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Ja'Marr Chase on Bengals' Loss to Kansas City Chiefs | AFC Championship

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.
    Joe Burrow and the Bengals started slow, trailing throughout the first half. Their second half rally fell short.
    They had two chances to take the lead in the fourth quarter, but couldn’t take advantage of either opportunity.
    Kansas City will play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. The Bengals finish the season 14-5.
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Comments • 1 775

  • Ty McCoy
    Ty McCoy Month ago +94

    U know Jmar Chase just feels like bursting out crying but holding it in and being stong 😂😢❤

    • N R
      N R Month ago +1

      It’s too bad he didn’t cry

    • 1ceyFn
      1ceyFn Month ago +2

      It was cold that’s why his nose red

  • Kansas City Chief
    Kansas City Chief Month ago +45

    As a Chiefs fan Jamarr Chase is an outstanding WR. Uncoverable by almost any defense. Bright future I see for him

    • Spades
      Spades 27 days ago

      @NolimitTae “Held under 100 yards” means anything LESS THAN 100 yards. If you take 100 and subtract 3 from it, you have 97. 97 yards is less than 100. I know that’s a hard concept to understand but just ask your teachers when you go to class tomorrow. Enjoy that L. I would say enjoy another 57 years of no Super Bowl wins but you haven’t been alive that long.

    • NolimitTae
      NolimitTae 27 days ago

      @Spades and in week 13 he was 3 yards away from 100 that’s the crazy thing and and he doesn’t have to do shit for willie gay but we’ll see yall next season and smoke yall shit then😂😂

    • Spades
      Spades Month ago +1

      @NolimitTae That was after the entire Bengals squad said “See you at Burrowhead” “The Chiefs have to play us” “We’re the big dogs have the AFC etc… Turns out, Willie Gay was right when he said “Nothing Impresses Him About That Offense” Ja’Marr Chase didn’t score a single touchdown in both games against the Chiefs and was held under 100 yards in both games. He should have taken Willie Gay up about his offer. Now Super Bowl Willie Gay autographs and Jerseys are worth more than Ja’Marr Chase autographs.

  • Orlando Bellomo
    Orlando Bellomo Month ago +91

    As a fan, I didn't want to talk about this as soon as it was over, can't imagine how much patience it takes to have to sit for an interview when you're the one who was on the field. Hats off to all the Bengals for keeping their cool in the immediate aftermath.

    • Bigfootwalker
      Bigfootwalker Month ago +5

      @Powsywowsy84 Borrowhead is an imaginary place that the Bengals foolishly thought was real

    • Powsywowsy84
      Powsywowsy84 Month ago +1

      @Bigfootwalker what’s “borrowhead” ???

    • Bigfootwalker
      Bigfootwalker Month ago +2

      Bengals must have gotten lost on their way to Borrowhead. 🤣

    • Who Dey Comminuty
      Who Dey Comminuty Month ago

      @Dottie J same

    • Dottie J
      Dottie J Month ago +3

      He's fighting back the tears and all I want to do is hug him.

  • pete t.
    pete t. Month ago +634

    I like Jamarr even more after this interview. He is a very cool cat. "Thats not a real question bruh" 😂. Love this guy

    • margcan
      margcan 21 day ago

      Good player,

    • Lamark Luster
      Lamark Luster Month ago

      Obviously they missed some calls. Even though I had the chiefs winning, I sympathized. They lost because of a bs call. I would not be looking people in the eye either. Nor would I have time for some reporter trying to get a news headline.

    • Lamark Luster
      Lamark Luster Month ago

      You can clearly tell the dude is visibly upset. I don't know why some of y'all are talking about he's rude for not doing this or that. This dude is a young player who literally put his heart in that one game. He said I don't know what it's like to lose. News flash people. He just was in the Superbowl and AFC championship. Not exactly a loser. And why should he get used to it?

    • Nick Pfierman
      Nick Pfierman Month ago

      It's pretty clear he's not trying to speak on it and he's not trying to catch the heat from it just like the rest of the team. And yeah he was a playaway for making the super bowl again just like the super bowl he was wide open the last play of the game but we didn't have an extra one point five seconds to throw

  • dasaxophonist
    dasaxophonist Month ago +26

    This dude is the real deal. He was catching bombs in double coverage! Good game from a Chiefs fan

    • D. DaVaugn
      D. DaVaugn Month ago

      @Jake Rau bengals oline is rookies and 3rd strings. Both teams banged up … it was a good game .

    • Trevor Sells
      Trevor Sells Month ago

      That one catch looked like Madden Rookie difficulty for real. “4th and 5 or whatever, let’s go for it! Just gonna huck it deep down the middle into double coverage #yolo” and Jamarr went up and got that shit anyways lol. I was LIVID as a Chiefs fan 😂

    • Jake Rau
      Jake Rau Month ago

      @Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz lol stay mad. Y’all couldn’t get it done against 5 rookie defenders. Oh and a hobbled mahomes that had 3 starting wr injured. Games not rigged you just lost

    • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
      Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Month ago

      @Flexxinchad no one’s salty. Y’all just cheated plain and simple. Rigged game

    KC CHIEF Month ago +37

    Respect. He made no excuses.

    • Who Dey Comminuty
      Who Dey Comminuty Month ago

      he should’ve whats a do over?

    • drxpped
      drxpped Month ago

      @SC’s Highlights y’all see anything remotely different from you and it’s disrespectful

    • SC’s Highlights
      SC’s Highlights Month ago

      @Gold Tau there was no holding he used his arm to go under and thats a legal hold same with orlando brown 😂 dont act like the rounghing thr passer 😂 bro they got a 3rd down conversion and blame the “burrowhead crowd” im a chiefs fan and i got respect for chase hes humble, but those bengals defenders and fans cocky af

    • KC CHIEF
      KC CHIEF Month ago +1

      @Gold Tau in this video I did not hear the player make any excuses.

    • Karn Liberated
      Karn Liberated Month ago

      @Gold Tau Kick coverage team sucked. That's what happened. In spite of all you said that wasn't why they lost either.

  • Ashley's Variety
    Ashley's Variety Month ago +205

    What a great year with 10 straight wins! I feel blessed to have my Bengals and players like Ja'mar Chase to follow and watch. What a fun season! You guys are young and I look forward to rooting for you next season!!

    • Brodnax
      Brodnax Month ago

      @Jo and Wess This is far from over. This rivalry is just getting started!

    • tmap92
      tmap92 Month ago

      @Sean MolenKamp Right back at you! Despite the results, it was a great AFC championship rematch, it show how elite the Chiefs are, and it also shows the Bengals weren't a fluke team when the beat you guys last year in the AFC championship game to get to SB 56. As much hype was happening between Mahomes and Allen, the real Brady/Manning comparison is Mahomes and Burrow. Really wishing for a AFC Championship game part 3, just that time its at Paycor and not Arrowhead. We have yet to see Mahomes play in a road playoff game, much less win a road playoff game. (Superbowls dont count, they are considered neutral sites).

    • Lie or Luh
      Lie or Luh Month ago

      @Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz still runs hard as fuck

    • M@tt Gats
      M@tt Gats Month ago

      @Jo and Wess how the hell would you know what the owner did? You're just a fanboy..

    • M@tt Gats
      M@tt Gats Month ago

      @Jake Mackie still no SBs though 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • peartist2
    peartist2 Month ago +124

    I have nothing but huge respect for this man. One of the most irritating things as an elite athlete is dealing with dumb questions.
    I respect the Bengals organization in its current form. I have to as a Chiefs fan, only team to consistently beat us. Just keep that damn mayor out of it.
    Bengals will be back. Tho they gotta pay Joe

    • AtlanticLove
      AtlanticLove Month ago

      @SuperBowl ChampionChiefs What I saw this year was a lack of discipline, not lack of talent.

    • SuperBowl ChampionChiefs
      SuperBowl ChampionChiefs Month ago

      Bro, you can say that they’re not going anywhere but the fact of the matter is that both tee and Joe are up for contracts already and chase will be due next year or the year after. Even if they pay all these dudes, good kick trying to fill out the team around them with the money they’re gunna be demanding. The bengals are about to find out it’s not as easy as Kc makes it look every year. Hell, they’re fully intact and still couldn’t get it done this year.

    • D Gheaa
      D Gheaa Month ago +3

      The road comes through Kansas City Joe remember that Yall

    • AtlanticLove
      AtlanticLove Month ago +1

      @J W You don't know for fact that Joe won't go elsewhere when his contract is up.

    • J W
      J W Month ago

      Yeah the mayor thing was dumb. He was trying to get votes lol. But Joe Tee and Chase aren't going nowhere.. Media rights deal 113 B salary cap will go up every year. I just want off line to stay healthy full season they will. Jonah give up double digit sacks I hope they don't overpay him if they resign him. Jackson can play LT he played pretty well 2. Maybe he can step up with volson carros cappa and Collins...

  • Adam Collett
    Adam Collett Month ago +20

    Love this dude. Hope him and Joe are Bengals for life. Going to be hard to see any of these guys go. I love this team!!! WHO DEY!!!

    • Los Angeles Lakers
      Los Angeles Lakers Month ago +1

      I guarantee the Bengals win the suoerbowl next year. At least if they fix that o-line.

    • JJ Wolf pack
      JJ Wolf pack Month ago

      Who dey they the Bengals team who lost to mahomes in a scripted NFL game thats who dey.

  • Mary Gooden
    Mary Gooden Month ago +4

    Very composed young man. Handled himself pretty damn good for such a hard loss.

  • Floyd Mills
    Floyd Mills Month ago +157

    That's gotta be hard, answering these questions after a loss like that. It's different at a podium, but backed up against your locker, it just seems wrong to me. They should let them get collected, and make their way to the podium so they have some time to get their heads straight. Just my thoughts, peace and love y'all 🤟

    • William Rosario
      William Rosario Month ago +1

      @Chikita Amos Everyone definitely doesn't talk shit. Nice cope tho.

    • HebrewNation59
      HebrewNation59 Month ago +1

      Especially when you know this is the end of your season

    • Roberto Meza
      Roberto Meza Month ago +1

      They get paid millions for this lol they’ll be alright

    • SLS
      SLS Month ago +1

      I feel the same way. Like why crowd them? I feel like they could give them at least a few feet to breathe

    • WoLf_Da_KiNg
      WoLf_Da_KiNg Month ago +1

      @steve goans lmao buddy you aint playing.

  • Dinonerd 20
    Dinonerd 20 Month ago +4

    I am glad he said "that's not a real question bruh" makes me glad he kept his cool even with what looks to be like 5 or 6 people in his face after an afccg lose. 🐺❤💛

  • Blessedrthose Sermount
    Blessedrthose Sermount Month ago +13

    I'm a Chiefs fan, but you guys did a great job! 🙏

  • Kirk Henry
    Kirk Henry Month ago +3

    Seems like a stand up man, hard to answer questions after a painful loss. Respect to him.

  • Jarriet Fair
    Jarriet Fair Month ago +56

    This brother deserves the best. He had a great season.

  • Zack Martin
    Zack Martin Month ago +186

    This game was heartbreaking. Love this guy though…

    • Preston G
      Preston G Month ago

      @Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz if not for joe throwing 2 picks and getting sacked 5 times y’all would’ve won

    • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
      Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Month ago

      @Terrell Davis than go out for once in your life there’s more to life than a football game 😂

    • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
      Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Month ago

      @Preston G if not for the refs y’all would lose

    • Klondor
      Klondor Month ago

      @Terrell Davis I don’t blame you 😭😂😮‍💨

    • Terrell Davis
      Terrell Davis Month ago

      @Klondor I was bored earlier 😂😂😂 Go Chiefs 💛❤️💛❤️💛🏹💪🏾

  • Chiefs4Life
    Chiefs4Life Month ago +1

    I'm a Chiefs fan but I'm from Louisiana so obviously I'm a LSU fan and was a fan of Joe and Jamaar long before they became Bengals so much respect for these two guys. They will be good together for a long time but my fear is the ownership will not get them the peices they will need to remain competitive because of the past culture in Cincinnati. The owners don't like spending a ton of money on that team to win but maybe the fanbase will pressure them into changing their mindset because the Ravens and Steelers are not gonna stand still and just let them take the division every year. You can best believe they will remember the losses they took to the Bengals for sure. Good luck and Go Chiefs!!!!

  • Buddy Albert
    Buddy Albert Month ago +188

    Tough tough game. Get that O’line solid and make another run. Rest up Chase, lots of Football to play. ❤

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      @Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz we have 7 rookies that all played and played well (LB Leo Chanel hasn’t played much but he’s v good against run)
      sky moore

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      @Ben O'verbich wut

    • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
      Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Month ago

      @Lee Kontibon salary cap can always be worked around with. Chiefs living on negative salary cap for like the past 4 years and still keep most of their team in tact and still able to go out and sign ppl

    • Ben O'verbich
      Ben O'verbich Month ago

      @Nathan make us lmao.

  • RabeeK
    RabeeK Month ago +73

    You were amazing and as usual played your best game! I am so proud of you, I hope you stay with the Bengals and can't wait to see you next year 🙂

    • RabeeK
      RabeeK Month ago

      @Nathan my fiance isn't much help, I have asked him. I'm sorry I didn't mean to bother you.

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      @RabeeKi ask your hubby

    • RabeeK
      RabeeK Month ago

      @Nathan You seem like a nice person. Idk the technical side of the game, just the basics. Will you help me?

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      @RabeeK he’s literally the best. we have ten picks and money this off season to continue to get better around him. team clearly has holes

    • RabeeK
      RabeeK Month ago

      @Nathan congratulations your team won. You must be over the moon. Your qb just won't give up even with a bad leg.

  • Raja Govindarajan
    Raja Govindarajan Month ago

    I have new respect for Jamarr. There were some really silly questions and he handled them like a professional despite being in just his early twenties.

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker Month ago +14

    I love my city and my Cincinnati Bengals we had an awesome year , let's run it back and get another crack at winning the Super Bowl 🙌🏾

    • Lonesome Ridge
      Lonesome Ridge Month ago

      Funny thing is, the last game of the season looked a lot like the first game of the season.

  • Olivia Price
    Olivia Price Month ago +8

    I'm so proud of all of you as a team

  • Holly Wood
    Holly Wood Month ago +5

    Ja'Marr is such a cool dude and real competitor. I hope Tee, JaMarr, Mixon and Burrow are all on the team next year.

  • Potato
    Potato Month ago +29

    "That happens every week, no disrespect" 😂😭 this reporter is savage.

  • ChopprSTR1FE
    ChopprSTR1FE Month ago +26

    I love this guy. He kept it an entire buck.

  • Paula Maiden
    Paula Maiden Month ago +4

    These men are a class act!!! Brotherhood runs deep!!! Keep doing what you are doing Bengals! Stay close and know that your fans are extremely proud of you ♥️🙏🏻

    • Jay Jiggy
      Jay Jiggy Month ago

      @eggsulent turtle doubtful how? Mahomes put on a clinic outside of a few mistakes in the third. To have so much shit to say when you haven’t won shit is beyond me.

    • eggsulent turtle
      eggsulent turtle Month ago

      Humbled by Mahomes doubtful. As for trash talking they have a long way to go to catch up to the Chiefs.

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      com back better next year!! if you don’t the chiefs def are. THEY REBUILT YOURE IN TROUBLEEEEE

    • Jay Jiggy
      Jay Jiggy Month ago +2

      A class act? They’ve been good all of two seasons and they talk more shit that any other NFL team lol. They needed to be humbled and Mahomes and company served that pie steaming hot

  • Joshua Peters
    Joshua Peters Month ago +4

    Love this guy right here.!!! I wish nothing but greatness for him and burrow and T!

  • Yahya Davis
    Yahya Davis Month ago +91


    • Anthony
      Anthony Month ago

      It was a dog fight like expected much respect to the Bengals they are a great team. See ya'll next season in KC for the AFC Championship aka The ARROWHEAD Invitational!!!

    • Dottie J
      Dottie J Month ago

      It's cool we got ya'll next year again 😉

    • S Cc
      S Cc Month ago +1

      They SHOULD LEARN NOT TO BLOW THE GAME by making a stupid foul throwing the QB out of bounds for a 15yrd penalty with 6 seconds left and giving KC an easy field goal to win the game. That might help them next year firing that Dmbaz

    • Stuart Sneath
      Stuart Sneath Month ago

      Yeah considering we knew it was coming and doubled and still just chuck it up and Chase will get it, good thing our secondary is young

    • Rodney Jr Tolefree
      Rodney Jr Tolefree Month ago

      Another chiefs fan, he's really good much respect

  • Steve Knarr
    Steve Knarr Month ago +10

    Classy answer! Those were some questions trying to bait him, and he didn't take it. "That's not a real question bruh". That's right! I love this guy. Love this team! Next year!

  • Pryce King
    Pryce King Month ago +59

    As a chiefs fan the way he conducted this interview made me even more of a Jamarr fan.

    • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
      Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Month ago

      @Joseph Roedig ikr 🤣

    • Joseph Roedig
      Joseph Roedig Month ago

      As a chiefs fan u better love the refs... worst one way officiated game ever and I'm not a fan of either team.

    • clgasto 8490
      clgasto 8490 Month ago

      Chiefs fans wanna be fans of all of our rivals smh? We can be fans if he puts a chiefs jersey on

    • haley💖
      haley💖 Month ago +2


    • Fork the Pork
      Fork the Pork Month ago +4

      Absolutely. We could use a guy like him.

  • thetruth
    thetruth Month ago

    how he feels is how myself and thousands of other Chiefs fans felt when they came from behind down 21 points to defeat KC in Kc last year to advance to the Superbowl so what goes around comes around! see ya next season!

  • Fallen from Grace
    Fallen from Grace Month ago +64

    As a chiefs fan I understand the heart break. Twice in 5 years. I would have rather lost in the wild card both times instead of the afc championship. Bengals are a damn good team this is a rivalry. But I'd be lying if I didn't say hearing all that trash doesn't make this a little bit sweeter.

  • Steven Fagaly
    Steven Fagaly Month ago +189

    "How disappointing is this?" Real hard hitting journalism, bruh.

    • Kae Kae
      Kae Kae Month ago

      They’re looking for quotes so they ask broad questions. Most journalism is “dumb questions” tbh

    • Vairion suralious
      Vairion suralious Month ago

      Oh boy
      I don't understand why the sarcasm ?? .
      Because this isn't journalism this is sports !! .
      Not to mention that's a legitimate point blank question your they want to get an insight to the players mine and how they feel after it debilitating lost like that and sugarcoating the question and dragging it out especially when you don't have a lot of time to get content from that exact star

    • 4k Danny
      4k Danny Month ago +3


    • Blitz Productions
      Blitz Productions Month ago +11

      Right before he said, “That happens every game but whatever” when Chase said they double teamed him and Tee 😂

  • Mark Schram
    Mark Schram Month ago +2

    He's a great interview, he should have got more plays called for him imo, but that KC D was nasty, great game🤙

    BIG SPANK Month ago

    As a Chiefs fan watching this is amazing😂😂

  • Gregg swab
    Gregg swab Month ago +15

    Your a great athlete and A straight shooter right to the point! Just be proud of yourself!

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton Month ago

    It’s fine guys. As far as I’m concerned we’re the best team in the AFC, especially with all those bad calls and we still almost won 🧡 🖤

  • Yan Tan
    Yan Tan Month ago +12

    Bengals have owned the great seasons in the two years. We love the team and proud of Bengals. We look forward to the fantastic coming season and wish you all achieve more.❤

  • Kenan Kenny
    Kenan Kenny Month ago

    James you need to read this. This game felt very similar to the first two weeks of the season. Both games line struggled we lost by game winning field goals, always trailed, playing catch-up and tied it up late but the o line was so bad they couldn’t get over the hump despite all the talent outside the o line. When the o line plays so bad they are still right there in the end but fall just short because they’re so talented. That’s why they were so dominant in the 10 game win streak because with a decent o line they are basically unbeatable and play from ahead. Shoutout to mike brown for being so cheap he couldn’t sign anyone so we can get our first ring and was fine with getting burrow killed.

  • Andrew Hiedelburg
    Andrew Hiedelburg Month ago +1

    When is the last time a team won 10 straight games in the NFL. That's a heck of a season with that strength of schedule. They even played without JaMarr for a few games. I wouldn't bet against Joe Burrow getting a championship eventually.

  • Edgy Bravo
    Edgy Bravo Month ago +1

    Chase is a good WR he's gonna be one of the top dogs for a loooooong time. I would not be surprised if he and Burrow beat Manning and Harrisons all time record as a pair.

    JJSMOKE Month ago +6

    Bengals were fighting a 2v1 battle all night and still almost pulled thru… gotta give ‘em props

    • z
      z Month ago

      @Matt Hunter not scripted, more of the way it was set up for the chiefs. If the bengals won it wouldn’t have been a big deal like “black qbs in the superbowl for the first time” “two brothers in the superbowl for the first time” “mahomes revenge run” etc;
      3rd & 8th (?) burrow was about to get sacked and threw it out the pocket and got a flag for intentional grounding cause nobody was in view. Chiefs get the ball, 3rd & 9, Patrick almost gets sacked and does the same exact thing with no players in view and doesnt get a flag.. but instead gets three other chances at 3 & 9..

    • Michael Afton
      Michael Afton Month ago

      @Matt Hunter Nope but think abt it, “the first time two black Qbs are in a Super Bowl”, “The first time two brothers are against eachother in the Super Bowl”, and with all those bad calls, something’s wrong

    • Matt Hunter
      Matt Hunter Month ago

      @JJ Wolf pack yea those 4-5 sacks on Burrow were scripted....lol clown 🤡

    • JJ Wolf pack
      JJ Wolf pack Month ago +1

      The NFL.scripted the Bengals to lose they had no shot of winning the referee made sure of that .who dey referees

  • Ravens76 B'more
    Ravens76 B'more Month ago +6

    Im a Ravens fan.
    I like Jamaar Chase. Dude is a baller.
    He is humble and let his play on the field speak for him. Wish he was a Baltimore Raven.

    • Layton Holden
      Layton Holden Month ago

      He talks a lot wym? Tried saying he don’t know who willie gay is, I’m sure he knows who he is now after he dumpstered his quarterback 😂

  • Gary Yarbough
    Gary Yarbough Month ago +7

    Chase is definitely a winner! Great game as Tupac they keep your head up and the sky will only be your limit! Good luck next year

    • Lucas Hammond
      Lucas Hammond Month ago

      @Nunya Binness who educated you?

    • Nunya Binness
      Nunya Binness Month ago

      Wtf are u talking about? That that cincinnati public school education 🤣

  • jojo wilson
    jojo wilson Month ago +1


  • Typhoon Jenkins
    Typhoon Jenkins Month ago +3

    These guys souldn't have to put up with these BS questions after a sould crushing loss. It's friggen ridiculous. Cheers Ja'Marr, you guys had a GREAT season. More to come next year bro.

  • David Black
    David Black Month ago +4

    As a LSU fan watching my boys dominate is beautiful to watch

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      justin jefferson signs with the chiefs like diggs with allen and you’ll go back to watching cinci football wishing you had kelce

    • David Black
      David Black Month ago

      @TreAndrews SEC is basically the minor league for the NFL. Still hate bama y’all stole our coach I’ll never forget

    • TreAndrews
      TreAndrews Month ago +2

      Imma Bama fan...but we must always respect the Bayou Bengals. Elite athletes all over the field in college and the pros

  • Eliana D
    Eliana D Month ago +3

    Love Jamar. A class act and terrific player..

  • charles Gam zeh ya'avor.

    A real friend and teammate even the ball landed in the wrong spot perfectly thrown you won't be chasing that ring too long Mister Chase keep that spirit e-sprit-de-corps enjoy cuz it goes fast it's only a game and the ones I lost made me who I am Good speed peace out

  • Robert Lanham
    Robert Lanham Month ago

    Class guy. Love Ja’Marr.

  • Sei-O-Lepuha
    Sei-O-Lepuha Month ago

    Keep your head up
    Let's do it better next year
    Go Bengals

  • elephantinrm
    elephantinrm Month ago +2

    Conducts himself well, given the type of loss, others could learn from this.

  • Stephon Raimey
    Stephon Raimey Month ago +7

    I'm a Chief's fan, that "I'm not a loser" hits hard! Good game guys,we all are AFC Champions!!!!!

    • Lania Smith
      Lania Smith Month ago

      No WE ain't. The chiefs champs! They wouldn't say that for us

    • Jake From State Farm
      Jake From State Farm Month ago +1

      No. The chiefs are. They’d be still talking mad smack if the won

  • Jayhawk
    Jayhawk Month ago +3

    Chase is awesome. Dude is alway ready to ball out

  • Gregory Scott
    Gregory Scott Month ago +1

    Top three receiver in the NFL. He'll be back in the Championship many more times

  • Victor Chavez
    Victor Chavez Month ago +1

    I wish more elite athletes conducted themselves this respectful. The way politics and mandates have led me away from sports not so much football I love football if more players humbled themselves the sports world would be a
    better place. Ty for the game of th year!

  • JGD Wick
    JGD Wick Month ago +4

    Great job Jamarr !!!! Great work this year!!

  • Wyatt Brown
    Wyatt Brown Month ago +2

    Idk who these other reporters think they are but show some respect to these guys they played their heart out. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing someone needs to call these guys out. God bless.

  • Brooklyn Battise
    Brooklyn Battise Month ago +1

    “That happens like every week. But okay”
    Dude is disrespectful.
    Hats off to jamarr for his responses back

  • Breasia Nicole
    Breasia Nicole Month ago +6

    “I’m not a loser, I don’t really know” HEAVY ON THAT!

    • Kayron Fritz
      Kayron Fritz Month ago

      Really had to think twice on that one 😂

  • BlimpCityFeeder
    BlimpCityFeeder Month ago +1

    The real questions will come at contract/extension time. For missing 3OL and making it this far, is a great feat. Mahomes missed 2 OT and was blown out in TB SB.

    • midwest hook
      midwest hook Month ago

      Their o line who is injured is already locked up. Chase isn't up for extension yet. Just Tee and Burrow

  • Radio Bot
    Radio Bot Month ago +1

    We love you, guys! Great Season!

  • Matteo
    Matteo Month ago +3

    This man deserves a ring, he's an absolute beast, I hope he'll stay with us till the end of his career. # 1 ❤‍🔥🐯💪

    • W C
      W C Month ago +1

      You earn it in the NFL... He's not so Cocky now

    • 🔥 ZCorp Alpha 🔥
      🔥 ZCorp Alpha 🔥 Month ago +2

      Order one on E Bay 😂

  • Pete Wilson
    Pete Wilson Month ago

    One true elite wide receiver right here

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +6

    Bengals have some tough decisions coming up money wise. Tee can get 20+ Ms a year. Burrow can get 50+ Ms a year and the following year Chase can get 30+ and a year. A lot of money tied up in 3 players. Bates is obviously gone. Mixon might be gone within the next 2 seasons. Team needs to really draft well to stay ahead.

    • EvangelismforGod
      EvangelismforGod Month ago

      @Mike lol, some team always will over pay lol.

    • Mike
      Mike Month ago

      @EvangelismforGod Whos giving up picks or players for Boyd? His contract is up after next season and he will be 30. You might get a 5th for him. Lol

    • Jake Harshman
      Jake Harshman Month ago

      Yup and that's still b4 the pay a LT

    • EvangelismforGod
      EvangelismforGod Month ago

      Trade Boyd for picks or players. Because he seem to stay injured often anyways.

    • Namaj
      Namaj Month ago

      And they have to fix their Oline, and they still lost AND they haven’t paid anyone yet. So imagine what their team will look like once they give all their money to chase and joe. Their line will be even worse or just as bad. And their offense will regress

  • Pinto Lucciano
    Pinto Lucciano Month ago +118

    These reporters wild as hell man.

    • Remy the Rat
      Remy the Rat Month ago

      Literally- every question was “how bad do you feel?” “What did y’all do to make this a loss?” “How long will it take to get over this?” ????

    • Carlton Jay
      Carlton Jay Month ago

      They clearly all lowkey chiefs fans 😂😂

    • tim harsch
      tim harsch Month ago

      I loved it,no excuses

    • Vairion suralious
      Vairion suralious Month ago +2

      @ParisXO! Right 🤣 I'm done ✌️

  • Jayhawk
    Jayhawk Month ago +1

    If we can keep an O line together we will be unstoppable. Defense played so damn good again in this game. Proud of my bengals

  • Mr J
    Mr J Month ago

    Guy is a Class Act . Class Act man.
    I am a Bill's fan and these guys were robbed by shit officiating .
    Totally unacceptable in this day and age.
    A sad day for the world of football.

  • Peaceful4You
    Peaceful4You Month ago

    Hilarious. When chase told the reporter how he felt about getting double teamed and how it impacted his performance, the reporter guy got smart with him saying “players get double teamed every week that’s nothing new”. Then when the reporter comes back and ask another question chase says “next question thats pretty much a dumb question”. He got smart back with his ass. 😂😂😂

  • Vegas stoker
    Vegas stoker Month ago

    You're a great wide receiver. Congrats on another good season.

  • On The Money
    On The Money Month ago +4

    Jamarr is a boss..dude is deadly at WR and a standup dude! Much Respect!

    • P I
      P I Month ago

      They both aren't anything without a great qb! Burrow is that qb.

    • Gold Tau
      Gold Tau Month ago

      Burrow is nothing without him and Higgins. They deserve top dollar

  • s190309
    s190309 Month ago +4

    I wished SF vs KC superbowl for the third time, and this time Bengals get their first SB win.. but both teams lost unfortunately

  • TittySprinkles
    TittySprinkles Month ago

    They will be back next year and take over the league 💪 Bengals getting #1 seed

  • Lady Loves Her Lord
    Lady Loves Her Lord Month ago +1

    The Bengals have what it takes to win the Superbowl, but they have to believe for themselves and give it everything they have. Once they do, I think they will tighten up, stay focused, and make better choices on the field. Time and time again simple mistakes have cost them the victory. Burrow has a good arm, but he needs to think faster and move faster consistently. Chase is great because he plays with heart and isn't afraid to put himself out there and go all out. He gets the job done. The rest of the players do good, but why do good when you can do great? They need to level up. Get that defense together for Burrow so he won't get sacked. Study the other teams and get your offense together based on their strategies and stop them in their tracks. Don't take any moment on the field for granted. Give it all you've got until the game is officially over. I still believe in you. God bless!

    • Lady Loves Her Lord
      Lady Loves Her Lord Month ago

      @numbmoi so does the God that he claims is imaginary.

    • Lady Loves Her Lord
      Lady Loves Her Lord Month ago

      @Captain America America if he's imaginary, how can he bless the Chiefs? He's real. If he wasn't, you wouldn't acknowledge him at all. And don't worry. I'm not praying for you.

    • numbmoi
      numbmoi Month ago +1

      @Captain America Americacinci lives rent free in your head

    • Captain America America
      Captain America America Month ago

      LOOKS LIKE YOUR IMAGINARY God🐑🐑blessed K.C Instead.

  • Shawn Kemp
    Shawn Kemp Month ago

    I got hella respect for jamar as a ravens fan....alot of them wont give him respect cause of that rival shit but i see wat i see from him man a beast

  • Resist The System
    Resist The System Month ago

    Totally pro! Keep your head high, we got this next season!

  • Daryl Hoskins
    Daryl Hoskins Month ago

    Respect for You Sir and Hope they play WELL !

  • Magic dimes
    Magic dimes Month ago +11

    Hold your head up champ you’ll bounce back for sure 💯

    • W C
      W C Month ago +1

      One time AFC Champion....

  • Jay4L
    Jay4L Month ago +11

    I’ll be close to being as happy if we win the Super Bowl. NOTHING FEELS BETTER THEN THIS ONE THOUGH. This rivalry will be great

    • Joseph Roedig
      Joseph Roedig Month ago

      I bet u do. Better love the refs... they won this game for u lame dudes.

  • Vanessa Valley
    Vanessa Valley Month ago +1

    He's got a BIG future!!!! Proud of you! Go Bengals!!! 🧡🏈🧡👏

    • Vanessa Valley
      Vanessa Valley Month ago

      @Gold Tau, people act like we didn't go to the super bowl last year and was 1 game away from it this year! Yes, a lot of poor decisions last night on the Bengals and refs. They need to bring some new guys in and work on a few different things and come back better than last year an this year. They have some amazing guys on the team. I hope they stay put next season!!!

    • Gold Tau
      Gold Tau Month ago

      Hopefully with a winning organization

  • Craig Sears
    Craig Sears Month ago +1

    I'm a KC diehard fan. I still don't understand why these players have to be interviewed right after a guy wrenching loss. Reporters shouldn't be in the locker room. He conducted himself like a true professional.

  • lalo malo
    lalo malo Month ago

    Wasnt a fan of Chase last year and wanted Bengals to lose this game but respect to Chase, he handles himself very well

    • numbmoi
      numbmoi Month ago +3

      then why come to the postgame interview

  • Fast EddieVH
    Fast EddieVH Month ago

    Reminds me of the loss because of the Vontaze penalty in the wildcard game 2016.

  • kendricksc10
    kendricksc10 Month ago +5

    I am so hurt broken. They work so hard and over came so much. This hurts me I can only imagine how they feel

    • Tee Miti
      Tee Miti Month ago

      @Matt 941 Facts. I was so pissed at that last flag call on the unnecessary roughness. And then they made the field goal that ended our season. This was our year I'm very disappointed man but we'll be back next year. Who Dey Nation 4L

    • Devonta Cosby
      Devonta Cosby Month ago

      @Matt 941 yeah you forgot to mention the refs took 2 touchdowns from the chiefs 🤔😂 the score should’ve been 37-20 chiefs way

    • Matt 941
      Matt 941 Month ago +1

      @Nathan lmao bengals beat chiefs in chip last year not like they were jus regular season games 😂chiefs got saved by refs an I ain’t talkin that last it hit lol literally it’s being said everyone, he’ll even the reporter said it 😂

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      @Js King horrible analogy but y’all are hungry and upset so. those three wins were the sweetness and the we got the cake. how’s 3-1 in these games you all and 3-1 afc W’s for us

    • Js King
      Js King Month ago +1

      @Nathan Horrible analogy bruh

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago +2

    Last years game, AFC championship game which the Bengals won there were some suspect call’s against the Chiefs and Burrow acknowledged that some of the calls “went their way”. Refs are humans and we all hate call’s against our teams. Just play better than your opponent.

    • JJ Wolf pack
      JJ Wolf pack Month ago

      Child please the NFL 100% scripted it's an entertainment corporation like the WWE . Child please. Facts

  • billy hill
    billy hill Month ago

    Team needs offensive line and coach needs to mature. After the 17 yard pass to Hurst for the big first down there was absolutely no reason to leave any time on the clock for Mahomes. The way the defense played the Bengals had a really good shot in OT.

    MVPREIGNS Month ago +1

    Crazy that Chase and Tee were covered by rookies.

      MVPREIGNS Month ago

      @Fanmade is just saying it's wild that rookies were covering them lol

    • Fanmade
      Fanmade Month ago

      With a QB that haves 1 second to throw the ball

  • zzzx xzzz
    zzzx xzzz Month ago +16

    Reporters should think days before the game about more meaningful questions and take notes on what happens on the field that didn't seem fair !

  • Mike D
    Mike D Month ago

    Dang he kept his cool, there was some cattiness in those exchanges, and he had to be so raw in that moment

  • Johnny Flame
    Johnny Flame Month ago +3

    "im not a loser so I don't really know" is exactly why we will win a super bowl soon.

    • Johnny Flame
      Johnny Flame Month ago

      @JJ Wolf pack lol you think your reply is gonna make me stop liking and believing in my team 😂 useless reply

  • Paul Terry
    Paul Terry Month ago

    I'm still pulling for Bengals FOREVER

  • Cincinnati Living-with Vic

    "What can I say without getting fined? Umm?"
    Love this team. Class acts. Great season!

    • White Whale
      White Whale Month ago

      "The refs only took one td and one interception away from KC, and they could have done a lot more to help us. We needed it"

  • TrappajL
    TrappajL Month ago +2

    That happens every week 😳🤣🤣. Breaks not going your way 😳 The bridge is over the bridge over 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gatekeepers 2
    Gatekeepers 2 Month ago +10

    Love you @Uno …. It’s tough for you, us and the rest of team. Gotta learn whatever we can from this and use it to fuel next years run. Refs were smack tho… It’s cool tho they can’t do that to us EVERY year . Coming Back 💪🏽

    • Gatekeepers 2
      Gatekeepers 2 Month ago

      @Brodnax you’re right and that’s another issue with the NFL as big as it is we need paid NFL salaries and an organization structure not these part time guys that don’t have their whole mindset in it but it’s more as a hobby or fun side job etc.

    • Hunter Smith
      Hunter Smith Month ago +1

      @RudeRaptor and if it was all on the refs, he’ll they took a chiefs INT back, but no one wants to talk about that 😮

    • SpLaSh PrOdZ19
      SpLaSh PrOdZ19 Month ago +1

      @Gatekeepers 2 😂nice. My man Nathan has been going all around this comment section and talking shit. Good one to him 😂

    • Gatekeepers 2
      Gatekeepers 2 Month ago

      @Nathan good news Ja’marr will be back next year for us . We’ll def be coming for it again next year.. ya worried or something?

  • Shelton Bradshaw
    Shelton Bradshaw Month ago +1

    I love this kid....He's funny in interviews Great job calling out those pretentious questions...LOL

  • 1ksotoxic
    1ksotoxic Month ago +4

    Reporter basically said stop crying this was just like every other game “with all due respect ofc”😂😂

    • Alyjah Jones
      Alyjah Jones Month ago

      He right tho if you a great receiver you gone double off the flap every week

    LUKE SNOW Month ago +2

    Better luck next year boys ✌️✌️✌️ 💛❤️💛❤️

  • YFGMBlogTv
    YFGMBlogTv Month ago +1

    The crazy part is they can be right back long as they keep this core

    • JJ Wolf pack
      JJ Wolf pack Month ago

      The Bengals like bills will.never win anything there no money for NFL in that. The NFL 100% scripted it's an entertainment corporation like WWE. Facts. Child please.

  • bill hoyt
    bill hoyt Month ago +7

    I love how much this burns him. Feels exactly how the fans do. We will be back many more times.. Head up