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Fun With Indium! A Metal That Can Be Cut With A Knife And Cries When Deformed!

  • Published on Feb 20, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 months ago +1

    I've noticed that molten indium oxidizes much faster than molten tin. I was surprised by that, it's more reactive than I thought.
    Also, chewing on indium gives me a very mild sore throat for about two days after. I've also gotten a sore throat from rolling indium into wire, and handling it until it made my fingers dark grey. (Soft metals make your hands dirty)
    I had my doubts about the indium being responsible for my sore throat, but I've done it multiple times with the same result. (Two from chewing, and one from forming, three sore throat incidents in just over a month) I'm still a bit unsure about making that claim, but now I handle it with a bit more caution than I originally did.

  • Pseudo Reality
    Pseudo Reality 3 months ago

    Will start working my way through these. Love your stuff Jeff

    • KickAss Science
      KickAss Science  3 months ago

      Thanks man! It is fun messing with cool elements.

  • Pink Freud
    Pink Freud 2 months ago +1

    Really nice demonstration, subbed

  • 512NZ
    512NZ 2 months ago

    U know nothing about Indium !😂

    • KickAss Science
      KickAss Science  28 days ago

      @512NZ Gallium and tin also has a "cry". Yes Indium does "stain" glass as well as porcelain. Sodium, potassium, terbium, lead, rubidium, lithium, gold, and thullium can be easily cut with a knife. I will be doing more videos on the alkali metals here soon.

    • 512NZ
      512NZ 28 days ago

      @KickAss Science Everything is true, but many metals can be cut with knife and cry, however more interesting are properties specific for Indium, for example, adhesion to non-metallic surfaces

    • KickAss Science
      KickAss Science  29 days ago

      @512NZ I am confused what is not true about what I stated?

    • Lorenzo Saudito
      Lorenzo Saudito Month ago

      He showed us some cool stuff, that's what matters