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Here's Why You Should NEVER Buy A Cheap Ferrari (And Why You Absolutely SHOULD) - Car Trek S4E4

  • Published on May 16, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    On this episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenges the guys to drive their cheap Ferraris 1,000 miles to Gateway, Colorado, to a road that some say is the greatest in America. However, since Freddy's Ferrari 308 slowed the convoy down in the previous episode, a last-minute challenge was issued. The guys would have to re-enact one of their favorite Ferrari-centric movie scenes using their cars. Ed's Ferrari 599 is perfect for the thrilling Bad Boys II bridge chase scene, Tyler's inner connoisseur comes out in his Gone In 60 Seconds scene, but Freddy's scene may take the crown for being the cringiest thing on Car Trek. You have been warned.
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Comments • 2 072

  • Tavarish
    Tavarish  Year ago +263

    Series 4, Episode 1►clip-share.net/video/NmwIdGUb3qY/video.html
    Series 4, Episode 2►clip-share.net/video/HJZVyoWS9fU/video.html
    Series 4, Episode 3►clip-share.net/video/BR51TbFVJZQ/video.html
    Series 4, Episode 4 ►clip-share.net/video/I2ySIkH62bw/video.html
    Series 4, Episode 5(FINALE)►clip-share.net/video/AQj3Nw1W3_k/video.html

    • Heshan Mithuranga
      Heshan Mithuranga Year ago

      You should turn the 308 into electric and modern interior,It will be amazing with much more performence and comfort!

    • Autodidact
      Autodidact Year ago

      Go to the YT channel 'Number 27' to see a similar story of a man who bought a 'cheap' Ferrari 308 that he calls 'InfluEnzo'. This car has absorbed enormous amounts of cash & time but it still doesn't run properly.

    • Keyun L
      Keyun L Year ago

      Freddy your 308 needs to meet Carobu Engineering in New Mexico

    • RageTT
      RageTT Year ago

      Can u guys do nissan gtr?

  • Oliver Stickney
    Oliver Stickney Year ago +2073

    The next Car Trek should be on fun cheap first cars

    • RicerCRV
      RicerCRV Year ago

      Nun of them would be cheap

    • Hamza Saeed
      Hamza Saeed Year ago +3

      Your wish was granted.

    • Frost Cate
      Frost Cate Year ago

      How about driving cadillacs with Northstar Engines lol

    • SoulFly
      SoulFly Year ago

      will cheap cars grab as much attention and get as many clicks as exotics? doubtful

    • Zone On the track
      Zone On the track Year ago

      Yessss shitbox edition

  • Abdul Wasay
    Abdul Wasay Year ago +232

    Ed's banter was pure uncensored magic that we used to see jeremy clarkson do on the old top gear absolutely epic bought back a lot of memories from top gear and the friendship between you three makes it all the more fun to watch.

    • Fox D
      Fox D Year ago +3

      There have been plenty of attempts to "do Top Gear" (including by Top Gear itself post-Clarkson/Hammond/May), but only Car Trek truly _understands_ Top Gear and what made that show what it was for all those years. They _get it_ in a way that makes it awesome.

    • Eric
      Eric Year ago +2

      @TermlessGHM The new top gear is so bad. This is as best it's going to get as far as a US version of Top Gear. It's not the same but it's also much lower budget than the original. I'm enjoying this series either way.

    • TermlessGHM
      TermlessGHM Year ago +6

      I wouldn't compare it to the old Top Gear that we all seem to grew up on. Even with the many similarities to the holy grail of car shows I think it's time to move on because sadly it is never coming back....

  • gureno19
    gureno19 Year ago +92

    The 308 undeniably has the most iconic shape and profile of the three. Would be awesome to see a budget resto on it.

  • disorderindminor
    disorderindminor Year ago +223

    "if Florida had any level of road safety inspection this would not be allowed to wear a license plate" I love Ed

    • MR
      MR Year ago +1

      @YeeSoest TÜV sägt Nein

    • YeeSoest
      YeeSoest Year ago +8

      *cries in german*

  • Peter Antinozzi
    Peter Antinozzi Year ago +113

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ed so genuinely upset about a car

  • N Boon
    N Boon Year ago +141

    "Why don't all cars have no doors? When I rise to power I'm going to make it a rule, because this is just better." - Jeremy Clarkson

    • Isai Rivera
      Isai Rivera Year ago +1

      Until it rains

    • AnarchistMetalhead
      AnarchistMetalhead Year ago +3

      reminds me of a TransSport i was taken on a trip in
      the middle row was taken out so we had massive legroom in the back
      and the sliding doors were left open
      it was brilliant

  • VINwiki
    VINwiki Year ago +1463

    I'm sorry Will Smith. I'm sorry New Mexicans. I'm sorry 308 owners (other than Freddy). I'm sorry people that thought my Olive Garden tip was real. I'm NOT sorry for bringing the perfect car for this trip!

    • Timothy West
      Timothy West Year ago

      @Justin Rael They did the trip wrong if they didn’t eat green chili at every stop in New Mexico.

    • TripleBlack
      TripleBlack Year ago

      @JonManProductions that's how ford probes work. proximity cursing.

    • Iceracer25
      Iceracer25 Year ago

      It's okay Ed. Us 308 owners appreciate the caveat that there are good 308s and good 308 owners. Nice cover!

    • Copperdee
      Copperdee Year ago

      atta boy ;)

    • TM
      TM Year ago +1

      Pyre Records are you slow? It’s edited with real footage from the movie. Wow.

  • Don Skiro
    Don Skiro Year ago +50

    "Is the key in here or do you just like yell at it?" Hands down the funniest line in this episode

    • jsquared1013
      jsquared1013 Year ago

      I was going to say the same thing! 🤣

  • Pennsy Pappas
    Pennsy Pappas Year ago +37

    Can somebody please make a montage of Ed Bolian ripping on Freddies cars from all of the car treks because his way of wording something is always just so elegant and funny. I dont even care if any or all of it was scripted it was damn funny to be for sure.

  • Only_Thee_Ash_C
    Only_Thee_Ash_C Year ago +83

    I would watch the entire Bad Boys 2 remade by Tavarish and Ed not even gonna lie! Ed as Will Smith?!?!

  • Meek Pup
    Meek Pup Year ago +7

    When I go on a road trip, I’m always the one with the expensive, yet very broken down past-hero car like my 90’s 300ZX. I think Freddy realizes and appreciates the past hero cars and is willing to deal with the issues. For every 80’s and 90’s sports car that’s on the road, there’s a dedicated person behind it keeping it from falling apart.

  • Steven
    Steven Year ago +39

    How did 3 goobers with a GoPro and a Clip-Share channel get to the point where their collab is on-par with the Top Gear we all know and love? I've followed all 3 for years and these series keep getting better and better, so far this one is an instant classic we're going to go back to re-watch for years. And yes, I've been looking at buying an old Mercedes 560 SEL for a while now and eyeing a Ford F-450 as well and I'm using Auto Tempest for each search.

    • Steven
      Steven 5 months ago

      @Kelly Grant What do you suggest?

    • Kelly Grant
      Kelly Grant 5 months ago

      another top gear want to be. Good but nothing close to the original. 3 guys even.. come on try a little more!!!

  • Peter
    Peter Year ago +280

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate that content like this is free. Thanks for making this guys and AutoTempest!

    • Mark Mahoney
      Mark Mahoney Year ago

      I honestly look forward to this series more than anything on TV since "Breaking Bad". It's really fun stuff based around something we all love! Thanks to everyone that brings it too us. Oh and BTW, I did extensive shopping for my Porsche on Auto Tempest!

    • AMR15H
      AMR15H Year ago

      @Troy Birchall only in the US. In EU we have ads for 5-8 min. every 30 min. and that’s it.

    • AutoTempest.com
      AutoTempest.com Year ago +3

      @Joel Jeffrey short answer is when we're able to get to it. It's a relatively high priority, but not our top one yet. We will be releasing email alerts in the next few days though, and then SMS next.

    • AutoTempest.com
      AutoTempest.com Year ago +5

      @Tiago JH well, for you, anyway. For us it's rather expensive. But hopefully worth it!

  • Bill Taglia
    Bill Taglia Year ago +12

    This series of episodes has been more entertaining than some TV network shows.

  • Simon Vinson
    Simon Vinson Year ago +1

    Literally every series gets better and better. I've said this before, but you guys bring back the feels of the old top gear, ie Vietnam Special. I can't wait until you three can travel abroad and legit blow my mind

  • Jeremy Jeffrey
    Jeremy Jeffrey Year ago +18

    Ed definitely won that movie scene challenge! Ed can now be called “The Rock” because he is the people’s champ! Loving this series guys.

  • LakesideAmusementPro

    I’m not a huge car guy, but I have absolutely enjoyed this series. You guys are funny, and it’s a bright spot in my day when there is a new Car Trek.

  • juSTIn Turner
    juSTIn Turner Year ago +4

    The recreating movie scenes was my favorite part of CarTrek so far!!🤣

  • James Eyman
    James Eyman Year ago +407

    I have so much respect for tarvarish for sacrificing himself in the name of content

    • Timothy West
      Timothy West Year ago

      @Wholly Mindless Freddie might have inhaled so much exhaust that he will like any comment while eating paste and yelling ‘Franks and beans!!’

    • Josh Repik
      Josh Repik Year ago +5

      @Tre Quarterboi well tavarish had a great point when he said nobody just wants to watch three Ferrari’s just have a great reliable time. The other cars didn’t break but were way out of budget

    • rolon96 2810
      rolon96 2810 Year ago

      Respect for dealing with them fumes in that 308 death trap. Would have blown up the engine on purpose

    • Carbon Materials Engineering
      Carbon Materials Engineering Year ago +1

      On the flip side, if he knew anything about air pressure, he could have left the doors on and propped open the right side door...

    • Josh Repik
      Josh Repik Year ago +8

      @Tre Quarterboi I mean it’s deliberate… tavarish actually has wrench hands. Ed and hoovie are just collectors that can do basic stuff.
      Plus I’m pretty sure this is freddys series through autotempest…
      He’s letting his humor shine

  • jafu745
    jafu745 Year ago +34

    "I'm gonna stress test your timing belt." That sounded like a threat!

  • Quincy Longman
    Quincy Longman Year ago

    I cant get over how good you guys are at these. It doesnt feel like its trying to be top gear, certainly taking inspiration from it the chemistry is there and the production of this season is superb. My only complaint, is that i would like to see Ed not cheat next time. However it was wildly entertaining and it doesnt hurt the season by any means. Well done fellas cant wait for the next one

  • Jeremy Siganga
    Jeremy Siganga Year ago

    The only series on the internet which I'm willing to wait a few days for...everything else gets binged watched once the whole thing comes out, but THIS MUST BE SEEN on its release...great job guys! Tavarish, I hope you either fixed or scrapped that car when you were done filming cos it's a proper disaster!

  • Herme Bloom
    Herme Bloom Year ago +1

    Sooooo much fun! You guys are killing it. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  • gccorpus
    gccorpus Year ago +11

    Ed’s scene was the best but Tyler’s acting was spot on

  • Minace 141
    Minace 141 Year ago +269

    Hoovies "Gone in 60 Seconds" clip was amazing. But Ed ranting about the 308 was even more hilarious. Ed is so good with his words its amazing

    • h8stylist1
      h8stylist1 Year ago +1

      The funniest part is that Ed even looks like the Ferrari dealer in the clip

    • James Healy
      James Healy Year ago +2

      @yogurt77 You're not wrong at all.

  • jeremy leland
    jeremy leland Year ago +1

    Right on you guys.... So funny..... Love the chemistry between you guys..... It's what made the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May Top Gear so Legendary. Keep up the great work seriously, just amazing 👏😀🍻👍

  • The Gearhead Lounge

    Awesome series! We truly got three different perspectives on Ferrari purchases. Bottom line: There is no free ride...there's always a trade-off...you gotta pay to play!

  • Adam Helstad
    Adam Helstad Year ago +1

    Thanks for putting out this show the car world needs a new top gear and you guys nailed it

  • Greg Souza
    Greg Souza Year ago +1

    You guys did great acting out the movie scenes. Another enjoyable episode gents, well done.

  • JaySlow7
    JaySlow7 6 months ago

    Going through the car trek series based on the car wizards recommendation. Great videos and glad to see people enjoying cars most would send to the wreckers.

  • Henri S
    Henri S Year ago +140

    I had never ever seen Ed seem actually upset in a video until I saw him driving the 308.

    • Alan Downes
      Alan Downes Year ago

      Despite everything, it's still my favourite.

    • Henri S
      Henri S Year ago +21

      @Tavarish the way he practically spat out the word “disgusting” with a look of distaste on his face was so genuine it killed me

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish  Year ago +77

      I was there. He was angry. It was hilarious.

  • LMA
    LMA Year ago

    This is the first vid of this series i have watched. You guys are great.. you are on your way to create the 2nd successful trio .. first being Jeremy, May and Hammond..

  • Pete Finch
    Pete Finch Year ago +20

    That Gone in 60 Seconds recreation brought me back to June 2000 more than most things can at this point.

  • R Radar
    R Radar Year ago +2

    Entertainment value overload. This show just,... works. It really works. It works when so many others just don't.

  • Alex Burke
    Alex Burke Year ago +1

    This is the most entertaining episode yet!!!!!! Love it, bring on more!! Also kinda like a modern day 3 stooges.

  • Jake Lannetti
    Jake Lannetti Year ago

    I might be alone in this, but I think the 308 looks incredible. It’s the perfect 80’s Ferrari stylish. I understand it’s not fast, but fixed up that thing would be such an interesting ride

  • ajs510
    ajs510 Year ago +63

    Ed takes “complaining” to a level previously unknown to man, and it’s hilarious.

  • Sterlin Philandez

    Always looking forward to the great content you guys put out good job guys

  • Henry Reed
    Henry Reed Year ago +9

    Ok, Ed had me dying with is commentary on the 308. I laughed so hard that i almost wrecked and i'm just sitting in my driveway.

  • Karl Hofsteede
    Karl Hofsteede Year ago

    watching Tavarish drive in the cold makes me appreciate how sorted the roadkill boys had cold roadtrips

  • Lokologico Studios
    Lokologico Studios Year ago +1

    I have to admit, despite the major downfalls, Tavarish's Ferrari has a more Synthwave retro appeal.. Love it.

    SEVEN6IX2 Year ago

    Car trek series is amazing it always makes my day! You guys are inspiration to all

  • Evan
    Evan Year ago +174

    Ed is so incredibly well spoken with his insults. Love it.

  • DroneWolf Media
    DroneWolf Media Year ago

    Awesome series! Looking forward to the next episode. Well done gents! 💪

  • Orangey the Cat
    Orangey the Cat Year ago

    This show is gift from the car gods. It keeps getting better and bettered.

  • Wisdom SP
    Wisdom SP Year ago +3

    This show is so good and such a breath of fresh air from broadcast television content. Please don't ruin it with a bunch of scripted BS. Just be Fred, Tyler and Ed; that's what we pay for. Oh wait, this is free... Thank you!

  • Alan Mumford
    Alan Mumford Year ago

    Really guys, congratulations for the whole Car Trek thing, it's actually very good and I (among many thousands of others) thank you for it.

  • Robert Wieber
    Robert Wieber Year ago

    I say this every series but this really does need to be made into a full time show. It's better than Top Gear or any other auto show out there by far.

  • Ridgeline Enjoyer
    Ridgeline Enjoyer Year ago +479

    I really want to see you restore that 308 to its former glory

    • Terry Lessmann
      Terry Lessmann Year ago

      Did a carb 308 ever have any glory?

    • uli wehner
      uli wehner Year ago +1

      @Jörgen Gabrielsson it has a transverse mounted engine and transmission, what kind of diesel would even fit, and still scream? check this out instead: clip-share.net/p/PL6DwhCwB8M-FIWcfKjKFz3VtNutoTZNpO

    • Jörgen Gabrielsson
      Jörgen Gabrielsson Year ago

      Nooo....., but a screaming diesel in it 🤘🏼

    • Janno Huberts
      Janno Huberts Year ago +1

      @lucas rem nooo, thats fake. The paint can be okay, but the plastic grill and wheels need to be crappy hahaha

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens Year ago

    I have to admit that I really like Freddie's 308. That period Panasonic overhead stereo, the electronic gadgets in the dash and those extra switches - it looks like something I would have wanted as a teenager.
    As a rare Berlinetta it needs to be saved, even if it's a total PoS.

  • J Bailey
    J Bailey Year ago +1

    The 2011 R35 I purchased last spring from a friend of mine is nothing short of amazing. He bought the car new with the msrp of 138k and and got a ton of mods for it. He spent roughly 60k on the upgrades alone in the 9 years he owned the car. From what the receipts say its a 4.1 boost logics bottom end and has upgraded turbos which a stage 4 shep transmission. For pump 91 it was tuned for 882 awhp and 838 ft pounds of torque. And for the un accessible E85 that's not available in my area it hit a max hp of 1237 hp to all 4 wheels using the E85 map. Best I get is 91 octane from shell. The parts alone for this car is just shy of 85k for the past 9 years he owned the car for. I traded a 23 ft malibu wakesetter lsv. Pretty decent trade if you ask me!

  • EpicSocksProductions

    I’m enjoying this show just as much as I used to enjoy the original top gear!

  • Rolan S.
    Rolan S. Year ago

    "We're gonna need something that could potentially blow up" Gotta give credit to Tavarish. That was a great point.

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. Year ago

    I’m a fan of these series and each of you separately👍 Freddy....your Barber did a fantastic job 😁

  • Timbo
    Timbo Year ago +38

    Ed and Freddy recreating the chase from Bad Boys 2 was amazing. Definitely the highlight of my day.

  • What's Next
    What's Next Year ago

    I love Tavarish (Freddy) the most as a character, he's got the most problems, but he made his pain entertaining (I feel bad for him a little, but as a 1984 Porsche 944 owner, I dare not go on trips that are too long).

  • IKhan
    IKhan Year ago

    Car Trek keeps getting better with each series and episode. Some ideas for the upcoming ones. Cheap Jeep off road challenge, Japanese tuner cars and race them against young punks, cheap old school American family cars that once rolled the new Interstate highways, old air cooled Porsche 911s... Just a thought. Keep it up guys!

  • JaxPlayz
    JaxPlayz Year ago

    This is my favorite series so far! Loving it

  • dadvybe
    dadvybe Year ago

    The next car Trek should be an off road adventure testing your cars in elevation, suspension, gas mileage, the quality of the parts on the car. At the end yall should have a The Mint 400 type race

  • ITz AndyLee
    ITz AndyLee Year ago

    Thing is this is like a budget top gear and that ain’t bad thing if this keeps going this will become just as good or better and what you have done is brilliant

  • ThEASbO888
    ThEASbO888 Year ago +31

    Ever since the car Gods have moved to doing one or two videos a year, you 3 have really filled the void we all have had. Thank you Auto Tempest for making it possible for our favorite Clip-Sharers to take our minds away from the horrors we are experiencing in our world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Also, hi Jared... We all know you are somewhere in the background of the videos.

  • Amos Tecumseh
    Amos Tecumseh Year ago

    hey Freddy, glad you've recovered 👍 and to me you won because of the iconic look within budget 👍. really enjoyed the video

  • Mr47Shots
    Mr47Shots Year ago +1

    Ed’s dry humor at times is fckin hilarious. These three have awesome chemistry that makes for great entertainment.

  • Carl G
    Carl G Year ago

    Best Car Trek series so far! Keep it up guys

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Year ago

    Amazing job guys. Ed is so funny and well spoken!

  • Hitched To Horsepower

    Love the no doors. I have an E30 BMW without doors or a top but it was properly built like that instead of just unbolting them!!

  • Nestor Rivera
    Nestor Rivera Year ago +363

    On todays episode of Car Trek, Freddy escapes his death trap for a little while, Ed rants for 15 minutes driving said death trap, and Tyler weens (again) with his baby blue ford probe

    • James Riordan
      James Riordan Year ago

      What da dog doin

    • Ibanazzi
      Ibanazzi Year ago

      @Dennis Hall just missing a smarmy quip at the end and it'd be Jeremy all day

    • Ibanazzi
      Ibanazzi Year ago +1

      It a Geo metro at this point lmao

    • Dennis Hall
      Dennis Hall Year ago +3

      I read that in Jeremy Clarkson's voice 🤣

    • Kidsinamerica
      Kidsinamerica Year ago +5

      The only reason why Freddy's car is 'problematic' is because he was FAR TOO LAZY to get some of the service caught-up before he started his trip....of-course, the average viewer would blame the car for its condition after 35 years of previous ownership...

  • Scott's Stuff
    Scott's Stuff Year ago

    I love the series. Watched this set allnon the last 4 hours. Love it.

  • fireman1294
    fireman1294 Year ago +2

    Someone needs to tell Freddie that the 308 was in the beginning of the movie License to Drive. The dream sequence. It starred the two Corys, Haim and Feldman. That scene would have made Freddie the winner.

  • James Misener
    James Misener Year ago

    Fun romp boys. Enjoying this series of Car Trek. Cheers all. 🇨🇦

  • Prakash K R
    Prakash K R Year ago

    I think tavarish can make a great build out of his 308, with something like a 360 or 458 engine, improve breaking and suspension and add a roll bar maybe..

  • johnny Phoenix
    johnny Phoenix 2 months ago

    With as much time as you had with the 308 it should be perfect and with a pair of precision turbos ( hidden) of course lol

  • ThatOneRaptor
    ThatOneRaptor Year ago +57

    tbh, i like the 308 the most. It really has something to it that the other 2 cars don't have. Great choice Freddy ;)

    • Omega157
      Omega157 Year ago

      a strange affinity for gathering suspicion of possession charges?

    • Deric' Anslum
      Deric' Anslum Year ago

      ...MR...flat plane crank...2 things...

    • Court of reels
      Court of reels Year ago +3

      @Johnathan Kain yeah that would be a Great bargain to get that for 30k and fix it to look like a clean one though the catch it’s not a particularly fast Ferrari model but for its time it was great!

    • Johnathan Kain
      Johnathan Kain Year ago +4

      First thing I said on seeing this. My non-car partner totally agrees too. By far the most desirable.

    • Court of reels
      Court of reels Year ago +10

      Me too it’s in my opinion the most beautiful of the 3 and if I could have one I would get the 308

  • Luke Salazar
    Luke Salazar Year ago

    Freddy driving that thing with no doors with the rolling shot footage is legendary 🔥

  • jtothepmusic
    jtothepmusic Year ago

    I want more videos on the cars in your garage - especially the McLaren!

  • Harrumph
    Harrumph Year ago

    I honestly wish I had the time and money to get into that 308 project, yes it's a basket case right now but I think all it needs is a bit of love

  • Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus

    Ed is one of the most articulate complainers I have ever heard.

  • Jason S
    Jason S Year ago

    These are fantastic guys! keep up the great work!

  • HeroRR
    HeroRR Year ago +605

    I'm loving this series, thanks so much guys!!!

  • Heshan Mithuranga

    You should turn the 308 into electric and modern interior,It will be amazing with much more performence and comfort!


    These keep getting better and better. Keep it up!!

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo Year ago +2

    "Is the key in here or do you just like yell at it?" Hands down the funniest line in this episode

  • Dedischado
    Dedischado Year ago

    You guys have seriously captured the spirit of Classic Top Gear.

  • Greg Mayled
    Greg Mayled Year ago

    Love the casual unscripted pieces to camera and conversations. They were my favourite parts of the original top gear too. A challenge is a good basis but keep the wording unscripted and natural.

  • apfil
    apfil Year ago +361

    The scope of Freddy's engineering genius literally knows no bounds

    • Guy Wood
      Guy Wood Year ago

      @John K Calls someone out for originality.
      Uses generic comeback.

    • John K
      John K Year ago

      @Guy Wood hilarious, or at least it was the first few times I heard that. Let me know when you have anything original to add to the discourse. Yawn.

    • L K
      L K Year ago

      @John K "Your". There is no excuse for poor grammar.

  • Jonothan Barker
    Jonothan Barker Year ago

    I love that 308! It's not in great shape, but it would be a awesome ls swap car

  • Joshua Rodrique
    Joshua Rodrique Year ago +1

    Ed’s linguistic prowess put his rants and insults near those of James May! Loved it!

  • Jesse Keefe
    Jesse Keefe Year ago +7

    The Gone in 60 Seconds scenes is one of my favorites.. nicely done!

  • that one guy
    that one guy Year ago

    This is exactly what TOP GEAR AMERICA should be and isn't. Good job guys I'm enjoying this thoroughly

  • Iceracer25
    Iceracer25 Year ago +2

    As a high-mileage 308 owner and lover , I'm torn between loving this series and hating that they're 308 bashing so much. I wish they'd at least give the 308 props for being such a beautiful design.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Year ago +67

    Y’all set out to play top gear but accidentally created the best thing since, cheers boys! Keep up the good work!

    • J S
      J S Year ago +1

      mmmhh nah... Grand Tour is the next best thing.

  • Kyle C.
    Kyle C. 2 months ago

    I was just thinking wow, Ed nailed his role in hoovies skit, but then I remembered he was just reliving his past lol

  • Leonard
    Leonard Year ago +1

    I'd love a JDM season of Car Trek

  • Andrew Robertson
    Andrew Robertson Year ago

    It’s hilarious they ended up doing about half the episode near Albuquerque and Bernalillo in New Mexico. I drive the exact same road when I go from Austin to Durango a few times each year. Highway 550 is a gorgeous road, but not when it’s dark at 7000ft elevation and you have no doors 😂

  • Hoover Cat
    Hoover Cat Year ago

    a little late to the game for watching Car Trek, but I'm loving these....great movie remakes!!

  • Joseph Howes
    Joseph Howes Year ago

    The 308 seemed to require minor maintenance items and they treated it like it was a Yugo.

  • Vinay Kapoor
    Vinay Kapoor Year ago +22

    No one :-
    Tavarish :- "everyone should experience a supercar from the 70's & the 80's to appreciate the modern ones"
    Enjoying every second of it ✌️

  • Iwatch Videos
    Iwatch Videos Year ago

    I could live with the mechanical issues with the 308 (I’ve driven worse), but to have no radio on a road trip would be the worst.

  • Lez Ivanerrol
    Lez Ivanerrol Year ago

    Great commentary from the guy's on the foibles of each of the others cars. If you were looking to buy anyone of the cars from the video - great reviews.