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Campervan Challenge | Top Gear | BBC


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  • Top Gear
    Top Gear  2 years ago +2333

    Want more ridiculous Top Gear builds? Here's a clip of a converted hearse crashing: clip-share.net/video/CdlLHpMFXMw/video.html

  • Ruby Blue
    Ruby Blue 7 months ago +2354

    I’m still floored Jeremy was allowed to actually drive that thing, and that he managed to do so without killing anyone

    • ilokivi
      ilokivi 2 days ago +1

      @Stephan Buchin On the contrary, the fools in office in 2023 would regard this as a positive opportunity.

    • Stephan Buchin
      Stephan Buchin 11 days ago

      Was about to comment on that too 🙂 I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be tolerated nowadays with all the road safety paranoia.

    • James
      James 14 days ago +2

      1:34 would have been really bad if it dropped to the side there

    • bubba485
      bubba485 19 days ago +1

      @ShroomZed they disengaged the parking break, if I remember correctly.

    • ShroomZed
      ShroomZed 2 months ago +5

      @Assassin 426 Then they threw it off a cliff.

  • Sam95
    Sam95 Year ago +1182

    This to me is the best challenge top gear ever done, from Clarkson’s “leaning tower of Citroen” and hammonds citadel to cooking a 3 course meal and Hammond and may pushing clarksons caravan over a cliff. Best challenge ever. Still makes me laugh after all these years

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul 8 days ago +1

      It's the quintessential principle of three idiots failing at the same task in completely different ways. And that's why we love them so much. It wasn't just a show about cars. It was a show about three mates who are interested in cars.

    • skylineXpert
      skylineXpert 28 days ago

      Not compared to the 100£, but certainly up there...

    • Danial Hakim
      Danial Hakim Month ago

      what model is the citroen?

    • shivam chaudhry
      shivam chaudhry 5 months ago +3

      @plantcraftie very secure indeed.

    • plantcraftie
      plantcraftie 6 months ago +5

      I was laughing the most in this video when James had to saw a part off of his car 🤣🤣

  • SV916 GTV
    SV916 GTV 2 months ago +217

    5:58 “He might eat… a free range egg.”
    Dying of laughter

  • Connor Pittam
    Connor Pittam Year ago +430

    Hands down, James actually had the best build for once

    • retrogamelover2012
      retrogamelover2012 5 months ago +8

      @Danny M At least it wasn't at risk of tipping over, or pretty much one that was a pain to set up, and rattled so loudly in a high wind, that it kept the sleeper up at night, worried of it falling on top of them.

    • Danny M
      Danny M 8 months ago +1

      He couldn't even wipe his bottom in his motorhome.

    • iBlewupthemoon
      iBlewupthemoon 9 months ago +40

      “As you can see, I have done this properly”

  • Vito
    Vito 3 years ago +14976

    Can't believe they fired these guys lol

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 3 months ago

      @gwishart He didn't "beat up" a producer, he punched a producer and then turned himself in

    • Karlo Perić
      Karlo Perić 9 months ago

      No body firrd them

    • SJR game clips
      SJR game clips 9 months ago +2

      America thanks the BBC for letting Amazon have their biggest stars of the last 20 plus years.

    • Doug Taylor
      Doug Taylor 9 months ago

      Jeremy had all kinds of personal crap going on, he jack slapped a producer and the BBC takes the higher than thou road and sacks him, thus blowing off the biggest show in the history of the idiot box.
      Brilliant stuff producers!

    • miata gaming
      miata gaming Year ago

      They only fired Jeremy

  • Frihman
    Frihman 11 months ago +752

    0:28 This part never fails to make me laugh

    • Max
      Max 2 months ago


    • Ibnu Fardhani
      Ibnu Fardhani 2 months ago +1

      His car is taller than a lorry wtf

    • Mark O'Neill
      Mark O'Neill 3 months ago

      .....nor me......

    • matthew natividad
      matthew natividad 6 months ago +38

      The cut to James laugh makes it even funnier

    • Levi Atkinson
      Levi Atkinson 6 months ago +50

      It’s not just that, May’s cackle never ceases to make me laugh

  • Polaris North
    Polaris North Year ago +585

    "Just a minute, this is great uncle yourself" never fail to crack up at that hahaha

    • 14oliverhedgehog
      14oliverhedgehog 5 months ago +3

      he actually said "Just admit it, this is great uncle yourself"

    • massacre brothers
      massacre brothers 9 months ago +3

      Honestly i always laugh

    • ryan_custard13
      ryan_custard13 Year ago +11

      "Yep, Great Uncle Tall, there"

    • Justin Langley
      Justin Langley Year ago +14

      "Yup it is , yep, yep ( hammond shines torch on the portrait and may cracks up laughing ) absolutely hilarious moment !

  • YourLocalDeviousGoomba

    10 years later, this is still the funniest car show

  • Secular Hierophant
    Secular Hierophant 11 months ago +81

    I love that Jeremy and Hammond’s builds are so chaotic that we barely glance at James’ rocket car.

  • Ben Weyer
    Ben Weyer 2 years ago +10810

    Watching Hammond just fear for his life while he tries to sleep is killing me right now and I can’t stop laughing

    • Nigel Walker
      Nigel Walker 5 months ago

      Love all the challenges, this one, the white van one and the student one I could watch over and over again

    • Anto
      Anto 6 months ago

      Same hahaha

    • Protect What Is Ours
      Protect What Is Ours 6 months ago +1

      @Nate p it’s an 11 year old + episode

    • nabzzz
      nabzzz 8 months ago

      @Nate p your adhd brain can't watch a 7 min vid without reading comments?

    • wakcedout
      wakcedout 9 months ago +4

      If he had more time and made sure everything had solid clips to connect....might have been a decent idea.
      Maybe that along with each panel stakes 12 inches into the ground

  • Justin Dueck
    Justin Dueck Year ago +134

    Can’t believe Jeremy drove that giant unstable house which could’ve easily tipped over into oncoming traffic on the highway. Regardless love these guys. Can’t believe they were fired.

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 3 months ago

      They weren't. Clarkson confessed to punching a producer, so he got fired but it was mostly his own choice. The other two just followed.

    • Nathaniel2256
      Nathaniel2256  6 months ago

      Clarkson didn't get fired, he just couldn't get his contract renewed because BBC wouldn't let him

    • Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue 7 months ago +2

      @CCKILLER 00 yeah he hit someone, one of the crew iirc? Apparently he was reeling from a cancer scare. It is wild that driving this death trap down a motorway was fine and great, but one hit was too far.

    • J Smith
      J Smith 9 months ago +4

      @crazyratpors He was Irish, so it's understandable.

    • crazyratpors
      crazyratpors 10 months ago +3

      @CCKILLER 00 he slapped an employee of bbc me thinks

  • Jonathan Wood
    Jonathan Wood Year ago +154

    0:19 - 0:35 is possibly the greatest ever top gear moment

    • Mark O'Neill
      Mark O'Neill 3 months ago


    • decaffeinated african
      decaffeinated african 5 months ago +3

      he laughs like squidward

    • Richard Bloemenkamp
      Richard Bloemenkamp 7 months ago +7

      True, it was also genuinely dangerous probably, but now that it is behind us without victims let's cherish it. A lot in TopGear is at least a bit staged but this looks real.

  • BlondeCurlsBlueEyes
    BlondeCurlsBlueEyes 9 months ago +85

    The bit that always gets me is Jeremy's "This is outrageous!" when they come back to find Hammond's motorhome has mutated into a mansion and enveloped the whole campsite 😂

  • Jonathan Mixon
    Jonathan Mixon 4 months ago +14

    0:20 to 0:35 is legitimately the most perfect 15 seconds in television history. Miss these guys.

    • Perinne
      Perinne 2 months ago

      burnout I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe.
      I got it in my about tab.

  • Friendly Forge
    Friendly Forge 2 years ago +8772

    I can’t get over Hammond quietly saying “I’m brave” to himself after he got hurt. What a wonderful way to stay motivated

    • Stickleback
      Stickleback Day ago

      @YungRetroGamer pardon?

    • Stickleback
      Stickleback Day ago

      "be brave"

    • TJ
      TJ 4 days ago

      Like a Hobbit

    • Pixelated
      Pixelated 5 months ago

      @Volts n Bolts you're adorable

    • BiggyCheese
      BiggyCheese 6 months ago

      @YungRetroGamer how does it feel to be ret arded?

  • PixelParasite
    PixelParasite Year ago +487

    Richard's little, "I'm brave!" is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. 😂

    • Higashikata Josuke
      Higashikata Josuke 6 months ago +2

      @JBBrickman its also very windy and cold

    • JBBrickman
      JBBrickman 8 months ago +8

      You can tell those panels are like tin/metal or whatever you call it, so you know that really hurt, could have cut his finger off almost, definitely worried me.

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 11 months ago

      Almost like this ⬆️

    • GloryHole Productions
      GloryHole Productions 11 months ago +3

      @Self Taught Boogie Player yes

    • Self Taught Boogie Player
      Self Taught Boogie Player Year ago +10

      @Don't Blink I'm Human As if it fucking matters, Jesus.

  • PhantomZettonX18
    PhantomZettonX18 Year ago +56

    was that car chosen by the matrix of leadership and became a prime?

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy Year ago +15

    This was so funny 😂
    Please make more. I wish the Grand Tour would do more low budget builds like this.

  • CoolT (Coolomon Tetris)

    After years, still a must-watch episode!

  • simonverigotta41
    simonverigotta41 Year ago +72

    Clarksons reaction to the lorry overtaking and mays laugh 😂😂

  • Dalton Becker
    Dalton Becker Year ago +13

    Jeremy's car had quite possibly one of the coolest looking steering wheels.

    • Mark O'Neill
      Mark O'Neill 7 months ago

      From what I remember about those cars,they were fairly unreliable. But it was a Citroën so you'd expect that......

  • CCT Reptiles
    CCT Reptiles 2 months ago +4

    Watching Clarkson and May drunkenly stumble through Richard’s maze-motor home is absolutely hilarious 😂

  • jonathan w
    jonathan w 16 days ago

    This was one of the legendary episodes of Top Gear. The leaning tower of Citroen, she's veerryy pretty, James sawing his way to the fuel filler cap, Clarkson's car diarrheoa, ow ow oww... brave! A free range egg, Hammond trying to sleep in the cottage, and the Citroen going off the cliff. Timeless classic

  • ribo88
    ribo88 Year ago +17

    Every single time i see James sawing to fill up, Jeremy laughing and in the end "it's very secure", kills me, this was the best era of them for sure.

  • Colin Elderfield
    Colin Elderfield Year ago +7

    Absolutely brilliant. Top Gear was never as good when the BBC got rid of these three best of friends.

  • RedAndWhite
    RedAndWhite 7 months ago +1

    I remember I could not stop laughing when Clarkson was absolutely bricking it while May is laughing is head off. Then the fix that improved it by making no difference was genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV. Still laugh uncontrollably every time I stumble across this video or go back and watch this episode back on iPlayer.
    This challenge was almost as funny as the scene on only fools when Del falls through the bar, that’s very high praise.

  • Tamēska :3
    Tamēska :3 Year ago +54

    In this episode of top gear:
    Jeremy remains the tallest
    Hammond drives an entire house
    And James laughs at others mistakes

  • CRASHTherapy
    CRASHTherapy 2 years ago +8994

    *I'm missing of old TOP GEAR!*

  • TL;DR
    TL;DR 10 months ago +1

    I've always wondered what kinda insurance Top Gear used to have. Because although I know that they stage most things, that still looks like an active freeway. If Clarkson's camper had toppled...
    And they don't stage everything, like when they built that convertible out of a van, and ran it through a car wash. Although that was part of the program, wrecking the car wash wasn't. They had to payout to a very pissed off owner.

  • Michael None
    Michael None Year ago +12

    I love how much James loves Richard's home built house, genuinely!

  • Dave
    Dave 7 months ago +2

    Watching Hamond trying to sleep with all the walls making noises just killed me, especially the terrified face he makes 😂😂😂😂

  • Whats another death Sabine

    There was something special about the cameras used in the 2000s. These cams even intrigued and felt fast when it was capturing an F1 car. Also the lighting in the restaurant,the sky, it felt like the 2000s a decade we all want to go back. Today's models day tech would make that restaurant shot so clear, but the essence of the ambience caught on this camera would be lacking

    • Whats another death Sabine
      Whats another death Sabine 6 months ago

      @CrashFan99 same foes for watching formula 1. Cameras today make the cars look slow

    • CrashFan99
      CrashFan99 7 months ago +1

      It was that warm orange filter, I miss it too. Doctor Who used it too for series 1 and series 2 back then, it added to the "other worldy" feel of the tv shows. Nowadays everything looks too clean and real which ironically kills the immersion.

  • Яæton
    Яæton 2 years ago +10184

    Jeremy: Tower
    James: Rocket
    Hammond: An entire house

    • lvl 90 Luxio
      lvl 90 Luxio 28 days ago

      @Yeetboiwhatyesplease Hammond created nightmare fuel or Fridat 13th campsite :v

    • Yeetboiwhatyesplease
      Yeetboiwhatyesplease Month ago +2

      More like an entire estate

    • Aidar Helps with English!
      Aidar Helps with English! 9 months ago

      Yep, Fergie didnt know what g.l.a.m.o.u.r.o.u.s. was, Richard carried a *ucking library with him

    • Kevin Prior
      Kevin Prior 10 months ago +1

      Possibly the flimsiest most rubbish motorhome ever was Hammond's design.

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 11 months ago

      Almost like this ⬆️

  • Elaina Gilbert
    Elaina Gilbert 4 months ago +1

    I just love that they know him well enough to know what he would eat and love him enough to order something for him.

  • Mongo Boogie
    Mongo Boogie Year ago +4

    Jeremy's block of flats is too funny! Nevermind James' reaction to it when the wind hits the front of it. 🤣

  • nick helton
    nick helton 11 months ago +1

    This is epic, 🤣😂🤣 the whole world needs more videos like this.....

  • Jeff *Chuckletruck* Wilkinson

    😂😂😂😂Individually these three are genius, combined they are unbeatable

  • Trap Music Now
    Trap Music Now 6 years ago +4097

    This is ridiculously hilarious. Haha

  • Paul Hester
    Paul Hester 7 months ago +6

    7:37 this was me on my last camping trip, a storm was brewing and i was in the middle of a forest the sound booming through trees meant i got only an hour of sleep that night and normally i sleep like a log out in the forest. i felt his pain

  • Just Grayyy
    Just Grayyy 5 months ago +1

    Still one of my all time favorite top gear episodes

  • Ghost Thad
    Ghost Thad 9 months ago +4

    I can never keep it together whenever I see the genuine fear and the way Jeremy white knuckles the steering wheel as the lori goes by

  • Mr Darknezz
    Mr Darknezz Year ago +1

    Top Gear today just isn’t the same without these guys. Their the reason why Top Gear became so popular

  • Casey Bedney
    Casey Bedney 2 years ago +8513

    Hammonds creation looks like a dupe straight out of garry’s mod

    • ToyoColla
      ToyoColla 6 months ago

      It's all fun in games until
      [ ⚠️ Something is creating script errors.]

    • Josh Hawkins
      Josh Hawkins 8 months ago

      Great uncle yourself hahaha

    • Knifemaster
      Knifemaster 8 months ago

      I wish for a Garry's mod animator recreate this whole episode in Garry's mod

    • Isaacs Random Videos
      Isaacs Random Videos 10 months ago

      @BLUacid 67 lol the jeep V8 sound is burnt into my head

    • Isaacs Random Videos
      Isaacs Random Videos 10 months ago

      Nah Jeremy’s too

  • Nolby1
    Nolby1 24 days ago

    A top 3 all time episode, one of the most hilarious episodes ever.

  • oledilep
    oledilep 10 months ago

    They're brilliant together, just tremendous! I miss this kinda goofy nonesense.

  • bankai
    bankai 10 months ago +1

    I love how Jeremy basically made a DRS system when he removed the glass windows and door 😄😄

  • hammer1349
    hammer1349 8 months ago +1

    Bizarrely enough, if Hammond's shed was more part of the vehicle and more structured it would probably be pretty decent. Admittedly the whole flat pack house thing going on is pretty creative

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright 2 years ago +3875

    I feel like May is the only one who got a good night's sleep.

    • The Autistic Introverted Lucario (T.A.I.L.)
      The Autistic Introverted Lucario (T.A.I.L.) 10 months ago +1

      @Copious Doinks LLC. It was too tiny for anything, if he did do it properly, he would have done his hight plus half, so it was still small and lightwheit, but actually fit him.

    • EISBÆR
      EISBÆR 11 months ago +5

      @Copious Doinks LLC. if everyone did the challenge like him, it would be boring. top gear is not about good solutions but funny ones. it would be even simpler to just buy a station wagon and sleep in the back, but wheres the fun then?

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 11 months ago

      Like this ⬆️

    • Bavishan Sritharan
      Bavishan Sritharan 11 months ago +2

      Not so sure on that one, sitting his bed in a metal box means that it would be incredibly hot and the hard surface would have done his back in, and don't get me started with when he wakes up in total darkness and does not realise what's he's in.

    • Borris
      Borris Year ago +5

      @Fawwaz Rafif only fell on its side because it was staged. He wasn’t actually in it when it tipped

  • Guided Meditation
    Guided Meditation 5 months ago +1

    I love these crazy stupid challenges. It is worthy of its own stand alone show if you could find personalities worthy of it.

  • Random Things
    Random Things Year ago +3

    10 Years later, you just dont find a show like this anymore these days, LEGENDS

  • NIKE RailfanningTTM
    NIKE RailfanningTTM Year ago +1

    *this was and still is the most legendary episode ever*

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar Year ago +9

    7:35 cracked me up, could not control my laughter. That reminded me of a scene from the police academy movies where the captain takes a flight.

  • Mariya Takeuchi
    Mariya Takeuchi 2 years ago +5483

    “Still could be worse”
    I actually cant stop laughing at that

  • Musicislife
    Musicislife 5 months ago

    wow watching this back again so much later really strikes me totally different :D as a young man hammonds creation seemed completely dumb but now as an adult all i can think is. "With a few adjustments and improvement.... that camper rocks!"

  • The Liamster
    The Liamster Year ago +2

    I can’t believe this video is over a decade old, I still love it.

  • HaRrY D
    HaRrY D 5 months ago +1

    6:45 😂 couldn’t make it up what a coincidence that may trips lol. The way he walks back never fails to make me laugh.

  • N P
    N P Year ago

    I'll never understand how Clarkson got permission to drive his car on the roads

  • J FIzzLE
    J FIzzLE 3 years ago +7739

    God I miss the original with these guys.

    • Sean Mckell
      Sean Mckell 13 hours ago

      Watch clarksons farm lol

    • Squidy
      Squidy 10 days ago


    • Fritz olsson
      Fritz olsson 6 months ago

      @KatevonDick He's a fine lad, bloke

    • lucozade
      lucozade 2 years ago

      The new one they think they are funny but there not

    • RoryTheSpacePerson
      RoryTheSpacePerson 2 years ago +1

      Kabuki Jo I watch it it’s amazing

  • JRCb.
    JRCb. Year ago +10

    I will forever miss top gear and the laughs it gave me after coming home and turning the newest episode on. The grand Tour is cool too but It just isn’t the same.

  • Chess gaming
    Chess gaming Year ago +2

    Incredible engineering on their parts.

  • Brave Sir Robin
    Brave Sir Robin Year ago +8

    Hammond at the end 🤣 Its been hours and I can’t stop laughing

  • Doug Taylor
    Doug Taylor 9 months ago +3

    This was one of the funniest of all time. I laughed that night till my side hurt.

  • BUDA
    BUDA 3 years ago +18733

    Who else misses sitting on the lounge with ur dad watching this late at night

    • Alatreon
      Alatreon 28 days ago


    • Wagwanbennydj
      Wagwanbennydj Month ago

      Imagine having a dad to do this with 😭

    • Amin Rahbari
      Amin Rahbari Month ago

      My dad passed away 3 years ago😭😭😭😭 me and my mom and my brother used to watched it every week I wish I could have gone back to those days God I miss those days😭😭😭😭

      MOSACLIPZ Month ago


    • Steph’s Vids
      Steph’s Vids 2 months ago

      Yeah 🥲

  • Fine Corinthian Videos

    I think James’ camper conversion is the best and most practical

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago +7

    "Wait a minute, this is Great Uncle Yourself"
    As if that wasn't enough of a line to kill me, James lets out the goofiest laughter ever.

  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo Year ago +3

    The best episodes ever imo . All time classic.

  • sharky bate
    sharky bate Year ago +2

    Ya know, Hammond had a good idea. Perhaps a longer planning period/serious development and testing to work out the issues, and his idea could catch on for real

  • Doctor Dragon
    Doctor Dragon 6 months ago +2

    I love how you can see Jeremy's head bumping against the ceiling panels of Hammond's "cottage" because it was clearly built for a man of his hobbit stature

  • Shirley Bell
    Shirley Bell Year ago +2

    Omg I love it
    ! I don’t know the last time I have laughed so hard! I am actually in pain from laughing 😆 so hard! Thank you so very much! I really needed it and what perfect 👌 timing! I was so down and this reminds me of how happy life can be! Thank you so very much 👍👌🤪😆😜 I think I just woke the household up

  • Dominique Charriere
    Dominique Charriere Year ago +2

    I used to drive a Citroen CX ambulance when I was in the army in the 90s, the hydraulic suspension was so great to get into underground parking without crushing the roof lights!

  • Bondek
    Bondek 9 months ago +3

    I've seen this often and May wetting himself laughing at Clarkson is still hugely funny

  • aaditya dhuri
    aaditya dhuri 2 years ago +3793

    4:47 when Hammond hurts his finger and he says to himself. "be brave" that's one of the most wholesome moments

    • AJ Dwyer
      AJ Dwyer 5 months ago +1

      @Orion my son.. 7 months later you are replying to my comment. Get with the times

    • Orion
      Orion 5 months ago

      ​@AJ Dwyer If that's what you take from the OP's comment, then you are most definitely one of the quickest to get offended by anything.​

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 11 months ago

      Like this ⬆️

    • AJ Dwyer
      AJ Dwyer Year ago +2

      This would have double amount of likes if you listened properly.

    • Obama_streams
      Obama_streams Year ago +2

      enn bee do you know what simps mean

  • Jarkko9000
    Jarkko9000 4 days ago

    Still, after all these years I cannot believe they were actually allowed on the road with those things.

  • Ano Nymus
    Ano Nymus Year ago +3

    There will never be another tv team like these three

  • andrew
    andrew Year ago +3

    Clarkson’s “transformed into a caravan” Citroen has once again appeared on The Grand Tour’s latest special!! What a coincidence seriously 🤩🤩 of course it’s because that’s a french car

  • Blitzo
    Blitzo Year ago +2

    I just love how James may is just having a field day

  • Publish Pit
    Publish Pit 3 years ago +2244

    7:36 the absolute peril in his eyes as he watched that roof take its final breaths was amazing

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 11 months ago

      Almost like this ⬆️

    • Holvingar
      Holvingar Year ago +3

      @Christine C. yeah but did anyone ask?

    • Publish Pit
      Publish Pit 2 years ago +4

      @Christine C. Appreciate the criticism 👍

    • Christine C.
      Christine C. 2 years ago +6

      Just a note: "It's" only ever means "it is" and occasionally "it has." "Its" is the possessive form and the one you should have used.

    • ZAJagter
      ZAJagter 2 years ago +7

      IN RY8NG RIGUT NOW 😂😂😂

  • Potato
    Potato Year ago

    I really feel like if you mixed the qualities of the 3 into 1 home, it'd be actually decent.

  • Paw X Paw
    Paw X Paw Year ago +1

    I, know all too well about road trips and adventures with mates and I think 3 is the magical number for less stress, hassle and arguments. Plus, the more you know about them before travelling the better. I personally love the Citroen under the canopy part.

  • The observer
    The observer Year ago +1

    One minute in, and I'm not sure if I can keep watching. That tower on wheels is terrifying! And here I am worried that reinforcing the roof of my Chevy camper van will make it too top-heavy.

  • MaxwellEdisonMajoringInMedicine

    imagine going for a nice relaxing camping holiday only to see these 3 and be kept up at night by Hammond's roof lmao

  • Jay M
    Jay M 3 months ago +2

    These never get old.. gotta be like 7th time I've watched it.

    • Perinne
      Perinne 2 months ago

      jaym I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe.
      I got it in my about tab.

  • Tom Sanders
    Tom Sanders Year ago +4

    That painting of Hammond. Still makes me laugh 😂

  • Cueball69
    Cueball69 Year ago +4

    I remember when this first aired
    Me and my Dad were on the floor howling
    Good times

  • Shadowed
    Shadowed 6 months ago +2

    Hammond's house really was a house. It was built and it could be lived in. Truly the Morbius of housing.

  • Ye Gamers Guild Podcast
    Ye Gamers Guild Podcast 10 months ago

    At the start, seeing the leaning tower of citron and the massive unimog come up alongside each other is soo freaking funny

  • Sina Sina
    Sina Sina Year ago +13

    you all have to agree this part is a gem on motorway tv shows 0:28 😂

  • Zach Goebeler
    Zach Goebeler Year ago

    James lowkey killed this challenge. Just the basics I feel easily won him this one

  • thewatcherspain
    thewatcherspain Year ago

    7:33 that was too much for me. Haven't laughed that much in weeks!

  • Professional Businessman
    Professional Businessman 2 years ago +3506

    “He doesn’t like fish,”
    “No he doesn’t eat fish.”
    “He might eat a free range egg”

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 11 months ago

      Almost like this ⬆️

    • Joshua Dennis
      Joshua Dennis Year ago

      fucking england lmfaooooo

    • HarlemHyena
      HarlemHyena Year ago +8

      "I don't like beer, don't like batter, don't like fish..."

    • Alistair Walker
      Alistair Walker Year ago +11

      Love the fake Brummie accent Clarkson puts on whenever he makes fun of Hammond’s picky palate.

    • Zeemis
      Zeemis Year ago +5

      Dang man, its like we both saw the same video!

  • Nick H
    Nick H Year ago +3

    I get panicky every time I see this episode with Clarkson on the highway in that triple decker death trap.

  • Keiyan Goshin
    Keiyan Goshin 10 months ago +1

    Every time, without fail, when Jeremy screams, I laugh with James. 😂😂😂 Sorry not sorry. 🤣

  • Bertie Blue
    Bertie Blue Year ago

    With a bit of tweaking these are splendid ideas.
    Hammond just needs rigid panels with secure fastenings and Clarkson's tower fitted with an elevating mechanism to lower and raise the top floor becomes transformed. Parked up it is a high rise appartment on the move it is a ground hugging aerodynamic marvel

  • Zane Moser
    Zane Moser Year ago

    7:37 the look of fear watching the roof cave in haha

  • Isak Monstad
    Isak Monstad 2 years ago +404

    I love how James is honest with Richard about the fuel filler cap but just asks Jeremy to go away

    • Penitent Potato
      Penitent Potato 11 months ago +5

      @Lord Hoth_09 At times, yes. They definitely mock each other plenty of times though.

    • Lord Hoth_09
      Lord Hoth_09 11 months ago +9

      @Penitent Potato Jeremy laughs at them to mock, May and Hammond laugh at each other because they share the pain

    • Penitent Potato
      Penitent Potato Year ago

      @Jake Josh But Hammond and James laugh at each other all the time

    • Jake Josh
      Jake Josh Year ago +27

      The reason why James and Hammond are honest with each other because they wouldn’t laugh at the other. Unlike Jeremy.

  • Heavy Critic
    Heavy Critic Year ago +1

    This is my favourite of their challenges.

  • thewatcherspain
    thewatcherspain Year ago

    1:32 to 1:36 Clarkson was being an actual hazard to the road traffic.
    Sigma move.

  • CrabScat
    CrabScat Year ago +1

    Based on the fact that they have gone 90 miles and refueled Hammond's car 4 times, assuming it holds 20 gallons, it has an MPG of 1.125. truly remarkable

    • Joshua Hilliker
      Joshua Hilliker Year ago

      Honestly, it’s a miracle that it doesn’t measure in gallons per mile, it’s so bad.

  • Ben G
    Ben G 10 months ago

    Love how Hammond's motorhome isn't designed for anyone over 5"10