from home

  • Therin Plumb
    Therin Plumb Month ago

    It was the can opener 😂

  • Kizna Zoldyck😈
    Kizna Zoldyck😈 Month ago +1

    Maybe there was that special "Can opener" 😁🎉

  • Josh Hdz
    Josh Hdz Month ago +2

    Found out New York City back ground is just a giant curtain. 😢

  • Jacob Blanzy
    Jacob Blanzy Month ago

    "Packer was here and so was your mom"

  • 808ZZY
    808ZZY Month ago

    “Look in the top left drawer”
    “ a rusty Can opener wtf ? “

  • David Larson
    David Larson Month ago

    "Wow you pooped in here"

  • survivalSC
    survivalSC Month ago +2

    These 2 remind me so much of my old Corp lawyer and he guy that he was training. They were always a handful but damn could we kill a company in court. Those were the good old days of the Wild West.

  • Nilesh Shirke
    Nilesh Shirke Month ago

    Moves in an office and never checked the First left drawer 😅 . . Legit 😂🎉

  • Leon Ashcroft
    Leon Ashcroft Month ago

    This guy should be Batman.

  • Dominik Black
    Dominik Black Month ago +72

    Guys, it's obviously Gwyneth Paltrow's head

  • Ishita Guha
    Ishita Guha 28 days ago

    Bro I just watched the blooper video of this scene, and I am legit disappointed Mike didn't yell "OH MY GOD" in this one too.

  • Lemon
    Lemon Month ago

    There's at least 2 ounces of loose weed rolling around in that drawer

  • Derek L Washington
    Derek L Washington Month ago

    They're sorta cute together 😊

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago

    these comments bruh 😭😭😭

  • MattyBmemes
    MattyBmemes Month ago

    YO why these comments so outta pocket it's hilarious😂😂😂

  • Mister Ri MFBMT
    Mister Ri MFBMT Month ago

    Mike's weed was in the drawer... 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexander Ferriera
    Alexander Ferriera Month ago

    Imagine there was a fat blunt for them there 😂

  • mattshuey1
    mattshuey1 Month ago

    It was Paul Allen's card.

  • Traz
    Traz Month ago +205

    It was a beefy five layer

  • doubledamn
    doubledamn Month ago

    So it was a can opener, right?

  • Priyanshu Raiyani
    Priyanshu Raiyani Month ago

    What season is this?

  • Thothali
    Thothali Month ago +1

    Harvey’s suit here stands out somehow - and that’s saying something.

  • Surefiregs
    Surefiregs Month ago +1

    I love the blooper where he opens the drawer and screams OHHHHH GODDDDD

  • Petter Bakkegaard
    Petter Bakkegaard Month ago

    “Specter was here”

  • Josh Semo
    Josh Semo Month ago

    Weed.... It was weed.

  • Stephen Maximo
    Stephen Maximo Month ago

    There was probably a can opener in there

  • eobard thawne
    eobard thawne 9 days ago

    "where you belong"

  • Porter Dallenbach
    Porter Dallenbach Month ago

    Haven't gotten to this part yet, I'm on season 3 now

  • Tiger Cry
    Tiger Cry Month ago

    In Hollywood, a smaller office is better

  • Francis Andrew Alincastre

    Prolly the can opener, or a bag of weed from the coffee cart guy.

  • Taffohouo Nwaffeu Yves Valdez

    Surely his welcome bonus of about 1,000,000 $ in there

  • S K
    S K 9 days ago

    Best lawyer show ever

  • Bit Goblin
    Bit Goblin Month ago +36

    A wooden sign with his name on it

  • Христо Сираков

    The directors forgot about key character traits in this scene. Mike reads highlighted documents while being able to remember and reproduce everything he has read even only once.

  • Cesar Salazar
    Cesar Salazar Month ago

    Probably that gas

  • Hector Nevarez
    Hector Nevarez Month ago

    The corkscrew. Thats what its for.

  • King Christophis
    King Christophis Month ago

    This feels like a meme format

  • ZiggerotsTask
    ZiggerotsTask Month ago +1

    I can't tell if these two genuinely care about each other or not. Like they're throwing down in court 50% of the time wtf

    LOKI's TREACHERY Month ago

    I assume he carved something into the drawer

  • Collin Warner
    Collin Warner Month ago +1

    Harvey looks like a joker

  • Howling_Evil
    Howling_Evil Month ago +4

    The can opener 😂

  • Devlin W
    Devlin W Month ago

    surely its a can opener

  • D C
    D C 3 days ago

    Why are my reels flooded with this show?

  • Christopher Briggs
    Christopher Briggs Month ago

    Hard to believe someone with his intelligence and memory does not already know that seeing he is coming back to work unless it was his first office as a Jr.

    • Living Glowstick
      Living Glowstick Month ago +1

      Harvey had his big office before Mike arrived so Mike never knew

  • Richard Hoffman
    Richard Hoffman 15 days ago

    Marcellus Wallace’s soul

  • Philip Marlowe
    Philip Marlowe Month ago

    Half a bag of Harbo Gummy Bears.

  • ༒Mysterious Watermelon༒

    there was a can-opener in there

  • Medroff
    Medroff Month ago

    Wait suits was on the USA network right? Or was it another?

  • rafsolo
    rafsolo Month ago

    I can never watch this scene anymore without thinking about the blooper! 🤣🤣

  • Atharva
    Atharva Month ago

    there was a stash of weed in that drawer

  • feet gang
    feet gang Month ago +1

    probably he carved his initials there

  • Herin HR
    Herin HR Month ago

    What was in there and i don't wanna watch the entire series to know it😢

  • Feral is Crazy
    Feral is Crazy Month ago +1

    The can opener 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Robles
    Joseph Robles Month ago

    There is no sink on that office

  • Cr8 Chaos
    Cr8 Chaos Month ago +53

    Definitely a zip in there 😂

  • gnquijada
    gnquijada Month ago

    It was weed lmao

  • Cody Barnhill❤🌈

    I bet it was weed bruh

  • Cody Taylor
    Cody Taylor Month ago +1

    How exhausting for every single professional interaction be a pissing contest.

  • Kavitha Krishnan
    Kavitha Krishnan Month ago +6

    It’s very nice to see an senior shows such an love for a junior
    Love all the scenes between them
    Great corporate series

  • Armand S
    Armand S Month ago +110

    How could they find a nice suit like this for harvey, an expensive brioni, and put this awful black tie with it , on a show called SUITS

    • Special J
      Special J Month ago +4

      And the shirt collar is a half inch too small.

    • Desperado
      Desperado Month ago +15


    • Ephemera
      Ephemera Month ago +3

      I’ve never worn a proper suit in my life and I noticed how unpleasantly that tie popped out from the rest of the otherwise sumptuous suit.

    • Eugene V
      Eugene V Month ago

      ​@Desperado as far as I'm concerned

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Month ago

    It was probably a can opener

  • Gerry Laksono
    Gerry Laksono Month ago

    May be a floppy disk 🤣

  • TheCsaknorrisz
    TheCsaknorrisz Month ago

    Probably a whole ass basketball sigbed by Jordan

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson Month ago

    "Look in the top left drawer."
    "Three lines of coke for my lil buddy Mike 👉😎👉"

  • TheNuckinFoob
    TheNuckinFoob Month ago

    It's the soul of Marcellus Wallace... Duh!!

  • Tokyo_Is_DeD
    Tokyo_Is_DeD Month ago

    I love this show

  • Trent Nicholson
    Trent Nicholson Month ago

    It's the can opener

  • m ovie
    m ovie Month ago

    I'm guessing the tin opener

  • Ana
    Ana Month ago

    It was probably the can opener

  • Mikael Brady
    Mikael Brady Month ago

    Legend has it its the pound of weed, he took from Mike

  • Hybrid778
    Hybrid778 Month ago

    maybe can opener 😂😂

  • Throw communists out of helicopters

    His old fleshlight

  • Christina Swanston
    Christina Swanston Month ago

    So, the only thing I know about this show is from other yt shorts. I know that at one point sitting guy doesn't have an actual law degree/permit thing and he didn't seem to be on great terms with standing guy (I think this is Harvey but I'm not 100%). Does sitting guy have his law license/certificate now in this scene?

  • TrillieDon
    TrillieDon Month ago

    Lol I guess he was going to get a nicer office but got his instead

  • Willie McBride
    Willie McBride Month ago

    What was in the drawer?!?

  • Quay Akins
    Quay Akins Month ago

    A loaded handgun

  • BleedingRaindrops
    BleedingRaindrops 20 days ago

    legally it's about as accurate as an imperial storm trooper, but DAMN this show is entertaining

  • Yudelka Gomez
    Yudelka Gomez Month ago

    What was in there ? lol