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Pro Climber pretends to be Old Man and tries all the hardest routes

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    edited by Magnus Midtbø
    Music and Sound Effects: share.epidemicsound.com/vSnfn​
    Strong man VS Climber - Who has stronger grip? The Norwegian Hulk
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  • Adley Julian
    Adley Julian Month ago +16320

    If an old man comes into my gym with a camera crew I'm expecting Olympic level feats of strength.

    • boom557 123
      boom557 123 12 days ago

      @Vic Triply so when that old man starts to climb. I could never do so

    • lxpatterson
      lxpatterson Month ago

      @Vic my wife was like : do they even let you climb with a scarf, like that shit can get caught up on some clips. i mean ive never, but he must have known it was magnus right awa.

    • Sba
      Sba Month ago +3

      @Jeff DaChefyou guys realize that he’s not an actor. He’s not going to fool an expert coach very long. But they are kind enough to play along with it. They are probably having a great time and it shows their patience in teaching.

    • Amish DeNiro
      Amish DeNiro Month ago


    • Chihiro
      Chihiro Month ago +2

      🤣🤣🤣 dude.. undercover failed..

  • Wil Moore
    Wil Moore Month ago +3278

    Got to love this Coach. He exemplifies everything a good coach should. And he truly cares. Great to see. So dang knowledgeable, as well.

    • Miguel Caruncho D.
      Miguel Caruncho D. Month ago +4

      No climbing instructor would ever allow someone to climb wearing a scarf. Check 8:13 if the scarf got caught Magnus or anyone else would have died on the spot. It is clearly staged but bad stuff would still have happened.

    • Speed Kills
      Speed Kills Month ago +2

      "The elbows were going up like a chicken..."

    • ty thanh
      ty thanh Month ago


    • Veronika Laskova
      Veronika Laskova Month ago +14

      @Diana L. well he knew it was magnus for a long time so I'm assuming he "forgot" on purpose

    • vitarlaeda
      vitarlaeda Month ago +33

      @Diana L. Maybe it was his first prank on Magnus :)

  • diestar1
    diestar1 Month ago +3019

    This coach is a gem. We must save him at all costs.

    • Trialbike977
      Trialbike977 21 day ago

      @diestar1 I don’t think I did delete it, but I still stand by it

    • diestar1
      diestar1 21 day ago +1

      @Trialbike977 Nice try. Don't worry I found your deleted comment. :)
      "Wtf is that comment about, honestly, wtf you saving him from you donut!" - trailbike977

    • Trialbike977
      Trialbike977 21 day ago

      @diestar1 calm down

    • diestar1
      diestar1 21 day ago +1

      Some of yall invest way too much time in not understanding some people's sense of humor. If it didn't make you chuckle or smile or otherwise just keep it pushing. Clearly some found some entertainment in it. Let people have their fun.

  • Miles To Go
    Miles To Go Month ago +1448

    Took a 20 year hiatus from climbing. At 40, I decided I was tired of waiting for the right time to begin enjoying climbing & backpacking again. Then 2 years ago I quit everything when I found out I had heart valve problems. Gained 50 lbs. I credit Magnus's videos with helping me get back to it. I finally decided it didn't matter what I look like or what people thought. It's not easy doing things I love with heart problems & having gained weight, but I'm enjoying every minute of it! Thanks Magnus!

    • Edoardo Cosma
      Edoardo Cosma 8 days ago +1

    • Baldr 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
      Baldr 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 14 days ago +1

      There’s a lot of kids online and young people in the world, but just so you know 40 is still quite young. You’re hardly even half way through your life, you have a whole extra half to experience and enjoy. Best of luck.

    • Brian Truck ✌️
      Brian Truck ✌️ Month ago

      Walk slow More .
      Nothing too lose & everything to gain !!

    • Miles To Go
      Miles To Go Month ago

      @Jason Voorhees go away troll

  • Sonatine
    Sonatine Month ago +274

    I love how the trainer played along. He didn't ruin your work by just saying "Haha, Magnus..." and so everyone had a lot of fun and we have a great video to watch. It also shows that the human brain isn't that easy to fool. You simply recognize differences when you see an actually aged man and a young dude who wears make-up and afalse hair / beard... and who is also mastering every damn wall like a pro. ;) And thanks for creating a good and funny German accent... I really loved that and how you implemented random German words.

    • LJ
      LJ 8 days ago

      I loved the „ungefähr 10-15 meters“. That one felt really authentic.

    • Rawrrr
      Rawrrr 13 days ago +1

      It's Magnus' body shape that gave it away I think. The trainer clearly knew very well who Magnus is.

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte Month ago +15

      yea, the aged makeup works for a camera mostly but up close in reality you can tell when someone has makeup caked on, or when their beard hairs are just glued to their face as opposed to actually sprouting out from it :D

  • Ezekyle Abaddon
    Ezekyle Abaddon Month ago +548

    I love how the attendant ignores his age and keeps pushing him based on the skills he’s seeing. After the old man says he can’t feel his arms, at 16:05 the attendant says “Would you like to take a few minutes then try something even harder?” 🎉

    • zarrowthenorse
      zarrowthenorse 18 days ago +4

      Because he didn't even look like an old man from the start

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte Month ago +8

      @Nightmareman99 I imagine it would be hard not to. Makeup is good and all but up close its really hard to fake something like that :D

    • Nightmareman99
      Nightmareman99 Month ago +13

      @T RitsI’m pretty sure he knew by the beginning 😂

    • T Rits
      T Rits Month ago +39

      Because he already knew it was Magnus by then

  • itsZaque
    itsZaque Month ago +6780

    Magnus: we looked for an instructor without social media
    The instructor: knows more about climbing history and famous climbers than 90% of the climbing community

    • Ebola
      Ebola 2 hours ago

      @Mark Heinle Its crazy to think people believe you need social media to know things.

    • Sora Brend
      Sora Brend Month ago

      @Jason Voorhees damn who spit in your soup :D

  • Alfie
    Alfie Month ago +826

    I was wondering the whole time why the instructor didn't ask "Frederick" to remove his scarf. I thought it might pose a safety hazard, like if it were to get caught on something. Now I know it's because the instructor realized it was Magnus from the jump and probably figured: _Eh, I'll let him keep his disguise on. He's a pro, I'm sure he can manage not to choke himself_ 😂

    • FrilloTeslar
      FrilloTeslar 21 day ago +4

      Well, claiming you're German and rocking a heavy Norwegian accent kinda gives it away too.

    • uaidavi
      uaidavi Month ago +28

      Did you watch the whole vídeo? It was not staged, but he did know it was magnus. Not because it was staged, but because he realized it and rolled with it.

    • s G
      s G Month ago +11

      @uaidavi maybe it was not but it's sketchy asf that he didn't ask him to remove the scarf. That's dangerous. And the hat is weird too.

    • uaidavi
      uaidavi Month ago +74

      @Bro Tato it was very clearly not staged. Just didn't work out

    • Bro Tato
      Bro Tato Month ago +8

      this staged as hell.

  • Potti314
    Potti314 Month ago +254

    Wow, this video made me laugh out loud. They joy of the instructor and his positive attitude and how calm he was on the massive falls was super cool to watch. I'm myself a (gym-) climber for years and most of the climbers and instructors I met were super supportive and friendly - it's a great community. It's wonderful to see how much fun the instructor had and that he played along so well. The German words were funny to hear and actually pretty good (I'm myself German). Keep these videos coming. There are some pretty nice climbing gyms in Munich ;-)

  • wellhellotherehello
    wellhellotherehello Month ago +103

    This guy is an EXCELLENT coach. So encouraging and positive.

  • m we
    m we Month ago +183

    I love how you made the lower level of climbing ability believable. The sewing machine leg was a thing of beauty.

  • Lord Lucifer
    Lord Lucifer 27 days ago +18

    I'm a German myself and you absolutly smashed the accent. Great video and funny idea.

  • Band_of7
    Band_of7 Month ago +5359

    When Magnus is 70 years old, I really hope he is still making climbing videos and recreate this video as an actual 70 year old man.

    • Mike T
      Mike T Month ago

      @D. MacRae so lame you came to the video and started trolling the comment section posing as someone who doesn't like this sort of vid.

    • Tink Crow
      Tink Crow Month ago

      @D. MacRae It’s a prank?

    • Jared Moss
      Jared Moss Month ago

      That comparison would be legendary.

    • AbduCola
      AbduCola Month ago +1

      a 70 year old men dressed as a 100 year old man

  • H3IK3
    H3IK3 Month ago +151

    "Oh, yeah, I forgot to get you the chalk!" That loook in Magnus' eyes hearing that! I am literally in tears. 😂

  • Chibi Necco
    Chibi Necco Month ago +63

    LOVE how knowledgeable this coach was 8D corrected Magnus's sketchy history several times, and knew of an ACTUAL climber of the previous generation still going strong 8D calling you out XD

  • 24rs
    24rs Month ago +66

    Was smiling the whole way through, really enjoyable video, the guy was really knowledgeable, friendly and good fun, was nice seeing you try to pretend to be a 73 year old on-sighting really hard routes especially when he didn't reveal he was on to you early on!

  • Josh Hertz
    Josh Hertz Month ago +64

    I just love how every time you do this, it just showcases what a great community climbing is.

  • Paige K
    Paige K Month ago +28

    I've had the pleasure of climbing with a Yosemite OG in his late 60's and you can tell off the bat how great they are. He wasn't in 5.14 form any more, but he had the grace, technique and even strength that we couldn't mimic. There was no shaking legs, unsure movement, or out of control breathing. Magnus' imitation was great, but if you saw old man strength, you'd know right away haha

  • Sour Apple
    Sour Apple Month ago +5024

    I'm convinced Magnus is actually a 70 year old man pretending to be a young fit climber now...

    • Connor Rex
      Connor Rex Month ago

      But im just a new viewer to him

    • Cosmic Abyss
      Cosmic Abyss Month ago

      You're so clever and funny ddduuuuurrrrrrrrrrr

    • Djani36
      Djani36 Month ago +4

      Yes. It wasn't 3 hours of make up. It was 3 hours of removing make up, lol.

    • Jason Drummond
      Jason Drummond Month ago +1

      @m n Not once he starts climbing.

    • Phoenix Hunter
      Phoenix Hunter Month ago

      😂😂😂😂 true

  • Jim S
    Jim S Month ago +33

    Loved this. Great interaction between people who clearly knew that each other knew (or at least suspected) exactly what was happening. So wholesome and very funny.
    Oh yeah and pretty good climbing too!

    • Cosmic Billy
      Cosmic Billy Month ago +2

      Yeah lol
      The coach definitely knew something was up and decided to play along to see where it was going.
      He did great and made it a good video.

  • oshy06
    oshy06 Month ago +57

    Oh my god 😂 I'm not even done with the video and I'm dead! 😂 @josh "when you're old you have less to live for" the bantering is perfection. Can't believe neither of you broke out of character!
    edit: As I finish, I do have to say Magnus you just looked like an aged version of yourself, loved the video though ❤️

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +651

    I love these videos

  • Elias Lindqvist
    Elias Lindqvist Month ago +27

    Just had to add one more cheer for that coach. The most motivated and motivating instructor ever.

  • questqrew Tracer
    questqrew Tracer Month ago +2585

    As a german guy I gotta say: this man knows how to impersonate an old german climber man... if the instructor was german, he probably would have noticed pretty quickly that Magnus is not actually german, but the body language and the general dialogue... fair play to Magnus man!

      ŞPÜLWΔSSΞЯ Month ago +2

      It sounds very interesting because now there is a mixture of Scandinavian-pronounced English with some forced German terms here and there😵‍💫

    • MTG_Neryx
      MTG_Neryx Month ago

      or when he dropped down the big wall he said scheiße verdammt

    • questqrew Tracer
      questqrew Tracer Month ago +1

      @FritzSchnitz Mueller Yeah, very close to old people cursing in Germany xD

    • questqrew Tracer
      questqrew Tracer Month ago

      @Christoph Krass Ja man

    • acab
      acab Month ago +1

      @Smittel kommt auf den dialekt an. gibt leute die "scheise" sagen

  • Elin Borgström
    Elin Borgström Month ago +8

    I just love your undercover style videos! I thought about starting climbing over a year ago but never did. The past few months you have reignited that spark in me.
    Love from Sweden ❤

  • EcxaByte
    EcxaByte Month ago +22

    Give that man an oscar, that acting was outstanding (I say that as a german) :D
    Videos like these are always really entertaining, keep it up!

  • Phil Lewis
    Phil Lewis 24 days ago +4

    Best thing about this is how great the coach was on the early climbs, and he was so encouraging. As a genuinely old fogey, it makes me think I maybe should give it a try after a 30 year “break”…

  • Jonathan Ross DDS MHS
    Jonathan Ross DDS MHS Month ago +7

    I think you could turn this into a series. Putting pro climbers in disguise to go into gyms and see if they can fool people. I don’t think Adam or Alex could fool anyone since they are so distinct, but Stefano, Jakob, Janja, etc. That would be fun. “Undercover Choss”

  • bucketofchum
    bucketofchum Month ago +25

    On the rewatch of this, knowing Kieran was aware from THE BEGINNING, that makes Kieran's jokes and laughter after 19:00 SO much funnier. He was trying so hard to play along but at that point he just couldn't anymore and he's like wheezing with laughter xD
    Made me laugh so much harder on the rewatch

  • Josh Rundle
    Josh Rundle Month ago +1218

    Was great to collab with you Magnus! Nice to see you can still climb 7c+ when you're 73

    • ConfrontationalApistevist
      ConfrontationalApistevist Month ago

      @theherk Old people die when they fall, duh.

    • TheYaINN
      TheYaINN Month ago +1

      Josh you are the greatest bloke, I had so much fun watching you play with Magnus! Also just slamming out your climbing knowledge was great!

    • Francisco Brottier
      Francisco Brottier Month ago +4

      @theherk cliping that Quickdraw, putting some chalk. Who could ask for more? Will you belay me? Could I still send it? When I'm 73

    • Jugo MASTER
      Jugo MASTER Month ago

      Magnus really done some specia training 😊

    • Jugo MASTER
      Jugo MASTER Month ago

      The scream ahhhhhhhhhhg
      😂 just amazing as alaways

  • Julian Achimsohn
    Julian Achimsohn Month ago +12

    I'd love to have a sessions with that instructor. Such a nice guy and a great climbing attitude.

  • crimsonraen
    crimsonraen Month ago +24

    Oh man Magnus, when you started the shaky knee, I DIED! SO funny! How are you so good at imitating somebody new to climbing??? hahaha

  • nitbot
    nitbot Month ago +10

    Everybody that cares enough about climbing to work as a climbing coach knows who Magnus is

  • Leonie N
    Leonie N Month ago +22

    Very entertaining to hear Magnus speak German or English with German dialect. Quite realistic, He nailed it! Magnus' Screaming... aaa I had a massive fit of laughter!
    Funnily I myself am German and was born in the area around Frankenjura. XD
    How cute is the instructor Kieran- always encouraging and has immense knowledge about climbing history!

  • Wen Bells
    Wen Bells Month ago +1

    Some of the best days of my childhood. Running around my town skating everywhere, laughing and falling all over the place with my friends. Something about the feeling of getting back up to try it again.

  • Lukas Müürsepp
    Lukas Müürsepp Month ago +2016

    I'd like to thank Magnus for introducing me and many others to rockclimbing. After I started going to my local climbing gym my mental health has improved a lot and I feel fit and healthy for the first time after I was forced to stop playing football. Thank You, Magnus!❤

    • Tina Danielsson
      Tina Danielsson Month ago +1

      I got super interested too and I had planned to try bouldering for the first time a couple of months before Christmas. But then my knee suddenly blew out for no apparent reason and just as I was on the mend it happened again 😭

    • Jesús Manuel Del Campo Salvá
      Jesús Manuel Del Campo Salvá Month ago +1

      Absolutely! I feel the same and had pretty much the same experience! Thank you Magnus!!!

    • Jonas
      Jonas Month ago +10

      I second that. I’ve struggled with mental health since I was a kid. I’ve tried most things in terms of medicine and therapy, and some of it has definitely helped to some extent. Working out/being athletic just wasn’t my ting, so I never really did it. Until I found climbing at the age of 37 and (mostly) bouldering has absolutely changed my life. it's significantly slowed down the chaos in my head and i've even started running and strength training aimed towards bouldering . it really has changed my life for the better, and i cannot imagine my life without. i haven't yet sent a 7a, but that's the goal for this year. Either way it's great fun and that matters more than the grades (I constantly try to tell myself) All love from Oslo, Norway

    • jiujitsuclimber
      jiujitsuclimber Month ago +5

      Word. Same, Magnus got me into training again after depression. ❤ much love

    • Atomic
      Atomic Month ago +4

      I second this! So much fun in exercising. Thanks Magnus!

  • Riane Mapel
    Riane Mapel Month ago +3

    I find it so funny and entertaining watching Magnus get better and better😂 I especially loved the music that went with his epic moves at the end

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago +10

    Lol the way Magnus moves quite fast and the fact his hands haven't aged gives things away lol

  • A Mostly Functional Jess

    The coach is a regular coach in at least two of the Sheffield gyms I think, he's a lovely guy and a great coach from what I've overheard from his sessions. Very knowledgeable fellow.

  • Dani
    Dani Month ago +5

    I enjoy these videos so much, please make more of them!
    Also, the coach was great and I love how he played along even though he knew. 😄

  • Connor Tremblay
    Connor Tremblay Month ago +21

    Frederick's dead eyed stare into the camera really sells it. Magnus is a fantastic actor

  • Kantum
    Kantum Month ago +1348

    Really impressed by this coach, very encouraging and patient, and really knowledgeable about the history of climbing, damn. I feel like he got slightly suspicious when grandpa didn't clip and he said "you charged past the people I teach" lol

    • a.gain7
      a.gain7 Month ago

      @Troy Vietnam yees, and I wonder why they didn't do the make up on the hands?! I mean at least on the back of the hands...
      Also, you can clearly see his neck, even though he kept the scarf, and his neck is hell young 🤣

    • BlindPony
      BlindPony Month ago +1

      @Scott Anonymous how is that? Both are highly physical activities involving getting through vertical spaces, often on the rope. Have you ever seen real caving? It's not just crawling. Of course noone can move like Magnus at 73, but you can still be tough and relatively agile at that age.

    • Scott Anonymous
      Scott Anonymous Month ago +2

      @BlindPony 73 caver is very different to a 73 year old climber

    • Rippthrough
      Rippthrough Month ago +2

      @LagMasterSam Yea he knew 100% right there.

    • Delibro
      Delibro Month ago +1

      @GameKnightJek Yea that's it, if you've done something your whole life, you can do it surprisingly good at very old age. Only learning something is hard, even when only 60 years old.
      My father is 83 and just stopped doing Marathons, doing half Marathons now ... he just liked to go jogging his whole life.

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago +6

    What a great dude honestly he coached you with no judgement and passion

  • Liberty
    Liberty Month ago +4

    Love these videos. It might be easier (and cool) to surprise an unsuspecting public with sick climbing

  • grimwest1222
    grimwest1222 Month ago +4

    These are always so much fun - its great how the people he tricks are such great sports lol

  • Flitz
    Flitz Month ago +9

    I love the moments around the end where both look at the camera with knowing looks
    As Magnus doesn't know the coach knew at the time and the coach is pretending he didn't realise anything haha
    Great vid again!

  • chinaclub
    chinaclub Month ago +13

    I don’t think anyone realizes how amazing of an English speaking German accent he does. Even when he mixes up his words it’s sooo German!

  • SteveK
    SteveK Month ago +3008

    Imagine the coach suddenly speaking fluent german. That would have been truely amazing

    • Colm Whateveryoulike
      Colm Whateveryoulike Month ago

      Not as amazing as if he spoke fluent Irish but yeah. :p

    • eaman o
      eaman o Month ago +4

      @Puro if ye're all talking about the guy in the yellow t shirt he's not a brit he's Irish. Certainly an Irish accent anyway

    • Julius Polz
      Julius Polz Month ago +1

      @Thomas Bastiansen I believe he spent quite some time in Innsbruck.

    • Puro
      Puro Month ago +3

      To be fair, most Europeans are multilingual so German shouldn't be unrealistic for a Brit.
      In Norway we learn German from age 12-13 or so, English from the age of 6, nynorsk (Norwegian second language) from the age of 6 and we can choose Spanish, Latin or go deeper into the English language.
      Multilingualism is the shit.:D

    • Exknight2
      Exknight2 Month ago +2

      @Niclas Lauenroth I think it's word toning (if the word toning is right), your languages have similar sounding words so it's easier to catch up on the right pronunciation.

  • Ichael
    Ichael Month ago +4

    What a wonderful coach and a wonderful (and convincing) performance from Magnus! Loved the video

  • Asim Khan [C]
    Asim Khan [C] Month ago +7

    shout out to magnus for staying in character even after dude was laughing his face off lol

  • Arie
    Arie Month ago +3

    A voice-over would be a great a addition to videos like this, allowing you to tell the viewers what's going through your mind while not breaking your disguise

  • ReddyUp
    ReddyUp Month ago +5

    The fact that he kept the microphone on break was hilarious! Also what a historian he is too.

  • Cory Kat
    Cory Kat Month ago +3

    I love how much fun the instructor was having 😆

  • Woolie
    Woolie Month ago +1692

    lmao you nailed the mannerisms - physically and verbally - of an older person reminiscing. pretty dang convincing grandpa, there, Magnus

    • Choppah
      Choppah Month ago

      omg Mr.Streamer hi!

    • Fixie Hartmann
      Fixie Hartmann Month ago

      the most unrealistic part is that most germans from the older generation dont speak so fluent english

    • GSPV33
      GSPV33 Month ago

      LOL? Woolie???

    • mnkeymasta
      mnkeymasta Month ago

      I was very amused by the strange Belay Knot Magnus tied that made the Teacher reminisce a bit 😋

    • Balistic Heym
      Balistic Heym Month ago

      Need a hopoo feather to do these climbs

  • XandriX
    XandriX Month ago +7

    What's important is you really put a big smile on the instructor. He was really blown away.

  • Arvid Knegt
    Arvid Knegt Month ago +3

    Big up for the instructor dude being so happy, honest and supportive man haha. Good one, a lot can learn form that aye!

  • Sniperboy5551
    Sniperboy5551 18 days ago +1

    I’ve never even been climbing, but this is still entertaining as hell

  • Neolin
    Neolin Month ago +3

    This old man is such a quick learner, I bet he used to be pretty athletic back in the day

  • Thia Broido
    Thia Broido 10 hours ago

    Massive props to the coach!!! SOO encouraging and sweet

  • AsianftN
    AsianftN Month ago +1149

    As a German myself I have to admit that you really nailed playing the role of a German old man with the way you behaved and the way you talked. :D

    • AuxiliumR6
      AuxiliumR6 Month ago

      I'm German and I agree lmao

    • CTShadow
      CTShadow Month ago

      He played the role preatty good 👍

    • Carolina Hornke
      Carolina Hornke Month ago

      @synday I thought the same

    • Pfizer price hike
      Pfizer price hike Month ago +7

      @sprkng ok has been adapted into German language as if it it were German to begin with
      Yeah on the other hand is more used by young people who grown up with the internet. But lore wise it kinda makes sense, he’s playing someone who’s old enough to live in a pre unification Germany filled with American and British soldiers , those elderly guys who lived in these times often speak much better English than the generation of 40-60 year olds that followed
      The “ja genau” was really convincing

    • Schlodde Vel
      Schlodde Vel Month ago +3

      @Pung TV meine Oma sagt immer shitte hahahahh

  • I Love Aviation
    I Love Aviation Month ago +3

    This guy is so humble and calm. Great instructor. Never joked or been ungentle. Thumbs up!

  • Derek Wyld
    Derek Wyld Month ago +1

    That coach is a great dude and deserves hella respect and a raise! 😄

  • Skeptic Skull
    Skeptic Skull Month ago +2

    this is gold!
    i love these pretend videos, they always crack me up and they are informative and entertaining too!!

  • Tigris RGN
    Tigris RGN Month ago +9

    magnus's void facial expression is hilarious

  • Marko Ollivandr
    Marko Ollivandr Month ago +6

    As a German I loved how he built in these random German words😂

  • FabledDan
    FabledDan Month ago +507

    Those leg shakes were legendary Magnus really trying every trick in the book 🤣

    • Natalie Harrison-Lim
      Natalie Harrison-Lim 16 days ago +13

      @Pete Standing Alonethat’s what I was thinking too, hands tell someone’s age more than the face does!

    • Pete Standing Alone
      Pete Standing Alone 17 days ago +8

      One trick he did miss-- should've added makeup to his hands. Old people have wrinkly hands with spots.

  • Lasse Kristiansen
    Lasse Kristiansen Month ago +5

    I love how he uses german words. As a german it is very amusing and i have to say he is pretty good in pronouncing them aswell : )

  • donkyuhbuhts540
    donkyuhbuhts540 Month ago +2

    Dude yes. I can't believe you just took that whip lmao. And the guy was such a good sport he didn't even care😂. Even telling you to skip bolts on the head wall😂😂. Lead climbing vids are always the best.

  • John Conarty
    John Conarty 3 days ago +1

    Man how hard it must be to act like you are not a high level climber haha. Great video per usual.

  • Tom Davies
    Tom Davies Month ago +8

    He knows 😂
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