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Ronaldo’s new freekick technique is INSANE 😳🐐

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #cristianoronaldo #cr7 #realmadrid #portugal #alnassr #ronaldogoal #cristiano #soccer #fifa

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  • ZUIZUI00
    ZUIZUI00 2 months ago +11194

    30 yard free kick from 38 yr old guy.

    • Saeed Arnolds
      Saeed Arnolds 2 months ago +373

      35 yard sir

    • Muhammad ishaq
      Muhammad ishaq 2 months ago +227


    • CrazyJoku
      CrazyJoku 2 months ago +147

      40 yard dor

    • Elevance
      Elevance 2 months ago +210

      ​@Cristiano Méssīmär de Adolf Hitler so funny i forgot how to laugh

    • idk
      idk 2 months ago +18

      @Elevance same bro

  • Josh G
    Josh G 2 months ago +1949

    Anyone who understands football knows how terrible that wall is

    • Yoshimitsu
      Yoshimitsu 2 months ago +125

      Lmao yes
      And this guy say his technique increased the shot power so much so that it went through the wall
      Like it has never happened before

    • LowBudgt Comedy
      LowBudgt Comedy 2 months ago +21

      😂😂😂😂 facts

    • Doyunome
      Doyunome 2 months ago +48

      What do you expect he's playing against 50 rated players.

    • 4zaann
      4zaann 2 months ago +77

      @Doyunome half of Argentina's national team also plays against 50 rated players. What's your rating if your talking then??

  • barrage
    barrage 2 months ago +358

    bro really stomps the ground like a video game

  • M_BOLD
    M_BOLD 2 months ago +2109

    "he popularised the knuckleball technique" *juninho takes a sip of tea*
    Sure pal.

    • NICK
      NICK 2 months ago +419

      Definitely ronaldo who popularized it

    • cuncunz14
      cuncunz14 2 months ago +72

      @NICKronaldo's name and free kicks more popular even before the world know cr7

    • walt Cruz
      walt Cruz 2 months ago +115

      @Stella Rossa25 damn I understand not liking someone but laughing because their child died is crazy

    • YTChainBreaker
      YTChainBreaker 2 months ago +46

      Yeah but go around and ask people if they know juninho or not
      Juninho may be the one who did it first but cr7 did it better before his 2014 injury ofcourse

  • Phu Nguyen
    Phu Nguyen 2 months ago +10

    Phenomenal. Overcoming weaknesses and improve, no wonder why he have been one of the best of all time.

  • randommike
    randommike 2 months ago +10

    His last season with ManU really messed him up I believe that and the loss of his child I think he was still grieving from that. Now he's in Saudi Arabia looking real good and scoring again. Hopefully he's found some happiness.

  • I am just me
    I am just me 2 months ago +6968

    Athough im a messi fan it was a honor seeing ronaldo hit those free kicks back at old trafford
    Edit: Ronaldo fans getting mad for no reason 😂 but not all some of them

    • ARPITxOP
      ARPITxOP 2 months ago +336

      As a ronaldo fan I thought messi can't do freekick now but that last minute freekick he did recently amazed me they both like to prove their haters wrong 🇦🇷🐐🇵🇹🐐

    • It's Mee Cristiano Fan
      It's Mee Cristiano Fan 2 months ago +140

      W Messi Fan

    • y7eq
      y7eq 2 months ago +89

      im a Messi fan but I am happy that he invented a new method of scoring free kicks 🇦🇷 🐐 ♥️ 🇵🇹 🐐

    • FreddyLS
      FreddyLS 2 months ago +10

      @ARPITxOP something for something😂

    • Subham
      Subham 2 months ago +3

      ​@It's Mee Cristiano Fan fr❤

  • JackNapier666
    JackNapier666 2 months ago +125

    So he basically accidentally flicked the ball up with his left heel/ankle and now we’re saying he invented a new technique 😂 my god

  • Willtabix
    Willtabix 4 days ago

    "And here's ronaldo... and he's scored against the part time supermarket cashier!!!!!"

  • yomi obe
    yomi obe 2 months ago +2375

    Funny thing is he just scored another one with Portugal 4 days later- maybe he has found a new technique truly 🙇🏽‍♂️

    • And Deli
      And Deli 2 months ago +84

      And he also scored a free kick today 😆

    • Mahdskiller14
      Mahdskiller14 2 months ago +32

      My bro perfected it❤

    • Chill Pixel.
      Chill Pixel. 2 months ago +55

      should’ve found it during World Cup 🥱🥱

    • Xzyt
      Xzyt 2 months ago +82

      ​@Chill Pixel. Hatin

  • Daniel McAvoy
    Daniel McAvoy Month ago +4

    Ah the new two touch free kick technique 👌

    • Alta
      Alta Month ago +2

      Technically it's breaking the rules but if the ref doesn't see it then it's fine.

    • Nathaniel Santi
      Nathaniel Santi Month ago

      ​@Alta boo.

  • al_andaluss
    al_andaluss 2 months ago +2

    Juninho had the Perfect Freekicks and HE perfected the knuckle ball..But kids wont remember

    • Jordi Mata Garcia
      Jordi Mata Garcia 3 days ago

      And besides being a master of bending freekicks, mr. Roberto Carlos already scored some knuckle-bangers back in the day. As a Barça fan, even though of very young age, I still remember a knuckle ball free kick goal at the beginning of the match in the 1999-2000 season (if I remember correct Madrid won 3-0 at the Bernabeu).

  • Mr Messi edits
    Mr Messi edits 2 months ago +744

    Really love this from a goat
    As a Messi fan ♥️

    • Magical Scorer
      Magical Scorer 2 months ago +48

      W 🇦🇷🇵🇹🐐🐐

    • Light
      Light 2 months ago +40

      You’re a true football fan 🙏

    • FAZI
      FAZI 2 months ago +7

      ​@Light ys❤

    • manik bhatia
      manik bhatia 2 months ago +22

      Ur an actual football fan with sense, respect ++

    • Mohammed Mufaaris
      Mohammed Mufaaris 2 months ago +2

      W comment
      Save this football fan at any cost🔥

  • Just 4 Da Laughters
    Just 4 Da Laughters 2 months ago +21

    40 yard free kick from a legend

    • Guinness
      Guinness 5 hours ago

      30 yards, through a wall that jumped out of the way and left a halo big reign try drive a bus through, against the dog and duck in the Saudi Sunday league

  • Marco R
    Marco R 2 months ago +1

    You forgot to mention C.Ronaldo also invented the wheel. Oh and sliced bread too. 😂

    DARK SOUL 2 months ago +2539

    39 yard free kick from a 38 year old goat

    • carlos abdou
      carlos abdou 2 months ago +49

      It was 30 yard not 39

    • CR7xEditZ
      CR7xEditZ 2 months ago +80

      ​@carlos abdouit was 38 yards

    • Edson Santos
      Edson Santos 2 months ago +42

      ​@carlos abdou it was 39 yards

    • Gamer Boy
      Gamer Boy 2 months ago +7

      ​@carlos abdou 35

    • Gamer Boy
      Gamer Boy 2 months ago +4

      ​@CR7xEditZ really 😮

  • Harpo Johnson
    Harpo Johnson Month ago +25

    Juninho Pernambucano was the player that introduced me to knuckle ball technic, way before Ronaldo.

    • King Of Assyria
      King Of Assyria Month ago

      Was looking for this comment well done

    • Filbert Mirash
      Filbert Mirash 12 days ago

      He said popularized not introduced

    • ayan abrar
      ayan abrar 6 days ago

      ronaldo *popularised the move, not introduce it. do you even get what that means?

  • Kenan Sadhu
    Kenan Sadhu 2 days ago

    If it touched the weak foot before being kicked by the right foot, then it's illegal. VAR should disallow it.

  • Human
    Human 2 months ago +1178

    GOAT debate aside, no one can hate Ronaldo that's just stupid! I mean he (and messi) changed how the football game looks and entertained about 3 billion fans all around the world for 16 years. He was hated by fans in a match, but just in the following match he shows them that he doesn't care about their opinion but still impress the world with his performance at the age of 38!! Before judging him, consider his age and tell me who has even similar performance (don't tell me any other positions, only attackers). For those who wonder I'm a fanatic messi fan, but I'm fed up of kids in the media and people who don't know football and how great is this man.

    • It's Mee Cristiano Fan
      It's Mee Cristiano Fan 2 months ago +91

      Bro Literally My Respect You Have Earned 📈✨❤️
      We want The ppl like You !

    • Uma Mishra
      Uma Mishra 2 months ago +27

      Yrrr we want more people like u bruhh

    • Grey Dragon
      Grey Dragon 2 months ago +21


    • Vish
      Vish 2 months ago +14

      Bro you could have just said “ronaldo messi no comparing they are the goats”

  • Steeve9
    Steeve9 2 months ago +152

    500 attempts , 2 goals... Super technique

    • Liberated Entrepreneur
      Liberated Entrepreneur Month ago +30

      I swear you Messi fangirls always put a smile on my face. Ignorance is astonishingly bliss 😂

    • Bad boyz
      Bad boyz Month ago +13

      Your goat can't even score one in that 500 attempts

    • Muhammad Ibrahim
      Muhammad Ibrahim Month ago +5

      ​@Liberated Entrepreneur bro cmonn, they don't understand english 😂

    • El Pollito
      El Pollito Month ago +1

      @Liberated EntrepreneurOkay... I’m a Ronaldo fan but even I agree. Ronaldo’s free kicks have been way off lately, and even in this video, the goalie reacted on time he’s just not a very good goalkeeper and the wall split. Although he’s not in his best form anymore, Ronaldo is still the GOAT to me.

    • Liberated Entrepreneur
      Liberated Entrepreneur Month ago +3

      @Muhammad Ibrahim
      You're right, my apologies 😂🍻

  • Alan Murdoch
    Alan Murdoch 2 months ago

    He is a master of the game.. he has always been one of my favorites. Keep going cristiano

  • cholid habibby nosya
    cholid habibby nosya 2 months ago +231

    He did it again with Portugal 💯🐐

    • daisy
      daisy 2 months ago +3

      I know
      It,s amazing

  • TribeCalledMason
    TribeCalledMason 2 months ago +3

    Juninho was the original knuckle baller

      UGIERARA 3 days ago

      He never said Ronaldo invented it he said he popularized it

    • TribeCalledMason
      TribeCalledMason 3 days ago

      @UGIERARA I never disputed that did I? People looking for arguments all the time

      UGIERARA 3 days ago

      @TribeCalledMason so your telling me that you randomly just said that Juninho created the knuckle ball for no reason?

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 2 months ago

    It didn't go through the wall because it was fast, both players moved their entire bodies to let it through

  • Debraj Sarkar
    Debraj Sarkar 2 months ago +195

    This man never stops learning 🔥

    • Sulaiman Ali
      Sulaiman Ali 2 months ago +3

      From Ozil

    • Abhi
      Abhi 2 months ago +1

      ​@Sulaiman Ali ok?

    • anooj appu
      anooj appu 2 months ago +4

      Legends create their own… others learn from them… and it’s a privilege

  • Brendon Munashe
    Brendon Munashe 2 months ago

    Ronaldo is like wine it always gets perfect by mature

  • Mayank Mishra
    Mayank Mishra 2 months ago +350

    His 2nd free-kick goal in European qualifiers

  • _PapaSparta_ -TXC-
    _PapaSparta_ -TXC- 2 months ago

    He perfected the technique to shoot it through a wall

  • sirkazm
    sirkazm 2 months ago +1

    The name of the technique is "let's let the ball go in. It's in her contract". 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • M. Arif Siuuu
    M. Arif Siuuu 2 months ago +88

    Not 37 It’s 38 yrs now
    Just Goat things 🇵🇹🐐❤️

  • AlissaRblx
    AlissaRblx 2 days ago

    The perfect loop doesn't exi-

  • Kulidu Dissanayake
    Kulidu Dissanayake 3 days ago

    "the most famous fk technique of all time" 💀🔥

  • forest grumpy
    forest grumpy 2 months ago +410

    Messi's amazing yes; ppl forget that Ronaldo has been an innovator from the start, without even making that his priority 🐐's indeed

    • Riofer
      Riofer 2 months ago +12

      Fanboy spotted

    • Vilas Lavan
      Vilas Lavan 2 months ago +10

      ​@Rioferand who are you then?

    • Riofer
      Riofer 2 months ago +14

      @Vilas Lavan your father

    • Micah Smith
      Micah Smith 2 months ago +7

      ​@Riofer What third grade dis is that😅

  • Kerz animation
    Kerz animation 2 months ago

    The most popular free kick technique Roberto Carlos 😢

  • Emmanuel Ibula
    Emmanuel Ibula 2 months ago +5

    Legends will always be remembered

  • elia sujashvili
    elia sujashvili 2 months ago +907

    38 Year old actually 🇵🇹🍷💗👑

  • man_cityfan
    man_cityfan Day ago

    Roberto Carlos freekick left the chat

  • Ren Kaze
    Ren Kaze 2 months ago


  • Anas Anas
    Anas Anas 2 months ago +540

    Just realized this free kick technique is the combination of physical ability and technical ability 😳

    • RandomDude
      RandomDude 2 months ago +10

      245 likes and 0 comments? Lemme fix that!

    • stickman stuff animate
      stickman stuff animate 2 months ago +3

      @RandomDude Noice

    • A K H I L
      A K H I L 2 months ago +2

      So did I

    • Leo
      Leo 2 months ago +9

      Every kick of the ball is exactly that combination

    • Ben McMillan
      Ben McMillan 2 months ago +16

      Did you just realise that everything in football is a combination of those things

  • DusanMandicTK91
    DusanMandicTK91 2 months ago

    I would say Juninho Pernambucano popularized the knuckleball technique

  • Garri
    Garri Month ago +1

    The wall just crumbled, he would hit it as always if it wasn't camel league

  • Halasfootballshorts
    Halasfootballshorts 2 months ago +42

    Bro he is 38❤🇵🇹🐐

  • Mirobaldo Ernesto
    Mirobaldo Ernesto 23 days ago

    This is what we call talent at that age still creating skills

  • SimajayaRedevil
    SimajayaRedevil 2 months ago

    Knuckleball freekick was made famous by Juninho Pernambucano.

  • Chingliangam Khoichung
    Chingliangam Khoichung 2 months ago +85

    Brand new, just love those

  • Luis Eduardo Braga
    Luis Eduardo Braga 2 months ago

    Ok now tell him to do this perfect new free kick in the premier league

  • AnonymousMotivator2023
    AnonymousMotivator2023 21 hour ago +1

    Lol as much as i like CR7, juninho was the one to do the knuckleball. Not many will even know or remember him, he is/was the goat set piece taker of all time.

  • Cursory
    Cursory 2 months ago +523

    As a Ronaldo fan, I think Ronaldo is the goat

    • Doley Cool
      Doley Cool 2 months ago +35

      He is ❤❤

    • Pillu Manjar
      Pillu Manjar 2 months ago +33

      ​@Doley Cool in your opinion

    • Pillu Manjar
      Pillu Manjar 2 months ago +68

      I also idolize Ronaldo
      But messi is goat

    • Parth dwivedi
      Parth dwivedi 2 months ago +35

      ​@Pillu Manjari m idolize messi
      But i think ronaldo is the goat

  • Shunt43
    Shunt43 2 months ago +3

    Man he’s sticking against goalkeepers that have to work a part time job because they don’t get enough money from playing football in that league

  • Arshi
    Arshi 2 months ago +3

    He didn’t popularize knuckle ball technique, Juninho did

    • 5q1b
      5q1b 2 days ago +1

      No he didn’t Ronaldo created he invented he popularised it with him using it alot

    • Arshi
      Arshi 2 days ago

      @5q1b you must be like 20 years old, to think Ronaldo created the knuckleball.

  • Budough
    Budough 2 months ago +14

    This is some anime-esque stuff right here

  • Joes pizza
    Joes pizza 11 days ago

    That proves that his still got some power in that 38 year old body

  • VexoEdits
    VexoEdits 2 months ago +49

    What a genius, absolute genius. 🤩💫

  • TerrorTheDragon
    TerrorTheDragon 2 months ago

    He has created and perfected his shooting *Formula*
    Non Blue Lock watchers: 😐
    Blue lock watchers: 😎

  • Arnold Montes
    Arnold Montes 2 months ago

    Honestly the war is between the fans. Both are happy with their careers. They both understand that the WC is a team award. Sadly Ronaldo had one chance to truly win it but it was before his peak. It just wasn’t meant to be.

    IZHOK ILUZARA 2 months ago +24

    He just scored today too🥶🐐

  • karishma galande
    karishma galande Month ago

    ❤Ronaldo❤. The best penalty and free kick taker for me...❤

  • davishampo
    davishampo Month ago

    The music is perfect like just imagine you've been trying to perfect one THING FOR ALMOST 38 YEARS AND YOU FINALY DID IT

  • Sjsjsjs shashwat
    Sjsjsjs shashwat 2 months ago +28

    That's what greats do, everything pulls them back but they are always one step ahead..💯

  • Quick Techy
    Quick Techy Day ago

    Cr7 is Goat fr

  • Bernolte Printing
    Bernolte Printing 2 months ago +20

    A real legend!

  • maxiuns
    maxiuns 2 months ago +64

    Seeing this right after he scores a free kick on the EURO2024 qualifications, what a player

  • Roronoa Law
    Roronoa Law 2 months ago

    Huh, this comment section is surprisingly more respectful to Ronaldo and Messi than most others. It’s refreshing to not see as many childish morons saying ‘Pessi’ and ‘Penaldo’ and appreciating both players for the greatness they’ve brought to the game.

  • Nicholas #51
    Nicholas #51 Month ago

    That's fascinating! Bumping the ball up intentionally with consistency is admirable, especially if it works, which apparently it does! I will likely fail in attempting prior to my GK training session this evening; nevertheless, I shall attempt it.

  • Average Bulgarian
    Average Bulgarian 2 months ago +7

    He just scored another one yesterday, this just shows he back🐐

  • YTChainBreaker
    YTChainBreaker 2 months ago

    Imagine he never got the injury in 2014

  • jayvon Noel Smith
    jayvon Noel Smith Month ago +1

    He is 38 years old he is a good player

  • TheDarklord
    TheDarklord 2 months ago +103

    Bro came up with a really precise plan for the fk

    • Sulaiman Ali
      Sulaiman Ali 2 months ago +5

      Isn't that what Ozil does when he did free kickd

    • Jordan Roman
      Jordan Roman 2 months ago +3

      Every player that plays futbol does this, especially on real grass hahahaha people trying to keep him relevant

  • Adrian
    Adrian 2 months ago +1

    Legend proved himself that he is not finished,he still has the ability to try his best 😎⚽

  • Ashwin Vibhuti
    Ashwin Vibhuti 2 months ago +9

    Goats will always invent new things

  • Josh
    Josh 2 months ago +3

    Bro his free kick was pure luck ahaha

  • Nelson Benjamin
    Nelson Benjamin 2 months ago +8

    The GOAT Cr7

  • yourboyOle
    yourboyOle 2 days ago +3

    40 yard free kick from 38 yr old man.

  • Monk10x
    Monk10x 2 months ago +7

    Juninho and pirlo would like to have a word. They both hit knuckleballs too.

  • vr_horror_king
    vr_horror_king 2 months ago +10

    2 free kicks in a row 🐐

  • Mengkol
    Mengkol Month ago

    if he does it 10 times and 7 of them succeed, re-upload this video 😂

  • UwU19
    UwU19 2 months ago

    So he basically took a hard step to lift the ball an inch and then strike it.

    VAMMY 2 months ago +11

    This man never stops 🔥

  • Catalin Lacanu
    Catalin Lacanu 2 months ago

    Someone have to said it: that's illegal. You can't touch the ball twice kickin' a free kick

  • Abdirisak Awes
    Abdirisak Awes 2 months ago +17

    What a player and person, will be dearly missed when he retires, never seen anyone like him with that kind of longevity at the top of his game, beautiful to see, one of the best players to ever exist imo.

  • Erick Castro
    Erick Castro 2 months ago +5

    I wasn’t aware there was a better direct free kick taker than Juninho Pernambucano. Did I miss something? Last I saw neither Cristiano nor Lionel slapped more into the back of the net then him.

  • oni
    oni 2 months ago +7


  • Papi Delu Jadi Hepi
    Papi Delu Jadi Hepi 2 months ago +1

    juninho laughed at heaven

  • Seth Gyan
    Seth Gyan 2 months ago +1

    Ronaldo scores one free kick
    "Ronaldo has invented a new free kick"

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago +4

    His free kick for Portugal was amazing 👏

    SIATHA_LEE 2 months ago +1

    Send this to your friend and let them know that CR7 is a goat 🐐

  • Zakywackeypro
    Zakywackeypro 2 months ago

    None can beat Beckham and Roberto Carlos techniques

  • Bruh Wade
    Bruh Wade 2 months ago +6

    A 38 year old Ronaldo Scored a free kick from 38 yards and a Prime Lionel Messi's longest is 35 ... The GOAT
    Edit : Messi also scored a Free kick Goal .. BOTH GOATS 🐐

    • OK?
      OK? 2 months ago

      you literally have messi on your profile pic 💀
      Ronaldo🐐 Messi🐐

    • Julianmakesmemes
      Julianmakesmemes 2 months ago

      Respectable Messi fan

  • Young Raynold1.1
    Young Raynold1.1 6 days ago

    CR7 IS A Legend or u could say gis is legendary ❤❤😊😊🎉🎉

  • x cat
    x cat Month ago

    That isn't allowed to be done, it's against the rules of football.

  • Just Chill
    Just Chill 2 months ago +9

    This man is literally creating earthquake with just one foot 🥶, That's y he is the 🐐

  • George T
    George T Month ago

    His the favourite for the Camel d'Or this year....

  • Bazzamatazz87
    Bazzamatazz87 2 months ago

    "Ronaldo popularised the knuckleball technique" - Juninho Pernambucano dislikes this comment.

  • Cant think
    Cant think 2 months ago +16

    He’s a genius in his way 🤩

  • SoullessBeats
    SoullessBeats 2 months ago

    Best free kick taker in the world was David beckam how ever it's spelt and probably still is.

  • Joel Thomson
    Joel Thomson 7 hours ago

    Fifth top scorer in the Saudi League.

  • pujangga
    pujangga 2 months ago +3

    he did it again in international matches.

  • ALISM107
    ALISM107 2 months ago

    The goalkeeper who let the ball pass under his hand and ronaldo fans saying "goalkeeper are not constructers workers"

  • mezuffx
    mezuffx 2 months ago

    I sended to him but he replied with Messi holding the world cup 💀

  • Exxotic17
    Exxotic17 2 months ago +3

    This is Ronaldo!!! 🐐🐐❤️💪