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Hellmuth LOSES HIS COOL vs Perkins ♠️ Best of The Big Game ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Nov 21, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Bill Perkins is good at getting under people's skin.. especially in the case of Phil Hellmut! These two were at each other throats in the Big Game and Hellmuth can (as usual) not keep his cool...
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Comments • 1 158

  • Lars Forza
    Lars Forza 2 years ago +1142

    This is the most well behaved I’ve ever seen Phil.

    • Chris Kaszowski
      Chris Kaszowski Month ago +1

      Probably the best I've seen Phil play too!

    • Rendclaw
      Rendclaw 2 months ago

      Phil does tend to shut down when someone stands straight up to his antics like Bill did. Bill didn't get angry, he just let him know that he's not going to put up with BS.

    • Matt Karsch
      Matt Karsch 2 months ago +1

      Don't think Phil acts like that generally only on tv when we see it 🙂

    • Noah Talley
      Noah Talley 2 months ago +1

      999th like! And yes! He’s normally a lot worse than this!

    • Galaxy Galaxy
      Galaxy Galaxy 3 months ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing lol

  • Diversity of Discontent
    Diversity of Discontent 2 years ago +2503

    For Phil Hellmuth, this is really not "losing his cool".

    • Avgastas
      Avgastas 7 months ago

      @MrJamberee I truly think he does it on purpose for your exact reaction

    • ChanCeNecK
      ChanCeNecK 7 months ago

      Yeah, the title is bullshit.

    • Magoon
      Magoon Year ago

      True that

    • Rosemary
      Rosemary Year ago

      Calmest ever

    • Jose Soto
      Jose Soto Year ago

      I never see him win how is he a poker player?

  • Tyler Grant
    Tyler Grant 2 years ago +1583

    I love that Phil refused a hug from Perkins, but gave fishman a hug immediately following lol

    • Chae YL
      Chae YL 4 months ago


    • Jason Wailes
      Jason Wailes 4 months ago +1

      @Luke Leonard ýł

    • lolipedofin
      lolipedofin 5 months ago

      @Torinir A. Try razzie.

    • Jelliot
      Jelliot 8 months ago

      I think he felt the need to prove he wasn’t some weird guy who didn’t like hugs

    • Vlad N
      Vlad N 9 months ago +5

      Nothing Perkins does is authentic. I wouldn't hug him either.

  • Christopher Hitchens
    Christopher Hitchens Year ago +127

    Always good to see human beings peacefully co-existing with Phil Laak.

    • Jordan McGinnis
      Jordan McGinnis 11 months ago +2

      Good to see your resurrection, kind of ironic since you spent your life saying how nonsense they are 😉🤣

  • freshrecord
    freshrecord 2 years ago +1852

    More like “Hellmuth KEEPS HIS COOL”

    • Jamille Francisco
      Jamille Francisco 26 days ago

      Yeah except for calling the guy a mother fucker he kept pretty cool

    • Thomas Erickson
      Thomas Erickson 3 months ago

      That Perkins guy is a loser.

    • T At
      T At 4 months ago

      Right? I was quite impressed with his sportsmanship

    • ioioooioioiiioo
      ioioooioioiiioo 6 months ago

      Right. This is nothing compared to countless other examples.

    • Isaac Geier
      Isaac Geier 8 months ago

      @Matthew Tibbs he’s really not though. He just gets absolutely fucked by poker gods. The bald guy is 100% more cocky and arrogant and just couldn’t handle someone not allowing it all game long

  • The Kaden Gank
    The Kaden Gank 2 years ago +482

    “Im about to start giving hugs out”
    “This pots like 4 dollars”😂😂love phil laak

    • Blokin
      Blokin 11 months ago +1

      @Kineahora You must also like 13 year old schoolboys, it's pathetic

    • Kineahora
      Kineahora Year ago +1

      Gotta like Laak’s hair!

    • Ashish Satyani
      Ashish Satyani Year ago +1

      @Reno Raider what do you mean? like he is staked?

    • Reno Raider
      Reno Raider 2 years ago +5

      Laak is a horse's ass.

    • Arman M
      Arman M 2 years ago +5

      Same, he is fun.

  • Skeetch Vids
    Skeetch Vids Year ago +164

    Unpopular opinion: I actually like Phil, whenever he plays the game becomes way more exciting and fun to watch

    • Gene Bowler
      Gene Bowler 13 days ago

      The only fun thing is to watch Phil get his ass whipped, and then watch him whine and cry!

    • Ryan Corsaut
      Ryan Corsaut 4 months ago

      @Mass Shrooms Which he tried to angle and failed at that.

    • Ryan Corsaut
      Ryan Corsaut 4 months ago

      I think Phil is a Dbag player. But, he is all kinda of fun to watch.

    • riffbw
      riffbw 4 months ago +1

      @Mass Shrooms Phil is so focused on elite play that he seems like the guy that would really struggle against amateurs that will play a lot of hands conservatively. Phil plays such a tight range in most of these videos that it's easy to get beat by bigger rangers that hit flops. Just like here, he had the "better" hand most of the time, but he had a guy that wanted to see a lot of flops and the better pre-flop hand lost most of them.
      That's Phil's huge blind spot. He can't see how easy he is to exploit at times when he plays so tight and others really open it up on him. I know I can't beat him, but he gets trapped a lot because he can't seem to grasp that weaker hole cards wreck him.

    • Jeanie1940 sunshine
      Jeanie1940 sunshine 6 months ago

      I agree.

  • Tommaso Chiesa
    Tommaso Chiesa 2 years ago +74

    Some things never get old. Phil s tilt is one of that things

    • Sludge
      Sludge 3 months ago +1

      Except he didn’t tilt.

  • cooper
    cooper Year ago +33

    Phil hellmuth is the type to call a player bad the entire game and lose every hand

  • Jorge Herrera
    Jorge Herrera Year ago +218

    “Like a combo meal at Taco Bell” Poker has the best commentary for something so uneventful 😆

    • that dude
      that dude 10 months ago

      Very true!! I was thinking the same thing

    • Robert Marten
      Robert Marten 11 months ago

      Ha, and it was donkey! Yikes

    • Jamie Hancock
      Jamie Hancock Year ago +5

      Joe should do commentary on other sports!!

  • 7poundbag.com
    7poundbag.com Year ago +326

    I don't think he lost his cool
    He got outflopped every hand shown- If these were in fairly rapid succession, I'd be a little agitated as well.

    • Blatant Egirl
      Blatant Egirl 11 months ago

      @Nick Thompson watch the full games then you'll see why its unprecedented

    • Anon Imous
      Anon Imous Year ago +10

      @Nick Thompson Perkins IMHO was only giving back what was given. We all see that which we wanna see I suppose

    • Nick Thompson
      Nick Thompson Year ago +1

      @Anon Imous I like the guy. Only person I saw being a dickhead here was Perkins, but I’m just a casual

    • Anon Imous
      Anon Imous Year ago +5

      Hot Tip. Gambling ESPECIALLY for Hellmuth may have enlarged his pockets, but, Lady Luck is a fickle bitch and watching him get burned by Dwan, Perkins and hell ANYONE ELSE is so much fun to watch. Why? Cause Phil is a Giant Dickhead with an over inflated ego. Watching him lose 30 Grand on 2 value bets when he was beat from JUMP Street is so much fun, I damn near pissed myself.

  • nadav ivgi
    nadav ivgi Year ago +46

    I truly believe with all my heart whoever hosted the “big game” rigged hellmuths cards for rage clips

    • DaMightyBenStein
      DaMightyBenStein 10 months ago +2

      Even if that was the case, Hellmuth is just simply not a cash game player.

  • Zvonko Basarac
    Zvonko Basarac Year ago +17

    Surprised with Phil Hellmuth at the end, he was so cool and congratulate Fishman even he lost a huge pot against him. Well done

    • Sludge
      Sludge 3 months ago

      You are surprised pill acted like an adult??
      Pretty sad.

  • joeytgolf
    joeytgolf Year ago +13

    I can tell you, if someone kept hitting the flop on me like that, I'd have flipped out... Unreal luck.

  • Dan c
    Dan c 2 years ago +2

    Some things never get old. Phil s tilt is one of that things

  • Midir
    Midir Year ago +9

    I felt bad for Hellmuth up until he got bitter at 9:03. Then I went back to rooting against him.

  • Jon
    Jon Year ago +20

    Classy finish hellmuth.. always a legend of the game

    • Mr Heckles
      Mr Heckles 10 months ago

      Classy finish? All that passive aggressiveness lmao. You're dumb for not seeing it.

  • Packman
    Packman 3 months ago +3

    bottom line is they all know without Phil in the game, NO ONE WATCHES. They respect that he is, like Tiger in golf, one of the few guys who is an actual draw, and the main reason anyone tunes in. RESPECT THAT.

  • CowSaysMooMoo
    CowSaysMooMoo Year ago +14

    Perkins is a classic example of "I have SOOOOOOOO much money, even if I lose 200k trying, it is worth it to make someone look bad for 30 seconds." Way more money than brains. if you don't believe me watch the way he punts stack after stack after stack in the WPT St Kitts (at least 2 events) Loses his 2 buy ins in EACH turn in like 90 minutes. PH knows Perk is a fish and does his best to keep quiet.

  • Marco Kali
    Marco Kali Year ago +4

    This actually was the nicest Phil has been 😂 that was some dirty bird special flops 😜😤☠

  • Fear Is The Mind-Killer
    Fear Is The Mind-Killer 7 months ago +4

    Honestly, with all these "watch Phil lose his mind" videos, I'm starting to feel sorry for Phil. Everybody teams up on him but then we act surprised when he loses it. I now want to see some videos when Phil burns people and laughs at them.

  • Alex Braaten
    Alex Braaten Year ago +6

    This is the most chill I’ve ever seen Phil in any highlight video with him in it.

    • Sludge
      Sludge 3 months ago

      Because Perkins wasn’t the least bit intimidated!!

  • John Jeffers
    John Jeffers 10 months ago +37

    gotta love Phil Helmuth; he is one of the guys that makes poker fascinating to watch.

  • James Rich
    James Rich 6 months ago

    Is it just me or is Phil one of the easiest "pros" to read? All his mannerisms and bet patterns are HUGE tells.

  • Connor JoDon
    Connor JoDon Year ago +6

    Hellmuth played well and got out-flopped or out-drawn almost every hand and handled it fairly well.

  • Croverpool1892
    Croverpool1892 2 years ago +207

    Honestly, I would like to play against Perkins every single week.. couple of times

    • Vince Marquez
      Vince Marquez 5 months ago

      every single week, a couple of times? so two weeks? or two times in 1 week? How about 1 time in 2 weeks?

    • Not Steve
      Not Steve Year ago +2

      Same, I would take Perkins out every single time, holy moly

    • Tobias Harris
      Tobias Harris Year ago +1

      @Croverpool1892 znaci ima nas

    • Shukuladay888
      Shukuladay888 2 years ago +2

      He’s a much better player nowadays then he was back in these old high stakes time.

    • FIANSO
      FIANSO 2 years ago +2

      @Goran Škalec what does he do? i'm curious 😂

  • Martin Palm
    Martin Palm Year ago +25

    Losing his cool? never seen Phil that polite and nice. And he ran of course terribly bad.

  • Elie Korolkov
    Elie Korolkov 10 months ago +10

    I love how Hellmuth looses every single hand to THE BUSINESSMAN

    • Sludge
      Sludge 3 months ago

      Actually pill won one.

  • L B
    L B Year ago +14

    Phil’s favorite line “ wtf is going on here” 😂

    • Lexy Thomas
      Lexy Thomas 10 months ago +1

      @sean kelly I don't live there so I have nothing to get over lol but your democrats 110% cheated. That was the ONLY way they could win and they knew that. That's why he knew. Pay off the right people like the left did you can get away with anything.
      Florida knew it too, that's why they counted early before the left got all their people in there

    • sean kelly
      sean kelly 10 months ago

      @Lexy Thomas Oh get over it man. Lols Geezus Trump lost, so what? He knew he was gonna lose a year before the damn election.

    • Lexy Thomas
      Lexy Thomas Year ago +2

      That's the Americans fake "President" Biden's favorite line too

  • Sam Phillips
    Sam Phillips 2 years ago +17

    I’m not that into poker or play it very much but it’s one of the most satisfying things to watch

  • PokerJunkie83
    PokerJunkie83 2 years ago

    Those were genuine handshakes and an awkward hug at the end 😂😂😂

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Year ago

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen Phil win a hand lol love the guy tho

  • Alexander Vasquez

    I feel like very few people hate losing more than hellmuth so I love watching him lose more than anyone else lol

  • Ray Larkin
    Ray Larkin 5 months ago

    The business man calmly scorched Phil out of the game. 👍🏼

  • Black Light
    Black Light Year ago +18

    Played golf with Phil in Vegas. He was a real, low-key gentleman and we enjoyed his company during the round. I didn't know who he was at the time. He just said he played poker for a living.

    • Ken Cur
      Ken Cur 8 months ago

      He’s quite the gentleman, it’s clear from the clips. He just tilts: that’s a completely different thing. But people like to pick on people, cause ironically they are the real pricks.

  • Paul Hofer
    Paul Hofer 7 months ago +1

    I've watched alot of PH vids and honestly. I think it would be scary as hell to play this guy. I see why guys go after him and try to rattle him, but holy shit, the guy is a machine.

    • E. T
      E. T 6 months ago

      Yes perkins is a machine

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner Year ago +2

    Phil should run for President. Even if it doesn’t work out, he has the “it was unfair, I really won, I’m the greatest, and I’m still going to somehow win” routine down.

  • sarcement
    sarcement Year ago

    A lot of videos of Hellmuth show him greeting other players when joining a table and of him shaking hands at the end of the session. I really respect that.

  • KG Rome
    KG Rome Year ago +384

    Phil’s problem is that he always thinks he’s the smartest player in the table

    • sean kelly
      sean kelly 10 months ago

      … then attacks the winning players character etc. Such a poor loser.

    • me har
      me har Year ago

      That's a problem huh

    • KG Rome
      KG Rome Year ago

      @Kentucky Jerk great point

    • P R
      P R Year ago +1

      he literally is tho

    • Jordan Steele - AL
      Jordan Steele - AL Year ago +1

      @JiveDadson I don't think the guy with the most WSOP bracelets of all time is incorrectly assessing his poker skill. He's an ass, but the guy really knows how to play.

  • FourDeuce01
    FourDeuce01 10 months ago

    Phil would have to find his cool before he could lose it.😂

  • Monster
    Monster Year ago +1

    This made me respect Phil a lot more.

  • Rob Mc
    Rob Mc 2 years ago +3

    That was the most chill Phil video I've ever seen.

  • alexander flemming
    alexander flemming 8 months ago

    I love how he doesn't hug perkins but hugs Harlow in front of him 🤣🤣

  • FLEX
    FLEX Year ago +7

    Never thought I'd see a player more unlikable than Phil, but he actually stayed calm.

    • E. T
      E. T 6 months ago

      Who? Phils disrispectes everyone

  • jobu88
    jobu88 2 years ago +3

    I don't even play or watch poker but I could watch Helmuth having a meltdown all afternoon LOL

    • Patrick Brady
      Patrick Brady 3 months ago

      Did you think he had a meltdown.
      You don't know Phi
      Mabey some day I
      Could see You have A MELTDOWN

  • Adam Goldstein TV
    Adam Goldstein TV 5 months ago

    I think that first hand was the first time I’ve ever seen Phil win a hand on TV.

  • Jean-Pierre Fabulas
    Jean-Pierre Fabulas 2 years ago +6

    Perkins is a calling station and a lucky guy 😏

  • Justin Purdy
    Justin Purdy Year ago +2

    This is extremely calm for Hellmuth. And this was absolutely disgusting 😆

  • Harvey Nexhip
    Harvey Nexhip Year ago +1

    theres nothing scarier than a poker player (Perkins) that isnt afraid to lose money lol

  • MrGiovanniPollio
    MrGiovanniPollio 11 months ago

    Never gets old

  • BUSTAcap
    BUSTAcap 2 years ago +119

    Perkins the typical pokerstars player xD

  • DashDrones
    DashDrones Year ago +2

    Perkins has no clue about value, but damn is it fun to watch him 😂😎

  • Dog lover JB
    Dog lover JB Month ago

    love to see players standing up to Hellmuth and not letting him get away with his annoying behaviour

    • Galileocan g
      Galileocan g 5 days ago

      Which is weird because Hellmuth was totally well behaved and respectable, yet Perkins was an absolute ass, and arrogant and downright rude

  • Dasynx
    Dasynx 2 years ago +19

    Not a big fan or Phils poker etiquette, but why do people laugh when people donk out on him? We all know it's tilting when it happens to us and especially if youre just running bad and they don't out play you

    • Mister Dam420
      Mister Dam420 Year ago

      Overall it’s a chance game so at times certain players can have hot streaks and cold streaks. Phil just mad because he plays reputable hands and expects them to win every time 🤷🏼‍♂️

    HERSH Year ago

    This video allows me to feel “BETTER” about P.H. He almost seems to have finally grown up a little bit.

  • C. Pizzle
    C. Pizzle Year ago +4

    Joe Stapleton’s announcing is unmatched

  • Kathy Schweigert
    Kathy Schweigert 4 months ago +1

    Just love Perkins! He sticks it to vovky Phil everytime.

  • Tuomas Holo
    Tuomas Holo Year ago +5

    Phil took it like a champ.

    • Pedro Nunes
      Pedro Nunes 2 months ago

      just after perkins speak that he wont take phill´s insults well.

  • Andre Messado
    Andre Messado Year ago

    Not a poker player but started watching these Poker plays recently because Clip-Share algorithm and all. And as others in the comments have said, this is the CALMEST I've seen Phil.

  • Yafruitorange
    Yafruitorange Year ago

    is it weird hes the only sore loser i root for, hes just hilarious lmao

  • Thomas Goetz
    Thomas Goetz 2 years ago +9

    Phil H.:"I'm speaking the truth" - Bill P:"No that's your opinion" - Oh man Bill Perkins is really great. This is exactly the best answer to this quote.

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly 10 months ago

    WOW look at that “poker face” on Perkins when he flops the straight. GEEZUS. 😂 🤦‍♂️

  • Adam Brake
    Adam Brake Year ago +1

    Id have to give phil the credit of taking the high road on the way out!!! That was a hell of a beating... What a group of assholes... One-day I hope to be sitting right there!!!

  • Simplicitas
    Simplicitas Year ago

    Perkins had my respect until he went for the hug lol

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker Year ago +205

    that guy is obsessed with Phil. he stares at him the whole time

      NOOBSTARR Year ago +9

      Dude that guy is so cringe lol

    • Andrew Park
      Andrew Park Year ago +50

      if you had a money printer i bet youd stare at it too

    • Tito frost
      Tito frost Year ago +13

      I wonder why. I mean they have been in all the hands together

  • Michael P
    Michael P 11 months ago +6

    Bill Perkins made Phil look like he’s NOT the biggest ass at the table

  • Russ C.
    Russ C. 11 months ago +2

    Could you imagine losing to a guy like Perkins? I would lose my cool too. Dudes a tool

  • Chris L
    Chris L Year ago +2

    Bill Perkins is awesome 🤣

  • Big Gunna886
    Big Gunna886 Year ago +4

    I’m actually rooting for Phil against Perkins.

  • Sugar Wolf
    Sugar Wolf 9 months ago

    I love how they irritate him. He just asks for it

  • The Temple Law Firm

    Enjoyed watching Perkins out luck PH and felt him. The Poker Brat is just too emotional to get out of his own way.

  • Titus Obbayi
    Titus Obbayi 2 years ago +81

    "Just coz you've been married to a woman for 20 years doesn't mean I'm gonna tolerate you." That's hilarious

    • D G
      D G Year ago +6

      @Martin Romero basically, "just because someone else puts up with you doesn't mean I have to"

    • Martin Romero
      Martin Romero Year ago

      I don’t get it. Can you explain what he said, please

    • Dr. Diaz
      Dr. Diaz Year ago

      Was he indicating being gay?

    • SOEFlaw
      SOEFlaw Year ago +1

      I died

    • Rick709 carv
      Rick709 carv Year ago +1


  • Thabiso Manukuza
    Thabiso Manukuza Year ago

    Welp he got bodied 😂 he was actually well behaved given that it's Phil

  • Dock Gee
    Dock Gee Year ago

    I gotta say. That was good sportsmanship

  • Avgastas
    Avgastas 7 months ago +3

    I must be playing against Perkins online alot 🤣

  • Okenshield69
    Okenshield69 Year ago +169

    As much of a jerk as Hellmuth is, that guy was intolerable.

    • Gorka James
      Gorka James 10 months ago +1

      The tell is that Phil Laak isn’t that amused and he’s the nicest poker player

    • Chris Petersen
      Chris Petersen Year ago +5

      It was just an angle he had to take against Phil. I think all the pros know that Phil’s biggest weakness is tilting, so folks like Negranu and this guy like to try to push Phil’s emotions into the game.

      UNDUESCALLYWAG Year ago +11

      @WH WH Oh you mean you’d be cringy too.

    • WH WH
      WH WH Year ago +24

      I like to think i m a nice guy, but if i ever play against hellmuth i will do the same as Perkin.

  • Kathy Schweigert
    Kathy Schweigert 4 months ago

    Just love Perkins ! He dishes it out to Phol so good.

  • Mr Machaca
    Mr Machaca Year ago

    He got humbled on this one.

  • M L.
    M L. Year ago +3

    The rare video would be where Phil stays calm.

  • Daniel Yi
    Daniel Yi 2 years ago

    Phil all class in the end.

  • PlötzlichGelb
    PlötzlichGelb Year ago +3

    I miss the time when everyone had to take cover once hellmuth lost

  • Vk Travel log
    Vk Travel log 5 months ago +5

    Phil is by far my most favorite player especially when he explodes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Aaron Dulline
      Aaron Dulline 4 months ago +1

      Travel log what’s the guidelines for donkeys

  • dinoman - Jesus is Lord

    It’s true though. It’s crazy how he always loses, & it’s just the way the cards run. I’m always rooting for him. Don’t understand why he still plays.

  • Great White Buffalo

    Of “alllll” the kewls he’s lost. I’d have to say he kept his kewl better than he has, ever, in the past.

  • DeSean
    DeSean 2 years ago +1

    Dude punished Phil on the cool and Phil didn’t flip out too much

  • EssentailOilsByjane
    EssentailOilsByjane Year ago +138

    perkins is that kid in school who never knew staying quite was also cool

    • J.
      J. Year ago +1

      staying quiet isnt as likely to make you a millionaire like perkins

    • Nick Wenzel
      Nick Wenzel Year ago +1


    • Mingi
      Mingi Year ago +42

      And never realizes that there’s a difference between being annoying and funny

  • Cruce Entertainment
    Cruce Entertainment 10 months ago

    It’s always fun to hit the flops! We all dream of hitting that many!

  • steve Horspool
    steve Horspool Year ago +11

    The funny thing is people complain about Phil's attitude. Then they end up looking like bigger douchebags while trying to antagonize him all the time.
    You are turning him into the antihero.

  • kalip sharma
    kalip sharma Year ago +6

    Frankly, in almost every hand Perkins left so much value on the table. The bets and raises could've been so much bigger, especially with Phil on tilt and actually having decent hands.

    • sean kelly
      sean kelly 10 months ago

      Perkins definitely plays like an amateur. Unless this is how he sets Phil up and we just don’t get a chance to see the plan unfold in this game. But I doubt it. 😂 🤦‍♂️

    • Wedge (Wedge)
      Wedge (Wedge) Year ago

      I disagree, i think he got max value mostly

  • Corey Wick
    Corey Wick 2 years ago +22

    12:45 “I’m gonna start giving out hugs soon” 😂

  • A D
    A D Year ago +2

    This is like the best he’s ever handled a loss, clickbait!

  • john
    john 2 years ago +2

    Phil, I respect you Sir.

  • Goodthrust69
    Goodthrust69 Year ago +7

    I've seen him get more upset winning hands.

  • ironhorse67
    ironhorse67 10 months ago

    You’re gonna treat me with respect. Great line.

  • NBK
    NBK Year ago

    A taste of his own medicine and he got major quite big time, wow! Put Tony G, Perkins & Hellmuth at the same table, that would be a hell of a sight.

  • Steve Libby
    Steve Libby Year ago +1

    Hellmuth KEEPS HIS COOL vs Perkins. Missed the 3,2,1 blast off moment.

  • ZonkedRhyme
    ZonkedRhyme Year ago

    Every time they said the business man I laugh

  • Dietrich Cheney
    Dietrich Cheney 2 years ago +6

    I think it’s totally fine to talk to someone during a hand even if it’s heads up

  • Dee Blan
    Dee Blan Year ago +4

    Phil Laak is top quality comic relief.

  • Jeroen
    Jeroen 2 years ago

    I like perkins at the poker table and not for his poker skills, but this video shows perfectly why :)))